Milf zia pulls a stud and sucks on his cock

Milf zia pulls a stud and sucks on his cock
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Ever since I could remember we went to the beach with my Mom. Every weekend during the summer she would pack up the car and we drove an hour and a half to the beach. What made our beach visits different was that Mom took us all to the nude beach. It really didn't seem that different or unusual to us. We had grown up there and seeing people naked at the beach was nothing to my sister or I. We always stayed in the main beach area with the couples, families and most of the people.

Mom always made sure we didn't wander off to some of the other areas. We always wondered why we weren't allowed to go explore the other areas but we had enough fun where we were so it didn't seem like a big deal. When I hit my teens I started to slip away from Mom more often. Sometimes just to hang with beach friends I had grown up with and sometimes to smoke weed. It was during one of these trips to smoke some weed that I found why Mom had been trying to keep us from wandering away from the main area.

I found the more adult area. Some of this was couples and some was groups of guys but these people weren't the same as the main beach. They seemed to be showing off and two of the guys were even jerking each other off. I had never really seen two guys doing that together and so I kind of hid in the bush nearby and watched.

After a bit I was hard and couldn't help but jerk off too. After that first time I started to sneak off to that area every chance I got. Sometimes to smoke more weed but sometimes just to peek and see what I could see. I saw lots of guys jerking off and sucking each other and sometimes pawg teen dildo riding hook me up at masturbation teenager fucking.

I saw men and women fucking, it wasn't all gay but to be honest I didn't care I liked watching and jerking off. I was 14 and I was perpetually horny so I jerked off a lot watching and that summer I had my first real sexual experience with another person. One day while I was in the bushes peeking on two guys sucking each other someone came up behind me.

I didn't know it until I felt another hand reach around and grab my cock. I didn't move I was scared and horny and it felt good and so I just let them do it for me. They stroked my cock and then spoke in my ear and that was when I found out it was a guy behind me. He slowly turned me a little sideways and then dropped to his knees on a small towel and slid his mouth over my cock. The feeling was incredible to me. I had never felt anything but my own hand until moments before.

I watched him suck my cock and I watch the other guys and before I knew it I was cumming. I didn't know if I should tell him or what so I just came and he just swallowed it and when I was done cumming He gave my cock a few licks to clean it up and then stood and thanked me. He told me if I was ever here again to look for him and he would love to suck my cock again.

So the next weekend I was back looking for him but I didn't find him. I never did see him again but I found other guys who liked my cock, Most of the time I got jerked off or sucked but sometimes I had to jerk and suck them too.

I thought I would hate it but I actually found it kind of exciting. My sex world was expanding in ways I never imagined. I never pictured me fooling around with guys but pretty much every weekend I did.

I even got to fuck a couple of the guys that I started to see there every weekend. I never let anyone fuck me though. It was an amazing summer and for me it was over way too soon, but Labor Day came and the beach crowd thinned out and Mom stopped taking us every weekend and I had to wait until next year.

Next year started pretty much the same. Every chance I got I snuck off to have sex with guys or to peek at people and jerk off. I thought it was the perfect way to spend my summer. Then one Saturday early in July I slipped away again and I was watching this man and a younger woman.

She was sucking his cock and I was in the bushes peeking and just started jerking off when I heard a voice that froze me completely. "Whatcha doing Mikey?" It was my little sister. I wasn't sure what she had seen so I turned slowly and said I wasn't doing anything. "Just getting ready to head back and see what you and Mom are up to." "You were jerking off.

I saw you Mikey don't lie I saw you and your cock is still hard." "Okay I was but don't say anything to Mom please. She'd kill me and I 'd never be allowed away from the main beach again." "What were you looking at?

Let me see okay" "A couple fooling around. A guy is getting his cock sucked. Don't tell Mom about this okay? Deal?

Please?" "Ok just let me look too." Well I let Kelly squeezed in beside me and we watched together as the old guy got his cock sucked by his girlfriend. After a little bit of watching I started to jerk off again. Kelly looked down a couple of times and watched me a bit but mostly kept her eyes on the couple.

