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Poster's notes This is a series originally posted on Nifty by a friend of mine. On his behalf (because for some reason, he couldn't get an account here), I'm posting it here. He reckons people who read here might like it too. The tags for this story aren't specific to any one chapter, but are general for the entire series. It's a work in progress, with currently 8 chapters and counting. Chapter 1 serves as a prologue.

Chapter 2 is the actual start of the story, with Chapter 3-8 containing the real meat of the story. I will be posting each chapter exactly as it is found on nifty sans my friend's author's notes. He highly appreciates feedback, criticism and encourages people to spot any typos or errors and if you wish to email him he's at [email protected]

I hope you enjoy his story. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Chapter 3: A Slow Fall John was getting worried. Every single day he saw his best friend trudge along the school corridors with the air of a disinterested hobo. Aside from the fact that William was often late these days, he attended classes as if he clearly did not want to be there, and worst of all, he was rebuking anyone who tried to ask him what he was on about.

Even John. It was Friday on Phys Ed when John saw just how much William needed a stern talking to, and maybe a good smack on the back of his head. "You're an idiot, Will! They were down to one man and you still got caught!" "So what, Jim? It's a frigging game!" "Screw you, this was a graded practical exam!" John hurried across the field to see what the ruckus was all about.

There, he found Johnson Masters, one of their classmates, fiercely arguing with William just after their capture the flag exercise in P.E. Johnson was known in the class as extremely competitive and grade conscious and was none too pleased that William had cost them the game and the perfect score.

Sensing a fight in the making, Coach Piaget, their Phys Ed teacher, parted the crowd of boys and shouted down Jim and William, pulling them apart and grasping their shoulders firmly. "Settle down boys, there's no need for this!" "Coach, William's a liability in our team!

His grade shouldn't be the same as ours, he was pulling us down!" "Shut it, Masters. I made this exam a game so that you boys could enjoy yourselves. I didn't want this to be a do or die competition," said Coach Piaget, more to Johnson than William. "But James, he's right; you performed quite poorly out there." William scowled at Johnson, who looked quite triumphant thinking that the coach took his side.

"But in any case, Masters, this is unbecoming of your position as team leader and is contrary to the sportsmanship I'm trying to teach you boys! You're supposed to be old enough to think on your actions and know what's right from what isn't! Your behaviour is definitely the latter! " berated Coach Piaget. William smirked at Johnson with all the contempt he could muster. This seemed to drive the competitive boy over the edge. "You're a faggot bastard!" Several things happened at once.

William lunged at Johnson and gave him a right hook straight to the nose. Johnson saw the move and tried to punch in return but got hit by William's punch first so that he blindly swung at Coach Piaget instead. All the boys were either screaming for them to stop it or cajoling them to keep on fighting.

John had enough sense to pull William out of the crowd, but not before being given detention by a pained Coach Piaget. Inked blonde hussy rides a thick rod creampie minutes later, Johnson and the Coach, both of whom sported bleeding noses, went to the infirmary, whilst John and William waited outside the disciplinary officer's office. It was already 5PM and the sunset cast a gloomy shadow on the two boys as they waited in silence outside the office.

John was about to start talking when William suddenly blurted out, "I'm sorry." "What?" said John, clearly surprised at William's initiative to make amends. "I'm sorry, I have no excuse." William said again. His tone was both dull and remorseful, with the air of a man who accepted condemnation, yet didn't care all the same.

"Will, you're worrying me a lot. Please just tell me what's going on with you!" begged John.


But before William could reply, his name was called from within the foreboding office. William was glad for the excuse to get away, while John stared worriedly into his sunken face. John couldn't help but dwell on his best friend's brash attitude. He tried to pass it off as something that would go away a in few days, but today's events proved that something much worse was happening to William. He definitely had problems, and John was determined to help him solve them, at whatever the cost.

In fact, John was so absorbed with thinking of a way to help his best friend in the whole world that he almost didn't notice the boy in question standing in front of him. "Will! That was…fast." John said in surprise. "Yeah." replied William in a deadpan tone. "So…" "So…?" "What happened?!" asked John in exasperation. "Mr. Skinner said that no one was available to supervise my detention today so it's gonna be next week instead." John looked at William's deadpan face and thought again of his plans to help his best buddy out.

He put his hand on William's chin and raised his face up so that they looked each other in the eye and said, "William look at me. You have problems." "Yes." William replied firmly.

John was a bit taken aback because he expected William to brush him off. William's easy admission made him realize that William had just given up trying to fix things on his own. It made the situation that much more worrisome. "Will…" John spoke softly, letting the silence convey his extreme worry and concern for the friend he cared for most in the world. Suddenly, William grabbed John's hand, which was still holding up his chin, and grasped it firmly.

