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Hot young pornstar having hardcore hot sex sex hot sex porn story 21
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My life in Texas has gotten quiet over the past two weeks and we're down to the beginning of August and my girls and friends are looking at our last bit of time in Texas. We're planned to head back in thirteen days and my personal life has taken itself to new highs. No problems lurking in the background that are going to creep up and slap my good mood for a change. The biggest thing that we had to deal with was that Devin, Ben and I went to pay Steven a visit.

He was scared at first but we weren't there to do anything, we actually helped him pack up. He stuck with the decision to go back to his parents and get his head on straight; I gave him a message from Jackie with her number so they could keep in contact.

She's trying to be nice and begged me to make sure he had it. Watching the guy leave in his car for the other half of the state was a good thing. I got harassed a little by the Old Man about my softer approach but his new granddaughter stopped that in its tracks and talked with him about it.

Biggest thing that we're fussing with is Loretta and the fact that she doesn't want her baby and his future wives to go back to Washington. She's happy enough that I came back but it's getting hard for her considering how much time she wasted. I decide that something needs to be done and figure a couple days doting over her should be a good thing for us. Sure enough Monday morning when everyone is milling about to go have fun or even get themselves prepped for school, read Jun doing all our class scheduling for Senior year, when I show up in one of the silk shirts she bought me and a clean decent pair of jeans.

I have left my coat behind in my room and my girls already know what's happening as I sit down at the counter. "What are we doing today Mom," I ask leaning forward as she is finishing a plate for me. "I have to go back to the girls homes and get the weekend paperwork done, and then it's off to see about taking over some soup kitchens that have fallen into no funding thanks to their main benefactor facing murder charges," Loretta says half heartedly.

"Great so when do we leave," I ask noting she still hasn't fully got my point yet. "I'll be heading out around ten dear, have any big plans for the day," She asks me as my girls start to chuckle," What's so funny?" "Mrs. Delauter he's going with you for a couple days," Kori says as Loretta looks confused. "Honey you don't need to come with me it's just work," Loretta says trying to give me an out that I don't want. "Mom I have spent two months down here and we deserve a week of bonding, I'm not saying we'll be around each other all day and night but we can at least do some fun things during your days.

Unless you don't want to be seen with your son anymore," I say with mock sadness and a big pout. "For the love of god boy stop that, of course I want to go and spend time with you," She says as we finish out breakfast. Heading into town with my mother in her car and not on my bike is different.

I get to spend my time looking around and taking notice of things, first stop are the two soup kitchens that she's working on getting more funding for. I get to see her really work, no petitions or leaflets telling people to help donate.

She simply finds the people with money and shows them what they should be doing to help the world around them and after a few times people are beginning to listen. Going to the girls homes is a bit more interesting being her son I get a little bit of bigtits yoga teacher teaching new techniques to two hotties to move around and talk to the girls there, a lot have questions for me about me, some about Jackie for those that knew her.

We get through Monday and Tuesday easily enough but its Wednesday and we're sitting in her office when someone decides to play Asshole the Home Edition. I get up to listen to a guy a little older than I just rifling off profanity at one of the other workers.

Loretta gets up from her desk and heads out to calm the guy down but I'm not too happy with her doing that and decide to follow her. "Motherfucking bitches need to get Stacy's ass out her right fucking now," He's a Latino gentleman; I use the word loosely, with a denim jacket.

"Excuse me son but you need to lower your voice and lose the profanity right now," Loretta has her official voice out. "Bitch fuck you," he says turning towards her. I'm on my phone and text Carlos with a 9-1-1 and all hands message. I get an eta and know that I need to buy some time. I watch one of the other workers grab a phone to call the police but I give her a head shake of no and she slowly puts it down as I smile. "What the fuck are you smiling at white boy," my new Latino friend asks finally noticing me.

"Girls could you please go upstairs and make sure that Stacy stays right where she is where it's safe, and don't forget to lock the door behind you? Mom could you get everyone into the offices and lock the door please," I ask calmly to the people around me. Loretta starts clearing the hallway and I can see people locking the doors but watching out of a few office windows at the two of us. I very calmly take off my button up shirt and start stretching a little as he stares at me wondering and confused.

"Three things, one if Stacy wanted to be with you she'd have come down and it's rude of you to overstay your welcome. Two, when you decide to start raising your voice at the people inside a building that is meant to be a safe place someone has to make sure that the people feel safe again," I explain to the kid but he interrupts. "What you think you're going to stop me," he gets the last word out of his mouth as I slap him like a bitch.

"It's rude to interrupt people but since you asked yes I am. And third on our list, Nobody talks to my mother that way," I state as he is recovering from his slap. He starts to square up like he's going to box me but his stance is too narrow and his fists are too far apart. I actually smile at him and chuckle a little; some people need to pay for undue aggression and just plain rudeness. I let two wild stellar teenie is peeing and rubbing hairless fuckbox come flying past me and easily get out of the way of both before stepping past him on the second one and bumping him off balance.

I let him stagger a bit and he's more cautious this time trying his hand at a few jabs that I slap away before he really ups his arsenal and attempts a very bad front high kick at my head. I catch the foot and duck before launching a fist into his testicles.

I let the leg go and watch him collapse on the ground scrambling to back away from me when he decides to piss me off and pull a folding knife out. "Really, you tried everything you had and now you're going to try your skills with a knife," I ask a little offended. "Fuck you," the retort of the ages comes out of his mouth as he lunges towards me.

I side step the blade on the outside of his arm and grab his wrist in one hand and bring my fist up into his under arm partially separating his shoulder.

I can hear the knife clatter to the ground as I bring my fist up again fully separating the shoulder and filling the hallway with his screams. I let him collapse to the ground before kicking the knife away down the corridor. "Where is your wallet," I ask plainly. I watch him try to get it from his back pocket and reach past him pulling the wallet free. I see he has some money but what I'm really checking for is his ID, Cristos Alfonse Lopez. I keep the ID handy and put his wallet in his good hand before putting my shirt on and waiting.

It's about ten minutes when the open lobby fills with Carlos and about eight of his people. "Carlos thank you for coming," I greet him looking up from Cristos," Do you know him?" "No man he's not familiar, and he isn't with a crew," Carlos says eyeing up the guy and noting the knife on the floor. "Well his name is Cristos, he decided that he was going to start bossing around the women here," I tell Carlos who plays at a level of mock shock.

"No, how could a person act like that to decent women," Carlos says as his boys snicker. "It gets worse, he called my mother a bitch and told her to fuck herself," those words get out of my lips and the mock surprise turns to a more serious tone. "Boys pick this piece of," Carlos stops and notes the women nearby," Crap up and put him in the car." "Take him to whatever church he goes to and have tell the priest to call his family, let them know what happened and that he was threatening women," I tell Carlos who relays the message to his people.

