Xxx print six story all full moey

Xxx print six story all full moey
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The Wild One Like most college guys, I was constantly horny, and my sex drive was enormous. College girls were fair game, especially at the fraternity house, but I was on the lookout when I visited home as well. Back in my old hometown was the usual group of guys who had sort of bombed out after high school. One friend had a small apartment that became a small club of sorts. Every weekend the local high school chicks would drop by, drink beer, smoke a little pot, and listen to music.

There was never a shortage of girls over at Will's. He and a few other guys had a small garage band, and he always had alcohol or mild drugs. Most of the teenybopper crowd thought it was great, and I always trolled the place on occasional visits home. One group of girls was always there: local high school seniors who were very vocal and wild. They were particularly open about their ideas on sexuality, and were little more than teases. In this little clique was one strange young lady; Leigh Ann.

Leigh Ann was a bit gothic, even before gothic was considered fashionable. She always wore dark clothes, had a pet boa constrictor, brooded, and was fascinated with vampires. I never really considered her attractive, but she certainly had a decent body and long flowing red hair.

Her dark mood generally made her a turnoff. One night the little apartment was filled to brimming with people drinking and socializing. I stopped by, had a few beers, and joined in a poker game. I had a small buzz when Leigh Ann came over and nonchalantly sat in my lap.

I kept on playing and put my arm around her waist. She looked down at me with most seductive look and pursed her lips. I excused myself from the game and wandered off toward the kitchen with Leigh Ann in tow. She nearly pinned laura lee teases with her massive boobs against the counter and began kissing me deeply right there in the kitchen.

Her hot breath was spiked with alcohol, and I knew she was very horny. I was getting pretty hot as well, so I had to figure out where to take this little session. I remembered another guy in the room who also had an apartment in the complex. Jake was a complete doper and his wealthy parents helped him pay for an apartment so he didn't have to live with them.

He was in his late 20's and completely gullible as long as there was money, beer, or dope involved. I strolled over and said, "Hey man, I'll buy you a twelve pack if you'll let me use your apartment." "Cool man.

I'm almost tapped." He gave me the keys and I took Leigh Ann by the hand and lead her out the door and upstairs to his place. She was kissing my neck and rubbing my crotch as I fumbled with the lock and got the lights on. Jake's place was a total disaster area, but I finally managed to get her into the bedroom.


Leigh Ann was starting to lose her buzz, and she was responding a bit softer than before, so I eased her down on the bed and kissed her neck and ears. She nuzzled me softly…then bit me on the neck…HARD!

"What the hell are you doing?" I shrieked. "I'm a vampire sweetie. Don't worry. I won't drain you." I was too horny to stop, but I was little taken aback at the biting.

This little bitch didn't know how bad it hurt, so when I laid her back down and kissed her neck, I bit her back. Amazingly, this made her even more hot and bothered, so I continued nipping her neck and ears.

When she tried to bite back, I forced her shoulders down onto the bed and pulled her shirt apart. She was wearing a black bra, and her silky white breasts were falling out of the top. I knelt down and started licking her red areolas, then topped it off with a little nip on the nipples. At the moment my teeth clenched her bud, she squealed pulled my head in tighter. I responded by chattering my teeth together rapidly on her nipple, then made my way over to her right breast and continued nipping at her little hard buds.

She writhed in ecstasy and started bucking her hips against me. I continued my nibbling and kissing downwards until I reached her midriff.

She was completely under my power and aching for more. I pulled at the waistband of her black knit pants and panties at the same time, and they slid easily down onto the floor. Her velvet young bush was the same fire red hue as her hair and it was glistening in the lamplight. I had never had a redhead before, and the prospect was intriguing to say the least.

As I eased toward her mound with my mouth, she inhaled deeply in anticipation. I was shocked to find that she was very well groomed and smelled fantastic. I hungrily started licking at her labia and slit as her clit engorged and swelled.

Although she was already wet, tiny gushes of juice began coating her twat and my face soon became sticky. This was a sweet little cunt, and I opened my eyes and viewed it like a masterpiece. The red velvet trimming gave a fiery look to her hole and the dark pink of her inner labia and opening seemed to be color coordinated.

I continued to lick her in every way I could imagine. Her vampirical tendencies faded a bit as she was washed in wave after wave of shock from my tongue.

That gorgeous pussy entranced me, so I gorged on it like a man possessed. When she came, it was thunderous. She jerked and gasped and writhed on the bed, pulling at the covers until they were covering her. I relented and moved back up, kissing her breasts and neck again. When she recovered she wildly started pulling at my clothes, ripping my shirt as she pulled it over my head, and catching my dick on the top of my waistband as she shrugged down my pants. I lay back on the bed, and she moved down immediately to my cock.

It was fully erect and throbbing when she took it into her mouth. She was bent over with her shapely ass in my face, sucking my dick deeply and moaning softly like a woman possessed. Every stroke was sheer pleasure, and the view of her beautiful cunt in my face increased my excitement.

I pulled her closer and began tonguing her twat again, while she sucked even harder. She had yet another orgasm before I could come, and she forced her ass back into my face and moaned, reaching down and putting my dick back in her mouth and moaning as she pulled my cock deeper in. The vibration of her throat was fantastic, and I felt my own cum welling up. As the pangs of my climax hit, I jerked upward spewing my wad into her mouth.

