Leggy czech blonde fucking licking and blowjob

Leggy czech blonde fucking licking and blowjob
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It was almost noon on Friday as Julia walked out the medical building and headed to her car. She had an easy morning making sales calls and since she didn't have a lunch had decided to call it a week and head home. She was looking forward to some time alone this afternoon as she had been horny all morning and since her husband wasn't scheduled to be home until around 9 that night she knew she had to take care of her needs herself.

Her two kids wouldn't be home until after 5 as they were going to a friend's house to play after school. She really needed dick and was bummed that she would have to wait until later that night for the real thing, but in the meantime she could continue her little routine with the contractors working on finishing out her basement.

The crew working on the basement consisted of three carpenters, Bill, the foreman, Tim, and Matt. Bill was about her age and had a normal build and looks. Tim was 28, 6'4" and weighed around 240lbs.

He still looked like the tight end he had been in college. Matt was the youngest and about 5'10" with a solid build and above average looks.

This was their second week on the job and the work was coming along fine. Julia's job fortunately allowed her to come home early each day so she could meet with the crew before they wrapped up and officer girlfriends sneaky question big black cock stud any questions about the work each of them had.

Her husband was also in sales; however, his territory covered several states so he was usually out of town several nights a week.

She didn't mind as it gave her lots of free time to do what she wanted around the house and wasn't usually craving his dick as much as she was today. She knew it was the crew that had gotten her so worked up.

It had started out innocently enough last week as they were polite and respectful to her.

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On the second day though as she was walking back up the stairs she turned around to say something else and caught Matt, the youngest of the bunch at 23 checking her out. Julia was 33 and after having two kids she was always a little beautiful hottie takes schlong in her mouth pornstar and hardcore and turned on to catch younger men checking her out.

She did her best to stay in shape getting up at 5 AM five days a week to go for a 3 mile run. At 5'2" and 120lbs she thought she was doing a pretty good job. Her ass wasn't like it was when she was 18, but it wasn't bad. She had nice legs, shoulder length brunette hair and a pretty face. The boob job she had gotten last year also helped a lot in her opinion. Her 34D's were awesome compared to the smaller tits she had before.

For the rest of the first week Julia made excuses to come home early and say hi to the crew before heading upstairs. Then she would see them again before they left for the day. She dressed nice for work but by the end of the first week was unbuttoning an extra button on her blouse when she came home and then changing into somewhat revealing casual clothes so they could see her at-home look before they left.

Last Friday she had given them each a beer before they quit for the week and sat and drank one with them while they discussed the project. She had by now caught all of them checking her out more than once and she liked it. Even though her husband didn't know it, he liked it to as she fucked his brains out Friday night. Unfortunately, he led a very busy work and personal life and wasn't around much the rest of the weekend and tired at night from all his activities so Friday night had been it for Julia.

Starting this week Julia had altered her routine somewhat and after checking with the crew when she arrived home she immediately headed straight upstairs to her bedroom and masturbated.

She used both her fingers and her two vibrators and as the week went on her personal sessions got longer and longer. She just couldn't help working herself up knowing that she was masturbating and downstairs in her basement were three very fuckable guys.

So as she headed home today she was looking forward to another great session of sex with herself. She got home and headed to the basement still wearing her short business suit skirt and jacket that did a good job of covering up her tits so she would appear professional. As she started to go down the stairs she could hear the men talking and laughing about something. She stopped about ½ way down just before the stairs took another downward turn.

She was curious to hear what they were talking about. She was a little surprised to find it was her and then excited to realize that they hadn't heard her come home. They were discussing whether her tits were real or not. Tim said "I don't care if they're fake or not I'd still like to shove my 8 inches in between them and give her a good titty fucking". Bill laughed and said "Someday you'll realize that girth is more important than length and she'd much rather enjoy me inside of her than you on her tits." "You're both wrong." Matt said.

"Everyone knows that the best combination is a mixture of the two cause it allows you to go wherever she wants." Julia was definitely getting excited by the conversation and decided to tease them and their perverse minds a little. She turned the corner and said "Hey guys, how's it going".

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They turned with somewhat startled looks on their faces and mumbled various hellos. Of course their eyes still roamed all over her body and seemed mildly disappointed that she still had her suit jacket on.

Julia said that she knew it was a little early but they had been working hard all week so she was going to go get them each a beer. With that she turned and walked back upstairs shaking her ass just a little more than usual. As she turned the corner she slowed down and waited to see if she could hear them say anything.

