Teen mia malkova lesbian sex with mature milf

Teen mia malkova lesbian sex with mature milf
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The life of a college student is one of many trials and tribulations, both academically and socially. For young Wolf Jordan, it's no different. He'd just got done with his first semester at Cal State East Bay and did so pretty well. Now with a full 15 credits this time around, he's definitely keeping busy. Wolf worked really hard to maintain his 4.0 grade point average and in a perfect world, he'd have nothing to hinder him.

Unfortunately for Wolf, there's no such thing as a perfect world. His roommate, Carl Branson is a sophomore and a major douche.

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He has no respect for Wolf and acts like a complete bum rather than a decent roommate. He eats all of Wolf's food, "borrows" his stuff without his consent, leaves the dorm a complete mess, etc.

All of this stuff bugs Wolf and every time he confronts Carl on this, he gives him a fake apology followed by a half-ass excuse. Something like "Oh sorry bro, I had to mia khaifa and big dick your notebook for my class." or "I figured since you packed the fridge, I'd just help myself to the grub." Needless to say, Carl is a complete asshole with no consideration for his associates.

But for Wolf, things weren't going to follow this exact routine. Wolf was in his dorm watching "Regular Show" on Cartoon Network in a wife-beater and boxers on his day-off, when he heard a knock on the door.

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He assumed it would be Carl and reluctantly got up to open it. "Better brace myself." he thought as he turned the knob and opened it. He was surprised as it wasn't his obnoxious roommate but a voluptuous red-bone girl in a skimpy dress and a bottle of moonshine liquor in her hand, indicating she was drunk. "Hey cutie, what's up?" said the curvy princess.


Wolf was puzzled. "China, is that you, girl, what you doing here?" "Boy, what you think, I'm here to have a good time and you're going to give it to me." The girl Wolf was conversing with was China Wayans, a computer science major and a friend of his.

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While she was kind of geeky, she was incredibly sexy. She had C cup tits and 43-inch booty, a figure that made most men drool their tongues over. But she was real shy and selective about the guys she chose to associate with. She had met Wolf in math class last semester and they became good friends. Wolf saw that they could be more than that but before he could make a move, Carl had to come in and screw everything up. Carl had asked her out and she accepted. Once again, Wolf was left alone, letting just one more thing that was his, be taken by that ass-wipe Carl.

But now for some reason, events have become different. China had walked in the dorm and looks at Wolf. "What do you mean a good time?" "Oh, I get it, you need a demonstration. How about this?" With that, the big booty doll walked over, fell into Wolf's arms and grinded her hips into his shorts like one of those Caribbean party girls. China then started to make her big ass cheeks clap while she continues to drink her liquor. She was trying to turn the freshman on and it was working.

Wolf's dick was getting real hard in his boxers. "You understand now, cutie?" she asked. "Oh hell yeah, wait I thought you went out with Carl." China looked at Wolf with disgust.

"Carl? No way, he's so cheap and immature. You're the only man in this room that I want." "That's cool, wait but why are you drunk? I thought you said you didn't drink." "In this case, I did it so I could work up the courage to do this." She grabs Wolf's hands and places them right on her phat bubble ass, then guides his hands, raising her dress up exposing her amazing ass with no panties on. Wolf gets so turned on, he starts to make out with China, enjoying the sensual moment of being with his dream girl.

He smacks her ass a couple times; she notices and gets a dirty idea. "You like my ass and you hate Carl, don't you?" "Damn straight, baby." said Wolf.

"You know a good way to get back at him, if we fucked on his bed." said China. Wolf got a big smile on his face and nodded his head. With that, both of them got naked, climbed in the bed and started fucking.

Wolf began to worship her ass, licking the crack up and down, then started working on her pussy, making China moan. Then he lied down on the bed while China rode his dick cowgirl style.

It felt awesome, that big juicy ass slamming down on his thighs in his roommate's bed, he couldn't ask for more. Then they changed positions, with China lying on the bed while Wolf slammed her pussy like hammer to a nail. "You like this shit, girl?" asked Wolf. "Fuck yeah baby, give me more." nina masturbandasu padre xxx porngratis China. The two continued to fuck until China suggested she please him for a moment. He got back on the bed and China began to suck his dick for him.

Wolf's eyes rolled to the back of his head as she worked her mouth well on the meaty black rod. She got into a serious rhythm with her sucking and Wolf was getting close to cumming. "Oh shit girl, I'm about to nut!" She looks at him. "Do it on my face baby, drench me with it." Wolf jerks it and spews a hot load of cum all over her face and tits. With that, Wolf falls over on the bed and China curls up to him and they cuddle under the covers.

Some time later, Carl walks in and finds both of them in his bed and he is stunned. "What the hell is going on?" yelled Carl. "Oh, sorry man, I had to borrow your bed so I could have sex with my girlfriend." said Wolf China began to giggle. Carl, angry and surprised as Wolf gave a similar excuse as he does when he does something wrong him, turns around and walks out the door in annoyance.

The couple laughs and makes out.


Wolf finally got what he wanted: his dream girl and payback. The End.