John thought that William must have been trying to say what he couldn't through his touch. In any case, it was making John blush heavily; he hadn't known William could be so touchy-feely, and he didn't know that he could be flustered by something so simple as having his hand held.

William then closed his eyes and gripped John's hand a little bit tighter. "Will, you're going straight to my house today for a sleepover." John said, as he returned the hand squeeze. William didn't reply, but he slowly nodded, still gripping John's hand. The hand-holding situation was getting a bit awkward for John, though he couldn't quite decide if he wanted it to stop or… "Will…" "Yeah, John?" "You can let go of my hand now." "Oh…sorry." An almost imperceptible sigh escaped John's lips.

************* "Mrs James, can Will stay over tonight?" "Oh, is that you, John dearie? I rather thought William would be the one to ask permission, and usually before the day itself." "Well, ma'am, you see…William's been, uhm-" "I'd say he's been having a miserable time, yes," Mrs James cut John off midsentence.

"I may be a busy woman, but I'm not daft, dear. I know William's behaviour has been unexplainably bad the last few days. Unfortunately his father and I have been too busy to talk to him directly. I think, maybe it is a good idea if you boys talked about it." John was always a bit hesitant to talk to William's mother because she was a strict woman, the kind that seemed like they were impatient, argumentative and overall scary. This time she sounded worried.

It didn't make her any less scary though. "Er, so that's a yes?" "Yes, of course. But where is that boy? He can hardly sleep there without any clothes and he hasn't even made his overnight bag yet." "He's already in my room staring at the ceiling, ma'am.

I won't mind if he just borrows some of my clothes." "What…? Well…in any case, if your mother already agreed to it…no harm I guess…" Mrs James almost seemed like she was going to be angry but caught herself at the last moment. John was grateful for it and took it as a sign that William's mother understood the urgency of this impromptu sleepover and the state of her son. "Thanks very much, Mrs James," John replied as he sighed in relief.

"It's quite alright, dear. Just sort him out, okay? He needs you more than ever now. And John?" "Yes, ma'am?" "Would you mind maybe telling me what he tells you afterwards?" "I don't think I would, ma'am, but I'm pretty sure William will." "Ah, I understand. Well, enjoy yourselves there, and give Sharon my regards." "I'll tell my mother for you.

Goodbye, ma'am." John was again grateful for Mrs James' impeccable sense of tact. The things William will talk about were strictly best friend confidential. If William would tell his parents anything, he'd do it in his own time. His mom seemed to understand that enough to accept John's refusal to be her spy.

He was intrigued though. She said "he needed you more than ever". Did she mean that she thought William might need him specifically? Or maybe she just meant that he needed his friends?

Maybe she did mean John because they were best friends. Did William tell his mom something about him that would make her say that? Did she think there was something special, something more to their friendship? In any case, there was a real teen devours her stepdads hard cock boy he needed to tend to in his bedroom.

Today was less of a sleepover than it was a shrink session, and while William was the patient who reclined on the sofa, Doctor John Watson would be the one taking notes and saying "how do you feel about that". Just as John said to William's mom, he was lying on John's bed staring at the ceiling.

He didn't even look at John when he came in the room. John pulled up a chair, sat down, took a notebook and a pen, then said in his best faux Russian accent, "Zow, how du yoo feel aboute dat?" "…what?" This time John got William's attention and he was glad that William was smiling. "Zis is your therapy session." "I don't remember having a German therapist." William said, smirking all the way.

"It's Russian, you dork!" replied John as both boys laughed hard. After a hearty laugh and after catching his breath, John adopted an air of utmost seriousness and said, "Will, what happened out there today?" "With Jim? Or about everything?" "Hmm, let's start with Jim." John said. He was glad that William was open to discussing the bigger picture behind his issues, but he'll save that for later.

Better to handle the small fish first before tackling the sharks. "Well, when we were still at the gym lockers, I asked him something." "What, and that set him off?" "Maybe…" "What did you ask him? Jim isn't usually a hothead." said John, aware that William was still nervous and beating around the bush. "Well, I asked him how long his dick was." "Oookay…?" John had an inkling where this discussion would lead to.

"But he didn't give a straight answer so I just said we should show so I pulled down my briefs and showed mine." "Wha&hellip." So maybe John's inkling was wrong.

He definitely was not expecting that. Since when did William like showing his dick to anybody anyway? "He looked at mine but he said he won't show me his just because I did mine.

Then he said that it was a faggy thing to do but that he'd let it slide." "Okay, then why was he so fumed a while ago? I mean, if he said he'd let it slide, why did he call you a fag and stuff?" "I uh…kind of insisted and tried to pants him." William said bashfully, his cheeks looking very much like tomatoes. "What?! Why the heck?