We watched together until he came on her face and breasts. I came all in the bush and used a few leaves to clean the last of the cum off my cock.

We headed back to the main beach together. We walked in silence mostly until we were almost back when Kel turned to me and asked "Can we go watch more people tomorrow?" So that became a routine for us. We would sneak off and watch people fooling around. I would jerk off and sometimes Kel would play with her pussy too.

After a couple of weeks she was fingering her little pussy openly beside me. She didn't have much to look at but I looked as much as I could.

She had almost no boobs at all. Just starting to swell but still mostly nipples and almost no hair on her sexy brunette shows off her tits for this lucky guy that I could see. It was about three weeks in to our little expeditions that everything changed. We were watching a couple of guys fucking when I heard a voice I knew. It was one of my old friends that I used to fool around with. He liked to suck me and I liked his cock and didn't mind sucking him too.

"Hey Mike did you bring a friend along to play?" He reached out and grabbed my cock as he said that. I didn't know what to say or do I kind of froze for a moment and he stroked my cock a couple of times. "Who is your friend Mike? Girlfriend you didn't tell me about?" "No its not my girlfriend okay.

She is just a friend. We gotta get casting babe riding cock on pov sextape on Mike. You look like you could use some help with you cock before you head back. Your Mom isn't going to like you walking the beach with a hard cock.

Let me help you out for old times sake." With that he dropped to his knees and sucked my cock in to his mouth. When I looked over Kel was watching and starting to finger her pussy again. "I think your friend likes you Mike she really likes watching me suck your cock. You want to try honey. Give Mike a little suck too?" "Leave her alone Larry she is just a friend.

We're not like that and besides she is only 13." "Okay Mike. But I think you are wrong about her being just a friend. I think she likes you Mike." Anyway I lasted as long as I could which was only a few minutes. What with all the peeking we had been doing and with Kel watching too. Larry swallowed everything and then made a little show of licking my cock clean too. Then he quickly stood up and said goodbye and that he hoped to see us again next weekend.

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Kel and I headed back to the main beach. We didn't really talk much and then just before we got back we stopped and sat on an old log. I tried to explain and I told her about everything. How its started out and how I got sucked and how I sometimes sucked guys and how I even fucked some guys sometimes.

It all just flooded out of me. I told her I wasn't gay but I just liked sex and this was just fooling around and cumming to me. Kel was pretty quiet the whole time and let me talk.

When I finally stopped she just looked at me and asked if she could watch again next time cause it made her cum good. She didn't care what I did and she knew I wasn't gay she said. It was all just fun like us going and peeking on people. It rained the next weekend and so we were stuck at home but the weekend after that Mom took us back to the beach.

Kel and I waited until everything got busy and then we snuck off again. We walked along and talked and finally found a man and his wife and he was licking her pussy. We watched for a while and then moved along after they finished. After about an hour we ran into another of the guys I knew.

Jason was a bit of an asshole. Very forceful and liked to brag a lot but he had a big cock or it seemed quite big to me. It was about 8" long from what I remember but it was thick enough that my fingers couldn't wrap around it. Jason liked me to suck him and never sucked me. So when we ran into him I knew he would want a blowjob. We found a little side trail and made our way back to a secluded area and I dropped to my knees and started to stroke his cock and get him hard.

Kel was watching but staying a few feet back but when I started to suck his cock she moved a little closer and Jason called her over. "What's you name honey?" "Kelly." "Do you like lovely young charmer receives an anal hammering creampie blonde Mike suck my cock Kelly?" "Ya.

I never seen one as big as yours." "Do you want to touch it?" "Can I?" "Go ahead hun." Kelly reached out and for the first time she touched a guys cock. She seemed mesmerized by it.

She did what she had seen me and others do many times and slowly and gently gripped his cock as best she could and stroked her hand up and down the length.


Jason grabbed me by the back of the head and pulled me forward again and I slid the head of his cock in my mouth and started to suck him again. Together Kelly and I juicy a hole gets gangbanged so hard on his cock. I don't think I had ever been as excited before. I felt Jason's hands come off my head and when I looked up I saw he was pinching and pulling on Kelly's nipples.

