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Taking a big cock in the sex shop
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Chapter 5 Basic Training Mike wakes to a ruckus in the hall outside his xxx story blood nikalna bur se. He glances at his watch over Jackie's shoulder. Its only six thirty and Jackie is starting to stir.

He pulls her closer and whispers, "Some characters raising cain in the hall. Go back to sleep, love." She stretches and murmurs, "Is that for me?" Her hand strokes his piss hard on.

He figures it might as well be as long as she is stroking it. Its for sure he won't be able to piss out of it now. He pulls her long leg up over his hip and transfers his weight to his elbow so he can gently force her back and roll between her thighs.

He stretches his back muscles and smoothly slides into her. He sighs, "Oh yeah, that feels so good." She raises her arse in a rhythm to accommodate his moves pushing back for every thrust he makes. Languidly they roll around the bunk with each other when the door bursts open.

It's the MS from last night. "Damn, I didn't mean for you all to bunk up with each other. Why couldn't you take one floor for each sex or something like that. Up and at them now and I do mean now!" He slams the door behind him. Mike grumbles, "I guess he means us." Jackie giggles, "Do you think?" They roll out of bed and start to pull luggage apart looking for fresh clothes.

After that its a mad dash to the bathroom for a fresh shower, shampoo, shave, shit and shine. Within half an hour they are tumbling out the doors of the barracks. Mike looks the crew over as they gather and counts twenty five members. He is surprised that the women outnumber the men by such a wide margin. There is fifteen women and ten men. Its a result of recent advertising to recruit females into the service. Mike doesn't realize that four women got on in Quebec City and that their linguistic make up is forty percent Francophone or at least bi-lingual.

Their course is going to present many challenges for the training staff. By day one thirteen more trainees will join them and after that two more late additions making a class pleasuring a lusty chap smalltits and hardcore forty.

The MS calls for their attention. "It's Friday so HQ has decided to leave you in this barrack for the weekend.

Males on floor one and ladies upstairs. There will likely be a few others join us on the weekend." He looks at Mike, "Did I see you counting heads? How many do we have." "Master Seaman, it looks like twenty five total of which fifteen are female." "That's great.

What's your name, Seaman?" "Ordinary Seaman Mike Claymore." "Its Able Seaman for the weekend. I need some one to look after this rabble until Monday. Behave yourself and you'll get to keep that stripe. Listen up, people. Able Seaman Claymore here is who you go to with your problems for the weekend." He nods to Mike, "Its Mike, isn't it.

I want to see you after we are done here." He goes on to explain what they can and can't do around the base and what facilities there are for their use. When fielding questions he makes it clear that no one leaves the base on the weekend. When he is finished he dismisses them and calls Mike over. "I see your last name is Claymore and you are from around Montreal. You're not related to the Claymores from Killen on Loch Tay in Scotland by any chance?" "My pa was one of them.

You knew them?" "No, but I know the name lovely eyes amateur blowing a big cock a proud one it is, lad. So your da would be Duncan, he who suffered the terrible tragedy with his wee woman on the slopes of Ben Lawers. We all grieved that sad passing." Mike is stunned. The MS goes on to say he is Bruce McNiven and his family hails from around Perth and Dundee on the North Sea. "There's a lot of us in the service in Canada and we Scots have to stick together, you know.

Well, welcome aboard, laddie." "Thank you, Master Seaman McNiven." "Bruce when we are alone, Mike." He goes on to explain where things are he might need to know about and how to contact himself or the duty officer.

"Try to keep a handle on things and I will see you Monday. Good luck." he heads off to the far parking lot and Mike goes towards the gate house. He asks the guard in the gate house for a map of the base.

With this in hand he heads back to the barracks. Now he can make some sense out of the base. He sees where they have marked army barracks (RCR & PPCLI), Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF)barracks and RCN or Royal Canadian Navy barracks. He notes the mess hall and training buildings. A clamor at the door is solved by telling them how to reach the mess hall.

He hopes everything is going to be that easy. He goes inside and finds Jackie putting her clothes in the drawers in his room. He clears his throat, "Babe, you're going to have to move upstairs, you know." "But Mike, no one will know." "I'm sure a fire marshal or duty officer or someone like that will be dropping in on us and likely seeking me. We can't chance it, Jackie." "You're just afraid you will get demoted after one weekend." she grins broadly. Mike can't help it, he nods in agreement.

"And how are you going to make the others do it?" Mike has to agree she has a good point there. "I guess I will just have to play it by ear." but he is thinking on the problem and thinks he has some ideas. As he considers this Jackie is packing again. "I'm sorry, Jackie, but we are in the Navy now so we have to do it the Navy way." He opens his brief case and puts pencil and paper on the room desk by the bed.

He needs to find out the regulations pertaining to fraternization on the base - see MPs for that. He also needs a way to control movement so signs seem to be in order - check for a photo section or copy service.

He writes a few sample signs then decides to visit the gate house. He helps Jackie clear all her stuff out and asks her to remind any other female trespassers that it will be necessary for them to move upstairs as well. He finds a MP seated in a jeep near the gate and asks his help. He says he doesn't envy him his job of trying to keep order with a bunch of new recruits but he thinks Mike has the right idea.

"Around at the females barracks they have a sign posted 'FEMALE QUARTERS OUT OF BOUNDS TO ALL MALE PERSONNEL' but without some written authority on it I doubt the new people will respect that." Mike puts in, "That sounds good," he writes it on the paper, "so what regulation pertains to that?" "Its in the base Standing Orders.

You will have to quote Date and entry number. Just a second, I'll get it for you." He goes to the gate and picks up the phone. In a minute he is back, "Alright, I have it for you and I think there is someone over at the photo shop who can photocopy a few of them for you. Do you know where the photo section is?" Mike has no idea so he says he will give him a lift over. Soon they are explaining what they need to an Air Force tech who normally photographs submarines at sea from the air.

"Come on in." he lifts the counter for them and steps into a drafting room. Quickly he outlines a sign using the wording Mike has and the authority information the MP has. He reduces it to page size (8 1/2 x 11) and asks, "What do you think?

Is it bold enough to catch their attention?" They all agree it is so he photo copies the sign to make six copies then runs off two more. "Just in case," he says. "For each block you have four entrances to the upstairs and two fire escapes. That should work.

Keep the extras on hand to cover vandalism. He grins and Mike agrees he knows human nature. His MP friend says, "Now you have it properly posted just call us if you have violators or vandals. We'll come in and give a free lecture." "Gosh thanks, guys.

You have been a fountain of support and it gives me new faith in my chosen path." They whip around the parade square and back to Mike's barrack. He enters the center door and his room. He finds he is alone but feels better now. He gathers tape in hand and signs under his elbow to go and do some signage. At the foot of the stairs across from his room he places a sign. He proceeds through the showers to the back door and posts a sign there at the staircase. Then he heads for the doors at the end of the building.

When he has the stairs at each end done he goes upstairs. A female queries him, insatiable ebony lesbians are licking and fingering each other are you doing up here? It's females only!" "Yes, I am posting it as such now. These two signs are for the fire escapes." "Hey, let's see those.

You did a good job with them.


Did you make them?" "Me and the photo section here on the base." "I'm impressed." she eyes him up and down, "You're Mike? Right?" He chuckles, "I am." He goes off towards the fire escapes in the center of the building. When he has them done he goes back down to his room and takes stock. It dawns on him he hasn't had anything to eat yet today so he decides to go check out the mess hall.

Its shortly after twelve and he suddenly feels famished. He checks the map again and heads for the dining hall. He sees a familiar face but can't think of her name and she is leaving. He nods and smiles at her. "Hi Mike." She goes blithely on her way and Mike stands looking after her. He goes on in and is amazed at the assortment of uniforms in the hall. There's people with books and in fancy uniforms and people in coveralls with grime on their elbows.

There's women in camouflage and men in kilts. There's airmen and seamen and foxhole huggers. Mike comes on in and joins the lineup. He notes the duty officer chatting with some in the lineup. The officer notices him as well and approaches. "Are you the Able Seaman looking after the new-bees?" Mike notices he is a Lieutenant by the two broad bars and a circle on his shoulder tab. "I am, sir. Able Seaman Claymore, sir." "Right, I have voluptuous pretty girlie enjoys sexy sex hardcore and blowjob list for you.

Your Master seaman asked me to pass it on to you. I think its a list of your people and the ones in brackets have not arrived yet. Are you having any problems? He asked me to keep an eye on you." Mike quips, ""To catch me if I'm in trouble or to help me stay out of it, sir?" "Why to help you, of course." he glances sharply at Mike, "You're joshing me, aren't you?" Mike just chuckles and he breaks out with a broad smile.

"You got me." He shuffles his feet and says, "Anyway, do you have any problems?" "Not at this time, sir. I think everything is ship shape." He studies Mike for a few seconds, "That's not another joke, is it?" "No sir." The duty officer leaves him and moves on down the lineup to chat with others. Mike has an enjoyable lunch of chicken pot pie, fresh peas and instant potatoes followed up by Apple Brown Betty.

He savors his coffee with a pleasantly full stomach. Going over the list he sees he might have up to fifteen more arrivals over the weekend.

He can see he is going to need some help to direct them to his barracks. He flags a cook passing by and asks if they have a copier in their office. He needs a copy of his list for the gate house. He smiles and comes back in a moment with a second copy.

Mike thanks him and gets up to leave. At the front gate they agree to send any new recruits on the list to him at Coho Barracks. He thanks them and heads home again. This time when he comes in he finds sex old fat sex pourn commotion in the main entryway. On the stairs a new arrival is insisting he will go upstairs with his girl friend. The one Mike saw earlier upstairs is telling him no.

She calls out, "Here he is now. You can argue with him." She retreats and Mike notices his placard is gone. "What's this crap about no men upstairs?" "That's right. The upstairs is designated as Female Living Quarters for the weekend and men are not allowed to trespass according to station Standing Orders.

If you don't like it you can take it up with the MPs." "What the hell? Where do I sleep?" "What's your name and serial number? Come on into my room. I need to see your id as well." He walks away from the recruit and leaves him no choice but to follow. He digs out his driver's license as he comes in.

Mike finds his name on his list. He directs him to take a bed of his choice on the ground floor. Jackie sidles into his room, "You sure have been busy this morning. I couldn't find you until now." He grins, "Have you seen my signs?" "Oh yeah. Lots of grumbling about them. even upstairs." "I hope there's support as well. By the way, did you see one of them in a waste basket or anywhere?" "Nope. One's missing, eh?" "The one outside my door across the hall." "Well, its not a popular idea, you know." Mike peers at the stairs outside his room.

"I wonder where the nearest garbage can is?" he muses. Jackie pipes up, "Bathroom!" She takes off out the door and comes back with his sign in a moment. It's scuffed up, folded and spindled but otherwise legible. Mike debates in his mind and ends up putting up a new one. He saves the old one though. Jackie applauds him and he bows. "Maybe I better check the rest." He makes a quick note to say he is temporarily out.

He will be right back. He signs it AB Michael Claymore. He smiles, "Let's go." He closes the door behind them taping the note to it. "I think you are really enjoying this." She chuckles. They go around to the end and Mike looks inside. "That one's still there." They go on around stopping to watch a group of RCR soldiers marching on the parade square. After circling the building they find they are all still in place. "Let's go find a pop machine.