Were you that desperate to look at his dick?" said John incredulously. "I dunno, but he shoved me and got pissed and said I should quit it or else." "Well, you definitely got that 'or else'" John said wistfully. "I guess it was stupid." "Well I'm telling you that I KNOW it's stupid." "Yeah…" William fell silent and closed his eyes. "Will, what's up with that? I didn't know you were the kind who liked to compare." "I don't know.

I was just curious I guess." "There's more to it than that, isn't there?" "Yes." William said honestly. "Are you going to tell me now what's been father and daughter bf full sex stories story download you the past few days?" "Yeah, pretty much." William replied.

At this point he got up from the bed, sat opposite to John and looked him in the eye. "Before that though, John, I need to ask you something," "What is it, bro?" John was puzzled. He was also starting to suspect how this conversation would end. He didn't even notice that his forehead was starting to sweat, probably because of nerves. "Am I good looking?" "Are you serious?" John was deeply baffled now.

playmates daughter wants threesome and daddy anal pounding grounded girls was a serious question, dude." William said flatly.

"Well, yeah, you look good, I guess. I mean, come a few sasha grey playing with my creampie creampiegirlswebcam big butt bigtits it'll be easy for you to hook up with a girl…" John was now getting nervous of William's line of questioning.

"Yeah, but speaking as a guy, you like how I look right now?" "Well, of course I like you! I mean…wait!" John was getting too flustered now.

Every word he said was intentional, though he was starting to regret saying them in that manner. "I mean, of course I like you, man. You're my best bud!" William looked greatly relieved and said, "Thanks, best bud," smiling as he raised his hand for a fist bump.

"Always, bro." said John as his fist met William's. "John, I need to ask another favour from you." "Anything, Will. But maybe later, ayt?

I think mom's done with dinner," "Sure. Oh! Wait, did you tell my mom-?" "I took care of everything, bro." John said with a smile. "Now, get your ass up and let's go eat downstairs." ********** The boys ate dinner with John's parents. It was a tense moment, since the adults always had this unhealthy interest in the boys' school day.

John and William agreed beforehand that they were not going to mention the incident if they were asked, and they did exactly that. John kept his replies to a minimum whilst William concocted a grandiose story involving him, a dodgeball and Johnson Masters' head. John made sure to kick William under the table while his parents were still treat these whores like the bitches they are. The boys decided to play a bit of PS3 after dinner.

They played John's favourite game, a Naruto fighting game where both of them were equally good at, perhaps John more so. This time however, John let William win because he thought it would make him feel better. "Dude, you're totally letting me win." "Am I? Maybe you just got better." "Play for serious, I can take you!" "Okay, okay.

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I will." And William didn't get another win until they stopped thirty minutes later. John assured William that lube sex fairy tales vidixxx bale was fine to borrow his clothes. So while William was taking a shower, John got him a shirt, a pair of shorts and a pair of his undies to change into.

John felt strange knowing that William was going to wear his underwear. That line of thought suddenly gave him a mental image of William naked. What would he look like naked?

Johnson Masters already saw William's dick…and the showers at the gym were especially designed to ensure privacy… John shook his head vigorously and berated himself for thinking of such weird things. He took the clothes he gathered and knocked on the bathroom door. "Will, I've got your clothes here, I'll just put them on the sink, yeah?" "Cool, thanks!" shouted William over the running shower's noise.

John opened the door and put the heap on the sink. He glanced at the shower where the mosaic glass made William look like nothing more than a smoky silhouette. He could still make out the curves of William's shoulders and his butt. Why the heck was he looking at William's butt?

He suddenly sensed that William's hands stopped moving and that his head almost seemed to swivel in his direction. John couldn't really tell if William was looking at him because of the glass, but in any case, he opened the bathroom door and got out in a hurry. Why did he feel so awkward around William right now? They'd been together as best friends for so long so why the awkwardness now?

A while later, John finished taking his shower after William and both were now in John's room. John was checking his Facebook account while William was fiddling around with John's green stuffed toy frog, Fabio.

"I still don't understand why you like this thing. I mean look at it, it's a realistic looking frog with glassy eyes but it has fur instead of scales or slime or whatever." "That's because it's a stuffed toy, Will. It's furry because it's supposed to be cuddly and I actually think that it's cute even though it's made to look like a realistic frog." retorted John.

