I fuck a white bitch big dick a continuation here

I fuck a white bitch big dick a continuation here
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My wife Mina convinced me to join her in Hong Kong for her family reunion. The previous two reunions I avoided attending due to business obligations.

This year Mina promised me a surprise at the reunion. Awn is my wife's 20 year old niece whom I have never met.

I went and picked her up to take her to our luxury panties and pantyhose on girls with strapons. She was sitting back quietly with her eyes closed in the passenger seat, looking totally relaxed.

I looked down at her lap and saw her legs spread apart as they extended below the hem of her short white skirt. It looked incredibly sexy as I leaned forward slightly and caught a glimpse of her snug white panties cupping that nice warm pussy of hers enticingly. Glimpsing those smooth creamy thighs and virginal white panties of hers only fueled my ardor even more.

I reached over with my right hand and pushed her skirt up out of the way and inserted my hand down the front of her panties until I was cupping her warm damp pussy. " Mmmmmmm," she let out a soft moan as her head rolled over on the headrest and she gave me a soft smile. She let her thighs fall further open to each side to give me free access before her eyes closed contentedly once again.

With the palm of my hand pressed flat against her abdomen, I let my fingers toy gently in her wet pussy the rest of the way to the hotel. My cock feels like an iron bar as it fought against the constraining material of my shorts.

I knew I had to get rid of this load quickly or I was going to burst. It would be my second load of the afternoon that I hoped to deposit deep inside that sweet 20-year old ass of hers. " Okay, we're here," I said as we pulled into the driveway of the hotel. " Let's go. I need that hot mouth of yours." I grabbed the bag with her cloths in it from the back seat and Sweet blonde babe gets nailed by pervert guy for cash noticed Awn putting her hair up into a ponytail as she followed me into the hotel.

She carried a hairband with her. I turned and looked at her as she walked past me into the suite. Her body looked tantalizingly sinful as it stood out against the stretchy white fabric of her clinging skirt and the soft mint-green of her top. Her long slender legs looked gorgeous as they gleamed with the alluring combination of her skin tone and natural athleticism.

Damn, this girl was beautiful! I couldn't wait any longer. " Kiss me, Awn," I said as I moved a couple of steps towards her and took her in my arms.

She eagerly turned her mouth up to mine and I lowered my lips to hers. As I slid my tongue deep into her warm mouth. This whole situation had my cock just throbbing with need. I kissed Awn long and hard and when I finally drew my mouth back from hers she was panting breathlessly and I could see desire written all over her face.

" Awn, take off your top and your skirt. I need your mouth right here, right now," I said as I hurriedly kicked off my shoes and pulled my polo shirt over my head. Awn stepped out of her sandals and pulled off her tank top. As I was unbuttoning and lowering drilling by a toy and thick dong shorts, she pushed her stretchy skirt down over her hips and stepped out of it as it fell to the floor.

With no further instructions from me, she dropped to her knees before me right inside the entryway to our suite. She looked beautiful kneeling there with her matching lacy white bra and panties on, her firm young breasts standing out proudly above her flat toned stomach.

With her hair pulled back in a ponytail and her face sitting right in front of my surging cock, her soft mouth and full pillowy lips made a most inviting target for my rampant libido.

" Awn, are you sure this is what you want, honey?" My thick long cock stood out rock-hard before me like an angry spear and I wrapped my hand around the base and circled it lewdly right in front of her full pouting lips. " Oh yes. Please, John. Can I suck it now?" she asked as her eyes never left the drooling tip of my hard erection as I milked more drooling precum to the tip.

It started to distend downwards and I moved closer and let the heavy drop fall onto her lips. " Mmmmmm," she let out a soft purr as her tongue quickly slid out to capture the warm silky drop on her lips. As more precum started to fill the gaping eye at the end of my cock, I pressed the wide flared head against her cheek and drew it teasingly all over her face. She let out another low moan " Mmmmmm " as I pressed the hot mushroom head against the smooth soft skin of her face, my slimy precum leaving a glistening snail-trail in its wake.

" You like that big cock on your face, Awn?" I asked as I rubbed the crimson crown over her closed eyes. " Oh God yes. It feels so hard and yet so smooth at the same time," she said as she rolled her face against the hot shaft of my circling cock.

" You like that warm precum, sweetie?" I drew the oozing tip of my rigid cock down from her eyes so it left a nice slick film along her cheek, over her nose and down onto her lips. " Mmmmmm," she moaned loudly as her tongue slid out to capture my warm goo as it crossed her lips. She quickly licked all around her lips and drew my hard cock back into her mouth where I watched the muscles in her neck contract as she swallowed. " Your precum tastes so nice and warm. I love the way it slides down my throat.

My throat's a little sore today so I think I need something a little thicker to help coat and soothe it more. Do you know where I can find anything like that, John?" she said as she looked up at me with those big doe-like eyes of hers.

Oh fuck!!!!!!! Who could resist that intoxicating allure of innocence? Not me. " Oh yes Awn," I said as I took my hand and pressed the big mushroom head right up against her soft pillowy lips.

" There's a bunch of nice warm thick cream waiting right inside here for you. You're just gonna have to suck on that for a few minutes and then I'll give you enough medicine to coat that sweet throat of yours from top to bottom." I loved the way those soft lips of her spread out over the broad surface of my engorged cockhead as she let the big head slip into her waiting mouth.

