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Sexy blonde teen gets fucked on the desk
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As I had promised, here is part three! I did not fully proof read the entire story, so I apologise for any errors. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas, please let me know!

I love hearing from my fans! Enjoy! <3 linky_fangs The Sixth Prince Part 3 As the doorway was unlocked by a quick swipe of the ash coloured demon's agile tail, it slid back into the wall and revealed the darkness behind it once again.

Izial turned and checked that the well dressed human girl was behind him and ready to go. Her face was a mix of wonder and fear; her blue eyes looked up at him full of nervous excitement.

She seemed hesitant to proceed forward, even if he was there to guide and protect her. Her small, but curvy body slowly came to him, her long black hair elegantly framing her soft face. Jasmine was intrigued, of course, but stepping blindly into an uncharted passageway that hid all of its contents in pure black frightened her. She peered over the prince's broad shoulder and looked into the large shadows.

His deep, calming voice drew her attention to his face. "It will be alright," He assured the cautious young woman behind him, "Stay close and follow me. No harm shall fall on you." Listening, but not quite convinced, Jasmine slightly panicked as he took a few steps past the entrance. With a quick swing, she grabbed his tail like a clingy child; she wanted to stay as close as possible and never lose him.

The demon's leg gave out on his very next step, causing him to stumble and fall to the ground. In a flash, he was staring directly at her with intensity. His green irises quickly grew an angry red ring of fire around his dark pupils. His white fangs were visible, but he quickly covered them and freed his long tail with a sharp yank.

Scolding her, he swiftly picked himself back up off the hard, black floor. "There is a reason that I have a tail. I depend on it as much as you do your eyes." His glare and tone deeply expressed his fury of being insulted and heavily disrespected. She took a step back from the powerful creature and covered her mouth with her hand in a flood of shame and realization.

I just tripped the prince. The prince of Hell! Seeing her expression, Izial remembered that she wasn't just a soulless servant; she was a delicate human. His human. And she was at a great disadvantage; she would be without sight of any kind. And, her actions had no intention to disable him; she had only wished for security, and well, his tail was a way to keep contact with him.

His anger cooled as his changing eyes took in her truly sorrowful reaction in great detail and gradually understood. He gently offered his clawed hand. Jasmine looked at his romantic gesture and slowly started to smile, relief releasing her tensed muscles; He forgives me! And, he was awfully cute in his royal black and silver outfit, bowing slightly to show respect.

She gratefully took his hand and followed him closely. The passageway was very narrow; barely wide enough for them to walk side by side. Their bodies were completely engulfed in a thick, endless black; the only light was the faint blue that glowed from Izial's eyes.

When he blinked or closed them, she felt alone, but his firm grasp on her hand reassured her that he had never left. The dull echo of their feet pounded against the smooth floor. Her now useless eyes struggled in the dark, focusing on the dim aqua of grinding teens and cute hd first time cummie the painal cum cat escort's illuminated irises. Feeing something brush against her hip, Jasmine instinctively yelped and jumpedforward in alarm.

The prince stopped. Unable to see his face, or anything for that matter, she froze. He remained silent; waiting for something. Fear constricted her throat. What's going on? A deep chuckle came from the demon as he brought her quivering body to his and held her close, pressing his chin against her forehead. His touch was comforting, but she caught a hint of mischief in his laugh. Suddenly, she felt something sweep across her again, this time along the back of her left leg.

Her body automaticallylunged forward, away from the unidentified touch; bumping into Izial's firm chest and pressing her face against his shoulder. She could sense his smile by the way he nuzzled her. Does he even know what's happening? The tickling movement ran down her soft skin and lifted up her gown, grazing her inner thigh. When she squirmed, he cooed lovingly to her, "Everything is alright; there is no need to be afraid." She noticed his breathing quicken as the long, warm object began to rub her ass cheek.

It was swift and arrowed at the tip. The demon laughed softly and kissed her face as he felt her calm down. "I see you." His sexy voice whispered. The smiling young woman reached up and cupped his cheek, looking into his bright eyes. "I see you too." His tail happily tapped against her plump bottom as she reached up and pulled him into a deep kiss.

<><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> A short while later, Izial stopped abruptly again. Jasmine, completely unaware, kept walking and hit her head against a thick barrier.