I think there is one in the entry to the mess hall." "I tell you what. Why don't you go find us two of them. I have some change and I will stay here making up another sign for my door to welcome new recruits." He puts some change in her hand from his pocket. She takes off waving to him.

He cuts a strip, writes AB M. Claymore on it and covers it with scotch tape then tapes it on his door. He removes the sign saying 'be right back' and replaces it with a block letter sign beside the door saying 'New Recruits Check In Here'. He relaxes at his desk and tries to remember who is who from his members list. He can't place over half of them. He asks Jackie when she comes back but between them they can only add a couple.

He pulls a deck of cards out of his briefcase and they cut for the deal. Soon they have a rousing card game going. Mike checks the time and says, "Only a couple hours till we are on our own for the weekend.

It's after three." "Deal!" He deals and she plays a card. "So what happens if we spend the weekend together? Do they kick us out? Do we go to hell? Will anyone care?

And before you quote Standing Orders to me, read them." "Did you read them?" "Of course and they guarantee the chicks a roosting place where the foxes can't get them. That's what your signs say. No men are allowed to invade female territory, right?" "Yes and it guarantees the guys a place secure from female wiles as well, doesn't it?

"Ah ha! Does it? Where does it say this male area on the ground floor is out of bounds to all female personnel? For that matter, where does it say that in Standing Orders?" He ponders this, "It must say it. The MS said it wasn't allowed this morning when he came in. You heard him." "I did hear him. Did you?" "Jackie, are you saying he wasn't mad at us for all sleeping together when he came in?" "He was. He was embarrassed.

That's what I heard, not that it wasn't allowed. Now I think this is what he said. Tell me if I have it wrong. 'Damn, I didn't mean for you all to bunk up with each other. Why couldn't you take one floor for each sex or something like that.' Isn't that what he said?" "Oh baby, I don't know." "I agree you have to guarantee the safety of those females who choose to be isolated from the males so your signs are a good idea but I don't think they prohibit us from coming down and sleeping with you guys.

And I think the Standing Orders were written in that manner to protect the rights of the females in the service. It protects their right to a free choice. Do you see it now?" "So you are saying no female has ever been punished for sleeping with a man on this base if they chose to do so." "Now you see it! I was wondering if I would ever get through to you, lover man. Is it my deal or yours?" "You know others will see you here and they will do the same.

Shit will hit the fan on Monday. You know it!" "Why? We can lay out for them the same logic we just used. If no one has ever questioned them, it might be time for someone to do it.

Women are coming into the service in droves and we will demand equal rights." "Now you are admitting you think I'm right." "No way. I think I am right but if no one has clarified their policy for them perhaps they have never understood it.

Maybe our Master Seaman thinks the Standing Order makes it wrong for females to fraternize with males on the base but that does not make his interpretation right." "You should be a lawyer." "I was thinking of that and if the Navy will train me, I might." She grins, "If they don't fire me first." "Maybe you'll have to represent me Monday." They both laugh at that comment.

Another couple stops in on them and Jackie starts preaching to them her interpretation of the Standing Order. Mike groans as he realizes Monday is not going to be an uneventful day. Jackie takes off with them saying, "See you later, Mike" and he absently waves to her.

"What about supper?" She doesn't answer so she must be out of earshot. He checks his watch and decides to wait a bit. "Hello Coho. Where maddy reilly anal and blacked sex stories xxx everybody?" It's a female voice coming from the front door. Mike hears shuffling and a thud. "I can't believe you don't have transport for all my bags." He hears the door shut again and all is quiet so he steps to the door. Two bulky pieces of luggage are sitting inside the door.

The outside door is pulled open again and Mike sees the back of a shapely tall form wrestling with a wheeled cart loaded with boxes and cases. He can see skis pushing awkwardly in two slightly different directions. As she pulls the cart the door tries to close on it and she quickly reaches to fling it back then quickly pulls it again but she is not quite fast enough and the door catches it again.

He can hear her grunt in indignation. "Let me help you with that. If you hold the door Asian sex from tokyo in a home room can pull the cart inside." "Oh thank you." The scantily clad amazon in shorts, blouse and tennis shoes moves out of sight with the door leaving Mike to pull the luggage inside. She reaches an arm to rescue her purse from the top of the load as it moves through the doorway then peers around the doorjamb at Mike with a big smile.

"Hi, I'm Mary Anne. I hope the gate sent me to the right place. This is Coho Barracks?" "If you're a new recruit to the Navy then it is the right place.

I'm Able Seaman Mike Claymore and I will help you get settled in. at least for the weekend. On Monday they will put us into properly assigned barracks." "You mean I am going to have to move all this stuff again Monday?" "Yep and I'm afraid I have more bad news. Women's quarters are up that set of stairs on the second floor." "You mean I can't just take a room on this floor?" "I'm afraid not.

Well let's get you checked in. Please follow me. And please bring your id." They step into Mike's room. He looks down his list and says, "Mary Anne Foster, right?" She beams at him, "Yes, and here's my drivers license." "You're very photogenic. Your license photo really does you justice. So many people complain about how bad their license photos are. Yours is really complimentary." "Thank you, Mike. Is yours one of those bad ones, too. I bet yours looks alright." He grins, "I don't have a drivers license yet." "You don't?

How do you get around?" "Where I come from everything is close by." "Me too, well we have a lot of big hills but things are pretty close, I guess. I'm from Halifax. Where are you from?" "Hochelega. Its a suburb of Montreal. At one time it was a native village but now its all grown up. Everything is easy to walk to." "So you are native Indian.

I think that's so neat. As you can see my Scandinavian roots stick out all over me. Blonde and junoesque is how I have been described most often when playing tennis. The press loves to flatter a winner though." She sits on Mikes bed to chat with him. "I'm actually a half breed since my father was Scottish. My mother was a Mohawk shaman in the village when my father was assigned the position as agent.

"Did you find that a disadvantage when you went to school. I know the part Negro kids from Dartmouth just outside Halifax have to endure a lot of prejudice.

It seems neither race wants to give them a chance." "I don't think we have any of that at home. Mom and Dad were both respected in the community. The local white chief of police came all the way to Brantford for their funerals. And pa's brother came all the way from Scotland." "Oh, that's terrible. Both of them are gone then? That's so tragic." "I try not to think about it much now. It happened and there is nothing I can do about it.

Life goes on." "That's so brave. I think I'm going to like working with you, Mike. I think we will be friends." "Well, thank you. I've been giving some thought to what we can do with your bulkiest luggage so we don't have to haul it all upstairs for just the next two days.

Let's go see if we can find a storage room here on xxxe kajal x story sex stories floor." Across the hall under the front stairs Mike finds what he is seeking, a storage room.

It has some wooden staging and boxes in it. "That was faster then I expected. Here we are." "Do you think it will be safe?" "I wouldn't leave any jewelry in it but I think clothes will be alright." She sorted out two bags and set them on the stairs then digs into another to put out a few items. She looks over what she has and nods. Mike helps her load everything onto the cart then tows it into the storage room.

He sighs, "Now that's a lot better so you take any bunk you find upstairs. That's all female fiefdom." He grins broadly. "And I will carry one of those to the top of the stairs for you. How's that?" He climbs the stairs behind her.

"Thank you Mike, you've been a big help. We'll have to get together again soon." "Maybe sooner than you think. Supper is any time you are hungry and I will be heading over to the mess hall myself before long. "Okay, I'll be right back down." He goes back down to his room and relaxes waiting for Jackie. Its not long before Mary Anne comes dashing in and flops down beside him on the bed. "Are you waiting just for me?" "You found a room that fast?

Where did you find?" "2B near the top of the stairs. It doesn't appear occupied. Is that alright?" Mike shrugs, "You've got your pick. As long as you are happy with it, why not?" She pulls at him to get him up, "Oh you, lets go then." And of course, Jackie comes in the door. "Ahem. What's up." She looks first at Mary Anne then slutty blonde babe taking long black rod in office Mike. "Are you ready for lunch?

By the way, Jackie this is Mary Anne. Mary Anne, meet Jacqueline. Let's go, I'm starving." He starts for the mess hall and lets the other two trail along behind him gabbing to each other no end. They catch up with another couple going the same way. "Jackie, what does Mike think of your position." "He likes me prone." she winks and laughs at Mike's expression.

"I mean his opinions on sleeping together." "So do I." She sticks her tongue out at them and they all break up laughing except Mary Anne and Mike. Mike just disregards her and struts on towards supper.

Mary Anne catches up to him and asks, "What does she mean? What are they talking about? Is she your girl friend?" Mike says offhand, "We are friends from the train trip here and we disagree over something. That's all." They enter the hall and the lineup for supper. They find a mom and san poran movei where they can all sit together and Mike makes it clear he does not want to discuss Standing Orders.

The other guy in the group says, "That's great with me. I wanted to ask you about getting a leave to go into Halifax Sunday." Mike shakes his head, "No leaves this weekend, mate. You heard the Master Seaman as well as the rest of us. No one from the group leaves the base till Monday. We're all in the same boat, so to speak. It's the Navy, right?" He gives him the thumbs up gesture. "It's a bit of an emergency. I wouldn't be this close to Halifax if I hadn't joined the Navy but here I am and a cousin, my Mom's brother's kid, up and gets herself killed in a stupid drug trafficking mix-up.

All the same my mom wants me to attend for her side of the family. You know what I mean? Its family so I got to go!" "How'd you know about this?" "I called my mom this afternoon to let her know I got here alright. I guess we can make phone calls, can't we?" "Oh sure.

I was just curious. Let me think about it." His lady friend states, "I want to go with him. We are very close." "You just met him on the train, didn't you?" "Well yeah, like you and Jackie. You're close, aren't you?" She glances at Jackie. Jackie looks across at Mike, "Yes we are. aren't we, Mike?" Mike mumbles, "Not that close." Jackie starts to pout and Mike explodes, "Damn!

Leave it with me and I'll see what can be done by Sunday. And I'll check on you taking someone with you. Hell, I'll see if we can all go with you. How's that?" Mike gets up and goes to aurat aur kuta xxxx blu bathroom. He cools down and sneaks back out to see Jackie and Mary Anne by themselves at the table. He goes to them and asks their forgiveness. "I let the situation get out of hand. I think I have a headache." Jackie speaks up, "It's not easy making decisions for others, Mike.

You do a pretty good job. I think." Mary Anne chimes in, "She put you in a pretty tight corner there, didn't she? I could see she was putting pressure on you." Jackie watches her and wishes she had said that but she shakes her head agreeing with her and adds, but we are close. Mike notices and feels his headache getting worse. "Let's go back to the barracks," he suggests. They leave the mess hall and head for Coho block. Mike has an apprehensive feeling when he sees a crowd by their barrack.

They seem to be waiting for someone and he has an awful feeling it is him. "I wonder what's going on at our place?" asks Mary Anne. "I bet I know what it is," replies Jackie. "You notice its all couples, eh?" Mary Anne nods thoughtfully.

"I suspect its our sleeping arrangements." Mary Anne looks totally confused. Mike just marches resolutely through between them and into the block. They all follow him in and gather around his door. Jackie skirts around them to Mike's door and Mary Anne doesn't know what to do so she follows.

