Busty asians electrifying oral pleasure job japanese and hardcore

Busty asians electrifying oral pleasure job japanese and hardcore
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Authors note This is the second chapter of the second story I published on the web. All comments are welcome but if any of the categories named don't fit your taste then please don't read it.

If you read it anyway then don't criticize me for writing about the things you dislike. Since English amateur couples fuck in the living room neither my first nor second language all spelling and grammar corrections are more than gratefully accepted. I read the story "Camp" a couple of years back and since then the idea of psionics has intrigued me.

J. Bailey ======================= My little latina - Chapter 2 They drove on down a road that seemed to be never ending. She fell asleep after her confrontation with his ability, totally spent and feeling happier than she had ever before in her life. After driving on for about two hours she woke up, smiled at him while she stretched her petite body thrusting her nipples into the fabric of her T-Shirt.

"Hi sleepyhead, did you sleep well?" He looked at her and smiled. "I haven't slept this well in a longer time than I care to remember." She leaned over to him and gave him a wet kiss on the side of his neck, using her tongue to tickle him. "I'm so happy and so heavily in love that I think I could fly." she said with a happy smile, grabbing his arm and pulling herself into him.

He made a mental note that he had to adjust her feelings a bit. But he admitted she was simply cute and that he was developing at least some feelings for her.

He decided to let things develop for a while and then scan her to see what her true feelings for him would be. You know Maria, we are getting close to a road stop. If you don't want to be raped by a bunch of truckers I suggest you put something on over your T-Shirt so your nipples don't show. She got a sweatshirt from her backpack and put it on. "Happy now, spoilsport?" she asked.

"Or do I need to put panties on too?" "No, you don't need to put panties on too." he said with a grin shaking his head. "I love to think about your naked pussy. As a matter of fact I think we should give her a trim when we get home.

I just love to suck on shaved pussy lips." "Horny devil." she said with a smile and poked him in his ribs with her elbow. He touched her naked knee with his hand sending a shiver through her body. "Just wait 'till we are alone. I'll get you for that." she said.

He drove into the parking lot in front of a truckers stop and again reached out in her general direction, but this time big ass milf world best anal pornstar going huge a menacing look on his face.

She squealed laughing and hurried out of the car. He followed her and hand in hand they walked over to the diner. As he took her hand a warm feeling of love and happiness filled her mind and she again had the feeling of wanting to hawt playgirl is in love with lechery into him and become one with him.

They entered the diner, which was almost empty at this time of day, and walked over to a corner booth. They sat down and looked into each others eyes. He moved his hands to caress the tips of her fingers causing her to smile and bite her lower lip. He loved when she did that. It gave her face an expression of shyness and turned him on. "How can I help you?" A voice said, disturbing their attention for each other. They both looked up at the waitress, a pretty little brunette, and he asked for the special of the day.

Steak, with hash brown potatoes, a light mushroom sauce and a salad on the side with mustard dressing. They looked at each other and she nodded her head lightly. He looked back at the waitress and said: "Yes please, We'll have that and hot apple pie with ice cream as desert." The waitress wrote something on her notepad and went off in the general direction of the kitchen.

Maria excused herself and went to the toilet to freshen up. As he sat there waiting for her he looked out of the window and saw a police car drive up to the diner.

The occupants of the car, two state troopers, walked into the diner and started talking with the waitress. They showed her something and she nodded her head looking over to James. As the state troopers walked over to him he lay a normalization field on the diner so that no one entering it would notice anything out of the ordinary.

"G'day sir. We are looking for this woman, have you seen her?" They showed him a picture of Maria. He looked at them and started to enter commands and memories into their heads. "Yes I have. Is anything wrong with her?" He sent a quick command to Maria making her stay in the restrooms. "She is wanted for theft and assault back in New York" "Let me guess, She knocked out and robbed a sweat shop owner after he raped her?" "Did she tell you this?" "No I read her mind and her memory of the event told me this." "Sir, we must caution you, that you better not mock us." One of the troopers said with a serious face as he reached behind his back.

James looked at them with a smiling face and activated the changes he had implemented into their minds. Both troopers faces went blank momentarily and suddenly they smiled and shook his hand. "Thank you for your time sir. We will pass this information on." They walked out of the diner, got back into their car and drove off. James found the waitress and erased the memory of the picture and the troopers from her mind and released the hold he had put on Maria.

Shortly after she returned. She sat down and smiled at him as he again took her hands. He smiled back and formed an extension that created a blowing sensation on her bush and nipples. She inhaled sharply and bit her lower lip. "Stop that, you are turning me on." she whispered to him. James smiled at her and told her to spread her legs a little more to expose her pussy. She looked at him questioningly but did as he asked. He formed his extension into a mouth tiffany preston love to get mouth full of cum tongue and started by creating a blowing sensation moving up and down her slit.

He then moved to letting his extension lick up and down her slit causing her to shiver and close her eyes. He now moved to giving her a licking and sucking sensation on her clit and watched as she started to tension up in preparation for an orgasm. "Is anything wrong with you ma'm?" It was the waitress bringing their steaks. Maria opened her eyes and smiled.

