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Japan hd double creampie for japanese hottie
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CHAPTER 1 Queen Aleppa learned very quickly that it's much easier to encourage men and women to have sex than it is to discourage them. Dennis found three women pregnant—one of them Queen Aleppa herself-- five months after her proclamation. Dennis and I talked it over and decided we needed another meeting with the Queen. "My Queen," I began, "I think you will find that sex is like a landslide—very easily started, but impossible to stop.

Dennis and I have discussed this matter and we agree that we need an external way to control this problem. Furthermore, Dennis, Scott, and I have regular partners…Kevin, as you already know, does not so he has no incentive to limit his activities. Dennis and I agree that we need birth control." Dennis explained what we were thinking about—a contraceptive implant that would work for five years, rather than the "Pill" which we were sure the women would forget, often intentionally.

Queen Aleppa gave her approval and we set about getting the implants to the valley. We had a cover story in all the towns and cities—missionaries for an obscure but financially well endowed church.

We even had black wooden crosses we wore around our necks while in town. Dennis placed an order for 500 implants, arranging for shipment to the second closest city, which was bigger and more cosmopolitan than our nearest town and actually had an office for a major medical supplier. Hosi, Dennis, and I took one of the boats and drove down the Amazon.

It was a full day's trip. Luckily we had Reta and Scott to watch our daughter. Two amazing starlets have hot lesbian sex trip was where I first had the opportunity to see Hosi in action. After dinner we decided that we needed a drink. There was wine in the valley, but no beer or whiskey. This was our chance for a decent drink. Being new to town we had no idea where to go and wound up in a really rough joint where a couple of local toughs paid a lot of attention to Hosi--the wrong kind of attention.

They tried to force themselves on her and I was just about to say something when Hosi three bitches overpower male and do what they want to him her hand on my arm. "Allow me," she said quietly.

The bigger guy—my height, but about 270—reached for her and, I swear, I never saw anybody move so fast as she grabbed his hand, bent it back and out, and put him on the floor before bending it so far I could hear the wrist bones break. His buddy tried to intervene and he got the same treatment. We decided to leave and on the way out some guy asked me, "How did she…?" "Amazon warrior, "I replied.

He looked at me like I was crazy. We returned to our hotel on the harbor. Hosi and I had just finished our shower when I asked her about the confrontation. "It was nothing. Don't forget that I am trained as a warrior. They were big but very slow. Of course, wearing all these foreign clothes made me slower, too. I much prefer to wear only my skirt." "I can see I'll have to be on my very best behavior," I kidded.

"Oh, yes, David…you'd better take very good care of me or else I'll have my way with you." She laughed and I joined her.

We fell onto the bed together where she continued, "I do like this big bed, though." She gave me that look—the one that said she wanted me…badly.

I leaned over and pulled the towel from her body; playfully she tried to pull it back, but lost it in the "struggle." We both knew she was much stronger than I was and her training as a warrior gave her skills I could never equal, but throughout our entire relationship she had never once used either her strength or her skills against me. I assumed that was because of her love for me; my love for her also meant that I would never try to hurt her either. We rolled over in our play, enjoying the king-sized bed, Hosi winding up on top of me.

"Hmmm," she whispered, "I think I will have my way with you. What do you think about that?" "Well, first, I doubt I have any choice, and second, I think I'll just lie here and enjoy." Hosi laughed and leaned in to kiss me, "I love you, David.

I went through my entire life thinking I would never even meet a man and the first one I meet is someone so special…so loving.

I'm so lucky to have you." "I don't want to start an argument, especially when you're on top of me, but I think I'm the lucky one here. I'm OK looking and I suppose I have a decent body while you are incredibly beautiful and have a fantastic body. And, Hosi, what you do to me; I spent most of my life exploring my way all over the earth, never thinking about love or sex." When Hosi laughed in my face I continued, "OK, I did think about sex, but love…marriage…settling down…never!" "David, what is…'marriage?'" "By the standards of your tribe we are married now.

We are mates, but our society goes a little further by having either a minister or a legal official perform a ceremony in which the man and woman agree to love and cherish each other forever. Unfortunately, 'forever' is a lot shorter for some people than others." I thought for a bit before continuing, "I think, Hosi that you and I should marry.

We can do it here in the city, maybe tomorrow. There may be some very good reasons to do so in the future. Usually a man gets down on a knee and asks his woman if she will marry him." "David…you talk too much." Hosi reached down to rub my cock in her slit—I was hard; she was hot and wet. Raising her body she moved me into her warmth…into her wetness. I closed my eyes, savoring the sensations as she gripped my cock.

Slowly, she began to rock; Hosi loved fucking slow and easy, increasing my desire and drawing out my agony as I needed desperately to cum. I leaned up to kiss her as I rolled her nipples between my fingers.

Now her desire equaled mine and she increased her tempo—faster and faster—rubbing her clit into me. "Oh, Hosi!" I screamed as I shot load after load of slick white cum into her pussy; Hosi began to shake and she exploded in rapture just as I finished. We were covered in sweat despite the air conditioning. I held my woman closely, kissing her face and head and neck.

I pulled the blanket over us and we went to sleep. The next morning we checked on the shipment; it was in, but we still had to make the financial arrangements. I used the rest of the morning to find out if Hosi and I could be married.

We began at the city hall. I spoke to a clerk, "Excuse me, but could you tell us how we can get married?" "Well, Senhor you could do it here with the judge or you could go to one of the churches.

I understand you are a missionary. Can't one of your comrades do it for you?" I explained that we were not ordained and asked if he could point us in the right direction. He sent us upstairs to the court. We spoke to several people there including the judge. I filled out the license giving my name as David Schneider and Hosi's as Hosi Retaleppa.

She giggled when she saw it; her tribe only uses a single name. I paid the fee and Hosi and I were officially married. I kissed the bride and we left happily. The busty milf bangs huge cock in mini van proceeding took less than ten minutes. We returned to our hotel for a brief, but passionate honeymoon.

I bent Hosi back onto the bed and kneeled between her legs. I kissed my way up her legs, savoring the experience of contact with her smooth silky thighs. I reached forward leading with my tongue. As usual, she leaked pussy juice; Hosi was always wet—just the least kiss was all it took.

I pushed into her tunnel. Her powerful muscles clenched around me, teasing me and inviting my cock…that would come later. I reached for her G-spot, taking great satisfaction when she shuddered in pleasure. That was my signal to move up to her clit. It was hard and hot and swollen as I sucked it into my mouth. I nibbled, licked, and sucked her to a magnificent orgasm.

She shuddered and shook for almost a minute as I refused to release her clit from my grasp. I eventually moved up, kissing my way up her body until our lips met. Hosi eagerly licked her juices from my face as her tongue attacked mine. I lifted my hips very young sandra romain gets two cocks up her ass when I moved back down my rock hard cock slid easily into Hosi.

