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Tight blonde babe drilled by pawn dude at the pawnshop
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Poor Barry Once upon a time, there was a young man named Barry, who was very sad and lonely. He wasn't alone though. He and his lovely mother lived in a large, new home by the ocean.


This new house was filled with Barry's aunts, his cousin, and his grandfather. They spent their days at the beach, playing, laughing, eating or frolicking by the pool. Barry didn't join in on the fun. He watched from afar, depressed and miserable. Everyone in this beautiful, big home by the ocean was involved in incestuous relationships all except Barry and his mother. Barry shook his head, looking out his bedroom window over the swimming pool area. His aunt Wendy, with her massive, milk jug, tits was in the pool with her son, Wade.

They were kissing and groping one another. Barry's younger aunt, Dolly, with her massive, round ass, was lying against her dad Barry's grandpa by the pool. Barry watched the older man kiss Dolly's head and playfully squeeze her muscular ass. Aunt Wendy had the tits, Aunt Dolly had the ass. Barry's mother, Brandy, had a perfect combination of both. Her breasts weren't huge like Wendy's, her butt wasn't as large, a product of millions of squats and lunges Dolly did daily.

She was perfectly proportioned. Barry watched her, by the grill, cooking hamburgers. His eyes followed her long, dark hair, down her back to her thong bikini. He gripped his chest, as if his heart hurt. "Why does she wear such skimpy bikinis?" Anger overcame Barry next. His mother had a friend, sitting nearby, chatting with her. His name was TJ and petite gina valentina lustfully bounces on a black cock was a huge man, a man that made Barry feel like a skinny, weak little 19-year-old.

All those traits were true, but in Barry's mind they were exaggerated, worsened, by his mental state. Barry glared at TJ, watching from his bedroom window. He watched TJ and his mother smile, laugh at one another while she worked the grill. He watched TJ rest his huge hand on her lower back, wondering what sort of things he was saying to his mother.

Barry assumed it was busty asian wife sucks big hard cock sex, meeting up for it, or how good her ass looked. Barry slammed his fist on wall, cursing in his room, thoughts of his mother's lewd conversation with TJ in his mind.

"That's nice of Dolly to take care of your dad like that," TJ patted Brandy's bare lower back, looking over onto the hamburgers she was grilling. "Yes, it was weird at first to learn of their special relationship.

Wendy and Wade's too. But," Brandi shrugged. "It's kind of beautiful." TJ looked around the pool, "Your whole family is. Including you." Brandy smiled, turning to TJ, placing her hand on his chest, "Thank you. You're sweet." They shared a look, and then Brandy turned to flip some burgers. Barry saw the exchange from his room, unable to read lips. He shook his head, "Probably told him you'll meet up later, blah blah blah, or how hot he looks, blah blah blah. Ugh!" Barry slammed his fist again, and then left his window, sitting on the side of his bed, running his fingers through his dark hair.

"She's not into it. She's not into me like that. Everyone else in this house is, but not her and I." Barry lay on his bed, eyes to the ceiling. "I thought we could be. Like Wendy and Wade are. But no." He wondered if his mother was disappointed in him, he wondered if barely finishing high school, not being athletic, not being popular or social, not being smart, not being handsome caused his mother to be thoroughly repulsed by him. Barry knew it was normal to not want to have sex with one's own family members, but as gorgeous as Brandy was, he thought maybe, just maybe in this new home he could experience the closeness he saw his aunts have with his cousin and grandpa.

Ever since he and his mother moved into this luxurious beachside home, they've grown apart. There was an awkwardness between them, almost as if the incestuous aura of the home had an affect on them pushing them to want to commit the act, but fighting with themselves internally to resist.

"No," Barry thought. "She just doesn't and wouldn't want me like that." He assumed his mother learned of their relative's relations and, while accepting them, didn't condone or wish to experience what his aunts experienced. Barry, of course, wanted to. Instead, in his shy nature, he backed away, left her alone, and kept to himself miserable.

Barry got a text from his mom. Dinner was ready. His grandpa smiled at him, pulling a chair next to him. Barry smiled politely back, sitting next to the older man. Barry watched Wendy and Wade sit across from him, grabbing buns, salad bowls, pouring drinks.

Barry glanced at his mother, watching her sit next to TJ, diagonal from him. His eyes lowered, looking to his empty plate. A hamburger appeared on it. His aunt Dolly sat next to him. "Hey," she said, passing mustard and ketchup. "Hey," Barry replied. Dolly leaned in close. "After I spend a little time with Dad after dinner, we need to talk." "Huh?" Barry looked to his aunt. "I need to talk to you," she whispered. "Ugh, about what?" "Shhh. Relax. Just want to talk with you," Dolly said.

"Fine." They ate their meal outside, by the pool, at one of the tables. It was relatively quiet, save for small talk amongst the couples.

Brandy and TJ chatted quietly amongst themselves. Barry assumed it was about sex. He rolled his eyes and looked away, thinking about how much sex his mother might have with this man. Dolly noticed her nephew looking away, then glanced to her sister, Brandy. "Oh really?" Brandy whispered back to TJ.

"These hamburgers will give you gas that badly?" "Yes ma'am," TJ smiled. "You'll have to clear the whole pool area." Brandy did her best to conceal laughter. Her son sighed, still looking away from his mother and her friend, assuming TJ made a sexual joke or comment.

Dolly placed her hand on Barry's thigh under the table, giving him a sweet smile. "We'll talk later." Barry nodded, finishing his burger.

***** A few hours later, Barry once again sat alone in his darkened room. The moonlight illuminated the pool below.

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His window was open. He could hear the sounds of his Aunt Wendy and his cousin, Wade, having sex in the pool. At nights, the sounds of sex usually filled his ears his relatives making love to one another. Typically, it was Wendy and Wade who were the loudest. His grandpa and Dolly were far quieter. Perhaps the older man didn't last as long, maybe Dolly didn't climax, but loved sex with him anyway. "Yes! Wade! Yes!" Wendy's cries of pleasure echoing off the house and the fence around the backyard.

"I love you!" Barry was jacking off, watching his aunt's large breasts flop and bounce each time Wade thrust upward, the pool water splashing around, sloshing out of it. There was a knock at his door. "Crap!" he thought, quickly putting his erection back into his shorts, slamming the window shut, and sitting on the bed.

"Uh, come in," he told his Aunt Dolly. Dolly barged in, "Why are the lights out? You're going to bed already?" "Oh, uh, no, I was just," Barry stammered, watching his aunt walk to the window.

She saw her sister, bouncing up and down, tits flopping around, on her other nephew's cock. "Enjoying a blonde cutie cameron dee taking a large dick Dolly smiled, sitting next to Barry. He glanced at her thigh; all she appeared to be wearing was a large, plaid, button-up shirt which belonged to Barry's grandpa. He was able to put two-and-two together. "Um, what?" Dolly dismissed her nephew's silliness. "Listen, the reason I want to talk you is because we all see how unhappy you are here.

I can't speak for Wendy, but I know why." "You do?" "Barry," Dolly played with his hair. "I've seen how you look at her. I see how you act around her.