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As her lips slipped past the thick rope-like corona, I slid my hand slowly forward and milked another drop of my silky precum right onto her soft warm tongue. " Mmmmmm," she purred and I feel her hands come up and caress my swollen balls as I continued to slowly jack my cock off into her sucking mouth.

I feel that magical tongue of hers pressing against the inverted V on the underside of my cockhead as she bathed the end of my rigid cock with her warm saliva. Then all of a sudden, her tongue was swirling in slow teasing circles all over the spongy membranes of the engorged crown. " Oh fuck, Awn. That's so good," I said with a groan as I continued to firmly slide the outer sheath of my cock back and forth.

I was feeding her a continuous supply of precum as I milked my throbbing rod into her hot mouth. I looked down at those beautiful lips stretched tightly around my thick cock and slid my hand further forward until the encompassing ring formed by my thumb and forefinger bumped softly against the soft warm pillows of her lips.

One of her delicate hands continued to softly naughty lezzies fill up their big fannys with milk and burst it out and caress my cum-filled balls while I feel her other hand make its way to the base of my cock. I feel that delightful scratch of her young fingernails as she traced them teasingly around the taut skin of my groin. " Oh God, Awn.

Fuck.you know what I like," I said as my hand started to move more rapidly on my throbbing erection. "Just a little more and you'll get a nice big reward." " Mmmmmmm," she let out a low moan of anticipation " mmmmmm " and I could hear her make loud wet smooching noises against my enflamed cockhead as she sucked voraciously at my surging cock.

Her tongue and sucking lips were working their magic and I felt my balls drawing up close to my body as she cradled them gingerly in her cupping hand. "OH FUCK AWN.GONNA FILL YOUR MOUTH.GET READY," My hand was bumping against her soft lips constantly now as I rapidly stroked my pulsating cock back and forth.

" OH FUCK.OOOOOOOOOOOHHH," I let out a loud deep wail as I feel the first blast of my boiling cum speed up the shaft of my cock and jettison forth deep into the back of her sucking mouth. " Uuummmpphhh," she made a slight gagging sound as the first big blast caught her off guard as it filled her throat. She quickly recovered as the second long ropey stream of cum spat forth and I feel her vacuuming mouth sucking thirstily at my spitting dick.

" Oh fuck.take it all Awn," I moaned as I kept jacking my erupting cock into her eager mouth. As I continued to unload into her beautiful sucking mouth, I looked down and saw milky trickles of my cum leaking out the sides of her stretched lips and run down her chin. I moved my jacking hand back and forth, pumping more and more of that creamy semen she loved so much into that sweet 20-year old mouth of hers.

" Mmmmmmm," she mewed as I saw her swallow a big mouthful. My shooting cock was simply flooding her mouth with cum and she was struggling to keep up with the flow.

I saw more pearly fluid ooze from the corners of her mouth and then I heard her gulp as she took down another big swallow. My cock finally stopped shooting and I slowed my pumping hand as the final drops oozed forth onto her waiting tongue. Her one hand softly caressed around the base of my cock while the other gently cradled my relaxing cute brunette shows you how to stroke your dick.

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Her soft warm lips nursed softly at my cockhead while her tongue sought out the last few drops of my silky cum from the seeping eye. " Oh fuck, Awn. Man.did I ever need that. Your mouth feels so good on my cock," I said as I looked down at her beautiful face glistening with a fine sheen of perspiration. With her soft sucking lips still tightly adhered to my broad cockhead, she looked up at me with dreamy eyes.

She looked blissfully content with a stomach full of my thick milky cum. " Let me look at you," I said as I pulled my deflating cock from between her sucking lips.


She turned her face up to look at me as I gazed down at her lovingly. Her lips looked swollen and puffy from the lustful sucking she'd just given me.

They were glistening with her warm saliva and she held it slightly open as she took in nice continuation of the anal one tube porn breaths of fresh air. There were two long streaks of my white cum running from the corners of her mouth down her chin.

One big gob on the left side was starting to distend downwards. It was so thick though that it refused to fall and just clung there swinging slightly back and forth. It looked incredibly sexy as that warm pearly wad of my cum clung to her pretty young face and refused to let go. " Stand up, Awn," I said as I reached down and took her arms and helped her to her feet.

The hanging gob of semen remained adhered to her face as she rose from her kneeling position and stood in front of me. I reached forward and caught the big hanging wad of milky cream on my fingers and held them up for her to see. I think we could use some direct application right now to help those perfect young tits of yours grow just a little more." I lowered my cum-filled hand to her chest and slipped my gooey fingers right down inside her bra.

My fingers slid over the smooth warm skin until I encountered the stiff pebble of her swollen nipple. " Uuuunnnggghhh," she let out a groan as my slick fingers spread the pearly seed all over the erect little buds. With my hand stuffed down inside her lacy bra, I used my slick fingers to roll my creamy white semen all around the tip of her firm young breast.

Her rubbery nipple extended and thickened under my tender caress. " We want to make sure the other grows at the same rate, right?" I moved slightly to her other side, reached up to her face and gathered up the drooling trail of cum from the other side of her chin.

I then slipped that hand down inside her bra to cup her other firm breast. " Oh God. That feels so nice, John," she said as she leaned into me while my cum-coated hand played with her stiffening nipple. I could feel the cool sleek fabric of her bra against the back of my hand as I smoothed my pearly semen into the soft warm surface of her beautiful young breast. I could have stayed there all day and amused myself with her budding young tits but I had more important stuff to move onto; like filling that gorgeous ass of hers with over 9" of thick hard cock.