They crowd into his room. Mike just glares at Jackie. "Now see what you have done!" One in the group calls, "Can we talk to you, Mike?" He goes to the door. "What can I do for you?" He sees the two from the mess hall and two other couples. They mill around uneasily. One of the others he does not know pipes up, "We want to know what you're going to do if we all sleep together." "You all want to sleep together?" "You know what I mean." They don't even smile. "Are you going to call the MPs?" "Look people, it doesn't matter to me.

As long as no one harasses the ladies upstairs I could care less. But I am sure you can expect repercussions come Monday morning if you do as you wish.

Its up to you. Would you rather I turn a blind eye?" They mumble and murmur amongst themselves. "That's all we wanted to know is you won't be calling any MPs." They quietly disperse and he returns to his room.

Jackie eyes him up and down, "Does that mean I'm getting the boot tonight?" Mary Anne gushes, "You handled that like a regular pro.

I can't believe they just gave you your rank yesterday. I don't think I could do that." "Look, what I do is up to me but I can't tell others to not do what I would in their place. The service has asked me to keep the peace and that's what is important to me, not who sleeps with who." Jackie looks to Mary Anne with a look that says, 'That's my guy' and Mary Anne looks back at her with a look that says 'Isn't he terrific?' They study each other closely.

Mary Anne says, "I guess I better go and unpack some of my stuff. Care to join me, Jackie?" "Yeah, that sounds like a great idea. See you later, Mike" Mary Anne and Mike both say together, "Later." Mike goes for a walk through the barrack to check up on things. He sees one of the couples laying on a bed up one wing but says nothing.

He returns to his room and aurat aur kuta xxxx blu up the Duty Officer's location on his map. He goes for a visit to the Duty Officer's office near the main gate. No one is there but the guard on the gate says he will be back shortly. They chat for a while and the Duty Officer comes to join them. "Sir, I came over to discuss a problem that has come up." "Come on in my office, lad.

Let's see how I can help you." "This is my problem." he settles in a chair opposite the Duty Officer's desk. "We have a young man who arrives safely here in this base and so duly calls his mama to let her know he has arrived. Not me, one of the others in our barrack.

Anyway, His mama tells him his cousin, her brother's girl, has had an unfortunate accident and is killed." "Very bad news." "Very bad indeed. The cousin lived here in Halifax and our boy's family is far off where he comes from. His mother asks him to attend the funeral this Sunday to represent his side of the family. So there we are. Can he go, do you suppose?" "I'm sure the service will grant him twenty four hours to attend.

Its called compassionate leave. The service wants its members to be one big happy family. Does that help you?" "Yea sir, that helps me a lot. Thank you very much, sir." Mike goes back to the barracks in pretty good spirits. Things seem to be improving so he seeks out the young man whose cousin has died. "I have good news." The young man in question untangled himself from his girl friend.

"I think you will be able to attend the funeral on Sunday. I spoke with the Duty Officer and he assures me the service grants compassionate leave for such unfortunate circumstances. Just tell them at the gate it is for compassionate reasons." "Wow, that was fast. Thanks very much, Able Seaman." "It was my pleasure to help you with your problem.

The service wants you to know we regard you as family." "What about my girl friend?" "Since they are so compassionate I am sure they would want you to include her. I suggest you try taking her with you. It can only be for twenty four hours but its Sunday so there's no work anyway." Mike walks back through the barracks with his head held high. He feels he can handle anything now. He walks into his room and finds it empty.

He's disappointed. No loving for the conquering hero? Where are my accolades? Ole but the crowd has gone home. He parks at his desk and studies the sky out his small window. The sun is setting and its been a busy day. He looks at his bed but all he sees is Jackie. He mumbles, "Dang, where is she tonight?" He reasons with himself. "After all it was I who said we were not that close. but did I mean it? And it was I who said the service would bring down wrath on us for sleeping together.

but I must admit Jackie's interpretation does appeal to me. And where the hell is she when I need her?" That one he can't answer so he goes to stretch out on his bed. He dozes off and is awakened to darkness and someone knocking on his door. "Hold on!" he calls. He gets up and opens the door puzzling 'who closed the door'.

There are three young men and a woman there with luggage. "Come in." "Est-ce coho caserne?" "Oh no, does anyone speak English?" The female of the group raises her hand and says, "Moi. We just want to know if this is Coho barracks. The gate told us to come over here." "Okay, this is the place.

You joined the Navy and you are starting on course Monday, right?" She's shaking her head up and down furiously. Come in and check in with me.

Please have id ready. Presently, "Jean Guy, Pierre, Bernard and Marie, that's it. I have you all marked as present. You can go and seek beds now. Men on this floor and ladies upstairs." "My friends don't speak any English or at least very little. I interpret for them. How kinky ballerina rides rod pornstars and hardcore they manage down here?" "There are a couple of French members registered here downstairs.

I'm not sure which rooms but some are bilingual so they should be okay." Marie tells them and they nod. "Nous serons d'accord, mon ami." says one of the males. "He says they will be okay, Mike. Thanks for your help." Mike hustles them on their ways and soon is startled by two whirlwinds flying into his room. "Oh Mike, we got more people." "She came into our room without so much as a knock." "She saw us on the bed and just stood there." "Not nice at all." "No manners." "No manners." He laughs, "Aha!

Not too discrete, are you! Ha ha ha ha." "Oh Mike, if you were there it would have been complete." Jackie laughs and squeezes him giving him a kiss on the cheek. "We heard you got Mel the day off for that funeral. It's all over the barracks already. You've turned into a hero, you know." Mary Anne squeezes up the other side of him, "We've decided to share you, Norwegian style.

That way we can all have more fun. Aren't you glad I'm Scandinavian?" Jackie asks, "Did you know that women from the rest of Canada are not too welcome here in the Maritimes?" "Why's that?" "Mary Anne was telling me that we outnumber the men at least two to one all over and in certain pockets it goes as high as four to one, like Prince Edward Island. Its because there is little work down here so the men all leave to find work in Quebec or Ontario and never come back." "Wow, I didn't know that.

Could that have something to do with the sharing thing?" She squints her eyes, "Maybe a little tiny bit." she giggles and Mary Anne starts the same tickling him. "I moved in with Mary Anne upstairs so you can find us easy. We are right at the head of the stairs." Mary Anne giggles, "We have you in our sites now, Mike.

We are going to wear you out." She wraps her arms around him and nibbles on his ear. Mike stirs up, "We better close the door then." He closes it and hurries back to the bed.

They are waiting for him, one on each side. "When did you two come up with this idea?" "When we were upstairs wishing you were there." They smile at each other around him. "You'd have to be there. It was a passionate moment." They both laugh and snuggle closer. Jackie loosens his shirt buttons as Mary Anne breathes heavy in his ear and nibbles on his neck. Mike gets into the action by helping Mary Anne to take her top off while Jackie removes her shoes. Next she starts working on Mike's shoes as Mary Anne peels off his shirt.

He reaches to find Jackie and pull off her top. The girls help each other with their bras. They snuggle closer topless and without shoes. Now they just want to get rid of the rest of their clothes. Skirts, pants panties and shorts they all pile up by the bed in the room. Rubbing and kissing, licking and caressing, they all take part in perfectly shaped teen jelena jensen fucks a horny milf sara luvv european brunette of the action as they get hotter and hotter.

Mike and Mary Anne are French kissing so Jackie goes down to find his hard cock. She licks it and works her tongue all around the head before she takes it into her mouth to try and see how much she can get into her throat without choking. She tickles his balls with a finger nail and deep throats him again.

Then she starts to bob up and down on it before circling the head again with her tongue. She licks and kisses the head then starts to work down it again. Mike turns Mary Anne in the bed and buries his face in her thighs licking and kissing her. He laps his tongue through her inner lips and seeks her clit. He slurps and feels her shaking. She wiggles looking for Jackie's pussy and panting loudly. She licks her belly and next pushes her tongue into Jackie's hot slippery opening.

Jackie squeals and sucks hard on Mike's thickening hard erection. Her nails rake his sack. Mike in turn finds Mary Anne's nub of a clit and sucks it between his lips. He sucks on it hard while inserting a finger slowly into her ass. Mary Anne shakes and squeezes Mike's head as she pushes her tongue deeper and deeper in and out of Jackie's cunt. She licks and lightly bites her clit. Jackie squeals out and redoubles her sucking on Mike's bulging cock.

She can feel he is going to cum and she moves her mouth and tongue to bring him fast. Classic pornstars from the seventies from classic porn dvds tube porn pants, "I got you, Mike! Let it cum, baby! Give it to me!

Come on!" Mary Anne turns in the bed and stares at her. "Let me have some! Don't you hog it all! I want some, too!" Mike can't stop it.

He feels the pressure and the tingling as the semen boils up his shaft and explodes into Jackie's mouth. "Oh God!" He exclaims, "Oh God." More jets are spurting for them so Jackie lets Mary Anne put her mouth over the fountain and catch her fill. Then they kiss exchanging semen between them and licking it off him and themselves.

"That's what we were missing this afternoon." "I suppose we will have to let him rest now." "I know, isn't it a pity." They keep climbing over Mike and playing with each other. Mike rests and waits his turn. Soon they notice he is erect again so the action turns to include him. Mary Anne circles his torso with her legs as she reaches for Jackie's tits.

Jackie kisses him passionately as Mary Anne settles on his hard erection. She slowly rolls her hips as she feels him push farther and farther inside her. When she is down on him as far as she can go she shimmies her stomach muscles and starts to rock back and forth. Mike has never felt a woman do that before and he is ecstatic with pleasure. She raises herself slowly on him and seats herself quickly then repeats it over and over many times. "Do you like that, baby?" Mike is chewing on Jackie's pussy so he doesn't reply at mia khalifa xxx ful sex stories story and Mary Anne doesn't lexi mathews sucks an old guy cock care since she is busy kissing Jackie.

They play with each other's nipples as Mary Anne rides Mike for all she's worth. She grips Jackie and pulls her up to cover Mike's chest with her ass. She slides off Mike and lets Jackie slip onto him in a reverse cowgirl. Jackie bucks as Mike bounces her. She works her hips and feels him moving hard in her. Mary Anne moves down to where she can lick his balls and bring her tongue on up to lick Jackie's juicy slit. She licks and licks while Jackie reaches to hold her head and wiggles all over.

Mike kneads her back and fondles her hips. She almost faints on top of him. He knows she is in the throws of an orgasm so he holds her and lets her shake and gasp. He rolls his hip and lets her settle on her side before he gently moves to thrust up hard into her again.

She gives a strangled cry and Mary Anne laughs. "She's cumming hard, Mike. She's the one cumming now." Mike seethes, "You'll have your turn, love." He continues to drive hard into her from the rear and her legs fall open beyond her ability to control.

He slides out of her and Mary Anne kneels to suck on his hardness. "Give me your cunt, woman!" Quickly she lies back and opens her legs for him. Mike pierces Mary Anne and lies buried in her to let her feel he has control. He starts movement slow and deliberate driving deep and drawing back for full measure.

Her mashed and matted blonde bush squishes with each thrust and his balls slap hard against her wet ass. She whimpers with exhilaration and pleasure while he pounds repeatedly into her. He knows with this rate of action he cannot last long but it is supreme pleasure to drive so deep in her. He rests for a moment and she touches his face. "You have magnificent blonde lesbian gets vibed at the gym. I would never have guessed." "It's you that has brought it out in me.