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I know you want her. You want to be like us." Dolly nodded to Barry's window, "You want what they have; mom and son, but way more than that." Barry shrugged. "You don't have to hide it from me. I want to help you." "You do?" he perked up. "Yes. Your mom and I aren't as close as her and Wendy, so I can't say for sure how she feels about you. However, I think if we tried a few things, something would work. You and her could be together." "What are you thinking? What could work?" Barry asked, feeling more at ease erotic schoolgirl was seduced and banged by her aged lecturer Dolly.

"Five languages of love," Dolly answered. "Huh?" Dolly chuckled. "There's five ways we show love and feel loved." "Languages?" "That's just what they are called, don't worry about it. There's words of affirmation telling someone that you love them. Quality time spending time with them, dating, going places and so on. Acts of service doing stuff for or helping someone, with chores, errands. Gifts that's self-explanatory. And," Dolly smiled, trailing her fingers over Strap on police petty theft suspect insisted on negating lp officers claims of theft knees, thigh's, and then tickled him.

"Physical touch. You know, affection?" she tickled him again. "Ah, I get it. I see." "I would suggest finding which of those languages, those methods make your mom feel loved the most, and run with it.

Try helping her out around the house, or getting her a present, or telling her you love her. See which one sticks. Maybe, just maybe, she'll be so impressed and feel so loved, you and her will be closer and closer until," Dolly stopped, standing, looking out of Barry's window.

"Until that happens?" Barry asked, standing behind her, looking down at Wendy and Wade still having sex in the pool. "Oh yeah! Until that happens. Between you and your mom" "Yeah," Barry whispered, watching the two of them still go at it. Dolly reached behind her, pulling Barry's arms around her, her butt against his erect cock. "Gosh. Look at them, Barry. That could be you and your mom out there." "Um, yeah," Barry looked to his crotch, seeing her ass firmly against his erection.

"Ooh look, the lighthouse way over there," Dolly said, leaning forward, causing her father's shirt to come up, exposing her bare ass to Barry's crotch. "Uh huh," he nodded, staring at his aunt's butt. "So, what do you say?" Dolly turned around. "About?" "Trying out the five languages of love on your mom?" "Oh uh, yeah.

I think I'll do that." "Great!" Dolly hugged Barry hard. "Try the words one tomorrow. I know she's hanging out with TJ tonight and tomorrow. Who knows, if this first one works, she may cancel with him to be with you!" Dolly kissed his and cheek and took her leave. "I'm going to wake your grandpa up again. I'll see you tomorrow!" "Bye," Barry waved, watching his aunt leave, eyes to her ass. Barry sat on his bed, thinking of his aunt's words. He shrugged and decided he'd give it a shot.

***** It was after midnight. Wendy and her son had moved to the bedroom. She was on all fours, her tits swaying from Wade's impacts behind her. Wade pulled out, jacked his cock a few times and sprayed semen all over her back. In that same moment, down the hall, Barry's grandpa erupted inside Dolly. She was on top of him, holding his face, smiling as he filled her pussy. Barry was alone in his room, jacking off.

His thoughts about Dolly switched to his mother. "Ahhh!" he cried out, his cock erupting, shooting his seed straight up into the air. Barry was out-of-breath as his orgasm subsided, thinking of his next day plans talking to her about his feelings. Words of Affirmation The next morning, Barry awoke to see his mom in the kitchen, wearing her yoga shorts and matching red sports bra.

She was mixing a protein drink at the sink. "Damn," he thought, mustering up the courage to break big titted boss fucks with her employee awkward silence they've experienced since moving to this new home.

He cleared his throat, "Hey." His mother quickly turned around, "Hi." "How are you?" "Good, just getting ready to go for a run on the beach. Did you want to " "Oh, ok. I mean, sorry." Brandy chuckled, "It's fine. I was just going to ask if you wanted to join me." "Um, uh, well I just wanted to talk a bit," Barry eked out. "Think, stupid, think," he told himself. "Alright," his mother approached him. "Everything ok?" "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.

I was going to tell you that " Barry was interrupted by a neighbor, popping in, smiling at Brandy. "Hey! You coming?" "Hey Mon. Yeah, I'll be there in a sec," Brandy answered. Turning her attention back to Barry, "Sorry, she's with the morning jogging group. Anyway, what were you going to say?" Barry gulped. It was the wrong time to talk. He should've waited until later.

"Um, nothing. We can chat later," He smiled nervously, glancing to his mother's exposed midriff. "Ok, after dinner," Brandy turned to leave. Just before she got to the door, Barry called out to her, "You look great.

By the way. Sorry." Brandy smiled back at him, "Thanks sweetie. That's nice of you." He watched her leave, meeting up with a neighbor. Barry went to his room, to spend another day hearing his Aunt Wendy and her son playsome teen russian honey enjoys a big pipe sex, their bed banging against the wall.

He jacked off to Wendy's orgasmic cries, grabbed his flip-flops, a hat, and then left the house. "All day, they do it. Aunt Wendy and Wade," Barry thought, walking along the beach, thinking maybe he'd see his mother jogging.

"It's all they do," he threw a seashell into the ocean. Barry saw his grandpa in the distance, holding hands, walking with a much younger, dark-haired, woman Aunt Dolly. "I guess they take breaks to do other stuff. I guess he can't go all day like Wade," Barry thought of how much the old man seemed to love playing with Dolly's ass. He watched him place his hand there as they walked.

"I need to tell her I love her," Barry thought. "She knows I do, but love her, in a romantic way. Do I?" He thought about his masturbatory sessions, his aunts occasionally on his mind, but his thoughts always ending up on his mother. He walked back to the house, nodding his head, "Yes, I'd love her like a husband." Wendy and Wade were still going at it like wild animals when Barry arrived home.

He decided to sit out by the pool. A few minutes later, Dolly in a skimpy bikini arrived with her dad. He sat next to Two hot bombshells have some kinky fun masturbation and brunette, while they both watched Dolly clean the pool with the extendable net.

When she was done, she sat on the other side of Barry. "So, have you thought about how to talk to her?" "I tried this morning. Told her she looked good." "That's a start," his grandpa said. Barry gave him a look as if to say "oh great, you know?" "Relax. I told him of my advice," Dolly said, walking past Barry, sitting on his grandpa's lap. "I see." "Tonight after dinner, just come out here and talk with her.

I'll make sure Wendy and Wade are indoors," Dolly said. "You and I will be too," she kissed her dad's head. "Heh, yeah," Barry looked around, thinking of how to talk to her mother. ***** After dinner, the family was inside, Barry offered to clean the kitchen. Aunt Wendy and her son were showering together. Aunt Dolly and his grandpa were on the couch. Barry's mother just walked by him, nodding outside to the pool area.

Barry looked over his shoulder and saw Aunt Dolly's head rising up and down in his grandpa's lap. "So, you wanted to chat?" Brandy asked. "Oh, yeah, just a little," Barry looked over his mother. She was wearing a nice dress, earrings, a necklace. "You look nice. Again, I mean," Barry looked to his feet.

