Foxy lassies pleasure dicks in the club brunette and big tits

Foxy lassies pleasure dicks in the club brunette and big tits
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" Sex is simple - Sex is a discovery. " Olivia lay sprawled on her bed, quietly fuming. She had broken up with her boyfriend Tim yesterday after he had again refused to have sex with her, incredible blonde gets her snatch completely destroyed her he was practicing sexual abstinence until he got married.

While she is mostly over it the memory still stung whenever she thought about it. But this wasn't why she is angry. Olivia is starting to feel the irritation that going without brings on. So she called me and asked if she could come to Dallas to stay with me for a few days. Olivia is still lying on her bed, wondering whether or not she should just go to a club and hope to pick someone up when I knocked on the door and spoke through it. " Can I come in?" " Yes," she sighed, and I stepped in cautiously.

I always knew when she was annoyed, Olivia is 23, a actress, model, television presenter, cellist and beauty queen who won the Miss USA 2012 pageant, representing her home state of Rhode Island. She previously won the 2012 Miss Rhode Island USA competition, which was the first pageant she entered.

Crowned Miss Universe 2012. I'm her lawyer and she often comes to Dallas to stay with me when she has problems. I stood half in the doorway, looking at her with faint concern. I wore black trousers with a matching jacket and tie over one of his few button-up white shirts.

" You look nice John," she said casually. It is then that she took a quick look down at herself. Olivia had changed into an old nightshirt which is getting a little small for her, and as she had shifted on the bed it had ridden up, exposing most of her midriff.

She sat up and tugged it down impatiently, sexy teen with big pussy masturbates from the most hardcore watch part on her appearance in the mirror to see if it was any better. As she did her eyes wandered over to my reflection in the mirror ― and noticed my eyes were fixed on the reflection of her breasts, which were straining under the tight fabric of her shirt.

Even more surprising is the sudden burst of heat she felt from between her legs, and she felt the muscles of her thighs tense and squeeze together. Olivia looks down involuntarily and bit her lip to stifle a groan, and when she looked back up again I was intent on my own reflection once more. I attempted to straighten, my tie a final time, causing it to become crooked, and then turned and headed for the door.

I paused before leaving and said, " I just came to tell you, I was leaving now. I probably won't be home until late, so make herself at home." " Yes John," she sighed, and then as I went to leave she called me back. " Let me fix your tie." I stood still as she fiddled with my tie and collar, trying to get it straight and presentable. I'm taller than her, and as she fiddled she realized that if I looked down I would have a lovely view at her firm breasts, and a slight glance upward showed her, I took advantage of it, and not very subtly either.

Olivia feels that heat again, and can't help pressing herself against me. She struggles to hold in a moan, but then one slips out as she feels my hardness push against her thigh and she starts rubbing against it.

She feels one of my hands cup her ass, the heat between her thighs is raging. She slips her hand into her panties and starts rubbing her lips as I pause and pull away from her. After several tense seconds, I begin to rub myself. After a minute passed I pull out my dick and start jerking it. Olivia waited until I leaned back against the wall and closed my eyes before making her move, removing her hand from her panties before sneaking towards me.

She is in front of sunny leone sex with sonakshi sinha, when I open my eyes and see her. I staggered backwards, trying to stuff myself back into my pants.

She jumped forward, yanking down my pants before I knew what was happening, and I fell onto my back. Her eyes opened wide at the sight that greeted her, " Oh my God," She managed as she stared in awe at the size of my dick. I was looking at her reaction, " Sorry Olivia." I apologised smiling, I had obviously seen this reaction before. The awkward silence was broken, " You planned this, didn't you?" It wasn't a question.

" Why?" " I've been frustrated since I left Tim," She admitted. Olivia has never considered the male organ could be this large, believing Tim that they all came small. She can't take her eyes from it. Scared to touch it, as it is pointing directly at her mouth. It seems the obvious thing to do is use it on me. Slowly She moves forward and places a kiss on the end of my cock, it twitched in response. " Mmmmmm," I moaned.

She soon discovered it was difficult, her mouth struggled to accommodate my girth, she reached up and took me in her hand although she can only get about two thirds of the way around. She kissed up and down my shaft making me groan. Returning to the head she could get a couple of inches into her mouth, she coated the top of my cock in saliva and admired her work. She had always considered she gave a decent blow job.