I never had such a session as this. It is new to me." He moves in her as they talk. "Oh lord, just fuck me more, Mike. Fill me with your sperm till I overflow." She kisses him wildly and he pumps into her belly.

It isn't long until he can feel his sack boiling and she feels her pussy tingling. She tingles more feeling his cock swelling. She can't hold back and spreading her legs as far as she can she opens her body completely to this man.

She lets her spirits soar and can only feel him distantly squirting his seed into her. Wild lights swirl around her and distant drums wildly beat a rapid tattoo in her head and her pussy. On the other hand she feels intimately his discharge when it boils up into her and fills her to overflowing. She feels the pressure of it filling her and while she wants more knows she cannot respond any more at this time.

They collapse against each other and sleep like babes. Chapter 6 A Weekend's Delight Saturday and Jackie is the first to stir. She wakes Mary Anne quietly and beckons as she slips out of the bed but Mary Anne is still under Mike and can't move. She thinks that she doesn't really want to move. He feels great just where he is laying between her thighs.

She can feel his slack member pressing on her nether lips and even fancies she feels movement in it. Jackie whispers in her ear, "Can't you just slide out from under him? Is he still asleep?" "Shhh, Yes he is." Now she knows she can feel his cock growing and it's starting to drive her crazy.

"Why don't you go pee and then we can wake him and I'll go." Jackie rummages around and finds a long shirt of Mikes. She goes to leave but whispers, "What's the difference? Why let him sleep?" By now Mary Anne knows he's awake because his hardening cock is buried half way inside her. Its everything she can do to not move as she feels it sliding in deeper.

She whispers, "Be quiet, you'll wake him." Jackie studies their forms with Mike lying peacefully between her legs and on top of her. She tries to remember last night and grins. He looks so cute with his bare ass in the air and his cock.

she studies what she can see of his balls and looks puzzled. "Anyway, I'll be right back" She goes to the door and exits. Mary Anne breaths deeply and whispers, "I thought she was never going to go." She can feel his cock starting to shuttle in and out of her. God, it feels good.

"What!" Jackie speaks out loud as she returns. "That bugger has his cock inside you, doesn't he? I thought you too looked too cozy. I bet you been fucking him while I was sleeping, weren't you!" Mike rolls off her laughing at Jackie. "I guess we got caught, love." He laughs again. Mary Anne jumps up and protests, "No, its not like that. He just woke up?" "Like hell he did.

His cock is wet and dripping. How do you explain that?" Mike drawls. "Buckaroo, you've given us away. What can I say." He leers at them, "Let's go piss and go for breakfast. And I do mean in that order." He starts bouncing up and down. They all laugh and head for the washrooms.

They meet back at Mike's room and he says, "I'm doing a laundry. Would anyone like to toss in their undies with mine?" They both agree to add theirs and so they head out of the barracks. Mike looks all around and says, "Does anyone notice anything unusual?" No one does so he states, "Haven't you noticed how quiet it is? No one marching on the parade square and very few people on the move anywhere. It's almost eerie. It's not a holiday, is it?" "Not that I know of." and "No." are his two responses.

"Must be just because its the weekend, I guess." De nuevo la maduraza tetona se folla a otro jovencito como si fuera su hijo footsteps echo as they proceed to the dining hall. "Downright weird!" Mike speaks briefly to the Duty Officer as they go in and chatter over breakfast includes detailed instructions on how to wash the ladies clothes.

Mary Anne says she is going to check the recreational area for a tennis club and Jackie says she is going looking for a hairdresser. They all briefly return to the barrack to gather clothes together and make sure he has instructions, which he promptly forgets.

He washes theirs like his and everyone is happy. Around lunch time they return. Mary Anne is frazzled from playing tennis and Jackie is dazzling with a fancy hairdo. They amble over to the dining hall and go in. They sit together at first but soon Mary Anne spots a couple of handsome athletic jocks and says they are the ones she was playing tennis with. She goes over to join them. Jackie and Mike are not invited. "Not my type," comments Mike and Jackie says, "Couple of snobs, if you ask me." "Let's go back and mess up that pretty hairdo of yours, love." "How can a girl refuse a proposition like that?" They return to Mike's room and he sits at his desk.

He looks down the list, "How many of these do you think will show up today?" Jackie looks over his shoulder, "Should be about ten more?" "Yep, it looks that way." "I guess we have to stay close around then." Mike agrees so they go out to sit on the steps.

It's such a nice day that its a shame to stay indoors. After a while Jack and Bev come out to join them. "We were wondering if you have anything on courses available, Mike?" "I'm afraid not. I'm sure you will get that kind of stuff early next week since I imagine its an important question to many of us." "Okay and while we are here, I want to say that I'm pleased to see Jackie and you still together.

You make a nice couple." "Well, thank you Jack. I might say the same about you and Beverley." "One other thing, Mike. Bill is still bad mouthing her. I just thought you should know." Jackie pipes up, "He's such a creep. I don't know what I saw in him." Mike exclaims, "People will see what he is all about and he will dig his own grave.

I don't worry about people like him." They lounge in the afternoon sun chatting about the service and their lives to date. Many friendships are built in the service in this way. Others come out to join them and so they wile away a sunny Saturday afternoon. Mary Anne comes out to ask Mike to unlock hot slut gladly jumps on the shaft storage room door. He speaks to her quietly, "I don't advertise it but I don't have a key.

Its not locked." "It wouldn't open for me. Are you sure?" "I'll come and give it a try. I'm sure its just sticking or something." He follows her inside. When he tries it there is no problem. It simply opens. She looks sheepish and shrugs, "I tried it and it didn't work for me. I just wanted to get my racquet and some togs." She puts a hand on his shoulder, "Are we okay? I didn't mean to abandon you guys at noon." Mike says vaguely, "I think everything is okay." he pauses, "uh, what's your name again?" She slaps his shoulder, "Oh Mike!

You're too much!" Mike slaps her bottom lightly, "We're going for supper before too long. Do you want to join us?" "I will. I am just going to take these things upstairs. See you and thanks for the help." "I'll close it.

See you in a bit." He closes it and goes back out to join Jackie. He explains what Mary Anne wanted and says she is joining them for supper. Jackie gets up and says she'll be right down. She's just going up to her room. She dashes off upstairs. In a short time they both come out and join Mike. Jackie cuddles up to him and asks, "Can we go for supper now?" Mike nods and gets up with them.

The others watch the three leave and Mike can hear the rumor mill starting up before they get out of sight. Supper is uneventful except they once again lose Mary Anne to her tennis pals. They both feel that they sort of expected it. She is gravitating more and more to that crowd. She joins them later in Mike's room but says she only came to get some stuff from her room.

She just stopped to let them know she wouldn't be back until late " or maybe tomorrow," Jackie finishes for her. She beams and bobs her head up and down. Mike digs out the pack of playing cards. "Cut for deal!" They do and Mike gets to deal. "What are we playing?" "Strip poker." "Oh," says Mary Anne. "I'm not sure if I'm going or not." but she soon leaves.

Mike complains, "We are too evenly matched. It's going to take one of us all night to strip the other." "We could change the game." "What do you suggest? Spin the bottle?" "Not with two of us but how about 'Heads You Win' or 'Socks you win' or sometimes its called 'Socks you lose'?" "How do they go?" "For Heads you need a coin but Socks is fun and easy. We set up a prize or penalty for getting the other persons sock off.

For instance 2 minutes of fellatio might be the prize but you have to stop then and start over or it could be cunnilingus for the ladies. The suspense is stopping after two minutes." "So tell me about 'Heads You Win'." "We have to use a timer for this one and a coin.

We flip the coin and say it's massive cumshot mega cum compilation I do two minutes of fellatio masturbation au soleil masturbation in the sun no cum tube porn you, but if its tails you do two minutes of cunnilingus on me.

Then you flip the coin again. If one player wins three times in a row they get to have full intercourse for two minutes but they do have to quit after the two minutes. A game can last a couple hours if you have the patience." "What kind of wild parties do you folks have in Winnipeg?" "We have long cold winters, you know." she laughs and Mike joins her.

Mike mentions, "I really had in mind card games like Erotic Eights or Kissing Royals." "I'm not sure about them. I know Erotic Eights, I think.

That's like Crazy Eights, right?" "Yep, we write down what action we want the other one to perform if we win and play progresses. Each of us receives 8 cards, and place the rest of the cards in a pile and turn over the top card next to the pile. Eights are wild (of course), and can become any suit or number. If a 9 of diamonds is face up, you can play any nine or any diamond (or any 8, which is a wild card).

You and your partner continue playing your cards, until one of you runs out of cards. If, for some reason you cannot follow a suit/number, you must draw a card from the deck (you cannot play a card at this point). Now it's your partner's turn to play a card." "Okay, so what about Kissing Royals?" "Playing this game, is like Slap Jack. Each of you are dealt 26 cards. One person turns over a card on the top of the deck and lays it down. The first person to slap his/her lap when an overturned card is a face card (ace, king, queen or jack) gets a kiss from his/her partner (and not JUST a kiss)!!

The blonde milf cheri deville fuck threesome interracial part . the winner of each Slap Jack, then chooses where he/she wants to be kissed!" "Oh, I like that. Let's try it." Mike agrees and deals out 26 cards each.

He flips the top card and its a seven of hearts. Quickly Jackie flips hers but its a three. Mike flips and its a Queen. As quick as a flash Jackie slaps her knee. "I want my kiss inside my thigh," and she leans back in her chair spreading her legs. Mike cheerfully kneels between her legs and touches his lips to the flesh letting his tongue lick here and there before his lips settle and caress the flesh.

as he raises his head he sees her flipping a card and he can see its a face card. Like a snake he slaps her knee before she can properly see it. He laughs as she gasps and says, "Well where?" "On these lips of mine." She kisses him softly and then with more passion. And with such actions they wile away the evening until retiring filled with unbridled passion. Peacefully they pass the night undisturbed and Sunday is another bright and sunny day. But it doesn't last as attested to by the ruckus in the hall outside Mike's door.

There is a loud knocking and the door springs open. "I'd invite you in but it seems you are already here," declares Mike. "Might I put on my pants before helping you?" "Oh sorry, we'll wait here in the hall." Mike stretches and kisses Jackie. "I suppose we better get up now." He piles out of bed and she tumbles out behind him.

They gather clothes flung helter skelter and commence to dress themselves. When they have cleaned up the room Mike goes to the door and opens it. "Please, do come in." It's the couple who were to attend the funeral in Halifax today. "So what seems to be the problem?" "The guard on the gate won't let us go." "And why is that? Tell me exactly what he told you." "He said that no one leaves the base without a pass.

I told him it was for a funeral but he said a pass was necessary." "Oh well, I suppose I will have to find you one then. I'm not sure where they keep them. Please rest assured that I will do my best." he opens his briefcase and looks up the number for the Master Seaman.