Matt said "She's so fucking hot." Tim added "Did you see her ass…pretty nice if you ask me." Julia went and got 4 cold bottles of beer and set them on the counter. Then she took off her coat to reveal a low cut top underneath. She wasn't wearing any stockings or a bra as the heat index was over 105 outside. She thought that her new look should get their eyes moving all over her and get her warmed up for her activity upstairs. She went back downstairs and set the beers on the small table sitting in front of the old couch…the only two pieces of furniture in the entire basement.

As she bent over she knew that Matt and Tim were getting a perfect view of her exposed tits as they were sitting directly across from her on the couch. Bill wasn't left out as he was getting a great view of her ass as he was leaning against the wall behind her. She stood up and said as innocently as she could "So what were you guys talking about when I came down here?" Tim said "Actually we were talking about you." "Oh really?" replied Julia.

"What exactly about me were you talking about?" "We were trying to solve a bet over a certain part of your body" Matt said. Julia smiled mischievously and said "Was it how my legs are in such good shape" while at the same time lifting up her skirt several inches to show them her upper thighs. "I run 3 miles every morning. Can you tell?" amatrice francaise rencontre libertine avec membres de mon site said Matt and she thought she noticed a bulge forming in his pants.

"Actually it wasn't your legs" said Bill from behind her. "What was it then?" asked Julia as she stared at Matt and Tim on the couch. Looking right at her Tim said "It's your tits…we're trying to figure out whether they're real or fake.

Bill thinks they're real and I don't. Matt is undecided." Julia blushed a little and said "Oh, we'll how could you know for sure if you haven't seen them?" Tim said "Right, but we'd like to see them if you want to help us end the debate." Without really knowing why, Julia didn't even hesitate and said "Ok, tell me what you think" as she lifted up her top to reveal a magnificent set of 34D tits.

She let Matt and Tim take a quick look then turned around to Bill so he could see as well.


Bill said "Wow, those are amazing. Are they real?" "No, Tim was right, they're fake. I got them about a year ago." Julia said as she turned around to give Tim and Matt one last look.

By now both of them clearly had bulges in their jeans and she was feeling a little moisture herself. "Any other debates you guys need settled?" asked Julia. "Just one" said Tim.


Julia had already figured out he was the unspoken leader of the group and had no inhibitions about pursuing whatever was on his mind. "What would that be?" She asked. "What kind of cock a woman prefers" said Tim.

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Julia got excited just hearing him say it. She smiled sexily and said "Well, I guess it depends on what the choices are?

Since I showed you guys my tits why don't you show me your cocks and then I'll be able to tell you which kind a woman prefers" Without hesitation, Tim and Matt stood up and began unzipping their jeans. Bill moved around to the side and was unzipping his as well. Julia was a little more than moist now as she could definitely feel herself getting wet in her skimpy panties.

She couldn't believe that she was getting ready to see three new cocks right before her eyes and it was really turning her on.

A couple of seconds later all three of the guys were standing there around her holding their dicks in their hands.

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"Well let me get a closer look at each one then I'll tell you." She took a couple steps over to Bill and bent down taking in about 6 inches of cock that was very thick. "Nice and thick here" she said. She then moved over and leaned over the table, again exposing her breasts, to look at Matt and Tim's cocks.

Tim's was huge, at least 8 inches long she thought. Matt's was perfectly proportioned between length and girth.

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She blew lightly on each prompting both of them to let out a soft moan and their dicks to each jump a little. She then stood up and said "The truth is, I like them all…they're all beautiful cocks." As soon as she said it Bill moved up from beside her and placed one hand on her tit as he grabbed her ass with the other one and leaned in to kiss her on the neck.

Julia didn't resist and was so turned on and excited by now she couldn't have stopped herself if she had tried. Matt moved in from the other side and took her other breast in her mouth and started sucking on her nipple. Bill lifted her arms up and slipped off her top as he moved around behind her still cupping her left breast in his hand while playing with the nipple every so slightly.

Julia could feel his rock hard cock pressing up against her ass and liked the way it felt. Tim moved forward and sat on the edge of the table as Bill moved Julia back a step or two towards the wall. While still keeping his hand on her tit he moved his hand from her ass and gently began to force her head busty stepmom and teen girl amazing way on the couch young old and pornstars towards Tim.

Julia understood immediately what was expected and eagerly bent forward to take Tim's large cock in her mouth. She was now bent over in a 90 degree position with Bill behind her so this forced Matt away from sucking on her tit.

He moved back to the couch and began to slowly stroke himself as he watched the action. As Julia started to take more of Tim's cock into her mouth she could feel Bill's hand start to move up under her skirt.

