Sister xxx rap bf story

Sister xxx rap bf story
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English isn't my mother language so I hope you will forgive me about grammars and word's errors. "Wow" Laura thought by herself while was waving at the car " a whole day for myself. That stupid teacher broke her leg and the fire alarm watered all the school. Lucky I found a lift by the Math teacher. She's nice. I would so much all the teachers could be like her.

Wondered if mom already back home" In her thoughts she turned the key in the door and came in the large living room… and her whole world, as she knew it, ceased to exist. Her best friend Lisa was at her four on the carpet. sucking his dad's cock and her mom, on knee, fucking her with an enormous strap on.

All four of slave crushed under car and bondage orgasm overload left behind at a palace party in a were frozen for a moment which seemed an eternity. "Laura, wa…" was the only thing the poor girl was able to heard while she was running in her room Her long black hair were scrambled over her face, her black eyes were red from tears. Laura is surely not an attractive girl. for her 14 years she hasn't the usual hips or breasts her Italian ancestors should gave her.

Anyway she's small frame, 5'4, a narrow body and she has a beautiful face and a large smile which helps her to compensate a lot of her lacks. At the moment she was there, seated on her bed, trying to realize what was happening 20 minutes ago. "why?? " she thought " Dad should be at work, mom told me she was going somewhere for shopping, and Lisa. she should be at school. But she was there. she was sucking.



oh my god she was really sucking a penis. And mom: naked, wearing that. thing, what was she doing. Everything was upside down. Sex." My parents were doing sex, filthy sex with another girl. My best friend. Who neve.

" Her toughs were interrupted by a little knock at the door. "Laura." was her mom's voice. Was so low.". can i come in?? We should talk, I mean I have to explain." then nothing. She didn't try to come in. Usually she just knock and then come in. "Laura, please, I know&hellip. We know we hurt you. I would there's another way, I mean, we never would. Please Laura let me come in. I can't explain through a door. " "It's not locked" was the only reply Laura was able to give.

Francesca was always been an energy woman, a good mom, at 39, self sure about what to do or not to do, attentive for her 5.6 slender bodyher make up, her black hair but, in that moment, she seem, at the eyes of Laura, another woman.

Her hairs were messy, with light evidence of a washed make up. Just in a flannel robe like she was just and old house wife. She was show herself as 10 years older. Her red eyes testified she cry too.

"Laura, baby, can I sit?? "Do you want fuck me too" Laura's words came from her mouth, wondering herself too, but her mom's slap came before she could think about it. "Oh my god. What I did?'" Francesca said covering her face with her hand while the other moved to caress Laura's hair, sobbing " I am sorry, I am sorry very much. I . I don't know. Please forgive me. Laura was sobbing too. Her mom just slapped her when she found she was smoking.

That only time. Laura knew was her fault and she decided her mom was right. But now?? She knew she just told her some thing terrible. "Laura, I am sorry. For everything. We love you. You shouldn't be there. I mean, we didme and your dad, everything for protect you. We didn't want you could know about it. Maybe yes but surely not now. We wanted wait some years. Wait until you could be much. mature, much . much woman. it's the right word." Francesca waited her daughter's reply but Laura didn't talk.

She was just watching her. She was feeling herself so guilty and she knew she was loosing her baby girl. Then she tries to speak again. "Listen, What we did to you is. maybe, unforgivable.

But please. Forgive Lisa at least. It's not her fault. She feels guilty. She always felt herself guilty. She brunette teen blowjob big dick bedroom fucking sucking and doggy you. Please don't ruin her life for our fault. Then Francesca started to sob again and wasn't able to talk anymore. "Why?" it was the only word was able to say Laura, watching her mother in her eyes for first time after she came in the room.

Unfortunately it was the only question Francesca wasn't able to find an answer. How explain to her girl the lust she felt watching a girl suck his hubby's dick? How wonderful she feel when she push her strap on in the girl's butt? "I want go to aunty in Germany. She says I can stay to her and take care of her baby girl and I can study German very well." Laura said after a long time of silent.

Francesca was shocked. Among the reactions she considered, it wasn't one of them.

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"Laura, what?. You should think about. What about your dad, your friends?? Me?? Are you sure?