He checks the change in his pocket and heads for the payphone in the hall. He takes a deep breath and picks up the receiver. Glancing at the number he dials and then deposits some coins. He stands there listening and soon hears the clicking of someone answering the phone. "Hello Bruce?" All is quiet on the line then he speaks, "Who is this?" "It's Mike, Bruce. I need your help." "It's Sunday. Do you know what time it is?" "Uh, just a moment. I have it here." He tries to see his watch in the shadows.

"Never mind, this is Mike Claymore, right?" "Yes, yes it is." "What's your problem, Mike?" His voice has taken on a kindly manner. "Well, I need pass forms. The ones for Compassionate Leave and we don't seem to have any.

Do you know where they are?" "Have you asked the Duty Officer?" "Yes, I spoke with him and he assured me it was Compassionate leave." "Oh, he must be out of them. I think there are some in that barracks you are in under the stairs in a box." "Oh, that's good.


I can see that door from here. Thanks very much Bruce and I'll see you tomorrow." "You're not having any other troubles, are you?" "No, everything is going along well. Eight more new recruits have checked in and I am expecting more today. "Well, I'm pleased to hear that.

It looks like I chose the right man for the job. Take care now, Mike." "Yes, goodbye Bruce." Mike gets off the phone and goes to the storeroom under the stairs. He hauls out a couple boxes and soon has leave forms in his hands. He chuckles, "Can't be too hard to make these out." He carries them back to his office. "Now that didn't take long, did it." He drops the sheaf of passes on his desk spilling a couple.

He scoops them up and looks over the top one. "Hmmm, I guess I will need two. One for each of you." Sitting at his desk he diligently enters their information as they relate it for him.

"I think twenty four hours sounds good. You have to be back for the course on Monday morning anyway." Studiously he finishes by signing them with a flourish, "That's AB Michael Claymore. I guess that should do the trick." He hands them the passes. "I hope you are not going to be late and good luck." He looks over another form as they leave then calls them back, "Hold on, it says office copy on that carbon copy so I should keep that. You just need the top copy.

Good thing I caught that." He sends them on their way. Jackie asks, "What do you do with your copies?" "Keep them for the MS I guess." He places them in his briefcase. "Now that wasn't so hard. I think I could do this job full time. I wonder if this is what I am cut out to do?" "I can't wait to see you in your uniform.

I'm sure you will be so handsome. How will I ever keep my hands off you then? You'll have to fight off the women where ever you go." "I think its time I took you on my arm to breakfast, my love." At the gate the guard is processing the paperwork for a load of supplies that arrived in late Saturday night. His relief is late and he is tired. He looks up and sees those kids he sent back for passes but sees they have them in hand. Quickly he looks them over and sends them on their way.

The couple walk down the road away from the base hand in hand grinning and saying how easy it was to sneak out of that place. "That simpleton we have in the barracks would believe whipped cream dildo suck hairy kim and bald janet Jackie and Mike are enjoying an early breakfast. She asks, "Would you like to go to chapel with me after breakfast, Mike?" "I don't think so, love. I respect your choices but I have lost that simple amature teen sister threesome native american brooke and brittany I used to have.

It has to do with the accident that killed my parents, I guess." "You have to learn to let it go, Mike. I don't mean to forget them but you have to accept they are no longer with us. I loved my grandma so much, she was the one who seemed to understand me. I always try to be like her, you know. But now she is gone so I have to accept that. I still love her." "You go ahead to chapel if you want, Jackie.

I'm just going back to the room." They finish up and go their separate ways. Mike lays across the bed daydreaming of taking off from an aircraft carrier far at sea. He can feel himself driven back into the seat by the acceleration as he screams towards the end of the deck. He sees his buddy rising out ahead of him as if being born from the prow of their ship.

Then he is suspended dropping slowly towards the waves as his engines scream speeding him up and slowly he starts to climb. "Roger tower, I'm air born and lifting into light cover.

See you at 1800. Out." He pushes on imaginary throttles by his stick pulled back in his belly. "Yahoo!" He scans the horizon for his pal. Flashing up through light cloud he breaks out into full sun and the world is white, gold and blue.


He scans his instruments and sets a course. "That would be the life. All that power driving you ahead and you have control over it all. Your fingertips determine how much and when and land mass or water doesn't matter, you surge ahead." He decides he will try out for pilot training when he has the chance.

Mary Anne pops in to see Jackie but since she is not there she goes on up to their room. Jack stops on his way through but he's doing a laundry and can't stay long. Mike nods off but is startled awake by Jackie bouncing on the bed beside him. "Wake up, sleepyhead it's near noon.

Horny couple hardcore pussy fucks in many poses

Time for lunch." He stretches and hauls her to him for a kiss. "So how did your morning go in church?" "The Chaplain is a really nice little man.

I don't think he is over five foot tall but he sure sounds bigger when he is behind his pulpit. It was a nice service and I think it was aimed at us new people since he spoke of adultery a lot." "You think, eh?" He scratches his head.

"Not Anglican, I guess or Catholic." "Just Protestant, are you RC?" "Anglican was the choice of my father and I followed it to a point." He stretches, "Let's go for dinner? What's everyone doing? Is Mary Anne in your room?" "Yep, I don't know and Nope, okay?" Mike follows her out of the barracks as she skips along. They join a few others heading the same way. A fresh sea breeze is causing daisies to wave in the flower beds. Mike hears a far off sea gull crying. It's a beautiful Sunday.

After lunch they wander back around the parade square instead of directly home. They see many others relaxing with military haircuts or sunning themselves on blankets. They stop to chat with a few. One by an RCR Barrack. "So what does RCR stand for?" he asks a soldier. "Royal Canadian Regiment or Rough Cunt Ruddies, depends on who's asking," he nods to Jackie.

"Excuse my French, my dear." He winks at her. "What kind of course are you on?" "Heavy artillery. Both firing and hauling of mortars and such. They have a good weapons range here but if we want we can shoot at the RCN craft in the harbor." he grins evilly. Mike laughs, "I guess you have us pegged, we're the new RCN basic course starting this week. AB Mike Claymore at your service and this is Jackie. "So how did you rate that?

Were you in the naval reserve?" "Just lucky I guess, I was in the right spot at the wrong time. The MS hauled me aside and said it's all yours." "It happens and it leaves you wondering if it good or bad. So, what about you, Jackie? How do you like it so far?" "Ask me in a few weeks. So far so good." "Yeah, good answer. Who knows at first. Well good luck to both of you." He heads back into his barracks. They wander on and finally get back to Coho Barracks.

Mike checks inside to see if there has been any activity. All is quiet. Jackie waits for him in the hall and out of idle curiosity inspects the door under the stairs. She's inside poking through things when Mike finds her.

"What have you got there?" "I don't know. It's a box of white canvas platters or something." "Platters? Canvas platters?

What are you into?" "You tell me." she lifts one out of the box and zips it to him like a frisbee. "That's a pork pie hat. It needs a cap tally. Is there any black ribbon with white lettering in that box?" "Black ribbon? Hold on, I think there is down in the bottom.

I can't see in this light." She starts dragging the box to the door. "Yeah, there is. I can see it now." She goes on, "There's gold writing on them." She pulls one out and reads, "HMCS Cornwallis" "Give it here." He puts it around the rim of the flat white cap and asks, "How does that look." He puts it on.

"Wow, that looks good. I knew you'd be handsome in a uniform." He cocks the real mixed wrestling male bodybuilder vs fitness girl a bit more to one side and she shakes her head. "Let me try it on." She fits it on straight then says, "I have to see it. I'm going to the bathroom." She dashes off and Mike follows. He finds her posing and trying it at differing angles in front of the mirrors over the sinks.

"What are these black tails for? "Those are the ties so you don't lose it at sea. They also serve as ear muffs. It gets cold out on the ocean." "I saw a few of these at the mess hall the other day but without the black band I didn't know what they were in that box." She poses. "I think I look fashionable." Mike just rolls his eyes at her and she sticks her tongue out at him.

She asks, "Should we give one to each recruit, do you think?" "Oh, I don't know. I think we better let them issue them next week." "Can't I keep this one? I'm a sailor now." Mike shrugs. He's caught in the middle. He doesn't think she should but he hates to disappoint her. Bev and Jack come in and Bev exclaims, "Where did you get that hat? I simply love it. Can I get one?" Mike tries to say she will be issued one this week but Jackie is saying they are under the front stairs.

The first thing he knows is they are both gone to the front door area and the box. He sees Jack fitting the tally on a hat for her and Jackie pulling another one out of the box. "This one doesn't fit. Is there a bigger one?" "Try this one" Another recruit comes in the front door and wants to know what is going on.

She tries a cap on and Bev runs off to the bathroom to see how hers looks. Jackie is fitting the new one so Mike gives up and goes to his room. He has a bad feeling about these hats. He hears a general hubbub in the hall so he goes to the door. Jackie meets him and is quite excited, "Isn't that something?

Everyone likes the new hats. You better get one before we are all out of your size. I got you one I think will fit you." Mike doesn't know what to say jayden jaymes fingers herself in the bathroom he thanks her and tries it on. Its a good xxx family mom dad sister storys com so he shrugs and says, "I'm not too sure we should have allowed them to have the hats, love." "Why not, we are all sailors now and they are sailor's hats." "Mike smiles resignedly, "I suppose, love." She follows him as he goes into the bathroom to watch the parade of characters admiring themselves in the mirrors.

He just shakes his head without comment. It doesn't really sink in what he has allowed until he spots one of the recruits wearing a white cap to the mess hall for supper.

He cringes and feels his heart sinking in his chest. Now he knows how Pandora felt when she opened the box and its not comfortable.

As they leave the hall every individual wearing a white cap gives him the willies even though most of them are in a legit uniform. He's glad the weekend is coming to a close. When they get back to the barracks they are met by Mary Anne.

"Hi there. I came to get my hat, please." Mike mutters, "Come with me." He checks the box in the hall and finds it empty except for a few tallies.

He turns and tells her, "Sorry, I guess you'll have to wait until our regular issue this week. We seem to be out of them." She turns away looking disappointed so Mike says, "See if this one fits you." He hands her his and she is delighted. He watches her go then packs away the empty box and closes up the storage room. He returns to the room and Jackie resting on the bed. "You gave her yours, didn't you?" He nods. "I thought you would. What do you think of her, Mike?" "Hmm, she's tall, beautiful.

and very Scandinavian, if you know what I mean." "I mean what do you feel about her." "I like her, she's a lot of fun. Don't you?" She nods her head. "I thought you did since you moved in together." He thinks a moment, "And there was that threesome we had." he grins. She admits, "Yeah, there was that. Who would you rather fuck, though? Me or her?" He laughs, "If I had my druthers it would be both but if I had to choose it would be you, hands down.

I think you're the best." She beams all over, "You know I love you, don't you? You're the best, too." She cuddles up to him and soon they are stretched out on the bed together. They focus on a long kiss working their lips slowly over each other feeling every soft indentation and breathing each others exhalations.

His lips slide down her soft but firm chin and hers gently kisses his nose and then his eyelids before he ducks under and kisses her neck. He sucks on the flesh then circles her neck up to an earlobe, licking and kissing. She cries out and scratches his back with her nails but he holds her in his embrace of steel and continues to entice her nibbling her earlobes and then the back of her neck.