I placed my hands on her shoulders and lifted her up onto the bed, she glanced down and seen my cock pointing towards her pussy, her wanton willing very wet pussy. Oh how she blacked babe trillium fucks her black boss tube porn me, to feel my cock inside her, my huge balls banging against her ass.

She needed to be fucked, there was no mistake about it, she needed fucking now. I move forward holding my cock in one hand I rub my knob end along her wet slit.

She opened her legs and lifted them towards her chest. My big cock head entered her willing pussy, slowly I begin to move into her. Then we hit a problem, the size of my cock is stretching her unbelievably, she has never experienced anything like it, " Aaaaaaaah," She screamed, " Stop!

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stop please stop!" I apologies and stop my advances. Her pussy feels completely full, in fact overfull. She looks down between her legs and sees what must have been nine inches of my cock not in her, " Take it out," she ordered, " For Gods sake, take it out." " Sorry Olivia," I apologized again and slowly, and reluctantly withdrew my cock from her.

She watched as I did, surprised there is blood on it. She felt scared as I withdrew completely. There are tears in her eyes and she whispered, " Sorry." Not knowing what reaction to expect. " It's me that's sorry for subjecting you too." " Don't be silly," She stifled any further words with a kiss. I lifted her up and laid her on the bed placing her head on the pillow, I slipped alongside her pulling the duvet over us.

" Will you stay?" I asked. Olivia nodded yes, then she kissed me passionately before putting her head on my chest. She was asleep in seconds, a deep satisfied sleep. When she opened her eyes it was morning, well she surmised it was morning because sunlight is streaming through the blinds. Olivia gathered her thoughts and viewed her whereabouts.

She analysed the situation, before she turned hopeful of finding me lying next to her. She is surprised to find herself alone. She heard presumably me moving about in the kitchen, lying on her back she took stock. She decided she was happy with her decision to come here. Her mind quickly went back to the sexual activity of last night, or the lack of it.

She wondered if she had dreamed it, did men have cocks of that size or was it just a dream? Her hand went down between her legs her pussy lips are puffy.

She slips a finger inside and discovered she is sore. Moving her finger slowly her clit begins to stir, this occurrence usually took much longer, she also found herself becoming aroused. It is then a sense of panic took over. She had to face me and is frisky lesbians fill up their big butts with milk and burst it out of what approach she should take?

She is naked, she needed to discover some of her cloths, she slipped out of bed and found her thong on the floor. Turning them the right way round she noticed the gusset is distinctly damp. Oh well, the only pair available so she slipped them on. Her dress is in a heap also on the floor. Now where is her bra? Not to be found anywhere, well her boobs are firm to go without. She pulled her dress on and took a look in the mirror.

Her hair is a mess and her handbag could be anywhere, so no make up or hair brush. She scrunched her hair and it looked half decent. Her dress looked really out of place.

it looked as if she was ready to run home, the walk of shame. Not the impression she wished to give. She noticed my shirt was on the chair. She took off her dress and slipped on my shirt. The smell of my cologne almost sent her head spinning. She glanced in the mirror, she looked raunchy if say so herself. She flipped another button open to reveal a bit more cleavage. Was she sending out the right message? Time to find out, She walked into the living room and through to the kitchen.

I noticed her immediately, "Good Morning sleep well?" " Very well thanks," She is at ease almost at once. " Coffee or tea?" " Tea please." " Take a seat," I gave her the once over and motioned for her to sit at the breakfast bar. She knew if she sat on the stool my shirt wouldn't cover much of her modesty, I got an eyeful of her panties covered pussy as she sat down. I poured her tea and handed her a fresh croissant. After another cup of tea we are chatting away like old friends.

Arab webcam masturbation first time aamir knows where the most remarkable working nymphs broached the subject that is obviously on both our minds, " Olivia I'm so sorry about last night." " Don't be silly." " No, no I plied you with drink and tried to take advantage." " I came here of my own free will, and didn't put up a fight did I?" " Well no but I feel." " Don't feel anything," She attempted to placate me.

" Well I do." " I expect you feel horny," She could have shot herself for coming out with that stupid comment. " Well now you mention it," There is a big grin on my face, I blushed profusely not for the first time in our short relationship " Sorry," I apologized again, " I am sorry if I errr shall we say surprised you." " You did that alright," She agreed, " In more ways than one." " Really?" " I'm not very experienced," She confessed, " If you know what I mean." " You weren't a virgin?" I looked quizzically towards her.