"Thank you. You're so sweet." "Thanks. I, uh, I just wanted to tell you," Barry started, rubbing the back of his neck. "Tell me what?" "That I, I, I love you." "Aww, I love you too, Barry." It didn't work. Barry cursed himself for not delivering it like he hoped. It came across normally, just like a son would tell his mother that he loved her in a non-romantic way.

Brandy quickly hugged him. "I mean, I," Barry said. "Is something wrong?" "No, I just, I really love you. I haven't said it in a while. I'm glad we're here," Barry told a half-truth.

Moving to this new home with his incestuous family hadn't been easy. "I'm glad we're here too. It's a little strange, but we'll get used to it," Brandy said. "In fact, I was thinking " "Brandy!" her neighbor interrupted. She appeared from the door leading into the pool area. "Sorry, I'm running behind. TJ is already at the club, he got us a seat." "It's ok, Mon!" Brandy called to her. Turning back to her son, she caressed his cheek. "I better go. I'll talk to you later." "Ok," Barry watched his mother join her friend.

He failed. It came out wrong. The house was quiet that evening. He only heard muffled sounds of Aunt Wendy and Wade making love no loud orgasms. He was sitting at the kitchen table thinking of his next move, when Aunt Dolly joined him. Barry was surprised when she sat on his lap, resting her arm around him. She was wearing only a long t-shirt.

"Looks like she didn't stay in, tonight," Dolly noted. "It was bad. I tried to tell her I love her, but it sounded normal." "It didn't sound like you meant it romantically?" "Nope." "Oh Barry," Pov amateur wanks cock till huge cumload hugged him.

"I'm sorry. It can be hard telling someone how you truly feel. Tomorrow is another day though. Maybe using a different love language will be easier for you." "What was another one?" "Try the Acts of Service one. Wash her car for her, without being asked. Clean the grill for her. She's mentioned to me she wants to paint her bedroom another color. Perhaps do that. Maybe simply doing some chores around here would get her attention. Don't sulk in your room, get out here and let her seeing you doing stuff to help not just her, but all of us." "Yeah, maybe." Dolly kissed his head and got off his lap.

"It may be easier than confessing feelings, plus it may have more of an affect." Barry watched her leave, the t-shirt barely covering her ass. ***** It was after midnight. Wendy and her son were rolling around in her bed. Wade was on top, kissing and licking at her neck, slowly driving his cock in and out of her.

In that same moment, down the hall, Barry's grandpa and Aunt Dolly were lying on their sides. He was sliding his cock in and out of her from behind, kissing at her neck. Barry was alone in his room, jacking off. His thoughts were primarily on his mother. He pictured kissing her, holding her, telling he loved her in the way he wished he did earlier in the day.

When he came, shooting cum in the air, he pictured filling her up with his seed. Acts of Service The next day Barry woke up before anyone else in his house. He took Aunt Dolly's advice to heart and immediately got to work. He fixed a simple breakfast, scrambled eggs, bacon.

Then he went outside to wash his mother's car. "Barry!" Brandy smiled, watching him work, wearing her similar spandex shorts and sports bra. "How sweet of you!" "It's no problem," Barry sprayed off the passenger side section, rinsing it of suds.

The neighbor joined Brandy, commenting on how nice it was of her son to do that. The two women trotted slim thick twerking hairy pussy and ass in thong syko stupid thick on their morning jog, Barry spraying the car far longer than needed while watching his mother's ass move in her shorts.

"Why don't you wash mine too?" Dolly appeared, sitting on the steps with orange juice. "The bacon was a little charred, but edible." Barry, shaken from his trance, playfully sprayed his aunt. "Hey!" she stood and turned around. She pulled up her father's t-shirt exposing her bare ass, mooning her nephew.

Barry didn't think fast enough to spray it. "Wow," he thought. "Lucky old man." Barry tackled the kitchen next, then vacuumed, dusted, swept and mopped everywhere. He was tired by lunch time. His mother returned home, thanking him for a wonderful job. "Is there anything else I can do?" he asked. "Aww, sweetie, that's so nice of you," Brandy placed her hand on his shoulder.

"Maybe you can sort out some of the junk in the garage. I've been meaning to throw some of the boxed up older junk to Goodwill." "I'll do it!" he excitedly said. Barry did just that, then cleaned the garage. He needed to shower babe cherry kiss bangs hard in the backseat for free ride, so he decided to clean his mother's bathroom while he was in there. "This is spotless!" Brandy hugged her son. "Thank you so much." "Can I use your shower?

I need to shower anyway, I figured I'd clean your bathroom, if it's ok with you," Barry asked. "You don't have to ask! Of course you can use it. You cleaned it!" "Thanks." "I need to shower too.

I'll use yours." For a second Barry thought they could share, but was too chicken to bring it up. He resisted the urge to jack off to her in her own shower. Instead, taking his time to rest, and think about all the work he did for not only her, but the house, that day. He ended the shower, went to his room, and changed for dinner.

His mother was still in his shower. Barry was getting his socks on, sitting on his bed, when she exited his bathroom, her long towel wrapped around her body. She tousled his hair. "Thank you again for everything you did today," She said, leaving his room.

"You're welcome," Barry whispered, sitting alone on his bed. Barry cleaned the kitchen once more after dinner, after everyone dispersed. His mother hugged him tightly, wearing another dress. "Thank you again, for everything," she held him tightly.

"Yeah, it was no problem. I like to help out." Brandy ended the hug. "Great. Listen I'm going to hang out with a friend again. I'll see you in the morning." "Oh, alright," Barry's heart was pounding. Nothing was working. He watched her leave from a front window, getting into TJ's car. Barry made his way to the back pool area, sounds of sex in Aunt Wendy's room driving him out there.

Sitting in a chair, rubbing his temples, Barry thought about three more chances. He heard noise coming from pool.

His Aunt Dolly emerged from the water. Barry didn't even see her out there. She grabbed a towel, standing before her nephew. "Ok, two haven't turned out great. You still have three more tries." "What if none of this works?" "Something will, it's bound to," Dolly assured him. "I'm going inside to take care of your grandpa. Spend time with your mom tomorrow. Quality time, just hanging out, devoting the day to her." "Fine," Barry said.

Dolly tossed him the towel, making her way inside. Barry watched her fling her top off, then slide her bikini thong down her legs next, walking naked through the house to her father's waiting cock.

"Wow," Barry blinked several times. ***** It was after midnight. Wendy was on her back, Wade in between her legs, licking all around her pussy. She gripped his hair, holding him in place, as an orgasm washed over her.

In that same moment, down the hall, Barry's grandpa was eating out Dolly. She was on all fours, and he was behind her, swirling his tongue all around her pussy and puckered hole.

Barry was alone in his room, jacking off. He imagined taking his nude mother to bed, kissing, licking all over her body, finally arriving at her pussy. He imagined sliding his tongue inside her, tasting her. Quality Time Barry woke up early the next, cooked a simple breakfast once more, and waited for his mother.

"Hi again. Smells great!" Brandy appeared, wearing her jogging outfit. "Thanks. It'll be here for you when you get back." "Want to come with me?" she asked. Barry nearly forgot about spending as much time with her as possible, even if it meant jogging something he didn't like.

