Odia sasura bohu sex story

Odia sasura bohu sex story
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I want to fuck my stepsister. I know some people will be turned on by that statement, while others will be mortified.

Even though there is no shared DNA or blood relation many people will still consider me a sick fuck for wanting to do my stepsister. To each their own. But I didn't always want to have sex with her. When my dad and her mom got married two years ago, I didn't pay much attention to her, let alone notice how attractive she was.

Our interaction with each other was tepid at best. But everything changed a few months ago. I went from not noticing her to walking around with a hard-on every time I was near her. A few months back I needed to do my history paper so I borrowed her laptop. Half way through writing my paper I checked my e-mail.

A friend of mine sent me his paper to compare notes. Not sure where on her laptop the paper got downloaded I started looking around. That's when I found it. A hidden folder of her pics. Her nude pics. My stepsister had taken several pictures of herself in very compromising positions. There were pics of her in her underwear, topless, bottomless, full nude, lingerie.

There were even pics of her fingering herself, pics of her in the shower, and even one of her from the backyard. At that moment I realized how incredibly hot she was. I noticed her pear shaped C-cup breasts and her nice plump ass.

Her pussy was clean shaven with the exception of a small landing strip. From that day on I started thinking all sorts of things. Whenever I had sex I thought of her, when I masturbated I thought of her, when I watched porn I pictured it was me banging her against the wall.

There was a definite sexual attraction, albeit it was one way. I would never act on it, of course. That would be one awkward father/son talk if I made a move and she told our parents. What made matters worse is that since she has no idea the impact she has on me, she would parade around the house in short shorts and tank-top, she would lean into me every time she wanted something near me. I almost died when I saw her eating a banana in front me. I had to leave the room when she had an ice cream cone.

Watching her lick the melting ice cream was too much for me to handle. As you can tell I am clearly justified in my thinking. As I lay in bed, in the middle of the night, unable to sleep I pictured my stepsister. I was so enthralled with that thought that I didn't even notice the bedroom door open.

I almost had a heart attack when I hand reached forward and touched my foot. "Sorry, did I scare you?" I recognized that voice. It was the object of my lust. Ariel, my stepsister. I reached next to my bed and turned on the small lamp. Ariel stood at the foot of my bed in a tank-top and white cotton panties. Her blonde hair was tied in a single ponytail. "Hey, no you didn't scare me. What's wrong Ariel?" I asked trying not to leer. I looked at the clock next to my bed and it was 1:45.

"This is sorta embarrassing." I sat up in bed but kept my comforter on horny babe is addicted to hot sex lap. I had a hard-on which I was desperately trying to reduce. "I was wondering if I can sleep here tonight. With you." "Uhh." I started. Was I dreaming? If yes, this was the most blonde aria austin double penetrated by big black cocks dream I had ever had.

Ariel came over to the other side of the bed. "I know it sounds weird, and I'm kinda embarrassed about it.but I'm sorta afraid of thunderstorms." Thunderstorm? Just then the greek gods answered with a loud monstrous rumbling followed by streaks of flash lights.

Ariel jumped at the sound of the thunder. God she looked so hot. "Of course you can. You don't have to be embarrassed." I said. Ariel smiled and climbed into bed.


I reached to my left and shut the lamp off. We lay in bed for a few minutes, not talking. My mind started to drift at the pics. I pictured her laying on her bed, nude with her legs spread.


So inviting. I knew I shouldn't be prodding, and my brain tried to talk some sense into me, but I had to know about those pics. I had to know why she took them and for who. I wanted to know if Ariel had a kinky side. "Its been a while since we talked," I said after a few moments of silence, "Yeah it has." "How's everything going? Still dating that guy? What was his name?" "Yeah, we're still dating.

His name's Mike.

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Not really sure it's working out though." "Oh sorry to hear that. What's going on?" "Well, its.it's kinda hard to say. We get along just fine, we talk all the time, like to spend time with each other but in other areas it's not working." "You mean he's not putting out?" I joked. That got a chuckle out of Ariel. She sighed and said, "More like he's not delivering." "Whoa." "Making out with him is just OK.

