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Teen lea sucks and fucks a cab driver inside the cab for a free ride
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Readers are advised to read the preceding parts to fully understand the full story. Those who are offended by mature/young gay sex avoid this. Reader. please leave your comments/feedback. Ajay's Tale. This the final and concluding to the Saga of Ajay and Raja. I woke up from a deep sleep to feel a weight on my chest, something was brushing my lips and mouth and a hand was grasping my semi erect cock.

None of these were strange or unfamiliar sensations. This was Ajay's favourite way of waking me up in the morning. You have already heard the story of how I met Ajay and Raja. Of how we had a lot of fun together. Of how those times came to an end. This is now the story of the two years that I continued to enjoy Ajay's company and his body.

After Raja had shifted to Chennai, Ajay would often come up the hill after school on a Friday evening and stay till Sunday afternoon.

His favourite way of waking me up on Saturday and Sunday mornings, was to sit on my chest and holding his already hard cock in one hand, rub it on mather sleep son hot focking lips and face.


While doing that he would reach behind to grasp my cock with his other hand and using a pulsating grip, bring me to erection. Once I was full aroused and hard he would rise off my chest, squat over my cock and lower himself firmly on to my shaft till it was fully sheathed in his ass. With a rising and dropping motion he would then proceed to "ride" my cock till we both reached climax.

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Once awake I would grip his wildly flapping cock in one hand and balls in my other hand and start masturbating him. His body's rhythms on my shaft would alert me to go faster or slower, the hand holding his balls would tell me how close to climaxing he was. We would synchronise our movements to come to an explosive and simultaneous ejaculation.

My cock pumping my seed deep in his ass and he, spraying my face and chest, with his young boy's cum. Of course every morning was not the same.

There were mornings of extreme tenderness when soft kisses to lips and face would suffice, There were mornings when I would awake earlier than him [most of the time] and finding him sleeping spoon fashion in my arms, very slowly and gently enter his ass and simply lie there, with a few forward and backward movements to keep my cock hard, and let the pleasure of the sensations wake him up. We would then go to the bathroom and have a bath together.

Soaping each other's bodies, removing all the dried crusts of the previous night's emissions. Hands slippery with soap suds, delving deep in the crack of the ass, or running from ankle to groin, brushing cock and balls in passing. Palms, fingers spread wide, roughly applying the soap to the back, would change action, to soft caresses when reaching the buttocks. My fingers, gently pulling back his foreskin, to soap the head of his cock.

Or his breath, caressing my lower belly as he bent his body, or knelt before me to soap my legs would often enough be sufficient to bring about another erection. This would cause us to turn on the shower and wash off japanese av model fucks hard in raw asian threesome porn soap and proceed to "deflate" the erect cock. Most often by sucking, if it was Ajay's cock that got hard or by another fuck if it was mine that had stood up.


Though Ajay would insert a finger in my ass sometimes to enhance some part of our play or other, he refused to fuck me. I had never asked him to do it during the period we were in a threesome with Raja, but during the two years that Ajay and I were lovers I sometimes felt the desire to play bottom to that lithe slim body and the straight cock with the cheeky pink head peeping from the foreskin.

He always politely refused my requests. He would do anything and everything else I asked of him.

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He would rim my ass and use his tongue to excite me. He would assume any position I asked him and allow me to fuck him in any way I wanted. He would suck my cock and drink all my cum.

He would even allow me to suck him dry and swallow his creamy boy's ejaculate but he would never use his cock to enter my ass. Of all the things I have done in my life and of all the gratification I have had, this is the one thing I always will regret not experiencing. We would often only emerge from the shower about 2 hours after we had entered it. Many the times we came out of the bathroom with rampant cocks, but at that point far too hungry to pay attention to further demands for sex.

After Raja had departed from the threesome, the quality of our games together and the sexuality we indulged in took on a more romantic and dedicated air. Never once in the two years we spent having sex with each other, did either of us consider inviting any other boy to join in our games or to take Raja's place. There were many of Ajay's friends who had sexy year old girl acquires fucked hard suspicious of our relationship and the nature and reason behind his frequent visits to my house and when I had work in the plains, the occasional night/nights we spent in a hotel in the nearby city.

Some were the boys with whom Raja and Ajay had begun to explore their sexuality.

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Others were boys patak kar jabardasti choda xxx suspected the sexual connection between us and who would have liked to join in. Yet others were boys skyler green cant cumuntil now instructional handjob I think, fancied Ajay and who were desperate to try to seduce him. Apparently some of the boys did approach him, telling him they "knew" what was going on between him and me and asking him either to have sex with them or for an introduction to me and for inclusion in our games.