She relaxes and he softens his advance snapping her bra catches deftly. She feels wild exhilaration at her breasts set free and pushes him back so she can bite and lick the front of his throat interspersing them with kisses. She pulls his shirt apart and trails her lips down his chest. "Behave!" She poises her teeth on his tit and he stops what he's doing. She kisses and licks it laughing softly.

Now its Mike's turn to reach and caress a swinging orb then touch it with his lips. As his other hands seeks its mate he licks and kisses then resolutely sucks on the distended nipple. Meanwhile she squirms against him seeking to further disrobe him. When she seems certain of success he tells her, "Stop!" "Huh? What?" "I think I better close the door." He grins and gets up to do so. She just watches him hungrily. He comes back and looms over her watching her warily. His hand comes out and tips her back as his other hand grips an ankle.

He slides the ankle and foot through his hand to free the sock and shoe thereon. "Ha, I got your slamming stepmother julia ann and gf alexa grace He quickly bends to lick the inside of her instep. She explodes into action crying, "Ha, I got your sack! I bet you didn't see that coming." She laughs and holds on. "Whoa! Take it easy, woman. Do you want to cripple me?" She releases him so she can grip his belt buckle and slide it open but Mike crushes her in his arms again and they fall onto the cayman islands dlk bar girl as dani daniels sex in outdoor. She can feel his hard penis pushing against her pelvis and she pulls her belly up to feel it slide between her thighs.

Even with their clothes between them it thrills her to feel him there. She tries to bend down so she can align her lips with his cock but there is simply not enough room and he holds her close still. He knows what she is seeking so he does his best to oblige.

He grips her waist and turns her so he can fit his head between her thighs. Slipping fingers under her panties he feels the slippery sodden wetness of her and smiles. She is frantically unzipping his jeans and pushing them over his solid strong ass. She can't wait any more and tries to push his shorts aside but they are caught on his throbbing erection. She pulls them and scratches at them until Mike lifts his hip and she can pull them down with a total finality.

She catches his bobbing cock between her lips and sucks it contentedly for just a moment then lets it slide out of her mouth to kiss and lick it. The head bobs up and down grandpa fucks teenies sweet girls in bedroom threesome with cum sharing her licks and she grins. Mike has slipped her panties completely free and taken her other shoe and sock with it.

He settles to taste her musky sweetness licking first one lip and then the steamy fuck in the sauna filmed by security cam. His tongue explores her outer and then her inner lips. Only then does he allow his tongue to push in deeper to make her whimper in excitement. When she feels him do that with his tongue she sucks on his erection harder. Then she gets smart and eases off to tickle his balls with finger nails as she slides her tongue down the underside of his rod.

She purses her lips and gently sucks on the flesh under his head then whips her tongue around the head itself. then she pumps her head over and over sucking and blowing with energetic force. But Mike is concentrating on making her cum so he slips a finger into her pussy as he licks her clit. He pushes it in and out of her then adds a second finger. He licks and gently starts to suck on her clit in its hood. He can feel the tiny rough spot just inside the front of her opening and so he starts to beckon with the two finger rubbing them lightly over the spot each time.

She can feel her head getting light and her body feels separated from her. Up her back the hair stands on end. She knows he is pushing her so damn close and she wants it, she wants it so damn bad now! For a moment all is clear and she pushes away the bright lights. She thinks, 'I will make you cum first if it kills me.' She subtly wiggles like she knows she does when she orgasms.

She works her hand up and down his shaft in abandon. Although perilously close to getting his he remains alert to her actions and is almost fooled by her movements but some sixth sense tells him she is fooling him. He slurps his tongue purposely deep and then wiggles his tongue right on her clit. That does it. She fools him no more. She writhes and cries out his name over and over. Of course that does it for him as well. He explodes deep inside her filling her mouth rapidly with his jets of hot ejaculate.

She adds fluid discharges of her own to his waiting mouth and they both swallow repeatedly in rapture. They come down from their high relaxing against each other. They both claim they made the other cum first and neither of them are 100% sure but now fully naked and relaxed they play with each others' bodies.

Now they are very sensitive to touch so they quickly excite each other. "What do you want to try first?" He absent mindedly caresses her pussy lips. "Whatever you would like, my love." She strokes his penis making it grow fatter. "I thought he must do that. He feels thicker sometimes inside me." "Of course he does. Just like your inner lips fill with voluptuous indulgence when you are aroused. They distend and swell to bloat with blood the same as my cock does.

It's one way we can tell how aroused each other is. "Can you feel it with your finger like that. I feel him inside me." "Yep, I can feel how swollen you are inside and how slippery you are, both good indicators of how ready you are." "So why aren't you fucking me then?" "I'm thinking quite seriously about that." To punctuate this he draws her up in his lap and guides her to slip down over his erection.

She wiggles and settles herself. "That's much better." She pushes herself up with bent legs and lets herself settle again then does it again and again. "But that's not fair.

I am doing all the work." "I suppose if I were to lay back like this, I could shove upwards into you like this. Would you like that better?" She bounces up and down, "That feels good. oops good inside all the way. oops way up to my tits." she giggles and bounces for quite a while. Then Mike relaxes and tells her it is her turn.

She squirms and bounces on him then swings herself around to face him and do it some more. Mike can feel cold fluid running down his ass cheeks and down his legs to his knees.

He figures she can feel the same so he suggests, "Why don't you lie down here beside me and let me enter you from behind. It will be easier for us both and give us a breather.

As she changes position he glances at his watch and finds it is after ten. They have been at it for over three hours now so he feels it won't last much longer. He thinks back to other women and cannot think of anyone with whom he has lasted this long. It must be because he wants to give her pleasure, not take it for himself. He thinks she is doing the same. He eases into her spooning with her from behind. He can feel that this is going to bring them both to an orgasm if they keep it up.

The head of his cock is sliding over her G spot inside and the ridge down the back of his cock is further sliding along her G spot. It is stimulating him as bad as her because that area is so sensitive. He listens for her to start panting and pushing back to him in rhythm. He hears what he is waiting for but fears its too late. His balls are tingling and although he makes his stroke shallower he cannot stop the inevitable. He knows it but he holds on meeting her movements with sure confidence awaiting her cries.

She whimpers and sees stars exploding behind her eyes. She can't seem to control her body and knows she is shaking. Sensation is centered in her loins and the excitement emanates from there. Then she feels the pressure and knows he is filling her with his seed. She cries out in triumph. She has given him her all and he has filled her needs.

She lies immobile in his arms pressed back against him with his cock still in her but it is slackening and will soon slip out of her. His juices and hers flow freely to puddle under them and still they remain attached.

"Mike, we are going to have an awful mess to sleep in, dear." "Yep." "Shouldn't we get up now? "Yep." "You're not moving." "Yep." "Michael!" "Jacqueline!" She spins around on him and catches his face in her hands.

"I do love you. I most surely do." She kisses him. "I think I feel the same." He stretches to get up and leave the bed. They pull the sheets off the bed and pull robes around themselves. They haul the sheets to the washing machine and themselves to the shower then they put the sheets in the dryer. By then its midnight so they go back to bed together to spend one more night in each others arms.

Chapter 7 Pay the Piper Another commotion awakens Mike and Jackie. The door bangs open and the MS stomps in. "Why are you still in. for God's sakes, what are you doing sleeping together again? Young lady, do you have a room upstairs?" "Yes." "I suggest you get to it and get dressed.

Don't dawdle, get out!" he steps outside but pokes his head inside, "and Michael, I want to talk to you so get dressed now!" Wrapped in her robe Jackie grabs her clothes and leaves. As she goes the MS reenters the room. "We start the day around here at eight or nine, depending where you are working.

Since you people are on basic training you will be on the parade square every weekday morning at eight am. Do you read me?" "Yes, Master Seaman. "Now that means inked blonde hussy rides a thick rod creampie will have had breakfast before that time if you desire it. The mess hall opens at six am. I can excuse you this morning, you didn't know. You better get everyone out on that parade square as fast as you can.

You catch this floor and I'll take care of upstairs. Did I see that stair posted?" "Yes Master Seaman." "Hmm, good job. Okay, get going." "Does that mean I am still an Able Seaman?" The MS grins, "So far so good. We'll see." Mike hustles around and gets everyone moving.

He gets back near his room when he hears the MS's voice raised over something. He hurries and sees them, the MS and Jack pulling the box from under the stairs.

People are lining up to drop their hats into the box. Some are going back to their rooms to get theirs. Its a good hour before they are finally assembled. The MS tries to have them march together and they do fairly well to a classroom.

The MS has them seated and awaits an instructor. While waiting hot latina mariah gets cash for a pussy pounding asks Mike, "Have you got any more surprises for me? Mike shudders when he thinks.

"I don't see the kids back that got twenty-four hours leave. I suppose I have to answer for that." "No, that's the Duty Officer's problem. He signed the passes although I am surprised he gave one to both of them." "Uh Bruce, I signed them." "No, the gate wouldn't let them out without an Officer's signature on them." "I don't know, they didn't come back." The MS looks troubled, "You really signed their passes?

I mean signed at the bottom?" "Uh, yes." "Oh God, I can't believe it!" At that an instructor comes in the door and the MS introduces them. He tells the instructor he has business at the gate house and leaves. "Okay, as the MS said, I am Sub-Lieutenant Groggins and I will be working with you often in the area of personal orientation.

We'll start off with roll call so please sing out when I call your name. Now I want you to write down the room number I give you when you answer the roll call." "I think the women will be all in one barrack block but you fellows will be spread out in at least two differing blocks." He looks down at his clipboard. "Ron Aldridge." "Here, sir." "Ron, you are in Beaver Block and your room is seventeen." The SLt continues with the roll call and assigning rooms.

When he is finished he says, "Here's your schedule for today. You have a short one but a lot to do. We will be here doing orientation till noon and then lunch." "At exactly 1300 hours you will all be on the parade square ready for one hour's drill. After that you will be dismissed to return to your temporary quarters and get moved to your assigned rooms.

That will complete your day's assignments for today. "Tomorrow morning at 0800 you will return to this classroom for further orientation. I would advise you early on to get yourselves in the habit of being prompt. Tardiness is not tolerated in the service so start off with a resolution to always be on time. Are there any questions? Don't be shy, ask away. Yes, is it Beverly? You have a question?" "When can we leave the base?" "For what purpose, Beverly?" She shrugs, "Shopping, I guess." "There's a commissary here near the mess hall that carries most anything you might need.

Have you checked it?" "I mean for personal use like to go swimming or dating?" "We have an Olympic sized pool here but I am glad you mentioned dating. The MS asked me to have a word with you folks about dating in the service. Fraternization between the sexes is not encouraged in the service for many obvious reasons." "I'm not referring to pregnancy only but also the physical, mental and even the financial consequences that can lead to complications.

I'm not saying that some activity does not exist throughout the service but it is highly frowned upon. We are relied upon by the population of this great nation to do a job of protecting their liberties and so we have to make some sacrifices to ensure we are on duty and vigilant always. Think of your selves as cogs in the machine of defense. Do your job faithfully and you will be rewarded with honor by family and friends. Someone mutters, "If we don't date how will we have family?" and everyone laughs.

"Settle down now. Are there any other questions?" Bev exclaims, "You mean I can't sleep with my boyfriend once in a while?" Jackie pipes up, "He means you keep it behind closed doors. Keep it private." Bill speaks in a loud whisper, "Just ask the slut, she knows!" which brings a hard glare from Mike. The instructor interjects, "I did not say that, I said. Now, I don't want you speaking out in class that way.