She groaned in ecstasy as I bottomed out against her cervix. Hosi may not have known the names of all these parts, but she sure as hell knew what she liked and this was one of her favorites. We began a slow rhythm; she grabbed my hair and held me for a long deep kiss. "I love you, David," she whispered.

I broke the kiss briefly to return the sentiment, returning to the kiss as I began to pound her pussy. Faster and faster we went; harder and harder we met each other until we exploded in mutual bliss.

Exhausted, we clung together as we regained our strength and our breathing eased. The following morning Dennis and I paid for the shipment and walked back to the harbor, Hosi between us all the way.

I had been much more nervous on the way there, carrying thousands of US Dollars in our pockets. One of the things I had wanted to do was work out procedures for wire transfers. I hated carrying all that cash. Hosi was astonished that we could carry $10,000 in supplies in such a small box. The implants were no more than a half-inch in length and they were all hermetically sealed in a long ribbon of plastic.

The only things that took up space were the applicators and removal tools. We already had plenty of alcohol and swabs, as well as small band-aids, if necessary. We boarded our inflatable and took off up the river. On land we had to rely on Hosi's skills, but on the river we had our rifles and Hosi had her bow teen cleo vixen gets bonked by personal trainer arrows.

Taking our arms proved a good decision—we were followed by a rough-looking group of thugs who made their intentions clear from the outset, firing on us with several handguns. Fortunately, our boat was at least ten miles an hour faster than theirs. However, a huge raft of barges forced us to slow to crawling speed.

We looked at each other and decided to take aggressive action while they were still almost a mile behind. Dennis and I were expert shots; Hosi's skill with the bow—well, she was just as good as she was with her hands. Hosi steered while Dennis and I prepared for our assault on the bandits. I attached my scope to my rifle, loading with armor piercing ammo. We weren't legally allowed to have this ammo, but a lot of illegal things happen every day. I wasn't going to shoot the men—I wanted to take out their outboards.

I told Hosi to steer for still water outside the barges' wake. I set my rifle on the stern, taking care to hide it from those in the chasing boat until the last second.

I took three shots, knocking out one of their engines immediately. That would eliminate them in a chase, but we were still unable to get around the barges and wouldn't be able to for several miles, at least. Meanwhile, they had tried to open fire on us again. They made a big mistake when they turned sideways—perpendicular—to our course. This gave Dennis and me a clear shot at their one remaining outboard.

A quick volley from our rifles took it out—smoke streaming from the block. They drifted away from us immediately and their handguns became completely ineffective. I still managed to give them a few hull shots at the waterline which could put them in the water. That would be a big concern—there were crocodiles and piranhas here and both could be extremely deadly. They broke out some paddles and headed for the nearest shore.

The rest of our trip was uneventful; we parked our boat in the hidden boat house just below the waterfall as the sun was setting. We scaled the rope—even with all my practice I couldn't keep up with Hosi-- and reported to Queen Aleppa. Hosi and I were brief; we wanted to see our daughter. We picked her up with thanks to Reta and Scott. We took her home and to our bed.

We loved to play with her and cuddle sister sliping and brother faking between us. She was already a beauty and I was certain she would follow closely in her mother's footsteps.

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We fed her and put her into her own bed. I turned to Hosi, "You know, we are on our honeymoon. We should be having a lot of sex." "And how would that be different from all our other days?" Hosi asked laughing. I shrugged my shoulders feigning confusion until she grabbed my shirt and literally threw me onto the bed. She fell on me laughing wildly as we grappled with each other.

Even in this play Hosi could beat me badly, but she didn't. We rolled over each other several times until she stopped with me on top, my legs between hers.

"You seem to have me in a compromising position, David," she whispered. "Yeah, exactly where you want me," I giggled back. She nodded wildly as she leaned up to remove my shirt and shorts. I shrugged out of my boxers just before untying her skirt and allowing it to slip silently to the floor. I flipped her over and around to "69." "Take me into your mouth, Hosi. You can pleasure me with your mouth the same way I can pleasure you." She was tentative at first, licking carefully around my helmet, but as I attacked her pussy with my mouth, tongue, and teeth she grew bolder and bolder.

Eventually, she got the idea of fucking me orally, taking my seven inches deep into her throat. I had been licking and sucking, probing for her G-spot for almost ten minutes when she tensed for several seconds and came hard, bathing my face in her juice. She sucked especially hard when I came and I rewarded her by soaking her tonsils with my baby cream. "That was incredible, David.

Is there a name for that? "Yes, darling Hosi, it's called a '69.' If you look at the two numbers you can see that they are upside down to each other, just as we are." "You sure do know a lot about sex, David." "That's because our society is obsessed with sex, Hosi. Some people…it's all they think about." "What about you? Don't you think about it all the time?" "Sure, darling…but that's because I'm married to the most beautiful woman in the world.

I even dream about you. You occupy my thoughts every second of every day." "I knew there was a good reason why I love you." Hosi spooned against me, put my hand in its usual spot just under her breast and we went swiftly to sleep. The following morning Dennis and I met again with the Queen. We suggested a lottery for the birth control—100 Amazons would be allowed to fuck and breed.

The remainder would be implanted with birth control. Teen caught stepmom boning with her date then had way would be allowed to fuck, but obviously not to breed. A year later another hundred "breeders" would be selected until the entire tribe had been included. All the men would be required to couple with the breeders until they became pregnant; then we could also fuck the other tribeswomen.

That was the way it was supposed to work, but that night Hosi and I went to bed a little earlier than usual, celebrating our marriage and each other. We held each other kissing and touching as we always did. Eventually, Hosi flipped me on my back and straddled me, lowering herself slowly down my cock. She rode me harder and much faster than usual, grinding her clit roughly into me until we came.

It wasn't her most inspired effort. I asked if something was bothering her. "I could overpower you in your sleep and make you my slave," she said.

"Sure, but you could do that when I'm awake, too. We both know you're stronger than me and I'll never have your fighting skills. Besides, I wouldn't resist you." Then, after a brief pause, I continued, "If you can do it, why haven't you?" "Because I value you as my mate; I enjoy you as my partner.

Did you know that Queen Aleppa gave me the choice?" "You mean to either have me as your mate or your slave?" "Yes. Luckily you wound up with me—it could have been Reta." "How did I wind up with you if Reta outranks you?" "That's easy; I am the Queen's favorite. I'm her daughter." Well, that was a surprise, but I had the impression that Hosi was trying to tell me something else.

"Is there something else you're trying to tell me, Hosi? This is the craziest conversation we've ever had." "The Queen gave Reta the same choice." OK, I thought, now we were getting some place. "Hosi, are you trying to tell me something about Scott and Reta? Is Scott becoming her slave?" "Yes, David, but the term slave here is not quite the same as it is in most places.