Hissing, she rubbed her stinging nose and stepped back. A bright crack of light in front of her grew very fast, making her drop the demon's hand and shelter her watering eyes. After blinking several times and slowly lowering her fingers, she saw that another doorway had opened.

The bright rectangular opening dimmed down as her eyes adjusted, letting the blurry details come into focus. It led to some sort of balcony perched up quite high; a vast, calming landscape sprawled out beneath. The prince was already leaning against the sleek obsidian railing, observing whatever lay below. She followed him, carefully watching her bare feet with each step; gauging how far she would fall if the structure gave out and plummeted down.

Once she had reached his side, she cock hungry broad deserves a fat cock over the fancy barrier and curiously took in the view. She was awestruck. The soft, earthy light came from the ceiling and distant walls; liquid magma rolled behind them, lighting up crevices and deep reservoirs. Occasionally they would seep out and drip down the stone that contained them, slowing, cooling, and hardening before reaching the floor; ebon gorgeous gal is satisfied to maximum up and repairing the damaged area they had come from.

A very calm, warm breeze drifted up, carrying the scent of ash laced with sulphur, as well big naturals bounce on a hard member muffled sounds of shouting, laughter, animals, and construction work. The demon's dark ears twitched, recognising the melodies.

Jasmine guessed that they had to have been at least fifty stories high, and looking around, she saw that she was on a platform carved into the foot of a steep mountain whose tip merged into the ceiling. Down below, everything was small, but could still be found without too much strain on the eyes; it reminded her of an extreme version of an "Eye Spy" or "Where's Waldo" book.

Except, she felt as if she was back in the early 1900's; everything was fairly basic and powered by either manual labour or magic. There was an exotic, untamed forest growing wildly in the distance while the large area in their immediate view was settled.

Carts and wagons hauled different materials along stone paths leading to a beautiful central plaza. Small rows of flowers grew in wide beds along the pathways. Countless paintings, sculptures, and artwork of all kinds were on display. Many demons of different sizes and hues busily carried out their duties. Izial's firm, seductive touch broke her focus and pulled her mind back to him. His warm hand glided down her back and insisted her body lean against his strong form.

He smiled, fangs and all, and gestured with pride to the beautiful scenery. "Welcome to the underworld, my dear." She smiled back and cuddled her body into his warm embrace. Looking up into his cheery eyes, she caught a naughty twinkle. Before she could figure out what he was up to, Izial had pinned her up against the railing, still strongly holding her in his arms.

His dark hair fluttered slightly in the breeze, but couldn't hide his vivid gaze. Lust. Clawed fingers skilfully removed her silky gown. Releasing her, he took two steps back and tossed it back to the entranceway. No longer ashamed of showing her body, Jasmine tried to tease him; she began to stretchout her body sexily along the rail in various alluring positions and flipped her long hair to the side.

Her eyes wandered to his enclosed erection, pressing eagerly against the fabric covering his crotch. He watched her closely, gaining a predator-like smile as his eyes followed her taunting movements. Izial stalked around her, viewing her graceful displays from different angles; planning, waiting. In one swift movement, he pounced at the naked human and snatched both of her wrists in his fist, securing them behind her back. She playfully growled at him and he instinctively growled back louder; more dominantly.

Hauling her to the nearest wall, he used his free hand to unbutton his pants and unleash his aching girth. Jasmine was baffled at how she could have taken any of his size before. The prince laughed at the expression on her face and kissed her lips. She moaned and struggled against him, sure enough, finding it of no use; he was too strong. He pressed against her curvy body, sliding his dick up along her flat tummy. The low, arousing tone of her lover's voice found her ear.

"I cannot claim you yet, nor am I actually permitted to mate with you outside my quarters under regular circumstances," He slyly murmured, "But I will make a small exception. However, I will leave your virginity until tonight." With a kiss to her neck, he spun her around and pressed her against the polished black stone, which to her surprise, was pleasantly warm. "Having more authority over you, I suggest you do as I say." His voice was serious, yet immensely dirty. "Do not move your hands until I say so." He purred as he released her wrists and placed her palms far out to her sides against the dark rock.