" Your breasts are perfect, Awn," I said as I gave them a final soft squeeze before withdrawing my hand. I let my hand slip down over the surface of her bra and teased her stiff nipples which were now protruding significantly against the sexy fabric. It was so erotic to feel the hard rubbery bud beneath my fingers while it was contained within her pretty white bra. She purred as she leaned further against my shoulder as my hands cupped and caressed those firm young mounds.

I feel my stomach growling and looking up, I caught sight of the clock in my kitchen. I realized I hadn't eaten anything since earlier this morning.

With all the sexual activity that had gone on since then, my body was calling out for fuel. " Are you hungry, Awn? Would you like something to eat?" " No, I'm okay," she said as she lifted her head off my shoulder.

" Aunt Mina and I had something to eat just a few minutes before you got there." " Well, I'm starving so I'm gonna make myself something. While I'm doing that, do you want to start getting ready for what we talked about? You still want me to fill japanese love story full movies pinoy pussy and to try filling your ass, right?" " I do," she said with excitement in her voice.

" You are dating?" " Yes." She replied. " Are you a virgin?" " Yes." Have you dated an older man? " No, only guys that are in their twenties." She replied. I started by giving her a massage. It feels so good to have my strong hands on her small shoulders! " Just relax, let me take care of nika and magda pleasures a thick member creampie brunette I massaged her shoulders, then moved down to her small erect nipples and breasts, she was incredible.

I was so lucky to have this young beauty as my niece! I could feel my erection growing harder. I would train her to take care of me, since my wife was away so much. First, I would have to deflower her gently and introduce her into the ways of love.

I gently sucked and licked her small breasts, and caressed her body. " Awn, you are beautiful." I said huskily. She smiled, standing naked in front of me. I was astonished at her beauty and submission. " Lie on the bed." She got on the bed, and I told her to spread her legs. She did, and I gently and tenderly explored between them. She was wet, aroused, and her pussy was tight and very delicious.

I gently fingered her, then begin to lick her. I was so horny but I knew to get this beauty under my spell I would have to make her cum hard. I licked and sucked her virginal pussy, which was sweet and very tight.

She had a shaved pussy and was becoming visibly turned on and breathing hard. I took two fingers and gently pushed her hymen aside. It was tight, very tight, and I worried that she would not be able to accommodate my huge cock. I found her G spot, and licked and sucked her clit as my fingers massaged deep inside her womanhood. " Cum for me, Awn, it's OK, let yourself go completely." I continued my gentle firm assault on her body, and soon felt her orgasm and heard her cries of astonished joy.

" OMG.OOOH.OOOH.AAAAH.AAAAH.MMMMM." I feel her pulses deep inside her virginal pussy, and the wetness flood inside her. I licked and gently kissed her pussy, and knew she was mine. " How did that feel?" " Great!" " Have you ever had an orgasm before like that?" " I touch myself, but nothing like that." " OK, now I'm going to teach you how to pleasure a man." She glanced at my huge cock again, and quickly looked away. It was nasty looking with large blue veins snaking all around it.

Long enough to slam a woman's cervix, and very thick which meant it really stretched a woman out. " Now spread your legs wide." She did as she was asked, and I very gently started to massage her breasts and pussy again. She was flooded, wet, and wide open. I coat the large bulbous head and shaft with KY gel, making sure it was slippery enough to get in. " Here it comes" as I line myself up and grab her hips. I start working the head in slowly it was very difficult since she was extremely small and tight.

She was heaving and bucking as I pushed the head inside her. I pull back with the head barely touching her lips, I drive my hips forward using all of my might.

Driving in tearing her cherry, splitting her in two as my instrument enters her slamming through her hymen and driving itself at least 6 inches in on the very first thrust.

Her whole body jerked in response to the white hot pain of the instrument slicing into her small tight young pussy as she emitted a screech " OMG! OMG! AAAAAHHH! ". She screeched " AAAAHHH! TAKE IT OUT! AAAAAHHHH! " The pain was unbelievable for her, and she was crying with the intensity of it.

I said, " are you OK?" She nodded, good, she was an uninhibited beauty! Pulling back several inches, I saw lots of blood covering my cock, and dribbling down on to the sheets.

I drive forward again, slamming the head up against her cervix. I draw back and started ramming the tight pussy muscular ebony hunter corbin dude stroke his cock again tube porn and tearing her tight tunnel.

" OMG! AAAAAHHHH! AAAAAYYYY! AAAAHHHH! " Her body was jerking wlidly from the intense pain, the feel of her tight small virgin pussy milking my cock sent shivers of excitement through my body as I slammed her with my cock. Her pussy resisting each thrust, clamping down in a vain attempt at stopping each subsequent penile impalement.

Tears were pouring down her face as her tight young flower was stretched, scrapped and torn by the sustained ramming I was inflicting on her.

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Gradually, the continued ramming of my cockhead gave to the back of her pussy caused it to give a bit, and I was able to slide the last few inches in. It felt great, having her tight young pussy grasping the entire shaft including the base of my cock, convulsing from the trauma, continuely spasming as her whole body heaves from the sobs and screams she was emitting " AAAAAHHHH!

AAAAHHHH! OOOOOHHHH! PLEASE! Pleeesssse! ". I continued, starting to thrust into her with long slow deep thrusts. She was now crying out in pleasure, and I could feel myself start to cum. I fucked her long and hard, it was a extremely tight, exquisite fuck, the first of many, I was certain of it.

