Sami st clair her pussy streching fucked up

Sami st clair her pussy streching fucked up
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Fbailey story number 209 Panty Bar While we were on vacation in Florida I just had to check out some of the local bars. After all I owned a bar and it never hurts to check out some new ones to see if I can improve mine in any way. Hell I have a pretty hot college bar in a college town of course and I get plenty of customers but I always want to get more. In one particular bar my wife went up for our drinks while I got us a table.

She couldn't believe that a strange man would reach up under her skirt and pull her panties down to her knees as she carried two drinks back to our table. It had just been a drunken college boy being a jerk however I found it very sexy.


I picked her panties up off the floor and put them in my pocket. I then bought two pitchers of beer for the guys and took them to their table. When they asked me why I was buying them beer I told them that I had enjoyed watching them drop my wife's panties. Then I told them that it would cost them two more pair of panties. I sat back and watched the action. Apparently that particular bar had a reputation for panty droppers. I watched some girls walk by their table on purpose and other girl avoid them like the plague.

A couple of the girls even smiled because they hadn't been wearing any panties. Shortly one of the guys brought over three pair of panties to my table and said thank you and offered me the third pair as a tip. On our drive home I gave it a lot of thought, talked to my wife about it, and decided to publicize my new "Panty Bar." I thought of things like, the place not to send your innocent little sister, once you pass this threshold your panties are ours, and if you don't want them snatched off your snatch then don't wear them.

I though about signs, legal problems, and then I though about how much money I would make and it was all worth it. I would give away a pitcher of beer to any guy in exchange for a pair of panties stolen in the bar that night. The day I arrived back in town I went straight to my lawyer first. Then I got some cute signs made up warning the girls of panty snatchers and the reward that the guys would get. Plus if the girl identified her panties for me then she could drink all night for free.

That evening I got on the public address system and announced that the following day the new "Panty Bar" would be open for business. I told them the simple rules, that a guy could trade a freshly snatched pair of panties for a pitcher of beer, and that the girl could drink sexy gf vinette ricci anal banged in pov for the first time free if she identified them.

Word spread around the college, the locals saw it in the newspaper, and the regulars already knew all about it. When I opened the doors at three in the afternoon a bunch of guys flocked in.

My waitresses wore tight blue jeans like they always did and cowboy boots to kick the shit out of anyone that messed with them. It was another hour before a group of ten girls came in to a roar of cheers from the already half drunk guys that were in there. The girls looked around and split horny lesbian stepmom seduces two hot teens. They knew exactly what they were doing, they were trading their panties for free drinks for the night.

I watched as the guys struggled to get their hands up the girl's tight miniskirts. Suddenly one guy just lifted the girl's miniskirt up to her waist and dropped her panties to her feet. He gave her a shove and ran to me with her panties ignoring the beautiful shaved pussy that had been right there in front of him. Hot lasbian girl xxnx mp4 already had a pitcher full of beer waiting for him.

The girl calmly lowered her skirt back down into place and came up to me for her free drink. I stamped her right hand and had her fill out a form for me.

I put a numbered sticker on her panties and then on the form. I wanted to be able to identify who those panties belonged too. I could sense that I would get another pair from her the next night too and I was already looking forward to it.

One by one five more guys ran up to the bar for their pitchers of beer and the five girls confidently walked up to identify their panties, get their hand stamped, fill out my form, and get that first free drink. I clipped their panties to the wire over my head.

The other four girls climbed up on a barstool and then climbed up on top of my bar. They stood there facing me so that I could be the one to drop their panties while the rest of the guys got a very good view.

I reached up under the first girl's tight skirt, hooked my fingers into the waistband of her panties, and then lowered them slowly as I kept an eye on her pussy. It was trimmed short and looked absolutely delicious. As she stepped out of them for me she squatted down with her pussy right in my face, she told me that she had lost her cherry, and then she asked me to give her a new one.

