Realblackexposed rane revere pov sexperience natural tits and hardcore

Realblackexposed rane revere pov sexperience natural tits and hardcore
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So how did it go for you with your ad?

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Sandy asked, not good I said most of my reply's were from women that weren't real. It changed when I received a message from a woman who was married and she and her husband were interested in having a three some .I showed my wife the message and their picture and she said go for it ,it might be fun.

Sandy sat there listening ,so did you ,she asked.

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Yes I saidMy wife took a couple of pictures of me clothed and a close up of my cock. I sent them backthey were impressed, we chatted for several hours. I told them that I had never done any thing like that but was willing to meet and see where it goes. I kissed Sandy, She was getting aroused her pussy was wet as I rubbed her clit with her hand on my cock she wanted to hear more .I told her that we met at a local bar.

talked a while and when were were comfortable we went to their home. The couple were in their early 60's she was not a barbie, with blonde hair blue eyes ,thin body was well tanned and was very pleasant to talk to and made me comfortable. He also was pleasant to talk with ,I didn't tell sandy but his wife said he was bi sexual and would want to suck me if I was comfortable with it. They said they have been doing things like this for 10 yrs and understood that I was new and would go slowly.

I thought that if he was willing to share his wife with me then he could suck meI told them that I never had a man suck me but it would be okay just no anal stuff please.

He said You will never forget your first three some and he was right. They had a very nice home and as they showed me around she was rubbing my backwe got to the bed room was where things started heating up.She was the aggressor and was the first one that started undressing, then started undressing me in a very sensual way.When I seen her naked and shaved pussy my cock started getting real hard I asked sandy if she would shave hers some time for me that shaved pussy felt so smooth and slick when I started rubbing it flogging a nasty asian beaver japanese and hardcore. She started stroking my cock turned to her husband and told him to check this one out.

Wow Sandy said what was the husband doing ,I didn't pay much attention to him but when I glance over he was sitting in a chair hammering attractive hotties fuck gap hardcore blowjob and stroking his small cock.

I didn't tell her how he came over put his hands on my ball sack and rolled them around, she said take a suck .She was kissing me and stroking me while her husband was on his knees taking my cock deep in his mouth. I was lost in her kisses so my first bi experience was clouded with the sensation of her shaved and soaked pussy. She laid me down on the bed and had me fully arousedthen asked me if he could take a few pictures of us.


As I was telling the story Sandy had began stroking my cock really intent on knowing more, so did he take pictures?. Yes he came back and started taking pictures of her which they later showed meI had to admit it actually was fun.He was snapping away of us in different position, close ups of her sucking my cock, my cock between her tits and othershe was on top of me rubbing the tip against her clit it made me feel like a porn star .The experience was quite erotic and as you know me I was hard and ready to cum.

We got in a 69 position and he was taking pictures of her sucking me ,and me licking her bald wet pussyI must have been doing it right because she was flooding my mouth. Sandy sucking my cocksaid yes we both know how long lasting you are It sounds like they were enjoying them selves go on she said tell me more.

Again I didn't tell her the whole story about how he got behind her rubbing his cock against the clit I was licking.How several times he put to my mouth telling me to suck itin which I did being small I could take it all .Well I told her I was concentrating on giving her an orgasm and was lost in the moment when all of a sudden he had put the camera down and entered her pussy started fucking her. Sandy stopped sucking looked at with a shocked lookhe started fucking her right over your face she asked.

Yes I saidwell what did you doI really couldn't do much she was on top I said. I got a real close up of it all but what was a real eye opener was when he suddenly sweeties pound dudes anus with monster belt cocks and splash jizm. I could see his balls tighten up and his cock started pulsing then his cum starting to come dripping out of her.

I left out the part where he pulled it out and finished cumming in my mouth. I said she jumped up quickly and started cussing him out ,she then grabbed a towel that was near and wiped my face where some of his cum had landed then her self off.

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When actually she turned around and started kissing me licking his cum off my face .He took a couple of pictures of her cream pie then went and sat back down. I told sandy that she apologized for him and said to him thanks asshole, he wont want to fuck me now with your cum in there.

I never had a cock in my mouth but surprisingly it was very erotic I was thinking as Sandy was sucking away at me cock. Then i told her with out even hesitating I rolled her over and entered her, with his cum in her it was really hot and well lubricated and I came faster than any time in my life.

She came as wellit was a new experience and to doog hll xxx storys diwnlod honest I kinda liked it he then took more pictures of me still in her and our cum dripping out of her. Sandy pushed me over and climbed on my cockthat's so hot and started riding my cock with in minutes she orgasm edand sat there on me grinding her slick pussy .

So what did you think about having his cock and balls so close to your face she asked. I would have sucked it she said but then you know how much I like cocks. It all happened so fast I didn't even think much about it until later. I said and his dick was so small I didn't see much of it ,when he pulled awayinstinct made me turn my head not to let his cum hit me directly. She got up off me then turned around and sat down on my face,I spread her ass cheeks and licked her dripping pussy.


This is pretty as a picture I said then started sucking up some of her juices as she was stroking my cock. Could you do that with me if there was another cock thereshe asked then began sucking and licking my cock.

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Could you lick his cum dripping out of meshe said again then going back to my cock awaiting my answer. I still didn't answer just kept licking as she was getting wetter. Could you suck his cock and swallow all the cum from it and me as she ground her pussy down on my and had another orgasm.I started cumming too as she relaxed and her cum was dripping down onto my face she swallowed as much of me as she could and licked the rest off my shaft and balls.

She sat up ,turned around kissed me then licked her cum up off my face smiled and said well could you. I kissed her again I tasted my cum that was on her lips and in her mouth, smiled and said if it would make you happy then yes I guess could.

Pervert she said then laughed ,just kidding she said I may have to put it on my bucket list. We laid down and were cuddling and she asked well did you see them again. I had seen them a few more times and each time he would cum in her but not over my face. I would fuck her each time after. I was getting used to it and could hold out a lot longer.

It started getting a little crazier when they had another guy join us xxx com kompoz full sex stories we had a 4 some and I watched him sucking the other guy off is when it was over I had never been interested in the bi thing .but in reality I thought back on how sloppy her pussy was with three loads of cum in it.

So did you tell your wife about it all, Sandy asked ,what did she think about the situation. I didn't give her all the details just some of it .I told her it was okay but having sex with out her wasn't much fun .Its kinda funny because each time I went and played and came home she seemed really turned on.She would ask a lot of questions wanting details what it was like .It seemed to turn her on and we would have great sex for days after.

With in a couple of months after stopping with that couple she janice griffith anal quickie with teenie janice! asking me if I found any one else to play with.she lost her desire again and we didn't have much sex ,until.

One day when I got home from work her friend was there and they had been talking,It seemed her friend and her boy friend broke up. Later that night she said she had talked to Anitaher friend, and she said she would love to have sex with me. Really Sandy said your wife fixed you up with her girl friend, oh my god that is hard to believe so did you.

Of course I saidmy wife was there too she just kinda watcheddidn't join us just encouraged me. But after she left my wife went wild on me ,she was so horny it wasn't a quickie we fucked for hours. Anita would come by many times ,some times late at night after she was out fucking some one else and wake me up. Omce she got a new regular boy friend then it stopped, and again so did sex with the wife.

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Well it does excite me hearing how you had sex with some other than me Sandy said kinda weird ,but arousing maybe she feels the same way .Hopefully when she is fully recovered from surgery she will welcome me coming over and us having sex and then she will want to have sex with you more. I would sure hope so to be continued.