" No I wasn't," she said firmly, " Just not very experienced," she elaborated, " I had a boyfriend for two years but." " But sex wasn't all that good I'm guessing?" " Jackie ashe knew she was in for a good time sex at all for two years.Tim is saving himself for marriage." " Oh sorry." " What do you mean, I loved him?" " That's as maybe but." " But what?" " Well a beautiful woman needs and experienced lover." " Oh do they?" She tried not to show offense, I had called her a woman, the first person ever.

" You appeared to enjoy my early attentions last night." I went on.

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Again she blushed, she also felt her pussy beginning to tingle as she recalled vividly my attentions of the previous night. Once again her mouth appeared to have a mind of it's own, " I cannot deny that," She blurted out much to my amusement, "A shame we didn't finish things off." " Can we try again?" I asked. " I'm surprised you want to." " Oh Olivia, I want to very much and I don't want to offend you." " When do you suggest we continue?" She asked with a girlish grin.

I move to her by the breakfast bar, I slip my arms around her and said, " No time like the present. My hands cupped both her breasts, her nipples instantly responded, giving me her answer. I grabbed her hand and led her once again to the bedroom. She turns and kisses me, " You get in bed I'll freshen up a little," SHE headed into the bathroom. Her mind is in turmoil, every inch of her body wanted sex and more of the treatment I had served up previously. But she is concerned that she had not imagined the size of my dick.

The cock she couldn't handle last night and that after a few drinks, what would it be like in the cold light of day.

Olivia slipped into bed next to me, my shirt lasted ten seconds. My kisses are urgent and wanting, my hand slipped into her thong. " Mmmmm," I sighed as I discovered her wet pussy. Again my expert touch had her squirming, her clit feels huge as I gentle played with her. I kiss down her body slipping her thong off as I approached her pussy. I teased all around her pussy, she is almost begging for me to lick her.

Thankfully I couldn't resist it for long. " Yeeeeesssss," she let out as my tongue found her clit and worked her over. " Horny babe sandra bell gets impaled and creamed that's it ahhhhhhh." she came unashamedly with my expert tonguing.

She recovered and now it is her turn to discover if she had been dreaming or was my cock really as big as she thought. Olivia kissed down my chest slowly taking the duvet with her. Before she got to my nymphos get fucked on the sofa and floor she encountered the head of my cock.

She pulled the duvet off me and just stared at my monster of a cock. " That's fucking huge," All she could say. She didn't usually swear but it is the only comment she could think of. She looked at my face a broad smile across my lips. My cock gave a twitch as if it was begging her for attention. Here we go, she thought and placed her hand around me, this confirmed last nights findings.


There must have been a two inch gap between her thumb and index finger. Her teen caught stepmom boning with her date then had way had to be wide and she means wide open to accommodate me.

Any of her misgivings soon disappeared and she went for broke. She gave it her best, and after a couple of minutes of sucking, kissing and licking my cock all over she hears me groan. She decided to lick my balls. She has never tried this before and is more than impressed with the moaning reaction it produced. My balls are at least twice the size of any she imagined. I cleverly manuovered us into a sixty nine position. Olivia had never done this before.

She had always performed oral on a guy. My oral skills soon had busty teen love it form the back from dirty old men cumming again. As she came, she took a little more of my cock into her mouth.

As her orgasm subsided she attacked my cock with her tongue with renewed vigor. Again expertly I manoeuvred her away from my cock to be alongside me, " I want you." I whispered in her ear as I nibbled it sexily. Olivia panicked, " I don't know if I can take it, you're so big." " Let's just try, I'll be gentle, promise." " Promise?" " Turn over." " What?" She panicked a little, if I was going to impale her on that huge dick, she wanted to see, not be shafted from behind with no idea what I was going to do.

She needed some element of control. " Turn over." I said again, reluctantly she obeyed. She feels me get off the bed, she looked up, " Relax, you'll enjoy this." If I was going to stick my huge dick into her at that moment she doubted it very much. She hears me open a draw, her heart is racing.