"Yeah! I mean, sure. I'm not very fast though." "It's fine. Go change and meet me outside. We'll take it slow," his mother told him. A few minutes later, Barry appeared in a t-shirt, gym shorts and running shoes.

His mother extended her hand and pulled him along. They took it slow, the neighbor and Brandy chatting casually about things, while Barry somewhat kept up. It was rough, but he managed. He thought this might make him look bad to his mother; out-of-shape, weak. He tried to ignore those thoughts and focus on spending quality time with her. After their jog, Brandy held his hand, walking back to the house. Barry thought maybe this language of love would work.

She suggested the beach next. Barry happily agreed. His happiness turned to awkwardness when his mother appeared in a white, thong bikini, leaving little to the imagination.

They held hands, Barry controlling his breathing, back to the beach. They set up their stuff, his mother handing Barry suntan lotion. "Do you mind?" she asked, sitting facing the ocean. "Sure," Barry gulped, kneeling behind her.

He moved her hair out of the way and slowly rubbed the lotion into her shoulders, neck, back. His mother gave a soft, little moan when he was done. "Thank you," she said over her shoulder.

"Your turn." Barry nodded, quickly moving to sitting position. Brandy was behind him next. Her hands were so strong, yet soft at the same time. Barry blushed, thinking his mother was deeply rubbing the suntan lotion into what little muscles he had. He thought about TJ and his hulking frame. Barry was nothing compared to that.

He was lost in how good his mother's hands gliding over his neck and shoulders felt. He could've sworn he felt her breasts on the back of his head, but was too scared to move or look around.

He closed his eyes, loving the feeling of her touch. "There we go," Brandy kissed the side of his head and sat next to him. Mother and son were quiet mostly. Barry had no idea if this was working or doing anything. They sat there, feet in the sand, occasionally sharing a sweet smile with one another. Barry thought about trying the Words of Affirmation method, but decided against it. He didn't was too afraid to fail again.

Barry was nearly startled when he felt something on his shoulder. It was his mother's head. He didn't look at her face; he couldn't see her eyes closed, a soft smile, enjoying his company. Instead, he rested his head on top of hers. After a while, Brandy stirred, stood, and extended her hand saying, "Let's go." Barry complied, holding his mother's hand into the water.

It was warm; they were able to easily move about the small waves, not needing to adjust to chilly water. Barry found himself chest deep in water when his mother appeared behind him, throwing her arms around him, jumping up. "Catch me!" Barry extended his arms behind him, hooking them around her knees. They said nothing for a while, looking to passing ships on the horizon, small waves gently bumping against them.

More silence, more time passed. Brandy led her son out of the water to their stuff on the beach. She grabbed a towel, wrapping it around her.

Barry dried off too. "Let's grab some lunch," Brandy suggested. They sat at a nearby sandwich shop. Brandy had the towel around her waist, Barry had his around his neck and shoulders. The meal arrived a few minutes later. They ate in silence, until Barry spoke up. "So, uh, want to do anything else today?" "Sure!

We can hang out by the pool, we can go to that naval museum, we can take a nap," his mother suggested. "Great. Whatever you want," Barry replied. The check arrived and Barry quickly grabbed it. "Barry?" his mother asked. He smiled, quickly pulling out his debit card. "That's very sweet of you," Brandy patted his hand. "It's fine," he shrugged. The next couple hours were spent, with the rest of the family, by their pool.

Barry didn't sit up in his room this time, watching from above. He actually played and talked with his cousin some, while his Aunt Wendy and mother conversed. All four of them played next. Brandy was on Barry's shoulders trying to knock Wendy off of Wade's. Later that afternoon, Barry and his mother were in naval museum, holding hands, taking their time enjoying the exhibits.

Barry felt like they were a couple, but still felt odd. In his mind, he was a scrawny, unattractive, little twerp and his mother a gorgeous goddess. They were holding hands, walking around just like a couple. Surely it looked weird for such a contrast in appearance. Barry felt it would look more normal if she were with a hunk like TJ. He felt a woman like this mother was miles above his league.

Brandy didn't seem to care or even notice the difference in their appearance; she was enjoying herself. After their museum trip, Brandy took a nap with Barry. Barry remained wide awake, holding his sleeping mother in his arms.

His aunts and their lovers were outside or at the beach. It was just him and her. "I hope this works. I hope she can see how much I love her," Barry thought, the wonderful aroma of his mother's hair wafting through his nostrils.

She stirred, Barry pretending to do so as if he slept too. He rubbed his eyes pretending he was napping. Brandy kissed his cheek and headed to the shower. Barry thought about making a joke that he could join her, but chickened out once more. He found his aunts in the kitchen preparing dinner. His mother arrived a little later, as dinner was served. She was wearing another dress.

Barry thought it was odd, but didn't ask. After dinner, Brandy kissed him on the top of the head. "Thanks for a wonderful day. I loved it. See you later." His heart sank. He somehow smiled at her when she left. Dolly cringed, watching it unfold. "Barry," she placed her hand on his shoulder. He shook his head and left the table.

A couple hours later, Dolly wearing only another of her father's shirts, joined Barry in his room. She put her arm around him, sitting next to him on the bed. Wendy and Wade were having sex outside; Barry's window was closed.

"Tomorrow is another day. Another language to try. I'm going to give you some money to buy icarly sexy times ibeat the heat parody ibeat the meat a nice gift. Maybe some jewelry. Alright?" Dolly asked. Barry shrugged. "Today was great though. You and her had a wonderful time.

She'll love a bracelet or necklace. Don't give up hope," Dolly encouraged him. Barry stood looking out into the night, not even caring to watch Aunt Wendy and Wade in the pool. Dolly hugged him from behind.

"I'll catch you in the morning." She removed her shirt, letting it fall on Barry's floor and left to join her father in his room.

***** It was after midnight. Wendy was sucking Wade's dick in her bed. She paused grabbing a tit to bang it up against his long, straight rod. She gave him a smile, then resumed sucking him dry.

In that same moment, down the hall, Barry's grandpa was sitting in the shower, on a bench installed for him. Dolly was on her knees in front of him, tenderly kissing, licking, and washing his cock. Barry was alone in his room, jacking off. He struggled to keep an erection.

He was distraught, feeling like a failure. He tried to imagine his mother's beautiful mouth wrapped around his cock. But couldn't. He gave up, rolling over to go to sleep. Receiving Gifts Barry was greeted by Aunt Dolly the next morning. She arrived in his room, climbed on top of him and straddled him. "What, what are you doing?" the groggy Barry rubbed his eyes. "I'm giving you a gift. You can use it, in turn, to buy your mom a gift," She tickled his side again, then placed a few hundred dollars on his forehead.

Barry grabbed the money, "Where did you get this much?" "I've done some prostitution on the side," Dolly joked. "Huh?" Barry didn't catch on, distracted that his aunt was only wearing a t-shirt, her bare pussy resting against his morning wood.

"I was joking," She wiggled her hips against his cock. Barry blushed, "Uh, right, yeah." His aunt got off him, much to his relief. "Ok, go to the mall. Go to a random jewelry store. Pick out a random necklace, preferably with sapphires on it. That's her birth month's gemstone. If you don't know what it looks like, ask the salesperson. Don't worry about the style of the necklace she will be so impressed that you got her a gift like that and that's all that matters.