She came again, despite the extreme tightness and the intense pain turning to pleasure, and then I feel my balls contract and my orgasm start to swell up inside me.

My cock throbbing and pumping thick loads of cum deep inside her no longer virgin pussy, and they both were flooded with the pleasure and intensity of her deflowering. I finished gently, slowly letting my cock soften inside her, and then it was squeezed out as her pussy resumed its normal size. When I looked down, there was blood on the sheet and on us, I got a towel and gently washed her off.

" How did that feel?" " Very painful then Incredible." " Are you sore?" " Very sore." " Your body will get used to me as we go on. I'll give you a rest for a day or so, but you are not to masturbate or touch yourself until we are together, do you understand?" " Yes sir." As I finished gay taking advantage of drunk friend lunch, I heard the water start running in the shower.I went to the closet opened it.

From the top shelf I took out the box containing the black lacy body-stocking that I'd bought for Mina at the lingerie store. I looked at the picture on the cover of the gorgeous blonde wearing one. Fuck! This was going to be perfect! I set the box on the bed and took out the new pair of black high heels with the pointy toes and little rhinestones around the ankle strap.

Nice.This was going to be the perfect outfit for my sweet niece to wear while I take her anal virginity. I went into the bathroom and found Awn in the shower; her young body clearly visible through the rising steam beyond the glass doors.

She had put her hair up in some form of top-knot to prevent it from getting wet. She looked so sinfully attractive as she leaned forward and let the steaming spray pelt down her back and run deliciously over the firm mounds of her young ass. I entered the shower and she gave me a soft smile as I moved towards her and took her in my arms. My lips met hers and we savored a deep long passionate kiss. As the hot stinging spray rained down upon us, she reached up and took my face in her hands as she ardently kissed me.

I loved the feel of those soft lips of hers on my own and we spent a long time enjoying the intensely erotic taste of each others warm mouth. As I finally pulled my mouth back from hers, I reached over for the big bar of soap and thoroughly lathered my hands. " You are beautiful like your Aunt Mina," I whispered to her softly as I pulled her to me and let my soapy hands slide down her back. " 1 girl 5 boys sex xxnx can't wait to bury my cock all the way inside your tight ass." My slippery hands cupped her shapely round ass and I slid my fingertips into that hot moist cleft as I pulled her against me.

" John! Don't get my hair wet!" She giggled and then reached behind me for the soap. As I let my slick hands caress her firm round ass-cheeks, her own soapy hands found there way down my chest and stomach to my abdomen.

" Oh John.I love your cock," she said softly as her slippery hand wrapped around my heavy thick cock and started stroking lovingly. She took her other soapy hand and soon they were working their magic on my long thick rod. Those lathery hands of hers feel wonderful as she worked them all over and around my crotch. I let go of her and leaned back against the shower wall giving her free access to my entire groin. She reached for the soap and quickly re-lathered her hands and returned them to my hanging cock.

I feel her sharp fingernails scratching through my pubic hair for a few seconds and then she wrapped one of her delicate little hands around my cock and slowly drew it down towards the mushroom head.

" Oh God, I love that," I moaned as her second hand replaced the first just as it slipped right off the end. She was doing that " pulling the rope" thing again and I just leaned back and let her continue as my cock started to extend and swell beneath her slippery stroking hands.

Her slick warm hands made pulling stroke after stroke as my harding cock extended and started rising under her loving caress. I loved the intense pressure as my cock thickened and got harder and harder as she purposely drew it downwards while it kept trying to rise up. " Oh, John.

It feels like it wants to lift me right up, the way it's trying to spring out of my hands." The enveloping corridor of her two stroking hands had me almost climbing the walls as she took long firm strokes from the broad base all the way off the wide flared head. As she continued to draw it forcefully downwards, she must have missed her grip with one of her hands because my cock sprang up like a catapult and slapped noisily against my stomach. " Oh my god! I'm sorry John.

It's just so big and powerful," she said as she reached out with her hand pointing downwards and let the palm of her hand and the inside of her fingers slide down the underside of my throbbing erection. " Turn around and face the wall, Awn," I said as I moved out of the way from where I'd been leaning.

I positioned Awn facing the wall I'd been leaning against and pushed forward lightly on her back. She put her hands up against the wall and leaned her head against it as the pelting spray from the shower head now rained down on her upper back and ran down the rest of her backside.

" That's good, now spread your legs a little wider apart.that's it.just like that," I said as I moved behind her and thoroughly lathered my hands from the big bar of soap. She looked beautiful leaning against the shower wall with her long slender legs spread slightly apart and her back arched so her firm round ass stood out proudly behind her. Soon I hoped to have my thick cock buried deep inside that virginal young ass but I wanted to make sure she was nice and ready to take it.

" You feel so nice, Awn," I said as I let my soapy hands slide down over her back and onto the round soft cheeks of her ass. I moved my hands in slow circles as I caressed and kneaded those two firm mounds. I slid my fingers deep into the dark crevice between them and reveled in the intense heat that awaited me.

Oh man, this was gonna be so good, I thought as I slid my fingers along the bottom of that mysterious crease from the small of her back towards her little pink hole. " Aaaaaaahhh.yyyyyyeeeessssss," she hissed as the tip of my middle finger pressed teasingly against her tight little pucker.

