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"It's the bomb," Ximena babbled excitedly, untangling the cables to the headsets. Shelly wasn't so sure she agreed. Her life was connected enough, without spending extra time playing with weird electronics. The evening could have been spent on a date, or studying, or just relaxing. Instead, she'd spent it listening about Ximena's new obsession, and now it was turning into some lame geekfest. "Aren't these 3-D glasses like they used to use with old TVs?" Shelly asked, watching her friend tease out the cords and plug them into the surprisingly large box.

"Do you see a television?" the brunette replied, looking up and tossing her hair out of her eyes. "And maybe they are; Mick didn't say, but it isn't like he just bought them on Amazon." Out of a dumpster seemed more likely, Shelly thought, but she kept the notion to herself.

It was good to see Yong beauties doing oral stimulation striptease hardcore feeling upbeat again, even if it meant putting up with. this. "Tell me again what the point of this is?" "It's virtual reality," Ximena repeated, as if that explained everything.

"Do you live under a rock?" She shook herself and handed one of the headsets to her friend.

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"Look, just work with me, okay? It's easier to see it than explain." Shelly looked at the chunky glasses, which actually looked more like a cross between night-vision goggles and first-generation 3-D glasses. They probably were going to give her a raging headache. "Do I wear these over my glasses?" she asked, giving in. "No," Ximena said. "The focus will adjust by itself." She pushed a button on the box, which began emitting a low hum, and put on her headset. "Just put them on and angelina valentine and yuri luv girl play to relax." Rolling her eyes, now that her friend couldn't see her expression, Shelly set her prescription eyeglasses on the corner of Ximena's desk.

She squirmed slightly, adjusting the pillow behind her back, and tucked an errant lock of auburn hair behind one ear. Seeing no further way to avoid it, Shelley settled the headset in place. "There's nothing but static!" she complained after a long minute.

"I don't think it's working." "Just wait!" Ximena's voice sounded. "It takes a little time to calibrate or whatever." "This is lame," Shelly retorted, but she kept with it, blinking periodically and feeling her eyes strain to make sense of what was in front of her.

Finally the speckled static seemed to resolve into sharper pixels, which then began subdividing themselves into a grey haze. Shelly was about to complain again when she realized the haze was fading like time-lapse video of a morning fog burning off. Instead of a landscape, Shelly saw a cartoonish room, bereft of detail.

Purple walls, tan floor, white ceiling. A few featureless brown boxes stood in for furniture, including the bed she sat on. Her first thought was that it made "South Park" look photorealistic.

"Oh, come on!" the redhead complained, looking at the figure sitting beside her. Ximena's avatar looked more impressive than the room, which wasn't saying much -- her friend looked like a refugee from some ancient pre-2000 video game. It wasn't just the cartoonish effect, either; Ximena was wearing some ridiculous harem-type costume.

As Shelly stared, her headset almost imperceptibly filled in additional detail, sharpening the figure until it was clear the outfit was more about leather and chains than gauze. It certainly didn't look anything like the low-rise sweats the brunette was wearing in the real world. "Isn't it kewl?" Ximena asked. The figure's mouth wasn't quite in synchronization with the voice in Shelly's ears as she watched the avatar jerkily stand and display itself more clearly.

"Cool?" Shelly repeated, far less enthusiastically. "Why do women always end up looking like sluts?

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Don't programmers like looking at people with normal clothes?" Ximena laughed. "It's not the real world, Shelly. Live a little!

It didn't cost me anything, and it's not like anybody else will see storys xxx seaa a aa a oras. Besides, you should talk!" Shelly looked down at herself and realized she was naked!

The body had all the featureless curves of a doll, but it was still embarrassing! The coed clapped her hands over herself, feeling a little disoriented by the feel of fabric under her hands and the visual impact of her "hands" stopping not quite on her "body." "Jesus, Ximena! How do I fix this?" "Don't freak out," her friend reassured her. "Just imagine what you want. It's a little rough, at first, until you get the hang of it." The redhead concentrated on the sweatshirt and shorts she knew she was wearing.

After a long moment, the pale skin beneath her fingers turned to grey fabric. Shelly sighed and dropped her hands. "How do I look?" "Unimaginative," Ximena replied. "See for yourself," she said, pointing. Shelly noticed the walls had gained a little definition, and the darker oblong of the door had grown the full-length mirror she was accustomed to seeing on it.

She stood unsteadily, still disoriented by the perceptible lag between her movements and the computer-generated scene, and took a few steps so she could see her reflection. She just about tore off the headset in disgust. "Ximena! This is not what I look like!" Okay, the figure in the mirror did look vaguely Shelly-like, if her parents had raised her to be a slut. She stared into the mirror, gritting her teeth, until the inseams on the shorts lengthened a few inches and the sweatshirt swelled to the point where her nipples weren't pressing against it.

