Cute japanese doll fucked in the office

Cute japanese doll fucked in the office
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I really don't know how and when I began having cravings for men. I have always had a girlish body, thin build, small waist, very little body hair, although what I think that set me apart from most boys was my butt. I often was mistaken for a girl because of my bubble, heart shaped butt. I am not totally gay&hellip. I guess, because girls do turn me on. When I was growing up I would often go stay at my aunt's house in the summer.

I got to do fun things that I was not aloud to do at home like stay out late with friends and sometimes my cousin (whom was my age) and I would go drinking. This particular summer I was around 14 years old when I went to visit my cousin.

My cousin and I went to a party and I got really drunk. When we got back home I went straight to bed, that my cousin and I shared when I would visit. I managed to get out of clothes and put on a t-shirt and squeezed into some old track shorts that were really getting to small for me but that's all I found at the time.

Well it was around two in the morning when I felt someone touching my butt. I paid no mind since it was probably my cousin getting comfortable in bed and I was still quite drunk. I slipped back to sleep and was woke again by a hand caressing my ass. I was shocked, although I dared not to move.

I laid there motionless as possible, I couldn't believe that my cousin was grabbing my ass. As I laid there pretending to be asleep my cousin kept caressing my ass and gently squeezing it.

I then felt something warm touch me, he was sliding it up and down my ass and thighs all the way up to my lower back.


Could this be his dick? Blonde skinny teen got banged in a foursome group sex thought to myself. After a few minutes I felt his finger squeeze into my tight shorts as he gently rubbed my ass and slowly slipping his finger between my ass cheeks and slowly rubbing my hole.

He then gently tried to stick his finger inside me but it started to hurt so I tried to act restless in my sleep. He then stopped and left his hand inside my shorts hopping I would go back to sleep.

He did not try anything else that night. He removed his hand and went to sleep. I could not fall back asleep that night having my cousin feel me up made me very horny. I heard my cousin snoring so I gently took the covers off of him. He was only wearing some white briefs. He had a very impressive bulge between his legs. I gently put my hand on his crotch carefully rubbing the outline of his dick with my fingers.

That wasn't enough I had to see it and feel it. I carefully stretched his underwear down to just below his balls. His penis was twice as big as mine and wasn't even hard. I don't know what got into me that night but I just had to touch it. I wrapped my hand around his dick and gave it a little squeeze trying not waking him up.

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There I was with my sleeping cousin's penis in my hand and I still wasn't satisfied. I wanted to put it in my mouth and suck it, but what if he woke up I thought. I was trembling with excitement as I lowered my head and opened my mouth and took his cock inside. It was big I could only get half of it inside my mouth before I started to gag. I laid there sucking and licking his dick excited by how it felt and how it tasted.


I loved the way it tasted, kind of salty and very sticky from my saliva. I felt his dick starting to harden in my mouth, Oh God, was he awake.

I suddenly froze I tried not to make a sound. I had my cousin's cock in my mouth trying not move and trying to be quite as possible I was so petrified that I didn't even think about taking his cock out of my mouth. I soon heard him snoring again was he asleep or was he pretending to be.

Either way I wasn't thru sucking on him so took it as a green light. By now his cock was fully erect. WOW, was it big I could only get a little past the crown of his cock before I started to gag.

I sucked his dick for another five minutes before my mouth was filled with warm, white, salty juices from his cock. I swallowed it all eagerly then put his dick back in his briefs and went back to bed. The next day my cousin and I snatch and chocolate hole are drilled smalltits hardcore like nothing happened continued with our daily routines. A few days later we went to another part and got drunk again.

This time when I went to bed I pulled my shorts down to my ankles after I got under the blankets and faced the wall and awaited my cousin to join me.

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About 20 minutes later I heard him stumble into the bedroom I closed my eyes and arched my back as he slipped into the bed. I heard him call my name I did not respond. I started making snoring sounds pretending to be asleep. I felt his hand brush against my ass. That's when he realized that my ass was naked; he cautiously pulled the blankets back and uncovered me. He sat there a few moments admiring my ass. I then heard him get off the bed and then get back on. I guess he got off the bed to take his underwear off because as soon as he got back on he started rubbing his cock up and down the length of my ass.

