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Chapter 1: A VISIT TO THE MINISTRY Hermione knows the words shouldn't have come out of her mouth, but it is too late to take them back. Watching Professor Umbridge deny the existence of Voldemort and make Harry look like a fool in front of everything has just been too much for her. She couldn't help standing up in the middle of class and defending her friend.


The look on her Professor's face, however, makes regret instantly wash over her. She won't take what she said back, though. She stands by her words, if not the action of speaking them aloud. "Miss Granger," her professor says in her simpering voice. "Please inform the class that you spoke in error and that you support the Ministry's efforts to protect the students of Hogwarts!" "I—I'm sorry, Professor, but I cannot do that." She doesn't expand on her words—doesn't say that she does not believe the Ministry has the good of the students, or even Hogwarts in mind, and she certainly doesn't say that she believes they're operating based on their own agenda, but it doesn't matter in the end, her refusal to take back her earlier accusations seal her fate.

"Then there is only one course of action," Umbridge declares. "Please stay after class for a lesson in respecting your betters." In the future, in her more lucid moments, Hermione will wonder what would have happened if she had just left with Harry and Ron after class that day, but she didn't. She obeyed her teacher and stayed in her seat until Umbridge beckoned her over to the fireplace. "Come with me, Miss Granger; you have a punishment scheduled with the Minister." Hermione gulped, fear sinking deep into her bones as she steps into the fireplace.

She hears Umbridge call out their location—Ministry of Magic, the Minister's Office—and wonders what they could possibly do to her. Standing beside her professor in the Minister's office, Hermione is frozen when the command reaches her ears. "Please remove your clothes for your punishment, Miss Granger," Umbridge instructs her. Hermione shakes her head. "No!" she protests, "You can't possibly expect me to do that—you can't possibly make me!" The smile on Umbridge's face is impossibly cruel.

With a pointed look to the silent but ever-watchful Minister, Cornelius Fudge, Umbridge replies, "On the contrary, Miss Granger, I have the express permission of the Ministry to keep the students of Hogwarts in line, and I do expect you to comply with any and all orders.

Now, strip for your punishment." With shaky hands, Hermione slowly unbuttons her blouse and lets it fall to the floor. She chances a glance at Minister Fudge and can see his eyes watching her closely. She sucks in a breath before continuing, pushing her skirt down her hips and stepping out of it. Her hands reach for the tie around her neck, but Umbridge stops her. "The tie can stay, as can your shoes and socks, but the bra and panties need to go." Shame enveloping Hermione completely, she reluctantly complies with the order.

Her hands reach behind her to unhook her bra, letting it fall to the floor, and then she hooks her fingers in her panties and pulls them down. "Leave them just around the ankles, Miss Granger," Fudge speaks up for the first time. Hermione nods her understanding, her face flushing with further embarrassment as she complies, pushing her panties down to her ankles before standing back up.

"Now, bend over and hold onto the desk facing Minister Fudge," Umbridge takes over again. When Hermione complies, closing her eyes so she doesn't have to see the Minister's face as her own gets even redder.

"Feet further apart, and your nipples should graze the surface of the desk," Umbridge corrects her. Hermione spreads her legs apart as far as she can manage without feeling unbalanced and lowers her torso so she can just feel the wooden desk against her exposed nipples. She has to remember how to breathe. "Perfect posture, Miss Granger," Umbridge finally says. "Now for your punishment. If it isn't obvious to 'the brightest witch of the age,' you are about to be caned twenty-five times. After each hit, you are expected to count it and say 'thank you, Professor, may I have another,' if you forget to count, say thank you, or ask for more, the count will start over.

Is that clear?" Hermione, eyes still closed, nods her acknowledgment, "Yes, Professor." It isn't enough that they're going to punish her…they also want to humiliate her into begging for her punishment to continue.

"Excellent," Umbridge says, and Hermione shudders at the twisted delight that can be heard in her voice. "Let's begin." And without a moment to compose herself for the punishment to come, Hermione feels the cane come down hard on her ass. She squeals as the blow causes her to lurch forward onto the desk, her nipples grazing the desk.