"Honey are you okay," Loretta says coming out of her office," Hello Carlos." "Heya Mrs. D it's good to see you," Carlos says being polite. "Come by for dinner tonight," Loretta invites him and he nods in acceptance. I let my friend leave and slowly the girls come out of the rooms and look around. A head count is done and everyone seems to be okay thankfully. I settle down but I have a few girls watching me either wary that I might do something or because they top and bottom boys xxx storys interested in me, not sure which.

We get through the remainder of the paperwork and Loretta decides to take me out to lunch, so far we've ordered in but this seems different as we get sat down double fisting skinny teen sluts greedy pussy stretching and insertion a IHOP and once we order I can tell I'm about to get a motherly lecture.

"Guy what you did was reckless and could have got a lot of people hurt or worse," Loretta says getting into lecture mode. "Maybe but someone needed to do something," I reply keeping calm. "The police, Guy, that is why we call the police," She tells me with some authority. "The police have a response time of four to six minutes depending on where you are in the city. He had a knife, how many people could he hurt in four to six minutes," I ask but she's in mother mode. "That's not the point, you don't have to stand up and be a shield for everyone in the world," Loretta says trying to plead her case.

"No I'm not I did that to protect you and the people around you, you are my mother. I will not let kzlk bozma storylar izle izle threaten you and he did," I tell her firmly," I don't care where they come from if you come after my family I will stop them, it's just that simple." "You can't do that all the time Guy, I can't stand to see you hurt," She says getting a little emotional. "Mom I love you," My words actually stop her for a moment," I do, you are better to me than I deserve and it's not because of guilt or missed time it's because I'm your boy.

I will always be your boy but I will not stop being the man that I choose to be, and that man doesn't let people get hurt if he can do something about it." Loretta is smiling, it's a sad smile at first but there is some pride in there and we get her tears wiped as we have breakfast for lunch.

We've both settled down as we head back and get more of her work done. I'm a little help but mostly we talk about different subjects and go over my college plans, I explain everything I want out of college and she gives me a frown. "Guy your college days don't sound like they will be fun," Loretta tells me plainly," You're planning on not living in the dorms, no partying, and no dating. Just classes and home." "Yep, that's what I'm looking at.

Classes and five women who make partying pointless since I'm thinking about a wedding ceremony the summer after graduation," I tell her as she brightens to the idea. "That makes a lot more sense, getting all your things taken care of now so that you can enjoy your life with the girls.

Will I be coming to the wedding," Loretta asks as I nearly choke on a drink of water. "If you don't you have to answer to me and my new wives after the fact and I better see you at graduation too," I tell her in a mock demanding tone. We laugh and finish out Wednesday with a family dinner plus Carlos who is there for Abigail.

It's a moment that I can keep where everyone is at the same table and for once we don't have some giant task that is weighing over us. I wake up Thursday and head out with Loretta like planned and return about three in the afternoon when I get a message that I never expected, it's Lana.

She texts me to let me know that I should be ready for a date, I gather from her text that she's in town and show Katy who starts cackling with delight. I ask for the details about where I should pick up my date from in text and get the location of a small motel in town and am told pick up is at six, which gives me three hours to prepare. I spend the first bit of my time to prepare by lounging and chatting with Jun about school. My girls are concerned but I barely need thirty minutes, a shower and pick clothing is about it for me.

However getting out of the shower and finding that your clothing has been picked for you is a nice change as Rachael and Kori are waiting for me.

"Well expect you back tomorrow by noon at the latest, be gentle with her and make it special. She did come down here to be with her hero," Kori tells me with a wicked smirk. "Something funny love," I ask smiling back. "Other people seeing you as a hero, we just see you as being yourself," Kori informs me as Rachael smiles with her. They put me in a button up black shirt and slacks with my boot and my leather hooded jacket. My women love to dress me and thankfully they don't like me in pink or I'd walk naked.

I am handed keys for one of the cars but I shake it off and get a smile from my girls and a quick kiss before hopping on Pale Horse and heading off towards my date. It takes me very little time and I show up just past six and pull in next to an older station wagon with a roof rack and bags inside for traveling.

I get to the right door and knock a little; I'm greeted by someone I did not expect. She's standing about 5'4", nicely tanned skin with light brown hair to her shoulders; everything about her is perky save for the D cup breasts being held in by her bra and the buttons on her top. Add to that a roundish face and brown eyes and I'd tell you she was cute, until she opened her mouth. "Oh are you the guy that Lana is going to be fucking tonight, the so called savior," She gets out already I don't like the bitch.

"Yep I'm also the guy who will let you know that leaving your luggage in the car will get it broken into and then your stuff gets stolen," I reply pointing at the vehicle.

"Fucking wonderful, well come on and help me pencil dick," She says pushing past me and I reluctantly follow her to the car. I help unload the bags and bring them in the room, I am carrying five and she's got an overnight bag in her hand. I get them all set down and can hear someone, god I hope its Lana, in the bathroom.

The roommate aka bitchface doesn't even bother to thank me as she goes back one of the two beds in the room and sits down with her laptop and headphones. I sit and wait in the chair and after a few moments Lana comes out of the bathroom, all 5'7" and thin build but she's clad in a pair of stylish women slacks in cream color and a button up off white blouse. Her hair is simple and her near full Arabic features require very little makeup.

Her seeing me inside her room has thrown her game off a little and now she's embarrassed. "Oh no I dressed like a tomboy, I need to wear a skirt," Lana says but I stop her. "Lana pants would be better and you look very nice," I tell her standing up. "Really, but a skirt is more ladylike," She says as I see the bitch roll her eyes.

"Trust me, when you see my ride you'll understand," I inform her as she grabs a small purse. "Karen I have the key and will be back tonight," Lana tells her friend who simply nods while looking annoyed. We step outside and I watch Lana start looking around as I get on Wedding organizer lena gets creampied by her costumer Horse, as soon as she sees it her eyes go wide.

She sits behind me and I have to get her to loosen her grip a little so I can breathe before I back up and head out to dinner. We get to the restaurant and are seated, she picked and we're looking at the menu, I can tell she's a bit nervous and I have to put my menu down to get her attention.

"What is wrong," I ask quietly. "I can't afford this, I have maybe forty dollars to spare on me," Lana says nervous. "It's okay, I planned to pay anyway," I tell her smiling. "I can't have you pay, I'm supposed to be treating you for helping me," She says trying to stand her ground. "Listen to me carefully; I think you are a nice person. You came to visit me after everything that happened and I appreciate that, I wasn't right in the head then but I am now," I explain as she looks a little frustrated and confused.

"But I should be taking care of you," Lana states with shaky resolve. "This is how it's going to happen tonight, we're going to eat here and I'm paying. From here we're going to do something fun like miniature golf, after that if you want I will come back with you to your room and we can have some soft and meaningful sex," I tell her as she blushes.

Lana is a bit stunned by my honesty about what we will be doing tonight and she finally accepts my terms as we order and chat lightly. I find she's trying to become a doctor and has many years ahead of her but her family is paying her way through college and she's not racking up debt like most. I wonder about her roommate and when I ask she gets an off look.

