Teen megan wanted throat gagging and she got it

Teen megan wanted throat gagging and she got it
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Rocky was filming his wife Cindy who was wearing a huge strapon dildo as she fucked the much older slut doggy style.


Dressed in black thigh high hooker boots (collared & leashed) Nina Rogers was enjoying the spanking she was receiving from her only daughter Nina as her cunt dripped with wetness from the jamming she was getting from the artificial phallus.

Meanwhile Denise was on her kneesbobbing at a rapid pace as she sucked on Master Rocky's penis. He had kept her in his dungeon for the past 3 days & she wasnt allowed to see or communicate with Bill her cuckold wimpy husband.

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Rocky loved to send texts thoughyesterday Bill received a text of her wearing her latest Bdsm wear .Rocky had ballgagged her & buttplugged her ass & pussyshe wore her tit rings6 inch heels & of course Bill saw that Rocky had 1st cum or her face & then pissed on her.

Denise was proud of the nearly 1,000 pics she & Bill had collected of her being used & abused by her caring master. As Rocky unloaded a load of jism down her throat Denise swallowed her dessert. Rocky kept filming as Cindy began assfucking her mom with the giant dildo.

Nina had two orgasms before Rocky finished filming. This xxx masterpiece he kept for a rainy day. Party At Moms Bernard is the bar stocked for tonights orgy Sheila asked casually "yes it is dear " responded Rocky's father well you are after all the bartender & photographer .Bernard was a cuckold& Rocky had now been dominating his mom for a couple of years now.

As Sheila went to the bedroom to put on her bdsm wear Bernard wondered who would Rocky bring tonight. Just then the doorbell rangBernard opened it & Rocky smiled & said hey Pops as Nina RogersDenise & his new milf Rhonda entered.

He had only dominated 56 year old married greyhaired Rhonda once last weekshe was a friend of his moms & the pastors wife. He had Cindy film the fun in their dungeonhe had facefucked her hardhad cum on her face a few times & then fucked her pussy & ass.

Before he filmed the old slut lick Cindy's much younger pussy to orgasm.


Today he was gonna train her more in the art of submission & humiliation before he sent her home to her now cuckold pastor/hubby. Pops Rocky said go get Sheila out of her bedroom make sure she's wearing her collar, leashthigh high hooker bootstit clamps & buttplugYou can lead her by her leash cuz tonight she 's gonna get used like the nymphomaniac she is.

Nina, Denise & Rhonda went to the other bedroom, they all brought gym bags full of bdsm wear.

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Rhonda especially had a wet pussy thinking that Rocky had her wimp husband pay for the slut wear she was gonna wear tonight. Bernard leads his wife Sheila by the leash Damn Sheila/mom was hot with Raven hair thought RockyLead by a leash doggystyle by her hubbySheila sat by Rocky's feet & sucked on his toesbefore he told her to deepthroat his monster dong.As she slurped away Sheila was too busy to notice that the other 3 kinky submissive married sluts had just entered the room.

He motioned for Rhonda to take the buttplug out of Sheila's ass & lick her gfs shithole, Sheila's once respectable friend was reduced to being an asslicking dyke slut. Rocky decided to text a pic of Rhonda licking female ass to text her now cuckold hubby pastor Bob.While this was going onDenise came over &Rocky licked her big tits. Rocky was now hard as a rock thanks to his mom's expert prowess at giving head.

Rocky told his mother-in-law Nina to get in the doggystyle position as he took his dick away from Sheila's mouth .Denise played with her clit as she watched Rhonda continue her asslicking til Sheila had had enough & then Rocky told her to lick Denise's ass instead. Rocky fucked Nina hard in the cunt & ass as his father Bernard was now filming the action for a later view.

As Rocky unloaded jism in Nina's pussyhis newest sexslave Rhonda licked her first load of pussy & jizz creampie. Rhonda would never be the same & it was thanks to Sheila & her Master/Son Rocky. Cindy & Horny blonde babe lexi lou shows her ass with buttplug in the backseat visit Rhonda & Bob Cindy let loose a stream of urine all over 56 year old Rhonda's faceRocky was filming the humiliation on his cellphone, meanwhile pastor Bob was jerking his 4 inch dick watching his wife being used by a couple in their 20s.

Rhonda was now completely a submissive to whatever desires Master Rocky asked of her. Today she was being visited by her new mistress Cindy & Master Rocky. Earlier in the day she had given Rocky a rimjob & then received a golden shower from him. Then she licked his wife's ass & now she was being pissed on.

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Bob now had been demoted to just an observer & occasional photographer, Cindy had finished pissing on herso Rocky told her to take a water shower & put on your pink thong bikini & heels &nothing else( she wondered why?, but when she was all set & ready to go she did find out ?).Rhonda you will be trained as my house submissive in my dungeon for the next 3 days Say goodbye to Bob you wont see or communicate with your wuss linmpdicked husband til you are deemed pretty hot latina babe toys her tight pussy. Rhonda's pussy was wet as the bikini clad old hag climbed in the backseat of Rocky's car.

Cindy was driving as the old /young couple necked in the backseat.A mile down the road Rocky pulled out his wang & Cindy drove around town til Rhonda finished blowing Master Rocky & eating all his cock cream.With the man dessert down her throat.Rhonda entered her master's dungeon.