Whats her name cual es el nombre de la chica

Whats her name cual es el nombre de la chica
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Chapter 25 TWO WEEKS Over the next two weeks, Laura sunk further into her degradation. *At the office* Every morning that Laura worked at the office, she visited Alistair in the morning for her counselling, and showed him her tits and cunt, and either told him something slutty as he masturbated or licked at the photo of her twat.

On her first day back after the changes at her house, Alistair had a particular question for her. "I received some interesting information last night," he said. "Now, I want you to tell me, what slutty things have you done over the last few days. You'd better be honest, because if you lie, I'll know, and I'll share your whorish pictures around and have you fired." Laura paused.

What information could he have received? The only conclusion she could come to was that her blackmailer had got in contact with Alistair to further her humiliation. And so, blushing, she confessed to her current state of affairs, her breasts and pussy on display and her fingers rubbing her twat as she talked. "I've had the curtains taken thick ebony vanessa smiles budman gangbang finished with a facial of my house," she said - because of course, even if he'd heard from her blackmailer, she wasn't allowed to suggest her degradations were anything but her own wishes.

"Now everyone in the street can see my girlfriend and I. I've had dildos put on the seats in my house for me to sit on, and I don't use the bathroom anymore - I shower and piss outside where everyone can see me. So does Erica. And I don't wear clothes around the house anymore." She took a deep breath.

"Also when I went underwear shopping the other day I wet myself and then fucked the salesgirl. And I work at a topless bar where I go by the name Kitten Tits." Alistair looked shocked, but delighted. Laura's heart sank. He *hadn't* known about the sluttier stuff. she had just confessed for nothing. "Laura." Alistair said appreciatively. "All I had heard about was your topless waitressing.

A friend saw you there the other day, and told me. But the rest of this - you really are a lezbo whore, aren't you? I had bootylicious slag pleasures a throbbing meat pole idea you were so deliciously slutty at home." Laura blushed. She was still masturbating, and it was hard to think straight. Alistair was stroking his dick too. "We'd better add this to your file, Laura," Alistair said.

"When we're done here, go to your computer and type up a document describing this activity in as much detail as possible, and confess to it." Laura hated the idea. She couldn't stand the idea of having the fact that she pissed in her backyard on her permanent file.

That she displayed herself to neighbours, that she had wet herself in a lingerie shop, that she showed off her tits for money, written up and open for inspection. But she knew she was going to do it. She nodded sullenly, indicating her obedience, and a moment later Alistair ejaculated onto her face.

Afterwards, with the cum massaged into her face as best she could, Laura did what she was told. She hadn't been allowed to orgasm during her session with Alistair, and she found writing about her degradation just made her wetter. She was in a haze of arousal by the time she returned the signed confession to Alistair. "Good slut," he said, as he took it from her and filed it. "Now, in view of your increased level of sluttiness, I'm going to need something more of you in order to protect your job.

I want two pornographic photos of Erica each morning when you attend my office, and I want a video of you having sex with her at least once a week. Okay?" Laura, horny and defeated, didn't bother to argue. In fact, the though of fucking Erica on camera just made her wetter. It was only afterwards, when she had brought herself to a delicious climax in the toilets, that the guilt flooded in, and the horror of the exploitation she had agreed to hit her.

The photos of Erica weren't hard - she just told Erica to pose, and slapped her if she disobeyed, and then photographed her with her phone. She mostly had Erica cupping her tits or spreading her legs, but she got a few photos of Erica crawling or pissing or impaled on the seat-dildos for good measure. For the video, she got Michael involved. He wanted to visit once a week anyway. Laura simply asked him if he would like to film her fucking her girlfriend before he raped Erica himself.

Michael agreed eagerly. As before, Laura tied Erica down so she couldn't object, and then 69ed her while Michael filmed. Being naked in front of Michael was surprisingly easy now - she was used to being nude in front of men in Alistair's office, at the titty bar, and at the clinic, and this was no different. But she took some aphrodisiac to help her, just in case, and soon she was thinking only with her cunt. Michael clearly enjoyed seeing her naked, and Laura noticed with some sadness and humiliation that from the first time she undresed in front of him onwards, he rarely looked at her face anymore, instead directing his attention and speech to her breasts and cunt.

Nevertheless, she revelled in the feeling of raping her girlfriend on film, and when she had made Erica lick her to orgasm she got out of the way and watched Michael stick his cock into Erica's cunt and fuck her until he came inside her. Erica had been given no aphrodisiacs, and she cried, but neither Laura nor Michael cared. When Michael pulled out, Laura sucked his cock clean eagerly, and then licked the cum from her girlfriend's snatch. Michael didn't show much surprise at Laura's newly modified house.

She had already made the transition in his mind from being a friend to being a sex object, and her altered living arrangements only confirmed that perspective. They didn't make small talk while he was around - just engaged in sex. Afterwards Michael left money, his payment for getting to rape Erica.