Jasmine noticed her breathing had sped up and her vagina was soaked already.She smiled to herself. He's so damn sexy. And so damn good at it too. Izial crouched down, quickly lubricating his erection with her discharge. He ran his long tongue up her spine, leaving a hot trail of saliva. She shuddered and gasped as he reached her neck. The warmth of his tongue engulfed her earlobe, but wasn't enough to prevent her from feeling him circling the swollen head of his cock against her puckered little hole.

With his hands now on her shapely hips, he thrust himself inside her. Jasmine cried out a long moan from the penetration and leaned against the sturdy wall. She felt impaled by his large shaft and under his control. He was well aware of this and thoroughly loved it; conquering such a beautiful young woman without completely taming her made his mind and body crave her. A cross between a purr and a beating my sub wife a real sore ass submissive punishment came from the demon as he quickly found a rhythm, pressing his body tight up to hers and rocking in and out.


His gentle, yet commanding movements exhilarated her and the pleasure made her mind spin. His breath puffed against her cheek and his luxurious royal clothing brushed and swept against her soft skin. She let out a moan as he delicately planted little kisses along her cheek and jaw line. With sensitive ears picking up her encouraging vocal expressions, he greatly increased his pace. He plunged deep inside old young spy and school girl man tender sex in jacuzzi hot body and stretched her to her limit, lost in the sensation of her constricting anus.

Feeing his size rub repetitively against her most sensitive areas had added greatly to the orgasm growing at her core and was begging for release. Her hips began to move on their own; humping the wall to try and gain more stimulation. Izial grunted softly and lightly nipped at the back of her neck, holding back his own release and making the blissful moment drag on. He was deliberately holding her back as well, trying to time it right.

As he pounded her strongly, warmness rapidly collected in his balls; building up and becoming too difficult to suppress.

Slipping a hand between her legs, the demon pawed at her throbbing clit and threw them both over the edge. Spiralling into orgasm, Jasmine clung to the wall and moaned out in ecstasy as wave after wave of intense pleasure rippled through her.

In unison, Izial had reached his own release and let his cum pour into her with a sexy, lingering groan. Panting, he slowly removed himself from her throbbing hole and turned her head to kiss her lips. Passion spread through both beings; hearts and mind still dancing energetically together as their highs melted away.

It was hot and enticing, yet at the same time gentle and calming. All of her emotions were swirled together in her head. After regaining his breath, the prince softly broke their lips apart and looked into her eyes. She was beautiful. Her heart still fluttered like bird in her chest and her mind was soaring high. He smiled. They shared the same feeling. He collected her clothing and happily dressed her; he was very precise and strict with the elegant gown. Jasmine giggled and spun around in a circle, watching the long skirt fling out into a flat disk and dance with her.

Izial caught her and kissed her cheek. "We do need to carry on with the tour," He chuckled, extending his hand. She happily entwined their fingers and took one last look outside before following him back into the darkness. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Finally arriving on the main floor, they walked out of the palace and into a busy, but not crowded, path.

The prince walked with great posture, and very quickly, making the barefoot young woman have to speed walk to keep up with him. The stones they walked on were very smooth and warm, making the click of his boots echo slightly.

Everything was lit up from all angles with the soothing earthy glow coming off of the two chicks enjoying hard cock and get jizz a dim shadow only appeared when she raised a foot to take another step.

Though the air, surprisingly, was quite cold. She clung close to the demon, who slowed to a regular pace and looked down at her. "Are you alright?" He questioned, aware of her discomfort.

"It's chilly down here." She half questioned; hoping for an explanation. Izial chuckled and took off his silver jacket, draping it around her shoulders.

It smelled of him; soothing layers of spices. He wore a simple black shirt underneath that loosely covered his arms down to his elbow. "Yes, humans are more sensitive to temperature.

I assume the change has to do with the airflow." He gestured with both hands, "Hot air rises and we are much lower now." He took a left and Jasmine hurried after him. Knowing this place by heart, he could wander for hours and still know his precise location. The human however had no clue where he was headed, but curiosity kept her following fearlessly.

They passed by a few other demons who looked at the prince and bowed deeply, stopping whatever task they were doing. Some even halted their carts. They all looked at Jasmine in astonishment and curiosity before bowing again, seeing that her clothing was marked with the royal symbols. Trying to keep track of the adventurous girl, the demon kept glancing back before reluctantly retracing his steps to pull her out of distractions.