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Maybe if you talk to dad too." "No. I want to go. If I stay here I'll tell. And I can't live with it. Dad will fuck problem for me. I want you leave me alone" Laura said in tears, turning her face out of her mom's sight. Francesca try to touch her daughter but she retired avoiding the contact so she got up and left the room silently, in tears too. Two weeks were passed from that day. Laura stopped to go to school, closed in her room for the best part of the day.

She barely saw her parents except for meals and crossing them in bathroom. She never talks except for basic needs. In meanwhile she packed all her stuffs in big boxes and wrote, for things she left, the instructions for send them for the next summer. She never wanted to talk to Lisa again also if she was calling home every day. Their parents try many times to push the subject again but she was just able to drop whatever she was doing and go in her room, leaving their parents desperate.

Davide wasn't able to speak. In the last two week he tries to talk to Laura but she never wanted. He was feeling he was dying inside. He try to push himself into the work but it doesn't help.

In the night he and Francesca were embraced and crying together. He wanted do something. Something for put down the pain he was feeling, the same pain his wife was feeling.

But mostly he wanted explain to his baby girl how much love he was feeling for her and sex wasn't involved in it. The day came. Davide was trying to not cry.

Mostly because Francesca was crying openly. Laura was there. Seated on the Kitchen's table reading a magazine like nothing is happen. she was wearing just a pair of jeans a blouse and sportswears. In 3 hours she was sexy sweetie was brought in butt hole nuthouse for uninhibited treatment to leave them.

Davide went to her. She didn't watch at him, like he wasn't there, he take a deep breath: Please Laura. Listen to me. I'll do everything. " then turned for a moment on her wife's part " we will do everything. Do you want we go to Police and tell them what we did?? We will! Do you want.I don't know. Whatever. A motorbike, perhaps??" Knowing how Laura and her mom fought about this topic and Francesca always denied the permission." Please, Laura.

You are killing us. Don't leave us. We love you." then he wasn't able to control herself and just cry, for first time of his life, in front of her daughter. Laura never saw her dad cries. She always thought about him like someone invincible, perfect, strong, able to do everything but, now he was in front of her defeated, crying, unable to find an answer about what was happening.

Everything but perfect. This vision broke at the instant the shield she created around her, her frustration, anger and pain, flowed out making her cry.

Davide take her between his arms. " I am sorry, baby girl, I didn't want hurt you. Please don't leave us." He murmured in her ear while they were both crying. "Why??" Laura muffled with her face buried in his ample chest and punching it." Why did you do it? I can't understand.

You are my parents. Why you did it? You are so dirty." Laura asked sobbing uncontrollably. David watched her wife. She was crying too but nodded.

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He take another deep breath and brought Laura on the sofa, sitting net to her. Francesca was in the other side. Both were trying to control their emotions and waiting the girl stop to cry and sob. "Laura, it's difficult to explain. Yes. We are your parents and God knows how much we wanted protect you and let you have your experiences by yourself. But we are also a man and a woman. Do you understand that??

Laura watched his dad don't understanding and trying to follow his sentences. His dad take another deep breath. "Laura.

Can I ask something. Personal I mean. Maybe it can help. " Her mom's voice made her turn in her way, she was smiling amateur lesbian teenies get their narrow slits licked and plowed little ". Why do you masturbate??" "Oh my god. she knows it" she thought, flushing from head to toe and, turning at her dad's face, she realized he knows it too.

What a shame. What they are thinking about her.?. Watching his daughter's face turning crimson her mom take her hand and his dad caressed her hair " yes, baby girl, we knows it since one year or so, And no, you are not in trouble." Davide's eyes become full of tears again, horny lesbo bombshells are opening up and fist fucking ass holes to smile at same time.

"Oh dear" her mom said, "Nothing to be ashamed. Your dad had the same face when I told him you had your first period or I found you masturbating. He was so proud of his baby girl and cry like a baby because he knew you were growing and you were becoming a beautiful woman. You just find something wonderful, something you like very much and nobody can be hurt by it.

So? Can you answer to my question?" Laura watched them with disbelief, turning her continuously then try to speak "I.I don't know. It's complicate. " Told Laura lowering her sight and thinking how she never talk about it with Lisa too. Davide pulled up her chin smiling at her. " Well. I know why and you too but you can't say it. Isn't it? The same is for me and your mom. Because it is something of so private, so personal we can't explain in words.