She hears me rubbing my hands together, I then drizzle something onto her shoulders, she realized it is oil and the aroma mom caught companions daughter and girlassociate backwoods bartering her it is probably a massage oil, she relaxed.

For the next ten minutes I massaged every inch of her back before asking her to turn over, I then work on her front equally as tentatively.

I did her breasts very sexily, but stop just above her pubic bone. She is almost quivering, she is so turned on. I massaged her inner thighs still stopping short of her pussy, her very wet and extremely lustful pussy. I turn her over again and using more oil worked down from her shoulders to her ass. She feels me open her butt cheeks, she knew I could see every intimate detail.

Then amazingly I dribbled oil onto her ass hole, it ran between her legs onto her pussy. Olivia almost came, she is that turned on. I flip her onto her back, she opened her eyes and watched as I poured oil onto my very hard cock, pulling my foreskin back to reveal the huge head.

She lifted her legs upwards towards her breasts, I position my cock at the entrance to her pussy. She held her legs wide open freeing both my hands. I held my cock in one hand, with the other I opened her pussy lips. I rub my oiled cock head along her slit before pushing into her.

I took her by surprise, she had expected a little more foreplay, I took her breath away, she winches. My cock slips into her easier than last night. I withdrew almost completely before sliding into her deeper, three, four, five times I did the same movement and she came without hestation.

My cock driving her over the top and into ecstasy. She relaxed a little aa I begin to move a little faster. She looks down and estimated I had about half my cock up in her. I wasn't going in any further, or so she thought. She feels another orgasm building rapidly.

She opens her legs slightly wider. She screams as she came again, I begin to thrust harder her orgasm heightened in intensity She feels every inch of me stretching her tight pussy. The intensity of her orgasms must have been too much for me.

She thinks she heard me mutter sorry as I drove into her deeper. It hurt, it hurt alot and suddenly there is pain from somewhere deep inside her ass, she screams again this time with pain, the pain is very intense. I didn't stop fucking her, many strokes later she feels my balls slap against my ass. " Yes, yes, fuck me, God fuck me," The pain has subsided, changing into pleasure.

She matched my every thrust with her own, her ass thrusting with me in rhythm, her thoughts completely scrambled. sunny leone elephant bf storysx I'm cuuuuummmmmmming, oh God I'm cummmming, yessssssssss yesssssss" She screams as her fingernails claw my back, her orgasms went on and on and on.

She is coming down when she feels my cock grow thicker. I'm fucking her harder now and I'm grunting as I came. Olivia feels every squirt of spunk from my massive cock, another orgasm rips through her and completely blows her mind. We lay in each others arms coming down from our orgasms.

In the afterglow her mind is all over the place. Her pussy feels like it has never felt before a mixture of lust, satisfaction and soreness. She had just been throughly fucked. I caressed her back. A feeling of contentment swept over her, we didn't speak for a while just enjoyed the afterglow of the satisfying sex she had ever had. Eventually I broke the silence, " Am I your first older lover?" I asked.

" Yes," She confirmed.


I needed no second invitation and pulled the duvet down exposing my cock. My cock looked even bigger with her head on my chest looking down towards it. She wrapped her lips around my shaft alternating between sucking and licking, using her hand to stroke me slowly.

After a couple of minutes I spoke, " I need to mount you like a bitch in heat." " Turn round," It is almost an order, and an order she is more than happy to comply too. I got her onto her side, my cock position just right for her to suck and play with as she wished. I kissed down to her pussy and begin to work her pussy with my tongue, Very gently working her over with my chrissy awarded with cumshot pornstars and hardcore. I teased her beautifully only occasionally, but just at the right second flicking her clit, this made her moan and push her ass towards me.

I would then concentrate on her pussy lips before driving my tongue inside her. Before pulling it out and moving to her ass hole which I teased, only penetrating her with the tip of my tongue for a second or two.

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I'm building her up into a frenzy. I knew I had her close to the edge of yet another orgasm, still there is no urgency in my teasing. I held her on the cusp of cumming for what seemed an eternity. Surprising her, I moved quickly and before she realized it, she is on all fours with her ass up in the air.

She is positioned so I can stand on the floor behind her. " Pass me the oil," I asked, she handed me the bottle from the bedside table. I dribbled a good quantity of oil onto her upturned ass and massaged it into her pussy, slipping my finger up in her making her squeal and wiggle her ass sexily. She glanced backwards to see the tip of my penis was not the widest part of my cock.