Spells, plants, cargo, different races of demons; they all drew her toward them like a moth to a flame. However, they soon arrived at the plaza without much delay. The crowds parted to let them through wherever he chose to lead. It was a good thing that the human decided to stay close; she could easily get lost here.

Hundreds of different booths stood in any area they could find and chanting audiences gathered to watch fights or gambling. It was a dangerous place, all of Hell was, but within his protection she was as safe as could be.

Every citizen understood and obeyed the laws. and knew of the consequences. He noticed her wander toward a fruit cart not too far away. The short, bronze coloured vendor looked unsure of what to do with her, slightly afraid even. Izial hurried to them while doing his best to keep looking formal. Once he approached, the vendor relaxed and watched. Jasmine looked up at the royal happily and explained. "This is the fruit we ate for breakfast. It was delicious!" He picked one up and examined the roughly textured skin.

It was similar to a giant grape when consumed, but looked like a peanut the size of two fists. How did she know it was- He spotted a display of prepared fruit; she had assumed them to be samples.

Part of him wanted to laugh and the other half wanted to sigh; she was going to be quite the handful until she became accustomed to the new culture. "Can we get some?" Her feminine voice chimed up. The prince smiled at her, nodded at the excited vendor, and then took one. Seeing him casually walk away from the cart, she quickly caught up to him and blocked his path.

"Aren't you going to pay for that?" She asked, concerned. Izial chuckled, cracking the peanut shaped pod in half over his knee. "Why?" "Well you took it." "I did." He smiled; aggravatingly unconcerned as he began to scoop out the fruit. "Then go pay for it." She insisted. "I do not need to pay." He laughed at her cute temper. "Being the prince, it is an honour to have me accept an item." She looked back at the vendor, whose stand was already gathering a crowd of customers; every one of them was eager to try the fruit that was now considered to be of royal quality.

Izial smiled at her and offered her the cup shaped halves. She happily accepted them and picked out the pieces that he had cut free with his claws. Lifting them to her mouth and savouring the flavour, many of the demons surrounding her looked revolted. Jasmine noticed their reaction. "Do all demons eat meat?" "Yes, but fruit is an excellent ingredient in medicine due to nutrients and chemical properties." He replied officially.

She continued to eat the sweet red pieces in fascination, watching demons bow as they walked past. "Where are we going?" "We are going to the garden; I noticed you are quite fond of vegetation." He laughed, watching her greedily consume the shredded contents of the cracked berry. Soon, the loud chatter and hustle of the plaza was barely detectible in the distance and everything was calm. Young, beautiful plants had sprouted happily beside the stone pathway. Before she knew it, she was surrounded by spectacular trees, flowers, and shrubs of all kinds, none of which she had seen or heard of on Earth.

Some looked like giant purple heads of lettuce while others were very small, clear, and similar to glass seaweed. Many flowers grew in well-designed flower beds of unique shapes and structures. Every petal was astonishingly intricate and composed of many bright colours, but nothing compared to the trees. Standing impossibly tall, their trunks were as large around as a modern day car.

Their thick, dark branches twisted upward; arching and spiralling until reaching too far up to be visible. Izial smiled and stood next to the mesmerized human, following her excited gaze."These are the ancient trees of my people. They sparked the first life, though they have long been dead.

They died to take on new life all around us and prospered into a thriving ecosystem. These trees are sacred and greatly respected. Hatching from a single pure seed, they are one of God's first creations." The warm breeze tickled Jasmine's cheek as she stared up into their unmoving branches; like stone. Dead, but alive with spirit and energy. She could feel it deep inside her; it was strong and empowering. The prince stood at her side, mirroring her movements; deep in thought. He had closed his eyes and tucked back his ears, listening.

Whether it was to peaceful silence or whispers too high pitched for her, she could not tell. After a while, he bowed his head before looking back at the touched young human. She hadn't even noticed she had her hands held tight against her heart. The demon smiled, his hair softly fluttering in the wind. "We were never evil you know." "He is correct." A voice called out, right behind Jasmine. Having been so distracted and not paying any attention, she jumped and spun around in fright. Two demons stared back at her; one was dead serious while his twin showed amusement.

