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Watching Darcy Die written by Jimmmy D. "Just me and God, watching Darcy die." A high school filled with students. It's in between classes and everyone is going to their lockers.

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There's a cute, slightly chubby, girl with glasses digging into her locker. She's a senior, and it's her last day of school. She starts college next year. "Darcy, c'mon." Caleb whispers. "What? What do you want?" Darcy asks, irritated for being harped on. "Just come with me, we said we'd lose our virginity together." "We did, But I'm not losing my virginity at school." "It's the last blonde chubby fucked hard in the bathroom, c'mon, lets end this year with a splash." Caleb begs.

"Shut the fuck up," Darcy tells Caleb giving him a stiff shove on the shoulder, "I will fuck you tonight after school, okay? There's no way in hell I'm having sex during school." "Fine," Caleb gives up, "I'll meet you after school, we'll ride the bus to your house, okay?" "Okay," Darcy sighs, "But I want this aletta ocean fucking big black cock behind scenes be perfect, okay?" "No problem, everything will be great." Caleb tells her rubbing her shoulder.

Caleb walks toward the north hallway and Darcy walks toward the south, to her History class. It's the last day of school and exams were the day before, so its a free period.

Darcy spends an hour writing in her composition note book. She writes poems and makes doodles, and rereads things shes already written. After class shes meets Caleb in the Gymnasium were they wait for bus number thirty-six, the one that will take her home. They hop on board and grab a seat near the back were they can chat.

The bus was never really that crowded, but what they have to talk about it private. "Okay," Caleb tells Darcy, "I've been practicing on slices of fish." "Are you kidding? That's gross." Darcy tells Caleb. "Everyone says pussy feels and smells like fish, I figured it was the best thing to practice on." "My vagina doesn't smell like fish Caleb, you're such a dork." "Okay, okay.

At least I'll be able to eat you out properly though." "Caleb, I don't care how good you are, this is a first for both of us, we can get better together." "Yea I know, I just wanna make you cum really good." "First of all, it's 'Really well', and secondly I'm sure you'll do fine." They chatted most of the way to Darcy's house, but Caleb asks Darcy a question the brings on an awkward silence: "Have you ever seen a real dick before?" Darcy considers his question for a moment.

The awkward silence begins. Darcy wonders if she should tell him the truth or not. She does: "Yea I have." "Like, in real life?" Caleb asks, taken aback, blood rushing to his head. "Yea." "What, where, who was it?" "Don't freak out, I didn't touch it or anything. It was a guy in gym class." "What? We don't have co-ed gym." "Yea, one day Mrs.

James sent me to the boys gym class to tell Mr. Claude that the girls would be having class on the field, so the boys couldn't." "And?" Caleb is excited, but scared. "I went into the boys locker room to find Mr. Claude and Marc Rollins was in there showering. No one else was there." "And?" "I saw his penis." she concludes. "And?" Caleb is getting frustrated.

"And what?" Darcy is perplexed. "What did it look like?" "It looked like a penis." Darcy is so lost right now. "Was it big, or small? Was it circumcised?" Caleb asks her.

"What the hell difference does it make?" "I just wanna know." Caleb tells her. "Okay.

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It was pretty long, make like seven inches, and it looked really thick. I think it was circumcised." "Seven inches is just above average." Caleb breathes a sigh of relief. "It was seven inches long flaccid Caleb, so it was probably like nine or ten inches long hard.

What difference does it make?" "I just wanted to know what experience you've had." Caleb tells her, feeling slightly nervous. "I've seen seen one, I've never even touched one." "I know. I just wanted to know." Caleb tells her enigmatically. "Okay. So, how big are you?" Darcy asks "Hard?" she specifies. "Uhm, I haven't measured, but like eight or nine inches." Caleb tells her.

"Is that big?" "Yea, it's fake agent fucks fat pussy on cast than most." "Does that mean it will hurt more?" "I don't know, I don't think so. In fact I think that means it will fell better." "Okay." Darcy says, looking out the window at her house. The bus stops so she and Caleb get off and start walking to her house.

Chatting on the way. When they reach the front door Darcy takes out her key and comments on how her parents won't be home until Sunday or Monday, and since it's only Friday they can hang out all weekend.

Caleb likes the idea that he and Darcy could be having sex for the next two or three days. They walk into the cool air conditioning and move toward the kitchen for something cool to drink. Darcy pours to glasses of iced tea and they go up to her room. After talking and drinking their tea Caleb talks Darcy into getting undressed.

While she does this Caleb's fingers wrap around something in his pants pockets, and before too much longer Darcy stands in front of him completely naked. Her curl brown hair hangs in shining locks about her neck and shoulders, and frames her large perky breasts perfectly.

Her vagina has hair, but very little of it, and her rump is large and round. She could be the perfect example of what a young women should look like. Caleb's blood rushes to his face and crotch, and before he knows it he's getting undressed as well. Suddenly Caleb and Darcy are laying on the bed romantically, though somewhat awkwardly; and their kisses and fumbling are also unexperienced and bumbling.

Though the intension is good it doesn't keep it from being at least slightly embarrassing. Caleb reaches between Darcy's legs, which are shut nearly tightly, and her face goes even more red.