I then felt his hand pull my ass cheeks apart and started rubbing his huge cock between my asses. He put some kind of greasy substance on his hand and started rubbing my ass and then he gently slid one of his fingers inside me. He left his finger inside my ass for about five minutes then he slowly started moving it in and out of me.

It felt great I was trembling in anticipation. With his finger still inside of me he then slipped another finger inside my ass, it hurt a bit as he started to fuck me with his fingers, sliding them all the way in then back out. About twenty minutes had passed when pulled his fingers out of me and the he started positioning himself behind me.

He then gently pulled my ass cheeks apart with one hand and with his other hand he guided his huge cock inside my ass.

It hurt so good, I could feel his big crown penetrate my ass, he gently pushed his head inside my ass and then he stopped. Good thing he stopped, it gave me chance to recover. I almost let out a scream when he penetrated mom son xnxx xxx sxse storys. After a few seconds he started pushing his cock inside me again, it felt so good I could feel every vein and bump on his big cock.

When he was all the way in me I couldn't help but started squeezing my ass hole around his huge shaft. He slowly fucked me for about ten minutes before I felt him explode deep inside me, his cum felt so hot.

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He took his dick out of me, put his briefs back on and went to sleep. We have never spoken about this, although I often fantasize about him fucking me. I am twenty-five now and still have a body that resembles a woman's, my ass has gotten bigger and still looks like an upside down heart because of my thin waist.

I often get urges to suck on a man cock and have man fuck me in the ass.

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I don't want a relationship with a man and I don't want to fuck a man, I just want his cock. Last year I wanted to get fucked so bad that I shaved my legs (what little hair I have) and bought some make-up and bought some tight fitting shorts that barely concealed my big butt. I looked great if I say so myself. I looked at myself in the mirror and my ass was just barely sticking out of the bottom of my short shorts. I could honestly say that if I saw myself a bar I would try to take me home and fuck me.

Where was I going to go to find a horny heterosexual man that wants to fuck me?


I decided to try a porno theater. It was a Saturday night and I just arrived at the theater there were not many cars outside so I headed inside.

I bought my ticket and as I turned around to walk into the theater I caught the man behind the counter checking out my ass, definitely a good sign. When I walked in the theater was very dark, I could hardly see. When my eyes adjusted to the darkness I saw there were about 15 men in the seats.

I stood leaning against a petition that separated the entry door and the theater screen. I didn't notice there were two men about 18 or 19 yrs old standing against the wall behind me.

I was kind of nervous, but as the movie when on I got really turned on as I saw two hung black men fucking a girl with a big butt. I often fantasized about that being me getting fucked by two huge black cocks. As the night went on the two men behind would leave then come back, it appeared they were getting another beer.

When they left the fifth time I decided to show a little bit more so I pulled my shorts up a little higher exposing most of my ass. My skin is pale so it was very visible in a dark theater. I had put on some baby oil on my ass before I left to the theater so my ass was gleaming in the dark.

When the men returned one of them came and stood beside me. I dared horny teens beautiful big pussywatch part on hornyandhotmilfscom look at him, ten minutes had past when I felt his hand caressing my ass.

He stood beside me feeling and squeezing my ass for a few minutes then he got behind me and pushed his crotch up against my ass. With out a word he bent me over the seat in front of me and pulled my shorts down and slid his big cock inside me, it was great finally I'm getting fucked.

It had been so long I thought myself. His friend came over to where we were and took his cock out and started jacking off as the other guy fucked me.

Suddenly the man fucking picked me up and with his cock still inside me swung me around so now I was facing his friend. The man in front of me started rubbing his big cock on my lips so I opened my mouth and started sucking it. The man behind me was fucking me hard he was thrusting his cock as hard as he could up my ass. I felt so nasty as he stated saying "do you like my dick in your ass" I could not reply as the beauteous teen in slavery gets pussy wet schoolgirl and japanese in front of was filling my mouth with his big dick.

They fucked me like that for about 20 minutes then they traded places and fucked me till they both came inside me. Without saying a word they pulled up there pants and left the theater.

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I was deeply satisfied for the time being. A year has past and now I'm looking for another adventure.