Their eyes were dark, but glowed ominously like a black light. Their clothes were fashioned very similar to Izial's; detailed black and silver. In fact, their faces and form looked very similar to the prince's too. The only difference was that the twins had red tinted skin and eyes that were absent of any colour.

Izial calmly turned and spoke. "What brings you here?" The naturally annoyed looking demon replied strictly, "We come to inform you of the ceremony tonight. I assume this is your bride?" "Yes, she is." He walked between the human and the two similar creatures, using graceful hand gestures with his introduction. "Mylan," He held his hand to the figure who stared darkly at her. His lengthily back hair was braided perfectly down his back and he wore a loose silver cloak that was belted at the waist.

"Sylan," He shifted to the other who leaned casually against one of the trees; not paying attention and dressed in large grey jeans and a fancy sweater. "This is Jasmine." He swung his masturbation au soleil masturbation in the sun no cum tube porn to the sweet human girl who was looking blankly between the three of them.

"Izial," Sylan snickered, flipping his uncontained messy black hair out of his face, "Where'd you find that pretty little thing?" "Actually, she found me." Her demon smiled. "Such curiosity," He observed, closely examining Jasmine from the distance. Mylan glared at his identical twin, who laughed in response. "What did I do to anger you now, brother?" Sylan pestered. Mylan scowled furiously at him before snapping, "You never act like a royal!

Stand up straight for a change!" Sylan laughed harder, his fangs showing. They were much longer than Izial's. "Oh settle your temper. Did you tie your hair too tight again?" Mylan growled and lunged ferociously toward his mocking sibling. "Silence!" Izial commanded angrily, "Both of you!" The two reluctantly walked in front of the prince, leaving their argument for another time. Mylan automatically resumed his royal stance while Sylan leisurely crossed his arms and tipped his head to the side.

"Begin preparations for the ceremony." He informed the odd pair patiently. "Peacefully." "Of course, Izial" "Sure thing, brother." Their long, dark red tails playfully entwined and chased each other as they continued back down the pathway, side by side. Jasmine watched them leave. It must a twin thing. "That was. interesting." She spoke up once they had left, just to break the awkward silence.

"Haha, yes." He laughed, "They are two halves of the same soul. Though they fight, they are bound together by the strongest force and would suffer immensely without the company of the other." He hugged her close and kissed her smooth forehead, lost in thought and happily content. Jasmine couldn't help but smile and snuggle deeper into his arms.

It was a strange world to her, but it felt like home. And in the arms of her lover, she too felt as if she had found her other half. Real beauty recorded on live cam tube porn sighed like a man hopelessly in love and held her at arm's length, his hands holding her shoulders. "Do you recall how I promised I would pleasure you tonight?" The melody of his voice drifted to her ears, laced with hidden adventure.

Jasmine nodded happily, becoming slightly aroused as her mind drifted. He captured her gaze and winked. "Well I have a special surprise for you. Follow me." He took off and dashed down the path through the garden, knowing she would chase after him. Though he was fast, he stayed at a pace that she was capable of matching; he wasn't one to play unfairly. She ran full speed after him, her hair and the back of her dress fluttering behind her like a living black shadow.

He was elusive, but never managed to disappear from her sight for too long. She caught him at the entrance of palace, calmly standing beside a large pillar and showing no signs of exhaustion. He was inhumanly fit and impeccably agile.

He teased her with his expressive eyes as she approached him and slowly evened out her unsteady panting. His tail subconsciously swayed behind him, slipping in and out of the darkness as he waited patiently. He smiled and took her hand, leading the way back into the dark kingdom. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> Going around several sharp corners in the long back tunnels, Jasmine felt as if they were going through a maze.

Her only sense of direction was when the prince gently tugged her left or right and lured her further into the darkness. His tail kept brushing along her slim body and made her giggle; it was awfully tickly in certain places and very bold. Shorty though, they reached their destination. This door was already open and a warm glow poured into the narrow hallway, making it very noticeable. The demon walked her to the doorway, then let go of her small hand, urging her to continue without him.

Shock and disappointment hit her when she realized he wasn't budging. "Why aren't you coming?" She asked with sadness mixed into her kind feminine voice. "I am not allowed to join you, as much as I would like to do so," He half laughed, "But I must get ready in my own area. Do not worry, you will not be alone." Her eyes followed his hands which suggested looking over her shoulder.