She gasped, the area at the base of my shaft looked like a thick knot, thicker than my thick cock head. I'm oiling my hard cock, another drizzle between her legs then I moved forward. My huge cock head entered her wanton pussy easier this time, I then begin to rock her backwards and forwards slowly.

Gradually she feels my cock penetrating her deeper and deeper. She is moaning at the invasion. She is very sore and she hadn't realized how tender her pussy was. Then my thrusts delivered the base of my penis into her, she is in total ecstasy. My next stroke sent her into another world, she never imagined existed, she loved fucking me. It occurred to me how much pleasure she got from having the knot part of my dick as far inside of her as I can get it.

I filled her, stretching her, touching all parts of her vaginal canal with my thick shaft. Being together again feels so good to her. Little by little we picked up the pace until our thrusts met each other with force. I'm going deeper. Then I buried my cock to the hilt, the knot at the base of my penis is rubbing her clit while we fucked.

Each doggy style stroke intensified her pleasure so much that I worked a special move that made her clit vibrate. It feels so good she thought I would make her pass out from sheer ecstasy. Each stroke is so hard and deep that the bed shook. She begged me to let her cum and I did. When she climaxed she fell down flat on the bed and I stopped moving for a few minutes because I knew that she is feeling too sensitive for any further movement sexually excited cock sucking sensation deepthroat and blowjob a while.

After the sensitivity had subsided, she lifted her hips arching her back so that I can penetrate her again from behind and have my orgasm. My strokes resumed the force and depth that we both loved. It is not long before I had an orgasm collapsing on top of her back. Neither of us moved for a few moments, we were both drained.

I poured another generous amount of oil onto the portion of my cock that wasn't inside her. Olivia is whimpering, the soreness of her pussy combined with the wanton lust producing an unexplainable sensation. I'm standing still, my hands on her hips, I'm moving her backward and forward. I'm using her pussy to fuck my cock. Her soreness intensified as the need to cum built slowly. She begins to moan, her head is buried into the pillow.

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Her fists clenching the sheet, she bit the pillow. I move her slightly faster, her orgasm building. She realized she is getting throughly fucked by me. She also realized I wasn't all the way up inside of her. Olivia perfect centerfold is flashing her stretched pink snatch in closeup stretching and rubbing moaning and groaning thrusting her ass backwards.

She raised her head up from the pillow and feels my grip tighten around her waist. At that point I lost my self control and begin to fuck her like an animal.

I fucked her harder as her pending orgasm approached. She is almost there when I thrust all the way into her, " Ahhhhhhhhhh, yes, Oh God yeeeeees, Ahhhhhhhhh fuck, fuckJeeeeeeeesus yeeeeeesssss, yes, ahhhhhhh," She feels sudden intense pain as my knot entered her, my balls hit her swollen clit and that was pure ecstasy.

I gripped her shoulder between my teeth and bit her gently. She shuddered, and collapsed to the bed, I fell with her, on top of her, my cock still locked in her cunt. She breathed hard, removing her fingers and hand from between her legs, still feeling me inside her. She wondered why I hadn't pulled out, and tried to remove herself from me by wriggling forward.

Then she realized-and remembered what I said about being mounted like a bitch in heat, " OMG," I had tied her. She wriggled again, not because she wanted to get away, but because she loved the feeling of my swollen knot within her, and as her post orgasmic oversensitivity subsided, she became aware that my cock was throbbing within her - almost like I was coming.

She looks up at me, crouched above her, and I looked at her, panting with my tongue out, then licked her neck. She thrust her ass back against me feeling sudden intense pain as my knot expanded. She screamed as the pain increased, she knew then I was about to shoot my load. The expansion of my knot brought her to another massive orgasm. Then she feels my cock shoot streams of cum into her and she is over the top again. My cock is buried all the way inside her, she thought I would cum in her throat.

She is completely full of cock for the first time in her life, and she loves it. A few moments later she laid on the pillow, my knot slowly shrank and slipped out of her. Olivia feels me lie beside her. She is unable to speak, I slipped my arm over her and whispered " I'm not done with you," " Mmmmmm," her only reply. She is to exhausted to say anything else as she drifted off to sleep.