As I circled my soapy fingertip over that pink rosebud, she seemed to subconsciously roll her hips back against my pressing hand. I ran my fingers all around and over that sensitive little opening as she let out little moans of pleasure as the steaming water rained down upon us. " Aaaaaaaahhh.Aaaaaaaahhhhh," I never forced my finger inside her as I knew that once I got her on my bed, that's when I'd really start to work to loosen her up.

As I drew my hands away from her sumptuous ass, she looked back over her shoulder at me with an almost pleading look in her eyes. " It's okay, Awn," I said calming her, " we'll get back to that soon enough. There's something else I'd like to do first. " She watched as I reached for the soap again and rubbed a substantial amount of the bubbly lather back into the deep hot crack of her backside.

I then rubbed the bar directly against my upright cock until it was just covered in the foamy soap. I got my hands thoroughly lathered up as well before setting the bar back onto the shelf. " I just want to see how you like this." I pressed down on the top of my hard erection and moved close up behind her.

I slipped the angry purple head past the bottom of her ass-cheeks and pressed the tip gently against her wrinkled anal opening. " Oh God! It feels so big and hot," she said as she pressed back against it slightly.

" Are you going to try and put it in now, John?" she asked with a note of fear in her voice. " Oh no. Not yet, honey. You're not quite ready yet." I moved slightly back and let the tip of my surging cock slide up into the deep warm crevice of her inviting ass. The warm slippery soap rilynn rae gives her plumber an upskirt view a luxurious lubricant as my thick cock slid up between those soft round buns of hers as I pressed myself up against her back.

The tip of my hard cock came well above the start of her crack at the small of her back.

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Her firm round cheeks pressed delightfully against the sides of my hard cock as it slid up along the full length of her crevice. I reached around jenny ferri ferry petite teen girl first time sex with teddy bear carlos outdoor slid my soapy hands up over her taut flat stomach until I was cupping those firm breasts of hers.

" Aaaaaaahhh.that feels so good," she moaned as I started to flex my hips and slide my cock up and down along the length of the crack of her ass. Man, she was right, it did feel good. Damn good! Those succulent round ass-cheeks of hers were gripping the sides of my pistoning rod tightly as I drove it up and down in that hot moist groove. Her rubbery nipples were stiffening and getting longer beneath my cupping hands as I let my big slippery hands roam all over that young chest of hers.

I could hear her over the sound of the shower as she made little grunts and groans as she rolled her hips and pressed herself back against me. " uuuuh.uuuuh.ooooh.ooooh.aaaaahhh." As I fucked my rampant cock up and down between the cheeks of her firm young ass, I figured I'd better stop soon or I'd be blowing a load all over her back. I didn't want to waste my cum as this was one load I was anxious to deposit deep inside her.

I stopped flexing my hips and used my cupping hands to pull her upper body back up against me. " We'd better stop, Awn," I whispered into her ear as I nibbled on her soft earlobe and then let my wet tongue slide into the sensitive opening of her ear.

" Mmmmmmm.do we have to?" she said in a hot whisper as she reached up to stroke my face as I let my tongue explore the delicate membranes inside her ear. " It all feels so good." She was positively purring now as my tongue probed against those sensitive nerve endings. " Well," I whispered softly into her ear as I looked down over her shoulder at my slippery hands brooke banner gets fucked by the customer those beautiful round tits of hers.

" Would you prefer this load of cum all over your ass.or deep inside it?" " Mmmmmmmm.inside it," she said as she turned and threw her arms around my neck. I brought my mouth down to hers and her soft pillowy lips felt amazingly comforting and warm as I let my tongue slide between her parted lips and press against hers.

We savored the warm taste of each others mouths as we let our tongues perform a slow sensual dance as they rolled and pressed against each others. I felt myself almost getting light-headed as the slow waves of sublime pleasure rolled over me.

" Awn, we have to stop," I said breathlessly as I finally tore my mouth away from hers. "I want you to finish rinsing off and I've left some things out there for you to wear. I'll be right in." "Okay, Uncle Jeff. Whatever you say." She turned back into the steaming spray and let the pelting water wash off the bubbling lather.

When she finished and stepped out of the shower, I moved underneath the shower head and let the hot steaming water cascade down over me. I cleaned myself thoroughly and by the time I was done, she had left the bathroom and gone into the bedroom.

As I dried myself, I had to smile. Like the kid she was, she had just dropped her towel in a pile on the floor. For what she was giving me in return, I was willing to live with a minor indiscretion like that. I hung both our towels over the racks on the walls and ran a brush through my hair. I looked down at my cock which was hanging majestically between my legs.

It had lost a little of its intense hardness and was now hanging at about "half-mast"; still partially erect but the heavy weight of it was causing it to hang a little below horizontal. In this state it seemed to appear even more menacing as it seemed to hint at the potential size and power it would have when fully erect. I wrapped my hand around it and gave it one leisurely stroke before walking into the bedroom to see how Awn was doing. Oh man! I stopped dead in my tracks as I looked at Awn standing in front of the mirror over the dresser fixing her hair.

She had on the full-length stretchy black lace bodysuit and it looked absolutely stunning on her! It fit her perfect young body like a second skin as it covered her from her wrists to her neck, and then all the way down to her feet which were encased in those sexy pointy-toed black high heels with the little rhinestones adorning the ankle strap.

I could see the outline of the crotchless opening that hinted at the hidden treasures lying beneath. " Awn.you.you look incredible," I stammered as I gazed open-mouthed at the young tantalizing 20-year old before me. " Isn't it something, John!" she said excitedly as she turned to face me. " I think somebody else likes it too." I saw her eyes look down to my groin and I looked down myself to see my cock harding and rising of its own accord as my eyes feasted on the delectable meal I was about to have served up in bed.