As my mate you have an opportunity to determine your role with me. As a slave, Reta will determine Scott's role. She will make all the decisions, too." "So far Scott hasn't complained, but what's going to happen if he disagrees with Reta or disobeys her? Would she hurt him?" "It is possible. That's why I told you, David. " I thought for a few minutes before responding, "I'm sure you understand that I will do something about this, Hosi." "But, what can you do, David?

This is between Reta and Scott and the Queen." "You'd be surprised, Hosi, but first I need to speak with Scott. I wonder if he knows." Hosi leaned over to kiss me then turned to spoon with me and placed my hand on her breast. It was time for sleep—if only I could.

The following morning I walked to Reta's house asking Scott to join me on a trip to the forges. On the way I asked him if he knew what Reta was doing to him. "Sure…she hasn't made any secret of it, but so far she hasn't done anything to hurt me. Then again, I have always agreed with her and done what I've been told." I explained what had occurred when I was milked and what the Queen had said. "Hmmm…that's interesting…I wonder what she would do." "Well," I replied, "I think we need to find out before there's a major problem.

Here's what I suggest&hellip." We returned and I waved to Reta as I turned down the lane to the hospital where I enlisted Dennis. From there I spoke to Kevin. He was reluctant but eventually joined the crusade.

Now I went to see the Queen. "Your highness," I began, "I am having trouble understanding how you could allow a free man to become a slave…a slave to one of your tribe." When she feigned ignorance I laughed, "Please, my Queen, you gave Hosi the choice…slave or mate…and you did the same with Reta. I brought my brother, my cousin, and my friend here to help this tribe.

We were all free men at home and we have the same expectation here. It might be different if you had captured us, but you didn't. Is this how you repay our kindness and dedication to helping you? "I have been wondering how your ideas about slavery agree with your edict that none of us are to be harmed in any way." Queen Aleppa was silent for several minutes when she gave the signal to summon Reta and Scott. Reta was annoyed when she approached the Queen.

I spoke first, "I understand that you are making a slave of my brother, Reta." "I do not understand why that is your concern, David." I repeated the comments I had made to the Queen and then addressed Reta directly, "So far Scott has followed you, but what will happen if he disagrees with you or disobeys?

You are mom seduce german step son to fuck when dad not at home the kind of person who would deliberately violate one of the Queen's edicts, are you?" "What are you talking about, David?" "Throughout history slaves have been disciplined by causing them pain—hitting, slapping, whipping, or worse, so how will you enforce your will when your Queen has stated that none of the men are to be injured or harmed in any way?

I can understand if you are more dominant than Scott. Sometimes I think that would be good for him. When Hosi and I disagree we talk about our feelings and make a decision, but more often than not I rely on Hosi's experience here. This is, after all, Hosi's valley, village, tribe, and home." I could see Reta thinking…mulling over what had been said.

"I see your point, David," she began, "My Queen I request your permission to take Scott as my mate." Queen Aleppa smiled, nodded, and I went to hug Reta. "Thank you, Reta. I think you will find that to be the right decision." Hosi and I bowed to the Queen and left. I heard Reta ask Scott what he would like to do now that they were equals. "I have a few ideas," he replied, "why don't we try some of them now?" He took Reta by the hand and led her back to their home.

"You were lucky, David. What would you have done if she refused?" "Simple enough…what we call a 'strike'—no more fucking--from any of us. It would be hard for Queen Aleppa to have us milked when she has repeatedly said that we are not to be injured, but I was pretty sure Reta would come around.

She may be a little headstrong, but she is basically a very fine person." Hosi took my hand and placed it on her silky firm butt. I could see the desire in her eyes as she said, "David, you are incredible; I think you deserve a reward." I laughed and agreed, "Once again I am pleased to defer to your judgment." Hosi joined my laughter, took my hand and led me home.

En route we could hear Reta screaming in her ecstasy; whatever Scott had suggested seemed to agree with her mightily. CHAPTER 2 Ever made a promise you later regretted? Well…maybe regretted was too strong a term. I had promised Hosi that I would never again spend a night away from her. It was the right thing to say at the time and I meant every word.

However, I never gave the idea of going to town any thought. The trip took almost an entire day—more if I was afraid we were being followed.

Therefore, we always planned to stay overnight and that was the source of my problem. I would gladly take Hosi with me, but at what risk? I asked Dennis whether I should be concerned. I remembered reading about the Aztecs and Cortez—how the Spaniards decimated the Aztecs with flu, colds, smallpox, syphilis, and a host of other diseases.

"I think she should have a series of inoculations to safeguard her. If she was going to the U.S., I would recommend MMR—measles, mumps, and rubella—and DPT—diphtheria, pertussis, and tetanus. Since she would be here in Brazil I'd also recommend smallpox and polio and maybe even hepatitis A and B." "Wow, I never thought it would be such a problem.

I'll need to discuss this with Hosi." I thanked Dennis and returned home. I got there shortly after Hosi had finished her warrior training for the day.

I asked her about going with me and then I explained my concerns. This was an incredibly difficult task—Hosi had no idea what a germ was so she was accepting my words for no other reason than I was the one saying them. "Hosi, I want to keep my word, but I am concerned for your safety. Dennis recommends you have several inoculations which will protect you from diseases. Here in the valley there are few, if any such concerns, but out there mixing with other people can be extremely dangerous.

Entire civilizations have been wiped out. Please believe me." "I do believe you, David. You would not lie to me. What do I have to do?" Dennis used the radio to order the necessary injections. They were spaced out over a period of two months and then Dennis recommended we wait a few more months to ensure they would do their work.

Then I began to prepare Hosi for the experience. In some ways the Amazons' society pretty chick catrina and agnes on dildo fucking scene incredibly advanced—no crime, greed, jealousy, or pollution—everyone working together for the common good. However, technologically they might as well have been in the Stone Age. I had a world of difficulty explaining how our boats and engines worked before Hosi agreed to accept all that I had told her without question.

Stepping off the boat into the tiny back water town must have been like stepping through a time warp. Explaining automobiles, helicopters, even airplanes proved easy. What Hosi couldn't understand was plain old window glass, something most of us take completely for granted. I knew I was in for trouble before we even left the house when I had to explain why she had to wear one of my T-shirts. "If you go like you are you'll be arrested, for sure," I told her.

Then I had to explain "police," "arrest," and many of the social conventions of modern societies. I had to promise her we'd buy some clothes as soon as we arrived. Then I had to explain "buy" and "money." By the time I'd finished the day was half over. Oh…the lovely dames ride dicks in an orgy we do for love!

Hosi's first trip to the small town just downriver was a revelation. I went first to the local bank where the four of us had our accounts and I had a safe deposit box full of cash. I took out a few hundred and first time highschool girl xvidio Hosi to the nearest store. I allowed the sales woman, a thirty something Brazilian, to deal with Hosi directly.

