Tall ebony slut loves to get cum all over her face

Tall ebony slut loves to get cum all over her face
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This is a sequel story to 'Helping out Claire'. It should be obvious what things are about, but you may want to read the other story first in order to get the whole idea.

I thought over and over about what Claire's punishment should be. I didn't want to be cruel or hurt her. I really just also wanted to have some more, mutual, naughty fun, though this time, at her expense. After she told me about how she had made the wall cupboards so difficult to remove, I thought that she ought to be punished for that, although be it in a nice way. I hoped she might like it. I just had to find out what I could get away with! After our previous few weekends of love making, I knew she was not adverse to a bit of kinky stuff.

In fact she seemed to love it. She got so excited when tied and blind-folded that I could make her cum without even touching her. In that state, if I sucked or even stroked her cunt she just seemed to quake, until tranced-out.

It was bliss for me too; you can only imagine what that it like to watch. When I told her how hot she was to watch she would just silently open her mouth and wait for me to fill it; and fill it I did.

She would hang her head back, off the side of the bed, and then I was really in love. I could slide the whole length of my dick into her mouth and down her throat.

It was bliss as she gaged and swallowed on me. I thanked God for giving this girl to me. I am a very lucky man! These events gave me some new ideas for 'The Punishment'. These ideas were nothing if not unconventional! Recently in our neighbourhood an adult store had opened. It had blacked-out windows and so it is impossible to see inside. However this place got me thinking that perhaps there could be something in here with which 'The punishment' could be performed.

I got up my courage, and when the place seemed quiet, I hesitantly entered. Mom teach of son how fuck was everything in there that one could ever imagine or hope for. Magazines, DVDs, dildos, bondage & other sex equipment, blow-ups dolls and what's more, a very nice girl running the place! She was quite slim; probably only around 21 years, 5"4', 7 stone.

As I entered she gave me a wonderful, warm, sexy smile. "Welcome to Stephanie's House of Fun", she said. "Is there anything in particular you are looking for, or that I can help you with today?" The situation and her beauty, I must admit, caught me by surprise.


I only managed to stutter that "I just wanted to have a look around if that's OK, for now" and then wandered off, into the store proper. I felt like a fool as my heart raced. She must get men like me in everyday, brain-frozen and unable to speak coherently to her. What an idiot I am! I kept kicking myself as I looked around the store.

As I walked and took in the sights, my pulse began to slowly return back to normal. Once I felt I could again speak normally I walked back to the reception desk. The girl (who as it turned out is Stephanie) was still there.

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I quietly explained my situation and that I wanted us to have some fun; but with me in control of it. She again smiled a wide smile and whispered, "Sounds like you need The Egg." I questioned "The Egg?" "Yes.", she explained, "It's a small vaginal toy, very popular. Essentially a radio controlled vibrator." My dick jumped as I thought of it.

This sounded just like the fun I was looking for. I quickly agreed with her and purchased it. "Lucky girl", she said smiling. "Lucky me", I thought back. When I got back to my place I quickly removed 'The Egg' from its packaging and started to read the instructions. 'Six AAA batteries are required, not supplied.' Etc., etc… Then a warning clause, 'Do not use this product in public places. This product may occasionally cause fast and unpredictable orgasms.' "Sounds like just couple in pussy licking and blowjob in bedroom hardcore couples thing", I smiled.

I made no mention of the new toy to Claire until we were at work the next day. I explained that I had decided on her punishment, but thought she would find it as much fun as I would.


She looked a little worried. Around 10 o'clock I took her upstairs. She now seemed quite apprehensive of what was to come.

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I thought to myself, "Don't worry, it is only you that have to cum". I locked the office door and informed her a bit about the new toy I had purchased.

I felt it best not to mention the remote activation at this time. At this she seemed to brighten and seemed relieved I had nothing bad planned. I stripped her top off, gradually bent her over the desk and slowly pulled down her skirt and panties. I knelt and licked her sweet cunt until it was very moist and seeping down her legs.


It was all I could do not to fuck her now; her beautiful arse, pussy and the tattoos around her waist. I then took The Egg from my pocket and slowly turned it and worked it into her pussy.

She amazing chick exposes her delights softcore amateur in her breath at it; it was quite thick around the middle. She tightened her pussy muscles and pulled it fully in. It was a wonderful sight; with the hanging string loop the only sign of it being there. I knew from the packaging, the rest of the pleasures were yet to come. We kissed briefly then went back down into the shop. As she descended the stairs she seemed to get accustom to the intrusion in her tight, moist pussy.

As we re-entered the shop she walked again as normal. "Today", I mused, "We are going to have some real fun". I held the remote in my pocket waiting for the first, best moment to strike. I could not concentrate on my work. I kept waiting for the fun to begin. I decided that because she met and booked-in the customers machines, this would be the place to get her un-expecting best. After an agonising wait, eventually a young looking guy brought his machine in for repair.

My heart pounded with the excitement of things to come. I knew what I could do with this remote device. I waited until around half-way through the book-in procedure and then pushed the remote on for 'pulse'. The effect was instant; Claire immediately lost her train of thought and looked back to me as I smiled back at her.

The Egg would have been buzzing her, in sopping wet un-expecting pussy at full speed. This was something which I had neglected to mention that may well happen. She opened her mouth and silently mouthed "No, please, don't do that again to me again, not yet, not now." But for me, this was just the starting of things. I again let my finger push the button and waited again.

She shot me back a black glare; I pulsed pussy her again. This time I could see her legs begin to quiver, and she told the guy that she had to sit down a minute. I turned it off. He assumed that she was not feeling too well and did not ask further. Once his PC was booked he left. She came at me then, very angry. I explained that she had her fun with me, with the cupboards, and that now it was natasha plays with her pussy and amazing tits time.

She sighed admitted that this perhaps would make us equal. I replied that I guested so. And that also asked," Anyway, was it not feeling very nice for you?" She looked down and said they it did indeed feel very nice, but that she did not want to be so embarrassed again. She had come so hard; she had lost it in front of a customer. Again my dick twitched. The thought of her losing it in front of a customer was really sexy I told her to come out the back and tidy up the stock cupboard.

As there was no one around I thought I would be nice to hand-cuff her to it, which I did. She looked so good chained to the cupboard that I guess I kind of lost it. I then decided it would be a good time to show her the non-pulse continual action of our new toy. This was money well spent. As 'The Egg' pulsed over and over continually inside her she moaned and came so hard I thought she would black out.

First she got to her knees and shouted like the end of the world. Then that was not enough. Her legs gave way and she rolled onto her side. After a lot of screaming she just lay there, mouth open, silent. I thought that I should now do the good thing and turn the remote off. But her face was such a picture that I could not help but turn it up to full-wack and give her a good blast. She stayed still for a while, then, shook like she was having a fit.

I then got very scared and turned it off. I now felt bad and frightened and held her tight. As she slowly regained her breath and her eyes re-focused I started to feel relief that she was OK. It seemed it would all be good fun, but I think she must be just too sensitive for that much stimulation. I think she will have to get me aback for this one. Shit this is going to be bad! PS. I don't know if you other people feel this way, I I am getting pissed the limited posting.

I have i go though post and re-insert paragraphs etc. Please PM me if you know a better place!. PS I am only starsing out, so please don't thrash me yet!