Pornpros jessie law likes to show off her little pussy small tits and hardcore

Pornpros jessie law likes to show off her little pussy small tits and hardcore
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This is my first shot at a fantasy story. It is actually my fantasy of what I would love adorable czech girl is seduced in the supermarket and screwed in pov do with a young man that I work with. If you like it, and I get at least 3 likes, I will work on writing another story.

I have some true stories, but they have been rejected for underage, but I also have some true stories not written yet that are adult as well. I hope you like it. I enjoy living these in my mind and reliving the true stories as well. JD is a 50-year-old slightly overweight, blonde turning grey short cut hair dazzling Irish blue eyes with a beard and mustache. He is working his tail off at two different jobs. Both are night jobs so he pretty much works all the time unless he is sleeping.

The boss at his second job asked him to help train a new guy to work through the week nights. The new guys worked a little with some of the other clerks so he knows most of what he is doing just not what to do during the nights. His name is Corey. Corey is 22 full of energy like most other 22-year-old kids, and has a great body, tall and skinny is the best way to describe him.

He is also very handsome with gorgeous green eyes and brown short cut hair. JD and Corey hit it off well, and JD asked Corey if he would help him move somethings into his apartment. They talked about life in general and both found out that the other is bisexual while Corey helped JD. This peaked JD's interest because he is attracted to younger guys.

Corey didn't seem to get a rise out of the discovery of JD's sexual orientation. They were done moving the furniture into JD's apartment and JD said he needed to get a drink and headed toward the kitchen. As he walked past Corey, he deliberately rubbed up against Corey with his hand, playing it off as an accident.

JD couldn't help but notice when he did this that Corey had a hard-on pointing straight up.


JD went to the frig and pulled out a soda for both him and Corey. JD turned to Corey and said you want this now or do you have something else in mind as he glanced down at Corey's' crotch.

Corey reached out to take the soda and at the same time obviously adjusted his hard-on and said what do you have in mind? JD took the invitation, put his soda down, and stepped toward Corey and said I suppose I should think about paying you for your help.

At the same time, he reached down to grab Corey's crotch. He rubbed his cock and said mmhm, just like I was hoping a big one ready to suck on. Corey moaned at the touch and pulled JD into him in an affectionate embrace. JD gently pushed on Corey until he was pinned against the brazzers mom big tits milf ariella farrera and began to kiss him passionately.

He couldn't believe his luck, such a hunk, bisexual, and willing and obviously ready to have sex with him. JD grabbed Corey by the hand and led him into the bedroom.

He pushed him down onto the bed.


Corey's hard-on very prominent and creating a tent in his shorts. JD grabbed onto it and stroked up and down on it through the shorts Corey was wearing.

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Corey looked down at him and watched then said take me, I want you and have since I met you. JD moved up toward Corey's head pulling his shirt along with him. He peeled the shirt off Corey and then began to kiss and caress his way down the sexy firm body that lay in front of him. JD thought to himself god I would love to have a body like this again but at least I get to play with one now.

He sucked on Corey's nipples. While he sucked and nibbled on one, he would pinch the other gently while pulling down Corey's' shorts.

Slowly he made his way down Corey's firm toned abs following his faint trail of hair. As he approached the waistband of Corey's underwear, Corey's cock jumped, making JD smile. JD bit at the waistband and began to pull the underwear down with his teeth.

Corey tried to give him some help, but JD slapped his hand away telling him not too fast Mr. horny this isn't a race. JD moved his hands down to the waistband and with his hands and teeth removed Corey's underwear. Corey's hard-on sprang out like boy and anti hinde porn move spring slapping against his stomach.

Corey's penis was thick and long roughly about 7 inches in length and around 4.5 inches in girth. Tattooed hitchhiker scarlett mae gets facialized in pov was also totally shaved.

JD noticed that he even shaved the taint area clean. JD said damn that is beautiful and bent down to lick it. He lifted Corey's huge bald ball sack and licked under it on the taint just above the asshole. Corey moaned approval of the move, JD smiled then pulled one ball at a time into his mouth and sucked on them individually for a minute or so before moving on. This made Corey moan loudly and JD slowly licked up his thick sexy love stick right to the head.


He then gave it a light kiss on the piss slit sucking up the leaking precum getting a taste of Corey's love juices. JD licked his lips and looked up at Corey and said you like that. Corey nodded his head vigorously and anxiously awaited more.

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JD grabbed Corey's balls sack giving it a gentle squeeze and cupping them played with them a little with his left hand. With his right hand, he took ahold of the thick juicy cock lifting it straight up and stroking it gently licked the large vein on the underside from the base to the tip and back down again. Corey couldn't believe the feelings he was having and said loudly "oh my god I love you JD take me redhead teen sucks and gets anal fucked any way you want, you keep doing that and I am going to blow my load right now".

JD just smiled and said "well you do that and I will need to clean you up before I fuck you bareback". Corey said "do it I want you to dump your cum in my ass. Just take it easy down there, I am a virgin when it comes to that". I have only given blow jobs and gotten them from all the guys I have been with.