She liked some of the clothes suggested, but absolutely refused to have anything to do with a bra. "This is a torture instrument, David," she told me. I couldn't argue. Eventually, she took two complete outfits, six pair of panties (these she really did like), a pair of tennis shoes similar to mine, and a costume necklace. I took her to a jeweler where I bought her a pair of earrings and had her ears pierced.

I also bought her a gold bangle bracelet. Hosi was shopped out and wanted to return to our hotel. I learned quickly that she wanted to thank me. "I am so glad you have been willing to honor your promise, David.

You have no idea how much that means to me. I want to be with you always." "I love you, too, Hosi. I'm nothing without you." She stripped me, pushed me back onto the bed and lowered herself onto my shaft. She spent almost an hour "thanking" me. We fell together, holding, caressing, and loving each other.

We slept for about a half hour and when we awoke I made a big mistake—I turned on the TV. Now I had to spend almost an hour trying to explain that there weren't a bunch of little people inside that box. I couldn't wait until we got back to the safety of the valley. CHAPTER 3 I used my shortwave radio for several things. Primarily I used it for entertainment—listening to music or news, or to check on the approaching weather.

Twice I learned in advance of severe storms and we were able to take steps to protect our livestock. The other use was to communicate with people, either to order supplies, or to check on investments or legal matters.

So it was during a regular check with my attorney and financial manager that I learned I had to return to the States. My uncle David, for whom I was named, had passed away, naming me as his primary heir. Great—now the rift with my mother would grow even wider. Uncle David was her brother and he had left her out of his will, no doubt because of her treatment of him, my father, and every other male in our families.

She'd never see it that way, of course. It would be all his fault—or mine—but never hers. That was her biggest problem—nothing was ever her fault.

She was always the victim, but only in her eyes. Everyone else always saw the problem for what it was; she was a domineering bitch who was clearly far superior to everyone else. Well, she had driven away my father and Scott and me, as well, with her constant nagging and bickering. Now it was about to get even worse, but only if I would let it. I was safe from her in Hosi's valley. I had to see to the disposition of the funds, and, of course, there were several papers I had to sign and the mails in South America weren't to be trusted.

That wouldn't be a problem—I still had a valid passport. The problem would be what to do about Hosi. Living in the wilderness had its advantages, but the question would be how to prove that Hosi was a Brazilian citizen for a passport.

I took her downriver to the nearest government office. Of course, we encountered the same bureaucratic bullshit that exists in every government. "May I see her birth certificate?" That's what the idiot asked after I had explained five times that we lived in an hawt playgirl is in love with lechery of the jungle where there was no governmental control, something that existed in almost eighty percent of the Amazonian jungle.

I explained again that we lived more than a hundred miles west of the nearest settlement, so how was Hosi supposed to get a birth certificate. I'd bet that few, if any of the tribes that lived in the jungle ever heard of a birth certificate, or the Brazilian government, for that matter. Tired of getting nowhere with this jerk, I headed for the American consulate.

I was stopped by the Marines at the gate, but showed my passport and was granted admission. I was amazed when I walked into the office to find a picture of my old friend John Spillane on the wall. I was told he had been appointed Secretary of State by the new President. "Do you know him," I asked. "Of course not, you can't expect the Secretary to know all of the thousands of department employees," was the reply. "Well, I used to be a close personal friend when I worked for him blonde slut gets fucked hard by a big cock Al-Cor.

Can you get a message to him—fax or email—and ask him if he would take a phone call with Dr. David Schneider?" "I can send a message, but I doubt he'll reply.

Where can I reach you if he agrees?" I told the Consul where we were staying and thanked him. I received a message later that evening telling me to be back at the Consulate at 3:00 the following afternoon for a video phone call. We walked in to the Consul's office at 2:50 and were shown to the video room.

I sat in front of the computer, Hosi at my side, and waited for the call to begin. "Hi, David what are you doing in Brazil?" I greeted my old friend and congratulated him on his appointment. I reminded him of my story when Mike Sullivan had died. I told him that I had met Hosi while I was wandering around the jungle and fallen in love with her. I had her join me so John could see her, too, as I explained exposed petite woman likes be my tight queen for problem.

"Could you intercede with the Brazilian authorities on our behalf," I asked. John agreed to try and said he would get back to us in two days. I thanked him and rung off. Hosi and I returned to our hotel. "I don't understand what the problem is, David." Hosi said. "In order to travel to my country you will need a passport." I showed her mine.

"It's a document that proves you are a Brazilian citizen. The valley where we live is in the country of Brazil. We will also need passports to return home again. It is complicated, Hosi, but that's what we will need. I hope you can get one because I will be away for several weeks and I will want you with me." "Why is everything in your world so complicated, David?" "I don't know, Hosi. I suppose a lot of it has to do with terrorism." I spent almost a half hour explaining about 9/11 and other examples of terrorism throughout the so-called civilized world.

I could see Hosi thinking. After a few minutes she spoke, "That doesn't make any sense, David. Why would anyone think that would work?" "It never has worked, but that hasn't stopped some people from spreading their hatred throughout the world. Just getting onto an airplane has become incredibly difficult with hundreds of regulations. On some flights we could be required to go through security two or even three times." I explained as much as I could about airport security.

"All I know, David it that I feel secure in your arms. Will you put your penis into my mouth and my vagina?" She reached to remove my shirt and shorts. I knew there was something else I didn't like about civilization when I realized how much clothing I had to remove from Hosi's body. We had just fallen onto the bed when the phone rang.

It was the American Consul asking if we could come to his office tomorrow morning at ten. I agreed, thanked him, and hung the phone onto its cradle. I returned to Hosi. We kissed tenderly as we did every day, but this time she pushed me onto my back and reversed into a "69." Slowly, she took me into her mouth as I laid siege to her pussy with my tongue. Together we licked and sucked each other, our breathing becoming more rapid and ragged as we progressed.

Hosi began to shudder as I massaged her G-spot with my tongue and shook wildly when I pinched her clit between my fingers. I gave her a few minutes to recover before turning her around to face and kiss me while I buried my cock deep into her. I thrust up strongly, bringing the two of us to mutual orgasms. I held her tightly as my cock erupted repeatedly into her womb. I pulled her to me, kissing her wildly as we recovered. We rested most of the afternoon, went out for dinner and returned to the hotel again for the evening.

This was a much bigger and more modern hotel than our first one together so when I turned on the TV the screen went to a menu. Hosi asked me what all those choices meant. I knew I was in for a problem when I saw the word "ADULT" on the screen. I had to explain to Hosi that these were movies about sex. That got her attention and she wanted to see one even though I told her several times that few of them were very good.

I picked one that I thought had the most reasonable plot, confirmed the payment and sat back with Hosi to watch. Her first observation was that, "These women have very large breasts." I laughed as I told her, "They're not real. A doctor like Dennis can make them bigger. Some men think bigger is always better." Hosi looked at me as though I was crazy, but turned her attention back to the screen.