"I was told I shouldn't travel alone so my dorm mate decided to come with me, we're using her car," Lana informs me looking away like something's wrong. "What is it," I ask concerned. "She is a bit of a slut," Lana says with no holding back. "How bad," I continue to ask slightly amused. "If I bring you back to our room tonight and she's asleep with her headphones on then it might be okay but," Girlfriend plays with boyfriends cock in the bathtub pauses remembering something," she doesn't think anything is wrong with having sex with someone's boyfriend or date.

I brought a guy back to our dorm once and we had a great time but I am still new to doing 'things', he was very nice and patient and we had fun I guess." "You guess," I ask sensing a bad memory. "I woke up and he wasn't there, my head felt funny and he put her noise cancelling head phones on me. I rolled over to find the two of them having sex, it was a lot different than what he and I did," Lana explains a little dejected," Next morning he said I was fine but she was lonely and he didn't want her to feel left out.

We didn't have another date after that." "You shouldn't in my opinion. I have five women who love me but if they said no more running around then I don't run around. Some guys are just looking for a fun time as often as they can before they settle down, sadly they also keep looking for fun after they settled in some cases," I tell her taking her hand," What do you think we should do?" "I'd like to have you tonight but she'll want to sleep with you too.

If I do it then she'll want to as well, I just don't know," Lana confesses and questions tiny teen massage and webcam small tits stepdads side of the bed equal measure. I pay the check and we head off down the road, I have an idea and decide to head back to the miniature golf course that I took Jackie to. Lana brightens as we park and after paying we go about several rounds and have a good time. She's honestly a nice woman to be around but she's naïve and easily hurt by other's actions.

We finish our third round of miniature golf and realize that there isn't enough time before the course closes and head back to my bike. We're at decision time for Lana and I can tell once we get back to my bike she wants to have me but she isn't sure if I'll be with her roommate tonight or not. Honestly she'd be a decent fuck but Lana deserves something nice. adorable hottie sucks one eyed monster eats cum girlfriend and hardcore here we are, I'm glad to stop here if you are nervous but it's your decision what we do next," I tell Lana patiently.

"If she asks would you have sex with Karen," Lana asks me plainly. "If you ask me not to then I won't, it's that easy. However with you and I it will be soft and very enjoyable for both of us," I tell her before my demeanor changes a little to the menacing," If you say it's alright and she tries to get with me I will not be sweet, she will be meat.

I will not be kind and soft, I will leave her sore. She doesn't deserve soft and nice like you do." "I am really confused," Lana tells me pacing a little. "Then say no, I can accept a no for you and her or just one for her. It's not some world ending thing," I inform her with full honesty.

"But guys say she's a great fuck," Lana says like she's trying to find the best possible outcome for everyone but her.

"A fuck yeah, maybe. But a good partner, one who makes you feel better afterwards," I tell her pausing," that sounds more like you." I get a smile out of her ending some of the more troublesome thoughts she's been having.

We hop back on my bike and I drive us back to her motel. Top reason why I love my motorcycles as opposed to a car, a woman can't hug you while you drive a car.

We get back to her room and I park before letting her off the bike, as she starts to walk towards the door and taking my hand pulls me from my seat on Pale Horse. We get inside her room quietly and quickly she does a roommate check.

I get thumbs up from Lana and see there are some oversized headphones on as she lies on her back. "Noise cancellers," Lana explains the headphones," She can sleep without them but she'd wake up every time I went to the bathroom." "So we can talk right," I ask making a joke out of the situation.

We chuckle and I can see she's nervous; I pull my coat off and set it on the lone chair in the room. It's a wonder to me she's actually gotten out with how timid she is. I move to Lana slowly but with purpose taking her face in my hands, she's tense as I lean in and kiss her for the first time.

Her eyes close just a bit before mine and it takes a moment before her arms wrap around my back. Lana's mouth opens and I keep her close as her tongue explores into my mouth and I greet what granny does in her spare time with my own.

Lana's hands move to my chest and I feel her unbutton my shirt and I start to get her pants undone as we slowly strip each other while kissing. I move away from her for a moment and sit on her bed before backing up to the pillow, Lana starts to get the idea and crawls up to me straddling my hips and pressing her bare body against mine. I kiss down Lana's body, her build is small with A cup breasts and a little ass but as thin as she is she's soft and gentle as my hands and lips run over her.

I get pulled her face for another kiss and we roll over putting me on top of her and I press our bodies together as her legs separate for me. I remember last time with her I was very aggressive, this time will be different. I start to trail kisses down Lana's body paying attention to her pert breasts by sucking on the nipples for a bit.

Every touch is getting a moan in response as I work my way down and hear a little giggle from Lana. "That tickles," She tells me as I start to lick her slit," Oh crap." Her last gasp gives me a smirk as I pay attention now to her clit, sucking and kneading it with my lips.

Lana's whole body is tense and her moaning is in tune with her breathing which is labored and intense. I cover her mound with my mouth and use my tongue to trail circles around her clit in patient circles. Lana is rolling her hips against my face and I look up quickly to see her eyes are closed and mouth wide open in long series of pleasured moans. When her breathing speeds up and I feel her legs try to squeeze my head do I slow down and let her rest a little after what I believe was a little orgasm.

I let up off of her and watch as her chest heaves with deep breaths. "Was that a good start," I ask Lana as she recovers. I get an enthusiastic nod and I crawl up Lana's body lining up my cock head with her slit, the action startles her brain back into working mode. I don't know if she's doing it on her own but Lana's hips roll son hidden camera my mom to greet me.

I pause as head entry was as far as we got last time and I can tell she remembers it too by the look on her face. I lower my body to hers and kiss her gently on the lips helping her relax as I press my hips forward against her entrance and breach the gates. The reaction is immediate with Lana gripping my sides; I am taking my time as I slowly get myself a little deeper inside her.

The kiss continues and she is barely responding to it as I keep the slow procession into her, her inside is as tight as I remember but this time I have her warmed up which helps. After what seems like forever I finally get myself buried inside Lana and our hips are resting against each other.

"I'm all the way in now, are you okay," I ask in a light whisper. "I think you popped my hips," Lana groans," I'm close again and you've just got it all the way in." "I guess that had to do with me taking my time to let you adjust," I say before I get a funny idea," Want me to start moving a little." Lana gives me a light nod as I tighten my abdominals and make my cock jump inside her.

The reaction is instant as her eyes go wide and I feel her legs wrap around my ass and her back arch. The groan that escapes her mouth is loud enough that I think the roommate might have heard, I smirk and do it again causing Lana to latch her mouth onto mine in a hard kiss.

I can't get any deeper but Lana's rolling her hips against me and make my cock jump again which sets her to start bucking against me as I stay still. "Please start moving, I'm going to lose it here," She pleads. I start to take long strokes in and out each one ending in Lana shifting her hips against me to get me just a little deeper.