She was soaking wet now and as he ran his hand between her legs and over her mound she let out a soft moan and shuttered just a little. He moved her soaking panties aside and ran his fingers along her slit gently rubbing her pussy lips as he did so.

She was close to losing it and was having a hard time concentrating on sucking off Tim. Just then Bill inserted first one then a second finger into her and after several pumps she couldn't control herself and with several loud moans had her first orgasm.

No sooner had she finished than Bill removed his fingers, lifted her skirt up onto her back, and began to guide his thick cock into her. Normally she would have had a little trouble taking such a thick cock but she was so wet and relaxed already that she didn't want to go slow and as soon as she felt Bill's head at her hole she pushed back taking all of him at once and letting out a loud moan. Bill grabbed both her hips and began to thrust in and out, new hom teen sex poron at first, then more rapidly.

He laughed and said "this is the benefit of being the foreman I get to go first". Hearing Bill verbalize that he was only the first further excited Julia and she started to repeat "fuck me, fuck me" in between moans and thrusts from Bill. She couldn't give head effectively with Bill slamming into her so she just placed both her hands on the table for support and licked Tim's cock every time her head was pushed towards it. Bill only lasted for a couple minutes before announcing that he was going to cum and with a final thrust he buried his load of warm jizz deep inside Julia.

She could feel it spurting into her and had a smaller orgasm at the same time. Julia was sweating and breathing hard and normally would have laid down to rest after such a powerful fucking.

That was not to be the case though as Tim had gotten up and moved behind Julia. She was prepared to be bent over again and fucked from behind, however, Tim reached down with his powerful arms and lifted her up and carried her back to the couch.

He sat down then positioned Julia on top of him and facing away. He reached around and grabbed one of her firm tits as he used his other had to hold his massive cock steady for her to sit down on. Julia readily obliged but took it a little slower this time. It had been years since she had had a cock this long inside of her brunette in pink lingerie teases and masturbates she wanted to savor every inch.

Bill was leaning against the wall taking the whole site in when Matt moved around in front of her so she could start to suck on his cock while Tim fucked her from below. Matt was groaning and fucking her face with his cock which she held with one hand to help guide it into her mouth. He said he was getting close to cumming which surprised Julia as she had only been sucking him for a couple of minutes. The thought of having him cum while she was riding Tim was more than enough to release a new round of wetness from her to keep Tim's cock sliding in smoothly.

Just then Matt grabbed her hair and pulled her mouth further onto his cock. Julia couldn't move away as she felt his cock start to spasm and release a load of cum into her mouth. Matt spurted several warm sticky shots into her mouth groaning with pleasure the whole time.

It had been a long time since Julia had let her husband cum in her mouth and she had forgotten how it felt and tasted. She thought that Matt's cum actually had a little bit of a sweat taste to it and didn't have much difficulty swallowing it down. She thought to herself what a total slut she was being gangbanged by her workers. That thought didn't last long as she could feel Tim trying to reposition her for some more fucking. He turned her around so she was now facing him and as she rode his cock he reached up and fondled her big tits.

Without warning he gave her a light spank on her ass and when he felt her shutter he gave her another one. "Oh yes, oh yeah, spank my ass like the little slut I am" moaned Julia. Tim fucked her for several more minutes like this giving her a slap every few thrusts as she closed her eyes and enjoyed the ride. Tim then moved Julia off of her and positioned her on all fours on the couch.

She couldn't believe he hadn't cum yet as she prepared to get pounded from behind. She held onto the arm of the couch as Tim thrust all of his cock into her at once and slapped her ass hard. "Now you're going to take some cock you little slut" he said as he slapped her ass again. Julia could feel another orgasm building and the thought of how she was being maci mays anal gets drill balls deep by her bf like a total whore put her over the edge when Tim grabbed her hair and started thrusting even fasted.

She buried her head into the couch as she cried out in pure pleasure as her body began to ripple from the orgasm. Tim could feel her pussy contracting on his cock and it finally sent him over the edge as he grabbed her hips and pumped his load of cum into her in several large spurts. When Tim pulled out Julia was completely spent and covered in sweat. They all looked at each other and smiled and passed compliments around about how fucking hot she was. Bill ended the party by saying it was time for them to go and probably be a good idea for Julia to get cleaned up and rested before her husband came home so she could take care of him.

As Julia stood up she said that she couldn't wait till next week as the crew would be back and maybe they could try a little foreplay next time, laughing as she said it. With that she told them to let themselves out and walked up the stairs naked giving them one last look at her ass thinking that maybe next week they should pay more attention to it.