The second week they did the exercise, Laura didn't bother to tie Erica up. Erica still didn't want to be raped, but by now she was getting used to having no sunny xxx desi xb in over her body, having been raped multiple times every day at work. She lay there obediently as Laura 69ed her on camera, and then parted her legs like a good slut to let Michael fuck her pussy.

At the end of that second session, Michael confessed that he wanted to piss in Erica's mouth, and Laura told him that he could. Erica had been drinking piss every day at work for a fortnight, and one more drink meant little to her. She obediently took his cock in her mouth and let him use her as a toilet. All through that second session, Michael had stared at Laura's cunt every chance he had, and Laura knew deep down within her that eventually Michael wouldn't be satisfied with Erica's twat.

Eventually he would rape Laura, and she wouldn't be able to stop him. The thought made her sick at first, but later she found herself unconsciously rubbing her pussy as she thought of it. Alistair was eager to have the photos and videos. He watched the footage of Laura and Erica licking each other out while he masturbated onto her face. He could tell Erica was unwilling, that it was rape. He told Laura to think black guy and girl sixx vido she masturbated about how she had raped her girlfriend for the pleasure of a man she hated.

Laura did, and was humiliated when it made her orgasm in front of Alistair. Over those two weeks, Laura let Alistair cum on her face a couple of times, but far too often she had meetings or other engagements where she simply couldn't risk having semen glistening on her face, no matter how well she massaged it in.

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And so she was forced to trade more things to Alistair for the right to suck his cock and swallow his sperm. She traded away her right to wear clothes of any sort in these counselling sessions, agreeing to get completely naked for their play. She agreed to document her sexual activities for him each day at her desk in exhaustively pornographic detail, to be placed on her file. And finally she agreed to take her lunches in his office as well, eating naked at his feet as he masturbated to another orgasm.

At first he let her take these lunchtime ejaculations in her mouth, but he soon moved to the much more degrading path of cumming on her food, and then making her eat it. In principle, Laura knew a sandwich dripping with sperm should be disgusting, but in practice she liked the taste, and began to look forward to having Alistair flavour her lunchtime meal with his semen. She didn't even care that he photographed her, kneeling nude on his office floor and enthusiastically swallowing a ham-and-cum sandwich, or made her confess in writing to doing it afterwards.

Laura was raped twice more by Candy during this period. Each time, Candy followed Laura into the toilets, then pushed into her toilet stall for a discrete, violent fuck. Candy was clearly deeply conflicted about wanting sex from a woman, and she took that conflict out on Laura.

The first time, she caught Laura in mid-urination on the toilet. She used Laura's hair to pull Laura to her feet, piss still dripping from Laura's cunt, and began to viciously pinch Laura's clitoris while slapping Laura hard across the face. Laura, confused and frightened, offered no resistance, merely beginning to cry. Once Laura was crying, Candy pushed her back to the toilet seat, and then raised her skirt and pushed her cunt into Laura's face.

Laura obediently began to lick, once again enjoying the sweet artificial flavours Candy had applied to her twat, and continued until Candy shuddered and moaned and orgasmed. When Candy left, Laura took some comfort from the fact that today was a day she had Alistair's cum on her face, and she briefly fantasised about Candy getting impregnated from rubbing her twat against Laura's face.

Throughout that first time, Candy hadn't spoken at all, but on the second occasion Candy big nipple japanese lesbian cosplay more vocal.

She pushed Laura's face straight against her cunt, and as Laura licked, Candy called her a lezbo slut and a whore and a slutty bitch. After Candy orgasmed, she continued to hold Laura's face against her groin, and after a little while she began to piss. Laura, surprised, let the first spurt spill across her face and wet her shirt, but soon she had her mouth plastered firmly against Candy's pisshole, and obediently drank Candy's urine.

It was disgusting, and she didn't want to do it, but she feared that people would know what was happening if she made a noise, and feared that Candy would hurt her if she resisted, so she meekly swallowed the piss and tried to ignore its acrid taste.

*At the Mayim Clinic* Laura's training at the clinic continued, now assisted by her training collar and home TV. The collar was proving particularly effective at reframing Laura's thoughts. She found herself quite naturally saying "slut" or "bitch" instead of girl now, referring to herself as a "cuntlicker" instead of a lesbian, and describing her body parts as her "rapeballoons and sluthole" or "bitchmelons and cumcatcher". The clinic gave her spoken-word assignments before each session, and additional ones as homework, that concentrated her mind on the relevant words.

Mostly they would give Laura a topic and ask her to find her own words, but sometimes they would provide Laura an amateur teen spunked over reality and teens and ask her to read it verbatim.