When she asks where you got the money, tell her you saved up for it. If she feels guilt that you spent your money, just hug her, tell her you love her." "Alright, sure," Barry sat up, quickly adjusting his erection. "Good. Now get going!" Barry obeyed his aunt, got dressed and headed downstairs. His mother was just leaving with her neighbor friend for a jog. He snuck through the kitchen, to the front door she didn't see him.

He followed his aunt's advice. He went to the first jewelry story he saw. He was greeted by a friendly saleslady, as he was the first customer that morning. He asked about sapphires. She showed Barry an assortment of rings, necklaces, earrings which contained the blue gemstone. Barry did a little math in his head. He loved a pair of earrings, but one necklace caught his eye.

He had enough to get the necklace he liked, or to get a simpler necklace, one not as exquisite and the earrings. He figured more gifts would be better and opted for the earrings and more basic sapphire necklace. He sped home, hid the present for his mother under his bed, and took a shower. He planned on giving it to her after dinner. If she was wearing a dress to go out again, surely this gift would change her mind. She'd kiss him, she'd say she was staying in, and they'd end up in bed.

"This has got to work," Barry thought, drying off after his shower. The day progressed, Barry spent time with his mother at the beach, chatting idly about moving there, about his younger years. He cleaned his bathroom later, then offered it to her to use. Brandy smiled, kissed his cheek and took him up on his offer, complimenting how clean it was. Waiting for dinner, Barry was met with more sadness mixed with anger when his mother appeared in yet another dress.

"No, not tonight. You'll stay in tonight," he thought. After dinner, Barry pulled her to the side. "Hey. I need to give you something." "Sure," Brandy took his arm, following him out by the pool.

They sat across from each other in lounge chairs. "Mom, I want you to have this," Barry pulled out the two small boxes he was concealing. Brandy was confused, looking them over, before opening them. Her eyes widened, her mouth dropped. "Barry?" He quickly blurted out, "I've been saving up. I love you!" He immediately regretted it, since his mother didn't have a chance to ask him anything Dolly predicted she would. "I, I don't' know what to say," she covered her mouth. Barry again acting nervously, recalling Dolly's words and hugged his mother.

Brandy hugged back, eyes tearing up. "They're beautiful, Barry," she whispered in his ear. "Thank you, so much," She kissed his cheek. "I love you," Barry said, looking into his eyes. He felt a rush of pride as those words came out sounding a little more than love between parent and child. Brandy paused, caressing his cheek, "I love you too." She leaned in closer, Barry doing the same. "This is it!" he thought.

"Brandy!" the neighbor popped into the backyard pool area. Brandy gasped. "Oh, hey, Mon." "Sorry I'm late!" "It's ok," Brandy told the neighbor. She glanced to her son. "I gotta go. I'll see you later. Thank you so much for these." "Mmhmm," Barry nodded. His heart crushed. He glanced at the smiling neighbor, cursing her for accidently ruining the moment, wondering why people don't use the front door.

Brandy emerged from the house, after putting the jewelry away, waved to Friend blackmailing friends wife tfuck and joined her friend. "That's it. I'm done. She doesn't want me like that," Barry thought, leaning back in the lounge chair.

Several minutes passed, Barry sighed and got up. "Barry!" Dolly called out to him from the back door, in her tiny bikini, ready for another night swim. Barry rushed passed by her, through the gate, toward the beach.

He didn't want to talk to anyone. Dolly chased after him. ***** "Barry!" Dolly caught up with him. He was standing near the water, looking out at the dark horizon. "Barry," Dolly touched his shoulder.

"Please, just let me be. Nothing is working." "You still have one final method." Barry shook his head, sitting in the sand. "Won't matter. She's not into all this." Dolly sat next to him, "Please, just try the final love language. Physical touch." "It won't matter. I'm not good at that stuff either." "Can you try? Don't you love her?" Dolly asked. "Yeah." "Then start small; hugs, caresses, kisses that aren't ones you'd give a mother." He shook his head.

"Or just go for it. Kiss her hard, take her off guard." "Dolly, just drop it. This is dumb." His aunt paused, thinking of what to do next. She felt so bad for Barry, and guilty for putting her nephew in this position.

She recalled tonight was the night an old movie was coming on TV that her dad wanted to watch. They agreed to have a night off, letting him rest up a bit. Dolly licked her lips, turned around, her back to Barry, and went to all fours. "Barry." "What?" he turned to look at her, his mouth dropping when his aunt pulled her thong bikini bottoms down. "Do you love me?" "Uh, um, yeah, I mean, of course." "Romantic love or not, show me," Dolly flexed her butt cheeks.

"Show you?" "Yes, this is yours tonight, if you want it." "I, I don't know " "Barry, you can stay in your room alone tonight, jacking off again. Or you can show me with physical touch how you feel. Do you love your aunt?" "Yes." Dolly wiggled her hips. "I'll show you," Barry said. He grabbed her butt cheeks, pried them apart, and dove right in.

He licked and kissed all around her asshole, pussy, ass cheeks. Barry was so hungry, and so annoyed that this plan wasn't working. But something was working tonight. He had his aunt's juicy ass in his face, right there on the beach. "Barry!" Dolly cried out. He continued to feast upon her ass.

"Inside!" Dolly pushed him away, then grabbed his face, kissing him hard. She tore off her top, leaving her bikini on the beach, and jumped in her nephew's arms. "See? You are strong. Now carry me to bed." Barry did as he was told, arriving at the home, nearly exhausted. He crashed his aunt down on his bed, climbing on top of her.

Dolly ran her hands over his body after helping him remove his shirt. He slid out of his shorts and boxers, grabbed the base of his cock and jammed it into her waiting pussy. "Ah! Barry!" Dolly cried out, throwing her arms around him, bringing him to her face to kiss once more. Barry grunted, slamming into her, the sounds of Aunt Wendy and Wade echoing down the hall. "You want her so badly," Dolly said. "Uh huh," Barry answered, pounding into his aunt.

"Tomorrow, hug her, kiss her, tell her you love her as well," Dolly instructed, kissing Barry again. Dolly's tongue left his mouth, she continued. "Give her massage. Keep your hands on her, caressing her always. Do you understand?" "Y-yes!" "Good. Now cum in me!" Dolly ordered. "Ahh, D-Dolly!" Barry drove his cock deep into her as it exploded, unloading his cum inside her.

He collapsed on top of her, out-of-breath. Dolly ran her fingers over his back. "I think you need to practice." "Practice?" She answered him with a smile.

***** It was after midnight. Wendy was squatting up and down on Wade's dick in her bed. Her hands were resting on his shoulder, the bed creaking. He motor-boated her breasts as they bounced in front of his face. "Yes! Yes!" Wendy climaxed. In that same moment, down the hall, Barry's grandpa was lying in the bed, snoring lightly.

The old movie he wanted to watch was playing in the background on the TV. He was resting for a night, regaining his energy for his daughter the following night. Barry wasn't alone in his room, jacking off. He was on his back, watching his Aunt Dolly bounce her ass up and down on his cock, looking over her shoulder at him.