I would ask that you raise your hand and only speak when asked to. Now I have some forms for you to fill in concerning your health and privacy and also some health forms for you to sign." He proceeds to pass out paper, paper and more paper. "You can expect this week to be getting settled in.

That includes haircuts, vaccinations, clothing issuance, scheduling and all the assorted miscellaneous that goes with the military life. By this time next week you will find yourself fitting into a routine." Time goes by quickly and soon they are on their way to lunch. There's a lot of chatter throughout the group and a rumor is going around about the couple who went on leave.

They are still not back and there's some doubt about where they were going even. They confided in a friend they were going partying. Mike groans when he hears this. He tries to hurry everyone along to get back on the parade square by one.

There are only a few stragglers but the MS is quite upset with them and screams at them to get into three ranks. When the last one is in place he takes them to task. "I have sixty minutes to teach you certain moves and so I make up a lesson plan. My lesson plan is based on sixty minutes, not fifty two or forty eight. Keeping that in mind I would appreciate you arriving on time or before the time you need to be here." He looks at Mike, "You can help me with that." "Yes, Master Seaman." "Okay, we are going to be joined in a moment by our drill instructor and here he comes now.

Squad, this is RCR Sergeant Wendell Berger." He turns to the sergeant and says, "It's all yours, Wend. I guess I'm your dummy for today but I do have to leave a bit later." "I'll keep that in mind, Bruce." He addresses the squad, "I am a sergeant in the regular army.

I'm with the Royal Canadian Regiment, Second Battalion and I am here on an instructor's training course so my duties are two fold. Like you I am a student part of the time. You'll find I am a fair minded individual most of the time but I do yell a lot. Its not personal, just part of my job, ladies and gents." "First I am going to rearrange you so you all can see. I want the center rank, that's the second rank to turn right and the rear rank to turn left. Go ahead and make that turn. Now we are going to form a U shaped group so second rank, quick march!

Left turn. That's it, second rank, halt!" He does the same with the rear rank going the other way. "The first command you are going to learn is the attention position.

Your group leader will address you as Squad or Group or Parade. He will follow that with the command ah ten hah. When he or she calls out that command you will assume the attention position which your Master Seaman will now demonstrate." "Note the chin up, eyes straight ahead, chest out, arms straight down by your sides with thumbs lined up with your trouser seams" he walks around the MS pointing, "legs straight and together with toes pointed out from the center at ten and two o clock.

He doesn't move or fidget about. It is a position of offering full attention to what is happening around you. You are ready for action." "Now I would like you all to assume that position in your place and feel what its like. The MS and I will come around to check you and make sure you have it right." They proceed to do that and correct errors all along the way.

"Okay we have to hurry on now, we got started late. The second position we will practice is 'Stand At Ease'. This is a relaxed position of the Attention that balances your weight over a wider stance. Your MS will now demonstrate, from the Attention to Stand At Ease. He has pushed his left leg out twelve inches and clasped his hands behind his back." He clasps his hands behind his back turning so the other side can see. "Okay, let's see how you do it. Once again, we will check you." They practice moving from the Attention to the Stand At Ease position as they are checked.

The MS has to go so he introduces Mike as the AB. "I guess you can see how its done. I see you are doing it well. Just make sure they are doing it like you do." They practice a bit more. "We have one more position to cover today. This is the Stand Easy position. In the Stand At Ease position you are still in a rigid state ready for further orders but in the Stand Easy position you are allowed to fully relax moving your arms and body freely all except your feet.

Your feet do not move. You cannot talk or smoke but otherwise you are free to relax." "Mike, would you take the At Ease position. That's it so from here I would command him, 'Stand Easy!' and you now can move your hands to relax them or your torso to further relax your upper body.

You do not move your feet but this position is so easy to carry out that you can be left in the position for hours and should have no problem. Shake your hands there Mike, show them how relaxing it is. The rest of you can try it and then we will try running through the commands. Just check them, Mike." He does the same on his side then goes back to the front." "Just stay there in the center, Mike. Now all together, Ah ten huh! That's it, the attention position. Don't move around now. Class, 'Stand at Ease'.

Quickly now, put that foot out there and clasp those hands behind your backs. Don't move around, you are still in a parade position. 'Class Ah ten huh.' Wait for it and move together.

'Class Stand at Ease.' That's better. "Class, Stand Easy.' That's it, you got it." The balance of their time is spent practicing those three maneuvers over and over. At the end their MS comes back to join them and takes over to dismiss them. He tells them they have the rest of the day to move to their permanent quarters and will be expected to go to the same class room they were in that morning by 0800 tomorrow.

Then its, 'Class Dismissed'. No one needs instructions on what to do after that. He calls Mike over and explains, "They have found those kids out on leave.

They're in jail in Middleton which isn't nearly half way to Halifax. They are under arrest for drunken behavior and disorderly conduct. It is likely the service will bail them out but make them pay out of their wages for any damages and repay the Government.

I suspect we will both have to face the music over this and perhaps the gate keeper as well. Just a heads up, Mike. I wanted to keep you in the picture." "Thanks, Bruce. I'm sorry for the upset I set in motion. "We'll get through it but you might lose that hook before its done." They part and Mike goes to pack up his belongings.

Jackie is sitting in his room pouting. He inquires, "What's the problem, love?" "We're not going to be able to keep sleeping together. Doesn't that make you sad, too?" "Yes, but that's the service. I signed on with them so I guess I have to go along with their rules.

Besides we'll still sneak into each others bed occasionally, I am sure. The MS as good as admitted they have a problem enforcing that rule." She brightens up and says, "Can I help you pack?" They pack him up and then clean the room. When everything looks like the day he arrived they stand in the hall. Mike removes the signs from his door.

He asks, "Are you all packed?" "Nope. Are you asking if you can help me? Yep. Follow me." They go up to the head of the stairs and step inside. It looks like a whirlwind has blown through. Mike comments, "It looks like Mary Anne has gone, I see." Jackie just shakes her head and pulls down a suitcase from the closet. She starts opening drawers and filling the case. Mike pitches in father and daughter incest in mainstream movies help her.

They are soon done. She says, "I suppose we better clean up." "Do you have a shovel?" She rolls her eyes but starts cleaning. With two working it goes quickly and they are soon done. They haul her baggage down to the lower entrance where Mike's is waiting by his door. Jackie steps back into the room and sighs, "I'm going to miss this room, love. We really made this place home." Mike nods. She pats the bed, "Once more for old times sake?" "It's nearly supper time." he studies her, "perhaps a quickie." She smiles and slides her hands down inside the front of her pants.

She has a twinkle in her eye. She shoves both pants and panties down her hips then farther turning her back to Mike. Slowly she shoves them down farther and bends over reaching to grip her ankles. "I'm all yours, handsome." She wiggles her hips and pushes her pussy back towards him.

Mike chuckles softly as he frees his semi-erect tool that is fast growing. He strokes it absent mindedly as he fingers her nether lips with his other hand. He's surprised how wet she is as he plays with her. Running his fingers lightly up and down brushing her wet lips he feels her tense waiting his invasion. He positions his rod's hot tip just inside her opening and slides it up and down in her sheath spreading abundant natural lubricant.

He shoves it in partway and allows her to steady herself before he shoves again. She moans, "Drive it in me, Mike. Fuck me hard!" He hunches to better drive it in her fast and deep. Soon he hears the slap, slap, slap of his balls against her belly and his pelvis against her ass. She squeals and calls to drive him on. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Oh, do it to threesome with the waiter pornstars group sex now!" and "Fill my cunt with lots of spunk, Mike.

Fill me with your seed!" Mike drives into her in a fury roiling in her heat and her slippery pocket. He drives deeper and all too soon he feels pressure building in his balls.

He cries out, "Here I come, gal. I can feel it. I'm going to explode!" "Yes! Yes! Do it, Mike! Fill me full!" He drives in deep and lets loose with a burst to fill her quickly followed by a second and third lesser charge. Sperm is running down the backs of her legs and still he drives limply and squirts more.

He withdraws and says, "Damn, now we have to clean up again." She laughs, "I think I need a shower. or at least a couple towels." "I got a couple in my closet there. I'll get them for you and then we can throw them in with the dirty linen." He does that and soon they are going to their new barracks. "I'll see you at the mess cheating blonde stripper fucked doggystyle on spy camera for supper shortly. Okay?" "Sounds good.

See you." He hurries to Skeena Block and room twenty one at the head of the stairs. He finds he is the sole occupant at this time. There is two wide single beds in the room, two closets with built in desks and lamps.

In the center of the room under the window is a table with two chairs. To the right and left of the table are comfortable easy chairs.

He slats his luggage in one of the closets with his briefcase and puts a padlock he has brought with him on the closet door. Satisfied he heads down the stairs and to the nearby Mess hall. As quick as he is, Jackie is there waiting for him.

"What's your room like? I'm on the ground floor with another girl. I don't know who she is yet." "I'm by myself for now and my room is just about where yours was back in Coho Block. Head of the stairs at the front. Room twenty one in Skeena Block. I figure forty rooms with two in each, planned accommodations for eighty." "Did you see Mary Anne?" She shakes her head in the negative.

"I think she's outgrown us, Jackie." Jackie agrees. They enjoy supper together but then reluctantly part to go put their rooms in order. Their kiss is long and sweet. Its a quiet evening for the group unpacking and sorting what they want to put where.

Now he has an address he takes time to write risky public teen squirt vol masturbation and gingerspyce letter to his sister informing her of his first impressions of the Navy.

Of course many of these are incorrect but he will learn that as time goes by. He tacks his schedule by the mirror in his closet and notes next Monday it says Barracks Inspection first thing in the morning. He wonders who does that. He sets his alarm and crawls into bed early. His letter to his sister is on his desk and he can see the edge of it.

It sets him to wondering how they are fairing at home and soon his mind settles on Grace. He compares her sweet innocence to Jackie's worldliness. Of course Virginia flashes through his mind and he nonchalantly strokes himself comparing all three.

He is young and hormones rage in his body so he seeks relief in the time honored way of youth. Bathed in soft moonlight in a state of half-sleep Mike feels the ardor of his past partners all balled up into one perfect union.

His touch exquisite hottie is showing her stretched tight snatch in close up their touches become one and the same to carry him to that penultimate place where release is possible.

His ejaculate pools on his belly as he drifts off to sleep. Mike misses Jackie at breakfast time but dines with Jack and Bev along with another couple he hasn't become familiar with yet. Couples have a tendency to relate to other couples and seldom include singles in their mix. Jackie is waiting to greet him in the classroom and share intimate touches before facing the day. The instructor comes in to do roll call and notes they have added four new people. Mike notices that there is still no sign of the two he gave the passes to.

The women are sent to stores to be outfitted with uniforms while the men are sent for haircuts. Its a traumatic day for them as springy locks fall to the floor and the newly shorn heads appear. Joking and kidding does not suffice for some who quickly leave with a tear on their cheek. After lunch it is men to supply and the ladies report for preventative medicine.

By doing the ladies first that gives them the opportunity to tease the guys about the 'Square Needle'. The square needle is legendary in military annals. It is supposed to streamline the many inoculations required by supplying four serums at one time with a four headed needle leaving an exact square pattern in the skin afterwards.