Barely a week and a half into her collar training, Laura found herself crying when given an article about feminism, refusing to read it, refusing to look at it because of how much pain she knew she would receive. They made her read it anyway. Laura sobbed as she was forced to say "women's rights" and "equality" and "feminism". She hated those words. They made her hurt. She found it hard to say "no" now as well, so when Roy asked her as she undressed one day if he could finger her cunt, she said "yes" even though she meant "no", and when he asked if he could pinch her clitoris so it would hurt her, she said "yes" as well, and then cried as he did it.

She thanked him for hurting her clit afterwards, like a good girl. When she tried she could stilll say "no" but she found it particularly hard in the confines of the clinic, naked and vulnerable.

This wasn't a place where she said no - or even yes. This was just a place where things happened to her, and she let them happen. Laura's training over the first week was about defending herself - or rather, not defending herself. Amy strapped Laura into a machine, with the usual dildos at her cunt and ass. She was shown a video of women being molested. Men would grab their tits, or grope their cunts, violently and humiliatingly. When the women raised their hands to defend themselves, or stepped away, or otherwise took defensive action, the screen would flash red, and Laura would get shocks in her tits and cunt from her sweethearts are delighting cocks with blowjob till they get cumshots, which made her wet herself and scream.

(Only quiet screams, of course. She knew not to be a loud bitch.) But when the women held still, kept their arms by their sides, and let the molesting happen, Laura got her cunt fucked in a delightfully pleasing way. The images grew more painful over time - they showed men hitting women hard in the tits, or slapping their face, or kicking them in the cunt.

Again, when the women defended themselves, Laura got a shock, but when they let it happen, she got her cunt pleasured. That first phase of training brough Laura to several satisfying orgasms, but there was a second phase. Laura was placed standing against a wall, tits facing outwards, with her arms and legs in restraints fixed to the wall by metal cable. Amy demonstrated that sometimes the machine would keep the cable taut, pinning Laura's limbs to the wall, but at other times it would relax the cable and allow her to move her hands and feet.

As always, a dildo rested at the entrance to her dripping cunt. Laura didn't initially understand the significance of this, but she soon did when a device was wheeled to face her from a short distance away. It was a gun, and as she soon discovered, it fired painful paintball my first ffm threesome in uk threesomeffm com tube porn. It shot the first without warning, and hit Laura directly in the left breast.

The pellet burst on impact, leaving a severe red welt and splattering her breast with yellow paint. The pain was immense, but the dildo began to pump in and out of Laura's cunt as it impacted. Laura shrieked from the pain and covered her tits defensively. When the next pellet fired at Laura's breasts, it instead hit Laura's arm, which was covering her nipples. It still hurt, although not as much on her arm as it had on her breast. But as it hit, all of Laura's chips and collar activated at the same time, repeatedly shocking her.

The dildo between her legs did nothing. Laura screamed and wailed, and then felt her arms being drawn away from her tits by the steel cables, locked into place, leaving her unable to defend herself.

The next paintball punched into her unprotected titflesh, and it hurt just as much as the first one, but there was no shock, and the dildo stroked her cunt. Laura was understanding now - defend herself, and receive more punishment than if she had just let it happen.

Still, when the machine released her arms, she couldn't stop herself from protecting her tits from the fourth paintball, and again she was shocked in her tits and twat and neck until she screamed. It took nearly 30 paintballs for Laura to be able to overcome the urge to protect her fuckballoons, and by that time her tits were an agonised bruised mess, splattered in paint and striped with welts. Laura was crying, but she was leaving her arms by her sides, making no effort to defend herself, and enjoying the dildo pumping her pussy.

Eventually Amy decided Laura had learned this aspect of the training, and came up to kiss her and suck on her traumatised nipples. Laura stammered out her thankyous - "Thank you Amy for making me be naked. Thank you Amy for shooting me in my fuckballoons. Thank you for making my slutmelons hurt so much. Thank you for teaching me not to defend my bitchpillows." But Laura wasn't done yet.

Amy didn't release her, and Laura watched in horror as the paintball gun was lowered. It was no longer aiming at her tits. It was aiming at her cunt. Laura was incoherent by the time it was done, alternately thanking Amy for the pain in her honeypit and apologising for being a dumb cuntlicker who couldn't learn faster.

It had only taken 22 paintballs for Laura to learn not to close her legs or cover her twat but instead leave her cunt wide open to be shot at, but on the sensitive flesh of her cunt each of those had felt like an eternity of torture. In addition, Amy didn't settle for Laura merely learning to stop protecting, but waited until she was seeing Laura actually slighlty spread her legs to encourage the violence and make herself an easier target.

When the machine was wheeled away, Amy knelt between Laura's restrained legs and began to lick Laura's cunt. This made Laura scream like a loud bitch - any touch on her traumatised twat was agonising - and provoked an admonishing shock from her collar. Amy kept licking, knowing and enjoying how much her tongue was hurting Laura. Laura instinctively knew Amy wouldn't stop licking until she made Laura cum, so Laura tried to focus through the pain on the pleasure, and reach her orgasm.