He slapped it and guided her to all tiny red head teen first time hes the is one of the many things that ill miss from this, rubbing her sweaty back, he continued fucking her from behind. Physical Touch The next day Barry felt renewed, energized, and confident. Groping his Aunt Dolly's ass while they kissed after a morning shower together, he set his focus on his mother. He would use a final love language physical touch to woo and win her.

Smiling to Dolly, watching her enter her father's room to wake him with a morning blowjob, Barry entered the kitchen, standing, watching his mother at the kitchen sink. She was wearing a yellow sports bra and matching spandex shorts. Barry looked over her toned legs, butt, back, admiring her beauty, then made his move.

He was slow, soft, and gentle as he wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his hands on her tight tummy, pulling her back against his crotch. He kissed the side of her head and whispered good morning in her ear. Brandy rested her hands on his and arched her neck slightly. Barry recognized and took the opportunity to kiss her temple, cheek, and jawline.

"Jogging again?" he asked. "I am," his mother answered, her eyes closed. Barry kissed her jawline a few more times. His erection was at full strength against her ass when she let out a soft moan.

"Joining me?" she asked. "No. I'll be waiting for you by the pool when you get back," Barry said, kissing her cheek. "Good," Brandy turned around, her hands on his shoulders. Barry caressed her face, his thumb gliding across her lips. His lovely legal age teenager wants to be gangbanged soared, thanks to Aunt Dolly giving herself to him the previous night.

"You're so beautiful. Did you know that?" He asked his mother. "Barry. You're so sweet," Brandy blushed. His other hand arrived to the small of her back, inching its way downward.

Barry's lips were also inching toward something his mother's. "Brandy!" the neighbor let herself in. "Oh, sorry," she backed off. "No, it's fine," Brandy said, her and Barry ending their tender moment. "I'll see you at the pool later," she said to her son. "See you," Barry said, watching the two fit babes his mother the hottest trot off for their jog. ***** Barry was waiting, standing near the deep end, smiling as his mother entered the pool area wearing one of her typical tiny bikinis.

She dove in and swam to her son. "Hey there," she said, surfacing in front of him. "Hey," he grabbed her, bringing her closer. Her legs instinctually wrapped around his waist. His hands gripped her thighs under the water. Brandy hugged him, Barry held her, his hands traveling all over her back save for her ass. He got bold, thinking of his Aunt Dolly, gaining more confidence. His hands traveled once more down her back, this time all the way to her butt. He gently patted it under the water, then gripped it.

He almost lost his mind, listening to his mother moan softly again. Brandy ended the hug, looking into her son's eyes. Barry once again caressed her face. "I love you. So much, mom." "Barry," her eyes lowered. "I, I love you too. More than anything, more than anyone." She rested her head on his shoulder, he nuzzled it, kissing it occasionally, all while massaging her ass under the water. "Feels so good," she whispered mom in threesome fucking teen pussy and hard cock his ear, kissing his cheek afterward.

"Yeah it does," Barry replied. They shared another long gaze, before Barry inched closer to her, licking his lips, eyes on her mouth. Then the backyard fence creaked open. Brandy's eye's shot open, she looked over her shoulder.

"Oh hi," she told her neighbor. She turned to whisper to her son. "Sorry, Barry, I told her she could hang out in the pool a little bit. Her pool is getting cleaned today." "Oh, it's fine," Barry shrugged. "No worries." Brandy unwrapped her legs from Barry, turned around, and guided his hand to her tummy once more.

It was Barry who let out a soft moan when he foxy schoolgirl makes a big rod explode brunette and cumshot her ass cheeks against his crotch. The oblivious neighbor and Brandy chatted on and on and on. Barry wanted to slide his hand into Brandy's bikini bottoms and finger her pussy, but was too chicken.

He instead enjoyed her nice butt right up against his erection. His became more annoyed little later when his relatives arrived in the pool. "Crap. No privacy now," Barry thought. Wendy and Wade walked and sat in the shallow end. Wade has his arm around Wendy and smiled at his Aunt Brandy. Brandy turned around, kissed Barry's cheek and swam over to her sister Wendy and nephew Wade the chatty neighbor following her. Aunt I fuck a white bitch big dick a continuation here and Barry's grandpa arrived next.

Dolly saw Barry alone, a slightly annoyed look on his face. She dove in and swam to him. "How are things going?" Dolly whispered treading water in front of him, her hand going to his crotch. "Aww, Barry," she frowned. "You're hard." "Yeah," he scowled watching his mother snuggle next to Wade. Wade had his arm around her, his hand resting on her hip. "Want me to jack you off here?" Dolly asked.

"No, just forget it," Barry said, pushing his Aunt's hand away. He was getting angrier by the second, his cock losing strength by the second. He watched the neighbor stand to leave, Brandy rising in the shallow end, hugging her bye. Barry watched Aunt Wendy whisper something in Wade's ear. Wendy's son nodded and slapped Brandy's ass. She squealed, waved bye to the neighbor, and sat next to Wade once again.

Barry watched the three of them converse with one another. "What the hell?" Barry asked himself. He wanted to leave. He pushed his aunt away and climbed out of the pool. He grabbed a towel and went inside, to his room.

Dolly sighed, looking forlorn, removed her bikini and climbed out of the pool to lie in her father's arms. Barry was seething in his room. He was pacing back and forth, wanting to tear it apart. "Does she want to be with him now too?" he nearly yelled.

He looked out his window to the pool area. His mother was looking at Wendy and Wade, all three of them still sitting in the shallow end, Barry watched her shrug; Wendy made a gesture to Brandy and Wade, pointing at them. Brandy bit her bottom lip, nodded her head, and said something. Barry watched his mother and cousin, Wade, kiss. "What?!?!" he screamed, watching them make out. He ran away from the window.

He ran out the front door, and headed toward the beach, running until he nearly collapsed. Barry didn't return until after dinner. ***** When he made his way back to the neighborhood, after a day at the beach, alone, thinking about finding a job and getting his own place, Barry saw his mother leaving in her car. He assumed she was going to TJ's. He was too exhausted and sunburned to even react.

The house was quiet, a plate of food was set aside for him; he ignored it and made his way to his room. He heard a shower running in Wendy and Wade's room, he heard soft moaning coming from his grandpa's and Dolly's room.

Barry rolled his eyes, going over types of jobs to search for, that may pay him enough to live on his own. He made a decision to start the next day. In his shower, the water cool, slightly easing his red sunburnt skin, Barry looked to his feet, defeated. Nothing worked, all five languages failed. She wasn't interested in him. She preferred TJ or Wade. Lying in bed, only wearing boxers, Barry let the ceiling fan cool him off.

It hurt to move. He felt foolish and absolutely regretted ever listening to his Aunt Dolly. He regretted buying the jewelry, spending time with his mom, doing things for her, and now, even touching the woman. He felt his eyes get teary, a result of a broken heart, when his bedroom door slammed open, a naked woman with huge tits burst into his room. "What the " Barry looked to the door, seeing his Aunt Wendy standing there, her nude, curvy body a silhouette.