" Laura didn't know what to say. She just was able to hug her dad again. Her whole world was changed. She thought she was doing something dirty but her parents just explained her it was wonderful. Are they trying to explain it was the same for what they did? For the first time she started to think how Lisa can feel about it.

She was feeling herself splitted. She wasn't so sure she would go away like half an hour ago. She realized she wasn't considering her parents as depraved. Another part of her started to be curios too. "Dad." Laura started with having courage to watch him in his eyes " Lisa… what does she feels??

Why her?" Francesca turned her daughter face to her. "Do you remember when you were both here and you had to go to the German course? We brought you there first and, after we were going to lift Lisa at her home. Laura nodded but not realizing the connection. "Well we both were seated in the rear of the car and when you opened her side's door for kiss her I pushed myself over her for meet your kiss too.

I was without bra and she was able to see my breasts. " "So?" Laura asks said suspiciously. "What do you mean?" Francesca breathed deeply then opened her blouse revealing her large nipples.

"Take look at them, closely. You will see they are pierced. I don't put the rings on when we are at home and you could see them.

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But that day they were and Lisa saw it. At first I didn't realized but, when she try to take another peek while I was normally seatedwell, I let her see and I caught her asking if she liked them and I take her hand and brought over my breasts.

It was how it started. We aren't into young girls but the temptation was too hard. Laura was watching her mom in disbelief.

Her face was crimson and she understood how hard was for her mom reveal this side of herself to her daughter. After some minute Laura's curiosity was at the edge.

Lisa was been always reserved, shy. What happened for turn her in a. A slut??? "Watch your mouth young lady. You are talking about your best friend and one of the best girl we know. She's special" Her dad voice become harsh and making her blush. "Dad. you told me you were going to do whatever I wanted for make me stop to leave.

Isn't it??" Davide become suspicious and watched Laura and Francesca saying : "Yes, it's what I said but." Laura immediately started to rising up but also immediately stopped by her mom "Yes dear. He said so… Davide: let her says what she wants. Go on dear but let me tell you that. There are places, when you go in, you can't back from. Ok?" "Dad. I want see you cock" said Laura with a crimson face and all in one time before her courage fades.

"No way, baby girl it's not something I am going to do. I prefer go in jail before that" Laura started to cry again. Her nerves went down and she started to rise again but her mom's hand kept her down again.

"Davide: " Francesca said " you told so and now face the consequences. I want our daughter stay. No matter what it mean. By the blonde babe chloe cherry rides dick and blows it well, we already shocked her, so, no reason for hide the obvious.

Laura. Watch me. I am deadly serious. You ask something is out from a normal Parents/daughter relationship. If your dad will do it it's because he loves you over everything else so do not joke to him or me. Will you stay and we will try to start again our relationship?? I can't promise you everything will back as before but we will try.

Will you?? Laura knew her sight. Her mom was terribly serious. No way for escape from the question. It was the same sight she found when she was in trouble, Laura nodded. "Davide" Francesca said after study her daughter's sight." Show it to her!" Davide knew very well her sight too. So he opened his trousers revealing a not hard penis. "B. but it's little" Laura said automatically and covering her mouth with her hand one second after, becoming crimson.

Her mom giggled a little " Baby girl, I supposed I explained the differences between men and women. Is it? Your dad is just not excited. Watch!" Francesca's hand grabbed the cock and, after some stroke, gave it fine ass sexy blonde leila hardcore big dick. Davide's face become crimson but, despite the embarrassment, his penis was very hard and a little moan escaped from her mouth.

Laura watched it with disbelief. It was growing like it never could stop, doubling it's measures and becoming a big pole of flesh, like she secretly watched in some forbidden magazine.

The after some times of it she realized she was watching his dad's penis and she turned her sight with embarrassment, knowing how hard should be for his dad this situation. Francesca seemed read in her mind and started to caress her daughter's hair: "Laura, it's why I told you there are places where you go and you can't back out. Watch what you did to your father. He's doing the most embarrassing thing a normal father could do in front of his own daughter. He's doing it because he loves you over him self and, for me, was hard to persuade him to let you watch it.

Now have you any doubt we both loves you? We did a terrible mistake. We should be careful but it's happened and it was our entire fault and, now, we are facing the consequences like adults. Now it's your turn. What do you want to do?? Despite what I ask you before you can still take you stuffs and leave us or can try .maybe to understand us if you really don't want forgive us." Laura met her mom sight. But was just for some second before her nerves went down again and her head falled on her mom's chest crying and sobbing "oh mom.

please forgive me. I am sorry.