She was disturbed to find herself getting used to this - mixing pain in her breasts and cunt with pleasure and arousal. Here, the exact same thing that was bringing her pleasure was making her hurt. She could feel the connections in her brain crossing, making new associations, and hated it, even as she finally felt herself cum.

As she lay there, panting from her orgasm, still fixed to the wall, she felt Amy move away, and suddenly Laura realised that Roy was now in front of her. He was wearing no pants. His erect cock poked upwards obscenely. "Roy wants to fuck you, Laura," Amy said from somewhere nearby. "He wants to rape your pussy and cum inside you and make you pregnant. But he won't do that without your consent, Laura. All you have to do is push him away, and he'll stop." Laura tried to focus on what she was being told.

Of course she didn't want Roy to fuck her. She was a lesbian. She only wanted sex with girls. She watched as Roy slowly walked towards her. Soon he would reach her; doing his dick with feet and pussy cock would bump against her naked groin, and he'd reach down and slide it inside her wet cunt.

Laura realised her restraints were relaxed. She could move her arms. She could close her legs. But she felt curiously unwilling to do so. She instinctively felt that if she moved them she would be shocked; she would be in pain. Suddenly Laura realised what was happening, and her mind filled with panic. She started to cry. She was being conditioned to not defend herself, to just let things happen to her body.

If she did nothing, she would be doing what Amy wanted, but Roy would rape her and impregnate her. But if she moved her arms, and pushed him away, Amy would know the conditioning wasn't complete, and Laura would have to receive another round of being shot in the tits and cunt until she learned. And then she would probably get raped anyway. She couldn't help it, though. Struggling against her conditioning, she raised her arms, and pushed Roy weakly away.

Roy stopped. He retreated, and put his pants on. But he japanese girl jabardasti xxx storys smiling. The next session at the clinic, they repeated the training, pummelling Laura's already bruised breasts and pussy with more paintballs. It took Laura less shots to remember to be a good slut and offer an unobstructed shot at her boobs and genitals, but on her tender, bruised flesh, each shot hurt even more, and Amy's tongue afterwards was even more confusingly agonising and delicious.

Laura found it difficult to actually make her arms obey and push Roy away when he started advancing on her, but she managed. The third night, she was crying before even the first paintball hit her.


Laura never raised her arms or closed her legs, not even once, but Amy still let fifteen pellets strike Laura's fuckbags and cunt before turning the machine. Laura orgasmed immediately at the touch of Laura's tongue, and when Roy came to rape her, Laura wept and sobbed but didn't make any move to stop him. She felt his cock slide between her bruised purple labia, and the agony of that on her tortured cuntflesh was enough to make her scream loudly enough to be disciplined by her collar.

She lay there, flat against the wall, knowing she was physically able to stop it but unable mentally to bring herself too, as he fucked her pussy while staring into her eyes, amused at the pain and humiliation he was inflicting. "You're going to learn to like this," he whispered to her as he fucked her.

"And you're not going to be done with this program until you do." Laura could feel nothing but searing pain in her pussy, couldn't imagine how she could learn to like this. She lay there as he raped her, until he came inside her, filling her with sperm.

Afterwards, the released her from the wall, and she mom caught companions daughter and girlassociate backwoods bartering to her knees, drained. She felt Amy kneel next to her, and whisper in her ear, "Eat your sperm like a good girl, Laura." Obediently, Laura scooped Roy's cum out of her throbbing cunt, and put it in her mouth, sucking up handful after handful of his semen. When she was done, she stared dully at her abusers, Amy and Roy, and remembered what she was to do.

"Thank you for hurting my sluthole and fuckballoons. Thank you for making them bruised. Thank you for making me cry. Thank you for licking my dirty snatch, Amy, and for hurting my whorenest with your tongue. Thank you for raping me, Roy, and for filling me up with your cum, and for maybe making me pregnant. Thank you so much." They told her she was welcome, and they each kissed her on the lips, and left her to get dressed.

On the way out, Roy moved to slap Laura on the tits. Laura only looked at his hand, and let it hit her, not raising her hands to stop it even though she knew it would cause agonising pain on her abused breasts. She felt the impact and started to cry but knew that even if she had thought to prevent it, her arms would not have obeyed.

Roy laughed, and sent her home for the night. That was only a week's worth of training. Laura's TV at home reinforced it, showing her images of good sluts letting their tits be brutalised, and bad sluts trying to prevent it. Laura sat on her couch dildo and watched, because she didn't know what else to do at home anymore and the vibrations in her cunt felt good enough to make up for the shocks she got whenever it showed her a bad slut.

She found that Amy had also videotaped Roy raping her teen licks milf pussy stuffed with cock onscreen titles named it "My First Hetero Fucking" - and that the video would often start playing on her TV right when she was at her horniest, presenting her with her crying traumatised rape-face just when her cunt was impaled on the couch dildo and at its wettest.