The few times we actually had sex it was dull and boring. No passion, no drive, no foreplay and no pleasure." "That's gotta be frustrating. You talk to him about it?" "Hell no. Talking doesn't help. It's an awkward conversation to have. Some of my friends suggested I spice things up, so you know what I did?" Based on the direction the conversation was going and what I found in her laptop I had an idea. "I took some pics and sent it to him. Wanna know what he replied back with?" Before I could say anything Ariel continued.

"He said he doesn't like pictures like that. Said a girl shouldn't be taking those kinds of pics. What curvy ebony tugging dick until facial handjob and black guy says that?" An idiot, I thought.

"But I thought maybe he was being chivalry. What if someone found those pics and plastered them all over the internet. Then last week happened. Last week I find out his parents were going out of town for the weekend. So I suggested I could come over, maybe spend the weekend. Alone.


In his house. Guess what he said." "I'm guessing he didn't like the idea," I said. Considering Ariel was home last weekend. Now I knew why she was in a bad mood. "Yup, He said he wasn't sure it was a good idea for me to spend the weekend." I was actually speechless. Here I was dreaming of banging her while her boyfriend, who had the right to fuck her, was girl with big tits enjoy in masturbate fingering homemade her down.

"That's my boyfriend.for now. What about you? You still dating that girl? Think her name was Jennie." Before I could answer a loud thunder crackled.

The sound scared Ariel to a point that she scooted a little closer to me. To comfort her, I moved my right hand on her lap. Her skin was so smooth. My fingers danced on her lap in a small circular motion. "Thanks," Ariel whispered. "Yeah her name's Jennie. But we're not really dating, per se. We never actually dated." "She's not your girlfriend?" "No. Jennie and I have an agreement. Kind of like friends with benefits." "Really?" Ariel asked a little shocked.

"Didn't know that actually happened in real life." "Yeah we made that deal when her ex broke up with her. She was sad and hurt and we kinda ended up doing it when I was consoling her. The sex was great.

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But neither of us have feelings for each other like that. That's how we ended up making the deal. Unlimited sexual favors, not attachments and no commitments. Been working great for almost a year now." "Wow. Now THAT'S what I need. I need a fuck buddy. A man to fuck me wild, do things to me I'd be ashamed of later," Ariel said and moved a little closer to me.

I realized my hand was still on her lap. My fingers were still massaging her lap. "Boyfriend like yours I wouldn't blame you. You are so hot. If I had the chance to fuck you, trust me you'd be hurting the next day." Ariel laughed at the comment and moved a little closer to me. Her leg brushed against my leg.

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She rubbed her leg against mine, while my hand was still on her lap. Ariel and I looked at each other just then a loud thunder struck. Ariel jumped into my arms. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her in closer. Ariel felt my cock press into her and she moaned. Her eyes met mine.

There was just as much lust in her eyes as I had in mine. I leaned in and kissed her. She returned the kiss. I pulled her on top of me and wrapped my arms around. Ariel's kiss became more passionate. I slid my hands down sweethearts are delighting cocks with blowjob till they get cumshots back and onto her ass. I squeezed her tight ass and spread her legs a little. Ariel sat up on top of me, her hands on my chest.

She started slowly gyrating and my cock felt her inner thighs. Ariel slowly started dry humping me. Her tits bounced up and down inside her tank-top and her ponytail swung back and forth.

I saw lust and carnal desires in her eyes. Ariel stopped humping me and slowly removed her tank-top and threw it on the floor. I reached up with both hands and squeezed her tits. Her skin was so soft. My fingers ran over her erect nipples. Still holding her tits in my hands, I sat up. Ariel leaned back a little as I leaned in.

My mouth went over one of her tits and I sucked. They tasted better than I had imagined. My tongue went over the nipple and onto skin. Mom son sher bad room teeth clamped down on her nipple. I continued sucking her tits, one after the other for a few minutes.

Finally I grabbed her, swung her off me and placed her on the bed next to me and I got on top of her. I started kissing her, moving my way down south. I removed her cotton panties. My tongue ran over her landing strip, and then over her pussy lips. Ariel let out a slight moan. I dug my tongue deep into her wet cunt and tasted her juices. She tasted better than any girl I had ever had. Ariel let out a loud moan. My lips wrapped over her pussy and my tongue lapped her up.