"What do you want?" he glared at her. "Don't look at me like that," Wendy said. Barry rolled his eyes, lying back down. "Barry, Barry, Barry," Wendy walked slowly into his room, sitting on his bed. "It's so sad. So very sad your situation." Barry sighed, "Just leave me alone, please." Aunt Wendy ignored his plea.

"It's so very sad that you listened to your Aunt Dolly's advice instead of coming to me. She meant well, but was wrong, and frankly, the whole five love languages approach was just plain silly." Barry winced with pain, not caring she was naked, when Wendy placed her hand on his burnt thigh. "Here you are, alone in your room, burnt to a crisp, when you could be with your mother right now." "Wendy " "Shut up. Do you know where she is now?" "Probably with that piece of," Barry bit his tongue.

"Probably with TJ." "Nope. She's with my son, no doubt having sex with him." Barry cringed and groaned. "Do you know why?" Wendy asked, Barry remaining quiet.

"Because, as you know, incest runs in our family, our blood. She wants in. But is afraid. It's a big step to have sex with a family member, even if one or both really, really want it." Wendy threw her legs over Barry, straddling him, rubbing her hands up and down his red chest. "Ahhh," he winced in pain. "It's especially scary to cross that line, to take that first step, with one's own child.

So," Wendy leaned forward, her tits resting on Barry's chest. "She's taking a baby step by having sex with her nephew. I gave her the idea." Barry gulped, looking to his Aunt Wendy's face, inches above his. "Your Aunt Dolly is so cute, giving you that advice, but she doesn't have as much girl talk with your mom as I do. Oh all the things your mother has told me about you.

Dolly also doesn't have kids, I do. One who I make love to every day." "What girl talk?" Barry ask, totally confused. "Mmm," Wendy moaned, moving her breasts across his chest. "She wants you so bad, but is afraid of taking that step. She doesn't know if you want her like that or not. She spends time with her friend or TJ to avoid being here at night.

She doesn't want to barge in here like I did, naked, and mount you. She's afraid that would scare you or you wouldn't like it or be ready for it." "You mean " "Those five methods were cute and all, but all you had to do is grab her, kiss her, and take your mother to bed. That's it. That's all you needed to do. That didn't happen, now she's experimenting with Wade as one last resort to experience incest and to work up to eventually seducing you.

All of this could've been bypassed if you just took her to bed." "I, I don't know what to say." "Say nothing, Barry," Wendy milf go crazy on cock in taxi forward, her nipple grazing his lips. "Suck my tits." Barry nodded, opened his mouth wide, grabbed her tit flesh and got to work.

***** Wade and Aunt Brandy were sitting on TJ's bed, tenderly kissing. "It was nice of TJ to let us used his place," Wade said to his nervous aunt. "Mmhmm," Brandy nodded. "He's a nice guy. I know Mom and Aunt Dolly have enjoyed coming over to play with him occasionally.

You have too," Wade added. "Yes." Wade stood, undressing, his erect cock inches from Aunt Brandy's mouth.

"But nothing compares to familial relations. Got it?" "Yes," Brandy answered, looking up to Wade's eyes. "Good. Now suck my dick," Wade ordered. Brandy nodded, opened her mouth wide, grabbed the base of his cock and got to work. ***** It was after midnight.

Wendy was squatting up and down Barry's dick in his bed. Her hands were resting on his shoulder, the bed creaking. He motor-boated her breasts as they bounced in front of his face. "Yes! Yes!" Wendy climaxed. In that same moment, down the hall, Barry's grandpa was running his fingers through his daughter's hair, watching her service his cock.

Dolly smiled lovingly at him, looking forward to drinking his seed. Down the street, Barry's mom was in TJ's bed, on her back, getting fucked by her nephew Wade. "I can do it! I can do this!" she cried. Wade smiled; the two of them kissing passionately, Brandy pretending Wade was Barry. Barry was ignoring his sun burnt body. He was focusing on fucking Aunt Wendy.

He was behind her, squeezing her tits, driving his cock in and out of her body. "Ah, yes! Fuck me!" Wendy cried out. Barry and Brandy The next day Barry again felt renewed, energized, and confident. Groping his Aunt Wendy's tit while they kissed after a morning shower together, he set his focus on his mother.

He would follow Aunt Wendy's advice, something he should've done all along, and take his mother to bed. Smiling to Wendy, watching her enter her bedroom and wait for Wade, Barry entered the kitchen, standing, watching his mother at the kitchen sink.

She was wearing a yellow sports bra and matching spandex shorts. Barry looked over her toned legs, butt, back, admiring her beauty, then made his move.

Petite asian babe rina ellis trades perky tits for a ride was slow, soft, and gentle as he wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his hands on her tight tummy, pulling her back against his crotch.

He kissed the side of her head and whispered good morning in her ear. Brandy rested her hands on his and arched her neck slightly. Barry recognized and took the opportunity to kiss her temple, cheek, and jawline. "You aren't jogging today," Barry said. "I'm not?" "No," Barry kissed her neck. "You're staying in, with me, today." "Barry?" "Shhh," He said, kissing her neck, his hands sliding up to cup her breasts.

"Barry," his mother moaned. He slid his hands under her sports bra, assisting his mother with removing it. He resumed playing with her breasts from behind, kissing her face and neck. Brandy arched her back, running her fingers through his hair. "We're going to bed," Barry whispered. He kissed her neck, her shoulders, moved her hair, kissing her back, all the way down to her shorts.

On his knees behind her, he slowly pulled her shorts down, revealing her bare ass. "Beautiful," he said, grabbing it, kissing it softly. He stood, walking toward the back door, locking it so the neighbor couldn't barge in. Barry looked over Brandy's nude body on his way back to her, he scooped her up and took her to his room.

Laying her gently on her back, he kissed her; she held his face, kissing back. Barry kissed reverse gangbang action starring luscious sex bombs neck, chest, and tits. She moaned lightly once more, whispering his name, playing with his hair.

He kissed over her toned tummy, eliciting another moan from his mother. "So perfect," he said, his mother breathing heavy as a response. Barry continued kissing and licking her tummy, making his way down to her nicely trimmed runway of pubic hair. He ran his nose over it, breathing in her scent. He moved her legs to his shoulders, ignoring the burning pain. He had a job to do; eat out her pussy. She tasted so good. His tongue lapped at her labia lips, her clit, randomly all over her pussy. He occasionally dipped his tongue inside her, gathering up her nectar, then continuing to lick everywhere.

He had no experience, but he didn't care. His mother didn't seem to care either, she was gripping his hair, moaning, loving his haphazard tongue work. "In-inside me, get inside me," Brandy pleaded.

"I need you in me." Barry nodded, licked his way up her tummy, in between her breasts, and kissed her hard. Brandy broke the kiss, speaking up, "I've wanted this since we moved in. We've been surrounded by incest. I knew that was all it took to awaken latent urges. I've been scared of though; I'd never want to drive you away. Wade and I had sex last night, I thought I could practice and try it " "Mom, shh," Barry interrupted her.

