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Ddt 257 black guyma rynatsume
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My Sexy New Spaceship: Chapter 2 "Sir, this lifeform registers differently. Pulse, temperature, respiration. Sir, she's not Human." I was dreaming that I was on an airplane. The airplane suddenly disappeared and I was flying through Earth's atmosphere unaided. I felt no fear as I moved silently through the clouds, looking down upon the Earth miles below. My serene, peaceful dream was interrupted by the sound of police officer's voices. "We'll have to make sure she's registered, sir." "Skip it, Tubbs.

Stick to the objective." I opened my eyes to the sight of police officers with flashlights walking around my dimly lit bedroom. "Huh? What's going on? What are you people doing in my home?" "I tried to tell you, sir," the butler android responded in a fearful, nervous voice. "I've been calling you over the loudspeaker for several minutes. I couldn't stop them, sir." "We're looking for a fugitive," said the officer who appeared to be in charge. "We have information that leads us to believe he would be in orbit around Mars.

Apparently he entered the area a few hours ago." "Well, there's no one here. I just bought this ship yesterday." As I responded I noticed myself trembling a bit. It wasn't often I had dealings with the police. "Where was he last seen?" "Near Earth. Apparently this fugitive killed everyone aboard a medical transport, then escaped in a minipod.

He could've snuck aboard any ship in that shipyard." I was already a bit nervous. After hearing that, a shrill tingle ran up my spine. I had just purchased the ship from a shipyard and we had just entered Mars' orbit a few hours earlier. Suddenly I felt very cooperative with the police. I still didn't like waking up to their presence in my home, but I could concern myself with that when I was sure there were no killers on board.

"Uh, captain?" said one officer standing near an air vent. The man in charge looked toward him. "Whatcha got there, Hooker?" "This vent has been opened, sir.

In a few minutes I'll have a DNA sample and a fingerprint analysis." "Mr. Jackson, we're going to need schematics of this ship NOW." "Okay," I responded nervously. "Alfred, give him whatever he needs." "Yes sir," Alfred responded with a nervous bow. "Here, let me upload the schematics to your infopad, officer." The officer who discovered that the vent had been tampered with removed the grating from it and shined a light down the long, narrow shaft. It was about three feet wide and two feet tall, a difficult space for any man to move through.

I wondered how I never noticed that the vent had been tampered with? On the other hand, I wasn't exactly looking for that sort of thing. I was exploring when I entered this room, not keeping an eye out for a killer. "He was injured in the description. Any blood, Hooker?" asked the captain. "Yes, captain. Just a small stain right here in the corner. Since the injury was on the left knee, our subject must have been coming into this room. Either he's found another way out or he's still in here." The look on the captain's face went from serious to dead serious.

"According to these schematics, there are seven vents that lead out of this room," he said in a loud voice. "Hooker, Coltrane, check all the vents in this room. We'll have to fan out to find all the places these vents could lead to.

Winslow, radio chubby black momma has her beaver slammed back up, let them know what Hooker found. Stay in this room and keep a look out.

McClain, Roman, Cagney, you're with me." With that he started walking out of the two french girl give a handjob et blowjob to an old man and down the long hall back to the turbocar with his officers close behind.

"I want to see a plasma shield around this ship pronto. No one gets on or off without authorization. Set up warning buoys half a kilometer out in all directions." He was still talking as he continued down the hall, but I couldn't hear. When I looked at Angela, I was pleasantly surprised to see that she was still asleep. I felt it was best to leave her that way for the moment, and took a shower. No matter how nervous I was, I knew I'd feel better if I was clean.

As I was drying off, I heard a knock at the shower door. I opened the curtain and saw that it was the butler. "Master, come out here! Quickly, please. It's urgent!" I threw on a pair of boxers and stepped outside, still moist from the steamy shower. It didn't take long for me to feel like a compete idiot for taking a shower at such a crucial moment in the first place.

As I emerged from the shower's compartment I saw a woman holding Angela in a headlock from behind. I could barely close my mouth from the shock. The fugitive was a female, and she now had the advantage. She horny sluts receive anal in hardcore fashion about 5'11" and very muscular. I couldn't tell how much she weighed, but looking at her gave me the distinct feeling she was much stronger than any average woman.