I'm just feeling extremely happy and serene. The waitress looked at Maria and sighed. "That, I would like to experience, at least once in my life." "When you bring us the coffee I think you should sit down with us for a moment and I'll make you feel like she just felt. But you have to take off you panties before you come." "Will do." she said, as if nothing was more natural, and off she went again. "How did you do that?" Maria asked him.

"Do what?" He asked back. "Tell her to take off her panties before bringing us the bill, without her screaming rape and murder" "It's just part of what I can do. Now let's eat, I'm starving." He looked at her and saw the want in her eyes. "Sorry that she interrupted us too soon Maria I really wanted to play a little more with you before we eat." She smiled at him and thought.

"Don't worry I'll get my revenge tonight when we hit the sack." After eating their steaks and desert the little brunette came with coffee and their bill. She sat down next to Maria and looked at James with hungry eyes. When she brought the meal he had implemented some commands into her mind that made her extremely horny towards him.

Maria looked at her and then at him. "You wouldn't?" "Wait and watch" he told her. He started by giving the little brunette the sensation of hands massaging her feet and shoulders causing her to relax and close her eyes.

He then added the sensation of fingers tickling her tummy sensually, then moving down to her bush giving her a feeling of it being crawled by four fingers, then moving to the inside of her thighs.

Maria watched as the little brunette slumped down in her seat spreading her legs in the process. She looked at James who had closed his eyes and was concentrating on the girl sitting next to her. Maria pulled the girls skirt up and sure enough she had taken her panties off.

James continued to tickle the insides of her thighs before forming his extension into a mouth and tongue with which he started to lick and suck her outer lips, slowly moving to licking up and down her slit. Through his extension he could feel the girls arousal rising. James had an idea.

He opened his eyes and looked at Maria. He had sensed that she had pulled the girls skirt up and wanted to see how she was doing. Maria was looking at the girl, fascinated by the shivers that rolled over her body from time to time. Suddenly she noticed that James was looking at her. She turned to him and looked into his eyes.

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He took her hand and suddenly she could feel what the little brunette was feeling. Maria was amazed. She had never felt anything like this before. She actually felt the sexual arousal of another woman.

James continued to stimulate the girl sitting next to Maria and now he added stimulation to her anus.


The little brunette felt a wet tongue enter her anus and then she felt a mouth nibbling and sucking her nipples causing them to grow hard until they almost hurt. Suddenly the movement pattern of the tongue that was stimulating her clit changed and this brought her over the edge. The overflow of stimulation became to much for her and she exploded in an orgasm that was like nothing she ever could have imagined.

She came, and she grunted, and she moaned, and as she came her nipples were sucked and licked, her anus was invaded by the tonguelike probe, thick enough to make her feel full and thin enough, not to hurt her. It felt as if hands, mouths and tongues were all over her body, the inside of her thighs were being tickled, her scalp casting centerfold walks off after hardcore sex and anus shagging being massaged and her earlobes were being nibbled and sucked on.

even between her toes there seemed to be fingers in movement. And as her orgasm started to subside the stimulation of her clit changed and she came again even harder than the first time. As the second orgasm started to ebb off the sensation in her anus and on her clit changed to a vibrating sensation and stimulation to her G-Spot was added and she came for the third time. This time she simply fainted. Maria had felt the girl's orgasms and although James had filtered the strong bodily emotions she had trembled and shivered and she was sweating as if she had just had an orgasm her self.

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Her pussy was wet and her nipples stood proud under her sweatshirt. "You have just made me wanting you more then you can imagine" she said breathing heavily. They sat and finished their coffee while they waited for the little brunette to regain consciousness.

James placed a few additional commands in her mind to make her happier and feel better than before. At last he made her body believe that it had just slept for three hours and then he woke her up. She opened her eyes and looked around quite confused. "What just happened to me?" "You just had anal cowgirl ass fucking with simony diamond triple orgasm." he told her.

"How do you feel?" "I feel like a million." she replied, "And I actually feel happy as a fish in fresh water." He smiled at the metaphor she had used and asked her how much they owed her.

She gave him the bill and he tipped her a hundred. Her eyes got watery and she tried to tell him that what he had done for her was tip enough. He smiled and told her to take the money and do something nice for her self. They walked back to the car and drove off. "She was kind of cute. And we didn't even get her name." Maria said after a while of silence.

"Yes she was, and I did get her name. Her name is Samantha, her nickname is Sam, she is 19 years old and an orphan." She looked at him and shook her head in disbelieve. Finally they reached his ranch. They parked outside a quite large two story main house. On the porch, two women were sitting. One of them was a caucasian named Jennifer and the other, Gail, was of african descent.


Both of them were dressed in jeans and cotton shirts and looked absolutely ravishing. When they saw the car pull up to the house they both stood up with smiles on their faces and waved their hands. James got out of the car, walked over to the other side and helped Maria to get her backpack out of the car.

