Real amateur girls pov fuck and facial

Real amateur girls pov fuck and facial
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After 25 years of marriage it came as a huge shock to June when her husband Philip announced that he was leaving her for a younger woman, up fantastic czech sweetie is teased in the supermarket and plowed in pov that time she'd had no idea that he had been cheating on her for years. After a messy divorce June suddenly found herself alone, knowing that she had enough money to last her the rest of her life was small comfort.

It took June 6 months to finally come to terms with all that had happened and for her to decide to take an extended holiday. Talking to the travel agent she was still not sure where she would like to go, finally the agent suggested that she not settle on just one location offering her a 'special' deal on a 6 weeks cruise stopping in 3 locations. Taking him up on the offer June was soon packed and heading to the cruise ship.

Once settled into her luxurious suite of rooms on the ship she decided to explore, wandering round the decks, June soon noticed that she was drawing a lot of attention from the men she passed, even some of the crew watched as she strolled by in her form fitting silk mid-thigh length summer dress.

At 58 June had kept herself in shape, at 5' 9 tall her long shapely legs flowed into a slim waist accentuating her firm bottom. Her 40E breasts, still firm and pert, led the way wherever she went her wrinkle free face was framed by light brown shoulder length hair, her emerald green eyes a sparkled when finding things of interest. A few days into the cruise June found herself unable to sleep, deciding to head down to the bar for a night cap she threw on a light cotton skirt and blouse, not bothering with underwear she thought no one would really see her.

Reaching the bar June sees it empty and slipping into a seat, she asked the barman what he suggested for a sleepless night. Smiling naughtily he replies he could tell her but he might get in trouble with her husband!

As he openly admires her. A little shocked but flattered June replies it would be hard as he ran off with some young tart before divorcing her. Even though he knows the bar is empty the barman looks round before whispering, 'well that's his loss' winking as he looks at her.

Before she can ask for a drink he slides a glass over the bar to her 'My treat, for a beautiful lady' he tells her. Blushing a little June sips it her tongue tingling as the spirit lightly burns it, she tastes vanilla and a spice she can't identify.


Raising her eyebrow in query the barman tells her it's a local spirit, jokingly call 'the virgins kiss' unable to stop herself June replies 'it's a long time since I was a virgin' blushing more as she says it.

Realising the barman is flirting with her June relaxes a little and flirts back, each sip of the drink making her feel warm inside. Without thinking she undoes 1st one button on her blouse then a second, thinking it will help her cool down a bit.

June looks at the barman as he stops what he's saying mid-sentence and see him staring, looking down she's shocked to see her blouse has slipped open more than she intended exposing one of her nipples to his gaze. Quickly closing her blouse she stammers an apology but falls quite when he replies that he thinks her breasts are beautiful, June blushes again and feels her nipples start to harden at his attention.

'Do you really think so?' she mutters. Nodding he leans into her, 'I think you're stunning' he says, June flushes with pleasure as her nipples harden a little more. At that moment the chimes on the bar room clock strike, sighing he apologies but it's time for him to close the bar, June sits still for a second 'Do you mind if I sit here and keep talking to you?' she asks.

His answering grin is all the confirmation she needs, so as he tidies up they chat more, June doesn't think about what she's saying as they chat, suddenly she hears herself answering his question… 'No I've not been with a man since my divorce' June blushes and stammers incoherently for a second, wondering what else she has admitted to him.

Looking at her watch to try and distract herself she sees it's nearly 2am, surprised she tells him she should go back to her cabin and is even more surprised when he offers to walk her back. Feeling almost like a school girl on her 1st date June nods her acceptance, not daring herself to speak.

Coming round the bar as she stands he places his hand lightly in the small of her back and gently guides her out of the room, stopping only to lock up he walks beside her, his hand returning to her back. Feeling herself tremble June doesn't protest the contact, her stomach tightens as he moves his hand round her waist holding her gently as they walk.

Reaching her suite, June stops for a second feeling embarrassed as she realises she didn't pick up her suites key card when she left earlier. Feeling foolish she admits it to the man and realises she doesn't even know his name, almost as if he's reading her mind her whispers 'I'm Jake' as he produces a crew key card sliding it into the lock.

Hearing the click he pushes the door open, shall I come in to make sure you haven't lost the card somewhere? He asks. June freezes for a second as she looks at him, she realises he must be in his mid-twenties, he's younger than her son! But nods without a word as he ushers her in the suite with a light touch on her bare arm. Stepping inside she walks into the lounge as she hears him close the door behind them, June tremble even more as her steps up to her not even pretending to help her look for the card he slides his arms round her waist and kisses her on the lips.

Shocked June stands frozen but as he kisses her lightly she starts to respond, kissing him back a little harder. June feels his hand slide round to her front and gently part her still unbuttoned blouse, his fingers stroke across her firm stomach making her jump and gasp a little as they continue to explore her body. Kissing her neck his hand starts to move up her body, shaking now June gasps 'NO!' he stops moving pulling away from her he steps back 'I'm sorry I thought you wanted too' he whispers.

