Sarah loves playing up the black on blonde

Sarah loves playing up the black on blonde
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Late Night Date Night by Georgia Greene Alice trembled on the doctor's mat and felt naked in the paper gown they'd given her just before stuffing her ripped green dress in a giant evidence bag. Through the window pane in the door, she saw the police who found her speaking with a large middle aged black woman in a white lab coat.

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Alice raised her hand to wipe her nose, ignoring the giant purple bruises. Cum ran down her thin pale legs across more ugly blotches and more pooled on the sterilized bed in the spot under Alice's lap. Usually she was pretty but now one bright sea green eye was so swollen she could barely see through it. Her blonde hair dirty and matted.

The woman entered the room and sat in front of her with a clip board. Her name tag read Dr. Bare MD. "Miss Glass. Can you tell me anything about what happened?" The doctor's clipboard already wore some chicken scratch and her pen was poised for more. "Please. Anything at all would help us help you." Alice stared at the floor where the seed running down her legs started to drip from her toes in a steady even beat.

She still felt their hands on her pinning her down. She parted her split lip and whimpered, "I just wanted to get home." Two Hours Earlier The movie sucked. Terrible acting and a worst story. Not that Alice could concentrate anyway. Dave's hands kept roaming and more than twice she had to move them from under her little green sundress and off her little B cups.

She agreed to give him a hand job if he'd stop and Dave took the deal. Alice spat in her hand and wrapped it around his cock, pumping her fist up and down until he grew stiff. He still groped her but he at least kept his hands on her breasts, kneading them as he breathed deep.

He came sept mom fuck son xnxx a big explosion scene and started laughing as his seed rolled down her fingers.

Charming. But at least he was a gentleman through the rest of the movie. That changed in the parking lot. Dave opened the door to his Hummer and she climbed inside, setting her purse down beside her. Alice expected him to shut the door but he hit the lever and her seat suddenly dropped back. Dave climbed on top of her, closing the door and pressing his lips against her, massaging her breast through the thin dresses fabric.

She turned her head away from him and pushed his chest, her arms straining. "Dave no." "Shh. Just lay back and let me take care of this." His cock was stiffening up again and he started to raise her dress. "I want to say thank you for the helping hand in the theater." "Please. I don't want to." Alice squirmed but Dave just reached under her skirt, pushed her panties aside, and stuck his fat index finger inside. Her body tensed. "No! Get off!" She slapped him across the face, catching him off guard.

His face twisted into a horrid mask and Dave punched her mouth, busting her lip open. He wrapped his fingers around her neck, pinning her onto the seat and started to unbuckle his belt. Alice began to cry, couldn't believe this was happening to her. He seemed so sweet. Dave lowered his pants, dick already up and pendulous balls hanging down.

Alice took her shot quick, raising her knee as hard as she could, planting them hard in his crotch. Dave cried out like a wounded wolf and pulled back both hands to cup his sack.


Alice reached the door handle and jumped out of the car, taking off as Dave howled, curled in the passenger seat in a fetal position. Alice kicked off her heels so she could run faster.and by the time she realized that she'd left behind her purse and with it her wallet, ID, and phone, she was already lost.

The neighborhood transformed into a ghetto around her. Fat big-rumped rats ran rampant, darting into the streets and ducking into sewers when cars passed by. Alice just hoped she wouldn't step on glass.

She didn't recognize the street signs and no one around looked friendly enough to ask. The adrenaline from her struggle with Dave had worn off and Alice was starting to panic. She started walking, hoping she would find a restaurant or a police station but every other building was boarded up.

Finally, she caught sight of an older Hispanic woman with a cane. "Miss? Can I borrow your phone? I'm lost." The woman gave Alice a once over and spat on the ground.

"Put some clothes on. Look like a whore." Someone started laughing. The older woman shuffled off and Alice looked over to see three men sitting on a stoop smiling, laughing, and pointing at her. Alice kept moving, praying she might find a pay phone petite jeune tres coquine avec son mec those existed anymore) or maybe a police station.

She moved down the street but the further she went, the less street lights there were. It wasn't until she turned around, looking for a street sign, that Alice noticed she was being followed. By the three men from earlier. The trio picked up speed when she noticed them and when she started running, they picked up into a sprint, ganging on her with incredible speed. The biggest, a Hispanic man 6'6 and heavy set, grabbed for her and caught the dress, ripping one of the straps.

Alice tried to keep ahead but he didn't miss the second time, grabbing her arm and spinning her around. "Nice catch, Juan." She tried to fight him off, throwing her small balled fists but they just bounced off Juan's muscles and by now his friends had caught up and surrounded her. His friends grabbed each arm and covered her mouth before half carrying her in the rest of the block, letting Alice's feet drag across the sidewalk.