An hour later the movie ended and I could see that Hosi was thinking. "David, didn't you tell Queen Aleppa that sex was usually done in private? Then why do these people do it when so many others can see?" I explained that the sex wasn't really between people who loved each other; they were actors—people playing a role.

She shook her head, "David, I don't think I will ever understand your world." I agreed with her, pulled her to me, kissed her tenderly, spooned with her and went to sleep. CHAPTER 4 We walked together the following morning into the Consul's office. "Thank you for coming so promptly, Dr. Schneider. Would you please step over here?" He pointed to a portable projection screen where I noticed a photographer standing.

I stood in front for a portrait and then positioned Hosi. The photographer thanked us and left. "May I ask what's going on, sir?" "Yes, of course, you and Mrs.

Schneider are getting new passports—diplomatic passports ordered by Secretary Spillane. I have a communiqué for you. I'm sorry, but I must have it returned once you've read it." I took the sealed envelope from his hand, opened it and led Hosi to a nearby couch.

We read the letter together. I thought for a few minutes and reread it before returning it to the Consul who shredded it into the smallest pieces I had ever seen. "When will our passports be ready," I asked. "In about twenty minutes. Secretary Spillane obviously wants you back in the States. You'll be flying business class on a plane this afternoon courtesy of the State Department.

It's a non-stop directly into Dulles. A limo will meet you there rita sinclair takes her boyfriends take you straight to his office.

After your meeting you will be free to deal with your other business—sorry to learn of your uncle's passing." Someone had been really busy—I had never mentioned my uncle to anyone outside the valley, but I wasn't about to turn down free tickets and I was eager to see my old friend John. We left with our passports and tickets in hand. We returned to our hotel to collect our meager belongings. I phoned the marina, telling Kevin we were on our way home and bought a small suitcase and some toiletries.

We checked out and took a cab to the airport. I led Hosi through the maze that modern airports have become. We went through security, although our diplomatic passports greased the way for us. We were led to a special lounge where we ate and relaxed prior to the flight. I could see that Hosi was nervous, "Are you sure this huge thing can actually fly?" I reassured her and held her hand all the way on to the plane.

I helped her with her seatbelt and kissed her cheek. I helped her with the complimentary headphones; watching her face when she first heard the music was priceless. We ate the mediocre food and slept most of the way; nine hours later we landed at Dulles, just outside Washington in rural Virginia. We breezed right through Immigration and Customs with our diplomatic credentials, meeting our driver just outside baggage claim.

Half an hour later we walked hand in hand into the Department of State. We were obviously expected; we went right to the head of the line at security and were led directly into John Spillane's office.

John rose to greet us as I introduced him to Hosi who was clearly awestruck by the entire experience. "Thanks for coming on such short notice, David. I can see from one look at your bride why you live in Brazil. You are truly beautiful, Hosi. That's an interesting name. Does it mean anything?" "Yes, sir," Hosi replied, "brave warrior." "Wow, that's an unusual name for a woman—brave warrior, eh?

OK, David, I'm sure you are wondering what's going on." "Yes, sir I never thought we'd both get U.S. passports and especially not diplomatic ones. You obviously have something in mind for us." "Actually, it has to do with your uncle's will.

We believe he has in his possession some papers that unfriendly nations would like to have. Your government would prefer to see them destroyed—burned or at least shredded." He then went into detail about the papers which he thought would be in my uncle's safe. I knew my uncle was a naval architect and that he sometimes worked for the government. What he had were copies of top secret plans for a new submarine. He had been working on them at home when he died. John was pretty sure they were in his safe.

As his heir I would receive the key from his attorney when the will was read. That would be two days from today just outside Groton, Connecticut home of the Electric Boat Company which was a division of General Dynamics, a huge contractor for the Department of Defense.

Unfortunately, the reading of the will would bring Hosi and me into direct contact with my mother. I thanked John for all of his help and promised we would do what he wanted.

Before we left John told me there might be some danger involved. I just laughed and told him I'd be safe with my brave warrior at my side.

I doubted he realized just how dangerous Hosi could be. We took our limo to a nearby hotel, checked in, and took a nap. OK, it wasn't really a nap. We lay on the bed until Hosi said she wanted to try some of the things we had seen in the movie we rented our last night in Brazil.

When I asked her which things she climbed up onto all fours, positioned herself at the edge of the bed and pointed to her pussy. I got up and stood behind her. I rubbed my cock into her tiny teen big cock fuck hard frannkies a rapid learner was as wet as I was hard.

I leaned forward and pushed easily into her tight cunt. I leaned forward as I rocked into her so I could massage her breasts and nipples with one hand while I found and rubbed her clit with the other. I massaged and rubbed and fucked and kissed her neck and back. It wasn't long before she surrendered to my assault, and good thing, too because I was getting really close. The friction within her cunt was more than I could bear. I pulled back and pushed my hips forward, driving deeply within her as I erupted, soaking her pussy with my hot white cream.

We fell forward together laughing and kissing, "Welcome to the U.S. of A," I whispered as I nuzzled her ear. "I think I'm going to like it here if every day is going to be like this one." "Careful…you haven't met my mother yet." "Oh, David she can't be that bad." "Hosi…both of her children moved to live with you and neither of us bothered to tell her we were going.

Does that tell you anything? My mother is an emasculating bitch. She hates men so, of course, she had two sons. She drove our father to an early grave with her constant nagging and complaining and she tortured both Scott and me when we were kids. No, it wasn't physical abuse, but she went out of her way every single day to criticize and belittle us.

I doubt she ever told either of us that she loved us. Now she'll accuse me of twisting her brother against her even though we were more than two thousand miles away for more than a year. I'm glad I have you to protect me." Hosi laughed, totally unaware that I was totally serious. We flew the next morning to Islip MacArthur Airport in Islip, Long Island. I rented a car and drove east on Route 25A toward Orient Point. From there we took a car ferry across Long Island Sound to Mystic, Connecticut right across the river from Groton and the Electric Boat Company where my uncle had worked for so many years.

We saw several nuclear subs at the company's docks. I drove off the ferry and we looked for another motel. Once we found one we drove up to Foxwoods, the world's largest casino.

I took Hosi with me to play blackjack. For a person who had never even seen a deck of cards before she was a remarkably quick study. We quit four hours later just about even which I explained to her was an accomplishment. We went to one of their finer restaurants, The Cedars Steak House, where I treated Hosi to a sumptuous meal.

Hosi would never get used to being waited on, no matter how often I took her out to eat. Even in Brazil in the tiny backwater towns Hosi would sit wide-eyed as a waiter or waitress brought our food or cleared the table.

Now, in an exclusive restaurant Hosi marveled at the number of people waiting on us. She marveled even more at the food. We ate little meat in our valley, relying on lamb and goat on those occasions when we didn't eat fish or some combination of fruits and vegetables.

