High quality sex stories porn with huge cocks

High quality sex stories porn with huge cocks
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She was beautiful. Dante smiled to himself as he looked over his birthday present. Pale as the moon with dark chestnut hair that rippled past her shoulders and with eyes the colour of pale violet; she was the living embodiment of his fantasies. She had long legs that were perfectly shaped, lush hips and a narrow waist.

Her arms were tied above her head making her back arch and pushing her already impressive breasts into better view. The red and black corset she wore followed her divine shape like a glove and pushed her breasts up and together creating a cleavage he wanted to bury his face into to feel they're softness.

It ended above her hips but attached to it were bows that held up the black stocking on her fantastic legs that ended in killer stilettos. Her makeup was subtle making her eyes seem even larger in her pale face and her lips were painted a soft red. Tear tracks made the mascara run but for Dante it only increased her beauty.

Around her neck was a collar and a leash were attached to it and it hung limply in front of her as if it were waiting for him to grab it.

A soft whimper brought his attention back to her face. Her beautiful eyes were bright with tears and fear. As he inhaled deeply he smelt that fear and his body reacted. "Hello pet." he said softly as he took a step closer to her almost within reach. He enjoyed the helplessness of her position and felt himself harden. When she was unveiled to him at his dinner celebration he wanted to rip her clothes off and fuck her on the table.

Now he was glad that he had waited, it would make it all that more pleasurable. "I'm you're master now. I will tell you the rules of my house once and only once. If you break one or wilfully disobey me I will punish you. First, you must call me Master or Sir at all times. Second you will dress in what I give you without complaint.

Third you bath and wash me every night and then you bath yourself in front asian whore has her hairy muff toy fucked well me, the in scents I give you. Fourth you will speak only when spoken too and fifth you will do what I say when I say.


For example if I tell you to suck my cock you will do deep in her throat and deep in her ass then and there even if it's in a room filled with people.

When we are in the dining hall you will sit on the floor next to me. Anywhere else you will be either on the floor, beside me in bed or on my lap. Every night you will dance for me. I will take your body and use it how I see fit because it no longer belongs to you. Nod if you understand." A sense of deep satisfaction filled him when he saw her nod her head. River was terrified. Two nights ago she was attacked and brought to the castle and stripped naked.

A woman washed her and forced her into the humiliating outfit she now wore. Three men strapped her down so that makeup could be applied to her face. Those same men dragged her to the dining chamber and put her in a cage with a gag in her mouth and tied her hands to a loop in the top of the cage.

There she waited for hours it felt like days before someone came into the Hall. It was the Captain of the Guards. He explained to River that she was to be the Prince's birthday gift before he left her alone again. River spent hours dreading the moment the celebration dinner started and more so when it would end.

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Now she listened as the Prince listed off many rules that she had to follow, rules that took her freedoms and choices away. "Nod if you understand." River nodded her head quickly and saw his smile.

The Prince was a handsome man, tall and muscular but he had a harsh look to his features and a twist to his mouth that was cruel. His green eyes glittered with lust and brutality and she watched helplessly as his hands stretched out towards her. "I want to see this body of yours.

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This corset is turning me on but I want to see your skin. You will wear this again to please me." Dante smiled as her fear increased. He unlocked the chains that bound her and tossed her onto the bed. Her scream of fear was muffled by the gag that was still in her mouth.

Dante climbed onto the bed and ran a hand up her leg and over her hip. With quick movements he undid the gag and listened to her gasp for breath.


Frightened River scrambled back to the headboard away from the Prince. She didn't want to sleep with him and knew he would give her no choice. It terrified her to know that she would lose her virginity to rape and torture and that she would live out sultry college girl was tempted and poked by her elderly teacher days either serving him with her body or be sold as a sex slave once he bored with her.

"Please. let me " a blow to the side of her head stopped her midsentence. Pain radiated from her cheek and River clutched her hands to her face and wept. "I told you not to speak unless spoken to slave. You disobeyed me and now you must be punished." An unholy gleam entered his eyes and he grabbed her. River screamed, his hands bruised her flesh and she began to struggle but it was pointless. Without much effort she was tied to the bed, still at the mercy of the Prince, who ran his hands over her body.

"Are you a virgin? Is that why you cower from my touch?" he whispered in her ear.

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"Yes Sir. please I bed you don't rape me." She begged him and watched his features turn from soft to angry. "Rape you? You are my property, to do with as I wish. Call it rape is you wish but I call it my right." He snapped and he grasped a handful of her long hair and pulled, "Scream and beg all you want, I am Prince, no one will defy me to save you." With that he shoved her away from him and ripped the corset from her body.

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Her large breasts were now bare to his gaze and touch and touch them he did. Without tenderness he grabbed them and pinched her nipples hard enough to make her scream in pain. "You're my little whore now aren't you? Mm . Don't deny it! Your body, your mind and life are mine now. If I say you're a whore then you're a whore. Today your virgin body becomes my new plaything." He laughed as she struggled against his rough touch.

He looked down at her virgin body mostly unveiled to his gaze. With a quick movement he tore her panties off but left on her heels and stockings they turned him on to no end. Unable to control himself any longer he rolled off the bed and stripped naked in full view of his pet big booty teen with tattoos and the worst part is that my figure liked it she would see his size and know that she would have no escape from the torment that awaited her.

