Playboy tv swing season 3 episode 10

Playboy tv swing season 3 episode 10
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The sun had just set over the horizon and Daryn sat in a tree to look around the small village for his target. He knew what she looked like and how she acted but it was hard to find her. After a few moments big titted boss fucks with her employee looking a flashing blue light began to flutter in front of his face.

: He tried to swat it away. "Pesky bug. I'm trying to do something." "Bug who are you calling a bug." she said kicking him in the nose. He rubbed it and looked closer at the 'bug' "Who the fuck are you?" "No one just a bug." she snickered and flew away. He looked at the 'bug' with confusion. He shook his head and went back to looking at the villagers. "What yeah doing?" he heard in his ear.

"Looking for someone." He said not realizing that he was talking to someone. He thought he was talking to himself. "Really who?" she said again "Her name's Jasmine. She's wanted dead by my people." He said again not realizing he was talking to a pixie. "Really now so your go going to kill her?" He nodded. "Yes, very slowly if needed." He said with a grin. "Maybe something else before then." "You're a dirty drow." she said kicking his ear. He twitched and then realized who he was talking to.

"What the.?" He said and looked around. "What was that for?" "For being a dirty drow. You want to have sex with her." she said sitting on his shoulder. He looked at her. "Who wouldn't?" he asked. "It's a thing that me and my friends do. What would you do if you were in my position?" "I don't know." she then flew off of his shoulder and turned her self into a normal sized human next to him in the tree. He jumped a little but caught himself in the tree. "Fuck me sideways." He said and quickly looked to see if anyone else heard him.

Luckily no one did. "Can you warn me next time?" "Sorry." she said she had turned into a woman roughly 5'7 long red hair raven colored eyes wearing a small animal skinned dress. "Who are you?" He asked as he checked her out. "I am Juliana." He nodded. deep pussy fuck for horny blonde cougar, because if you said Jasmine I would have had to kill you." He said with a grin under his mask.

"I wish I could tell you mine but I am under code." "Ah I see." "But you wish to have sex yes?" He shook his head in confusion. "Wait what?" "You said you wanted sex." He chuckled. "I didn't say I wanted anything." He paused. "So you are offering?" "What if I am?" "Or do you only rape your victims?" He smiled.

"Well a little of both." She chuckled as she leaned into him about to kiss him then pulled away. He glared at her. "What's wrong now?" She did not answer him she went back t her pixie form and flew a few branches up. He watched her and when she was out of sight he looked back to see if he could find his target.

"Man, this job just keeps getting stranger and stranger." "Your all the same." "Aren't we?" He said with a grin. She threw an acorn at his head. He looked up. "What was that for?" "Because I can." she giggled. "Just you wait until I get my paws on you." He growled and jumped down from the tree. He had found his target. She followed closely behind him.

Tossing things here and there. He did his best to blend in with the crowd that he walked through. He flipped his wrist and a hidden dagger appeared as he closed in on a female high elf.

She flew ahead and warned the guards that were around her. The guards turned around and some took her seriously and others just waved their hands at her.

They walked and approached the high elf. Daryn hid himself around the corner just before he got to her. "Shit, how did they know?" He asked himself. "wow looks like your plans have changed." she said to him landing on his shoulder again. "I guess so. Now why did you have to go and do that?" he asked a little annoyed. "Sorry it was to easy." she smiled. "Just because you are small." He said and smiled.

"Maybe I could use your help." He said and looked at her. "What do i get in return for my services?" "Whatever you want." he said smiling. He took down his mask that covered his lower face. She flew off his shoulder and turned into her larger form again. this time she was a raven haired girl with red eyes. "Like changing your appearance, huh?" he asked smiling and checking her out again.

"Yes well you never can be to careful." she replied smiling at him. she then backs him into the building. He looks a little nervous.

"Well, what can I do for you?" he asked. He stood about five eleven "I can think of a few things." she said rubbing against him. He turned over so that he could look at her. "Feisty aren't we?" He asked "I can be." she said to him kissing him deeply.

"Why do you not like it? Would you rather i be more submissive?" "Well I like a woman who is not afraid to speak and act her mind." She kissed him again and began grinding on him.


He kissed her back. "You'll be the first pixie." She smiled and thought to herself. 'You'll be the first.' He looked at her and remembered what happens with virgins. "Well I hope you are ready for a bloody mess." She smiled and kissed him again.

He returned the kiss and rolled her over. "Do you like rough?" "Not sure." "Well I guess we will see." He grinned and used his dagger to open her shirt. "Well now." she replied removing his shirt.

"I like sharp objects." he said and put the dagger away before running his hand on her breast. she moaned a bit and wrapped her legs around him.

He used one hand to play with her breast and leaned down to kiss her neck. she continued moaning grinding against him. He smiled and slowly pulled off his pants. He lowered himself kissing all the way down just above her vagina.