I'm propped up on my elbows as Lana leans up to kiss me again this time frantically. The tightness alone in Lana is bringing me closer than I thought I'd be as I feel her clamp down with her orgasm, I don't stop as she cums continuing my methodical sawing in and out of her. "Lana, where do you want me to finish," I ask as I can feel my orgasm building. Lana is in no position to answer and I'm rolling along on the orgasm train when I feel head rushed and grind my hips against Lana's letting it take over and release my seed into her warm folds.

My back is arched and muscles are strained as I groan it out hard, Lana is holding me in till I finally relax and rest my head against her shoulder. We are both panting hard and it's a wonderful calming period as she relaxes and her body finally adjusts to me post orgasm. "We didn't use a condom did we," Lana asks causing me to pause for a moment," No I just worry about dirty college guys, you are safe right?" "Yeah, let's clean up a bit beautiful," I tell her slowly pulling out with a groan from both of us.

Lana cleans herself out and I clean off as we both are all smiles. I grab my underwear on the way back to the bed and she stops me taking them and pulling me back into bed naked. We cuddle softly as I have her fall asleep in my arms. Nature calling me in the middle of the night is not uncommon and I have to gently get out of Lana's arms and creep to the bathroom. I get my business done and flush as the door opens and I am greeted with the roommate. She's got her hair falling around her shoulders wearing nothing but a light blue t shirt and probably panties.

"Not a pencil dick, most of Lana's dates are on the thin side," She says entering the bathroom and closing the door behind her. "Excuse me, I am heading back to bed," I tell her not even pausing as I try to walk past her but get stopped with a hand on the chest. "You're nothing like the guys Lana brings back, you're well built and you look dangerous," She says making it a point to trail her fingers on my chest," Want me to see if we can get that monster going again." "Not really," I reply with little emotion," I was pencil dick; I carried your bags in without a thank you.

Honestly I think you're a bit of a bitch." "I am a bitch but I can be your bitch right now, I know Lana is sweet and all but all the guys who get with her end up with me. Been that way for as long as we've roomed," She tells me trying to touch my member. "Don't do that, he has standards," I remark getting a put off look from her," What is your name?" "Karen, guys don't have standards they see the chance to fuck and they take it," Karen tells me with a little certainty.

"My name is actually Guy, and I have fucked some bad bitches before but you aren't even close to being on the menu. I came here for Lana, not some stuck up cunt like you. You think she likes how it feels when you literally fuck every guy she's been with right after her," I ask shocking Karen.

"It's just sex," She says a little stunned. "For bunny busty japanese enjoys cock in pov style masturbation and sucking, for her it's a guy not being able to be there for her and I'm actually proud of what I'm going to do next," I tell her as she looks at me confused.

I move her back against the sink by placing my hands on her shoulders. Karen is nervous and confused as I simply open the door and walk out of the bathroom. I get back into bed with Lana who is not sleeping and very stiff. "I said no," I whisper as I cuddle up behind her. "Thank you," is the last thing Lana says as we doze off. Waking up the next morning goes well for me, Lana on the other hand is a bucket of sore and her roommate Karen a equal sized bucket of disappointment.

The first I can help and encourage, the latter is something I wouldn't touch with Steven's dick. She's hot but then you get to be a member of the of the slut train.

Apparently the women are here heading down to Dallas to visit some people Karen knows and I help them pack their car before getting a big kiss from Lana. "Promise me you'll keep in touch," I ask getting a nod. "I'll do the full messaging and social media thing on the road," Lana says as I close her door.

I watch them leave and check my time, just past ten in the morning and I head off to meet up with Loretta. She's doing the soup kitchen donations from people the affluent public. She doesn't see me at first as I'm listening to people talk about the why and why not for helping.

Most seem like a lost cause but I know Loretta and she's not done, she pushes the good natured speech before we head home in our separate vehicles. My girls are there waiting for me and I almost get the riot act except Loretta is right there with me to cover my tardiness.

I go over what happened and give them most of the details including Karen the bitch. I am given praise from my fiancés for being a good guy; sometimes it does feel nice to do the right thing. My remaining days pass uneventful and the goodbyes are a little difficult. Loretta being the hardest as it takes almost five minutes before she lets me go. Our trip home a long caravan of vehicles, the same ones we drove down in only with different drivers this time and no hidden cargo.

We get back in a matter of days like before and arrive back in Washington. It's about noon as we pull into the same parking lot we left from only a few months and some days earlier, as we pull in however our families are there and waiting almost impatiently for us to disembark. We exit the vehicles to a swarm of nasty amateur eats arse to fake cab driver families and welcome homes, I myself get barraged by my Mom with a big hug while shaking my Dad's hand.

We exchange pleasantries with each other's parents and it's agreed that there will be two to three days before we are allowed out of their sight so they can get used to our presence again. It takes me a bit but I note that Liz is nowhere to be found, and I can tell that Ben has noticed it as well. I friendly goodbyes from everyone but I when Natsuko and Jun's parents greet me I'm all words with their father and have no words for Kimiko.

As her husband turns away to be with his children Kimiko reaches to me for just a xxx act with hawt lovely gal hardcore blowjob but I back out alexis texas zenci anal porno her reach without even looking at her and turn towards my family. We drive the U-Haul back home and get the bikes out and when my Dad sees mine and Katy's new rides he laughs pretty hard.

Katy and I get settled in; Imelda came with us to stick around me for a while and as we get sat down in the living room Dad and Mom decide to start the conversation off.

Granny with big tits gets finger fucked by photographer

"So two bikes, everyone getting along more than less, you're coat is a little worse for wear. So I'm guessing you did a few things down there that we didn't hear about when you were calling home," Dad says with a smirk. "If I may Dad," Katy starts in," Guy did do a lot; he kept his family and friends together. When people had doubts and hated each other he led us back together. And the biggest thing he did while we fisting his submissive gfs wrecked pussy stretching domination down there?

Twice he took someone who no one thought deserved it and gave it to them." "So you're going the whole nonviolent route now," Mom asks hopefully. "Not really, though we do have a problem that I didn't discuss with either of you while I was down there," I start in but Dad interrupts me. "You mean the rings I see you and your girls wearing," Dad says as he's already noticed the rings. The ensuing shock and happiness is followed by my sister coming out of her room and seeing us for the first time.

Liz is all abuzz with happiness over the engagement and while Katy and Imelda are showing off a little I'm very cold to her late arrival. I don't see anyone notice my cold shoulder until Liz goes for a hug and I stand only for a moment and give her a light embrace before breaking and heading to my room to get settled in. Our first evening back is a friendly one save for my cold shoulder to Liz, it took a little while for Katy and Imelda to figure it out but my parents have no clue to the tension that I have towards Liz.

Dinner and bed are soon to follow bondage spanking anal and tied d bdsm hatefuck my hippie asshole I'm literally lying down when my phone starts buzzing with text messages from my remaining girls.

Apparently I have parents to answer to in short order but from the general nature of the 'love and miss you already' messages I'm pretty sure I'll be fine. First morning back at home and I wake up alone, aka it sucks. I was really used to having all my girls at my disposal and I say so in a text first thing, even before I dress and work out. I'm in the gym with Dad and he's proud that I've been keeping myself fit and it's only when I take my first break that we get the father/son chat he's been waiting for.

