Real teen devours her stepdads hard cock

Real teen devours her stepdads hard cock
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Daddy's Promise Missy was frustrated beyond belief. Bob hadn't touched her since the spanking last month.

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Mother had unexpectedly come home the next day, but she had only stayed a little over a week. Still, Bob was distant and grumpy. She had spent the last three weeks doing everything possible to entice him, but it had done nothing.

Maybe he really did regret what had happened between them. She had tried wearing only a long t-shirt and panties while they watched t.v.

together, lying on the floor on a pillow on her stomach, her legs bent at the knee, feet crossed, rocking back and forth. She knew that her t-shirt had inched up secrets of the mansion black hair fingering her bottom.

Last night while they had watched an old werewolf movie together, Missy had gotten up from the floor and climbed into his lap. She drew her legs up and rested her feet on the seat next to his leg. She didn't quite know what to do without throwing herself at him, so she just sat still watching the movie, though now and then she would tighten and release the muscles in her ass and legs and squirm just a tiny bit.

One of his hands was on her thigh, it was so warm and she thought she could feel his pulse in his wrist thumping wildly against her. With the other hand he twisted a few strands of her hair in his fingers. As the credits ran across the screen, he patted her near her bottom, on the back of her leg and quietly said goodnight to her. She slowly started to slide off his lap and then turned on his knee and quickly leaned in to press her lips against his, which landed half on and half off his mouth.

He squeezed her hips and pushed her gently off his lap. She had gone to her room and climbed into bed caught between being angry and confused, but also very, very wet between her legs.


She had no idea he was standing at her doorway watching and listening to her as she slowly brought herself to an orgasm, like she did most nights. But again it made her think of the spanking and him large and hard inside her; she couldn't make herself have an orgasm like that. It had taken her longer than usual to fall asleep but this morning she had a plan. She thought maybe she was taking the wrong approach in being sweet, maybe she had to irritate him. He had certainly always been quick to pull her over his knee when he was mad before.

So…she just had to piss him off. Whistling she went about her business getting ready for school and eating breakfast. He stood at the counter looking at her suspiciously, drinking his coffee. She just smiled at him and jumped up, bending to pick up her book bag. Missy turned and walked slowly toward him, her bare breasts swaying under her dark blue button-down school shirt, which wasn't tucked into the mid-thigh plaid skirt as it was supposed to be.

She reached up on tiptoe and pressed her glossy lips against his, moving her lips a bit against his mouth and then dropped back down. "See you tonight, daddy." He didn't say a word but she heard his deep intake of breath and she smiled to herself as she walked quickly out the door to meet Nancy.

She just wanted the day to go by quickly so she could get home and tease Bob into her bed again. The day went slowly and she went over and over in her head ways to make what she wanted happen. Nancy questioned her twice during the long, long day about her preoccupation and then rolled her eyes when Missy said she was thinking about a guy. After school she hurried home and showered, putting on a pair of pink and blue flowered panties and then went into Bob's room and took one of his work shirts out of his closet.

It was big and she smiled as she buttoned it, though clumsily as the buttons were on the other side than hers usually were. It fell to the middle of her thighs and she left four buttons undone at the bottom of the shirt and four undone cute russian babe nataly sucks and fucks the top and rolled the sleeves to her elbows.

Standing in his bathroom she had braided her hair into gratifying a lusty thick wang hardcore blowjob pigtails and then put some of his cologne on her wrists and between he breasts. "What are you doing?" Missy almost dropped the expensive bottle of cologne at the sound of his recent sextual story at galsi. Her eyes were wide in surprise and quick fear when she turned to look at him, licking her lips in her nervousness.

"Sorry." She whispered and then put his cologne down and squeezed past him out the bathroom door and headed to the kitchen, her heart pounding, glancing behind her briefly as she went out his bedroom door. She took a deep breath as she leaned against the counter and heard him start his shower.

If the look on his face meant anything, he was already irritated with her and she grinned.


She actually hadn't meant for him to catch her in his room, but it had worked out pretty good. He had looked at her with his teeth clenched and that vein was throbbing in the side of his neck and jaw. She heard the shower stop and knew he would be out here in seconds. She quickly went to the freezer and took out a red popsicle. She opened it and laid the wrapper on the counter behind her. Going back to the refrigerator, she opened the door and stood there, licking and sucking at her popsicle.

She opened the whip cream and dipped her popsicle in it, then popped it back into her mouth holding it there with her tongue and lips while she closed the whip cream and put it back.

Her heartbeat quickened as she heard him behind her crinkling the popsicle wrapper. She stood there longer, pulling the popsicle slowly out of her mouth, bending over into the refrigerator and moving things around as if to peer behind them.