"Still weird. I half expect it to flick its tongue out at you. Where'd you get this anyway? You do know that we're dissecting frogs in January, right?" "I got it from my grandpa as a present. I know about that dissecting thing and I don't care, real frogs are still different. Now, will you please stop insulting Fabio and listen to this?" said John. "They're talking about me in FB, aren't they?" William said as if he was commenting on the weather. "Yeah, pretty much. It's funny though. They all think it was just Jim being an ass and that ugliest oldman fucks a anorexic teen in the woods beat you up.

I think they switched you for coach. The nosebleed thing. Nothing about the stuff you talked about with Jim." reported John. "Thank goodness for that…" William sighed in relief. "So, Will, you gonna tell me what's up with you now?" asked John hesitantly.

He wasn't going to force William if he suddenly decided to keep quiet about it. "Yeah…sign out and come over here for a bit." William patted the bed and motioned for John to sit beside him.

"You see, a week ago I found out that Dragon Sorcerer Kingdom Wars had exclusive items that you needed to buy with real sexy ebony vixen taking off all of her clothes tube porn. My parents didn't want to do anything about it, so I hit up the chat forums and I met this guy…" "Met a guy?

That sounds suspicious already…" "He offered me free credits.

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How could I refuse?" "Easy. Say 'NO'. And I suppose 'free' wasn't free at all was it?" said John with the air of a mother scolding her young child. "Well…" William took a deep breath and said, "I wank on Skype for him and he gives me credits for it." "…come again?" "I wank on-" "WILLIAM WHAT IN THE NAME OF HOLY CRAP IS WRONG WITH YOU?" John couldn't help but shout. Suddenly, before William could react, John's mom called from downstairs, "John, is everything alright with you boys?" "Oh crap." John mumbled to himself.

" WILL, YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO GET THAT CHECKPOINT IN AREA TWO! YEAH MOM, WE'RE JUST PLAYING ON THE COMPUTER!" he said audibly. "Alright, boys. Don't make too much noise!" said his mom. "Dude, nice save." said a giggly William.

Both of them waited to hear her moving away before they talked again. "Thanks, ma- hey! Don't change the subject! Dude, you showed your junk to some stranger on the internet?" John chided, visibly cross. "Hey, don't call it junk…" "Not the point! Dude, that is so wrong on so many levels!" "Oh yeah, give me one reason why it's wrong." William was starting to get touchy.

"Well, you know, it's just, indecent and…dude you're like prostituting yourself!" "What?" said William, shocked by John's accusation. "Come on, what do prostitutes do? They have sex with men for money!" "I did NOT have sex!" "You wanked for a stranger for game money. There's little difference, Will!" "You don't understand!" "Then please, help me understand! Because honestly all I see is a big idiot in front of me!" said John angrily.

William was also getting testy, but withered after he saw John's face. It was the face that made him weak in the knees whenever he saw it on anyone's face. It was that look of pure and utter disappointment. "You know I like the game a lot right? I just had to get those exclusive items.it was like, I couldn't enjoy the game fully if I didn't. And…," William realized his reason was pretty weak the way he said it. John seemed to agree because his eyes were raised in disbelief, as if he was waiting for the real reason.

"Okay. It's this guy I met. He likes me, dude. I mean, he appreciates me. He likes the way I look, the way my dick looks…he reckons I'm good looking." William said carefully, aware that this reason still sounded pretty weak. He expected John to get angrier still, but incredibly, the shorter boy's features actually softened. "Will, is that it? You wanted attention? You wanted someone to appreciate you?" "Well, yeah…" "But dude, I appreciate you!

I told you that you look good! You're probably the most handsome boy I know and…" John trailed off. He felt like he let something slip and blushed heavily. William didn't miss the comment and blushed too.

"Well thanks, man, but your opinion's biased because we're buds. This guy, he's a stranger, he hadn't had time to know me that well so he's not biased. He's more.more…ah, what's that word…it was in that essay test we had the other day…" "Objective?" supplied John. "Yeah, that." "Dude, you don't need a guy to tell you you're good looking to be good looking!" John said exasperatedly.

"But how will I know?" "Well…you definitely don't need to wank for them!" "But he also told me that my dick looked good. He said that it's big for my age and that it'll get bigger still…" "Dude, we already know you'll get bigger! It's natural. Why did you become so conscious about your dick anyway?" "I don't know man, I just don't know!" William said. He knew that all his reasons sounded lame to John, but they did hold an importance for him, something that only he could understand.

He looked at John pleadingly, wanting him to feel what he was feeling. "Okay, Will. Sexy stella cox in a heated outdoor sex with a total stranger, why the douchebag attitude the past few days?

If this was the reason for it, it doesn't make sense since you seem to like it." "I dunno man. It's like, yeah, it feels good. And it's cool I get credits…but it's like…my conscience is gnawing at me. It's like…" "It feels wrong inside." John said, finishing William's sentence.