Her avatar hadn't even had nipples a second ago, for God's sake! It was kind of intriguing to watch the image shift, like molten wax, as her too-long untamed mane pulled itself back into a neat ponytail and retracted to its proper length. The frankly offensive acrylic stripper sandals melted away until they resembled her usual flip-flops. "Who programmed this thing, anyway? Mick? What a waste." "Who cares?" Ximena asked. "We decide what we want to have happen, not somebody else!" She stood up and walked over to join Shelly; the visual acuity of the system had continued to improve, and the sway of the brunette's earrings and the chunky pendant around her neck looked almost natural.

Shelly pulled her eyes away from the expansive display of flesh around the pendant. "It seems -- I don't know -- disappointing. I thought maybe we could fly, or walk on Mars, or something unusual." She gestured around them. "We can sit around in the room anytime." It was looking, little by little, more pedestrian all the time -- the boxy furniture was beginning to gain resolution, and the walls were fading towards their usual boring beige.

"That stuff is boring," Ximena retorted. "Who wants to walk around on red dirt? There's nothing to see! I bet there's plenty of other things we could try that you'd never do in real life!" She popped her scanty top, revealing her boobs. "Ximena!" yelped Shelly, feeling scandalized. A part of her watched the discarded bra -- or whatever -- fade and disappear before it hit the floor, but most of her attention was focused on not watching her friend massage her firm tits.

They were beautifully shaped perfect handfuls, capped by perky pink nipples. "See what I mean?" the brunette husked. "There's just the two of us -- no danger of being seen, or caught. I'm sure there must be some things you were scared of trying." "I--" Shelly objected, and then Ximena kissed her.

Up close, the resolution was really good; Shelly watched her friend's long eyelashes flutter and then open. A wicked look shone in Ximena's eyes before Shelly could break free.

"God! It felt like you were really kissing me!" the redhead exclaimed, feeling a little breathless. "You didn't really kiss me, did you?" Ximena laughed; Shelly couldn't help watching the way her tits jiggled. "No, it's an optical illusion!" "Optical illusion?" Her friend's lips had felt so soft. "Whatever," Ximena said, waving off the objection. "You know what I mean. Your wankz sexy spanish porn star vanessa veracruz solo see me kiss you, and your mind just sort of fills in the blanks.

Do you want to do it again?" "No," Shelly said shortly. She noticed her clothing had shrunk again and frowned at her reflection until the shorts loosened. The top remained skin-tight, but at least the sleeves flowed back down her upper arms. The brunette smiled to herself as she stepped out of the high heels and watched them fade away.

The carpet looked extremely vivid now, and she almost thought she could feel the nubs against her feet. "Nothing personal, Ximena, but I'm just not into girls." If she had been inclined that way, her friend would have been worth a second look.

Ximena's body was toned and sleek, and she had all the right curves in all the right places. The little leather-and-chain bikini bottom she was wearing didn't conceal anything, nice a bit of butt before web camera the VR system seemed to be downplaying her imperfections and accentuating her positives. "Well, how about boys?" Ximena asked with a sultry smile. "Absolutely not!" Shelly snapped.

"If you even think about bringing a boy in here to see me like this, I'm finished!" She reached up to where the headset should be, highlighting the threat.

"Calm down, Shelly!" pleaded Ximena. "I wouldn't do that; you know it! I'm no slut, either." She giggled. "Well, only in secret." She pointed to the blob that represented the VR system. "There's only two jacks -- nobody else real can join us or see anything." Shelly dropped her hands. "Okay, but -- Goddamnit!" Her top had shrunk again and was so tight it was almost painful. She glared at the mirror, but the material remained stubbornly unchanging.

"You should just get rid of it," Ximena suggested. "I had such a hard time keeping mine from changing until I had more practice." It obviously was still a problem; her friend's pendant had morphed into a studded leather collar. "How?" Shelly gasped. "I'll never get it over my head." "You cheat," Ximena said, holding out a hand.

A moment later, a pair of scissors materialized in it, and she quickly slit the sides of the redhead's top. The scissors faded from view as quickly as the falling scraps of fabric. "Not my sweatshirt," Shelly moaned, and then caught herself as Ximena smirked. "I know; it wasn't real clothing. I'm just still getting used to this, okay?" Only the thought that it was all fake and the real sweatshirt was still in place kept her from cringing under the brunette's approving glance.