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"Damn it, Missy," His voice was tense and her body pebbled in gooseflesh. "Shut the refrigerator.

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And I know you know where the garbage is." He stomped over to the trashcan and put the wrapper in it. She straightened up and slowly took a carton of lemonade out of the fridge. Leaving the door open she turned and sat the carton on the counter and then started to rummage for a glass, still sucking the dwindling popsicle. "Whatever, Bob." She stretched up high to reach into the cupboard and felt the cool air on the very bottom of her ass cheeks as the shirt raised up with her.

She heard a drawer open and close and the refrigerator slam, then gasped as he came up behind her and wrenched her up against him.

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"I've had it." His voice was really rough as if he had run a long distance. He pressed her against the counter with his body and reached up and began to unbutton the few buttons that were done. "You're making me insane, little girl." He squeezed her small breasts in his large hands, his fingers thick and strong against her skin, and she dropped the popsicle on the counter.

Then he pulled the shirt off her and let it drop to the floor. "Teasing, constantly teasing, touching your little pussy at night while I watch you and want you." She gasped at the thought of him watching her and pushed herself back against him.

"Showing me your sweet little ass and sitting on me and rubbing against me every chance you get." He squeezed again at her breasts, his fingers pulling at her nipples, almost hurting her.

His breath was hot on her neck and she moaned, again rubbing back against him. "You aren't going to tease me into it, Missy." He sank his fingers deeply into her tender breasts and whispered hoarsely.

"Tell me what you want." Missy was on the verge of tears, embarrassed and turned on all at the same time. She shook her head back and forth on his chest and she moaned again, not wanting to say it.

He reached down and lifted one of her legs up and delved into the leg band of her panties, his fingers pressing against her lips, which opened at his touch and his fingers were bathed in her juices. He groaned at how hot and wet she was and shook her slightly. A near sob escaped her, "I want you, daddy, I want you to do everything." She was wiggling against his fingers trying to get more of him inside her.

"Please." He reached up and wrapped a linen napkin around her eyes, tying it tightly around her head, surprising and startling her. He stepped back from her a bit and pushed her hands down onto the countertop until she was slightly bent over.

He ran his hands down her back and then touched her legs, spreading them a bit further apart. She stood there trembling in total darkness, and then screamed at the thwopping sting of what she thought was a wooden spoon. He peppered her ass and thighs with it for a few seconds and then pulled her panties down off her cheeks, leaving them stretched between her thighs. She felt his hands running over her bare cheeks and down between her legs and back up again, smearing wetness over her.

Again he brought the object down onto her bare cheeks and then stopped again. She was whimpering and rocking back and forth, her ass burning. Suddenly she cried out again as she felt something cold pressed against her bottom, then down between her legs pushing up…oohhhhh it was the popsicle and he was pressing it into her.

Leaning over her and saying into her ear. "You want daddy to do everything, baby?" He pushed the popsicle in and pulled it out slowly and then it was gone from her and then pressing against her lips. "Open your mouth, baby." Again his voice was raspy and hard and she opened her mouth and pressed her tongue out. He moaned and ran the popsicle over her tongue and onto her lips. "Suck it, baby." She wrapped her lips and tongue around it and sucked as he moved it in and out. It was sweet and cold, and now it had the taste of her milf bbw showing tits watch more of her at ulacamcom, salty and warm.

It was small, almost gone and she could feel it dripping all down her thighs and down her chin and neck. He tossed the stick on the counter and pulled her up against him. He turned her and lifted her off the floor, licking at her chest and neck, chin and mouth. He was sucking and licking the popsicle juice off her and actress radhika apte leaked mms 1 with her.

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He turned her over again, pressing her onto the leather couch, her knees up into the seat and her stomach bent over the arm and she grasped the air in front of her looking for something to hold onto, and he was there.

Her hands came into contact with his chest and sides. He pressed them down onto the side of the leather sofa and pulled her head up by her pigtails and again told her to open her mouth. She felt open and exposed on her knees with her bottom in the air and her legs spread so wide. She opened her mouth, wishing she could see. A few seconds passed, and then a few more and she wiggled uncomfortably and moaned slightly.

Oh my God, what was he doing, she was in agony not knowing where he was or why he wasn't touching her. Suddenly she groaned loudly and arched her back as the end of what must have been his belt landed on her bare ass and licked down around the inside of her thigh.

She closed her mouth and then yelled out as the belt hit her again. It was just hard enough to sting, but certainly wouldn't leave lasting marks only the hot red streaks she could feel swelling slightly and turning into raised whelps. "Keep it open, baby." He sounded husky and tight and Missy squirmed and opened her mouth wide, pressing her tongue out against her bottom lip.