Some threatened him with exposure if he did not do what they asked or wanted. Some said they would inform his parents as to the actual reason for his visits to me. While we played many games and spent much of the days and nights having great sex, I also took the trouble to teach him English and some other subjects.

As his academic performance in school improved so dramatically after his association with me his parents never suspected anything about our true relationship, and were always happy to let their son visit me.

I once asked Ajay if he fancied any other boy or boys nearer his own age and his reply brought me to the verge of tears. He calmly stated that, though he had started his sexual journey with Raja and some other boys, after meeting me for the second time, he had lost interest in having sex with anyone else.

He had continued "playing" with Raja only because he had thought I had preferred Raja to him. Over the time we had been a threesome, I had always shared my affections equally between the two boys though it had been Ajay I had always preferred. Even though he had darker skin, he was by far the more attractive of the two and his body had more natural grace and beauty. Also his nature was far nicer than Raja's. When I told Ajay that it was always him that I had liked better and was always him I had looked forward to seeing again, it was his turn to have teary eyes.

Ajay's slim body, handsome cock and easily penetrated ass were not just playthings for me during the time we shared together. He had a quick and enquiring mind and learned easily all that I could teach him, not only in bed but about life in general. I taught him to read and write English almost as well as I could, coached him in maths, and other school subjects and made sure his education covered amazing asian slut teen gets fuct and anal the aspects of necessary to help him advance in school as well as after that.

Our relationship was based on sexual gratification in the beginning but soon moved to a different perspective. Our meetings would usually, even if there had been only a gap of just two or three days between them, consist of frantic efforts to reach the others body, removing clothes as fast as possible and indulging in acts that brought about quick culmination and ejaculation. Mouths applied to already hard cocks in a 69 or as soon as he was stripped of his clothes I would make him lie on his back with his legs at ear level so his ass was exposed completely and run my tongue from the base of his balls to this ass hole a few times taking him almost to the point of spilling his seed, then would quickly enter his ass and fuck him as deeply as possible.

Most of the time we would ejaculate simultaneously me deep in his ass and he spraying his own chest and sometimes even me with his cum. Then would begin the more thoughtful phase of our love making where we sought to pleasure the other rather than indulging in instant gratification.

We were supremely content with each other, and during the two years we spent playing games and having fun, I never thought of any other boy. Ajay was 19 years and one day old when I met him and first had sex with him and Raja.


He was 20 years and four months old when Raja left for Chennai and we knew that soon he would complete his schooling and would have to start working also that his parents would be looking for a bride for him. We knew we had just a year or so to enjoy ourselves, which believe me we did.

He was 22 years and four months old when the ending finally came. A week or so after petite yo gets fucked by muscular guy 22nd birthday I saw that his face, once so smooth and innocent, with only the faintest tracings of down, had begun to show development, albeit delayed, of the typical thick Tamalian moustache. The scanty hairs which had decorated his chin were now beginning to turn into coarse stubble that covered his cheeks as well.

His features, which had till then retained a childish and innocent cast, now began to coarsen and mature. Even his once luminous eyes began to dull. His slender and boyish cock, with its rosy pink head peeping out of the foreskin was now more of a man's cock.

His slim and hairless body had matured, developed muscles and tracings of hair on chest and belly. The once scanty pubic hair that was like silky down, and with which I had loved to play, was now a thick forest of rough curls from which his cock and balls emerged. The strip of skin from his balls to his ass hole, once smooth and hairless, a favourite path for my tongue, and the licking of which was a sure fire way to excite and inflame his passion, was now covered in hair, and no longer inviting.

His parents had fixed his marriage for the next auspicious day, about 5 months in the future. We knew that the time to part was drawing closer. The frequency of our lovemaking seemed to become further and further apart as the final day drew closer.

We would spend far more time just talking or holding each other, instead of the usual frenetic sexual lust that had consumed us previously. Right up to his 22nd birthday, which he had spent with me, [It had become a tradition. He had also spent his 20th and 21st birthdays anna&bell&tiffany lesbians in hard style punishing each othe tube porn me] our every meeting had been based on the lust and desire we had felt for each other's bodies.

Now as the shadow of his maturing body, changing appearance and his pending marriage fell over us, we understood that something wonderful was ending. Sometimes a boy passing on the road will trigger a memory of those times and acts.

I sometimes see a young boy and have to stop myself from calling out Ajay's name. Have to remind myself that Ajay is a thing of the past and something that ended a long time ago. Eventually we parted, without regret, without any bad feelings. We still meet sometimes. But never refer to our past, the games we played or the desires that sustained our relationship for around the four years we had known each other intimately.

Ajay's wife has produced only daughters. I often wonder, if he had had a son, would he have allowed his son to visit me. Finis.