Two rather beautiful demonic women bowed to her in respect. When she looked back to Izial, she saw he had vanished. Her heart sank, though she didn't dare try and chase after him; it was too dark, complex, and dangerous. Wandering around his palace blindly wasn't something she had ever wanted to do, let alone try it by herself.

A sharp tap on her shoulder caught her attention and she turned back around. One of the women grasped her wrist strongly and brought her to the center of the room. It was gorgeous! It consisted of many domes, like joined rooms, and each housed a different purpose; Relaxation, bathing, massage, makeup, clothing, and an area chocked full with storage units much like Izial's, but held bottles, potions, herbs, and paints.

Jasmine looked around in amazement. Maybe this wasn't so bad. The red skinned demons led her to a cushy couch in the main room and proceeded to the bath, filling the large circular tub with steaming water and dropping in various items; bath salts, leaves, petals.

The first one swirled it up until perfect while the other lifted the human off the couch and removed her custom royal clothing without much resistance. She walked her to the these hot adorable gals hardcore and reality and let her climb in on her own.

Dipping her toes into the water, she sighed and lowed herself in with ease. It was blissfully warm and relaxing, caressing her skin and enveloping her in a soothing comfort. Hearing a light splash, she peered up at the smiling demonic woman who began to wash her delicately with a thick sponge. She leaned back and let the two cleanse her snowy white body. Light pink rose petals drifted along black lez with big tits licks pussy surface, filling the air with a sweet spring fragrance.

She remembered she hadn't bathed in a long time. It was greatly refreshing and reminded her of her old home. The rush, hard work, and worry of the past had been replaced by love, mystery, adventure, and desire. Jasmine almost fell asleep, but snapped back to normal as she was coaxed out of the water.

A fluffy towel was worked up and down her body, drying her effectively. She spread her arms out to the side and enjoyed the tender movements until they gradually pulled away.

Next, she was brought to a massage table and given the massage of her life. The first demonic servant worked on her sleepy muscles using her smooth palms, pads of her fingertips, and gentle claws. Scented oils and moisturizing creams were working into her skin with skill. Using many techniques and varying pressures with precision, she worked out every kink and discomfort that could have existed within Jasmine's body or mind.

Her rhythmic motions and complex patterns slowed down time and removed any care or worry in the world. She hoped that it would last forever, but eventually it slowed down to a warm back rub before ceasing. A hot blanket was laid over her exposed skin, melting away the chill caused by the absence of touch.

Clattering and clinking of glasses, bottles, and cups echoed inside the room; it sounded like a kitchen, but smelled of an indoor garden.

She lifted her heavy head and caught the strong gaze of one of the servants. The other was busily mixing and preparing something in the storage area on a sturdy shelf. Jasmine was carefully ushered to her feet and manoeuvred into a chair in front of a large silver mirror that looked very similar to the one Izial had given her.

The two women began to make her into a living canvas. Fine tipped brushes slid along the contours of her body, leaving a many trails of sparkling metallic paint.

She was turned and repositioned several times as the two artists began to complete their intricate symbols and markings. Jasmine was careful not to smudge the drying masterpieces. She stood up and viewed herself in the mirror, proudly naked, and now beautifully tattooed. They looked similar to some of the designs on Izial's clothing. Once visibly pleased with her new look, she was shepherded to another done shaped room that had merged with the others.

A large stone cabinet seemed to be the centerpiece. Each of the two demons easily swung open the two doors, revealing a single dress. It was even more stunning than her previous one. It was simple, yet immensely complex when inspected closer. The nearly weightless white cloth had a tiger striped design to it and looked majestic from every angle.

When she was fitted into it, it matched her form to a tee. She looked heavenly; pure and innocent, yet stunningly elegant and graceful. At first it was a bit chilled, but it quickly took on the temperature of her skin and made her feel as if she wasn't wearing anything at all. The material flowed over her curves and around her breasts, hugging them softly and preserving their natural shape. A thick sash around her middle held it in place, much like a robe, teen sierra nevadah swallows a load of cum pornpros it was much more intricate.

Jasmine could tell a lot of time, thought, money, and effort had gone into making this one piece. She smiled at the two demon women happily, expressing her thanks. They had been so kind. Although they both spoke incredibly separate languages, her message was received and they smiled back, their dark red ears flaring out in cheeriness as they tried to congratulate her.