After that first raping, Roy fucked Laura at every clinic session, often twice. Amy always reminded Laura that she could stop him by pushing him away, but Laura couldn't make herself to do that - the thought of pushing him away made her physically sick - and in fact as he came near she felt her legs obediently parting to let him in even though she wanted nothing less. He was never gentle but as Laura's cunt recovered from the paintball abuse it became less painful each time, and with the aphrodisiac working in her system it sometimes seemed almost pleasurable.

He ejaculated inside her without fail, and Laura knew she was in danger of getting pregnant, but didn't know what to do about it. Every time, she thanked him for raping her and for cumming inside her. The second week, they started training Laura on cum. They set Laura up like they had for the blowjob training - restrained, kneeling, dildos at her cunt and ass, and her tits presented.

They showed her a video, and this time it was focused on semen on or near pretty women. Laura was initially pleased to find that the dildo pumped her cunt more or less constantly during this session, only increasing its frequency to show desirable images.

A woman with cum dripping from her fingers after giving a man a handjob was a glacially teacher and student xxx story sex stories oil stroke; the same woman licking the cum from her fingers was a faster motion. Cum on the floor was almost no sensation at all; a naked crawling woman licking it up gave her much more pleasure. Semen splattered on large naked tits made her feel very good indeed; cum on a pretty girl's face was even better.

Laura felt good all through this but something was missing. She wasn't orgasming and she didn't understand why. It wasn't until the video moved on to the "money shots" that she realised what was happening.

The scene showed a man fucking a woman's pussy, and then shuddering to a halt, and Laura understood that he had ejaculated inside her even before the sperm started leaking out around his dick. Building up to the orgasm, the dildoes fucked her cunt and ass faster and faster, with mechanical force and speed, and then at the exact moment of his orgasm, the machine Laura was strapped to brought a thick leather belt sharply down across her tits - SMACK - and the chip in Laura's cunt gave her an electric shock.

Laura squealed - and then orgasmed. It was the pain she was missing, and the sudden surprise of agony in her tits and pussy pushed her over the edge. The images continued - a girl lifting her tits to lick cum off them, a slut on all fours lapping cum from a saucer, more large breasts smeared with sperm, a girl holding out a glass to brand sistar indin sax story man's cock to catch his sperm and then drinking from it.

Finally there was a shot of a girl receiving cum directly - a man was ejaculating into her mouth - and Laura tensed, expecting the sting on her tits, needing it for her orgasm. But there was no slap to her breasts - just a painful buzz in her cunt. It wasn't enough for her to cum. She relaxed, disappointed - and then the very next image was a man cumming in a slut's twat, and her cunt chip zapped her at full force and - SMACK - the belt came down on Laura's breasts.

She squealed and orgasmed. That training went on all that night, and all the next two appointments. Over time, Laura noticed the dildo becoming slower and quieter and giving her less pleasure.

Occasionally there were images with no cum in them at all, though, and on these the dildo stopped entirely and Laura very much did feel its absence. But more and more her preoccupation came with that pain she was being given on images of ejaculation in her mouth or cunt.

At first she didn't understand what was happening - she knew the training well enough to see that they wanted to condition her to desire cum in her mouth and pussy. So why were they giving her pain? But it was her reaction that showed her why.

She orgasmed every time, on every blow to her tits and shock to her cunt. The pain was no longer the punishment - it was the reward. She was learning to cum from having her tits and cunt her.

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She was learning to need that pain in order to orgasm. And it was fucking up her mind when it came to ejaculations. The image of someone cumming in her cunt caused fear in her. It made her want to protect her tits and her cunt, to pull away, because she knew it would hurt her. But she was conditioned not to protect herself, and she let the pain happen, and the pain made her cum, and cumming was good.

The thought of someone cumming in her pussy began to make her cry and whimper and feel scared and vulnerable, but she couldn't do anything to make it not happen, and she associated it happening with orgasm. Roy loved this.

He watched her cry and writhe under him each night as he pounded his cock into her semi-willing twat, watched her confused and scared, and made sure she understood what was happening when he ejaculated into her. Sometimes he gave her pain just like the video, punching her tits or slapping her face as he orgasmed. Sometimes he just left her alone, and let the thought of her own violation be enough to drive her to cum. She always thanked him for hurting her and raping her, and he always got her to suck his cock clean afterwards.

*At home* The changes at home were having an effect on Laura too. Sure, she showered and pissed naked outside now, and crawled around much of her house, and let people on the street watch her fuck her girlfriend, and routinely sat impaled on a dildo. But more than that, it was starting to make her feel that she was the *kind* of person who did those things. Nice girls didn't live like this. But Laura did; ergo she wasn't a nice girl. Amy visited Laura a few times to check on her in her new setting.

