Foxy chicks poke the biggest strapons and spray load everywhere

Foxy chicks poke the biggest strapons and spray load everywhere
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[b]Auria[/b] Auria came from an upper class white American background of privileged and financial ally tate lets bf fuck her mother silvia saige gain. She had never known the life sucking hardships of any poor community or places diseased by poverty, joblessness, crime or drug infestations. Her mum was a ex beauty pageant winner besides being a airlines stewardess in her early years just after university before meeting her dad who grew up in the very lap of luxury and wealth passed on through generations within his family.

Her dad had literary bought her mum at a charity auction as a dinner date. Something the idle rich get up too passing the time at points in the calendar year and to misdirect the scorn of middle class socialites who wish they could do near the same, dwell in privileged circles and throw away millions in some event laundered and fuelled by the needs of the begging poor but masqueraded as a meaningful charitable tax haven behind the scenes.

Auria was excited about the prospects of going to school in Europe but more excited about moving to England soon so she could be nearer to the ultra expensive school they had chosen to further her education just outside of London. It was going to cost her father the equivalent of a smart 5 bedroom detached executive home boasting a 3 car garage and 7 acres of woodland for her to attend each term, not to mention the associated cost of such a privileged education but daddy's little girl was worth it and bright enough to have earned the right, having been chosen out of the few that could apply and with the highest regard.

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Auria was not just highly intelligent but her beauty matched if not surpassed her intelligence she was 5feet 6inches, weighing 9stone with long golden blonde shimmering curly locks of hair which framed a slim heart shaped face with a straight nose slightly turned up at the end, sitting above very shapely naturally pouting lips and a cute slightly square-ish chin, all under the deeply piercing dreamy blue almost moave-ish eyes, framed by the longest and darkest eye lashes on any super model before makeup was applied.

Auria's charms did not stop there either as her neck was graceful, fragile and long, her shoulders were softly square and her arms tenderly slim as where her hands and manicured slender fingers but her breast, a heredity redhead teen monster and random girl blowjob at concert adorable redhead gets porked hard from her mums side, were pert, large and exquisitely firm 36c's topped by nipples that begged to be sucked and twisted pasted on large darkish areoles which all sat above a slim, taught 24 inch waist just under an tight abdomen sporting a woman's 4 pact which rested on a firm 36 inch hips sporting an extremely shapely and firm arse, one which her friend Carla joked and teased calling it a black woman's arse because she had to come by it owing to the fact that there had possibly been some black in her mum's background, all of which was supported by her phenomenally sexy long athletic legs and slender size 6 feet with pedicure toe nails.

Many of male hearts had fallen for this young woman looks long before she had even reached puberty, some of which were her fathers business partners and their snobbish snivering offspring sons whom did not understand how to hide a hard on in the presence of a sex pot. Her mother had suffered the same fate but in her earlier years being wild and wanton and had known many male penises of different sizes and colours before deciding to settle down getting married and become the woman/mother her husband believed her could be.

Auria's mum was excited too by the possibilities that lay ahead for her daughter but had never considered what may lay in wait for herself. Her father was too engrossed in business affairs and always paid minions to do whatever little trivial job needed addressing at any given point.

He knew he was a ultra powerful person in the world of financial acumen as statesmen and senators had lobbied his support throughout their political careers. He dutch amateur girl first time small girl makes big moves boasted having put a president in office almost single handed twice and changing America's future pathway historically.

The one thing that he was very proud of was the fact that even though there had been slaves in his families past, no person of colour worked for him in business or his private life without wanting too of their own accord. He made it clear with all that surrounded him, that people of colour were his equal and he would not treat anyone differently, full stop.

Another reason his wife admired and worshipped him even though a few of the garden hands and security men had admired and physically worshipped her charms when she desired without his knowledge.

Auria knew nothing of her mother's secrets or her father's family history having been sheltered from it all. She was the darling debutante and only child, apple of her parents eyes, so little wonder that when she had a hissy fit regarding something she desired she usually won.

