Hot gym buddies pleasure each others pussy

Hot gym buddies pleasure each others pussy
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Story as told to me by my GF. I had just turned 21 and needed a job.

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I ended up getting a job at a very shady bar called Marco's Bar. The place was a hell hole, filled with scumbag old men and old, gross women. When I walked in my first day, it was obvious that I was the youngest piece of ass that had been in the place in a very long time.

I had perky tits, a thick ass and a cute, innocent smile.


My long dark hair rested on my bare shoulders and my young skin glowed with youth. I had my share of lovers but this place became my pool of men. I could have anyone I wanted in this place. I began with the hot bartender. He was in his late 20's and had a smile I could not resist.

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After working there 3 weeks, I confronted him towards the end of my shift and suggested he come over my place.

He asked if I was serious and I said, "yes, I am." 2 AM rolled around and I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and there stood this sexy man. I welcome him in and lead him to my room. There I let him caress my body. In minutes I am nude and his cock is in my mouth. I knew he had a girlfriend but I could care less because I wanted to taste his dick. I sucked it until he nearly came. My mouth was wet with his sperm.

He slowly worked his fingers into my cunt and helped my pussy become so wet. First it was just one finger, then two, then three, then the fourth finger snuck it's way into my ass. I was already trembling with excitement. I stopped sucking his throbbing dick and jumped on his dick. I rode him so hard that he came in minutes!


I was so disappointed. I got off and asked him to leave. He tried to caress me but I was so let down that I acted like a bitch and asked him to get going because I had an early morning. The next couple of weeks were awkward but I managed.

Then on a Saturday night, I saw a mature man walk into the club. He commanded such authority. I was intrigued immediately. I asked around and found out that this guy was part owner. He introduced himself and immediately there was a connection. We began flirting and I knew something would happen between us. Rick, the owner or part owner offered me a ride home and I accepted.

As I was grabbing my stuff, a waitress mentioned that I need to be careful with Rick because he had a wife.

I was shocked! He didn't wear a ring but I guess that was normal for him. A ploy to lure his waitresses into bed with no qualms. I suddenly felt uneasy about the whole thing but I accepted the ride anyway. We arrived to my place and he reached over and before I could even say anything, his hand was massaging my pussy and he whispered in my ear, "Do you like this baby?" I was only 21 and this guy was well into his forties, what was I to do.

He asked to come in and I was already drenched, I could not resist and so I let him come in. We walk in and he walks with me to my living room.

He reached from behind and undid my pants. I fack ny wife big black coke there, calm and paused. He pulled them down and suddenly my ass was exposed. He stepped back for a second and took a look at me. He marveled in my youth and the tightness of my skin. I stood there and suddenly I felt his fingers shove into the crack of my ass.

He asked me to remove my pants completely. I obeyed his orders and stepped out of my pants. He pulled me down to the ground and made me bend over, my ass in the air, pussy fully exposed. I felt his tongue shove into my pussy. I was dripping with wetness.

Rick ate me furiously.


I began to scream! I was so fucking turned on! He ate and ate and ate my pussy! In minutes, he had his clothes off and shoved his bare dick into me. I asked him to stop but Rick kept pumping into my pussy. I asked him to put a condom on but he swore he would not get me pregnant. I tried to stop but the orgasms surged through me and I could not do anything put push my ass into his dick as hard as possible.

Mom son sher bad room asked Rick, "what about your wife?" Rick shoved his fingers into my mouth and asked me to quiet down. "My wife is at home and she will never know about your young ass!

Now spread your cheeks!" I listened and I spread them as wide as possible. My tits were bouncing back and forth! I could not get him to stop and I didn't want him to stop anymore. Her husband was mine tonight and I was going to eat this mans cum and let him fuck me however he wanted! Suddenly his dick was in my mouth, choking me and cum already surging from the corners of my mouth. He then flipped me on my side and fucked my pussy again until he came.

I was dripping with sweat. My body glistened with the moonlight that poured through my windows. I could see his older body next to me. A slight belly and his wet dick becoming limp. I fell asleep with my head on his shoulder.

I was asleep for what seemed like an hour or so when suddenly I felt my body turned over, my face pressed to the carpet and with a quick jerk, his dick protruded my virgin ass! I yelled and ask him to slow down but. (to be continued)