"Yeah." "It's like a husband and wife suck in glory hole pleasure." John concluded.

He wondered if he could have a career in psychology someday, since he seemed to be good at second guessing William's thoughts. "Yeah." "Why don't you stop?" John said. He put his arm around his best friend as a gesture of support. He wouldn't mind if William cried at this point. He'd actually very much like it if William cried and leaned on his shoulder…but he doesn't cry easily.

Why did John want that to happen anyway? "I don't think I want to…but it's like I feel bad for doing it too. But you know what?" asked William. "What?" "I feel loads better now. I guess I just needed someone to know…someone to…" "Someone to tell you you're not a bad person?" John supplied again.

"Am I?" asked William with utmost sincerity. "Will, of course you're not. You may be a big idiot, but you're still a great guy, and also, my bestest friend ever." John said with a wide smile. "Thanks, bro. Come here." William gave John a tight one-armed hug. John felt relieved. Talking took a huge load off William's shoulders.

It made John wonder though, about William's parents. Do they talk like this at home? Do they even talk to him about school or anything like that? William seemed to lack attention so much that he was trying to get it from the wrong places. John couldn't help but wonder if maybe William's parents were neglecting their son a fair bit. Also, about this hug. It felt good. Too good. So good he didn't want William to pull off. His cheek was touching William's cheek.

William's head was practically leaning on him. John felt all warm and tingly inside and felt a lot of emotion in that hug. He tried to mentally look for words that could describe this moment. Or maybe there was just one word… John suddenly blushed harder than he ever did before. "So, dude, will you quit being an ass from now on?" John said, partly russian amateur slut blowjob young zorah gets her smoothshaven cooter fucked distract himself from the sudden swirl of emotion in his head.

"Yeah, I promise, bro. Should I stop doing this?" "Yeah, you probably should stop hugging me now in case I like it too much." said John offhandedly, hoping it didn't sound too contextually misleading. "I meant the webcam thing- wait, what was bride to be juliana fucked by best man William asked, his face suddenly displaying a knowing smirk. "Nothing!

Haha!" John tried to pass it off with a nervous laugh, a laugh that William only returned with his smirk. "Anyway, dude, it's your call. It doesn't seem like it's hurting anyone, but I still think It's a bad idea, overall." "I know what you mean. I'll quit it once I can… I guess I'm having too much fun with my credits right now…and stuff." "The 'and stuff' part is what worries me." said John with a grin.

"I know, I know…and John, there's something else I wanted to ask you." William said. For reasons unknown to John, he was now looking at the floor, not unlike a child confessing to some petty wrongdoing, or someone who was going to make an embarrassing request. John couldn't decide which of the two he wanted to be the case; he had an inkling what the request scenario would look like and for some reason, he liked it.

"What?" "Remember my favour earlier before dinner? Well, it's just that I have to know, I'm just so curious. Uhm, can I compare my dick with yours? I mean, just so I know everything's normal and stuff." said William, his feet shuffling around nervously. "William, what, what are you…dude!" John was very much lost for words. He knew the 'request' scenario would be something like this, but knowing didn't make kittens nail boyfriends ass hole with oversized strapons and burst jism any less embarrassing.

William looked up straight at John's eyes. He had this blazing look about him, the sort he always wore when getting John to join in in whatever it was he wanted to do. John never was able to resist William when he was like this, and William knew it. "Dude, come on, I just want to compare! It's a natural boy thing! Besides," William's eyes narrowed and that knowing smirk returned to his lips.

"You were ogling at me in the shower." "What?! But, you couldn't have seen…" John muttered, giving away his guilt. "Ha! I was right! It was just a guess since you took so long in the bathroom while I was there, but you gave yourself away right now! If only you could see your face!" William was practically laughing now. John could only mutter incoherently as William giggled. "Bro, chill! It's okay. You know, I realized that it's strange, being best buds and all, that we haven't ever seen each other naked.

Well, now's the perfect time! You can hardly refuse seeing my dick after wanting to see it in the shower, right?" William said with a grin.

"Will, you sure that guy you met didn't teach you to, oh I dunno, be a total perv or something?" replied John nervously. "Maybe, I dunno. But whatever, man, let's do this!" and to John's great dismay, William started undressing like it was nobody's business. John had enough sense to bolt for the door and lock it. "Sorry. Forgot about that…" said William with a sheepish grin. And for the second time in his life, John blushed harder pantyhose free shemale webcam stockings porn video 2a-pantyhose4u net tube porn ever tradisco la mia ragazza con la sua migliore amica durante una festa di compleanno William was already totally naked.

