Japanese beautiful little girl sex story

Japanese beautiful little girl sex story
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"I'm your teacher and your elder, so you have to listen to what I say. Got that cunts?" said Miss Robbins. Being fast learners, Leigh and Jasmine only nodded their heads with understanding. Their lips slightly parted, eyes - nervous. Jasmine could feel goose bumps run up her body, from both cold and shear pleasure; no one had ever spoken to her this way. She was ALWAYS the busty slut trixie cas is having some fun with sex toy before getting s in bed.

"Go sit in your desks… and keep your skirts off," said Miss Robbins. She was relishing the power she had over the girls. Calmly and sexily, one heel in front of sex sanilaon xxx story com other making her hips sway left and right, Miss Robbins walked toward her desk.

Jasmine and Leigh had both eyes glued to her tight ass wanting to know what was under her skirt. Miss Robbins reached into her desk for a small silver key, walked over to a filing cabinet, and unlocked the bottom drawer. Inside she unlocked a box that contained another key. She walked over to an armoire that was used to hold coats, but she pulled out a chest that the students assumed was a random prop and had never questioned its contents.

Miss Robbins opened the chest and smiled a sly sexy smile. With her back to the girls, she unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her white lacy bra and soft creamy skin. Jasmine and Leigh both sat up straight in their desks, excited, and trying to get the best view of her body possible. Miss Robbins then slid out of her skirt, making sure to bend over to give the girls a perfect look at her pussy mound.

To Jasmine's delight, Miss Robbins was wearing matching white lace bikini-cut underwear under a black garter belt that held up her black sheer stockings with the seam running vertically up her long legs.

Jasmine and Leigh both got wet and desperately wanted to do some serious extracurricular activities with Miss Robbins. Reaching into the chest, Miss Robbins pulled out a pair of black furry handcuffs and rope.

"Leigh. Come to me," said Miss Robbins. Leigh sprang out of her desk and walked over to Miss Robbins. Miss Robbins looked Leigh up and down. "Turn around. Nice brunette changing her bra in public store down and touch your toes," ordered Miss Robbins. Leigh did as she was told. Miss Robbins spanked her tight little ass once, then again, harder leaving a red mark.

Leigh let out a soft whimper. Miss Robbins then slid her middle finger over Leigh's pussy over her underwear. She could feel her juices and stroked her slit up and down. "You're very very wet Leigh, you soaked your panties. Do you like what you see?

Or do you like being told what to do? Do you like being watched? Or are you just a dirty little whore who wants to fuck me?" said Miss Robbins sternly. "All of them, Miss Robbins," Leigh said beggingly. "That's my girl, and believe me - I'm going to give you all of them… especially with that surveillance camera in the corner of the room. Smile!" teased Miss Robbins.

"Now go sit down in my chair, and spread your legs like a good girl." "Jasmine!" yelled Miss Robbins, "Get the fuck up. Don't you say a word.

Come here." Jasmine walked to Miss Robbins with hesitation. As soon as she stood in front of her Miss Robbins pulled her hard and kissed her with the most passionate and sensual kiss she had ever had. Miss Robbins' tongue assaulted her mouth with such skill her pussy instantly tightened up in anticipation to feel that same assault on her clit. Jasmine attempted to put her hands on Miss Robbins' face only to have them held behind her back. Miss Robbins licked Jasmine's neck making every hair on her body stand on end.

Jasmine was in heaven, her heart beat faster and faster, her breath grew shorter and quicker. She could feel her pussy dripping with cum.


Almost as if reading her mind, Miss Robbins dropped to her daughter sitting on dads lap and took off Jasmine's panties with her teeth. She inhaled the smell of her hot wet young delicious pussy. 'Shaved, just like I like it,' thought Miss Robbins. She came back up slowly and took off her blouse and bra. Miss Robbins twisted Jasmine's hard nipples and immediately began giving them a tongue bath.

Jasmine was in heaven and thought she could cum at any moment. "Ugh! Ahhh, mmmmm," moaned Jasmine. Miss Robbins licked her way up to Jasmine's ear. "I didn't say you could open your mouth bitch. You can moan, but keep your fucking mouth shut," she whispered sexily into her hear.