River watched as the Prince removed his clothes and whimpered. His sex was fully aroused and she did not know how he would fit. He was at least nine inches long and she doubted her fingers could fully encircle his thickness. Helplessly she squirmed on the bed as he drew nearer. Unable to bear it she closed her eyes and wished it was a bed dream. The bed dipped and moved, River knew the Prince was above her. A hand closed around her throat and her head was forced back. "Open your eyes and keep them open.

I want to watch your eyes as I fuck your tight virgin cunt. Do it!" he yelled. River shook in fear but opened her eyes. He was above her naked and positioned directly at her entrance. One of Dante's hands was beside her face the other stroked her inner thigh and brushed her slit. "Tsk, you're dry.


Hmm should I make you wet or fuck your dry pussy?" He shoved a thick finger deep inside her and River screamed in shock and pain. It felt as if she were filled to the brim with only one finger and it hurt. Hurt so badly she wanted to cry. "Mm you're so tight my little slut.

I don't think I can wait to make you ready for my dick." The hand that fingered her returned to her throat and he smiled and said, "Scream for me bitch." Without anymore warning he shoved his thick cock deep into her pussy down to the hilt. Shock went into her eyes and Dante watched her face contort in pain as River's scream pierced the silence of the air and the sound of it, coupled with the tightness of her cunt, almost made him cum.

Dante smirked and withdrew and slammed back into her, pounding into her again and again, the blood from her battered cunt made it easier and easier to fuck her. "Please it hurts so much. please stop!" River thought she would sultry college girl was tempted and poked by her elderly teacher from the pain he was inflicting on her, he looked down at her with pleasure in his eyes. Pleasure at her pain and she couldn't bear it, River closed her eyes to try and block out what was happening to her.

"Fucking whore I told you to keep your eyes open." his hand tightened on her throat and River struggled to breathe, she opened her eyes and his grip loosened but his hand stayed on her throat.

The bed bashed against the wall with the thrusting of his hips and River cried harder and wished it to stop. His teeth joined in, biting her neck and breasts, some left marks and others bled.

"Beg me. beg me to stop." He ordered as he fucked her now destroyed hole and she did. Anything that she thought of to make him stop she said, begged him to stop, pleaded and cried for him to stop.

"Ugh.ugh.ugh." he grunted as he fucked her tight little hole. "Yes slut. fuck you're lana rhoades big tits teen sucking and masturbating with Dante thrust hard one last time before cumming deep in her slit. As he collapsed on top of her, Dante knew he would keep this one around for a long time he had not had such pleasure from one pet in a long time.

He would not let her go. Gently he withdrew his still hard dick and looked at his blood covered cock. Blood and semen poured out of her abused pussy and onto the bed cover. As he glanced up he saw a relieved look on her face. "Oh Pet. do you think I'm done with you for tonight? Think again." Gleefully he watched a look of horror cross her face. With fluid grace he went to the top of the bed and grabbed her hair and shoved her face between his legs.

"Suck it and if you bite me I will take my fill of you tonight and then let my captains fuck you until you die. Now open your mouth. good girl." River opened her mouth and closed her eyes again, not wanting to watch his dick slam into her mouth as it had done to her pussy not five minutes ago. "Look at me you stupid bitch, I want to look into your eyes as I fuck your mouth." Her eyes opened and she looked up into the cruel eyes of her master.

As his dick entered her mouth she tasted her blood and his cum. The Prince slammed his groin into her face, shoving his cock down her young throat. The disturbing act make her want to puke but his fierce face fucking prevented it. "Ugh. such a warm.mouth." he moaned. "I'm going to cum again. Ugh." Seconds later her mouth was filled with his salty cum. "Swallow.

All of it." He commanded as he stayed inside her mouth, leaving no choice but to do as he commanded. "Mm good little slut. I'm spent." Dante forced her mouth open and withdrew. "Please sir. please let me go." She whispered "You've taken what you wanted.

please." she cried hard. As he listened to her pleading he growled in anger. How dare she think to ask to be let go? In anger he slapped her once, twice, three times, each time he heard her scream. "You are mine and what is mine I keep." He left go of her and stepped off the bed and turned her around and brought her to her knees. River offered up no resistance, her body was too battered to fight.

She felt cold metal surround her ankle and knew that he had chained her further. The leash, still attached to her collar was tied to the head board. The prince moved away from her and she heard him move around the room.

When he came back to sit at her side he held three things in his hand. One was her gag, the other two were long objects. One had knobs all over it and the other looked like spheres ever decreasing in size. "Do you know what these are? These are toys. When I am too spent to continue fucking you I will use these to continue to use your body." He smirked at her horrified expression and stuffed the gag in her mouth. He had heard enough of her begging for the day, he just wanted to hear her scream.

Dante stood and placed the spherical toy at the entrance of her ass and shoved it in to the hilt. River screamed in pain, fresh tears streamed down her face. It felt as though her ass was on fire and split open. Before the pain could diminish Dante removed it and shoved it back in again and again, she knew it was just to hear her scream. After what seemed like an eternity of pain he stopped and shoved the other toy inside her abused cunt. The knobs brushed the bruised insides of her pussy and she whimpered.

"One last treat, my pet." Dante crooned and he pressed hidden buttons on the toys and they began to vibrate. River screamed and Dante settled down in his chair, facing the bed to watch her struggle with the toys. Oh yes. she would do nicely for a pet.