Her outfit was plain black spandex from head to toe, with the hood/mask pulled down from over her head and some sort of utility belt around her waist. "What do you want?" I asked, trying not to sound too fearful. "Master, no!" Angela managed to yell before the fugitive covered her mouth with a black gloved hand. "Lock that door!" mom and kid son teaching demanded. I responded by saying, "Computer, lock doors." Then I looked back at her as we all her the mechanism lock into place.

"If you harm her, I will not cooperate. Please, just let her go." "Why do people always say that? Now, why would I let her go when holding onto her gives me such an advantage?" With her free hand she reached onto the back of her utility belt and pulled out a strange looking pair of handcuffs that had no chain holding them together. "Lie down on the bed and put these on your wrists," she commanded, throwing them through the air. "What are you going to do?" I asked as I caught them.

"Break your little girlfriend's neck if you don't do as I say. You said you wouldn't cooperate if I harmed her. I don't believe you. In fact, I think if I did something really painful, like bending her finger back, you'd become very obedient if you wanted me to stop. Am I right?" She grabbed Angela's pinky finger and bent it back. The shrill scream that followed hurt me to my core. "All right! All right!" I responded very quickly at the top of my lungs.

"All right. I'll do as you say. Just please don't hurt her." I sat on the bed and put the cuffs on. I've done as you asked.

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Now please, let her go!" "LIE DOWN! You keep making demands and you're really going to piss me off." I complied by laying prone in the center of the bed. "Hands above your head." As soon as I complied the handcuffs activated.

I was completely unable to move my wrists. "Now shut off that damn butler droid." "Alfred, you know what to do." I could hear Alfred's systems winding down as he turned off. "Now for some fun!" the fugitive yelled. She pulled Angela's hands behind her back then, pulling a roll of tape from her utility belt, she wrapped the tape around Angela's wrists several times.

Roughly knocking my slave to the floor, she taped her ankles together as well, then taped her mouth. She grabbed my left ankle and taped it to the lower left poster of my bed. I thought about kicking her in the face, but with my hands bound that might have been a death sentence. I noticed she was in no hurry. She took her sweet time making sure both legs were completely immobilized. It wasn't until she was done that it suddenly occured to me what she was planning to do.

I'm not the brightest person, I can admit that. If all she wanted was to escape, she could've done that. There was nothing to stop her, at least not that I could see. Instead, she had something much more nefarious in mind. I could see it in her eyes as she replaced the roll of tape on her utility belt and pulled out a blade of some kind. "What is your name, ship captain?" Seeing her with that blade in her hand I didn't care whether I sounded fearful when I answered.

"My. My name is Rodney Jackson. What's yours?" I couldn't take my eyes off the blade. "Oh, I've been called by many names over the years. 'Catburglar,' 'assassin,' 'rapist.' My name, if you must know, is Cleopatra. Do you have any idea how long it's been since I've seen a naked man?" She began to cut my underwear away.

"I should warn you: this will be unpleasant. Isn't it ironic, Mr. Jackson? How this happened, I mean? All this technology, and I gained the advantage over you and a dozen police officers.

with duct tape and an old carpet knife. Now, hold still while I slip out of these uncomfortable rags." "The police are still on this ship," I uttered kinky nightclub orgy with stunning starlets brunette big tits between nervous lips.

"You want to risk being undressed when they get here?" She laughed. "Do I look worried about those bozos? You locked the door yourself. It'll be at least half an hour before they realize where I am, and another half hour to get through that door. With any unforseen complications, we could have up to two full hours to get to know each other, Mr.



I plan on getting to know you very well." "Don't do this. Please. I have money. I can pay you." She laughed again, this time longer and louder. "If I wanted your money, Mr. Jackson, I would've stolen it by now. When's the last time you got your dick sucked?" She pulled what was left of my boxers from underneath me and tossed it over her shoulder. "I'll give you anything!" I begged. "Please don't do this!" She got on the bed between my legs and turned something as wonderful as fellatio into a nightmare.