She had her eyes closed and one hand still on his cock but she was somewhere else and loving it. I thought Jason broke her spell he seemed to whisper something to her and she opened her eyes but then she was there beside me and I heard him tell me to let her have a try.

I slipped my mouth off his cock and Kel took over. She didn't just take too it Jason gave her instruction and she did her best to take his cock in her mouth but she was pretty small for a cock his size. I stood and watched and started to jerk my own cock as I watched her.

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The best she could do was the whole head and about another inch. But she was really trying and Jason seemed okay with cayman islands dlk bar girl. Jason tapped her on the head and Kel stopped for a minute and just looked up at him.

"Why don't you suck Mike for a bit Kelly." I stammered at Jason that it was okay. She didn't have to and that we were just friends who didn't do that but he grabbed me by the arm and just looked at me and told me he wasn't asking her he was telling and that it was good for her to learn her place now.

I told you he could be a real asshole. Kel looked at me and I didn't know what to do. I panicked internally and just nodded to her and she turned on her knees and grabbed my cock and slid it in her mouth. She got a lot more of mine in because at 15 I wasn't a very big guy.


"She's not bad for a first timer hey Mike? Once she gets some practice with us she will be a damn good little cocksucker. You can already tell how much she likes it. You do like it don't you Kelly?" Kel slid her mouth off my cock and looked at Jason and just nodded her head yes and slid her mouth over his cock.

She alternated between us like that for a few minutes and then I could feel myself close to cumming. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and came all over the ground beside her. Some sprayed on her legs but she ignored it and concentrated on Jason's cock.

"What did you pull out for Mike?" I tried to tell him that I was just worried about it being her first time and he told me to get down beside her and help him cum. I dropped down beside my little sister and she slid her mouth off and I slid mine on and took over. We traded turns sucking his cock until I saw Jason's hands come out and grab Kel by the hair and hold her mouth over his cock. I knew he was going to cum and I couldn't help her out now it was too late.

Poor Kel got the first full blast in the back of her throat and started to gag a little She managed to wiggle free from his grip and got her mouth off but his second pulse shot all over her left cheek. At this pint Jason's stopped trying to get his cock back in her mouth and just started trying to get as much as he could on her face and chest. I managed to get my mouth on his cock near the end but she took most of it all over her.

Jason insisted that we lick his cock clean. Then he looked at us both on the ground like that and aksed if we were going to be back tomorrow. I just nodded yes but didn't say a thing. He told us to meet him here again tomorrow and turned and walked away. I apologized to Kel and told her I would help her get clean before we went back to Mom. I kissed her on the forehead and said I was sorry again. Then I did the only thing I could think of to help clean her up. I scooped the cum off her chest with my fingers and brushed it off into the bushes.

I got as much as could off her chest and was about to start on her face when she started to do it herself but instead of real swinger home story outdoor gang bang2 it off she licked it off her fingers.

After we got her cleaned up we headed toward the beach nearby and rinsed in the water. Kel couldn't go back with cum all over her. On the walk back I asked her if she was okay.

She stopped and looked at me. "I wanted to touch his cock and then I really wanted to suck it like you were but when he said I had to suck you I started to get scared. Not cause it was you but I didn't know what else he was gonna do. But then I did it to your cock too and I liked it. I really liked it right up until he grabbed my head and forced me and shot in my mouth. I started to choke and I got scared and then it got all over me. Beautiful brunette knows how to use a dick sorry I made such a mess I'll try to do better next time okay.

Don't be mad at me okay Mikey." My god. My adorable little sister was worried I would be mad at her cause she didn't do better. I told her it was okay and that I was proud of how well she did. I was sorry that Jason made her suck my cock and she got a worried look again. "Didn't I do it good enough? Don't you want me to do it again next time?" I tried to tell her that I really liked it but that it wasn't right for us to do that because we were brother and sister.

She pointed out that it was just fooling around and that she thought it was just fun and she didn't mind. It sounded a lot like what I told her about me and the guys I had fooled around with.

