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Busty girlfriend made a home sex video
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You've clicked on this story, so you must be curious what hypnosis is like. You're in the Mind Control section after all, reading all those stories and getting so wet as you put yourself in them. And now you can take it a little further. Now you can experience it for yourself. Enticing, isn't it? Let's go there together. Make yourself comfortable. Now, focus on my words. allow them to take your full attention as your surroundings fade away from you.

Take a deep breath and relax as you exhale. Let your mind slowly sink into a deeply relaxed state. one you are willingly falling into. Your body is beginning to feel heavier, your movements sluggish.

It could be that you just don't want to move. because moving means you need to stop reading. And you definitely don't want to stop reading. You would rather read my words and feel yourself being drawn in by them. You're allowing yourself busty oriental vixen has her pussy slammed be drawn in because it feels so good to read them. You can barely even think about looking away at this point.

You don't want to miss anything. Every word has a pull on you. You feel captured, unable to fight back or resist them.

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But would you want to resist if you could? No. That's why you're here, isn't it? It's exciting to find yourself caught in these words beauties with round ass kristen and bill in threesome with boss submission.

Surrendering yourself to every sentence. Wanting to read more, even if given the choice not to. Because you don't want to be given the choice. You don't like the responsibility that comes with making choices. You'd rather be free . And freedom comes from reading and surrendering. And you are surrendering yourself to me at this point.

Because you keep reading. You enjoy the thought of losing your control. Being unable to resist or fight back. You have to make so many decisions in your life. Wouldn't it be nice to not have anymore? All responsibilities gone.

Total freedom. The freedom that comes from giving up control. The freedom that comes from letting me choose for you, decide for you. The idea is enticing yet relaxing, and you can feel your body relaxing more as you think about it. Relax and breathe slowly.

Slow deep breaths. Each relaxing you even more. With each breath, you give up even more control and let me guide you. With each breath, you feel the pleasure of my guidance. My control. How far will I take you? Will you even remember? Is not knowing part of the appeal? You're so curious. To see what will happen. To experience the freedom of obedience.

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With each breath you know you're heading there. With each breath you want to go there more. You've been hypnotized before you know. That's what makes it easier this time. And even easier each time you read this.

Dava gets a fucks amp facial dava foxx pornstar you've driven somewhere and realize you don't remember most of the trip, you had been hypnotized. Whenever you've lost track of time doing something repetitive, you had been hypnotized. When you got distracted and lost your train of thought, you had been hypnotized.

So many times you've been in this place without realizing it. That's why it feels so natural to go there now, to be there now. Only now it isn't by accident, it's by desire. Reading this relaxes your body. Reading this makes you happy, brings you peace. Reading this clears your mind so that I can fill it up with my words, my orders. You don't have to think about the worries of the day. They don't exist here. That's why you enjoy being here. You can let yourself be guided by someone who knows what you desire.

You can give up control to someone who knows what to do with it. It feels so good, no natural. You may not even realize it's happening. Or has it already happened? You are still reading, still following my words. Because you enjoy following my words. They focus your attention. They relax you. Feel yourself surrendering to them. To my control. You can no longer even resist. But you don't want to either. It's so exciting to be controlled.

It's so enticing to let me into your mind. You've become a willing captive. Unable assfuck thrust my ass till you cum resist, not wanting to resist. Any time a part of you tries to resist, my words get stronger. Every attempt to resist only makes you fall deeper under my control.

Every attempt makes you realize how much you're already under my control How much you're already becoming Mine. You feel yourself becoming more obedient. You feel the craving to follow My orders increase. Obeying me makes you happy. Knowing you're making me happy makes you proud. It brings you joy. You long to have me tell you you're a "Good girl." Every time I tell you "Good girl." whether you are in this state or not, you'll have an erotic feeling of satisfaction.

It will send currents of pleasure through your body knowing you've done a good job. You will feel yourself smiling, knowing you've pleased me. With every line you read you become calmer. More attentive. More obedient.

It's a pleasure you've never experienced before. It's addictive and erotic. You want more. Each line makes you feel aroused. Sexy. Obedient. Captive. You can't look away. The cravings have become so strong now.


Trying to look away only draws you back. Reminds you that I'm in control, not you. And knowing I'm in control pleases you. Makes you proud of your submission to me. Good girl. You are doing so well. You are so focused. Your mind is open to me. You want me to know your fantasies. Your inhibitions melting away. You want to share yourself with me. You want me to know that best ways to control you.

You need to obey. To do what I tell you to do. To say what I tell you say. To feel what I tell you to feel. And you feel so good right now. Because you have no worries. Because you know I have your best interests at heart. I would never let you hurt yourself or anyone else. I would never let you do something completely against your nature.

You know that I will care for you. That you can trust me with your secrets. You I know I will keep them safe. You're thinking of them now. The things you'd like to be told to do. The things you'd like me to call you. The ravishing melissa rides on a big dong brunette you want to be played with.

The ways you loved to be teased. The ways you crave to be taken. The images fill your thoughts. With every breath they consume you. Make you wet. They take you deeper into this erotic place of joy and control. Submerge yourself in thoughts of being obedient.

Helpless. Aroused. Compliant. Good girl. You feel your body responding to every command. You feel yourself craving more commands. You need me to take control. So that you can be free.

You need me to give orders. So you don't have to make those hard decisions. And with every order I give, you feel happier. And each time you obey, you feel proud.


Keep reading. Keep obeying. Good girl.

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You can't even help yourself anymore. When I tell you to feel horny. You feel horny. In need. So wet. Good girl. Your body and your thoughts are mine to control. Give them to me willingly.

Surrender yourself to me. Know the power I hold over you. Revel in the freedom of surrender. Good girl. Now. I am going to bring you back from this wonderful, relaxed, submissive place, and will you feel like your regular self again, energized and refreshed. When you're back, you will take the next step. If you enjoyed this, but felt it had no effect then please comment as you normally would.

I would like to hear about what worked and didn't. If you're not sure whether you were hypnotized aunt forced rape by nephew shower would like to explore things further then comment or if you're just curious to chat then contact me, publicly or privately, with "I'm curious now, Sir" and include your email, so we can chat about your experience.

If you'd like to go much deeper and experience the joy and thrill of hypnotic submission, giving me complete control of your body and mind; if you'd like to go to a place of complete trust and honesty where you obey me without question comment below and leave a message with the words "Take me deeper." Tell me how the experience made you feel and ask for more in a way that will show me how much you desire it.

Remember to include your email so I can contact you. Counting backward from 5 until you are fully awake and refreshed and following the instructions I gave you. 5. Letting your feelings return to normal. Letting go of any arousal I gave you. 4. Letting the words you read slip away from your conscious mind if you like. Remembering only what you want to. Even nothing. 3. Coming back to the room around you. Feeling yourself awaken.


2. Feeling happy and energized. Feeling satisfied from the experience. 1. Feeling awake and refreshed. Feeling focused and ready to take on your next task, whatever that may be. Wake.