"Hello girls, this is Maria. She hitched a ride with me and she'll be staying with us while she gets a grip on her self." "Maria, this is Gail, she runs things around here." Gail shook Maria's hand and smiled. "Welcome to the Triple H ranch Maria. This is Jennifer, she is responsible for everything that comes from the kitchen. She is actually a gourmet chef and used to work in top notch restaurants." "Welcome Maria." Jennifer shook Maria's hand and smiled.

Maria took an instant liking to the two women and smiled back at them. After everyone had been properly introduced James and Maria went to the living room while Jennifer and Gail went to the kitchen and started to prepare supper. James sat down on a couch pulling Maria down into his lap kissing her deeply letting his tongue explore her mouth, then moved to kissing her face, nibbling her earlobes, kissing the side of her neck, kissing her throat, kissing her nibbles through the fabric of her shirt.

She reached for the zipper on his pants but he stopped her. "First we're going to my dungeon Maria." he told her with a sinister look on his face. "But I want to fuck you now. You have been teasing me all day. I need you inside me now!" "Don't worry, you'll get your chance." He pushed her off of him with a mischievous grin stood up, took her hand an pulled her with him.

"We are going to my dungeon in the basement." He said with a deep ghostly voice, simultaneously giving her a feeling that caused her to shiver and get goose bumps down her spine. "Don't do that you, you., monster." she spanked his ass with her bare hand and squealed as he gave her a feeling of two hands cupping her breasts pinching her nipples causing them to go hard.

She pinched his ass in return. By then they had arrived in the basement and stood in front of a black fireproof door. "Please enter my chamber of pain and torture." he said with a ghostly and hollow voice again giving her a chilling feeling down the length her spine. She punched him in the ribs with her elbow causing him to squirm as he opened the door revealing his "Chamber of pain and torture".

She walked inside and was greeted with a brightly colored and warmly lit bathroom containing a Jacuzzi in the floor, a shower, a door that led into a toilet, two mirrors and two sinks. And there were some hot babe dildoing and fingering her pussy or so candles burning all over the place.

He put his hand into the water of the Jacuzzi and said with a very serious face. "Quite hot enough to boil you alive. Let the torture begin." Suddenly he burst out laughing and started to undress himself.

"Last one in is a dork." he said and got into the pool. "James Carruthers, you are a tease." she frowned and then placed herself in front of him on the other side of the pool.

She then started to undress herself slowly enjoying the hungry look in his eyes as she revealed more and more of her beautiful body. He blew her a kiss and watched her undress. She put a finger into her mouth making it wet with saliva, before moving her finger down to her pussy and massage her clit. She threw her head back with a moan.

Finally she looked at him. "My are we happy to see us." she said with a grin looking at his cock that by now stood erect like a flagpole. He swallowed hard. "Come here Maria, please, I want to make love to you." Now it was her turn to put up a mischievous grin. "Only if you wash my back first." Then she walked over to the shower and started adjusting the temperature of the water.

James got out of the Jacuzzi and followed her to the shower. He took a bar of soap and started to wash her back, "Bend over Maria, I want to wash your butt crack and your pussy" "Mmmm, I like that." She bent over and spread her legs to allow him better access. He washed her crack and pussy from behind. As he touched her butt hole with his fingers he induced a feeling with her that resembled a vibrator running at full speed being pressed hard against her puckered hole causing her to flinch and moan loudly.

He then moved down her legs all the way old bitch seduces her daughters man tube porn her ankles. Having arrived at her feet he then started up the front of her body until he came to her bush.

He provided special care to her bush causing her to moan quietly. He moved up over her tummy to her breasts. He then let her rinse the soap off of her body under the streaming water and washed himself. "Are you satisfied now?" She nodded and gave him a hot lingering kiss and turned off the water. She then got down on her knees and used her mouth to treat his cock until it again stood at full attention.

She then grabbed hold of his cock, holding it tightly and started to walk in the direction of the pool dragging him along with her.

As they came to the pool she slid into the warm water and he followed. He embraced her and they embarked on a journey of kisses and hot hungry looks. She straddled him and aligned herself until his cock was at gorgeous slut audrey royal tastes and fucks a bigcock entrance of her pussy.

She bit her lower lip, closed her eyes and slowly, ever so slowly impaled herself on his cock. As she had the whole length of him inside her she threw back her head and grunted.

"Suck my nipples, James. Please." He did and she lifted her self up and then in one forceful stroke she impaled her self again on his cock causing them both to come.

She moaned loudly as she came and her pussy muscles started contracting. milking his cock. "Oh, god." he grunted as he came and pressed hard into her blowing his full load into her cervix.

While their orgasms lasted she rode his cock moving her body up and down until the last remnants of their climaxes had subsided. She then collapsed on top of him once more totally fulfilled and spent, enjoying the warmth of the water they lay in. In his mind Maria was becoming something special. This was the first time in his life that a girl had come redhead first time with lesbian on cast the same time as he, without him using his ability.

He wondered if he should ask Maria to stay with him indefinitely but decided to wait and see how she would adjust to the rest of his girls. To be continued.