They ducked into an alley and pushed her face down in the concrete. She tried to stand but Juan pushed her to the ground and climbed on top of her.


When she tried to rear her head, he palmed the back of her head and pressed her face into the concrete. "Lupe. Give me the knife." A shorter man with a mustache reached in his back pocket and handed the blade over. Juan sliced through the thin dress fabric and Alice screamed.

"No! No! Get off me!" Juan chuckled and called his friends over to hold Alice's arms down as he kicks his pants off and tosses aside the green dress. Then, he runs the blade through her panties and cuts them off with a quick flick. Alice heard Juan spit and then felt the slick wet massive mushroom pushing against her pussy lips.

She tensed up and tried to get away, bucking and squirming, but they pin her tiny frame tight and Juan drove in, moaning and starting to thrust. Real swinger home story outdoor gang bang2 could barely breathe, his hard heavy body pressing down on her. "She's tight as a mouse cunt." Juan said between groans. "How the fuck you know that, bro?" his friend asked. Alice cried, tears spilling down her pale cheeks.

She screamed until her throat was hoarse but no one came to help her and her attackers weren't worried. One of them even laughed at her struggling. Juan was bigger than anyone she'd had inside her before and brutal, slamming his hips against her. Alice's face scraped the concrete and her ears filled with the sound of Juan over her grunting and panting, his sweaty skin slapping against hers.

His friends played with themselves and watched, getting big and hard. "Hurry up, man." Lupe started stroking her ear, sickeningly tender. "I want my turn on this piece." Juan thrust harder. "Almost there. Almost." He almost roared when his cock started to jump and spasm inside her. He spurt sticky ropes of warm wet cum inside her, driving in just a few more times to empty his load.

Juan slipped off sweaty and satisfied. Alice trembled and sobbed. She tried to close her legs but Lupe climbed on top of her and forced them apart with his knee. He wrapped his fingers around her neck before pushing inside her, squeezing as he smashed her bruised pussy in. Alice's face went red as she tried to draw in air, getting just enough. He moaned and his dick jumped inside her, spurting sticky ropes of wet cum into her pussy.

He drove inside a few more times, shooting the last of his load before rolling off her trapped body onto his back. Alice trembled from head to toe whimpering. Lupe climbed on top next and sank inside. He was just slightly smaller than Juan but more aggressive, wrapping his fingers around Alice's neck and holding it as he smashed her bruised pussy in.

She blubbered and squirmed but Lupe laughed, enjoying the struggle. He gripped Alice's arm and twisted it painfully behind her back, keeping her in place. He shoved himself deep inside her, using Juan's seed as a lubricant. "No pain, no gain cunt." Alice tried to stay conscious, afraid of what might happen if she passed out. When Lupe came, she thought the worst was over.

Their friend took his place but instead of spreading her sugar walls open again, he slid one fat index finger in his mouth before pressing it against her puckered brown eye. Alice's eyes shot wide open when he shoved the digit inside her virgin asshole. He slid it back and forth, testing her out. She started to fight and thrash again but Juan and Lupe pounced on her, keeping teen threesome amateur xxx my dad has always told me that keeping myself pure for my pinned as she bucked like an animal in a trap.


"No! Not there! Please you can't put in in there!" Lupe slugged her hand in the eye. "Fucking bitch. Omar, you must be her first." "I'll make it real special.

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She'll never forget." Then Omar pulled his finger out and replaced it with his cock head. Alice screamed and flailed but Lupe clamped his hand over her mouth and Juan kept her pinned in place as their friend sank his rigid shaft into her tight asshole.

Her muffled sobs listen and learn from stepmother darla crane through the alley and tears spilled from her eyes down Lupe's fingers. Omar groaned and pushed deeper as her muscles tensed around him like a Chinese finger trap. He sucked on her neck as he sodomized her, his tongue tracing against her soft skin. Alice's head pounded and her entire body was so sore from the assault. When she felt herself beginning to pass out, she went with it hoping to escape the torture they put her body through.

Omar just grew more aggressive, using his dick like a jackhammer, ramming her colon in with brutal force until finally his meat started to spasm, he moaned, and finished with an exploding geyser of wet spunk.

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He laid on top of her for just a moment, exhausted from the effort before pulling his now half-limp cock from her bruised stretched asshole, pulling a trail of cum with him.

He climbed off and Lupe freed her mouth. The trio dressed quickly, ignoring Alice as if she'd never been there. She sobbed naked on the ground and they ran off, abandoning her with the garbage.

Cum leaked from her violated snatch and the bruises were already raising on her aching body. The police department didn't get the call until 6:00am that morning, a garbage collector found a young blonde in her mid-twenties passed out there, still naked. Her license and purse were missing.

When she woke up, she would only give her name-Alice Glass-but she didn't feel like the same girl anymore.