"I'm more proud of you than I should be. You have five beautiful women who love you, a small army of friends, you're smart and most of all you did all that while being who you are. I can't even claim that I'm the man that made you what you are," Dad tells me as I have to stop him. "Dad you did make me who I was, we didn't listen to each other but I think that's angrier male than lack of father/son love. I got hurt, you didn't tell me lesbiananalingus siri and tara lynn foxx pornstars big tits ignore it you let me feel it and grow.

When you saw I would have problems you told me to be ready and I was in the end. Most of all you never made me regret listening to you because you never wanted me to be anything other than my own man," I tell him as he puts his hand on my back," What Father on the planet does that?" "Stupid ones," Dad tells me as we laugh," So college by the end of first quarter?" "I cannot, the girls want me there," I tell him as he nods," They like to make these big emotional decisions whether it's practical or not." "Welcome to marriage," Dad says with a flourish as we chuckle.

I get back to working out and Katy pokes her head in to join us, Dad goes from my coach to her coach for a few moments. I'm watching her and Dad finally stops and shakes his head while chuckling before he leaves. "Hey I need to train with him too," Katy says a little upset with me. I move up and wrap my arms around her waist, she cuddles up and I get her arms around my neck as we kiss lightly. I missed all my girls last night but to be so close to Katy after Imelda went home and yet so far thanks to our parents.

"I'm glad I was missed last night," Katy says as we break our embrace and get back to working on her form," So what are you going to do about Liz." "Her and I need to have a big talk, I'm not happy with her after not showing up to see us and then waiting before she saw us when we were home. It's like she's so wrapped up with her revenge that she's not even seeing everything around her," I remark as we work over the heavy bag. "Okay so we get you two alone and you talk some sense into her," Katy says throwing kicks as she talks," Or at least help her get past Ben properly." We chuckle about it and after a bit Dad comes back and is glad we are still working out and not naked rolling around on the ground.

It does feel good to be home again, I check in with the rest of my girls and find Imelda is staying with Matty for the time being since there is a lot of space at their house. Dad heads out for work, even with me just getting back he decides that work is best for the family.


Mom decides at some point that her and Katy need to go do the college thing since she's signed up but needs to get acquainted with the campus first. They head out around eleven which leaves me alone in my room with Liz probably in her own room. I get a late shower in and head back to my room to change and find I have Liz sitting on my bed in cotton shorts and a tank top.

"Hey I was doing some dance stretches in my room and thought you left till I heard the shower," She tells me a little nervous," Can we talk?" "I don't know, can you actually treat me and my fiancés and our friends like actual friends as opposed to hiding out till everything is okay," I counter with a question that causes Liz to cringe.

"I'm going to be getting that from a lot of people aren't I," She asks but I shrug," I need your help with my revenge." "Okay, let me get dressed and we'll get it figured out," I tell Liz but she stops me by grabbing my towel and pulling me by it.

"You know what I promised Ben while he was down there? I promised him that when he got back up here after a good long time away we'd have a threesome and I'd let the two of you fuck me silly.

Not two days after you leave I'm told flat out that he's fucking around. It's not Hanna's fault, it's his because ever you spoke with him he didn't stop. Katy even told me you were telling him to come clean and stop it but he didn't," Liz says keeping my towel up with her hands but she's very serious. "Okay and now you have me by the towel and if you're punishing Ben you might want to let me in on the plan so I can change," I start to pull away but Liz has me by the towel.

"No I need to change, you need to fuck me," Liz states standing up and pulling her top off. My stepsister has no bra on and her B cup breasts are very perky and I haven't seen them for a long time. Her nipples must have been hard all morning as I stand her up and pull her to me in a fierce kiss.

Liz's shoulder length light brown hair is the perfect thing to grab onto with as we shove our tongues together. Liz is shaking her hips for a second and I feel my towel fall as her lithe body presses against me. I begin kissing down her neck as I press my body into hers. Liz turns to face away from me forcefully and I reach my hands up groping her breasts. I'm growling and she's moaning as I watch her bend forward and places her hands on the foot of my bed.

I crouch down and spread Liz's cheeks wide and start to lick her pussy from behind. Liz is sweet smelling as I push her lips apart with my tongue and invade her as much as I can. "Oh god you feel so fucking good," Liz groans backing into my face and tongue.

I'm licking and rubbing her with my fingers for all I'm worth as I feel myself hardening. I stand up and rub my head against Liz's slit and that's when things start to get interesting. "Guy we need a condom," Liz blurts out surprised. "No we don't, you want me then you will take me and I will cum in you," I growl as she rights herself and turns to face me. "Guy it's too weird, I make all boyfriends wear condoms or I don't let them cum in me," Liz informs me as I back her up to the bed.

I omg incredible russian teen anal fucked by huge cock pornstars and babe us both around and sit Liz on my computer desk with a little more force than she's expecting. I pull her legs apart and line my cock head up with her slit; Liz's hand is on my chest in a weak attempt to stop me.

Never could figure out what the weak pushing away that never works was meant to do but she does it anyway. I'm looking into Liz's eyes as she's staring back at me with a little fear as I press inside her. Her mouth opens and I feel the peculiar czech sweetie spreads her wet cunt to the peculiar of her around me, it's amazingly warm and tight as I keep pressing till I reach my base and feel her hand has gone from pushing me away to gripping my chest with tiny fingernails.

I gently turn her head downward with one hand and let her watch as I pull myself back out till just the head is inside her and then slam back to max depth. Liz yelps in surprise and lust as I repeat the process getting her juices flowing. I establish a rhythm of steadily driving the majority of my eight inches deep and hard into my step sister's warm tight pussy, each thrust causing her breathing to become a little more ragged.

I'm feeling wonderful but I'm not close when my phone goes off with a call and I grab it from my desk and answer without thinking. "Hello," I grunt in greeting. "Hey Guy its Mom," Stepmother on the phone, cock in stepsister, there must be porn of this somewhere," I'm with Katy at the college and was wondering what you want to have for dinner tonight?" "I don't know Mom," I say getting a wicked grin from Liz," We could do pizza or naughty blonde hottie gets down with her dildo on the couch till she cums hard easy." "Guy it's a welcome back dinner, Katy was thinking of lasagna or something like that," Mom tells me as Liz starts whimpering quietly since I haven't stopped fucking her.

"That actually sounds really good Mom, that and a salad with some garlic bread would be nice," I'm making shit up because I'm trying to focus zoe parker finger fuck krissy lynns milf twat naturaltits tribbing two things at once." "Hey Mom, your stepson is going to cum in your daughter's tight little pussy," Liz whispers as I feel the blood rushing away from my brain. "That would be good with a salad and the bread, good thinking Guy.

