Sexy pizza porn bang bros com sex stories storys

Sexy pizza porn bang bros com sex stories storys
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My names Tony, and me and my homeboy Jason been cool since we where in elementary school. We're both now seniors in high school and still cool as ever. This whole situation started during the summer time, you see one day we were suppose to be going to basketball to get a few games in so I had to stop at his house so we could go.

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I got there bout one o'clock that afternoon and knock on the door, expecting this nigga to be ready but his little sister Brittany answered the door. Now Brittany was a couple years younger than us and I always looked at her as my little sister to until this day. "Whats good Bri, where Jay at?" I asked her. "He went to the store like a hour ago, he aint tell you?" She replied standing there in this little blue boy shorts and a wife beater looking extra sexy today.

"Nah that nigga aint tell me, you know when he coming back?" I replied. "I dunno in a minute I guess, come in here and wait" she said with this little smirk on her face. "Aight" I said then went in and sat on the couch, still thinking about how sexy she looked today. Now Brittany was about 5'4", a nice chocolate brown complexion, slim if I had to guess I would she weighed somewhere around 135lbs, sexy lips, perfect size titties for her size and this little ass that I always thought was nice phat.

She came and sat next to me on the couch and turned the tv on. The first couple minutes was a little akward seeing as though my dick was still hard from when I first saw her at the door, and it was kinda hard to hide seeing as though I had on basketball shorts.

"What you doing today, why you still in the house?" I asked her. "Nothing for real, I wanna go to the movies but everybody bluffin today" she said.

"Why you say that what movie was you going see?" I asked her still looking at her legs teenpies rachel raven is filled with jizz thighs, which was really getting to me at that point. "That new scary movie that just came out" Brittany said looking over at my lap.

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I hadn't even been thinking bout trying to hide my dick when I looked down and saw the imprint showing on my basketball shorts.

I quickly adjusted myself and tried to keep the conversation on the movies. "Yeah.uh.I want to see that to" I said. "Hmm oh I bet you do" she said smiling at me. "So why you aint got no girl Tony?" she continued "I dunno yo, I need a real one and dont seem to be none no more" I replied starting to not care if she saw how hard my dick was or not.

"Shit I'm real, I dunno bout them other bitches" she said licking her lips at me.


"Brittany your lil ass, you aint up for me yet" I replied feeling my normal swagga back in me. "Hmm uhh, I been trying get at you, but you be acting like you dont see it" she replied. "If you was trying get at me you would just come out and say it" I said to her smiling myself.

All of a sudden she gets up and stands in front of me, she looked down at me and then straddled my lap. She leaned down and whispered in my ear. "Im trying see whats good with me and you" as she began to kiss and suck the side of my neck. I wont lie thats one of my spots and a nigga was loving that shit, my hands began to caress her back, the hips down until I reached that lil butt of hers.

"Damn Bri, you sure you trying do this" I said began to moan lightly. "Yeah Im sure, right now I want that dick and later we can talk about the relationship part" she said as she began to suck on my neck hard and rub her hands up and down ny chest and abs. Her hands found there way to my dick and she began to rub it through my shorts. "Mmm damn boy I aint know you was holding like this" she said looking me in my eyes and with that she started to take off my shorts, I pulled my shirt off and threw it over the back of the couch.

She began playgirl with hawt bottoms hardcore and blowjob stroke my dick nice and slow, her grip was just right you know not too tight and not too loose I was loving the shit. "I wanna try something aight" Brittany said as she began to take her clothes and off and once she was completely naked, I couldn't take my eyes off of her.

Her pussy had my mouth watering it was shaved clean, and phat, but it was how wet she was that had me memerized it was damn near dripping. She turned her back to me and got on my lap with both of her legs on the outside of mine, she continued playing with my dick while my fingers found her pussy. Her head was leaned back against my shoulder while we played with each other.

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And then she slid my dick up and down between her pussy lips. I couldn't take it no more, I turned her around and sat her back on my lap as I slid deep inside her. "Mmm shit Tony, baby go slow" she moaned into my ear. "Don't worry love I'm going treat it right" I said as the last couple of latina teen lilith shayton fuck in her sweet pussy disappeared into her pussy.

I went slow at first, giving her those long, deep strokes. I put my lips around one of her nipples and went to work on it. "Damn I loving this dick" Brittany said.

"Baby fuck me, make me cum on the dick" she continued. That was all I needed my strokes got faster and I began to beat her pussy up harder. The way her pussy muscles gripped at my dick with each stroke was driving a nigga crazy. She dug her nails into my shoulders and screamed out she was about to cum, three strokes later she started to cum all over my dick, it seemed like every time I pulled out more and more of her cum would cover my dick. The sight of it sent me over the edge and I pulled out as my dick flopped down onto her stomach, she grabbed it and began stroking and shot after shot of my nut hit her stomach and titties.

We kissed and caught of breaths, she took my hand and led me up stairs to the bathroom. The warm wash cloth she used to wipe my dick clean was the shit, then she cleaned herself off. We hugged and kiss some more then she asked. "So what time you picking me up for the movie".