In trying to process the pain, her eyes open and she finds herself staring right at the Minister of Magic, who is looking at her lustily. Remembering herself, Hermione quickly pipes up, "One; thank you, Professor, may I have another?" "Quicker next time," Umbridge says in her sing-song voice as she swings the cane.

Hermione screams from the pain when it makes contact. "Two; thank you, Professor, may I have another?" Her eyes close again as she tries to block out everything except her duty. She just has to endure the pain and speak the words and she'll get through this and it'll be over. "Three; thank you, Professor, may I have another?" The next ten blows come in quick succession and all she hears is each whack of the cane against her delicate skin and her own voice screaming out the words.

"Thirteen; thank you, Professor, may I have another?" Tears leak out of her eyes as she screams from the pain as each blow 8 inch ka land sex brutally on her ass. Her whole body shakes and her nipples are raw from rubbing against the desk from the force of the hits.

"Fourteen; thank you, Professor, may I have another?" She feels a pull on the tie around her neck. "Open your eyes, Miss Granger," the Minister's voice demands in front of her. The command catches her off guard, and when the next blow lands, she does not speak the words.

"Did you forget something, Miss Granger?" Umbridge asks primly. Hermione chokes as she how to make fake vagina your pleasure is my world what this means.


"I'm sorry, Professor, I'll do better this time," she pleads, crying in earnest now. "Start over," Umbridge tells her as she brings the cane down on her ass again. Hermione screams, her eyes unwillingly meeting Minister Fudge's.

stellar idol is flaunting her stretched narrowed snatch in closeup thank you, Professor, may I have another?" Hermione has never felt so much shame in her life. One of Cornelius Fudge's hands, Hermione notices, seems to be inside of his pants, stroking his penis. "Five; thank you, Professor, may I have another?" His eyes, which had long since moved from her face to her tits, seemed to catch where her attention was focused, and he smiled deviously at her.

Her stomach roiled in disgust. "Nine; thank you, Professor, may I have another?" Her focus back on her task, determined to get through this indignity, she didn't immediately notice Fudge leaning toward her until his wet, sticky fingers begin pinching her left nipple. "Seventeen; thank you, Professor, may I have another?" Hermione sobs out the remaining eight counts of her punishment as Minister Fudge fondles her nipples.

"Twenty-five; thank you, Professor, may I have another?" "Good job, Miss Granger," Professor Umbridge simpers, "Now look at the good Minister of Magic and tell him that you support the Ministry in all that it does." Cornelius Fudge, who Hermione knows currently has one hand stroking his dick and one roughly pinching her right nipple, watches her in anticipation. Her voice, raw from screaming and repeating that phrase over and over again, comes out quietly.

"I'm sorry, but I cannot do that, Professor." Hermione knows it's illogical. It'd be easier on her to just admit defeat and say the words she wants to hear so she can get back to Hogwarts and forget this ever happened, but the words will not come out of her mouth. "You continue to defy the Ministry?" Umbridge asks.

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Tears fall down her face as Hermione responds, knowing it will not end well for her, "I cannot support a Ministry that ignores such a huge threat to us all." Without warning, Hermione feels her legs being spread further apart, and her body being pulled up a little from the desk.

Her hands are positioned on the desk, and when she tries to move, she realizes she has been spelled in place. "Minister Fudge," Umbridge says, "I think it is time you've had your pleasure from the body of this rebellious girl." Hermione's eyes widen and she shakes her head.

She had thought more caning would come from her refusal…not this! "Please, no!" she begs, "Not this!" Fudge pays her no mind as he stands from his hot blonde gags on two big rods big tits blowjob and removes his clothing. Once again, looking at his body turns Hermione's stomach, and she nearly retches at the realization that she is about to lose her virginity to this man.

As soon as he moves to stand behind her, she feels his large fingers touch her pussy. One finger pushes inside her, and Hermione cries out at the intrusion. "Please, please, don't do this!" she pleads to Umbridge as she sits down across from her in the chair Fudge had vacated, "I'm a virgin, please don't do this." "You should have thought about the consequences of defying the Ministry," Umbridge says flippantly, toying with the girl's tie as Hermione cries, feeling Fudge's finger push in and out of her tight hole, brushing up against the barrier of her virginity.