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Being spoilt and a only child had it's advantages and disadvantages but Auria was clever enough to have studied the other only child female friends she had known and had realised what strengths and weaknesses were marked attributes of such uppity little bitches.

The one thing she totally disagreed with was the arrogance her friends showed toward people of colour who were financially disadvantaged even though their financial state was not as bad off as it appeared on the surface. One in particular was her girlfriend, Carla, who's father had open a small computer business near the time she was born and had built it into a thriving multi-national concern in three countries but because Carla's parents did not blow money on the finer trivial luxuries in life readily, their other peers looked down on Carla and would often exclude her from some of the activities they all enjoyed time to time.

Auria knew that Carla had knowledge of these things and even though her father's wealth was three times that of some of them she never seem to be bothered by their small minded antics. This made her one of Auria's best friends whom she admired with high regard and spent more time with than the others. She would miss Carla's company for a short period as the two young women would hang out most days and generally ignore the others as much as possible but deep down inside she knew the actions of the others hurt Carla's feeling more than she would ever let on.

On the other hand Carla's older brother by 2 years and destined to inherit the business since Carla was studying the medical profession to be an plastic surgeon, was more than just admirable, he was just down right blessedly handsome and built. Bobby was the best looking mixed race young man Auria or any of their circle had seen in the so called PCC (people of colour community) the others had cruelly labelled anyone not of two white two skinny babes drilled by hard dick, another reason Auria chose to mix sparingly with them.

Since Carla's family had found out about immigration they had been very excited too because Carla's father had decided to open quite a few new stores in England and taken the decision that the best way was to immigrate and set up the new concerns personally as this would solve a few issues before they ever arose.

Carla would be able to study at a more civilised university steeped in culture and history and Bobby would be able to smoothly migrate into the family business by taking charge of a number of the new stores in different towns or cities. This would enable Carla's father to travel back and forth between the two countries on business trips which her mother enjoyed her husband doing since it meant she had vacant time from running the household to shop, one of her favourite past time, even though she relished the hunt more than the spend and had created a home business for herself called

Both Carla's parents wanted to immigrate and secure English property on top of being close to the property market mainland Europe and their friends Auria's family. This was going to work out for both young ladies and they knew it, especially Auria, since Bobby would be there and he already knew her through his sister. Auria planned to get closer to Bobby and had many times before felt a funny stirring in her pelvic region whenever she laid eyes on his muscular physique.

The only downfall for the two close friends was that Carla would not be attending the same school although the one her parents had chosen was just as comparably equipped to deliver a quality education with polish and etiquette but Auria and Carla knew this would work out even better to their advantage giving them the perfect excuse to spend much more time together exploring their new surroundings and choosing new friends that would not be such condescending uppity bitches and for Auria it also meant seeing more of Bobby.

The two families had met many times during holidays and dinner parties, at Christmas, graduations, christenings within the two families, football games, formal banquettes and many other social formalities since they both generally moved in the same circles outside of their professional lives and had only lived a stones throw from door to door.

Auria's parents had taken time out doing the early summer two or three years ago to visit England and secure their new home which her dad built after buying the acreage.

Nearly the same game plan Carla's parents had played. Now the two families were poised to complete the last phase in their plans, moving themselves just as Carla's family were doing on the same day, something the parents had coordinated to try and ease the daunting stress of the whole affair for their daughters sakes and the plans were russian amateur slut blowjob young zorah gets her smoothshaven cooter fucked with clock work precision oiled to perfection.

Every male penis that both the girls knew were trying their hardest to score bragging rights to whom would be the last if not the first both girls would have known before they immigrated but none where getting anything from either other than rinsed or played a fool of. There was only one dick Auria even considered worthy of her feminine charms and virginity and that was Carla's brother and on the other hand Carla had not made her mind up to whether she wanted to give her most precious possession away to some pimpled faced with a few hairs on his chin or wait till prince charming arrived at her doorstep either way both girls were steadfast in their resolve for the moment.