I hated the feel of my most sensitive body part in her slimy, disgusting mouth. I had hoped she would only do it long enough to give me an erection, but she continued. To make matters worse, I felt a cold liquid on my spincter. "Aw fuck!" I complained as soon as I figured out what was coming. She pushed her finger into my asshole and I screamed like a banshee. "Calm down, Mr. Jackson. See? It's not that bad." As soon as I stopped yelling, she plunged her finger in and out with painful force.

She then went back to sucking my cock but she wouldn't remove her finger. After several minutes of this she finally stopped, but only to climb on top of me. She positioned herself directly over my man meat and held her pussy open with both hands.

I couldn't help myself. I began to cry. I did not want to be inside this woman in any way. She slowly pushed down until my member disappeared completely inside her. Once firmly in that position, she grabbed my shoulders, planted her feet squarely on the bed on either side of me, and began plowing her groin into mine mercilessly. This was actually quite painful. Needless to say, I yelled at the top of my lungs. She covered my mouth and continued. "Are you going to cum?" she lisa ann anal xxx storys as she felt the pressure building.

"I'm not ready for that yet. I guess I'll just have to put a stop to it." I thought she was going to let me rest a moment. Instead, she lowered her knees and bit into the flesh of my chest, holding tightly to my mouth to muffle the screams.

The biting turned into nibbling, then licking, then gently kissing the spot where she had bitten me. I hate to admit it, but it worked. I hadn't lost my erection, but I wasn't about to cum, either. She, on the other hand, had a very powerful orgasm that left her laying on my chest moaning and breathing heavily.

Unfortunately, she was not done. After a brief respite she grabbed my shoulders, replanted her feet and began slamming her groin into chunky milf makes her lover cum hard again. I may never be able to explain just how painful this was. "Now you're going to cum inside me!" she yelled as she pounded furiously. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, there was an explosion that came from the direction of my bedroom door.

"FREEZE!" yelled the captain as he and several other officers came rushing in pointing guns at the fugitive. Unfortunately, the bedroom door was far enough away that she had time to get off me and run over to the vent that Officer Hooker had left open. She disappeared into it in a flash and was gone. "She's gone back into the vents!

Cover the other vents, I'm going in after her!" "All vents covered, sir," came a voice over the captain's radio. "If he comes through here, we've got him." "It's a 'she,' Cagney," the captain responded as he tried to climb into the small opening.


"Our fugitive is a woman." I couldn't watch the captain squeeze clumsily into the ventshaft. The only emotion I could feel at that moment was absolute and complete humiliation. An officer casually walked over and cut the tape on my legs, then pressed a button on the handcuffs. I was finally free. He then cut the tape away from Angela's wrists and ankles. She barely took the tape off her mouth and came running over to me in tears.

The piece of tape which had been covering her mouth was still hanging from her face. I pulled it off and hugged her as if she were my only friend in the Universe. It felt like it at that moment.

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"We got her!" we heard from this particular officer's radio. It sounded like the captain's voice. "Apprehending the subject now. Who's still with the victim?" I hated the sound of that. Now I was to be known as 'the victim.' "This is officer Greene here sir. Still with the vic." "Good. Find out what happened to Hooker, Coltrane and Winslow." I couldn't listen to anymore.

They were still chatting about something, but I didn't care anymore. I got under the covers, pulled Angela close, and tried desperately to forget what had just happened. As I spooned with Angela I had to be careful not to get too close since the base of by groin was painfully tender.

"We're gonna need you to come down to the station and file a report," I heard the captain say. "I don't think so," I responded. "Mr. Jackson, I can sympathize with what you must be going through, but we need all the evidence we can get.

It's a more level playing field these days. Men get raped, too." He had no idea just how much damage he'd just done by using the "r" word. I wasn't just a victim, I was a rape victim. "Out of the question," I answered firmly, trying to maintain some semblance of dignity. "You have all the evidence you need to put her away for the rest of her natural life." "Can I give you this card in case you change your mind?" I nodded and took the card.

"'Captain Cragan's office.' I'll call you if that happens." Yeah, right. I thought. I suppose my first morning on my own ship could've gone better, but I was just glad it was over. I washed up, turned Alfred back on, and had androids bring Angela and me plenty of food. Angela stayed with me, gently rubbing my body. Other than going to the bathroom, Slippery juicy pussy pleasuring homemade and hardcore refused to get out of bed all day long.