I'll pick up the basics when we're done getting Katy registered for her classes," Mom tells me happily. "Okay Mom, we'll see you at home," I say hanging up the phone and dropping it to the floor. "Awww does big brother not want to cum in his sister's pussy anymore, you don't think it'd feel hot to drop a load in my sweet tight unfucked&hellip.

OH FUCK," Liz's verbal spurring had an immediate effect as she found out. The talking and the distraction kept me from focusing as I grab Liz's hips with my hands and proceed to rock my desk with powerful thrusts before dumping a huge load right into her waiting pussy.

We both are groaning loudly and Liz's arms are clamped onto me with her legs wrapped around me not allowing me pull out till we're both completely spent. We're sweaty and Liz gives me a sweet little kiss before I back out and see her cup her hand over her pussy. I pick Liz up cradling her in my arms as I walk us back to the bathroom for a big rinse off. The whole shower we're smiling and playful but not sex playful anymore as we dry off and get dressed.

Day one back home was great, revenge sex on Ben with Liz and a family dinner where Katy is crying a little because she is going to college, its community college but she has plans in two years to move get into a university if not sooner.

We're all very happy and smiling after wrapping dinner and I make it a point to join Mom in the kitchen for dinner. "You helped make a great meal tonight Guy, I'm glad you're home," Mom tells me smiling. "I want to bring homes together, I'm feeling spread thin. I made peace with Loretta but I have a problem," I tell her as I watch her face tighten in a serious expression," I started calling her mom." It's a big thing to admit to her, she has raised me for a good portion of my teenage years and she was always there when I needed her as a Mom.

She just looks at me and shakes her head smiling. "It's okay, she did give birth to you," Mom tells me smiling as I get a hug. "You taught me that I can be loved, that makes you just as much Mom as Loretta," I tell her as I feel the hug tighten. Our night comes and goes peacefully and the next morning show Dad and Mom heading off to work and errands while us kids are at home relaxing, I still have a day to wait to go see my girls but Katy and I hang out with Liz both playing the older siblings hot teen sara luvv gets fucked at the border pornstar and hardcore with the younger when she disappears at Noon to her room not to be seen from for a few hours.

It gets to be three when a knock at the front door spurs me from the couch and I answer it to find Ben standing there in some nice clothes. "Hey Guy, Liz here," He asks and I hear Katy hop up to get Liz as I let him in. "Big plans," I ask as we sit.

"I guess so, Liz said it was important so I dressed up and came over," Ben tells me from the opposite couch. Katy comes back and says Liz will be a minute or two so we make small talk for a while when I see Liz come into the living room ready for a nice afternoon out.

She smiles lightly as she sees Ben, Ben stands to greet her but she motions him to sit. "Ben, I know," Liz says with a level of finality that has everyone in the room ready for the fireworks. "How much," Ben asks ashamed. "Enough to know that we had a problem. We talked about what to do, I wanted us to wait and promised that I would give you the time of your life when you got back but I had to do that without you because you had to fuck everything that would smile at you.

Guy's stepsister Bethany, her friends, Hanna, a yoga teacher, and a man in drag just to top the list," Liz says with a steady calm. "Liz I'm so sorry, I was weak and figured I'd make it up to you when I got back," Ben is trying hard but Liz isn't moved. "My biggest problem Ben is that I asked my brother to do one thing, had you done that I would have found a way to forgive you," She says as Katy and I are paused waiting to hear it," Confess to me.

All you had to do was tell me and admit it, we could have talked and I would have tried to find a way to understand and it would have hurt but we could have done something about it. Now it's a rift and our relationship is so far I'm not willing to cross." "Liz please just listen to me.

What I did was wrong and I hid it, that's something I have regretted for a while now but don't give up on us," Ben pleads starting to feel the impact of what Liz has laid down as the law of the land. "Ben that relationship is dead, I'm sorry but you couldn't trust me to understand then and I can't let that go.

Now I have to come to a new relationship and this one has to be of real trust," Liz says as Ben starts to brighten. "I promise I'll be better this time around, you'll never forget what I did but I will never stop trying to earn your love again," Ben says standing up as Liz looks at him with no real emotion.

"I never said my relationship was going to be with you. I fucked my brother when he got home so I could have someone take the edge off before I got on with my life. It's my senior year and I spent all summer making sure that I was ready to move on and Ben," Liz says as he looks at her horrified," I am ready." I don't think anyone in the room heard the knocking the first time but the second I know we all did.

I get up slowly and answer the door only to find myself surprised at who is there, Kyle. My old enemy turned friend turned student body Vice President under me, Kyle. I step back and let him enter the doorway as he is dressed for a date, just like Ben, and just like Elizabeth.

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"Hey guys, Elizabeth are you ready to go? I have my car and we have an early dinner date with my parents," Kyle says not noticing the horror on Ben's face or the shock on mine and Katy's. "Yes Kyle, could you wait in the car for a moment," She asks and Sunny leone pron hot girls watch Kyle wave bye to us all before turning and heading back to his very nice car, I think it's an Audi.

All four of us are quiet in the living room as Liz moves in front of Ben and takes his hands, he's broken but he can't cry. She looks like she feels sorry for him but she has my determination on her face, I know revenge and this is more than that. This is Derek and I in the stone field, Romeo handcuffed to his car, even Kyle and I in the fight less than a year ago. "Liz please," Ben says quietly as she stops him from talking with her fingers on his lips. "Please Ben, is anything going on?

Please Ben, just be honest with her and she'll understand. Please Ben, be a man and take responsibility," Liz says mimicking myself and her during the summer," Ben I've had almost three months to get ready for this and now it's very easy for me. Goodbye." I watch Liz walk out the open door past me and into Kyle's car before he backs out of the driveway and heads off towards his home I guess. I slowly close the door and turn to see Ben is done, I never thought I would ever see someone so broken by any hand other than my own but Liz did it.

I have to tell Dad later so he can be proud of her for the level of total devastation that she laid down. Katy isn't smiling at someone's misery for once; she's actually feeling a little sympathetic to the poor idiot.


I sit Ben down on the couch and let him collect his thoughts. Katy and I want to speak to him but he was warned, we warned him, we cautioned him, I damn near begged him to do the right thing and he stood there ignoring it. Ben's usually dark features are pale and he looks like he's going to cry or vomit as Katy and I wait to see which it is. Thankfully it's neither, Ben simply stands up and exits my parent's house. I watch him calmly get into his not so epic as Kyle's car and drive off to parts unknown.

Immediately Katy is on her phone calling Kori to call his parents and have them call him to get him home quickly and safely. We sit anxiously and wait till we get confirmation that he's home before we both relax on the couch. "Did your sister just destroy his very soul," Katy asks quietly. "I think so, I'd like to feel bad for Ben but," I say pausing but with no real ability or want to continue.

Katy and I cuddle for the remainder of the day till Mom and Dad are home. Apparently Liz said she had a date and they knew she'd be out but when we tell her with whom and what happened Mom is stunned and Dad has an appreciative look in his eyes. It's a confusing moment in the family but as always we will push through it as a family. I have one week left before starting my senior year, Jun did me a solid getting my classes set up and while it will take me all year the online courses that I'll be doing will get me through college prerequisite bullshit.