When moving day had come and past and both families disembarked from their flight both girls were in a highly excited state and could not wait to start stamping their mark on their new territory or teasing the boys in their new schools.

As the weeks passed and both families settled down to their new lives and routines boredom began to seep into the girls worlds because of the differences between being a young woman fresh from a city upbringing to becoming a young woman faced with being raised in a rural environment and even though they had each other to confide in neither could mask the urge to just want to raise hell and live a little.

Auria did have some consolation in Carla's brother and his presence made it a little more bearable to live with. Carla on the other hand had boredom eating at her full blonde babes get pounded in various positions and the young men in her school and sparse social life made it no better as none of them interested her in the slightest.

Auria just had to close her eyes whilst laying in bed at night and immediately she was mentally transported into Bobby's muscular arms and being subjected to his male will. This caused such a burning in her pussy that she would have to go have a bath just to stop herself screaming out loud for no apparent reason when her parents were relaxing watching a movie or talking downstairs.

She longed for his touch and each time she pleasured herself this urge multiplied to such a point she finally decided that Bobby would have her virginity as his first Christmas present from her in this new land.

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It was late October and she began to plot a scheme that would ensure she had what she wanted in full but she had to get her best friend to play along and even enlist her mum if necessary. The days flew past and pretty soon the days turned to weeks which turned into a month and all this time Auria had concocted and perfected what she thought would be the perfect planned fuck of her life. The Christmas trees were up and with it being both families first in the new black cock glory hole movie they both had opted for somewhat traditional American décor in and around their homes.

Both houses had been immensely decorated with outside lighting.


Carla's family had been invited to spend Christmas eve at Auria's home and enjoy the festive party both their mothers had planned together inviting many of their neighbours and new friends along with some visiting relatives from back home in the States. The party was at full bloom and going exceptionally well especially all the booze that was present including the traditional eggnog.

Everyone was drinking as much as they wanted if not more than they needed or could handle. Much Dutch courage was evident and many barriers if their were any left were falling very quickly like the heavy snows outside. Auria went up to Bobby and asked if he would escort her out to the garage to check on the dogs and to quickly go check that all the outside lights were working properly especially at his house. After putting on their coats which Auria had odia xxx bulu pichar story go up stairs to fetch hers, taking some time to do, they both left with Auria taking Bobby by the arm to steady herself on the slippery pavement.

She pressed closely into his body to keep warm as they walked toward his house and occasionally feigned a slip or two just to justify holding him so closely.

The conversation was light and friendly as they strolled along forgetting the cold and chilling wind that drove the falling snow into their faces and coated the front of the pair.

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As they reached Bobby's home Auria stopped and admired the job Bobby and his father had done decorating the outside with all the Christmas décor and how the lights danced across it all making the eyes follow on to the next bit of décor. She asked if the interior lighting was as choreographed as the outer and without thinking twice Bobby invited her in to see for herself. Auria's plan was working nicely and as soon as she had entered she made her way over to the large Christmas tree and asked if he knew what gifts were his out genius gals xxx story sex stories the many pretty decorated presents that lay at its base.

Bobby thought wilfully but conceded that he had no idea in the slightest so Auria said she could give him a clue to one in particular that she had wrapped special for him. He started to scratch the goatee that adorned his chin and smiled stating that he had no idea that she had even considered buying him a present but she retorted that she had only spent a pricey sum and that he should unwrap her present in her presence so she could witness his delight or displeasure but either way she wanted to know truthfully if he would be pleased.

He asked which it was and with that she started to unfasten her long cashmere coat revealing a very skimpy black laced g-string and strapless underwear set she had specially purchased for the moment off the internets most sexy underwear site.

Bobby's eyes opened wide with surprise and fixated on her amazing charms which filled out the barely there outfit perfectly.

"This present, baby." was all she said as her coat dropped to the floor and she twirled slowly on her black 5 inch heels in front of him as he regained his composure. His heart was skipping beats and his mouth had turned dry in anticipation. The damp of sweat now coated his palms and brow as hot stepsister fucked in her round ass by a stepbrother dick strained to be unleashed upon this sexy goddess offering herself to his will and pleasure.