I told her we could do it again if she wanted to but if she didn't that was okay too. Then I hugged her and we headed the rest of the way back to Mom. The next day we were back again at the beach.

We both hung out with Mom for a lot of the day and then at one point we were in the water and Kelly came up and asked if we are going to see Jason again today like he wanted.

I asked her if she wanted to and tantalizing sex with sexy asian pretty babe japanese hardcore her if we did he might make her suck me again. She said she wanted to try it again and didn't mind sucking me. So we headed back to find Jason. We found him on the beach near where we had played last time he spotted us and grabbed his stuff and we headed up the path to our little hideaway.

When we got there he threw his towel down and Kel just kneeled on it and started to suck his cock. It was soft and she could get a lot more in her mouth.

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It wasn't long before it started to get hard and then she switched over to mine. I was hard already but she had no problem taking my smaller cock in her mouth. While Kel sucked my cock I kind of bent over to one side and started sucking Jason.

The feeling was wild, having his cock in my mouth while Kelly sucked mine was the best thing I had felt to that point in my life. I was so engrossed in Jason's cock that I barely noticed when Kel stopped sucking mine.

But I stopped for a moment to look and found what had happened. Our little hideaway had been found and Kel now had 2 more cocks to suck.

Two other guys had come up the path to have some fun of their own and stumbled across us. I found out later that they had been watching since the beginning and saw Kelly suck both of us and then once I started sucking the decided it was okay to try and join.

And when they slid in on either side of me Kel just grabbed a cock and started sucking it too. Jason saw what was going on and decided that it would be best if I joined Kelly and helped her take care of all of them.

I felt him push me down and the next thing I knew I was on the ground beside my little sister with 3 hard cocks in front of us. Kel has one n her hand and the head of Jason's in her mouth now so Son mom and son mom xxxcxx grabbed the last one and started on it The two new guys didn't have the stamina of Jason and after a few minutes the came. I swallowed what I could and Kel tried but got a lot of it on her chin and chest.

We both sucked Jason's cock as best we could together Jason shot his cum all over both of us and we cleaned it off each other as best we could. Jason sat down on one of the logs and pulled out a joint and sparked it up.

Passed it to me and I took a long toke. I handed it back to him and he passed it to Kelly She looked at me and I nodded yes to her and she took a drag and started to cough and handed it back to Jason. We passed around a bit more and Kel was able to get one good toke without coughing. By that point we all had a pretty good buzz.

Jason told Kel to lie down on the towel and show us her pussy. So she laid back, turned her legs towards us and spread them so we could see. That was the closest I had ever been to a pussy like that and it looked beautiful to me. Jason told her she had a great pussy and she got a little red faced but she thanks him and kind of spread a little wider. He reached down and slipped a finger in her pussy and then pulled it back and slid it in a bit further. "She's got no cherry Awesome cutie sana anzyu gets a huge pole doggy.


You been fucking your little friend here?" "No way Jason, were just friends we don't do that." "Who fucked you Kelly? Someone been fucking your little pussy honey?" We both looked at Kelly and she just shook her head no. "I put my finger in there and I been using my hairbrush some but nobody ever fucked me before." "Well Kelly you busted your own cherry.

Mike you're going to have to fuck her cause I am way to big for her right now. If you start fucking her and we slowly work on stretching her little pussy some after a little while she will be able to take my cock too. Jason turned to Kelly now white girls with round butts rock mia malkova perfect ass bubble butt told her to get on her hands and knees and come over to suck his cock and that I was going to fuck her while she did it.

Kelly told him she didn't want to fuck right now and asked if she could just suck him some more. Jason pulled her over to him by her hair and told her she would do what he told her to do. He pulled her over his lap and gave her little butt a hard whack with his hand. Her butt cheek started to turn a bit red. He slid a finger into her pussy again and fucked it in and out. Kelly spread her legs a littleI don't think she was even aware she did that.

Then he pulled his finger out and smacked her butt and then jammed a finger back in her pussy. He did this for about 10 minutes spanking her butt and fingering her pussy until she came hard. I saw her go rigid and her eyes rolled back in her head a bit and then she just went limp. "Wow" That was all she said after she started to move again. She sat down on the towel laid back with her legs spread wide and just repeated it again. "Wow" "You going to fuck her now Mike? I think she is ready for her first real cock now." "I can't Jason, she's my little sister." I said it out loud and I just looked at him for a reaction.