Blushing harder she slowly slips her blouse off her shoulders letting it fall to the floor, standing topless now she whispers 'that's not what I meant' as she pushes her breasts out towards him, offering them to him. Stepping in close Jake slowly reaches his hand up his fingertips lightly brush one of the nipples and June moans softly, closing her eyes she feels his hand cup her breast her nipple hardening even more as he slowly massages it with the palm of his hand.

June jumps as suddenly his lips encircle her other nipple sucking it into his mouth, his tongue licking across it, June shakes with pleasure as he works on her nipples eagerly teasing them making her moan louder with each second. She feels his other hand slipping down her waist as it reaches her skirt she grasps his hand, not yet she moans, moving his hand away June can't believe it as she wantonly tugs at his uniform shirt pulling it off him, then undoing the belt on his trousers, she can see the bulge in them already.

Stepping back out of reach Jake slowly undoes the belt and trousers letting them fall to the floor, kicking them away he stands in a tight pair of boxer shorts his arousal plain to see. Dropping to her knees June reaches out and strokes the outline of Jake's cock making him gasp this time. Unable to resist she sexy women took turns fucking hard dick in laundry area young old and pornstars his boxers down releasing his stiff shaft, and grasps it stroking slowly at first then a little faster, 'I don't want to cum yet' he gasps but June smiles wickedly and replies 'aren't you meant to do whatever you can to please your guests she says just before engulfing the head with her lips sucking hard eliciting a moan from Jake.

Slowly June works her way down his shaft circling two delicious playgirls have hot lesbian sex masturbation brunette tongue as she does, pulling almost all the way off his cock she looks up at him as she slips her tongue under the foreskin running it round and round the head tasting his pre cum.


After a few minutes of her teasing his cock, Jake tries to grasp her head but June pulls away slipping out of his reach. Standing she turns her back on him and slowly slips her skirt down revealing her firm bottom, looking over her shoulder she grins naughtily, 'now it's your turn I want you to use my pussy but with your tongue and fingers' she whispers as she turns round to face him.

June stands as Jake looks at her naked body, she feels her pussy start to dampen, 'Well she asks?' moving her legs apart slightly with an unspoken invitation. As if released from a trance Jake steps closer and slowly kneels in front of her, looking up as he does he sees June bite her lip, almost in nervous anticipation.

He reaches a hand towards her and with just his fingertips runs them round her pussy lips, Jake hears her sharp intake of breath as he touches her pussy lips feeling the dampness he moves his fingers to his lips pushing his tongue out he lets her see him taste her juices from his fingertips.

June looks at him and silently nods almost begging him to carry on. Leaning forward Jake pushes his tongue out of his mouth and circles her waiting pussy making June gasp and moan, he licks again this time pushing the tip just inside them and runs it up and down as far as he can. June starts to shake visibly as Jake teases and tastes her, 'Wait' she gasps, she steps back towards the sofa and sits down opening her legs wide for him and June feels stupid as she blushes with this young man naked in front of her.

Exposing a body that only her husband had seen for 25 years June feels wanton and sexy. Holding her hands out to him she beckons and he bruce venture fucks blair ivory wet pussy in doggystyle forward stopping just inside her open thighs, 'tongue&hellip.

Or&hellip.' He leaves the question hanging. Not caring is she sounds like a slut June responds, 'your choice, I'm here for you to use' Jake leans forward and she thinks he's going to continue licking and sucking her pussy but he leans down to her breasts sucking her nipples making them harden and she gasps as he bites them, suddenly she feels the head of his cock touch her waiting pussy and stop, looking up at her as he continues to work on her nipples he waits hearing her moan louder.

Moving slightly he rub the head against her pussy lips wetting it with her juices, stopping again he holds it there until June panting tells him 'fuck me, I want to feel you inside me!' without waiting he thrusts hard inside her, June cries out loudly as he starts unexpectedly fucking her hard, ramming is thick cock in and out of her tight wet hole.

June orgasms in seconds but he doesn't stop fucking her, making her cum again and again her body shaking with the waves of pleasure rolling through it. Still orgasming hard June feels him pulling on her nipples with his teeth the pain counter pointing the pleasure make her cry out again and again, unable to believe how quickly or how long she and been orgasming June shakes and start to buck her hips in time with his thrusts feeling the thick long cock bury itself deeper than before, in seconds she feels it bucking and flooding her pussy with its hot load sending her into a new stronger orgasm.

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Jake finally pulls out of her as his cock stops twitching, but still orgasming June can do nothing but lay there feeling his cum leaking out of her pussy, looking up at him as he stands up she thinks he's going to dress and leave but instead he moves to her head and offers his semi hard cock to her, she can see their combined juices glistening on it as opening her mouth she tastes them for the 1st time. As she sucks the juices off his cock it pretty virgin aching for sex hardcore and blowjob getting hard again, Jake doesn't move forcing her to take more into her mouth as it grows.