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I'll not nina dolci making up for lost time if you will let me stay." Francesca's eyes were full of tears and hugged and cuddled her daughter's on her chest, kissing and caressing her hair, unable to reply to her question. Davide was sobbing too and rubbed her daughter's shoulder with her big hands as demonstration of his presence and understanding.

Then said: "Oh baby girl, sure you can stay. We want you stay over everything else. I promise we will stop with it. I don't want it will happen and we will hurt again. " All of them stay embraced for time before a knock at the door made them return at the reality.

It was the taxi driver. Francesca watched her daughter's eyes and Laura, trying to smile, nodded. She saw her mom standing up, buttoning her blouse, take some money from her purse and go to the door for tell him there was nobody who need his services. His dad was still embracing her. Nobody was crying anymore. She wondered how nice she was feeling. She felt protected, loved, considered but also she wasn't able to delete from her mind the picture of her dad's penis.

Then suddenly her mom back and she flushed again as she was able again to read what she was thinking. She takes his dad's hand and regained a composed position on the couch. Her mom seated again. Both parents were seated at her side and both were watching her.

What were they thinking? About her, her behaviours, her desire to watch his penis. Davide squeezed her hand. "It's ok baby girl. You are not in trouble. Your mom was right. You just received a very, very important lesson of life. Maybe in a way usually a daughter doesn't deserve but I hope you learn it. You should have learnt everybody, your parents included, have to face the consequences of their actions.

We wanted to play a risky game and, for this, we were near to loose our freedom and, mostly, to loose you, your love, your respect, our respect of ourselves and maybe our marriage. So, please, blindfolded wife unaware she sucking multiple cocks you don't want remember all the bad things we did, you have to remember that.

Nobody escape his responsibilities." Then blushed a lot and added ". and you are not in trouble for want to watch my penis. It's ok. You are growing and you are curious and I haven't right to stop you. I am just an old man who thinks a girl should learn how bodacious booty and big black dick cumshots brunette penis is in the backseat of her boyfriend's car " Laura and Francesca burst in laughs followed after some second by Davide.

He knows he just revealed her, her thoughts but he decided was time to stop a worried parent and start to become a friend for her daughter, hoping it will help her to ease the shock she lived in the last 2 weeks. Laura stopped to laugh blushing "But dad. I haven't a boyfriend. I mean i am not nice enough and nobody pay attention to me.

Do you really want I take one and do it in his backseat? " Francesca started to laugh again, squeezing her hand while Laura's head was pulled on the ample chest of her dad and hugging the girl. Then, joking said: "Davide. What do you say?? Are you giving your permission to Laura to have a boyfriend and have sex in his car's backseat??" then seeing the man starting to protest and her daughter starting to be crimson, she added "Ok, she will be able to start to date next year.

But. what ever will happen. We will not stop her until she will be honest with us. Is it Ok Laura? I mean: if you want have a boyfriend, it will be ok but we have to know that. If you will want kiss him, it will be ok too and it not our business But, if you will want have sex with him, before of this, you have to come to us, tell this.

" then seeing her dad becoming crimson again and ready for protest. ".oh don't do this face. Look what me and your dad revealed to you about us. Do you think it will be harder than this? Any way. We will not stop you. I'll be there. Dad will give you condoms for him, and I will bring you to the doctor for the pill. Plus all advices you will want from us about the facts of life. No things to hide to us. Until you will be a responsible, honest, mature and smart young woman, you will have us at your side at 100%.

Then Francesca received the best hug she remembers in last 4 year from her daughter. She watched her husband sight and sighed. "and. another thing baby girl. You are a very nice, desiderable and sexy young woman.


You are just shy and inexperienced but you are growing and all the girls have to pass this period. " Laura hugged her mom.

Their parents never been very strict but she thought she was been much opened to her in this last hours. She thought she didn't want punish them. She was just. jealous maybe. maybe she thought they can't love her anymore cause they were doing such things.

She composed herself again and she watched her parents: "Mom, dad. I am sorry. I was stupid. I was just surprised. I thought you betrayed me but now I realize you didn't. ." Then blushed and added: "Dad. Thank you for show me your .Penis. I know now it was hard for you. But it's not right you have to stop it.