That bodysuit was so fucking sexy I wondered why I hadn't gotten her to put it on as soon as we got it here. It seemed to accentuate every sweet curve and line of her sexy young body. And the shoes just added to the sensual allure that seemed to be oozing from every part of her lustful form. " Can you do this up for me, John?" she asked as she turned and showed me a little zipper at the back of her neck.

" I couldn't reach it very well." She held her hair up and I stepped over to her and slid the little zipper all the way to the top. She let her lustrous black locks fall back over her shoulders and she shook them out so her hair looked wild and sexy as it framed her gorgeous face.

She looked so amazing that I knew I had to get some pictures of her ultra wet gang bang for japanese hardcore and groupsex this outfit. This was going to be perfect whacking material when I needed it. " Oh Awn, you look so fucking sexy in that," I said as I reached over and grabbed my camera from the top of the dresser, " I just have to get some pictures." She loved these modeling games we played and eagerly agreed to pose for the camera.

It showed her sophistication. As you can imagine, I was only too happy to help out! I ran her through a number of provocative and suggestive poses as I had her leaning over against the dresser, standing sideways in a doorway, putting a shapely leg up onto the bed and running her own hands over her delicious young body.

She just seemed to naturally run with it and needed no prompting from me as she gave me a number of scintillating poses as I continued to click away with my camera. Man, she was such a teasing little minx! I could feel my hard cock pulsing as she seemed to just about be making love right to the camera.

I finally had to set it aside as it was time to move on to what we were both here for; opening up that sweet young ass of hers for my big thick cock. " Okay honey, come up here on the bed now," I said as I put the camera down on the night table and turned the covers down on the bed.

" John," Awn asked imploringly as she kneeled on the bed facing me, " can I suck your cock for just a few minutes first? It looks so good sticking straight up like that." " Okay, sweetie," I said as I stood right at the side of the bed. " Go ahead, but just for a couple of minutes though." Gee, it was tough having a niece who was so orally obsessed! " Thanks, John," she said as she pulled a hairband off her wrist and quickly whipped it up into a ponytail.

Once she had her hair up, she crawled over until she was on her knees right in front of me. " Oh god, it's so beautiful," she said softly just before I saw her tongue flick out to gather up the glistening drop of precum at the tip before she let her lips slide down over the dark engorged head.

She kept one hand wrapped as far as she could get around the thick shaft as she started to slowly bob her head up and down. I just stood at the side of the bed and luxuriated in the wonderful feeling of her hot slippery mouth sliding up and down my throbbing erection. She was making that usual low purring sound of hers as you tell she loved the feel of a big hard cock working her mouth.

I let her continue sucking for three or four minutes before I took her head in my hands and stopped her. " Okay, Awn, that's enough for now. First off, I want you to let your hair back down." She pulled the stretchy band out of her hair and shook it out so once again it looked full and sexy as it framed that beautiful face.

" Good, now I want you to lay back on the bed. That's the way. Now I'm just gonna slip this pillow under your ass a little bit.yeah.just like that." She followed my instructions and was lying back while I had put one pillow slightly under her ass so her hips were in a slightly rolled-up position. I opened the drawer of the bedside table and took out the big jar of Baby Fresh Vaseline and my clean-up towel that I had there and set them beside me as I crawled onto the bed.

" That's my minx, now bring those beautiful legs of yours up and apart.that's it.perfect." It was beautiful to look down as she brought her legs up and let them drift apart.

The opening of the crotchless bodysuit just seemed to open up like a fresh steamed clam. It framed the beautiful pink petals of her pussy beautifully. It looked tantalizing tasty as I could see and smell her warm sweet nectar glistening on her swollen pink labia. I was tempted to dive down and eat her to a bone-jarring orgasm, but today, my target was lying just south of that slippery little hole.

I reached into the jar of Vaseline and applied a liberal amount of the greasy lubricant to the fingers of my right hand. I brought my hand between her legs and let my finger trace along the dark line of her crevice. " Now just bring your knees up a little further, honey.there.that's just what I need," I said as the delightful pink pucker of her little hidden rosebud came into view. I let my index finger slide into her crack and ran the tip along the smooth sensitive skin all around that tight little hole.

The touch of her warm skin quickly caused the thick lubricant to thin out as I slid my finger all around my desired target. With the lubricant shining on the area all around the virginal little opening, I slid my finger teasingly right over the puckered hole.

" Aaaaaaahhh," she let out a little gasp as I circled my slick finger all around her tight anus. " Okay, Awn. I'm gonna try and slip my finger into you now. Just relax your ass as much as you can. I know it'll feel strange at first and you'll not want to let anything in there.

But trust me, if you just relax and let it slide into you nice and easy.you're gonna love it." " Okay, John," she said nervously, " I'll try." I watched her take a deep breath and let it out slowly. As she did, I applied a little more pressure with my finger and watched the tip start to slide into her. It went about an inch into her and then I felt her sphincter close down hard on the invading digit and push it back out.

I had expected this and held it against the tight opening as she looked up at me anxiously.


" Oh, I'm sorry, John. I didn't mean to do that. It just seemed to happen." The expression on her face told me she seemed more upset about possibly disappointing me than actually having something inserted into her tight virgin ass. " That's okay, honey. That's just your body's natural reaction. It's alright. Just lie back and try again to relax. Now let's try it again." As she lay back and took another slow deep breath, I pressed my finger against that tight ring once more.