Reaching down Jake starts to tease her pussy with his fingers, rubbing round them at 1st and then slipping 2 inside and running them up and down, finding her clit Jake starts rubbing and pinching it making it harden like never before, June moaning continuously now feels herself start to shake as another orgasm builds, trying to pull away from his cock June, manages to gasp 'Please… I need to rest for a second' but Jake redoubles his efforts and she can do nothing as the most powerful orgasm June has ever had rips through her body, she hear someone almost screaming and realises it's her.

In seconds Jake starts cumming, pumping his thick hot cum into her mouth June is forced to swallow or choke. Jake suddenly pulls out of her mouth and his still twitching cock sprays her face with cum, finally Jake moves his hand way from her convulsing pussy and June collapses to the now sticky sofa.

Looking at Jake she smiles weakly as he stands above her, his flaccid cock dripping cum onto her breasts. 'I want more soon' she gasps feeling like the whore her husband would have said she was for letting this happen. Smiling down at her Jake tells her 'Oh you'll get more than I think you'll be able to handle' he offers her his hand milf gets fucked her big latin ass pulling her to her feet he leads her to the bedroom, pushing her down onto the bed.

Standing above her he asks… 'Are you willing to try something?' June's stomach tightens as she looks at him 'What do you have in mind?' Leaning close he whispers 'How many cocks would you like to try?' June gasps at his suggestion and feels herself tremble as he stands looking at her. 'I've never had more than one' she admits. Walking from the room he looks back, 'stay there' is all he says.

Minutes later Jake walks in still naked and sits on the bed stroking her body without saying a word. A short time later they hear a knock at the suite's door and Jake leaves to answer it.

Laying still June hears voices in the next room, then Jake enters 'are you ready June?' he asks all she can do is nod nervously. Pushing the door open he exposes her naked body to the 2 other men in the living room, both of them in the stages of stripping, stop and look at her appreciatively and June cannot help but open her legs wider.

Quickly the men strip and June watches as they come close, already their cocks are stiffening as they gaze at her lying naked and ready on the bed.

Jake starts to say 'This is…' but she interrupts him 'I don't want to know their names, I just want them to fuck me!' her hands start to play with her breasts and nipples as they move beside her on the bed.

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glamour goddess zafira double penetrates herself to orgasm double penatration and natural tits One of the men pushes his cock towards her mouth and she greedily takes it all the way in, not as big as Jake's she sucks hard on it making the man groan. The other man almost dives between her already open legs and starts licking and sucking her pussy, June moans loudly round the cock in her mouth and bucks her hips as the man finds her clit and bites it hard.

Looking at Jake as he stands beside the man fucking her mouth she sees him stroking his cock back to hardness, he grins at her 'You're a real slut aren't you June' he tells her and not stopping sucking all she can do is nod making the man gasp as his cock moves in her mouth.

Feeling his cock twitch June pulls away, I want you fucking me when you come she demands, pushing the man from between her legs she stands up. Telling the 1st man to lay on the bed, as he lays back June straddles him, guiding his rock hard cock to her already dripping pussy and pushes down on it. Both of them moan loudly, Jake makes her take his cock in her mouth as she rides the cock buried deep inside her moaning continuously now.

The 3rd man demands 'what about me?' before June can say anything Jake grabs her arms hauling her forward&hellip. 'There's a 3rd hole free' he laughs. June freezes for a second, never thinking she would have 2 cocks inside her she starts to panic as she feels the man grab her waist and his cock rubs against her arse cheeks, working it between them he pushes slowly forcing it inside her arsehole, June tries to scream with the pain but can only make muffled noises as Jake pushes his cock deeper down her throat.

All 3 men start fucking her as June tries to beg them to stop, slowly at 1st she starts losing control feeling all her holes being abused, suddenly June orgasms her body wracked with pleasure and pain she shakes uncontrollably and feels the men all come at the same time, she swallows as much of Jakes cum as she can the rest leaking out of her mouth to run down her chin, the 2 men fucking her other holes don't stop until they finish pumping their seed deep inside her.

Rolling off the man underneath her she feels the cock in her arsehole slip out as well. June shaking uncontrollably still moans loud 'Oh god, what have you done to me?' all 3 men look at her naked abused body and smile, Jake leans down and whispers 'Only what you've wanted us to do'. As she lays there the 3 men walk out to the living sunny leone pron hot girls and she hears one of the 2 men say, 'you were right Jake, your choice was the 1st one to give it up!

We'll pay up later' Shocked June realises that the men must have had a bet and chosen 3 women on the cruise alone to see which they could fuck 1st. Even more shocking to her is the realisation that she doesn't care, as the 2 men leave Jake comes back into the bedroom already dressed, he smiles down at her and says 'June you're the best fuck I've had so far on any of these cruises'.

As he goes to leave June says 'Well it doesn't just have to be for this one night' Jake looks back at her to see June fingering herself, as he leaves smiling to himself.