I mean. I can survive. I'll just go out to cinema so nobody will be embarrassed and. You can do Lisa too .I don't mind. She's a slut and It's ok if you like it. It's not my business." "Laura, listen to me. Thanks alot for your understanding but we will not do something like that.

" Francesca said. " Lisa is not a slut. Well maybe not like in the way you think. But mostly we don't want to do again something painful for you.

It's not right you have to go out if we want to do it. It's your home and you have right to stay without feel yourself uncomfortable." Lisa is another thing. Boy and anti hinde porn move likes what she does. But she does it without hurt someone except you when you discovered it. She wanted talk to you. Give her a chance. She's still the beautiful, shy and honest best friend of you. She just discovered a new thing, a new pleasure." Laura thought about it.

She just didn't understand how was possible for Lisa do such acts. Receive pleasure from them. Be able to not die for shy for show herself naked and sluttish.

"Mom." Laura's mind was full of questions but she didn't wanted hurt her dad anymore. She was trying to find a right way for explain her curiosities, her doubts without embarrassing her parents again and without act like a baby.

Francesca take her daughter's face between her hands: "No more secrets. Remember?? If you have questions, doubts, problems we are here. We are your parents and nothing will put our love and respect for you down." Laura token a deep breath and blushing she questioned: "Why mom? What does she feels? Why she does that? Why she doesn't die for shame like I feel for myself?

Why she does. that things with you too?? Is she lesbian?? Is she. " then her shyness overwhelmed her stopped to talk. "I don't know baby girl" Francesca said ".It's something you should ask to her.

I don't know what she feels. Oh yes she try to explain me but it's something she have to explain to you. However she does that because she likes it and she gives herself a lot of pleasure.

She likes be controlled. " then was Francesca's turn to become crimson. " . and we likes control her. I don't think she is lesbian. At least not more lesbian than I am. I like have sex with men but I like also with other women." Then Francesca paused, watching the curiosity in Laura's face, realizing she had just revealed a part of her intimacy to her dad but also she understood was too late for hide something.

Then take another deep breath " Yes baby girl. Me and you dad love do things to other couples or singles. I am bisexual. Soin this way I take the best from both sexes. Does it bother you?? Is it painful knows that?? We are ready to super hot busty brunette jerks and pleases tw everything if you want.

As we told you, the most important thing, for us, is your happiness." Laura's mind was racing, thinking about the words she just heard. Was so weird, was so. dirty but also it was making her curiosity grow. She always was curious about how could be with a boy but, now, she was wondered if was possible to experiment also with girls. Surely with a girl like Lisa it should be more comfortable. She surely could not judge her or talk around about it.

"Mom, do you think. I mean. Can you tell me what you feels when you are doing sex? Do you kiss too during sex?? Can you tell me about it or is it too private??" said Laura blushing a lot. Francesca thought about the opportunity to explain sex feeling to her own daughter but also decided it was the best thing to do instead to let her find false information from other inexperienced girls.

"Baby girl. I would tell you everything but it's another one way street. If you go in. You can't back out. Do you realize it?? There's risk to shock you and ruin our life forever." Then Francesca stopped to talk and waited. "II am ok with this. I am scared very much but.I would learn about kiss first.

Can you explain me how do it? I can see that at school; they are so natural but. ." then blushed and left the question in the middle of the air. Davide entered in the topic saying. "Laura, it's nonsense. It's not possible explain how kiss much more than you already can see by yourself, People learn how kiss with experiences: one time after another. Also everybody is different. It's why I could kiss your mom very well, because I know her but I could be down with another girl." Watching Francesca approving the explanation he added: "When you will find someone you will want to kiss.

You will learn." Laura was unhappy about this explanation. She already sees other girls at school kissing boys. They seemed so sure. No doubts they knew what they were doing.

Then, the sight of Laura felled again oh her dad's member. He was flaccid again but it wasn't stopping Laura about having thoughts how it could feels. She was starting to be envious about Lisa. She was having experiences with their parents: experiences she wasn't able to live and it seemed terribly unfair. Francesca can see her daughter's face. Her expression was a mix of curiosity, shyness, fear and excitement.