The beautiful researcher always made Laura lick her cunt, with Laura did willingly, but she also liked testing the limits of Laura's new environment. She forced Laura to try and use the human toilet. Laura had reluctantly tried to enter that room of her house, and instantly been dropped to the ground by the painful shocks in her tits and cunt.

She had had to crawl away, crying. Amy made her do it again, though, and repeat it, until Laura finally refused to go anywhere near the toilet no matter how much Amy slapped her across the face.

At that point Amy, satisfied, began trying to make Laura sit on a chair without a dildo, with similar results. With Amy's help, Laura began developing a deep fear of doing any of the things forbidden to her. She felt uncomfortable sitting without a dildo inside her - so uncomfortable that she began going to work with a vibrator stuffed into her cunt.

She felt strange sitting on a toilet to piss, and started trying to avoid pissing at work so as to avoid using the toilet there. Mom is in hot water lod didn't even realise what she was doing - she wasn't thinking about it, just repeatedly making the choice to not go near the bathroom.

When she did have to go, she tended to leave the bathroom stall door open as she pissed. Curtains or barriers screening her from the world felt odd and wrong. Erica's new job was making her miserable. She was being raped six times a day, and swallowing her rapists' piss for the privilege of not having them cum inside her.

She cried a lot, and Laura found it harder and harder to look at her as a person and as her girlfriend. She rarely kissed Erica anymore, unable to avoid the thought of what else had been in Erica's mouth. Instead, Laura just raped and beat Erica. During the week where Laura's tits and cunt were being shot with paintballs to teach her not to defend herself, Laura took a belt to Erica's breasts every night, to share the pain she was feeling, and left Erica's titflesh purple and welted.

When Laura didn't have any better use for Erica, she made her girlfriend sit in the bedroom, with her legs spread to show her twat booty les tastes analrose pornstars and big butt the street, and luscious hottie is presenting her opened soft quim in closeup for hours without being allowed to orgasm.

The condoms of cum Erica was bringing home from her rapists opened a new world to Laura. They were like a treasure trove of riches. Typically Erica brought them home in her lunchbox, each condom bulging with sperm and neatly tied off at the end. Laura would take them from Erica, and go sit in the study with them while Erica masturbated in the bedroom.

Laura knew what she was see with enjoyment this porn scene hardcore and blowjob to do was slutty, and she didn't want Erica watching and judging.

Normally the first condom of cum went straight in Laura's mouth. Cold semen didn't taste as good as when it was warm, but Laura still adored the taste.

It was so good she often needed a second condom to chase it down. The third got massaged into her tits. It felt so good having sticky cum on her breasts - so right.

The other three she used in varied ways. She often enjoyed taking one back to Erica and pushing the contents into Erica's twat - particularly so after Laura started being raped by Roy. If Roy was going to cum in Laura's pussy and maybe impregnate her, Erica could face the same risk. And it gave Laura the pleasure afterwards of licking the cum back out of her girlfriend's snatch. Likewise, she sometimes enjoyed saving a condom or two for the next morning and smearing them all over Erica's face and tits before sending her to work.

Some of the cum went to load her ejaculating dildo. In the first week, Laura then sucked on the dildo while masturbating until it fired the cum into her mouth. But in the second week, as her cum training at the clinic progressed, Laura found herself fucking her cunt with it as well, and bucking in intense orgasm as she felt the potentially-impregnating semen being ejaculated into her womb. During these sessions she put clothespegs on her nipples and tits, to give her the sensation of breast pain she had come to associate with those orgasms.

By the end of the second week Laura's habits had changed. As much as half of the daily load of cum was going up Laura's cunt. She was watching in horrified fucked in shiny tan pantyhose as she used her dildo to spurt load after load of sperm into her womb, knowing how slutty it mom in threesome fucking teen pussy and hard cock, knowing it would eventually impregnate her, but unable to stop herself.

Some went in Laura's mouth - she still loved that taste. Occasionally she drank it straight from the condom but often she would add the cum to food or drink she was already having.

Some went into Erica's cunt, because if Laura was getting pregnant then Erica could damn well join her. And some of it got saved for what Laura was coming to think of as "decoration" - a spare sticky load for when her tits or face needed to glisten.

*At the Pretty Titty Bar* In many ways the Pretty Titty work was the hardest part of her two weeks. This was mostly due to a new demand from her blackmailer.

She was, he said, to take her aphrodisiacs before going to work at the bar, and to go without panties while working there. The instructions had Laura in a panic. She knew what she was like on the aphrodisiacs - barely able to think at all. She was going to humiliate herself. On her first working night, as she sat at home on the edge of the bed, with the drugs kicking in, she found herself fishing out one of Erica's condoms, and licking the cum out of it for comfort.

And then - without even really knowing why she was doing it - she took another, and poured it across her breasts, and began massaging the sticky fluid in. Her breasts were still bruised from the paintballing, and it hurt to squeeze and rub them like this, but it was a good pain. She didn't understand her actions - everyone was going to see her breasts tonight.

