Nicol black in sexy russians perfect body fucked

Nicol black in sexy russians perfect body fucked
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I dangle my feet into the cool water, squishing my toes into the pebble-filled sand. I can feel the blazing sun tanning my naked back into a delicious golden brown. I don't tan well so I have to go out for regular "sun treatments". I also find something about a park waterfront taut pussy cant live without being hammered hardcore massage be extremely intimate… almost as if it's just waiting for you to do something you're not supposed to.

Perhaps potentially… naughty. I casually glance down the rocky beach to find a tall man strolling in my direction. Something about his demeanor sparks my interest. He carries himself with easy confidence, completely relaxed… as if he can handle anything thrown his way. I quickly flip my short hair nonchalantly, trying to observe him slyly through the red curtain.

As he gets closer I greedily admire his broad shoulders and narrow waist. I'm always a sucker for that combination and begin to think he might be perfect as my next conquest.

My deep blue eyes drink in the way his muscular flesh fills out his t-shirt in all the right spots. Not too muscular, but just enough to be absolutely delicious. Even his short brown hair is groomed the way I like it.

I stretch casually exposing as much skin from my toned body as possible. It wasn't too hard considering my bikini top hardly covers my ample breasts and my jean shorts leave little to the imagination.

It's ok to dress this way when you're out in the sun, pretending to get a tan when you're really scoping out prospective men. He's almost upon me and I catch him trying to casually check me out. That's right big guy, I think to myself, look at all these delightful female curves, just waiting for you to touch and explore. He catches me watching him and I give him my best enticing smile. His gorgeous green eyes alight with some kind of inner fire.

I know that look. Time to get started. I slowly curl and rise, giving him a generous view of the intricate tribal tattoo right above my ass. I give him an inviting look over my shoulder as I begin my trek farther down the beach. He follows and I smile, knowing I have his full attention. I gently sway my hips in time with my stride as I turn into a slightly secluded section of vegetation.

It's one of my favorite spots. You can see out, but people can't really see in unless they know where to look. Trees come in handy like that. His steps are eager now and I can see his erection straining against his jeans. "Why hello there, stranger." I greet in a husky voice. "Hello Miss. How are you this fine day?" He asks with a grin. He's almost painfully handsome.

"All things considering, I could be better." I respond, tugging suggestively at the busty senorita bridgette rides a thick schlong big tits latina of my shorts. "Anything I might help with?" His replies, his voice playfully seductive. "I'm not sure… let me check." I saunter closer to him, feinting innocence in my ocean blue eyes.

I reach out to feel his muscular forearms, delicately tracing my fingertips up to his biceps. God his arms are delicious. I lean into him, gently pressing my soft breasts into his chest. My nipples immediately harden in excitement.

I run my arms under his shirt, feeling his warm flesh beneath oiled holes endure hot pounding hardcore and massage hands. I quickly pull his shirt up, trying to get it over his head. I'm too short, even on tip-toe and I reward him with a alluring smile as he helps remove and discard it. I breathe deeply, inhaling his scent.

I wrap my arms around his neck and reach up to gently place a kiss on his full lips. His eyes are blazing with need as he deepens the kiss. I respond hungrily, almost ferociously as I suck his lower lip between my teeth. I run my tongue over it while my hands flutter up and down his body. His hot hands explore every inch of my flesh.

I can tell he's experienced since I don't remember losing my shorts. I tug his belt free and force his pants down to his knees. I break away from our battle of lips to spit in my palm.

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I look slyly up at him to watch his face as I grab his erection. I feel him shudder as I begin to rub my hand up and down the length of his shaft, throwing in a slight and gentle twisting motion. Something lower in my abdomen tightens in arousal at the sound of his soft moan. He crushes me to him, bending down to kiss my neck and nibble along my collarbone. He kneads my breast in one hand, rolling my nipple between two fingers. Pleasure erupts under my skin at his touch and I let out a throaty sigh.

I pull away and gape loving babe plowed with hard dick european and anal down on my knees, using our clothing as padding. I look up at him past his huge cock and grin as I continue to rub. Slowly I bring him closer to my lips and flick out my warm tongue, caressing his tip. I feel him tense in anticipation. Teasingly I lick all around his head before plunging him into my mouth. I wrap my lips around him and begin to suck, twirling my tongue around the head as I do.

Slowly, I build up the rhythm, using my hand to help induce more pleasure. I feel myself grow wet from his groans of bliss. I want him inside me so badly I almost can't stand it. He grabs my hair and pulls me away from him. Growling, he lifts me up, hands cupping my ass. I wrap my shapely legs around his waist and shiver in excitement. He captures my gaze with his, eyes intense yet sparkling with mischief. He slowly lowers me onto his engorged cock, sliding the tip into my wet vagina.

I moan with pleasure, pressing my breasts tighter against his chest as I cling to his shoulders. He pulls out and I stare at him in confusion. "Now it's my turn." He whispers against my lips before plunging the tip of his cock in me again. I struggle to keep my legs around him as the thrill races through my blood. He slowly slides out.

I pout up at him. "Not fair." He simply smiles at me wolfishly and plunges deep inside me. I gasp in delighted surprise as he begins to thrust in earnest. Kneading my flesh in his hands, he bounces me up and down on his cock, filling me completely.

I cry out in pleasure, feeling the electric heat building as I near orgasm. Waves of tingling ecstasy dance along my skin as he brings me right to the edge. "Oh my god, I'm going to come." I groan aloud, unable to take anymore. He abruptly stops.

I feel the edge of orgasm just beyond my grasp and wiggle on him in frustrated need. "What are you doing? Don't stop… please!" I shamelessly beg. My body feels on fire with the want of release. He grins at me, desire plain in his eyes as he slowly pulls out of me. "It's only fair…" I bite his shoulder half in irritation, the other half still overwhelmed with lust.

As soon as my feet touch the ground, I gently kick his leg out from under him as I simultaneously push against his chest, forcing him onto his back.

I jump on and straddle him, rubbing my clit up and down his shaft. I smile wickedly at him as I tortuously slide his cock deep inside me, tightening my muscles with expertise. He groans in ecstasy as I build up a rhythm, occasionally grinding my hips. His grabs my wrists and forces them behind my back, taking my nipple into his mouth. I moan as I feel his warm tongue flick and play with the tender nub.

I ride his cock hungrily, craving the orgasm he denied me. I struggle forward to kiss him, licking the taste of our mingled sweat from his lips. He growls and thrusts deeper, faster, bringing us closer to the end. The pleasure is building so much Sunny leon xx storys downlod feel it like electricity dancing along my skin, tingling inside me.

I shudder and cry out in ecstasy at the feeling of him throbbing deep inside me as we come in unison. I collapse on top of him, sweaty and exhausted, but with a satisfied grin on my face. Boy do I sure know how to pick the right one. We quickly dress, become somewhat presentable to the public and step out into the bright sunlight. "Well, did you find my services helpful?" He inquires playfully.

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"Hmm… perhaps…" I respond with an impish grin. "Might you require further servicing in the future?" He asks seductively, hope plain on his face.

I smirk and look into his mesmerizing green eyes. I stand on tip-toe and give him a warm, lingering kiss. I murmur quietly against his mouth, "There are a lot more places where I might require someone with your skill of services." I back away slowly, watching him smile knowingly at me, before turning around and making my way back down the beach. I feel the heat of his gaze on my back and smile smugly as I begin to plan out my next japanes xxxx full sex stories movie.

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