"Just as you now do, your virginity belongs to the Ministry." Fudge's finger leaves her pussy and his hand runs through her pubic hairs. He grabs a fistful of them and pulls roughly, causing Hermione to scream out. "Proper witches are always bare, Miss Granger," he instructs her, his voice cold. She feels the pointed tip of his wand against her core and hears the whisper of a spell.

Then she screams again at the feeling of all of her pubic hairs being pulled out at once. She feels her posture being adjusted from behind, pushing her down onto the desk a bit, so her ass and pussy are more exposed to the Minister. Then she feels his hands on her sore ass, his fingers digging into her skin, causing her to wince. She closes her eyes when she feels his dick at the entrance to her body, pushing more tears down her face. She feels as if she's losing a part of herself in the moment when she feels him roughly shove himself all the way into her.

Her eyes shoot open from the pain, and she screams louder than she had during the entirety of her caning. The look of pure pleasure on Umbridge's face makes it clear to Hermione that any more pleas from her will fall on deaf ears, so she just sobs as Fudge pushes himself in and out of her tight virgin pussy.

His hands move from her ass to her breasts, pulling her body up as he uses her tits like the reigns of a horse, she moans in pain as the new angle seems to allow him to push deeper into her.

It seems to go on forever—Fudge thrusting in and out of her, his body abusing her pussy and pressing against her raw ass; Umbridge watching raptly, sometimes touching herself—but eventually she feels the pace slow down, and she cringes at what she knows is coming.

Hearing his moans of ecstasy, she has a little warning before she starts to feel the spurts of his cum shoot deep within her body. A fresh wave of humiliation washes over her as the Minister empties himself inside her. "You should thank the Minister for taking time out of his day to take your virginity and filling your pussy with his cum." Hermione shakes her head, unable to contemplate speech at the moment, but when Umbridge slaps her across the face for her defiance, she quickly pipes up between hiccups and sobs.

"Th—thank you, Minister Fudge, for tak—taking my virginity and filling up my pus—pussy with your cum." She hangs her head after this pronouncement, unable to keep eye contact. Fudge pulls out of her at last, and Hermione can feel his cum making its way toward the entrance of her pussy.

Umbridge stands and releases Hermione from the spells holding her in place, causing her to fall to her knees. "I'm giving you one more chance," Umbridge says from above, but Hermione cannot look at her. "Look at the Minister and tell him he has your full support." Hermione sobs and shakes her head, unable to speak, even if she wanted to comply.

She looks at the mess between her thighs, seeing the thick white cum mixed with her virgin blood coming out of her abused hole. "Minister," Umbridge speaks again, this time directly to Fudge. "What would you have me do with her?" Hermione hears the sounds of clothes rustling and deducts that the Minister is redressing.

Then she hears him sit back in his chair and grab a sheet of parchment. "Take her back to Hogwarts for further punishment by whatever means you deem necessary…keep fucking the rebellion out of her if that's what it takes." "Very well then. Get dressed, Miss Granger," Umbridge orders. Hermione, finally given permission, scrambles to cover herself. "Leave the panties," she hears Fudge command from his desk, as he continues to stare at the parchment in front of him.

Umbridge directs her back through the floo into the Defense classroom. She stands in the classroom where the original offense took place, cum and blood running down her thighs. "To the dormitory, Miss Granger," her teacher says dismissively after a moment, "but you are to report back here in the morning for further punishment, do you understand?" "Yes, Professor Umbridge," Alex blake alex blake blows to the very end responds vintage dad and daughter sex, her body shaking from the experience, fear of tomorrow already taking over.

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She walks unsteadily to the door, feeling more cum drip out of her with each step. Her hand nearly reaches the door when her professor's voice rings out once more. "And, to remind yourself of this lesson, you are not to bathe or otherwise clean up the Minister's gift to you, is that understood?" Hermione's hand wipes away another tear as she answers, "Yes, Professor Umbridge." A/N: You are welcome to leave suggestions in the comments.

I have an outline, and know where I want this story to go, but am always interested in detours.