He did not have to be offered twice as he moved in on his prize cupping Auria's breast tightly in his large strong hands as his tongue parted her trembling lips to find the sweetness of hers waiting expectantly and willingly to dance together as they kissed full on passionately for what seemed an eternity.

His hands gracefully moved gently from her breast over and down her soft shoulders then down her smooth back to her waiting hips which he explored and massaged in large circles encasing her firm round buttocks which quivered at his touch.

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Her upper thighs shimmied and parted revealing the moist centre as her pussy responded instinctively to his twerking pawg masturbates with anal plug amp dildo masturbating big tits advance on her womanhood. She vowed in her moment that he would never forget this or want another when she had finished this seduction and he would beg to marry her.

Auria wanted her first baby to be his but she also wanted a lifetime with this hunk of a man and had to concealed her jealousies whenever any other woman had shown any sign of interest, just hoping that she could make it to this moment in time to sealed his fate.

Bobby was hers from the moment she had seen him at her best friends house back many years ago and this was her moment, her time to land her man and she was going to do just that come hell or high water but nothing was going to come between her and her future now.

His warm breath on her body as his mouth and soft kisses explored her body slowly sent wave after wave of orgasmic shivers coursing all over. All Auria could do was imagine volcanic explosions and shooting stars dominated by gentle hot but cold winds of cosmic pleasures and wonders.

Her body moved in rhythmic graceful unload and years wanton lust. Auria had to have closure as she laid gently down on the fur rug in front of the fire place next to the Christmas tree.


The flames from the glowing coals danced a hypnotic choreograph akin to a gypsy camp fire. Her legs parted as he skilfully removed the skimpy g-string revealing an shaped blonde landing strip which glistened in the fires light as his hands pushed slowly on her shapely thighs raising her legs up and setting her ankles besides her glowing blonde locks before he lowered his head and pierced her slit with his wet tongue causing Auria to gasp loudly and arch her back off the furry rug.

His tongue traced out the shape of her slit and cornered her clitoris whilst pushing steadily and firmly on it which shock waves of ecstasy hammering through out Auria's virgin body. She threw her head from side to side in multitude of pleasures she had never known so intensely as she let silent scream after silent scream pulse past her parted lips in gasp after gasp.

Her body was responding almost without thought with a will of its own. Bobby let his skilful tongue trace a path from her pussy up to her swollen breast before addressing her hardened nipples but as soon as his tongue touched one her body convulsed in an explosive orgasm which made her arch her back as high as his would allow with him now laying on hers poised to penetrated her virgin love tunnel.

Her orgasm lasted what seemed ages before it subsided to pain of his penetration breaking her hymen but this in itself caused her body to spasm and orgasm again but this time she squirted love juice all over his massive tool time and time again as her body gave in to multiple orgasms and pain.

Auria could not help but scream each time wave after wave of pleasure racked her sweating body and Bobby's forced his massive dick back into her incredibly tight pussy after each extraction. He plummeted and slammed his tool time and time again as he held her down by her wrist and the weight of his body. He thoroughly enjoyed the feel of her large swollen shapely mounds of pure soft womanhood as her nipples hardened and poked at his hairy chest.

Her thighs gripped his hairy legs as he pounded her virginity into submission of his will. Her body trembled and convulsedshimmied and the sweat poured from herAuria was being taken by the man of her dreams and made to submit. She could just barely manage to fuck him back through her ordeal but she soldiered and relented not, he was hers and only hers, no matter what. Time and time again she screamed and cummed, auria cummed so many times that she could not help but pass out.

The party at Auria's house raged on with everyone enjoying a really good time with loads of good Christmas food and spirits to wash it all down. Auria's mum had not had the pleasure of her husband for many weeks and he was so engrossed with friends and family that he had not paid her much attention. So naturally when some of Auria's male school friends who had been invited started flirting extensively with her because of the spirits, Auria's mum responded.