He stops and looks at her with a grin "What are you stopping for?" she asked him. "To make you ask questions and ask for more." He said with a grin. "Well it is working." He nods. "I know." she then thrusts her hips up towards his face. He grinned and pushed them back down.

"You have to ask for more." "Please give me more." she begged. He grinned and started licking her while using two fingers to tease her more.

She moaned loudly then ran her fingers through his hair. He continued for a little longer. Her hips thrust against his face and fingers her moaning grows louder her breaths quicken and deepen. He stopped and looked back up at her. He smiled and kissed between her breasts. he kept her legs spread. "This might hurt for the first time." He lowered his hips onto hers and ran his penis against the sucking babe tit fucks big tits and blowjob of her.

"I don't care." I can handle it" He nodded and thrusts a little harder than he would normally with a virgin. He was used to ones that had sex before and not really used to being gentle or with willing people. she yelled in pain and dug her nails into his back deeply. He moaned. "That's a good girl. Play rough." he said and pulled out slowly and thrusts once more. she moaned again and wrapped her legs around him once more pulling him into her.

He started a rhythm with her. He didn't lean down to kiss her he just looked at her with a smile. she moaned and stayed in rhythm with him. her nails still dug deep into him back. He slowly went faster and faster with his rhythm. He leaned down now to kiss her. She welcomed his kisses openly keeping up with his rhythm. Her moans now turning into screams. He wanted to make sure that she wasn't too loud. He didn't want to attract any attention to himself.

He was sure that the guards would get him for raping her even if she said that she wanted it. He covered her screams with kisses. she then began to glow a vibrant pink color nothing he had ever seen before. He looked at her with confusion which slowed his rhythm down a little.

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"What the hell?" her color faded and she went motionless for a few moments. "Why stop?" "You turned pink." he said and continued with his rhythm. She was still beautiful, even for drow standards, for cock bless america story 2 to stop. "I know I did we have bonded." she said to him. He smiled. He was going to ask her when they were done. He turned over so that she sat up on top. He took her hips and dug in deeper.

she then began to move her hips back and forth onto him. a few moments later she screamed loudly and began glowing a bright blue. she then fell to his chest and held him tightly. At the same time she could feel a warm liquid enter her as he caught her and held her in his arms.

He was out of breath. "You like colors, don't you?" "Hmm oh sorry I can't control it yet it expresses what kind of mood we are in." She said to him her color went away and laid there on him trying to catch her breath as well.

He smiled. "Well I guess I'll just have to learn the colors, right?" he asked and pulled himself out of her so that he could relax a bit. "Well i guess you'll have plenty of time for that now won't you. I am yours now after all." she said rolling off of him and rest her head on his chest.

"Mine?" he asked a little confused. "What do you mean by that?" "Well he who takes a pixies virginity owns the pixie." "I own a Pixie?" He asked a little shocked. He grinned. "Well now, that will make things a little easier." "You own a pixie i am yours to with as you please. " He grinned again. "Well then. I have to get back to glam babe with huge boobs pornstars big tits assignment before I become a target." "Yes of course." she said turning back into her pixie form.

He stood up and got dressed. "Will you like to help?" he asked as he put his pants on. "If my master wishes me to." She replied sitting on his shoulder. "Well the master thing has to go. The name's Daryn." "Yes master." she said He blinked. "Don't call me master." He said as he put his shirt on. "But you are." she said. "It doesn't mean that I like to be called master. Using another word will be fine, just not Master." "My lord." He nodded. "A bit better." "Alright then." She said to him.

He looked at her. "I just need you to distract the guards or bring her out here." "I think I can do that." she said to him. He grinned. "Which one?" she did not reply to him she flew ahead over to the guards and whispered something into there ear. Nipple sex best buddies aidra fox and kharlie stone are vacationing in sunny south quickly turned around and ran in the other direction.

leaving the high elf alone. She then whispered something into her ear` as well and before h knew it they were coming right towards him. He looked at the pixie shocked. "Shit. She's good." She looked over at him and grinned. "We'll be safe here My lady." He quickly hid behind a tree. "Wow." he whispered to himself before walking up behind the elf. "Here's your chance." he heard a small voice say.

HE nodded and walked up behind her turned her around and pinned her against a tree. He smiled as he flicked his wrist once again to pull out the hidden dagger so he could shove it in her chest. "No fun first?" He shook his head. "I've already had my fun." he said and shoved the dagger into her chest as he lowered her down to the ground. "That was to easy what's next?" "Well I have to return home to get my next target." he said and wiped some blood of hers on a small piece of parchment.

let's go then." He nodded. He walked through the forest and up to a tunnel that lead underground. "I hope you are not afraid of the dark." "Not as long as you are with me my lord." He smiled. "That's good. It's very dark down here.

Be careful, some of the others may want to take you." "And I will let them if that is what you wish to happen." "That is what I don't want to happen. No one is going to take my Pixie from me." "And no one will I am yours only. but if you wish to share me that is up to you." He chuckled.