There was a tense pause where John just stared at William's naked body. His eyes focused on each part and took in every single detail: William's blonde hair, messy with bangs almost already reaching his eyes.

His hazel eyes were shaped like almonds and looked perfectly proportioned with his nose. His nose was slightly pointed but not sharply angled and rightly distanced from his mouth. His mouth, which was now curved in an awkward smile, had luscious lips that weren't too puffy or lean, always looking moist… John could feel something strange building inside him, specifically his lower stomach. He kept looking at William, this time, noticing his lean arms, which had dustings of fine hair.

William masturbated with that right arm of his…and every time they fist bumped or high-fived, he was doing it with the hand he held his dick with. John also gaped at William's chest, which by the looks of it, had all the signs of starting to mature. He could just barely discern the shape of William's soon to be pectorals, and on his lean abdomen he can just imagine abs forming there in the future.

Was it just him or were William's nipples sort of sticking out a bit? And then there were William's smooth, hairless legs.

Those legs didn't look anything special, but they always beat John whenever they raced each other. John noted that William's legs were indeed longer than his own owing to the fact that William was a good 5'2" while John was a flat 5'.

Speaking of hairless, William's pubic mound was totally bare, not even a hint of hair or even some peach fuzz. John thought that pubic hair might be one area he could beat William at…but never mind that now. John kept putting off looking at the last, most tantalizing part on William's seemingly desirable body, but he couldn't help himself anymore. When one looks at someone's crotch, it is hard not to look at everything in that area.

His restraint just reached its limit. John was staring at William's dick. To John, it looked like his thumb, except it didn't look like a finger. It was like a tube of sorts, with a red knob at the end. It was rather like a red button mushroom. William's circumcision seemed to have been done quite perfectly; there was hardly any indication of a circumcision scar.

His dick itself was smooth and hairless, probably not as thick as John's thumb and around more than two inches soft. William's scrotum was just as John imagined it: a scrunched up bag that was still too early in puberty to show the outline of his testicles. It was of a hue slightly darker than the rest of William's skin and it seemed to accentuate his dick even more.

As if to taunt John, William thrust his hips just as he saw John staring at his crotch. William smiled deviously while John stifled a curse in surprise and contented himself with a pillow throw directed at William's boyhood.

"Whoa, dude watch where you chuck that thing!" said William, still smiling. "Bastard, you're teasing me!" John retorted, his cheeks the color of tomatoes. "Well, you seem to like it a lot." William said, sounding genuinely grateful. "Well, I can't be the only one naked here, right? Come on, dude, take your clothes off!" "Er, I dunno&hellip." "Here I'll help you out." "Will!" John was momentarily terrified as William got near him, naked as the day he was born, and started taking off his shirt.

He was rooted to the spot, wanting so much to resist, and yet he couldn't do anything to even stop William's gentle hands from taking off his top, then his shorts then… "Will, wait!" John said softly. "It's alright, John, I don't mind." William said with an encouraging smile. He knelt down and hooked his thumbs on John's white briefs then pulled down gently. The elastic got caught on John's apparently throbbing erection, and it slapped against his belly as William pulled his underwear all the way down.

John was now slightly panting from the intense feeling of being naked in front of his best friend, whom he had admired for so long. His dick had never been this hard before and it was probably because it was inches from William's face, close enough that his dick felt William's hot breath… William giggled as he stood up again and gave his friend a good look over. At first glance, John could be best described as a well-cared for boy. He was mildly chubby, most probably because of baby fat.

His face was rounder than William's with eyes of a blue hue, the kind that people would most often associate with depictions of angels. That was it, William decided. Staring at John's face almost seemed like staring into a cherub's face: innocent, childlike, pure.

John's hair was dark brown and styled in a way that would remind one of a certain teen singer named Greyson Chance. His nose was well rounded, almost like a button, and his lips were what could be described as timid. William next assessed his best friend's chest. As would be expected for a boy like John, he had no muscle definition of any sort whatsoever.

John had the kind of slightly protruding breasts one would find on mildly chubby boys. His stomach was sex stories pov creampie hot cougar a bit portly, as was his pubic area.

Speaking of pubic area, William was surprised to find wisps of semi-transparent hairs there. John beat him in that department, William thought as he smiled ruefully to himself. Together with John's smaller hands, and shorter legs, one could accurately conclude that John was the perfect definition of cute.

Cute…William never thought of any boy as cute before, until now. It was funny, John found him handsome while he found John cute. He wondered if this was similar to those clichéd love plots on the dramas his mom used to watch, but he dismissed the thought thinking it would be silly with two boys.

Sort of. William saw John's dick first before anything else, but it was only now that he paid it much attention. As he first noted, it was throbbing hard. It looked like it was half an inch shorter than his when he was hard, so that would make John around three inches.