"For that, go stand in front of Leigh." Jasmine, reluctant at first, did as she was told. "Tie her legs to the chair," she told Jasmine. "Now put your hands behind your back." Miss Robbins handcuffed Jasmine's hands behind her back. Jasmine looked into Leigh's sunny leone sex with sonakshi sinha eyes and she could see the lust that filled them.

She couldn't help her herself and kissed Leigh hard. Miss Robbins took out a cat-o-nine tails and whipped Jasmine's upper thighs. "Argh!" Jasmine groaned through her teeth. "I never said to kiss her, did I?" instructed Miss Robbins. "Now unbutton her shirt with your teeth." She watched Jasmine fumble. "I said now!" Jasmine looked at her with pleading eyes. "Bite one side and pull hard," said Miss Robbins. Leigh's breathing quickened as she grew excited to see Jasmine handle her so roughly.

She ripped her shirt open exposing Leigh's perky breasts with hard pink nipples. "Suck her nipples," ordered Miss Robbins. Jasmine immediately put Leigh's breast into her mouth, circling her hard nipples, playfully nibbling them, and sucking them as if it were the last thing she would do. Miss Robbins joined her and began sucking her other nipple.

Leigh moaned and squirmed in her chair, grinding her pussy. She put her hands on their heads and pushed them harder onto her breasts. With her free hand, Miss Robbins pushed over her panties and spread her pussy juice all over her hot slit. Her clit was a hard nub. "MmmMMmMMmm!!" moaned Leigh. "Get on your knees Jasmine and eat her dripping pussy," commanded Miss Robbins. "And you, you're going to get what you wanted." Jasmine dropped to her knees and thrust her tongue into Leigh's pussy lips.

'She's sooo wet,' thought Jasmine. She slurped and licked and tongue-fucked Leigh's pussy. Miss Robbins crawled onto her desk and positioned her pussy in front of Leigh's mouth.

"Eat my pussy, Leigh," said Miss Robbins, "and make me cum hard." Leigh dove into Miss Robbins' pussy. 'It smells soooo good!' thought Leigh.

Leigh reached around to Miss Robbins' nipples and began tickling and twisting them as she slurped up her juices. Wanting every part of her pussy on her face, Leigh thrust her tongue into her hot tight hole causing Miss Robbins to moan and jerk. Leigh began to moan into Miss Robbins' pussy because of Jasmine's expert tongue. She knew exactly where Leigh liked to have her pussy licked, sucked, and nibbled.

Leigh needed more of Miss Robbins. "I need to be inside of you," Leigh begged, not waiting for permission. Immediately Leigh thrust three slender fingers into Miss Robbins while licking her clit. "Oh FUCK! Yeah, shit.

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Fuck me hard… harder! Yeah, like that. Mmmm, shit that feels good. Fuck my pussy Leigh," said Miss Robbins. Leigh was reaching her climax. Her pussy was burning, her clit was on fire. She rubbed her nose and chin all over Miss Robbins' pussy.

She started to tremble and felt like she was going to explode. She moaned hard into Miss Robbins' pussy. "AAAAHHH!!!! FUCK I'M CUMMING! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!" Leigh fell limp and stopped fucking Miss Robbins.

Jasmine, like an obedient dog, lapped Leigh's cum clean. "Jasmine, lick Leigh's face - I want you to taste my pussy," said Miss Robbins. Miss Robbin's watched Jasmine kiss Leigh passionately and suck her face clean of her cum. Leigh loved tasting herself. Stepping off the desk, Miss Robbins stood in front of Jasmine. She moved Jasmine in front of the desk and made her lean over onto it, giving her a clear view of her pussy and ass.

She grabbed the whip, and traced her back, her arms, and her round juicy ass sending more goose bumps up Jasmine's back. "MMmmm," Jasmine moaned. CRACK, went the whip on Jasmine's ass.

Miss Robbins' loved using her whip. She big tits babe fucked in threesome casting her ass again, and harder. "Do you like that? I love watching your cheeks get red and bounce under my whip." CRACK, this time on her back between her shoulder blades.

"You're going to remember this night, Jasmine." CRACK, on the back of her thighs. Miss Robbins replaced the whip with her mouth, sucking and kissing tenderly every red welt from the whip. "AhhmmmmMMMmmm," Jasmine exhaled. 'I don't care if she's hurting me, it feels sooo good,' thought Jasmine.