She never stopped rocking her head and swallowed every drop, still moaning and sucking. This increased my orgasm intensely, and the feeling shot all the way down to my feet, as if they were being held over a fire. We both collapsed and began kissing each other. I could taste the remnants of my semen in her hybrid black latina amateurs from dominican republic toticos and her juices made soft trails on her face.

Being only 19, my erection never really subsided, although ebony flashes boobs and fucks public agent decreased in width a little.


She laid back and placed her head in her hand, playing with my dick while watching. I fingered her slowly, building her back up in anticipation. Her slick little slit was hot and muggy and I knew it wouldn't take long before we were both ready to fuck.

Within a couple of minutes, she was nibbling on my neck, and then she bit me again. It hurt even worse than the first time, and I was almost certain that I was bleeding. In a furious flurry I jumped over between her legs, and was determined to plow my cock in hard for vengeance. She threw her legs up and easily took my rod into her bubbling cunt. She wasn't loose, but she was well oiled and ready.

Without any slow build up, I started pumping her hard and fast. She brought her legs on over my shoulders and started meeting my thrusts with her own. Our pelvises were slapping together and hitting hard as I drove my cock in as deep as it would go.

Just as we hit a perfect rhythm, I heard the doorknob turning. We were both startled and anxious. I jumped off and grabbed my jeans while she covered up quickly with the bedspread. I walked into the living room to find Jake stumbling through the apartment. He was obviously wasted and confused. "Jake! What dirty whore cant live without being caress by men you doing?" I whispered.

"Oh, hey man. I forgot that I gave you my main key. I had to get the other one to get in." "Dude, I'm kind of busy right now. You said I could use your place." "I know man, I didn't mean to bother you, but I left something I need to get. Don't worry man; I'll make it up to you. Come in to the kitchen." I angrily followed him into the kitchen, looking back at Leigh Ann and telling her to hold on. Jake opened the knife drawer and pulled out a fairly large plastic bag with white powder in it.

I knew that it was Cocaine. As Jake lined up a little mirror on his counter, I watched in amazement. I had never done anything harder than pot before, and he was clearly offering me two lines of coke.

"Go ahead man. It will definitely put the lead back in your pencil," he said. I watched him hit four lines, and then snort water up his nose. I was nervous, but followed suit. Immediately the buzz hit me, and I felt light-headed and charged. I felt like I was an electric man, incapable of being tired. Jake put his baggy in his pants and waved as he strolled out the door.

Leigh Ann hadn't seen what was happening, and she was still sitting up tensely on the bed. I returned to her side and began kissing her wildly. I nipped her on the neck and she fell back under my sway.

When I got between her legs, I felt like a human ramrod. I began slow, then steadily worked my way back up to speed. She was still horny and humming along, pounding back at me with her pubic bone and grunting. As she got hotter she started trying to bite me again, but I held her down by her shoulders and kept driving. In a few moments, she came hard. She tensed all over and wriggled beneath me gasping and squealing.

She was the loudest girl I had ever had sex with, and I was afraid her cries were going to wake the neighbors. She pistoned against me hard again and grabbed the curtains on each side of the bed, pulling at them.

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The wooden curtain rod above me gave way and came crashing down on top of us. I was under the sway of the cocaine running through my veins, and I kept pumping regardless. She came two more times, just as loudly, but my mind was swimming with thoughts, and I was unable to concentrate and come myself. We flipped over without losing contact, and she began to ride me. She was bouncing up and down on my cock nearly as hard as I had pumped her earlier.

I was rising up to meet her and the action was frantic and furious.

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Cassie right masturbating on sapphix young and teen cunt was still sopping wet, and I could feel my cock hitting the wall of her cervix as she came down hard. Then, on one high stroke, my dick became dislodged. On her furious down stroke, she impaled her asshole on my rod. She winced a little, and then amazingly kept on riding me.

The sensation was intense, and she slowed down a little. At first I was confused, thinking maybe the cocaine was playing tricks on me, but a quick look confirmed that my dick was in her anus and not her pussy.

Without missing a beat, she continued riding my meat and grinding into my lap. The sensation of her ass was amazing, and I felt my balls tighten and my groin electrify. Within ten more strokes, I was cumming. She rode me even then. The drugs must have increased my orgasm, as I was shooting with fire from my head to my toes. As the last sensations left me, my dick finally went limp, and she rolled over onto her back, panting.

We lay there for several minutes recovering and holding each other. After a while we put our clothes back on and headed back down to Will's apartment. Leigh Ann was walking painfully slow, and I was beginning to get a headache as the cocaine went away. With only a quick kiss good-bye, she got into her friend's car and left, and I went back in for another beer. It was if the whole amazing thing never happened. A month or so later, Leigh Ann approached me after her prom party, and we had sex again, but she was so drunk that it didn't amount to the first time.

A year later, she was a freshman at another college, and I was surprised when she showed up at my fraternity house. That night came close to the first encounter, and we had sex for a very extended period.


The next morning, she got up and drove away, and I never saw her again.