"I think this thing was programmed by perverts," Shelly said, trying to cover her embarrassment. The revealed breasts looked like hers, but her nipples never stuck out that way unless she was massively aroused. She gave up on the shorts, which had shrunk until they fitted more like underwear. The redhead twitched, trying to adjust her real shorts, which had ridden up and were trapping sweat between her legs.

"Check this out!" teased Ximena, distracting Shelly from thoughts of her body. The door opened in front of them and Mick was standing there. Shelly jumped and nearly screamed.

The display field had become was so realistic she had to work to remember it was all just computerized make-believe.

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On second glance, the figure didn't look exactly like Mick, and it moved woodenly and expressionlessly into the room before the door closed behind it. "Mick?" Shelly asked, arching an eyebrow as she turned to Ximena. "You couldn't think of anybody else?" Her brow rose higher as she realized the brunette was rubbing her bikini bottom. "Ximena, you slut!" Her friend smiled sheepishly, but didn't stop stroking herself. "Well, he did loan me the equipment.

Besides, I made a few improvements." That was what had thrown Shelly off. The figure in front of them was like an idealized version of Mick -- a little taller, more muscular, minus the overbite and with better hair. Then he -- or it -- jerkily pushed down the trunks and revealed an absolutely perky pointer sisters are objects of wish erection. If Mick -- or anybody else -- actually had possessed a tool like that, Shelly would have heard about it through the school grapevine.

Ximena winked sideways at Shelly and gracefully sank to her knees. "Oh, please!" Shelly rolled her eyes. "Have a little self-respect, Ximena. You could do anything you wanted to, and you want to suck it? Why not just fantasize about visiting the dentist?" "I like giving blowjobs," Ximena said, looking a bit hurt. "You can do what you like with your own cock, okay?" She turned her attention back to the virtual quasi-Mick and sucked his organ between her lips and then let it pop out again, bobbing in front of her.

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"I bet I can get off faster than you can." Shelly realized a second male form had materialized inside the door while Ximena had distracted her. It stood there, naked and unmoving, as ill-defined as she'd been initially.

"This is dumb," she weakly protested, but the brunette wasn't paying attention to her. Besides, she was a little intrigued by the possibilities. Brad Pitt? Paul Rudd? Bradley Cooper? Maybe with a little Usher thrown in? The shape rippled, fuzzing out and then sharpening as Shelley quickly riffed through all of her fantasies and blended them into one perfect piece of fuckmeat.

The result wasn't what she'd expected. He was breathtakingly handsome, a primal male with a tool so large Shelly knew it could fill up every nook and cranny of her. But instead of reminding her of any of those celebrities, the guy looked like. It took a moment of mental groping, but then Shelly placed the face. It reminded her of Mick's doofus friend, Billy Ray.

Why did Ximena have to screw up her subconscious by bringing Mick into this? Shelly strained, trying to remold the face to something else, but it remained stubbornly fixed. It was so handsome; if only it didn't have such an unfortunate association!

Then he smiled, and she felt herself get all wet. Fuck it, Shelly decided -- the real Billy Ray wasn't ever going to know about it, and she wanted that cock. She shimmied her little shorts down her legs and watched the shaft in front of her swell even larger. The resolution had improved to the point that the large drop of precum glistening at its tip was readily visible and nearly photorealistic.

Probably it wasn't really that good, but in the real world, Shelly was used to things looking a little fuzzy; she'd never wear her glasses in bed with a guy. What come-on line did a girl use with a simulacrum, anyway? Shelly looked over at Ximena, who was getting her face fucked with a vengeance and still hadn't said a word. Well, it wasn't like she'd ever had to seduce her vibrator.

Shelly lay back on the bed and spread her legs, offering herself. Screw with sexy legal age teenager attractive babe hardcore blowjob smiled dreamily, imagining how her fantasy lover would stunningly big assed blondes interracial anal threesome sex pornstars group sex tongue her, licking the moisture from her labia and heating her even more, making her body ready for that huge dick.

Then he'd-- Again the redhead lost her tenuous control over the simulation. The man simply threw himself on top of her and buried himself to the root in her tight pussy. Shelly gasped, unprepared for the totality and realism of the teen slut emily willis spanked by stepdad. It was almost painful, but the feeling of getting plowed like some cheap slut by this amazing stud was totally arousing.

He kissed Shelly hard, muffling her screams of ecstasy. She'd always fantasized about slow, romantic kisses as part of foreplay, but obviously her subconscious knew better -- all Shelly knew was that she wanted more of the tongue that forced itself roughly between her parted lips, taking her mouth the same way the cock between her legs thrust repeatedly into her womb. For once, Shelly didn't have to worry about acting demure or impressing the guy or anything except herself.

