Elizabeth bally drills her pussy with a big dildo masturbation and clit rubbing

Elizabeth bally drills her pussy with a big dildo masturbation and clit rubbing
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The Love Of Family Prologue As Cathy lay on her bed, gently sliding the vibrator in and out of her wet cunt, the sounds emanating from the bedroom next to hers set her mind racing with memories. In there her father and youngest daughter were happily fucking, enjoying the love only a true family can share. Her mind went back 18 years to ………………………&hellip.

Chapter 1 Earlier Times Just after her twelfth birthday she had heard her dad in his room. She crept over the landing and listened closely. His breathing was shallow and she could hear him muttering to himself. She sneaked a look around the door. Her dad was lying naked on his bed his cock in his hand as he stroked himself. She felt very strange right then. She knew from conversations with her friends from school that men did this kind of thing but never imagined for a minute that her slut is fully in love with sex games would do such a thing.

Strangely too she started to feel a tingle between her legs as she watched her father wanking Almost subconsciously she felt her hand stray between her legs and rub at her cunt over her knickers.

She was fascinated by the sight before her and felt a slight moistening of her knicker crotch as she played with herself.


After a few minutes she heard him grunt "Oh Cathy" as she watched his spunk spurt all over his hairy stomach. Hurriedly she went back to her room and thought about what she'd just seen and more importantly heard. She couldn't think of anyone else they knew called Cathy. Surely he wasn't thinking about her as he brought himself off, or was he?

Right at that moment there was something more important to attend to. As she thought about her dads cock and the sight of his spunk she reached into her knickers, pushed her finger between her cuntlips and rubbed. Hard.

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Before long she closed her eyes, arched her back and reached her first ever orgasm. The experience stayed with her for weeks. She could barely look at her dad without thinking about his cock old vibrator old brainy gentleman with a young beautiful girl the spurting of his spunk she had seen. A couple of weeks later after school she got home and no-one was about, then the phone rang. It was her best friend Lucy wanting a chat about the latest topic of conversation i.e.

sex, since Lucy had confided she had recently lost her virginity. After a few minutes of graphic descriptions from Lucy, Cathy found herself rubbing her cunt through her knickers again and getting moist as Lucy described the sex act to her down the phone.

Lucy asked if Cathy had so much as seen a mans cock yet. She just blurted it out to her friend. "I saw dad wanking once". "Wow" said Lucy " did it turn you on" "Not really, what was weird though was he grunted my name when he shot off" "Nothing unusual there really" said Lucy "after all it was my Uncle Dave that fucked me first time".

Cathy knew all of this of course but the thought of wanting her dad to fuck her and not just an uncle was kind of driving her crazy, though she had no idea how to approach her dad about it. Cathy was getting very moist by now and her hand had strayed into her knickers and was playing with her cuntlips. Unbeknown to Cathy her dad was standing peeking round the kitchen door, cock in hand, listening to the whole thing.

He could see his daughters hand working away between her legs and his imagination was running wild.

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Suddenly he felt himself starting to come. As he did so he moaned "Oh Cathy" as softly as he could then watched as his spunk shot onto the kitchen floor. Cathy looked up startled. "Gotta go Lucy, someones home" and she put down the phone. Cathy couldn't help but hear him. She stood up and walked over to the door where he was standing "Really dad, do you want to fuck shy woman being pounded on her couch daughterl" she said amazed at herself but so aroused all she wanted was to feel what it was like to have his cock inside her tight virgin cunt.

He, gulped loudly then said "Oh sweetie I want to soooooooo" Taking her hand he led her to the couch and sat down. As she stood before him he reached out. lifted her skirt and pulled her knickers down around her ankles.

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He looked at the sight in front of him and said " Oh Cathy you have such a wonderful cunt'. He reached up and slipped his hand between her smooth thighs. "Oh my Cathy you're wet already" he said as his fingers parted her bald cunt lips and felt for her clit.

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When he found it she moaned. "Good girl, come for me sweetie then daddy can get his cock into you". It wasn't long before Cathy was squealing with pleasure at her dads attentions and she screamed with pleasure as she came off and arched her back. "Lie down along the couch sweetie" he told her" then open those lovely legs as wide as you can" Cathy did as her dad told her.

Trailing one leg on the floor and the other over the back of the couch. Her dad lifted her skirt and told her againhow pretty her cunt looked. She watched as he climbed on top of her.


She watched too as he wiped the tip of his cock along her wet cuntlips. Then she felt herself stretching as he slowly slipped his cock into her cunt. "Ohhhhhhhhhh daddy" she moaned as he gently started to rock back and forth gently feeding more of his hard swollen cock inside her. She felt his cock against her hymen and squealed "Go on daddy take it, take my virginity" She felt him push deeper and felt the resistance go " Oh daddy fuck me, give me your spunk in my tummy please" For his part she felt so tight he couldn't help but do as she pleaded.

He grunted "Oh Cathy I'm coming" and she felt him shoot his load of spunk into her. He collapsed on top of her and breathlessly asked if she was ok. "I'm fine daddy, I hope theres more for me soon" He pressed his lips to hers, artig them with his tongue end allowing it to explore her mouth.

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"We have the house to ourselves now baby" he said " hows about we spend the entire night together?" The love of the family had begun.