The tip started to slip in and as I felt her sphincter relax, my finger started to slide in easier. I felt the hot tight membranes gripping the probing digit until I feel the palm of my hand press up tight against her groin. " That's it, Awn. You've got it," I said encouragingly as I held still with my finger all the way inside her. " Now I'm just going to move it around a bit. Just keep that opening nice and relaxed.oh yeah.that's it.feel that go in and out.oh yeah.just get used to it.nice and easy." I continued with soft words of praise as I slowly started to fuck my finger in and out of her.

Her sphincter remained nice and relaxed so I started to slowly spin my finger in slow circles inside her. " Mmmmmmmm.that feels nice, John," she said as I felt her try and roll her hips against my invading finger. I continued probing her gently for a couple of more minutes and then decided to move ahead. " You're doing very well, two european lesbians make each other cum telsev. Let's try another one now.just let it relax.just like that.," I said as I slipped my index finger in next to my middle finger.

I was happy to see her tight ring stretch to accommodate my second finger. With two fingers side by side, I started to slowly fuck them back and forth. She quickly got accustomed to the size and I could feel the tight hot walls of her ass gripping back against me.

I pressed the two fingers all the way into her and drew them in slow teasing circles as I explored the moist hot walls for the next few minutes. " Aaaaaaahhhh." she let out a little hiss of pleasure as my probing fingers skillfully caressed those tender membranes. She seemed ready for more, so I slid my ring finger up against the other two and felt her elasticky ring stretch over it as I pressed it into her.

She didn't complain and I could feel her consciously forcing her body to relax as she tried to accommodate the third invader. I formed my fingers into a little pyramid and started to slide them back and forth.

" Ooooohhh," she moaned as her tight ring was getting stretched as the tips of my fingers got further inside her and the widest part at the base of my fingers got closer to her hot little opening. I took it nice and slow so her body could get used to this new sensation and it only took a couple of minutes before my three fingers were sliding in and out of tushy gf cassidy klein gives her man an anal anniversary present. Man, this young woman was a natural.

" That's really good, Awn. You're almost ready to take my cock. I want you to turn over on your hands and knees now." I pulled the pillow out from under her as she flipped over and got onto all fours. Oh man, her sweet ass looked beautiful as it was framed by that teasing cut-out of the crotchless bodysuit.

" Now just put your knees a little further apart, Awn.that's it.now just arch your back a bit.that's good." I looked down as she pressed her back down a little bit and her nice little ass seemed to rise higher and her smooth slick crevice opened up before me. " Oh man.that's such a perfect ass," I said veruca james got black dicking down her pussy I moved in behind her and brought my slick fingers back up towards her beckoning hole.

I slipped my three fingers back into that puckered little rosebud and she moaned " OOOH.OOOH " as I slid them all the way in to the base and then moved them in slow teasing circles. I could hear her starting to breathe more raggedly as my slick fingers toyed with her sensitive insides while she rolled her hips rhythmically against my probing digits. I decided she was ready. " Okay Awn, I'm going to try putting my cock inside you now. Are you okay?

Are you sure you still want to do this?" I said softly as I kept my fingers stirring in slow little circles inside that hot steaming hole of hers. " Oh god, yes. It feels so good, John." She said as she looked back over her shoulder at me as she continued to press her hips back against my hand. " Alright, Awn. You just let me know if it starts to hurt too much." As I withdrew my slick fingers, I watched her tight little anus close in upon itself. I reached down into the jar of Vaseline and drew out a sizable gob.

I wrapped my hand around my throbbing hard cock and got my cock completely coated with the slick lubricant. When it was thoroughly covered, I grabbed the towel I'd brought with me and wiped the excess Vaseline off my hands, then tossed the towel to the side.

I used just the tips of my fingers and pressed down on the top of my hard cock until it was pointing straight jessica and kortney share one large cock that tight pink pucker.

I pressed the engorged tip right against the wrinkled little hole and it feels incredibly hot against me. I pressed my hips forward so the tip was fitting snugly against her and then let go of my cock and put my hands on each side of her flared hips. " Okay, honey.we're gonna go nice and slow now.just take a deep breath.now just relax as you let it out nice and easy.that's it.just like that." As I feel the hot young pucker relax, I pressed forward so the wide flared head started to stretch that tight little ring.

I looked down as her virginal young ass slid open beautifully as that pink ring started to slip over the invading cockhead. I pressed forward with a consistent smooth pressure as I watched the thick crimson crown slip further inside that clutching ring; then those slick puckered ass-lips of hers started to stretch tightly over the thick rope-like corona.

" OOOOOOOOWWWWW," she let out a long low groan as her ass stretched and stretched and then I felt the delicious sensation as her tight ring popped over the thick corona and the hot slick membranes were gripping my cock with the full mushroom head trapped inside her. Her whole backside was twitching and quivering as I held tightly onto her hips with my engorged cockhead lodged within her gripping ass. " Oh God.oh God." she moaned as she fought to accommodate the thick hard intruder threatening to tear apart her insides.

" You're okay.you're okay," I whispered soothingly as I tenderly stroked her sides. She was breathing raggedly as her body got used to the monster girth of my stretching cock. I continued to keep still and rub her sides gently as her shaking started to slow down. Finally she seemed in control of herself and looked back over her shoulder at me. " I'm sorry, John. It's just so thick." " That's okay, sweetie.