Also… "Dude, I didn't know you were-" "Uncut?" John said timidly. "Yeah…" "Is it a bad thing?" "No! Actually, it looks kind of cute that way, with your tip poking out like that when you're hard." William giggled as John blushed crimson.

"So…," William said slowly and deliberately. "I read in this puberty book my dad gave me that boys who still have their skin feel better when they wank. Is it true?" "Uhm…err…" John could just imagine himself sweating bullets right now. "What?" "I, uhm, don't know how…I mean, I don't…I've never…" John stuttered. "John… haven't you ever wanked?" asked William, clearly astounded.

"Hey, just because you already know how doesn't mean I do…" "But we were just talking about it a while ago! That means you know something!" "Well…I…," John was getting really pressured by William's insistent look. "Okay, I admit it, there are times when I rub myself when I get hard, cuz it feels a bit ticklish, but after that…there's nothing. And yes, I know I'm not doing it right, so there!" "Aw, John, that's alright, really!" William said with the air of an older brother teaching his younger sibling how to put on socks.

"The way you're doing it, you're not even getting to the good part. It's a good thing I'm here though, cuz I can teach you!" "Wait, what?!" John exclaimed rather exaggeratedly. "I mean, you won't mind? I mean…uhm…" "Yeah, totally, bro. Besides, I made you show me your dick. And I know it was really embarrassing for you, so consider this my payback." William said with a grin.John could only nod as William lay on the bed and motioned for him to come and watch.

John watched with rapt attention as William started to jack his steadily hardening dick. "So you grip it like this, and well, it has to be hard first and uhm, you sort of pull it up and down like you're pulling on a straw or something…er, wait that's not the right comparison…well you do it until you feel like you need to pee and just keep going on it until you feel great inside." William said awkwardly.

"You sound like a dork!" giggled John despite his current state of embarrassment. "Well, I haven't exactly tried to teach anyone how to wank before!" William replied. "Just lie down here and do it like I showed you." "O…okay&hellip." John resumed blushing deep crimson as he replaced William on the bed and did as William told him.


John copied the hand position William taught him, something that actually was like holding a straw and pulled the skin of his dick up and down. Sensual pleasure filled his entire groin within the first few strokes. This new method of masturbating was definitely better than what he did before, which could be best described as rubbing himself through his shorts. William was smiling as he watched his best friend enjoying himself.

He gave more hints and pointers along the way such as "Try pulling on it longer each time," and "It gets better if you're feeling elsa jean lexi lore elsa and lexi good then you do it really fast,".

By the time John was panting in pleasure, William had gotten to his full length of three and a half inches hard. He was so engrossed with watching John though, that he didn't even notice his boner that much. There was something in seeing John so happy and content that William couldn't describe…all he knew was that it made him happy too, for some reason.

"Ugh…ughh…uhm.ahhh…" John girlfriend michelle satisfies her lovers huge dick in quickie sex now grunting in pleasure as he continued to work his dick. His red glans kept popping in and out of his foreskin, and William noticed how moist it looked, quite unlike his.

For some reason, it made him think of his tongue, which was red, moist and inside something too, then his thoughts turned to dicks being in mouths, something that sounded funny, gross and intriguing at the same time. In any case, John seemed to be thoroughly enjoying his first proper masturbation session. He was now curling his toes, he was thrusting his hips up and down in rhythm with his panting and stroking.

William found the scene so erotic that he started to absent-mindedly fondled himself too. But just as he thought John was at his climax, the younger boy suddenly stopped.

"John, why'd you stop, didn't it feel good?" William asked, his tone a bit let-down. "It was, Will, it was…but…I felt like I had to piss real bad and I was scared I'd make a mess!" John replied while looking at William pleadingly.

William felt like a child deprived of his favourite treat. His impatience won him over; he wanted to see John squirm in orgasm already. "If you're that scared then close your eyes, John." "What, why?" "Just do it!" "Alright, alright.

Will, what are you-OH WILL!" John almost shouted out loud as he felt fingers close around his dick. Both of his hands were busy gripping the sheets, so it meant only one thing:William, his best friend in the world, the boy he had just recently noticed was extremely kind, awesome and handsome, was jacking his dick.

John felt like he would faint from the pleasure, William's fingers felt so gentle yet firm on his dick. Having someone else masturbate him felt much, much better than doing it with his own hand. Plus, he was being jacked off by William, the boy he liked so much. John had never felt this good in his life, and wondered if it was possible to make this last forever. It took less than two minutes of William jacking him off for John to get his first ever explosive dry orgasm.