We returned to our hotel sleepy from all the food, but apparently not sleepy enough to discourage Hosi from fucking me. She turned on the TV, choosing again the "ADULT" menu. I have to say this for Hosi—she was a fast learner. She could maneuver her way around these menus as well as if not better than I could.

She picked one and nestled into my arms. She knew all about "69," but now she was amazed to see one of the actors fucking the woman's ass. She turned mom and son japan movies me, "David, have you ever done that?

I would think that would be painful." "Yes, Hosi I have done it and it can be painful—very painful. It can feel good—really good-- too, if it is done right. I'll explain the whole thing to you sometime, but not now—I'm too tired." I really wanted to go to sleep but Hosi was into the movie, getting ideas to try on me.

We turned off the set an hour later and assumed our normal position—spooning with my hand on her breast. CHAPTER 5 I awoke the following morning not to a bright sunlight, but to a hot wet mouth around my cock. I peeked under the blanket and Hosi peeked back sheepishly, "I saw this in the…what is the word I want, David?" "Movie?" "Yes, that's it and I thought I would try it on you.

Do you enjoy it?" "Hosi, I always enjoy your mouth on my penis, but you should know that those movies are not real. Hardly any of those things happen in real life." "I know that, David. I remember that you explained all that to me, but I still want to do it." "OK, but don't I get a chance to do you?" She grinned ear to ear and pivoted around. I inhaled deeply, savoring the aroma of the two cocks is what this awesome teen likes to engulf schoolgirl japanese I loved so well.

I had heard that all women taste and smell differently, but I wouldn't know. I had only gone down on a handful of women before Hosi and I doubted I'd do any more, but I did know that I loved the smell and taste of her. I reached up to lick her just as Hosi swallowed my cock—she'd gotten awfully good in an awfully short time. I covered her delicious pussy with my mouth and sucked mightily. That got a huge reaction from Hosi as she gasped loudly.

She fucked my cock with her mouth and I fucked her with my tongue. She'd had a head start on me and we hadn't fucked last night so I wasn't lasting very long.

I moved my mouth to her clit as my fingers sought her G-spot. I knew she was close when she began to shake. Her body exploded in a massive spasm just as I bathed her tonsils with my cum. She rolled up to me, cum dripping from the corner of her mouth. She scooped it with her finger, licked it clean and kissed me as we swapped each other's fluids.

I would have loved to stay in bed with her, but we had an appointment we had to keep. I pulled her to the shower. We ate a quick breakfast, but not at the motel—I always hated the so-called free breakfasts.

We found a family restaurant where we enjoyed waffles and bacon with some orange juice. I used to be a big coffee drinker, but not in the valley where we mostly drank either water or some kind of fruit juice—we had ten different varieties.

We arrived at the lawyer's office about ten minutes early. Of course, my mother was already there. I walked in holding Hosi's hand. "I knew you'd show hot babe high schooler karly tastes her stepmums delicious pussy lesbian and bigtits for this, David. You've always had your eyes on your uncle's money." "Nice to see you, too, Mother. And for your information I haven't even spoken to my uncle for more than four years." "I'm sure that's a lie you greedy bastard." I almost laughed.

If anyone was greedy it was her. "Believe what you want, Mother. Yesterday was the first time I've even been in the States for more than two years. We don't even have any phones where we live. When I say we I'm referring to me, my wife Hosi, your son Scott who also left without saying good-bye to you, and your nephew Kevin." "Hoe…see? What the hell kind of name is that?" "It means 'brave warrior' in her tribe's language and, believe me, she is.


I've seen her put down two bruisers in less than a minute. Oh, by the way, not that I think you even care, but you're a grandmother. It's a girl named Kela. She's fifteen months old now. It hardly matters, though—you'll never see her, thank God. Now, let's get this over with shall we?" "Good idea, I'm John Keller, your uncle's attorney.

Rather than read the entire will I'll summarize. That will save a lot of time—there's a load of legalese in here. Mrs.

I would take her to the city if she agreed to fuck with me

Schneider, your brother left you $10,000 with the instruction that I read the following passage verbatim: "Stella, you have been a Grade A bitch your entire life. You made your poor husband's life a living hell and mine wasn't much better.

You tortured me when I was a child, but fortunately I was able to escape as an adult. If anything good comes from my death it's that you and I will be in different places for eternity." "David, you inherit the remainder of the estate which I'll explain to you after I give this check to your mother." He handed the check to my disgusted mother who rose and stomped out giving me yet another dirty and disgusted look.

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"I'd be careful of her if I were you, David. She strikes me as a vengeful person." "She is, believe me. She has alienated virtually everyone who has ever known her. What my father ever saw in her is a mystery to me. Now can we go over the details?" "Of course…essentially he left you investments amounting to just over 4.5 asian teen masturbates her pink pussy watch part on suzcamcom dollars and his house and boat." "I'll want to see the house.

I understand you have the key to his safe?" "Yes, you do realize that anything of value will have to be declared." "Sure, if I find anything I'll bring it back here for you to handle. I'll want to sell the house and boat. You can give the proceeds to my mother, not that she deserves them. I'll never see her again and I doubt that I'll even attend her funeral. All the same, I'm not a vindictive person. Prepare whatever documents are required.

However, I do not want her to get the house. She lives in a filthy broken-down apartment building; she can stay there." I took the key, got directions and we walked out the door. I was just about to ask Hosi what she thought about my mother when she pushed me aside.

Hosi rushed forward to meet my cursing club wielding mother as she rushed up the walk. Hosi grabbed her wrist and held her immobile while I got up from the ground.

I walked back in and asked Mr.

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Keller to call the police. Hosi held my mother in such a way that she was unable to move or even drop the weapon until french fuck faces mey li came. She was charged with attempted murder and assault with a dangerous weapon.

When we were asked for identification we showed the officer our passports so she was also charged with terroristic attack on a government official. That meant the FBI would be involved. By the time they straightened this out we'd be back in the valley. Meanwhile, Mom could sit in a cozy jail cell and stew. We found the house without much trouble; Hosi had a fantastic sense of direction. I walked in and shut off the alarm exactly as Keller had said.

Hosi and I walked to my uncle's office and looked for the safe. Of course, she had no idea what we were looking for until I explained. Then she found it under the rug. I opened it and found the papers. We walked to the rear patio where I recalled my uncle had a gas grill. I removed the cooking surface and started the fire. I separated the papers and lowered them to the blazing grill; they caught immediately and were soon ablaze.

We rested easier once they were a pile of ashes. Returning to the office we noticed there was also about $250 in cash and some old coins. I collected them in a grocery bag, closed the safe and drove back to Keller's office.

I gave him the coins and told him to note the cash which I would keep. I told stepdauhter miley let stepdad play with her pussy to send my dear mother a letter stating that I had intended to give her the proceeds from the boat and house, but now she'd get nothing.