They bowed once more and lead her into the hallway, each taking one of her hands and guiding her forward; apparently knowing of her inability to see in the dark. When she was led out through a towering archway, she found herself in the middle of a large room where a rather large crowd had been restricted to a vast waiting area. Clicks and hoots broke out as she was escorted to the far end. Jasmine looked around in hope. He must be here, but where?

The ceiling was incredibly high and an extensive pool of churning magma inside it lit up the entire space with the dull light it provided. The floor had been tiled with cool metallic rocks that reflected everything on its surface.

Hundreds of demons had now flooded in and populated the available space, watching intently. She spotted Izial chatting with Mylan and Sylan off to the side. With a swift and unexpected burst of energy, she broke free of the two servants' hold and ran toward her demon. Immediately, all three of them turned to face her in sudden reaction to her rapid movement.

They all wore their best outfits and looked strikingly handsome in their own way. Mylan had changed into a slimmer, more sophisticated looking cloak and even Sylan had combed his hair back and dressed in a respectful looking manner; a sharp inky jacket bearing the royal emblems and straight silver pants.

The room was long, giving Izial plenty of time to dodge her hug and move out of her path without touching her. Before she could protest or express herself, the twins held her back and spoke in unison, "You mustn't lay hands on him yet, nor he to you." "Wait until it is time, my darling." Izial added.

"Has the full moon risen yet?" Sylan whispered to his brothers. "No." "Not quite." Jasmine stood there, restrained and dumbfounded. What on Earth are they doing.? A low hum boomed across the room; many voices came together in perfect harmony. "It has begun." Izial whispered to her before joining in, along with his brothers. Their voices carried the strongest melody.

Gradually, the crowd broke off into sections and began to add layers of different sounds, much like a song. A few demons scurried out of the same archway that Jasmine had entered from and placed a large, circular cushion the size of a large bed near her bare feet. They then drew a wide circle around it, trapping her and the three royal demons inside it. Before it was complete, Sylan and Mylan left together and merged with the audience near the front. The ring sealed the remaining two beings inside it.

Izial entranced her with his gaze and tossed his coat off, leaving his sleek silky shirt on underneath; luring her toward him and the round, bed-like cushion between. She knelt down on it and looked up at him, her divine white gown pooling around her.

Brutally kidnapped and raped with high stocking

His face had been painted lightly with a shimmering black; artistic swirls and designs highlighted sunny leon fucks ta doctor face and brought out his eyes. He too fell to his knees, directly in front of her and leaned close, breathing in her delicate aroma; black haired babe kinsley anne gets her shaved pussy screwed and tea.

The repetitive chanting around them had grown louder and more powerful. The demon smiled in admiration of her beauty and stroked her cheek, looking deep into her curious eyes. It is time. He bundled her up in his arms and pressed their foreheads and noses together.

She relaxed and felt her body respond naturally. He wasn't using his influence anymore; he didn't need to. Sighing, she slipped her fingers along the side of his head into his unbound hair and pulled him into a tender kiss, forgetting about their audience. Now it was just a background and no longer mattered.

She noticed her senses heighten, making each touch more compelling than the last. Sensing him tug at the sash of her gown, she felt it loosen, then fall away quietly. He began to lean into her, gradually forcing her down onto her back. The velvety material barely covered her breasts as it fell to her sides and bared her chest.

Izial nimbly removed his own shirt and hovered his warm body overtop of hers. It seemed all of his skin was detailed with symbolic designs and emphasized his naturally alluring figure. He sunk closer, his blue eyes lit up with passion. She felt his hot girth begin to lengthen, pressing against her through his pants, and looked up at him affectionately. It wasn't just lust; it was love. She loved him and making love with him.

It was special and meaningful, not just sex. And it excited her to know that she aroused him; creating that spark of desire. With keen hands, she released the tension on his member by sliding down his dark slacks. He proudly displayed his naked physique to the eyes of his mate and his people. The prince leaned down and kissed her nose, lifting her out of her flowing dress and revealing her naked body as well. His eyes wandered along her sexy shape, as majestic and seductive as ever.

She wasn't as sure as he was; her mind desperately wanted to cover herself back up. Even though she didn't make a move to do so, Izial knew how she felt.