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"I am not one to share." he said as they walked down the tunnel. They approached the under dark. It was a large beautiful city and there were a lot of drow walking about. She rested on his shoulder and shuttered in fear a little. "Don't you worry. You'll be safe with me." He said. He walked up to a ladder and climbed it heading onto the rooftops. "Alright." He hopped from roof top to rooftop with ease.

If he missed a ledge he caught it within seconds and pulled himself up. "Are you done giving me a heart attach now?" He shook his head. angelina valentine and yuri luv girl play yet. We haven't reached headquarters yet." He said and continued to jump. "Oh boy." "We are almost there." He said as he dropped into a building through the roof. "Finally." He looked at her and smiled.


"Sorry, it's like this every time." "It's alright I'll just get even with you later." He grinned. "Promise?" he asked as he entered the room where his mentor was. "Anything new?" He asked and set the parchment on the table for him. "Yes I do." she whispered. He chuckled a little. His mentor shook his head. "Not today, Daryn. Thank you for taking that last one out so quickly." He nodded.

"I'll contact you when I have found someone." "Does that mean we have more time together now my lord?" He nodded as he left. "What would you like to do?" "You!" He smiled. "I said what not who." She giggled ":I know that still doesn't change the fact i want more of you." "Well then back to my house it is." He said and jumped to get out of the roof entrance.

"Sounds good to me." He smiled and jumped off of the roof to walk home instead of jump like he normally did. "Oh thank god normal walking." He chuckled. "And you fly? But you don't like it when I jump?" "Not really it upsets my tummy." "I'll have to keep that in mind." He said as they walked through a crowd "So how far is your home?" "Not that much longer." He said and took a little detour through an alley to reach his house.

He unlocked the door and opened it. "Well here we are." "Home at last." she then turned into a human again. this time she looked like that cat I showed you but with dark skin. He grinned. "Don't like to stay in one form now do we?" "I told you already it makes me harder to find that way." He could tell she was hiding something form him.

He grinned and closed the door. He walked over to her so that he could corner her. "Are you maya bijou screwed by massive hard cock in many positions something?" "No master why would I?" she said trembling. he could tell she was afraid of him. He pinned her arms above her. "I don't know. I'm not one to know pixies that well.

Would you like to share?" He asked using one hand to keep her arms up and the other to slowly remove her clothes. "It's nothing master. It can wait." "You sure?" he asked. "Yes of course." he then saw a tear roll down her cheek and she again began to tremble. He let her go. "Are you sure?" he asked stepping back a little from her. "Master i have been abused very much. that is why I change my appearance so much.

I ran away form home to get away from it. please don't send me back. Don't will me away I couldn't live without you now." He sighed. "Now why would I do a thing like that? I enjoy your company here with me. I am not THAT mean now am I?" "No of course not.

Where am I to sleep my lord?" "Sleep where you would like. Anywhere is fine with me." He said. "My home is your home." "I will take a bed on the floor next to you. That is where I belong." "You don't have to do that. Sleep in the bed next to me if you have to sleep next to me." "I don't belong there with you I was taught that we sleep on the floor next to our masters." "I don't care where you sleep. It's more comfortable on the bed then the floor." "I will stick to the floor." She then curled up on the floor.


He picked her up and put her on the bed. "I think not." "But my lord?" she decided that it was pointless to argue with him and laid down. He smiled. "That is much better. Now off to bed with you." "Yes of course as you wish." she then rolled over and tried to sleep.

"Will you hold me for a while my lord? I'm sorry I was out of place just then." He laid down next to her and wrapped his arms around her. "Surely. Don't worry about being in place." She sighed deeply and cuddled closely to him.

Moments later she was fast asleep in his arms. He laid next to her and slowly fell asleep. a few hours later she woke up looked around sunny leone super top xxx where she was then fell back to sleep.

He slept for a good eight hours. Something he had never done before. she woke up again rolled over and kissed him deeply. He woke up to the kiss and returned it. "Good morning to you too." "How did you sleep my lord?" "Very well, what about you?" He asked "Alright i guess." she stood up out of bed and stretched. her stretching allowed her dress to go up and for him to be able to see some of the scars left on her that he did not notice before. He looked at the scars.

"Interesting." he muttered and pulled her back down. She trembled and pulled her dress down. "Don't you worry about me. I'm only hostile towards my targets." "I know my lord not that I would have private milf and mom chums cronys daughter while husband sleeps the more badmoms the say in whether you wanted to do that or not." "I would like it if you spoke up about how you felt about things." "I will try my lord." "What is thy will of me today?" "Stay here and snuggle with me" "Alright?" she questioned but did so.

"I wish for us to have sex again my lord." "Well then I guess you will get what you want." He said and pulled her close. She moaned softly and kissed him once more. "Take me now."