Ariel breathing got a heavier and so did her moans. "Shhhh, not so loud," I said. The last thing I wanted was to make loud sexual sounds and have our parents walk in and see this moment. I went down on her again. This time I spread her lips apart and continued licking her. Ariel got a little louder. I got up and threw a pillow over her face to muzzle the sounds. Ariel held the pillow between her teeth as I finished eating her out.

A few minutes later, I got up. I removed my shorts and dropped my underwear. My cock was erect and straining to do some damage to Ariel's holes.

Ariel jumped of the bed and got on her knees. She immediately began to devour my cock. Her wet mouth took my cock in all the way. I felt the back of her throat. An amazing feeling. Ariel continued to suck me off.

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Her mouth and tongue moved with great precision. She grazed her teeth against my shaft on her way up and her lips massaged my shaft on the way down. Her head bobbed and her ponytail swung left to right. She sucked extra hard when her lips were at the tip of my cock. I staci silverstone sex sex stories story the pressure and I knew I wanted her pussy. I picked her up and pushed her against the bed. Standing over her, I spread her legs and guided my cock into her waiting pussy.

My cock pressed against her pussy lips and made its way inside. I shoved my cock deep inside her and Ariel let out a loud yelp.

I quickly threw the pillow over her mouth and pressed down. Just in time as her screams got louder and louder. Hearing her scream while fearing awaking our parents drove me wild. I started slamming into her. The anticipation had already stated building and I unleashed inside her with full force. I stepped back and Ariel threw the pillow on the floor. She got on her knees and sucked the last few cum drops. "OH MY GOD! That was fucking awesome!" Ariel exclaimed as she stood up.

She was right, it was an intense fuck. "You're still hard?" Ariel asked staring down. This was unbelievable. I had never been able to get hard again this quick in the past. There was something about fucking Ariel that my cock liked. My penis was stiff. "Fuck me again." Ariel almost screamed. "Oh god, please fuck me again!" "Shhh, you gotta stay quiet" I said. I grabbed Ariel and covered her mouth. Ariel pushed my hand away and said, "No one is home you idiot." "What?!?" "Our parent left to visit my grandmother around ten.

I bumped into them as I was coming home. They called me before I came into your room to say they'll be home in the morning. You think I'm that stupid to come into your room half naked if someone was home?" Man, I was an idiot.

So if no one was home. "We're all alone?" I asked to confirm. "Yup. Just you and me," Ariel said and her hands reached for my cock. Hungry cock lauren phillips got wrex olivers cock inside her soft muff grabbed both her hands and twisted it behind her back and pulled her in.

Ariel looked at me, still lustful. "In that case, I'm about to fuck you so hard you're going to be sore later." Before she could say anything I pushed her face down on the bed.

Still holding both her hands tight behind her back with one hand, I got behind her and with my other hand directed my cock inside her. I lifted one leg off the ground and rammed my cock in. Ariel let out a loud scream. This time no pillow was needed. I caroline pierce and her mom rilynn rae share a bbc her furiously while keeping her hands restrained.

Ariel struggled a little but I kept her in place. My balls slammed against her body. I unleashed all forms of fury I had bottled up. My body slammed into hers and her screams echoed. Finally I released her hands, and reached over and grabbed her pony tail. I swung her around and lifted her up. Her legs quickly wrapped against my waist. I managed to fall backwards on the bed with Ariel clinging to me.

She started jumping up and down wildly. Her tits bounced and her hair swung all around. I reached up and squeezed her bouncing tits. I pulled on her nipple hard, and then I slapped each titty as they bounced.

Her screams got louder as I felt my balls tighten. I stopped slapping her tits and held her waist firmly. I shot a round cum inside her just as she reached her own climax. I felt her pussy tighten around my cock. Another hard twitch and push and we were both empty.

Ariel collapsed on top of me. Her sweaty body fell on top of mine and we both became limber. "Oh god. That was fucking INCREDIBLE! I have never been fucked like that," Ariel muttered. Ariel sat up and looked at me. "I want to be your fuck buddy." "Oh you do? Think you can handle that?" "God yes." I smiled as I got off the bed to go clean up. Having Ariel as a fuck buddy and Jennie as my friends-with-benefits I was gonna get laid all the time. I felt Ariel's eyes on me as I walked out the bedroom.

My mind was already picturing Jennie going down on Ariel as I throat fucked her.