Caleb pulls his hand away and looks at the sticky juices dripping off of his fingers, it's exciting and somewhat disgusting to him, but he enjoys it. So he crawls down between Darcy's legs and starts licking up and down. After a moment Darcy's nervousness eases and she starts to relax and enjoy what Caleb's tongue is doing to her most tender parts.

Caleb reaches his middle and index finger into Darcy's vagina and starts to push in a little, and he feels Darcy's hymen.


"Are you ready to break it?" he asks her, and she nods. So Caleb presses in with more pressure until he feels the tension ease and the skin pops apart with a little dribble of oozing blood.

Darcy startles with the surprise of pain then relaxes as it eases into a warm, dull sensation. Caleb brings his fingers up to his mouth and tastes the blood. He smiles and then starts lapping at Darcy vaginal crease. Darcy leans her head back to enjoy the sensation but raises up quickly when Caleb starts getting a bit to vicious.


She puts his head away and says "Take it easy." but she's startled when she sees a wild look in his eye, but what really upsets her it the few drops of blood running down his chin. He looks quite animalistic. Caleb apologizes and jump off of the bed to grab his pants, "What are you doing?" Darcy asks.

"I'm grabbing a condom." Caleb assures her, and she lays her head back down on her bed. Darcy is getting very nervous, but its fading. "This might turn out alright" she thinks to herself. She closes her eyes and feels the warmth permeating from her vagina all over her body.

She feels the weight shift on the bed and knows that Caleb is sitting over her now, looking at her. She opens her eyes and sees Caleb with that wild look still in his eyes holding something long and shiny, and sharp.

He puts his left hand on her neck and leans on it, then he takes the knife in his right hand and presses it onto her neck. She chokes and spluttered, and tries to say "What the fuck?" but her windpipe is being pressed in to hard, so she struggles, but Caleb weighs too much and has a firm grip on her. "Darcy, I have to do this." Caleb tells her before he moves the knife to her chest and draws a line that runs straight down between her trembling breasts. Then he draws another line straight across the first to form an upside-down crucifix.

Darcy cries out and asks "Why?!" and even though she's stifled Caleb can decipher her words, and he tells her "Because she told me to." The look of terror and puzzlement tells Caleb he needs to elaborate further.

"The woman in the painting." he drops his eyes but keeps his grip, "The woman in that painting my father bought last week, she came and told me I have to sunny leone xxx sex blue film pussy humping6 this." Darcy wraps her hands around Caleb's wrists and struggles to say, "No, you don't have to.

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Please don't." Caleb makes a sound that is half chuckle and half sob ask he asks his head, "There is no other way. She won't love me if I don't." With that Caleb move his legs back a little and leans forward, more over Darcy, and pushes his cock into her bleeding pussy.

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Darcy struggles, but she can't get away, so Caleb continues to fuck her. While he does so he rubs his right hand on her chest, to smear the blood around.

He starts me encontre un telefono y veo esto her faster and faster, using his knife to draw crooked and curved lines on her chest and arms and face. The tears un down her cheeks and keep the blood from drying there. Darcy just looks up at Caleb with sorrow and pleading in her eyes.

Darcy has never known true terror before and it's far worse than she could have imagined. Caleb reaches back his right hand and on a particularly hard thrust he throw his fist in Darcy's face and it sends her sense reeling. Caleb fucks her harder until he decides there isn't enough blood, so he pulls his dick out of Darcy's pussy and jam his eight inch hunting knife inside.

Darcy screams and he twists the blade, and Darcy screams louder. He pulls the knife out and starts fucking Darcy again. She's sobbing and he's giggling. After a few more punches and some particularly brutal fucking Caleb crawls off of Darcy who's not fighting anymore and he tells her "You're going to suck my dick, and if you bite it I will slit you fucking throat." at these last few words Darcy sobs a little harder, but its cut in half when Caleb crams his dick into Darcy's mouth.

She starts sucking while Caleb holds the knife against her throat, but her weak attempt at a blow job sends Caleb into a rage.

So he grabs the hair on the back of her head and starts sliding his dick in and out of her mouth, fucking her lips like a sideways vagina. In this fit of brutal throat fucking Caleb nicks Darcy's throat a few times, and draws a few drops of blood, but nothing too deep.

After a few more minutes Caleb abruptly stops and pulls his dick nearly out of Darcy's and contorts his face, like he's listening in a very intense manner. After a moment it passes and he pulls his dick out of Darcy's mouth and tells her, "It's time, the mistress wants you." Caleb puts the knife flat against Darcy's throat, and just before she has a chance to say anything the blade runs its course and the skin on her neck separates into a macabre flesh fountain that spurts brown and red jets of blood.

Darcy falls back on her bed gasping for air and trying to hold the cut on her neck, trying to staunch the blood flow, but it doesn't help. She goes into shock and starts to lose consciousness. The cute asian babe likes taste of my hard cock smalltits and brunette thing Darcy's mind takes in is a patak kar jabardasti choda xxx, tattooed woman with large black wings.

The woman spreads her wings wide behind Caleb, he turns to face her, and she whispers something to him. Darcy is dead. "I love you." the woman whispers to Caleb, who drops his knife and falls onto her chest in a bloody embrace. The woman licks the blood off of Caleb's face and says "Now we can be together forever, just like I promised." "I love you." the woman whispers to Caleb, who drops his knife and falls onto her chest in a bloody embrace.


The woman licks the blood off of Caleb's face and says "Now we can be together forever, just like I promised."