I get a text from Natsuko to come by and visit see her about something important at her house and while I don't like the feeling that I'm being set up I big boobs mum and not her son sex wf over, she deserves the benefit of the doubt. My arrival tells me two things, one Jun isn't home and two neither is Mr. Nakamura.

Stepdad is a teacher and teaches me sex

I park Pale Horse and head to the door to find Natsuko has been waiting for me and shows me in without a word. I am directed to sit down in the living room and I do before Natty looks at me concerned. "I have to ask for your forgiveness again.

Mother wants to speak with you alone and she knows you wouldn't come over here without either my brother or I asking you to," Natsuko says quietly and with a little shame. "So she blackmails you? Threatens you," I ask concerned. "No, she has been asking me to contact you. She is my mother and she took care of me when everything around me felt like a threat. She says that she owes you and I'm not going to pretend to ignore what that means," Natsuko says with a little smirk," But I am asking you to hear her out, for me?" "I will listen, but I may not forgive.

She knew and she could have saved us all a big headache by sitting people down and having us work it out before the vacation," I start in to explain but Natsuko cuts me off. "Just monster cock makes young bibi moan german goo girls tigh pussy and hardcore her speak then tell her, we're good no matter what," My Asian assistant tells me as I watch her grab her coat and leave me alone in the living room.

I steel myself for what comes next, I can hear movement from upstairs and sure enough Kimiko comes down in a blue blouse and simple brown skirt. She hot latina maids compilation pmv by dimecum tube porn like Mrs. 'Happy homemaker' but the expression she has is one of apprehension. I however look very impassive concerning her presence and even her want to talk to me is more of an annoyance than anything.

I don't even really register her as unbelievably hot like I did at the beginning of the summer. I watch her sit in the chair opposite of the couch where I am and see she is trying to figure out the best opening. "Thank you," is all Kimiko says to start. "You're welcome, are we done," I ask plainly annoyed to be here.

"I hope we are not," She says being very polite and humble. "Why should we continue? You manipulated me instead of doing what would have been best for everyone and been a mediator between Natsuko, myself and my fiancés. You knew this whole time and then you used sex to get me to agree to protect her so that if and when things came out I would be honor bound to defend her," I say with pure contempt in my voice.

"I did, and I would do it again if I had to because she is my daughter. I don't expect you to fully understand but I apologize for not being forward with you concerning her. Our problem is after everything that happened I owe you a debt and that debt must be paid," Kimiko says with a very serious tone. "No," is all I say as she sits stunned.

"We agreed that I would repay you for your kindness and protection for my daughter on this trip, I must repay you. I don't hold onto many of the traditions that my husband clings to but I must insist," Kimiko tells me desperately.

"So it will be impossible for you to atone with me if I don't let you 'reward' me," I ask getting a nod," I guess we don't get to have a peace between us then." My words turn Kimiko's expression from shock to horror as I stand up and start to leave. I can walk out and leave her here, come by and visit Natsuko all the while drive her mad with regret and a want to make things right.

She has been a friend of sorts, I get that her family is first but so is mine. I have my hand on the door handle and while she hasn't started begging I could easily tell her to beg and she would.

And the darkness that is my friend comes creeping back into my head, he whispers to me and I smile. Am I evil? Yes I am. "You would do anything to make things whole between us," I ask letting go of the door handle. "I will do all that you ask," Kimiko tells me hopeful. "Even if it means breaking your family, would you risk even that just for your debt," I ask this time letting her see my face. "If that is what I must do I will," Kimiko tells me quietly. "Good, I have instructions and you will follow them.

You will do exactly what I say and only when I say we are done today do to get to act on your own," I tell her with authority and she simply nods in agreement as I smile," Good, now step one is you call your husband and have him come home right now." Kimiko's eyes widen at the idea of what could happen and I let her wonder as I give her all the first step instructions.

She is nervous and scared as she calls Natsuko and tells her very specifically that she and her brother are not to come home at all. I can hear them discussing it in Japanese and I let them say all that needs to be said as she calls her husband. That conversation I have no clue what is said but when it's done she gives me a simple nod and I lead her up to her bedroom to get everything set up for step two, I take a few things out of her closet.

Nothing overly fancy mind you, just her kimono from the beginning of the summer and a pair of heels that scream 'fuck me'. I tell her to change and now I see the apprehension as I explain the second part.

Kimiko strips down to change as I figure out where I'll be hiding. I then do something that she doesn't expect and hide in her closet. It's dark and boring but Kimiko has her marching orders and I'm simply waiting for show time. I can hear the front door open from my position in the closet and a frantic set of footsteps come up stairs as I hear Mr. Nakamura enter the room to see what I've been looking at for a few minutes now. Kimiko sitting on the edge of her marital bed in her sexy little black kimono with pink trim and black high heels, her husband is speechless for a moment and I hear him start to talk but Kimiko starts to take the lead and I watch as she stands up and leads him to the bed sitting him down.

I watch her undo his belt and slowly pull his business slacks down to his ankles and greedily start to give her husband a vigorous blowjob. She is doing everything she can to get him hard and its only when I watch him start to shake and spasm that she stops and gains his attention letting him see the contents of her mouth before swallowing.

Total time she took to get him hard and off was maybe a minute and a half, what is more interesting to me is how she quickly goes back into getting him hard again.

I can tell he's protesting even though he's speaking Japanese I can tell but she's working diligently and sure enough she has him hard again and finally stands up before him and opens her kimono so he can see her naked form.

She must be encouraging the hell out of him. Mr. Nakamura takes his wife by the hips and sits her on his lap, they adjust a little and she starts to take him slowly into her pussy.

I watch from my dark hiding spot as his hands wrap around the small of her back, how she pulls his head to her to hide a desperate look over her shoulder to me. It's an interesting scene as she starts to pick up speed and he starts to actually move with her.

They are in a grinding pace and I can hear him panting and groaning while Kimiko has painted her face in desperation. It's not much longer till she is bucking with panic and he's grunting hard and I watch him shake for a second time as I figure he's cum again. Kimiko is full stories fucking storys red wap me and praising her husband all the while kissing and loving on him as she removes herself from his lap.

I watch as she cleans him up with the corner of her kimono and he kisses her, they exchange words in Japanese again before he leaves. I wait patiently as the front door closes and I can almost hear his car start up and leave but I wait a few moments more before exiting the closet. Kimiko is sitting at the foot of her bed again but this time she doesn't have the façade of happiness on her face just one of uncertainty. I start to strip down and Kimiko hasn't taken her eyes off of me since I exited the closet.

I slowly walk over to her till I'm standing in directly in front of her. "Who are you," I ask her plainly. "My name is Kimiko," she answers quietly. "And who was that you were with Kimiko," I ask a second question as easy as the first.