So I picked up a cherry and poked it into her pussy leaving the stem sticking out just a little bit. She then pulled it out of her pussy and put it in my mouth while everyone watched.

I ate the cherry and then leaned in and kissed her pussy. The next girl simply lifted her miniskirt up to her waist for me and let me remove her panties. She was shaved bald and it was beautiful.

I leaned in and she squatted down enough for me to kiss her pussy too. The third girl was obviously a 'nature girl' with her hairy unshaven legs and I could see straggly hairs sticking out of her white cotton panties. Her skirt was not tight at all and it was easy for me to reach up, grab her panties, and then pull them down her legs. She smiled right at me as she squatted down for her kiss. I almost didn't kiss it but the guys were cheering so much that I just had too. Nature girl had a strong patchouli odor like the old hippies had.

The last girl had a cute little heart shaven in her pussy mound hair and I rubbed my nose in it as I kissed her pussy.

As I helped the girls down off from my bar I dubbed them Cherry, Bald, Nature Girl, and Heart. Cherry sat on a barstool and stayed right there near me for the rest of the night.

She looked in my drink recipe book and picked out a few that she wanted to try but she was not trying to get drunk like everyone else in the bar was.

By the end of tattooed playgirl loves engulfing dicks pornstar hardcore night I had the panties of almost every girl in the place. Not one single girl wore pants other than my waitresses and there was not one single complaint about being molested either.


The guys bought plenty of drinks, paid a cover charge, and provided me with a healthy profit. Several of the girls drank themselves into unconsciousness. The ones that came with friends were safe but the rest were hunted like sewer rats by the drunken guys that had been looking up their skirts all night long. My waitresses ushered a few of the really drunken ones to a back room that had several beds in it for them to sleep it off. That room had its own exit if the girls woke up in the middle of the hot mom an son fuke. As I was locking up the bar for the night Cherry told me that she wanted me to fuck her right on top of my bar.

I had done that before with my wife and every one of my waitresses, but it never grows old. She wanted all of the lights turned on and the music turned up loud. I helped her up onto the bar and watched her dance for a while. Cherry was a pretty good dancer too. Since I had already seen her pussy she removed her short skirt first.

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Then she slowly removed her blouse to reveal a very sexy bra. What else would a girl that beautiful wear? She danced up and down the bar shaking her goodies for me and then she removed her bra and threw it at me. As I smelled of it I could smell her faint perfume and her perspiration. It drove me right to the edge. I stripped, climbed up on the bar, and chased her to the other end before she turned and started giggling. I picked Cherry up and carried her back to the end of the bar where I always stand and sexy brunette model masturbates with sextoy livecams camdotnet. As I placed her down on her back her reddish hair spewed out gracefully around her head.

Her firm young breasts stood up proudly, unlike my wife's breasts do now. I placed a cherry in her pussy and then eat both her pussy and the cherry. I tied the stem in a knot inside my mouth and spit it out. It landed between her tits causing her to giggle again. I popped six cherries off from their stems and poked them into her pussy.

Then I poked my cock in there too. I intended to make a creamy cherry jubilee. I tried very hard to grind and crush those cherries as if we were a mortar and pestle. She repeatedly stabbed my ass cheeks with the points of her high heels as I plunged into her. She was spurring me on. For a while I wondered who was riding whom. All I knew was that Cherry was a very good ride and one of the best I had ever had.

My wife was the best! No doubt!

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Then as Cherry started her orgasm and started to scream it out to the world I too started my climax and started to fill her mortar with my cream. Together we churned it into the best desert possible.

As we recovered I felt a familiar tapping on my foot. I crawled up the bar and up Cherry's body to feed her my cock. She took it deeply in her mouth for a minute and then started to gag.

I forced my cock down into her mouth further until she calmed down. I knew what had excited her. I turned slightly to see my wife's face in Cherry's pussy eating desert. My wife just loves creamy cherry jubilee! The End Panty Bar 209