A couple of the girls I have finger fucked me while blowing me but I have never had a cock in there. JD stood slipped his shirt off and dropped both his pants and underwear. He was now standing totally naked in front of Corey his cock at full attention. JD was about 4 inches in girth and 6.75 inches long. Slightly smaller than Corey and he noticed. Corey said damn JD that is nearly as big as mine and sexy as fuck.

I like that you trim everything short. JD went back down on Corey taking his cock into his mouth and sucked on just the head to tease him. Corey moaned approval. Then said if you swing around we can 69 and I can see what you taste like too. JD hummed while going deep onto Corey's cock what sounded like a response but Corey couldn't make it out. He tried to sit up a little to get his hands on JD's gorgeous thick fuck stick but JD gently pushed his hands away and hummed not now as he drove up and down Corey's thick cock.

The humming was starting to send Corey over the edge, well that and the fact that JD could deep throat his entire cock.

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Corey had never met anyone that could do that. They had all started choking at about three quarters of the way down the thick shaft. Corey could feel himself getting ready to cum and said to JD that he was going to blow soon. This made JD move up and down faster and if possible further down. He kept playing with Corey's balls tickling under them then slipping his wet middle finger into his ass.

Corey soon said he was going to cum. JD just kept giving the blow job and finger fucking him and he blew just as JD was at the base of Corey's cock so the first few shots went straight down his throat. He pulled back so he could receive the rest of the load in his mouth and taste it.

He hummed a little as his mouth was filling with cum which to his surprise seemed to increase the amount of cum. It finally ended and JD pulled off looked up at Corey and grinned with his cum filled mouth. Then swallowed and opened his mouth to show Corey that it was all gone. Corey said that was incredible when you were humming I didn't think I was ever going to stop cumming. JD said that was the point then slid his hands up and down Corey's sides.

Now to clean you up as he placed a kiss in Corey's belly button and tongued it sending chills through Corey. JD finished cleaning up Corey by licking him all over then went down to Corey's balls lifting them to begin to lick his taint.

Corey instinctively spread his legs wide to allow easy access for JD. JD then moved down to begin to lick and tongue fuck Corey's' asshole. Corey began to moan at the feeling.

JD made sure he got him good and wet and inserted his index and middle french high school girl shemales into his man pussy and wiggled them up and down and side to side to prepare Corey for entry.

JD kissed up Corey's balls, to the tip of his cock, then began to work his way up his stomach and chest. As he reached Corey's neck he reached down to rub his leaking cock on the entrance of Corey's man pussy.

Corey wasn't sure what he was planning but the feeling of the cock at his entrance was feeling good he knew that much. JD then kissed his neck all the while Corey couldn't stop moaning with pleasure. As JD began to nibble on Corey's left ear-lob he four boys fuck one girl xxx a slight push of his cock.

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Corey wasn't expecting it and winced as JD's girth made itself known during its' entry. JD pulled back a little then re-inserted his cock to push it in further.

Corey was ready this time and received the love shaft with little problem. JD began to slowly pump his cock in and out to keep it from hurting Corey. Corey lifted his legs higher and rested his ankles on JD's shoulders as he began to pick up the speed and get a rhythm going.

Corey was surprised at how easily he lost his v-card to JD and that it felt so good and looked down to watch him pump it in and out. As JD was pumping Corey could feel his prostate being massaged by JD's sizeable cock and it was beginning to turn him on and give him another hard-on.

He reached down to start stroking it and JD slapped his hand away and said that's for me and I want that to stay loaded so you can fuck me too. JD started to pick up the pace and Corey could feel him get stiffer with every pump. JD then began to moan and said I'm cumming. Corey felt the release of the hot cum hitting him inside his ass and moaned as well.

JD finished pumping his man juice into Corey, pulled out and alessandra noir dirty gal fucks in the back down to catch the leaking cum and rubbed it into his ass and all over Corey's cock.

He then slid up and sat on Corey's cock and it slipped into JD's man pussy with no problem. JD began to ride up and down and told Corey to pump as fast as he wanted.

Corey reached down grabbed JD's hips then started a furious onslaught on his ass. Pounding with a furious slapping rhythm. JD moaned loudly as Corey's fury was getting him near the point of cumming again without even touching himself. The feeling of Corey's hard cock ramming his prostate was feeling amazing to him. It only took a few more hard thrusts and as JD felt Corey's cock stiffen inside him and release his boy juices, JD came again shooting so hard it hit Corey in the mouth. JD and Corey collapsed on each other just loving the touch of each other.

JD was loving the feeling of Corey's cock becoming soft inside him and finally sliding out on its' own. JD rolled class i com xxxn vedios to Corey's left side and looked at him.

Both still panting from the amazing time they had just had, he said you need to move in with me, so we can do this anytime we want.

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Corey looked at JD incredulously and said do you really want me to? JD said well yeah, I wouldn't have said anything if I didn't want to be able to stare at and fuck that sexy ass all the time. They got dressed and went to Corey's mothers to pick up his stuff to move him in.