He just kind of smiled and said "Who fucking cares man. She wants someone to fuck her right now and I am too big. When sluts like her get horny like this they don't care whose cock it is they just want to fuck. Isn't that right Kelly? You want Mike to fuck you now don't you, you little slut?" I looked over at Kelly and she lifted her head off the towel and nodded yes. "Tell him slut.

Tell Mike you want him to fuck you" I watched close trying to tell if she meant it. "Fuck me Mikey please. I want to feel what a cock is like." I didn't really need a second invitation. I was 15, perpetually horny and I was going to fuck my first pussy. I had now stopped caring that she was my little sister. Kelly got up on her knees and leaned in to suck Jason and I slid up behind her and started to push my cock into her pussy.

It was tight and wet and I had to go slow to fit but I did. With coaching form Jason I pushed a little in and pulled back. Then pushed in a bit more and pulled back until I was in all the way. I held so still for a moment just teen amber rayne and bbc the feeling.

"How do you like your brother's cock in you Kelly?" You like the feel of his cock in your little pussy slut?" "Mmmmhhhmmm" I think I heard. She didn't even take her mouth of his cock. "Fuck her Mike, she needs it now. Fuck her good and hard." I did I started to fuck my little sister and I really stopped caring about her and thought only about the feelings I was experiencing.

I wish I could tell you I thought about her and making her cum but it would be a lie. I fucked her hard and fast. I looked up at one point and I saw we had a couple of guys watching us and I didn't really care. Jason saw them too. He pulled Kelly's mouth off his cock and asked her if she liked having her big brother's cock in her cunt. "Yesss" "And do you like sucking cock while you get fucked?" "Yesss" "You want more cocks don't you slut?" "YES" With that I saw him motion to the two guys watching.

One stepped forward right away and smacked Kelly in the side of the face with his hard cock. She turned he head an started sucking him.

The other guy watched a bit more and then he disappeared. I couldn't take much more and I started to cum. I didn't pull out. I shot my load in her pussy. I didn't think about what I was doing and at that point I don't think I really cared. I pulled out and stepped up beside her and Kel took a moment to lick my cock clean and then went back to sucking Jason and the other guy.

Jason came next. Held her mouth over his cock and shot his load in her mouth. A lot of it ran out and down her chin onto her chest but she didn't choke and she swallowed what she could.

Jason looked at his watch and then stood up quick. "Fuck I gotta go. You two be back here next weekend and we cam two too hot lesbians on casting interview softcore more fun." Then he looked at the other guy and said "Hey buddy if you want some more of this check back here next weekend and bring a friend or two if you want. " Jason left and about a minute or two later the new guy came in Kel's mouth too.

She cleaned hsi cock up for him. He sat down for a moment and asked "Are you guys really brother and sister?" "Yes" "And you like sucking cock and fucking?

You seem so young." Kelly looked at him and smiled. "Oh ya, I only ever fucked with Mike today but I like sucking cocks and Jason and Mike are gonna make my pussy bigger so Jason can fuck me too. But I bet you could fuck me once my pussy gets a bit bigger cause you not as big as Jason." "Are you both coming back here next weekend like your friend Jason said?

Do you really want me to come back and bring some friends or is that just him." I looked at Kelly and she waited a few seconds like she was thinking. "We'll be back. Our Mom brings us every weekend if it ain't raining. I think it would be nice if you came back again mister. I like sucking you and I don't mind of you bring some friends if they are nice like you.

I probably can't fuck you yet but I like to suck you and Mike can even suck you to." We came back the next weekend and I fucked her again and between Kelly and me we sucked about 8 different guys and Kelly got her pussy sucked twice.

That weekend was the start of many adventures for Kelly and I at the beach. We got to be known by a number of the regulars in that area. But those are stories for another day. Thanks for letting me relive some old memories. If you want to hear some more let me know.