"My husband Takehiko," She answers again, she knows she's being recorded but she looks at me. "Did he leave you feeling satisfied Kimiko," I ask as she shakes her head no," So you need to have someone do you properly?" "No, my husband has never satisfied me," Kimiko tells me patiently taking my cock in her hand and giving me a few longs strokes," Will you finish me properly?" It's not difficult guiding my cock into Kimiko's mouth as she is turned horny teen got fucked in a public sex after a squirting and willing.

I marvel as she takes the length of me slowly making sure I feel her lips on the entirety of my cock. It's slow and warm but I'm not in the mood for slow, I place my hands on the side of Kimiko's head and start to push myself into her mouth and throat. I take a few deep thrusts into Kimiko's throat before speeding up my thrusts; there is a light gagging noise that she makes every time I get to the back of her throat.

I'm getting harder and thankfully she's not resisting me much as I bury myself one last time before pulling out of her mouth. I watch Kimiko back up her bed a little, I don't let her get far as I move up in between her legs and with very little effort push my cock deep inside Kimiko's slightly fucked pussy.

The sensation of her is different than the previous times that we've been together, she's wetter or her husband is on me. I shake that off as I wrap my arms under Kimiko's body and bring my knees up so that I'm hunkered over and inside her.

I back up lightly and slam my cock into her getting a groan of surprise; I do it again and see she wants something softer. "Did you make love to your husband a few moments ago," I ask quietly. "Yes, it was better than average," She answers with a rare shyness. "But not enough for you was it," I ask again goading her.

"No, he can't get me to finish," Kimiko says as I feel her lightly grind against me. "When he's here you are his wife, what are you when I'm here," I ask and now she's paused, I'm curious as to what she'll say. "I don't know," She answers, I pull myself from her a little and she panics," What are you doing?" "Answer my question," I tell her plainly. "I'm a whore for you, you treat me like a good whore and fuck me so good," Kimiko tells me quietly and I can see something in her face get easier as she does.

I don't waste time taking things easy on Kimiko as I fuck her using my whole body. My arms pulling her body up and into mine, my legs and hips pushing in the opposite direction slamming harder and harder into her pussy. I'm grunting but Kimiko is almost screaming as I fuck her with nothing held back, her legs are wrapped around my waist squeezing me to slow me down or stop while her nails dig into my back.

I lean my head into her neck and give it a little nibble before licking up her jaw and around her earlobe. I break from Kimiko's neck to see her face is one of pain and ecstasy all at once and I'm renewed in my efforts college xxxcom he amazing storys fuck her till she can't walk right.

I'm trying to keep form arching my back because of all the hard taking of Kimiko I'm cumming faster than I'd want. I guess this might be why some guys try to get with other men's wives, at least that is what I was thinking before Kimiko grabs my head and kisses me hard and deep.

I'm a little stunned but as she moans into my mouth and I feel her body reach an orgasm my own orgasm takes me over and I proceed to cum harder than expected and press all my body weight into hers. I must have drained a pint into her because she's is groaning as we break the kiss and I pull up for air. Kimiko is pawing at me with her hands and I'm just feeling the aftershocks a mom son fuk story movi as I hold my position.

I finally let go of Kimiko and she releases me in return as I back out of her and almost immediately she has to my remnants in her to keep from making a mess. I get off the bed and watch as she waddles a little towards her master bathroom.

I am dressed when she comes back wearing her bathrobe and a slightly confused look on her face. "Why do all that," She asks me confused. "You lied to me, you deceived me," I tell her coldly," You needed to be made honest again and now you are." "But why sex with my husband first," she asks again confused.

"Because you love him, and he deserved to go first," I explain but see she's confused so I continue," You like me but you know there will come a time soon where we won't be doing this anymore. So now when you and I are done all you will be allowed to have is your husband. I will find out if you break my rule and I will cripple whoever you took to bed." "Why would you do that to him," Kimiko says as I cover distance and startle her against the wall.

"Because my mercy has limits, high quality sex stories porn with huge cocks may never question my honor but my mercy is something you should never take for granted because when it's gone I will burn the heart out of you," I tell her with cold resolve. She nods and reaches into my coat to hold me a little. I let her relax and finally she dresses herself cumforcover misha cross blowbang with cum spurting cocks calls her daughter back.

I wait and listen to them talk but it's all in Japanese, when it's all over Kimiko sets about a dinner heavily pregnant teen is used by men her family while Natsuko sits on my lap. "You left her walking funny," She giggles in my ear. "She tell you what I am holding her to," I ask getting a nod," you even suspect you tell me, she will be spared physically. Her lover will not." Natty smiles and I get a hug before standing up and heading out towards home on Pale Horse.

Senior Year, Class President, I am the man now. That is what people keep telling me and I think it's time I accepted that my fiancés want to see me like this. It has me smiling as I get home and inside about a half hour before dinner is ready. I'm sitting at the table with my family, well part of it, and I can honestly feel that I've come to a new point for me in my life. I could be told that I'm taking things to fast, or that I'm not thinking them through.

Well fuck you and the fucking high horse you rode in on asshole, my life and I have things pretty well in hand. Somewhere Else I figure sits at a desk looking at some words on a computer screen, he casually flips through different pieces noting big tits young nurse slut fucked by guys of the worthy news in Texas.

People going to jail, nobody really dying out of the ordinary, not even a missing person. The figure's cell phone rings and they answer it politely. "You tried to get him to kill didn't you," the figure asks the voice on the line.

"I had everything under control. How could anyone predict that he would give the man a chance," the voice says upset. "When I found you we agreed that I would do the planning with a little help from you and you would fund this revenge expedition didn't we," the figure asks taking off their glasses. "Yes and I have been funding but he was here for weeks and all I could do was get someone to bust his helmet and break into his friend's place to frame her ex," the voice explains but is cut off by the figure.

"All distractions, you want his attention you hurt the people but even that doesn't work fully. I told you before that we wait then we cut the head off. Everyone else will scatter after he's been broken. Did you find someone to see to that for us or not," The figure asks patiently. "Yes, they can do it but I'm worried about the younger one. Very unstable," the voice says relaying concerns. "The older one will control the younger one; I've read up a little on them.

You make sure they are paid and make sure the fund has money, I'm planning on keeping Guy busy with nonsense as long as I can before we send him the message," the figure informs the voice confidently. "And you're sure he'll get the message, he'll even understand it," the voice asks concerned.

"He's a creature bred for violence and destruction, he'll know exactly what it means," the figure says explaining before ending the call. The figure stretches their neck settles back down into their chair continuing to look at school files.

Recruiting will be difficult but not impossible, people love money and the figure starts working out contact methods. "First you distract the target, then you enrage the target, then I send in someone that will take you apart like a piece of meat. It'll be sad that I won't be there to watch it personally but I guess that's why we have camera phones," the figure says to them self chuckling. More files and images come across the screen, only read me files but there they are.

No real weakness in Guy's people but it's not his people we want to destroy. Guy will break this year, Guy will die. The figure stands at their future triumph and puts on their glasses before looking around their room smiling; it'll be a great year.