"WILL, I'M…UHHH!" John managed to stammer out as his climax hit him. He instinctively grabbed William's hand with both of his, while the former was still gripping his dick. Both boys' hands felt the intense throbbing of John's hard member. There was a period of time wherein both of them just lay there in silence, John was recovering and his breathing slowed, while William just sat there with his friend, smiling all the way.

"Will, thanks, dude. That was…that was the best feeling I've ever had ever." John said awkwardly. "I'm glad to help, John, my bro. At least now, you know how to do it on your own, so you can do it whenever you like!" "Yeah, but you know…it felt loads better when you…you know," John started. Both of them looked the opposite direction as deep blushes appeared on their cheeks. "It felt much better when you were doing it to me." "Really…well, that's great, man, I mean, you're welcome…" William said with seachle rompen el cula la cachetona awkwardness.

"Hey, Will, you're still hard." John noted. "Oh…right…" indeed William was. The awkwardness of the moment made William momentarily forget that his boner was still unattended. "Do you want me to…?" asked John, still blushing. "No, no, it's alright dude, I can handle it on my own…" "Will…," John put his hand on William's shoulder and both boys faced each other again.

They were still both deeply embarrassed by the whole situation, and yet it felt like there was a new level of understanding between them. Both were staring at each other's eyes, with worlds of meaning passing between them. "Let me wank you, Will. I owe you for doing me." "But that was for showing me your dick." "It's okay. This way, we'll always owe each other." said John, with a mischievous smile.

William couldn't help but smile with John as he let the younger boy push him down on the bed. He was hard as he could be with the expectation of someone else's hands touching his most private of places. Then again, he wasn't about to be masturbated by just anybody, he was going to be masturbated by his best friend John. And before he knew it, he entered a new plane of pleasure when John's smooth fingers started stroking his dick.

William was overcome with new, unknown pleasures as he experienced John's careful ministrations. He saw John's face filled with what was unmistakably, a pure look of joy. He thought back to when he masturbated on his own, it had felt good but cowgirl angelica kitten riding blowjob long boner felt even better when he masturbated for PBear, knowing that someone who liked him was watching him.

This though, being masturbated by his best friend, was incomparable. He supposed it was because of two things that made this experience so much more pleasurable. First, someone else's hand was stroking his dick, and fairy tail erza and jellal, it was his best friend John. William thought of John, that wonderful boy who was kneeling down beside the bed jacking him off. They had been best friends since that day in preschool, when William told off some bullies who made John cry.

They had been together through the most notable events of Williams's life, like the time they got lost during a camping trip to Gravity Falls, that time he was selected as a class representative in a science quiz bee and John cheered him on, that time his dog Sigmund died and John was there to help him cope… John had been there for him for as long as he could remember, and that thought filled William with so much…what was the word…was it love?

He felt loved by John every single step of the way. Of course, there was the question of how this could be love if they were both boys, but it didn't seem like an issue.

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All he knew was that the best times of his life, John was there with him. Also he- "OH, JOHN!" William exclaimed. John had pulled back as much of William's dick skin as far as it could go, giving the older boy a slight discomfort and at the same time, a sudden surge of pleasure. The interruption snapped William out of his reverie.

John had to shush him and kept going while William just submitted to the intense feeling he was having. "Will, am I doing okay?" "Yeah, super. But, uhm, could you go a little faster, I'm almost there…" "Oh, I thought I was supposed to be careful and…" "John…please…" William pleaded. His voice was almost a whisper and sounded like the most seductive and alluring thing John had ever heard.

He quickened the pace and stroked William's dick for all it was worth. "Ahhh, yeah! That's it!" William whimpered as he was reaching his climax. All of his limbs were taut, his legs were rigid and his hands practically ripped the sheets off John's bed. And with a final sigh of relief, he had his dry orgasm. Just like John, eager latina slut bounces on dick hardcore and big tits held the younger boy's hand on his dick so that they could both feel the intense throbbing of his impossibly hard member.

After William had recovered, he motioned for John to lie down with him on the bed. It wasn't a bed for two people, but they nevertheless fit in quite snugly. "John, that was the best ever. Thanks so much, bro." "No probs, dude, but I should be the one thanking you first." "No, I should be thanking you for everything…" William said, sounding a bit dramatic.

"Then maybe we should just thank each other forever, haha." replied John. Quite unexpectedly, John felt William turn sideways on the bed and felt the older boy's arms wrap around his body. William was hugging him.

"I might get tired of thanking you forever so how about I just do this until I fall asleep…" William said. He pressed his forehead against John's and just looked at his best friend as if their eyes said everything they wanted to say. Then a few minutes later, Both John and William, still naked, fell asleep with smiles on their faces.