I shook his hand after giving him the name of my investment manager and my bank info. He looked at it and asked, "Where is this bank?" "Just like it says there—Brazil; the main branch is in Recife, but ours is in some backwater little town you've never heard of about eight hundred miles up the Amazon." Once again we left his office, but this time it was a peaceful departure.

I drove back to Mystic, calling John Spillane's private number, telling him our mission was accomplished. We took the ferry back to Long Island and ninety minutes later we were back at the airport where I returned the car.

We caught a cab to the Ronkonkoma Station where we rode a train into Penn Station in the middle of New York City. I was quiet during most of the ride as Hosi looked out the window. She turned to me suddenly, "Do you miss all this, David?

It's so different from our valley." "Hosi, there are a lot of great things here, but there are just as many bad." I explained to her about crime, pollution, prejudice, traffic, poverty, drugs, terrorism, and as many other issues as I could think of.

"We don't have any of that at home. We have clean air, clean water, no crime, no jealousy, and everyone works together. Plus, there is one other minor thing—you. We have all those wonderful things, but I'd live in the worst place on earth if I could be with you." Hosi beamed, leaned across the seat and kissed me—warmly, passionately, and loaded with her love.

We walked up from the station, emerging onto West 31st Street where we caught a cab to the Plaza Hotel at 5th Avenue and Central Park South. Hosi was never afraid, but she was certainly a little overwhelmed, primarily by all the people and, secondly by all the hustle and bustle of the city. I had wanted to treat Hosi to some of the wonders of Manhattan where I had lived for several years.

We were escorted to our room by a bellman and, of course, he had his hand out for a tip even though we only had one small duffel.

Hosi took a look out the window and asked me, "What's that, Black girl first time and blonde babe lingerie milf cops It looks like the jungle." "It should be Central Park.

It's a big area of woods and grassy areas in the middle of the city, but it can be a jungle at night. There's a lot of crime there—muggings—basically robberies by groups of men. Sometimes they're kids, but they can be just as dangerous. There are lots of police on patrol, but it's a big place." "I think we should go for a walk after dinner." I knew I should have chosen another hotel.

Hosi loved a challenge. Hopefully, she wouldn't find one. We ate in one of the Plaza's older guy satisfy insatiable sexy blonde teen, returning to our room around nine. I took a leak and put all my valuables into the room safe.

When Hosi incredible sex scene with a gorgeous babe from the bathroom we went down for our walk. I noticed she had changed her clothes; she was wearing her tribal skirt and thong along with her familiar warrior's sandals.

"Oh, shit," I thought, "she is really hoping for trouble." I just hoped they wouldn't have guns. We entered the park at its southern entrance and walked slowly up one of the many paved paths, holding hands and kissing occasionally.

We walked for almost a mile, noticing several other couples also out for a walk. We kept to well-lit areas and saw several bike riding cops along our route. We decided to turn back and that's when I saw the four kids. I'll say kids, but they looked to be about twenty.

They had been following us for who knows how long. "OK, Hosi here's your chance. These four guys look like trouble." "Hey, man—give us your money and we won't hurt you or your woman." It was the leader, a dark haired kid in those baggy pants I had seen a lot of hip-hop black kids wear in the past. "Oh, guys trust me; you definitely don't want to do this. You're going to be sorry you ever thought of it. You're in for a big and nasty surprise, besides we don't have any money with us." "Yeah, well too fuckin' bad," he replied as they stalked closer.

He grinned as he continued, "You can see how we're shakin' we're so afraid. I guess that means we gotta cut you. Next time you'll know enough to bring money, right guys?" They laughed as they spread out about ten feet from end to end and moved in for what they thought would be the kill.

Hosi pulled me behind her as she scanned the four. She almost laughed as she jumped four feet into the air. She kicked out with both feet, contacting the two center guys in the sternum before landing easily on her feet. Of course, if you curvy young cute slave girl trained by her master Hosi she would never know the technical name for this body part, but she would be able to describe exactly what the impact of her hardened heels would cause.

The two fell stunned by what had happened. They could barely breathe let alone move. Hopefully, they'd only have bruised ribs. They'd been taken out in less than a second. The other two didn't even have an opportunity to react. Now Hosi checked on the two outside thugs. Both had pulled knives, but the one on the right looked nervous—unsure of himself. Hosi turned to the left. He swung the knife in a vicious arc, narrowly missing Hosi's abdomen. I was sure he thought he was quick, but next to my wife he was more tortoise than hare.

She grabbed his wrist and elbow as soon as the knife was past. She pushed the elbow and pulled the wrist; I could hear a horrendous crack. When Hosi released him his arm hung useless, broken just below the joint. Hosi turned to the nervous one, calling him to her with a waggle of her finger. He threw the knife to the ground and sprinted away. Hosi could have caught him easily, but I took her arm and turned her back toward the hotel.

I put my arm around her and kissed her cheek. She giggled, "I told you it wasn't dangerous here in the jungle. Those boys were nothing compared to a jaguar." "Yeah, but I killed the jaguar." "No, darling…you killed the last jaguar." I stood there dumbfounded until she whispered into my ear, promising me something special once we returned to our room.

We made love so many times that night I couldn't count, riding me furiously every time, but, of course Hosi was up at the crack of dawn full of energy and vigor. She dragged me from bed and into the shower. She giggled as she washed me and helping his horny boss madison ivy my cock and balls. My poor organ was so exhausted it didn't even respond despite her best efforts.

We had a quick breakfast and headed to Pier 83 at West 42nd Street and 12th Avenue. I bought tickets for the complete three-hour tour on the Circle Line. We sat on the upper deck in our sweatshirts with an unobstructed view. We could see all the way across the Hudson. I pointed out the Palisades on the Jersey shore across the wide river. It was only a few minutes before the ship pulled out and headed down the river. We took in the scenery as we listened to the commentary over the PA system.

A tear came to her eye when we passed Ground Zero, the former site of the World Trade Center. Hosi couldn't understand how people could be so callous as to kill so many innocents.

Hosi marveled at the Statue of Liberty and listened closely to the commentary here. Eventually we turned north into the East River where we could see the South Street Seaport and the Chrysler building. We passed Randall's Island and turned into the Harlem River before reentering the Hudson at Spuyten Duyvil, a deep gorge famous for its torturous currents. It hardly seemed that three hours had passed when we pulled back into the pier. We walked along 42nd while I told Hosi of the famous show and movie of the same name.

We were accustomed to walking long distances so the thirteen block trek to the Empire State Building was nothing. I paid the fee and we rode the elevator to the observation deck. Hosi couldn't believe how big the city was, especially compared to the tiny cities we knew along the Amazon.

We walked to the nearest Subway station where I bought tokens and we walked to the platform southbound. "Are we under the ground here?

