Force for sex 1 day

Force for sex 1 day
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So I got to my knees and I took Jason's dick in my mouth and sucked it. It felt so good I did not want it to ever end however about 15 minutes later Jason filled my mouth with his cum and he said "Can I suck you off" So I got back up to my feet and said "No you can not" and I walked out his room and out his house and returned to my house.

When I got here I got a call from Jason. when I answered he said "What the fuck?" "Jason I have already exsplained I can not love people so deal with it and move on" and then I put the phone down.

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Later on that night I went to a friends party where I was so drunk I could not even stand up. Men and women sexy story suddenly Jason was there to pick me up. Some guy that I did not even know was talking to Jason saying "I'm sorry, You was his last call so I just thought to get you to come help" Jason was looking at this guy and said "It's okay i'm a close friend" So Jason took me over his shoulder and carried me to his car "What are you even doing here Jason.

You could have just called Maddision and she would have picked me up.

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I do not need you I do not need anyone" "Why won't you let me help you Lucas?" "Becuase I do not want it so fuck off" "You know what Lucas I'm sorry about your parents dying but you can't keep taking it out on everyone" I started crying and said "What do you know about my parent Jason. You never meet them.

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You do not know fuck all" I ran towards my car becuase I could not deal with all this. I pulled out my car keys and unlocked my door. but Jason stood in the way of me getting in and he said "Lucas you are not driving that car home!" but I tried a few times to get into my car.

All of a sudden Jason kissed me and I said "Why are you doing this to me?" "Becuase I like you Lucas" "Do not like me becuase your only going to hurt in the end" "You don't know that unless we try Lucas" "Just leave me alone please" Jason opened his car door and said "Not until I get you home" Wild and racy stripper party lesbian college I got into Jasons car and he drove me home (Jason is a sweet guy and I really do like him.

But I am tried of getting hurt so I am fighting my feeling for him) When I got home I got out the car and said "Thank you for driving me home" Jason gave me a smile and drove off. At College the next day I walked over to Jason and said "Good morning Jason" Jason turned around to face and said "Morning Lucas, How are you?" "I am a bit hung over.

I just wanted to thank you again for taking me home last night" So College continued and it was time to go home. When i was leaving Jason walked over to me and said "Lucas, Would you like to go out for dinner with me" Inside my heart was screaming YES!!! but I said "No thank you" after saying that I closed my eyes and Jason said "You want to don't you but your scared if you do you may find out you like me more than you let on" all of a sudden I grabbed Jason and I kisses him infront of everyone.

They all stopped packing there bag up to watch and when we was finished I said "I do not want to like you but I do and that scares me more than you will ever know" Jason smiled at me and I said "I am letting you in but do not hurt me" So Jason said to me "Would you like to go for dinner" I smiled at him and said "Yes Jason I will go to dinner with you however I do not know what to do at a date the last one i had i was 14 and it was not a big deal" Jason moved a bit closer to me and said "can I have another kiss" I could not help but laugh and said "You are enjoying these kisses" "okay yes you can gave 1 more kiss but you do not get one tonight then" So I moved in for another kiss however Jason stopped me and said "I will wait until tonight" So I walked out of the class room after 15 minutes.

I felt all new kind of emmotions. I was feeling liked, sexy, attractive and all theses other emmotions that I can not really exsplain. All I know is I am happy and a little scared. When I got home I though my bag on the floor and I ran upstairs and had a bath and got ready to go and see Jason. I was kind of scaring my self I have never been this level of happy before. When I was finished getting ready I called a friend and said "Okay do not freak out but I am going on a date in 15 minutes I need some advice" "What!!!

you Lucas is going on a date. Mom and daughter offer a special treat for officer Okay so what you need to do is Bath,Clean your teeth again and mouthwash, put new boxer shorts on and have a wank" I broke my friend in mid sentance and said "Why the hell do I need to wank off" "Becuase you don't want to go out with a loaded gun" "But I only have 15 minutes.

I can not have a wank in 15 minutes and get off on it" "Well i'm sorry Lucas but you asked" So I rushed upstairs and had one that took me 20 minutes so I was already late for my date So I had to call Jason "I am really sorry I am running late but I will be there I promise" so when I finally got there I was 40 minutes late.


When I got to the table i said "I am so sorry I am late" Jason gave me one of this sexy smiles and said "it's okay are date can start now"