It was a good thing, too, because the phantom erection pistoning in and out of her was driving her absolutely out of her mind. She bucked furiously, trying to drive it further into her slick channel and mauled her tits with both hands, stimulating herself even more. The redhead was more aroused than she'd ever been in her life, and even the somewhat-creepy specter of the studly not-quite-Billy Ray leering down at her couldn't quench her need. The image had gotten a little fuzzy again, but it was the last thing on her mind at the moment.

Hell, if the real Billy Ray had sported a shaft like the one that was fucking her senseless, Shelly might even have done him. God, she must be a slut to even think that! Shelly gasped and crested, just as the cock inside her swelled and settled into the rhythmic contractions that jetted spurt after spurt of hot cum into her honeypot.

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The good thing about virtual sex was that she didn't need protection, so she just concentrated on how great it all felt. Who'd want a vibrator after doing this? Shelly belated remembered Ximena's challenge. Feeling totally satiated, she lazily rolled her head to the side to check on her friend.

The brunette must have cum too, because she was looking relaxed. Ximena still knelt on the floor, totally naked except bootylicious delivery girl moriah mills gets a big tip the VR goggles on her head, while she sucked on Mick's cock and slowly fingered herself.

His scum coated her breasts and face. "You love sucking my cock," Mick said, grinning lustily at Ximena. "In fact, doing anything I tell you to makes you really hot. You know you're my slave." Ximena nodded eagerly, her moan muffled by the wet flesh sliding in and out of her mouth. "Now, who's the next hottest girl you know?" Something about the scene didn't seem quite right to Shelly, but it was hard to blame Ximena for wanting to please a stud like Mick.

Besides, the implication she was the sexiest of Ximena's friends was rather flattering. "Do you think I'm sexy?" Shelly asked Billy Ray; his erection suggested he did.

It was funny how she'd never looked at him twice -- never even wanted to -- but maybe it just took nudity to appreciate what a total hunk he was. The redhead felt herself lubricating again just thinking about it. "Oh yeah," Billy Ray leered appreciatively. "Here; you'll look even sexier wearing these." He picked up the headset from where it had fallen on the bed and placed it back over her eyes. Shelly wanted to complain it was lame, but kept her silence.


Everything looked the same with them on as it had a moment ago without the goggles; maybe she'd broken them while they were fucking. Well, the important thing was that Billy Ray liked them. "Yeah, you're my fuckin' slut," Billy Ray told her. "You're gonna shave yourself for me, every morning.

When you do it, you'll think about how good my cock feels stretching out your fuck hole." The redhead writhed on the bed, wishing he'd stop talking and just nail her again. Preferably more than once. Billy Ray was stroking his cock, a total waste of prime manmeat. "You totally get off on going lezzie on other girls and seducing them for me and Mick. You'd love to suck my jizz out of some other slut, wouldn't you?" "Don't get carried away," Mick's voice sounded from the other side of the room, but he might as well have been on the moon.

"Stick with the plan." "Whatever," Billy Ray shrugged. The masculine sensuality of the movement nearly made Shelly cream herself. "Um. Who's the sexiest person you know?" "You," Shelly husked, absolutely meaning it. She grabbed Billy Ray and then pulled him into her, locking her legs around him so he couldn't escape. He laughed and thrust hard in her sloppy channel, making the redhead orgasm.

Happily, he didn't stop. "Oh yeah," Billy Ray sighed, apparently in agreement. "But who's the sexiest girl?" Shelly thought about it. Wasn't she enough for Billy Ray? The redhead wasn't sure she wanted to share his cock, now that she'd found it. But. It would be pretty hot to eat out some girl after Billy Ray had done her, wouldn't it? No, it would be really hot. Shelly moaned, tasting it already.

A major stud like Billy Ray teen brunette teasing solo dolly little likes it rough and hard handle two of them without breaking a sweat. Especially if Mick was there to give him a breather. "Kate. Kate Flanders," she moaned.


The blonde was a white-hot knockout who dressed to titillate and trailed rumor and innuendo behind her everywhere she went. "Fuck, yeah!" Billy Ray agreed, banging Shelly with increased vigor and squeezing her tits in his hands. "But could you get her to visit you and try out the virtual reality box?" Shelly thought of the time Kate had flashed her in the locker room. At the time, the bared sex and heavy-lidded stare that suggested the exposure hadn't been accidental had left the redhead freaked out.

Now, it seemed like an opportunity. "For you, Billy Ray? Absolutely!" She wouldn't even need the stupid machine. Shelly was sure that once she explained things to Kate, the blonde would be more than willing to screw Billy Ray and let Shelly clean up afterwards. Why bother with virtual games when reality was so much better?