Is this safe?" Hosi asked. "It usually is," I replied, "but sometimes there are thugs who try to rob people. It will be safe now; most of that stuff only happens late at night, and—no—we're not coming back here to find out.

You'll have to take my word for it." I laughed at her disappointment—we got off at Chinatown where we went for an enjoyable lunch. Lunch was enjoyable for several reasons. First, the food was great. Second, we both laughed crazily at Hosi's attempts to use chop sticks. At one point she asked if people actually use these horrible things. When I explained how many people live in China she thought I was making it up. I asked our waiter, an old acquaintance of mine from many visits when I had lived in Manhattan.

We spent the afternoon walking around the South Street Seaport and Battery Park before taking another subway north and back to our hotel. We showered together—we always bathe together back in the valley—even though it was a tight fit. That worked out well for me as Hosi's delectable breasts pressed into me the entire time. Of course, my hard cock pressed into her. She laughed the first time she looked down, "I don't know who's enjoying this more. Let's finish up so I can take advantage of you.

Do they have any of those adult movies here?" I cringed inwardly—if Hosi learned any more things to try on me I'd be lucky to make it back to the valley in one piece. We enjoyed a nice quickie as Hosi jumped me, pushed me back onto the bed and mounted me.

Her face was one of utter contentment as she slid down onto my cock. I would have enjoyed a long nap, but I got us up around 6:30 so we could catch a cab down to Little Italy.

I had made reservations at Angelo's on Mulberry Street. There were plenty of restaurants in Little Italy, now reduced to a bit more than two blocks due to encroachment from Chinatown. Most of those places were nothing more than tourist traps—second class food at first class prices—but Angelo's was truly a gem.

I ordered the lamb shank and asagna for Hosi as I explained about Italian food. Few people realize that Italian was the basis for almost all other types of cooking, including French. We enjoyed a delicious salad along with a hearty Chianti Classico. I teased Hosi saying, "This is how wine should be made." I was surprised when she agreed. Our entrees were fantastic—Hosi loved the lasagna, but when I gave her a taste of my lamb she wanted to switch.

Not a problem; I loved Angelo's lasagna. We left around 9:30, catching another cab uptown. CHAPTER 6 The following morning we stopped by Al-Cor, hoping to see some of my old friends. I ran into Harry Hanson in the lobby.

He couldn't believe it was me, especially when I introduced him to my wife. He took one look at Hosi and shook his head, "How did an ugly coot like you ever marry someone as beautiful as her," he asked. Hosi took a step forward before I had a chance to answer, but I convinced her that he was only kidding.

Harry rounded up a few more buddies and we met for a brief reunion in one of the conference rooms; there were five of them plus Hosi and me. "How's everything with you guys," I asked. I was surprised when the response was middle eastern teen gets her twat screwed and creampied frowns and looks of disgust. "What's the problem?" It was Steve Frazier who answered.

He was the senior employee. "The new CEO is an asshole…oh, sorry Hosi. He is a complete idiot. He's going to take the company down and us with it. I'd do anything to get out." The others agreed. I had an idea; I gave Hosi a look and she must have been thinking along the same lines. She nodded and smiled so I continued, "If I remember correctly all you guys are single, right?" They nodded and a few said, "Yeah, why?" "Come to dinner with us tonight and I'll explain—The Plaza, suite 912 around six, OK?

Good, we'll see you then." We left to continue our sightseeing. We went back uptown, taking the subway again toward the Bronx where I took Hosi to the zoo.

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We walked slowly along the paths. Hosi did a double-take when she saw the size of the lions, but almost fainted when she saw the size of the tigers.

I explained that they lived in Africa and Asia respectively, so we only had to deal with the jaguars which were bad enough. We laughed through the 4-D program with Dora and Diego. She laughed at the penguins and marveled at the giraffes and elephants. All too soon it was time to leave. I wanted to plan our meeting with my friends. We would start with drinks while I explained how Hosi and I had met. Hosi suggested she appear in her traditional tribal attire and when I looked down she said, "You did tell me that most men would kill to be able to play with these blobs of fat, didn't you?

Well, I won't let them play, but I will let them see what's in store for them." I had to agree it would be a big inducement. They were late, but I expected that—traffic of every kind is a bitch in the city at all times, but especially during rush hour.

I heard a knock at the door at 6:20; Hosi slipped off to the bathroom to wait until she was called. I had bought several bottles—gin, vodka, rye, and scotch—and some mixers and offered everyone a drink. We sat around in the living room of the suite and I began," The story you've heard about my last time in the jungle wasn't exactly true." I explained what had occurred up to when we were captured.

"What do you mean captured?" "We were captured by a group of…now don't laugh…Amazons.a tribe of warrior women. Hosi is one of them. C'mon in, Hosi." She walked into the room resplendent in her skirt, sandals, and bracelet.

Her breasts were standing proudly. The men's mouths were agape—wide open—as were their eyes. I continued, "There were about twenty of them all armed with bows and arrows and spears.

They tied us up, but had peaceful intentions. They fed us and gave us some fruit juice. They paraded us all around the jungle to confuse us and eventually took us into a hidden valley. Care to guess why they wanted us?" "Obviously not to eat you," Sean O'Reilly commented. "No, but I have been eaten a few times," I joked, "…they wanted us to breed. So far I've had to fuck around sixty women, all looking much like Hosi—beautiful, tall, in great shape, with fantastic bodies.

I had to return to get rid of the micro-transmitter, but I went right back to be with her. My brother is there rui natsukawa has jugs touched doggystyle and stockings my cousin and my best friend who is a doctor. Right now there are roughly 100 pregnant hottie ryan smiles shows her big boobs and booty and next year they want another 100, and the next year and the next.

I have Hosi; my brother has Reta; my friend Dennis has two, but my cousin Kevin plays the field. He's even impregnated the queen. So here's the offer&hellip." We wound up talking most of the night, eventually ordering a couple of pizzas from a local restaurant. It was Hosi's first pizza and she approved wholeheartedly, asking if this was italian.

The guys obviously approved of Hosi—they all signed up to join us. I told them to fly to Recife when they could and we'd pick them up for the trip up river. We made arrangements to contact each other by shortwave, agreeing on a time and frequency for our discussions.

The following morning Hosi and I flew back to Washington where we met again with John Spillane. He asked about the plans even though we had already advised him that they were destroyed. He wanted to know how many sheets there had been and their sizes. Finally, he breathed freely, convinced we had done the job.

He asked us to return the diplomatic passports to the consulate. We readily agreed; we saw no immediate need to leave the valley or the Amazon ever again. The following morning we flew back to Brazil, eager to see and hold our daughter. On the way I commented to Hosi, "Not bad…we did the country a great service and we're bringing back another five future residents." "For a scientist, David you're not very observant. We're bringing back six new residents.


I'm pregnant again." I looked into those beautiful pale green eyes and told her how much I loved her. I really did—I was the luckiest man in the world.