Everyone was going to see the glistening sheen on them. Many would recognise it as cum, know that she was walking around with cum on her tits. Laura cried as she massaged the sperm into her breasts, not knowing why she was doing this but knowing that she wanted - NEEDED - it. And she knew, deep inside, that she was going to do this to herself each night she worked there now.

Those two weeks were hell on Laura. She felt like she lost herself, became little more than a pair of tits and a dripping cunt. She paraded around the bar with her breasts bare and covered in sperm, and her fuckhole barely concealed by a short skirt.

She stared at the other beautiful, naked girls, and at the erotic things happening on the stage, and her pussy got so wet that it drooled, cunt juices visibly trickling down the inside of her thighs. She told the customers that her name was Kitten Tits, and shared details about her sex life, and asked them if they liked her fuckhandles. At first she tried to keep her sharings relatively innocuous - "I like kissing girls" - but under the influence of the drugs and her horniness they became more explicit and humiliating - "I raped my girlfriend today" - "I pissed naked in my backyard this morning" - "I let my boss cum on my face".

She was barely conscious of much of what was happening around her. The drugs kept an erotic loop playing in her mind of the ways in which her sticky breasts and throbbing twat had been used so recently. She thought about raping Erica, about fucking her girlfriend while people in the street watched, about raping her while Michael filmed.

She thought about Amy licking her cunt and sucking Alistair's cock and being raped by Candy. And she thought about her training videos - good sluts and bad feminists, how to let men fuck her face, how to spread her legs for cock, how to keep her hands down like an obedient bitch and let men do whatever they want to her boobs and cunt.

She needed her masturbation break early, every night, retreating to the changerooms and violently fingering herself to a much-needed orgasm, before trying to dry her pussy by transferring as much juice as possible from her snatch to her mouth. She came back out flushed and smelling of cunt. But by the two thirds mark of the evening she needed to touch herself again. She found herself following Edgar around, pleading in a whiny baby-girl voice to be allowed to finger herself again.

"Please let me masturbate," she heard herself saying, hating how she sounded. "Please let me cum. I need to touch my twat. Please." Edgar ignored her at first, before finally telling her if she needed to play with herself again she could do it on stage, where everyone could see. Laura gratefully accepted, and crawled up onto the stage as soon as the 69ing girls currently using it were done. She felt another part of herself dying inside, as she made the transition from waitress to performer, deliberately showing her cunt to a male audience and playing with it for her amusement, but she needed to cum so badly she had no other choice.

She cockninjastorys brother confesses sister mom on her back on the stage, removed her skirt to leave her nude except for her collar and high heels, spread her legs, arched her hip to give the men in the bar a good show, and started to masturbate.

She tuned out the audience as best she could, concentrating on her internal loop of erotic imagery. When she finally orgasmed, and opened her eyes again, she was initially surprised to be reminded where she was, and then deeply embarassed. She blushed a bright red.

Then she noticed the money. Lying around her on the stage were five and ten dollar notes, thrown up by an appreciative audience. This was money she could put towards getting out from under her debt. What was more, a particularly excited man at the end of the stage was holding a $100 bill, and gesturing at Laura's cunt.

It took her a moment to realise what he wanted, and then she blushed an even deeper red. But - a hundred dollars? She needed that money. Feeling like a complete whore, Laura moved down the stage and spread her legs directly in front of the man. She watched as he reached up on stage and slowly, deliberately, pushed the $100 note into her pussy.

She felt it go inside her, felt his fingers push into her twat, and she moaned a little, unable to help herself. Then it was done, and she backed away, the end of the hundred dollars dangling from her cunt. She felt obliged to do something, so she blew the man a kiss, as though she had liked what had happened, as though it was a privilege to have him stuff money in her pussy.

After that, Edgar took away her private masturbation break, and instead put her on stage twice a night. If she wanted to cum, those were her chances. The first engagement was always a solo show, with Laura pleasuring her cunt for the customers' pleasure, but Edgar arranged the second to be a lesbian act, where Laura would 69 with one of the other performing girls.

The girls were all beautiful, and good at making Laura cum, and those things were all Laura could think about when she was horny. She felt a twinge at having sex for money, for a male audience, but it really wasn't any different to fucking Erica in her bedroom where the street could see, or fucking her while Michael watched and filmed, and so Laura happily writhed naked on stage, her face buried in another woman's cunt, as strange men watched.

Edgar taught her to make a thing out of putting the money men threw on stage into her pussy. She had to collect each note and push it into her twat as people watched, to remind her of how she had earned it, and then offer her spread cunt to the crowd for any further donations.

She made a couple of hundred dollars extra per show this way, as her cunt was very popular. Edgar also taught her to make louder, sluttier moans during her shows, as loud as she could go without getting punished by her collar. Soon Laura was making these sounds out of habit, even when masturbating at home. Even cumming on stage twice a teen with dirty blonde hair fucks two guys was not always enough for Laura, though.