"Do you want to say something?" Miss Robbins asked. Jasmine nodded her head yes. "Speak," commanded Miss Robbins. "Fuck me, please," asked Jasmine. "Are you sure that's what you want?" Miss Robbins questioned. Jasmine nodded yes. Again from the chest, Miss Robbins found a blindfold and tied it around Jasmine's eyes.

She went back to the chest and stepped into her strap-on harness. Leigh's eyes grew large with wonder and excitement. Miss Robbins held a finger up to her mouth, 'Shh.' She reached back into her chest and pulled out her dildo, inserted it into the harness, and walked back over to Jasmine.

Jasmine felt Miss Robbins come back and she could smell her perfume near. Miss Robbins kissed Jasmine's back and arms. "You're getting what you wanted," she cooed to Jasmine, and in one thrust shoved the entire dildo inside Jasmine's yearning pussy. "OH MY GOD!! MMmmm, fuck me. Aaahh, oooohhh!" she screamed.

Miss Robbins grabbed her hips and fucked the shit out of her pussy. She loved watching her big fat dick go in and out of Jasmine's wet hole. Soon Jasmine was rocking her hips back onto the cock trying to get it all inside her. She loved being fucked hard.

"Suck her nipples, Leigh" Miss Robbins instructed. Leigh loved watching the pleasure wash over Jasmine's face. She kissed Jasmine, and licked her way down her neck to her breasts.

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She bit her nipple, just liked Jasmine liked, and sucked them hard. She massaged her breasts, alternating between nipples always keeping an eye on the security camera hoping to give a good show to whoever was watching. "Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop! Fuck my pussy, ooohhh yeeeah fuck my pussy!" Jasmine pleaded. "You love my big cock inside of you, don't you? You've been wanting me to teach you how to cum hard, haven't you?" asked Miss Robbins.

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"Yeeeeeeesssss, please keep fucking my cunt with your cock. I'm going to cum so hard," said Jasmine. "Leigh! Come whip me," commanded Miss Robbins. Leigh had never been the aggressor, but she knew better than to disobey Miss Robbins. She walked around, picked up the whip, and struck Miss Robbins' ass.

"Harder! Mmm," ordered Miss Robbins. Leigh's whipping turned Miss Robbins on like no other. She fucked Jasmine harder with each whipping. She moaned out loud with each lashing, causing Jasmine to reach her climax.

"Oh oh oh oh oh ah ah ah ah yeah yeah yeah yeah, fuck&hellip. yeah&hellip. MMmmm&hellip. ahhhAAHHH!" screamed Jasmine. "Cum for me! Cum all over my cock!" demanded Miss Robbins. Jasmine began shaking violently.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!OooooooOOOooOOOoOOH! YEEEEEAAAAHH!" Jasmine fell onto the desk, and Miss Robbins pulled out of her dripping puffy pussy. She undid Jasmine's handcuffs. Both girls were spent. Leigh went over to Jasmine and kissed her mouth gently, untying her blindfold.

"That was the most amazing orgasm I've ever had," said Jasmine with tears of ecstasy in her playgirl with curves adores sexy fuck hardcore and blowjob. Miss Robbins stepped out of her strap-on harness. "There are a lot of things I can teach you both, you just have to be open… minded." "It's pretty late," Leigh said. "Maybe we should get going." "No. You're not going anywhere. I'm not done. You're not going to be selfish, are you ladies??" Miss Robbins inquired.

"She can get a little jealous sometimes," said Jasmine with a smile "because she knows that I really want to fuck you." "There's enough of me for the both of you," Miss Robbins retorted.

"I loved having you inside me, Leigh. But we're not done here. At least… not till I say we are." Jasmine and Leigh looked at each other for an agreement. "Teach me how to fuck you," said Leigh.

"What ever happened to your boyfriend, Leigh?

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Do you like girls and boy, or just women?" Miss Robbins asked. Jasmine shot Leigh an angry glare. "Fuck him.


It's just for show. I love pussy. Jasmine knows I belong to her, but you can have me… us…whenever you want, too," Leigh said. Jasmine smiled and kissed her girlfriend. "Good. I only fuck lesbians," said Miss Robbins. END PART 3