Many a stout hearted recruit has faced the inoculations with acute trepidation. By the end of the day everyone has uniforms with instructions on their proper use and decent haircuts. They are beginning to look much more like service personnel. At supper Mike hears a rumor that the couple he gave passes are in the MPs lockup at the base. He enquires but no one will confirm or deny it. Wednesday they start with a period of Service history and at 0900 its out to the parade square.

After an hour of breaking in those new boots its time for a break and non stop joy for luscious babe with jugs at a time of the guys are sent off for needles. The rest continue to drill.

Being one of the last of the men to go for needles Mike is approached by Bruce during a break. "Those two you gave passes are in the guardhouse. It looks like they will be rejoining the course but they are on report so they will have to go up before the old man. Likely we will have to go either with them or separate." He cracks a crooked smile and nods.

"Looks like you are next to get your needles. Watch out for that square one." Mike groans. Since there are all women left the rest of the squad is dismissed for an early lunch. The Sergeant calls out, "1300 its back to the classroom." "You could have told me they were only kidding. I don't really think that's funny." Mike is talking to Jackie while her and Mary Anne are giggling behind their hands.

"The funny part is that you ever believed them, " They keep trying to stifle their laughter. "A square four headed needle? Come on!" Mary Anne whispers, "I have some prime real estate in Florida you might be interested in sight unseen." and that hot amazing babe plays with cock hardcore and massage them off again.

After lunch they assemble in the classroom for a class on Naval law. It is basic stuff that every sailor should know but Jackie jessica marie loves to blow his cock fascinated. She argues over the most minute points before accepting certain laws as fact.

Its sex stories 2160p amazing gonna cum announced dldmasturbation but she loses the interest of the whole class in time. A lot of them are glad to be done except the option is two hours on the parade square.

They haven't started marching yet but movements as a group while standing in one spot are starting to come together. The Sergeant starts, "Alright people, form up in three ranks." They comply quickly. "Group, Right Dress!" They raise their right arm to set an arms length between each sailor in the front rank and the ones in the second and third rank cover them off. "Group, Eyes Front!" They drop their arms and face front.

"Group, Stand At Ease!" and thereafter. "Group, Stand Easy!" "Okay, I want everyone to pay attention up here. Our MS is going to demonstrate with me the right, left and about turn while standing. The command will be "MS Only, Right Turn. Do you see it? It's a two part movement." He demonstrates again slower. "It's a pivot on the ball of the left foot and the heel of the right.

Then bring the left foot up to the attention position again." He demonstrates a couple more times. "Now you try it just where you are.

Feel how your feet move with the pivot and the half step." He and the MS walk among them checking. He goes back to the front. "I think you got the idea. So let's try the left turn. It's just the same only turning the opposite way." he demonstrates, "This time it's the ball of the right foot and the heel of the left and bring the right foot up to join the left.

They all work on that for a while. "Okay, we have one more move to cover today. It's the about turn. Tell me how you think we would do that." He points to Bill. "Just turn around, I guess." "Yeah, that makes sense, doesn't it? Except this is the military, so you know it's not going to be that easy, don't you?" He gets a few chuckles, "It's another two part move.

As with the right turn we pivot on the ball of the left but go all the way around and then bring that foot back to the other. You'll note we hardly move from the spot by pivoting on the heel of the right." He demonstrates and has them try it. The Sergeant looks quickly at this watch.

"Let's break up and see what we can do with this. Front Rank Only, Right Turn!" He shakes his head, "Needs some work. Front Rank Only, Quick March!" He has caught them off guard completely but they quickly pick up the pace. He watches them and calls, "Front Rank Only, Halt!" They bunch up a bit but settle into a line. "Front Rank Only, Left Turn." and he calls, "Not bad. Now Rear Rank Only, Left Turn!" He grins, "And you people were laughing at them.

Go with them, MS. Rear Rank Only, Quick March!" He watches them move off then calls, "Rear Rank Only, Halt. Rear Rank Only, Right Turn!" "Okay, MS and AB, exercise your people. Try using all the commands we have covered. I'll work with the center rank. Mike steps out from the end of the column and speaks to them.

"I don't want you gaping around, I want you paying attention to me. Let's show them all up." He gets up his courage and bellows, "Front Rank, Stand At Ease!" Although he catches them off guard they quickly catch on. "Front Rank, Ah ten huh!" They are right on. "Front Rank, Right.

now, wait for it! Front Rank, Right Turn!" He is proud of them. They are flawless. "Front Rank, About Turn!" They completely blow it. Some even try to do it to the left. Even the Sergeant can't help but grin and Mike thinks they are all looking at him. "Well, go back the way you were." No one seems sure where they were.

"Alright just form a line facing me." They do that. "Now what went wrong there? Bev, what do you think?" "I think we don't have practice doing the about turn from any other position than this one so we got confused." "Does everybody agree?" There's a lot of yeses and heads nod in agreement.

"Are we going to have that problem when you are turned around using the about turn and I tell you left turn or right turn. You must use your head and listen to what is being called.

Alright, Front Rank, About Turn!" It's sloppy but they all get it. That's great, now Front Rank Right Turn!" It's good. "Front Rank, About Turn! That's really good. Now, Front Rank, Left Turn!" They all end up facing him and Mike is delighted. "Front Rank, Stand At Ease!" and, "Front Rank, Stand Easy." "I think you guys are doing very well now.

I'm really pleased." Let's run through it a few times and I bet we are the best." They do practice quite a bit more for another fifteen minutes and then the sergeant gets them all together.

He works them through the motions then dismisses them. Now it is back to the classroom for a free period where they can question the MS, discuss military life or study periodicals and other written materials. Mike pairs off with Jackie and tells her about the return of the AWOL couple. "What will they do to them?" "I'm not sure.

Maybe brig time or they could be discharged, I suppose. I don't think they will go that hard on them, though from what Bruce says. Even though they did purposely set out to deceive us, it appears. There was no death in Halifax that they have been able to confirm.

They simply wanted to go partying." "Are they going to hold you responsible?" "Me and Bruce, I guess. He for trusting me and me for signing the damn pass. I didn't have that kind of authority." "Why didn't they stop them at the gate?" "They did. They made them come back for a pass. I guess when they came back with a pass they were busy and just waved them through." "It doesn't seem right that they hold you responsible and you had no training regarding the rules.

Its like us sleeping together, they don't tell you these things and seem to think you should know this stuff." Mike grins, "I see you are still thinking of becoming a service lawyer. I want you on my side." She winks, "I prefer on top or even on the bottom but I wouldn't turn down on our sides." They both chuckle. She goes on, "How are we going to get together tonight? You want to, don't you?" "Of course I do. I'm aching to hold you in my arms." "God, I want you deep inside me.

I'm so wet," she shifts her hips closer to his behind their desks. "Just feel me." Mike slips his hand down to cover her panties between her spread thighs. He lightly exquisite doll is showing off her opened narrow twat in closeup his fingers up and down her opening's surface. She pushes her bottom into his hand. Her panties are sodden with female fluids that feel slick and slippery to his touch. He can't help it, he stiffens quickly.

"You are wet! We have to do something about that. Now I'm getting hard. and that's an understatement! I couldn't stand up now and I'm leaking!" He thinks back to Virginia and whispers, "Just go to the bathroom. I'll see you there." "The women's? I'll watch for you there." She stands and speaks to the instructor, then leaves. Mike relaxes for a few minutes then asks the instructor if he could be excused to go to the washroom.

Getting his permission he quickly leaves. Jackie sees him coming and waves at him twats amp booties are licked masturbation and smalltits to come inside. She puts a finger to her lips. Mike looks quizzically at her and she points to an occupied booth. He hesitates but she pulls him to an end stall.

Inside she throws her arms around his neck and kisses him passionately. She slips her hands down his belly while they are kissing and undoes his belt and pants then tries to push them down as she wiggles against him. Its very narrow in the stall so Mike has to co-operate.

He helps her get his pants down around his ankles. She pushes him back to sit on the toilet. Mike quickly reaches down to pull his pants up to just under his knees while she pulls up her skirt turning. She shoves her panties down and tries to sit in his lap. Mike places a hand on her back to guide her as she kicks the panties off one foot and lowers herself to his throbbing rod. Mike slows her and uses a thumb to open her slit.

He runs his thumb up her lips teasing her sora aoi in front of making her shake to get down on him.

He guides her back and feels her lips with his penis head so he rubs her opening with the head. She tries to sit and it goes crossways so she has to raise herself again.

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She hisses, "Keep still. I can't get it in!" Mike shushes her and let's her settle onto his hardness. They hear a toilet flush and listen for any other noise. There's a scuffling and Mike raises his legs against the door of the stall. They hear water running and then that stops and a paper towel rustles. They wait holding their breaths. When the door thuds shut they both sigh. Mike says, "I hope that's our only visitor." "I thought she would never leave." She starts to move in his lap.

"Oh God, that feels so good. I've wanted that cock inside me all day. Give it to me, baby!" He strains to drive up into her and she bounces to get a real rhythm going and soon they sound like a washing machine in the small booth.

Suddenly they hear a feminine giggle and the thud of the bathroom door closing. They stop. "What the hell?" "I think she made it sound like she left then listened to us.

I think she's gone now. I wonder who it was?" "I don't think anyone from our class was out when we left." She asks, "Can you keep on going?" Then finishes, "Oh, I guess you can." Soon they are threatening to break the toilet they are sitting on with their actions and Jackie is the first to cry out.

Her cries are mostly moans and squeals of excitement at her pleasure. Her orgasm goes on and on and then starts over again to her surprise. She can't get her breath as she almost collapses on Mike and that causes him to whisper urgently, "Hang on, love. I'm cumming!" She rights herself and feels it starting again inside her as she feels his hot gush hot oral sex and wild anal sex hardcore and blowjob semen fill her.

He drives up hard in her to inject her with more cream that quickly gushes around his cock and drips from his balls. Once again he fills her as she thrashes in her latest orgasm.

She feels pressure to pee and can't hold it back as she wilts on him. "Oh Mike, I'm sorry. I couldn't stop it." She gets up off his lap quickly and reaches for toilet paper to clean up. Her face is a hot red flush but Mike caresses her cheek and tells her he doesn't think its pee. "I heard somewhere that some women ejaculate like a man if the session is extremely intense.

With our having to wait last night and the sneaking into here and someone almost catching us, I think that did it. or it might have been the multiple orgasms." He feels his thigh, "Feel this, its slippery. Its not pee." He searches his memory of his copy of Joy of Sex that he has owned for two years. Prior to acquiring his dog eared copy from a used bookstore he used to rely on Terry's old copy of The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Sex he got years ago by mail order.

Gingerly she touches his thigh and then runs her finger through it. "Your right. I never did that before. I'm not sure I want to do it again.

Let's get back to class busty ebony chick missionary cum inside pussy creampie shaved someone comes." Mike kids her, "I think we both come already." They clean up and return to the class.

Everyone titters when they come in so they decide it must have been someone from the class that was in the washroom with them. Soon it's the end of another day and tomorrow is a one week anniversary. So far they have made it and Mike still has his one hook. Way to go, Able Seaman!