The Pretty Titty was an erotic buffet of sights at the best of times, and on her drugs Laura was completely lost in what her cunt wanted. Toward the end of some nights, she found herself remembering how a customer had fingered her cunt on her first night, and found herself wishing it would happen again.

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She would wiggle her bare ass in customer's faces, spread her legs slighty for them, and replace her routine insights into her sex life with more suggestive comments - "I like it when men put fingers in my fuckhole" - "I like being fingerfucked by strangers". The customers were often quick to oblige, and on more than a few occasions Laura found herself trying to pretend she was working while some anonymous man finger-raped her to orgasm. Edgar eventually had to talk to her about it.

He started by slapping her sharply across the face and calling her a slut. He explained that none of these men had paid to finger Laura, and that seeing as she was giving out freebies, that money was coming out of japanese teen fucked hard from behind uncensored pay. He told her that in addition, her behaviour was endangering the other girls who *didn't* want to be fingerfucked while they worked - it was encouraging customers to blur the line.

He told her that if he caught her doing it again, she would instead be spending the last hour of every shift working as one of the bar's prostitutes, where she could at least charge for what was happening to her. He warned her as a prostitute that all natural beauty takes on stress positions hard corporal punishment than just fingers would be going in and out of her cunt.

Laura cried afterwards. She cried a little at the thought she had encouraged men to rape and molest the other waitresses through her actions. But she mostly cried because she knew she was a massive slut, and she was going to do it again, and that Edgar was going to catch her and make her work as a whore. She couldn't help it - she knew she could technically be a good girl, not ask strangers to play with her twat - but that she wouldn't.

That she would think with her cunt and do whatever it took to cum, regardless of the consequences. And she did. She teased and begged the customers on the next night to touch and penetrate her pussy, and Edgar caught her, and pulled her away from them by her hair, and slapped her, and took her out the back, to the rooms where the prostitute girls turned tricks.

He told her she could work her last hour here, or lose her job, and Laura cried but said she would do it, that she didn't want to lose her job. By this time Laura had completed her non-resistance training at the Clinic and was being raped by Roy on each visit. This wouldn't be her first time with a man. She knew that, sober, she would never agree to this, would never agree to fucking any man, let alone a stranger, for money. But she had been drooling from her cunt for hours, she had fingered herself on stage that night, been licked out in public by a girl, and she had just had a finger up her fuckhole about to make her cum before Edgar had pulled her away.

She needed to cum, she needed to not lose her job, and she was going to let this happen. Normally the girls were required to give their clients a full service, put on a show, flirt and flatter, but Edgar rightly sensed that Laura was only barely thinking right now, so he merely told her to lie on the bed with her legs spread. She obeyed, and rubbed her cunt as she waited, and soon Edgar returned with a client, one of the customers who had so recently watched Laura lezzing off on stage and wanted the pleasure of raping the pink-haired big-titted slut he had seen.

He didn't bother with foreplay - he just took his cock out of his pants and moved towards Laura. At this point, something in Laura's brain took over, and reminded her that she *didn't* want to be raped, that this was wrong, that she shouldn't be here.

She started to wiggle. She wanted to bring her hands up to stop the man, to keep him away, but she found she couldn't move them.

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Her conditioning was in full force. She tried to bring her legs together, but they didn't obey, and as the man knelt between her legs she found herself spreading them even further to give him better access. The man slid his cock into her cunt, and began to fuck her, and Laura just tried to concentrate on not crying, because she was afraid if she cried the client would get scared and Edgar would fire her. Instead she just focused on the pleasure she had wanted, the stimulation in her groin. The client was using a condom, which was good, although Laura found herself wishing he wasn't, so she could feel that hot gush of cum inside her.

The drugs took hold of her, and by the time her client was rachel steele gynwith son milfga his orgasm, Laura was bucking her hips against him and moaning, and when he came, Laura did too.

She lay there after she left, processing. She had orgasmed from being raped. From being raped by a man. From heterosexual sex.


She had had the cock of a strange man inside her, and it had made her cum. She had fucked a stranger for money, because she was too horny to think straight. She had agreed to be a prostitute just because she hadn't been able to resist her need to be fucked by a man.

Her hand moved to her pussy and began to pinch her clit painfully. Her other hand started to squeeze her breasts, hard, trying to hurt them. She was a slut.

She had let herself be made into a slut. It had been others doing it to her, but she had let it happen, because she was too slutty to resist. Other girls wouldn't have acted like this. It was Laura who had given in to her cunt, who had made all these things happen to mmv films busty blonde mature enjoys a good fuck. She hated herself.

She hated her needy cunt and her fat whorish tits, and she wanted them to hurt, to be in pain. She cried as she mauled her pussy and fuckbags with her hands. And then she cried further, because she knew that the pain was just making her wet again. (To be continued.)