She winced and writhed against a few more swats of the belt before she finally felt his cock against her cheek. It was a strange combination o velvety skin and hot steel. He rubbed it against her cheeks and slapped it against her tongue and then against her cheeks and then slapped again a few times with the belt. She wiggled faster and moaned and tilted her head trying to capture him into her mouth until finally he dropped the belt and grabbed her pigtails and fed her his hard, hard cock.

He pressed and pushed into her mouth in hard little pops and thrusts, deep into her throat. He kept moaning deep in his throat, "keep it open, ahhh yeah, keep it open, baby girl" as he slid in and out of her mouth. She moaned and gurgled against him each time he hit the back of her throat and kept moving her tongue, wrapping it tightly against the bottom of his shaft.

He rocked into her and she excitedly wiggled and bobbed against him as he stiffened and moaned so deeply it felt as if he were rumbling and then a hot jet of cum spurted against the roof of her mouth and then into her throat. She swallowed as much as she could but felt warm ropes of it mixed with her warm spit slipping past her lips. He slowly stopped bouncing into her and finally just held himself in her mouth, softening and still throbbing.

He ran his fingers against her cheeks and shoulders and then stepped back. A few seconds later she felt him cleaning the floor beneath her and then felt a cool damp cloth against her face. He cleaned her face gently, wiping at her nose and the tears that had made it through the bottom of her blindfold. Again she was left kneeling there, she thought alone until she felt his hand on her ass and her skin quivered at the sting. "Just stay right there, pretty girl." He ran his fingers down to her thighs and then she felt him on the couch behind her.

She could feel the wetness all down her thighs and felt how open and wet her pussy was. She felt his fingers press against her very inner thighs and he pulled her apart and back. Missy moaned mature upskirt tight panties volume 1 tube porn at the feeling of his tongue, hot as it ran up one thigh and then the spot cooled quickly in the air and then it was hot again where his tongue licked at another spot.

She thought she would die as he lapped and sucked at her skin, everywhere that her hot honey had traveled he tasted until finally he pressed his tongue deep into her. Moaning against her, he pushed his tongue deep until his lips and teeth pressed against her lips. He sucked and licked, biting and nibbling at her lips and clit, then sucking and licking more until she began to hum deep in her throat and her legs stiffened and started to quiver. He held her hips tightly and opened wide taking all of her pussy into his mouth and sucking while she came.

Missy was breathless and panting as he left her but then she felt him pulling her backward. He had lain back onto the couch with his head on big mother and associates daughter aint no lovin like your cousin other arm and pulled her back, awkwardly he got her where he wanted.

She was on her hands and knees straddling his waist, her facing away from odia actress barsha priyadarshini fuckingss storys. He lay there stroking his cock against her thighs and rubbing her welted, red hot ass with the other, spreading her cheeks with his fingers.

He pulled her back a bit more and lowered her to get the bulbous head of his dick into her tight hot pussy. He kept it there, just the head inside her and stroked the shaft with his tightly fisted hand. With the other hand he pressed his thumb against her pretty ass, pressing it inside her, past the tight ring until she started to squirm and whimper. "Ohh, daddy, please." She tried to drop herself onto him, wanting to feel him deep inside her.

His thumb in her ass was an amazing feeling. Her ass was tight around his thumb and it felt so full and she wanted more. She wanted her pussy to feel full and tight around his dick, too.

He stroked himself faster and his fist gently hit her lips which encased his throbbing head and he pressed and twisted his thumb in her ass. Missy was up on her knees and reached up to grasp her breasts in her hands, squeezing and pinching them. "Give it to me!" She practically growled and tossed her head. "Please, daddy, fuck me." He moved his hand and let her drop down onto him, filling her hot pussy and pushing her back to bend her a little more. He let her rock and writhe on his buried cock as he stroked her tight little ass with his thumb and then replaced it with a finger, stroking and twisting his finger in past the knuckle.

She gripped his legs and screamed. "I'm cumming daddy, oh God, yes, I'm cumming." He thrust up into her and yelled aloud as he felt her cum coating his cock and then poured another hot load of his own into her. Afterward she lay draped over him, no longer blindfolded and playing gently with his flaccid cock.

He rubbed his hands along her arms and back breathing deeply. Missy sat up and looked down at him. "Daddy, please don't stop again." She looked deeply into his eyes. "Wouldn't you rather teach me than other boys?" He pulled her down into his arms and kissed the top of her head. "No, no other boys for my special girl. He held her tightly and kissed her head again. "I promise, baby. I'll show you everything."