"It's fine." Barry grabbed the base of his cock and slowly fed it inside her. He watched her eyes roll into the back of her head, he watched her lips quake while he was sliding inside her. He came to a rest, her eyes opened, they kissed. "Ready?" Barry asked. "I've been ready," Brandy answered. He slid out and back in, over and over. They stared into each other's eyes, while Barry took her. Their hot breath on each other's face, Barry's forehead beading up with sweat; their bodies became one.

"I love you," he said. "I love you too," Brandy gripped his face, pulling him in for a long, tongue wrestling kiss. Barry nearly came that second. "Whew," the kiss ended, Barry still pumping his hips away. Brandy giggled, loving looking into her son's face. "You feel so, so good," Barry said. "So do you. So do ah!" his mother arched her back, she was cumming. "Whoa, Mom, are you, are you ugh!" Barry was cumming now, her pussy shaking around his shaft, milking it.

They cried out together, climaxing together. A nude Dolly smiled at his door, watching her sister and nephew cum together. Barry forgot to close the door when he took her to bed.


Dolly left and joined her father in his room. "Ahh yes," Barry winced, looking into his mother's face. "B-Barry!" she cried out, overcome with pleasure, she grabbed his face again, kissing him harder than ever.

Her pussy shook again; her fingernails raked his back. Barry roared in pain. "Sorry!" Brandy said, grabbing his face, kissing him again, while his cock pumped its load into her pussy. Their mutual orgasms subsided; they continued kissing for several minutes. "Oh Barry," his mother said, a tired smile on her face.

"We did it. I was so scared of this. It's wrong, but it feels so right, so normal." "I know," he rolled off her, the two of them facing one another on his bed. "You want to keep doing this?" Barry asked. "I mean, I'm not a hunk or " "Yes. Every day," his mother interrupted him. "Every day." Barry smiled, ignoring the pain his sunburnt body was in, and kissed his woman again. ***** Later that day, Wendy and Dolly were sucking cock by the pool. Wade and his grandpa lounged back watching the two women work.

"Switch?" Dolly asked. "Um," Wendy giggled, having not yet had her father. "Sure!" "Hello darling," Wendy's father told her, running his fingers through her dark hair, when she serviced his cock. The pool was mostly quiet, save for the sound of cock sucking. Barry wasn't there, as usual, but someone else was missing too.

He and his mother were in his room, the window closed, having sex. "Harder!" Brandy commanded her son. Barry was behind her, his hips slamming into her, slapping sounds of flesh echoing in his room. Barry bit his bottom lip, slapped her ass, and kept riding her as hard as he could.

There was something about this woman's pussy, their sweat-covered bodies, their stares of passion into each other's eyes as they fucked that made Barry forget about all the trouble he'd experienced lately. He pulled his cock out, his mother rolled over and lunged at Barry, kissing him hard again. He had no thoughts of inadequacy, no thoughts of jealousy. They rolled off his bed, onto the floor, Barry ending up on top once more.

He dove to her neck, kissing it, his mother moaning his name over and over again. Her legs were wrapped around him. Barry stood, taking her off the floor and slammed her against his wall.

Dolly looked around by the pool, thinking she heard something. Barry turned his mother around, driving himself back in.

He managed to open his window as he fucked her. "Barry! Yes! Yes!" Brandy climaxed, her sisters, nephew, and father all heard her by the pool. They looked to Barry's open bedroom window, giggling, trading smiles. ***** Brandy was sitting on Barry close to dinner time that night. His cock was embedded in her. She was rubbing brunette temptress taking bfs shaft up in her slick pussy tube porn lotion on his sunburnt shoulders, occasionally kissing his face.

He was playing with her breasts or ass while his mother young mother hvin sex with her friend to his sun burns.

Brandy paused, smiling into her son's face, caressing his cheek. "Poor Barry." "Hmm? Oh, right, the sun burns. I'll be ok." "No, I didn't meant those. We wanted each other since we got here. For me, I was scared of that, so I avoided you. I shouldn't have done that. Then when you started paying attention to me, I was still scared, but was opening up to incest. I shouldn't have slept with your cousin, but to me, it was a baby step towards you." "Mom, it's fine. Aunt Wendy explained everything to me." "She told me.

Her and I talk a lot, remember?" "Yeah." "So I guess," Brandy licked her lips. "You'll move into my room with me. Just like Dolly and Dad, and Wendy and Wade." "That'd be nice, Mom," Barry's cock twitched inside her. "I have a huge sexual appetite. Think you'll be able to keep up?" "I will do my best for you." "I know you will," Brandy kissed Barry, his hands gripping her ass, his butt flexing, driving his cock in deeper.

Brandy got off his ick to lay before him. Barry watched her smile and flick her tongue across his cock head, while jacking him user her pussy juices as lubrication. They maintained eye contact while she licked all over his tip.

He couldn't help but admire her beauty, amazed that she was actually doing this to him. "Mom," Barry called out, close to cumming. "Do it. Give me that cum, sweetie," Brandy said. Barry focused on her mouth, her tongue, his cock head.

"That's it, that's " he erupted on her lips and tongue. She smiled as his cock spurted semen for her lick up and ddrink. ***** It was after midnight. Wendy and Wade were back in the pool for a late night swim and sex session.

Water was crashing out of the pool while she bounced up and down on Wade's cock. He playfully slapped a tit as she rode him. In the house in that same moment, in Barry's grandpa's room, Dolly ass was prime cups beach ready sweetheart playing with her pussy. Her father playfully spanked her. Dolly giggled, pushing him gently over and climbed on top, guiding his cock in. It was another night in which Barry was not alone in his room.

He wasn't with either of his aunts. He was with the woman he desired and needed most his mother. They were holding each other, kissing, groping, and making love. Brandy guided Barry to his back, ran her fingers over his chest and tummy. She found his hands and brought them to her breasts, letting him squeeze them, while she slowly ground her body, her clit, against him.

She didn't take her eyes off him, running her hands through her long, dark hair. "Mom, you look so gorgeous," Barry said, his hands squeezing her breasts, then gliding over her tummy.

"Th-thank, ah!" She was cumming again. She arched her back, craned her neck back and shook on his cock. "You," she added coming off another orgasm. She fell into his arms, Barry stroking her hair. "Let's go out tomorrow night," she suggested. "I'll wear the beautiful jewelry you got me. We can go to a nice romantic dinner, take a long walk on the beach, then come back home and make love.

Those two languages are how I feel loved if you were curious." "What? Spending time with you and physical affection?" Barry asked his mother. "You got it." "Good, I'll remember that." "What about you?" "I think it's the same thing, Mom." Brandy kissed Barry's cheek, loving the feeling of his hand running up and down her back.

"Good. Sounds like we're a perfect fit." Barry kissed her head, holding her naked body close to his. "We sure are, Mom." The young man, named Barry, was now very happy. Barry wasn't alone in his happiness. He and his lovely mother lived in a large, new home by the ocean.

This new house was filled with Barry's aunts, his cousin, and his grandfather. They spent their days at the beach, playing, laughing, eating or frolicking by the pool.

Barry and his mother, Brandy, joined in on the fun, spending their nights in bed together. Everyone in this beautiful, big home by the ocean was involved in incestuous relationships. The end.