She was mixed too. Between happiness: about having her daughter with her again, alena croft fast sex storys about risks of loose her again, ruin her family, shock her, shyness: about open to her daughter their entire world and the excitement she was feeling exposing herself to her daughter.

She knew what Laura was watching and she knew her baby girl already lost her innocence. Then she take Laura's hand in hers and pushed then over Davide's penis. "Touch it Laura, it's ok. Davide. It's too late. Do you understand it?? " She said to her husband's face in disbelief " She already lost her innocence and she has curiosity and questions and I don't want she will go out to ask them and maybe found someone who will hurt her." Then while their hands were on the cock of her husband she watched her daughter's face.

" Laura. It's ok. We will satisfy all your curiosity and we will stop immediately if you will feel unsure of that but, you have to promise, nothing will happen between us will leave this house. I think you know perfectly what the risks are. Asstraffic hard anal sex for stunning hottie alexa tomas nodded and started to follow the movement of her mom's hand over her dad's member.

She was watching fascinated the effect of their movements. She heard her mom's voice whispering to do it gently while she was feeling her hands go to her blouse and starting to unbutton and revealing her cotton bra. "Watch how beautiful it is Laura. Why don't you kiss it?? Just like you saw Lisa doing. You know?? She loves suck your dad's penis and I love it too. " then she pushed her daughter's face down: forcing her a little and let the cock slide between her lips.

The taste was middle strong but not bad as she supposed. She tentatively try to suck it as she heard from other girls at school when she heard a moan from her dad and, scared to do something wrong, she stopped. Her mom run her finger between her hair and said to do it again and she was doing a good work and to start to breathe with nose while she was sucking it, then she felt her head pushed down and down until she felt half of the cock in her mouth.

"Laura, remember." her mom's voices felt just a whisper in her ear but good mixed with the feeling of her hands on the breasts, " You can stop this every time. You are free to do what you want" "Omg" Laura thoughts. "How she can ask me it now! It feels so good also if am sure I am going to die for shy" Laura take all her courage and did what Lisa was doing when she seen her. She opened her lips and takes it a little in her mouth.

She felt her dad's penis throbbing and it made her wondered how was possible she can have such power over him. She take more and her dad groaned while her mom was starting to pinch her breasts. Then, started to move her head up and down, let the cock slide between her lips. She already heard many times other girl describing this act but she always been sure it was something disgusting. But now, with a cock in her mouth, it was finding it exciting. He wasn't smell bad and the taste was pleasant also if a bit strong.

Davide was moaning again. He knew he wasn't able to resist a lot because the sight of that situation was the most erotic he ever see. And the fact he didn't have sex since what happened 2 weeks ago wasn't giving him better hopes to resist. He met his wife's sight and she understood immediately. "Laura, dear…" she said pulling her apart, " better you stop this. your dad is not ready for. go all the way with you. Let me see if I can give him the relief he wants without make him feel miserable" and, without another word, she leaned on his cock and deep throated him.

She worked with her mouth and after a single pump she let him spurt his sperm all in her throat under the disbelief sight of her daughter. "Daaad. did you really. ehm. had the orgasm??" watching her mom pumping and licking his cock clean. Davide blushed crimson." Yes baby girl. I did. Thank you. I mean. oh God I am sorry. I don't know how act. Do you hate me for this baby girl?" Laura just shocked her head being unable to speak after what she seen. Francesca takes her hand and helped her to lift up.

"Dear. I think it was a long day. I think should be good if you could go in your room, change yourself in something more comfortable and see each other again at dinner. Is it ok?" Laura just watched her mom forcing herself to leave her sight from his dad's flaccid penis and, recollecting her ideas, she said: "Oh! Uhm .It's ok. Black squirt's spaghetti??" she asked hopefully. Francesca just mocked a frown " Maybe I could call back the cab.

You are taking too much advantages." then smiled and, forgetting she just sucked her husband's cum, kissed lightly Laura's lips and patting her butt. "go to your room young lady". Laura, tasting the strange flavour, turned her dreamily face and left the living room. Thinking she should call Lisa. David circled his arm against Francesca hips and both watched the body line of their beloved daughter disappearing in her room.

This story is just fiction. Any of the characters are real or facts are about something is really happened jaelyn fox getting laid in the principals office if I suspect many of the girls who started this, started in this way or for the same reason).


Please let me know what you think about this and how, maybe, this story should continue.