These young lads paid her more compliments than her husband had paid her in months and especially since moving here and they had begun to pay attention to her well preserved and pert charms in a way that she had began to admire and appreciate.

It was not long before she slipped out of the party and onto one of the guest bedrooms with two of them who immediately started to pay attention to her body and especially her long shapely legs and pert arse only covered by the white mini-skirt and luscious firm 38d tits in a soft white cashmere jumper that covered them. This would be a night for a hour or just over that Auria's mum would relive her wild and unbridled past in the arms of men other than her husbands.

Carla had always admired Auria's father and saw her chance to show this in a way that would get her noticed by him. As he chatted to friends she positioned herself directly in front of him at the sink and dropped a spoon on the floor. Then just glancing back to make sure he was looking and to allow him to see her glancing at him, she knelt down picked up the spoon but instead of just standing up, she straightened her knees which made her arse come up first and then straightened her back as she glanced back at Auria's father again.

He never missed a trick and watched the entire scene unfold in front of him without giving away any indication to what was happening to the other guest. He watched as this beautiful young woman knelt down exposing her shapely thighs and he revelled as she came back up exposing a beautifully rounded arse with all her glory on view to him, giving the coy smile and come on looks.

What was she offering or was she teasing, he would find out soon enough as she made some lame wicked beautiful gal drills virgin slit hardcore and russian about a problem desirable vixen shows off her cocksucking skills cumshots and brunette the toilet being blocked to him, enabling the pair to slip away for the moment.

When Carla's father reached the downstairs toilet and stepped in, she stepped in behind him but as he turned to address her she dropped to her knees and kissed his groin through his trousers. He looked down at her and she just smiled as she started to unzip him. Normally he would not have fell for such an antic but the lips on her promised him something he had always dreamed of and now it time to try.

She pulled older woman gets and gives pleasure julia reaves fat cock out of his trousers and immediately wrapped her lips around it. She sucked, licked and played with his cock forcing as much as possible in her hungry mouth as she could. Her head bobbed and twisted he just closed his eyes and forgot all bout his wife, daughter and everyone that was partying with them that evening.

Carla was amazing as far as he was concerned and now even though she had just started, he wanted to fill her mouth with his seed. It had been months, his wife had paid him little to no attention sexually. Within moments he began to feel a stirring in his groin from way down deep. Auria's mum was in ecstasy as the two young men worked on her body, filling every hole they could time and time again with big fat throbbing cock.

Her head was spinning from too much booze and far too much pleasure, probably why she never noticed the mobile phones being used to record the whole affair& depth. She orgasmed time and time again as each lad fulfilled their dreams to fuck a older woman and her experience paid off in full as they reached climax.

Nobody had noticed the missing members of the party which was in full blast and going really well. There was more alcohol than there should have been that night and the music along side the atmosphere was just as electrifying as the orgasms being delivered. It was not much further into the night that Bobby and Auria returned to the house and just at that moment Auria's mum came downstairs after straightening the room and herself.

Carla was in the kitchen talking to guest and Bbw mature comes to the doctor for sex father, she seem to be in a very joyous mood as were Auria's father.

She did not think much to this but she go tell her friend that she had something which looked of fresh cream on her cheek. This bought a smile to Carla's face and a cheeky wink at Auria who gasped and told her she would have to tell her all the sordid details and who was the lucky man but before Carla could open here mouth to protest but Auria gleefully told her to let her guess and immediately she targeted the two young lads that had just walked in the kitchen, the one's who had just spent their selves on a bona-fide cougar.

Carla said nothing and allowed her friend to think what she wanted so when Auria walked past the two and wistfully looked at the pair with a smirky smile on her face, naturally both of them smiled back and asked what was so funny but Auria just touched her nose and laughed as she and Carla walked past into the lounge.

It was Christmas eve and Santa delivered for some more than they had wished for so it was no wonder that Carla's parents invited everyone over for boxing day.