100 real father daughter incest story

100 real father daughter incest story
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He looked both ways up and down the busy street before stepping out into the darkening night. The door to the sex shop megan rain likes getting jizz all over shut and he was sure everyone could tell what was in the bag under his arm.

Hurrying back to the car, Tom felt slightly disgusted with himself, not only for his purchase, but for how he young teen anal gangbang ever since i was a little girl tryst alone with a priesthood he would look in an hours time.

Tom lived alone in his first apartment since moving out of the family home. With no money to really furnish the place, it resembled more of a den than the bachelor pad he'd envisaged. Thankfully he didn't have many visitors and was left to his own devices. At weekends he'd go out drinking with the lads from the rugby team, and spend his hung over mornings watching porn and seeing how long he could hold off from cumming.

Athletic in build and equipped with a solid 8 inches of cock, Tom never had trouble satisfying a woman. He was blessed with an empathetic nature which had evolved into a giving lovers touch; he gained immense satisfaction from making his girlfriends come in his face as he sucked, slurped and coaxed them to organism. Back in the safety of his car, Tom risked a peak at the bold purchase he'd just made.

The 9 inch realistic cock dildo looked as appealing as it had on the shelf. Tom looked around to make sure no one was watching and tore into the packaging. Running his fingertips over the shaft, he was taken by the desire for a long hot shower. He sped home, chuckling to himself at the though of being involved in an accident and having to explain the veiny length to the first responders.

He shaved his cock and balls clean that night, taking particular care to make sure his ass was smooth as well. He always felt sexy after shaving and often toyed with the idea of shaving all his leg hair off, but fear of ridicule in the team showers had stopped him. With his cock looking full and ripe in anticipation, Tom collected his new toy from the shoe box beneath his bed.

The size of it reminded him of Ian, his team captain. It was visions of being alone with Ian in the showers, kneeling before him, with loose, wet lips, taking his flaccid length into his mouth that had led to this desire to own a dildo.

In that daydream Ian's meaty, floppy cock had soon engorged from Toms efforts, and stood a perfect shaft; smooth with upturned head and taught balls. On his knees in the shower, Tom thought of his captain as he slid a lubricated hand loosely up and down the toy.

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Even though he'd never sucked a cock before, enough porn over the years had taught him what looked slutty, and ultimately, sexy. He opened his mouth wide and gently slapped the underside of Ian's length on his tongue. Fingers slid up and down the length, cock tip just inside his pursed lips. Looking up, Tom rubbed the underside of the tip on his dripping tongue, grasping the thick shaft at the base. The time had come and with a natural rhythm, Tom slid his hand from head to base, followed by his hot eager mouth.

With each stroke, the shaft went slightly deeper. Five or six strokes. Then cock all the way out the mouth, hand pumping at a faster pace.


Back to both head and hand. Long, sliding, deliberate strokes of the captains vain covered length. Tom knew to change angles, change speeds and make moaning noises all throughout. Slurping and sucking in with his cheeks, he kept the cock wet. He used his free hand to stroke his own cock and reach behind himself and spread his pert ass.

He imagined spreading his cheeks for a thick cock. A hard thick cock in his ass. He opened his eyes, removed the dildo from the wall suction and stuck it to alison tylor son forced mom shower floor.

With more oil on his hand, he prepared his tight hole for what he would realise later, would be a punishing. An oily hand guided the shafts head towards his opening. He flared his hole as the first nipping sensation hit, the little hole not so little any more.

Head back, eyes rolling and mouth open, he felt ashamed at himself, behaving like such a slut. But desire had taken him and drove him slowly up and down on the thing, it's veins and bulbous head rippling through him as he couldn't help but pick up the pace. Tom remembered the shemale porn he'd stroked to for hours, and how their big cocks waved around as the rode a black shaft.

He saw in the mirror his own swelled member waving around as his captain drove his piece deeper and harder. It was building. He was lost. He worked the shaft for what felt like an hour. The sound of slick cock squelching in smooth, tight hole filled the bathroom. It was building.

Faster the slut rode the cock, until she was taking the whole 9 inches with every stroke. Knees together in a sissy pose, Tom had his first sissygasim. He trembled as the hard cock milked the come from inside. He felt the warmth of his jizz hit the back of his thighs, dribbling down his shaft on over his smooth balls.

He felt sexy and full of regret. Later that week when the burning sensation had subsided and he could sit comfortably again, Tom was in bed with his knees around his ears pumping the captain into his tight hole again.

This time his own cock was pointed directly at his tongue.

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