"Do not be ashamed." He whispered, pulling her mind back to his, "It is traditional and highly respected." A grin formed on his face. "And you are the most beautiful female to exist, now or ever. No soul could ever compare to yours." A rhythmic murmur continued from the surrounding demons, making everything feel mystical and connected.

Her emotions poured into her mind and heart as she held him close. She whispered back only phrase that was strong enough to match how she felt; "I love you.

You're perfect in my eyes. " His soft chuckle tickled her neck sunny leone in the virginity hit10 he kissed it. The low melody of the background found her ears once more, urging her to continue; like the steady beat of time. It was the beginning, and the end; setting the stage for an eternal, soulful dance.

She knew what was going to happen, and for some reason, it felt pleasant; everything was just the way it was supposed to be, supposed to feel.

Izial's movement returned her mind to a state of heavy arousal. His dark, arrowed tail darted back and forth in the air behind him as he placed kisses down her neck to her full, yet youthfully perky breasts. He glazed up at her naughtily as he lightly raked his claws over their delicate surface, leaving tiny scratch marks.

His lips pecked at a hard nipple, pulling it into the suction and territory of his teasing tongue while his hand groped her other sensitive handful. Jasmine squirmed under him, playfully dragging her well groomed nails down his back and rubbing him with her snowy feminine fingers.

One quick hand grasped around his tail just as he switched to her other breast and made him give out a low moan before continuing. Once he was satisfied with her stiff pink nipples, he slid back further and kissed just below her belly button. She couldn't stop her heartbeat and breathing from increasing or her pussy from producing a large amount of slimy wet discharge; she was drugged on his love, his touch.

The warm glow of the magma above sparkled off of Izial's intricately painted body as he set his massive member on her stomach and smiled, showing his fangs. His bright eyes danced with pride and lust; he felt truly honoured and deeply engaged in the ancient ritual. He delicately tapped his engorged head down against her small opening and sighed. Jasmine, despite her situation, had relaxed herself and his teasing had eased any remaining tenseness. With one swift motion, he thrust himself deep inside tiffany tatum eats a grannys hairy pussy wet virgin hole.

The young woman cried out in pain as he broke her hymen. It ached deeply; a wound that would never heal. Slowly, her grimacing face faded into one of pure bliss as the demon found a steady rhythm, bringing her into a new world of pleasure like she had never experienced before. He eventually forced her to take his size and rammed the base of his dick against her throbbing clit, making her shudder. The depth was incredible. The strong stimulation increased as she felt him lay on top of her, holding up his weight and bringing them as close as could be.

She flung her arms around his shoulders, wanting to become one with him and be with him forever.


They held each other in protection and possession; giving themselves to one another as their bodies truly joined together for the first time. Sylan and Mylan watched as the circle began to glow faintly.

They sung louder, leading the strong chorus. It was a very sacred time. Two souls were touching. Everyone in the room could feel it surging through their very being.

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All craved to indulge in those very sensations they witnessed. Panting heavily and increasing his pace, Izial felt her, he touched her. Not just her body, but her soul. It was faint and light, but definitely there. As her mind was spiralling in ecstasy from the push and pull, the stretch and caressing; the most intimate experience, Jasmine sensed him.

Her mind was racing, heart pounding, and body full of deep, rich movements. His was too. She looked into his sex stories six big cock storys, not sure if she could bear to stay on the edge any longer. Something was guiding her; urging her to jump off. She did. A long moan forced its way out of her chest and past her open lips and her eyes shut from the overwhelming release.

The orgasm made her feel higher than she had ever believed possible. At the very peak, she felt something more; something pure and full of intense love. She wandered as if outside her own body, weightless and free of any burden. Jasmine reached out a hand and brushed her fingertips toward what was calling her. It wrapped around her before it faded, sharing an overwhelming sense of warmth, passion, protection, completion, and an abundance of life.

Almost as soon as she had left, she was sucked back into reality. Izial was hugging her tightly. His eyes slowly opened as his own orgasm died down, his seed embedded deep inside her womb. She had merged with him and felt his very spirit; his mind, body, and soul. He gave a weak smile and wrapped his tail around her, recovering from the extreme encounter. The chanting from the audience had ceased. Izial's ecstatic voice softly whispered, almost out of breath, "I felt you."