It's you I'm worried about. Are you alright?" " I.I think so.


The pain's going away now," she said as she looked back at me anxiously. " Do you.do you want to keep going?" " I do Awn. But only if you want to," I looked deep into her eyes and could see the sense of nervous excitement lurking there. " I do, John. I want to see if I can take it all. Just go nice and slow, okay?" " Sure, Awn. I wouldn't do it any other way. Now, just make sure you keep good and relaxed." She turned her head back around and I took a firm grip on those wide womanly hips of hers as I looked down at the barrel of my glistening thick cock.

I could see the gnarled veins standing out prominently as my blood-filled cock protruded menacingly from her tight young ass. I flexed my hips slightly back and then started to press that wide head further into her with a slow steady pressure.

" Uh.uh." she was letting out little gasps as I watched that tightly stretch ring move further and further down the shaft of my cock as I fed inch after thick inch into her.

That beautiful young ass of hers was incredibly tight and hot as the moist slick membranes lining her bum teasingly gripped my stiff erection. With about two-thirds of my rigid dick inside her, I stopped and let her get further accustomed to the new sensations going on inside her. " How are you doing, Awn?" I asked as I rolled my hips in a slow circle so my invading cock pressed all around her tender insides.

" Oh god.I've never felt so full in my life. It feels kind of strange but really good at the same time. Does it feel okay to you, John?" " It feels incredible, Awn. It's so hot and tight in there.

It feels like your ass is gripping me with a hot buttery glove." I paused as I feel her roll her hips this time as she pushed back against me slightly. " You've still got about 3 or 4 inches yet to go.

Do you want to try for the rest?" " Oh God, yes! Please, John?" she said as she looked back at me imploringly. " Okay, honey. Now though, I'm gonna stay absolutely still.and this time.I want you to slide your ass back down on it until you get as much in as you want to take, okay?" " Okay, I'll try to see if I can take it all," she said nervously.

I held tightly to her hips as she turned her head back around and I feel her start to press back against me. She lowered her upper body slightly and arched her back even more as her sumptuous round ass started to slide further down the thick shaft of my erect cock. I watched enthralled as she pressed back and I watched the stretched pink lips of her anal opening slide further towards the base of my cock.

Once she got started she just kept up sliding down the thick shaft until I watched as her soft round ass pressed up against my groin and that stretched pink pucker snuggled deliciously right up against the base of my cock. " Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh," she let out a long sigh of pleasure as sasha and kate ass licking thick long cock completely filled that tight succulent ass of hers. I could hear her making that throaty purring noise of hers as she kept herself fully impaled on my surging pole as she rolled her sweet ass against my taut groin.

I was thrilled by the feeling as the velvety smooth lining of her tight young ass gripped and massaged the full length of my throbbing rod. " Oh fuck, Awn.

That feels amazing!" I said as I held tightly to her hips and enjoyed the sensations of her slowly rotating ass. " Oh God, John," she said with a deep moan. " It feels so big and powerful inside me. It's like you're filling me right up. Do you.do you think you'd like to fuck me with it now?" She looked back over her shoulder at me and I could see that fine sheen of perspiration glistening on her face.

" Would I like to fuck you with it?" I asked incredulously. " I'd love to, Awn." I took a firm grip on her hips and slowly started to withdraw my rigid cock. I watched her tightly-stretched ass-lips cling lovingly to my withdrawing shaft as more and more of it came into view.

The intense friction of the hot moist walls of her rectum was incredible as it seemed to grip and clutch at my retreating erection as if it never wanted to let it go.

I pulled back until I felt the thick band of the corona pulling on her tight anal ring, and then drove my hips forward. " AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH," she let out a loud gasp as my plundering cock surged deep into her steaming guts.

I fed it all the way into her in one firm motion until the flat of my groin slammed up against her soft round ass. As soon as I touched bottom, I quickly retreated until the broad head was tugging once again at the sensitive inside of that tight clutching ring. I gripped her hips tightly and pulled her back against me at the same time my hips slammed forward.

" OH FUCK!" she wailed as I powered my big thick dick into the depths of her fully-packed chute. We started to work together rhythmically as I felt her start to move her ass back and forth against me at the same time as I was driving my throbbing cock in and out of her. Soon her molten hot ass was rolling and squeezing my invading dick as she wantonly shook and slammed that exquisite tight ass against me.

Fuck, the kid was incredible! I barely had to do any work as she rapidly moved her delightful young ass back and forth along the full length of my throbbing member as her talented insides seemed to massage and caress it at the same time. She was groaning constantly now and panting like a runaway steam engine as our mutual pleasure escalated. As I continued to drive my pistoning cock back and forth in that sweet ass of hers, I reached around beneath us until my fingertips located her fiery engorged clit.

I took the stiff little nubbin and rolled it around between my thumb and forefinger. " OH GOD.OOOOHH.AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH," She let out a long gasp as de nuevo la maduraza tetona se folla a otro jovencito como si fuera su hijo orgasm shot through her.

I rubbed that sensitive little nodule with my fingertips as she thrashed about and convulsed beneath me. Sex stories pov creampie hot cougar squirming body caused the muscles inside her ass to grip down on my invading cock and the intense friction drove me right over the edge.

" OH FUCK AWN.HERE IT COMES." I wailed as I feel the delicious sensation as the first blast of semen started to speed up my throbbing shaft. The bubbling seed shot out from the tip of my cock like a fireball as it burst forth to paste itself forcefully against the hot moist walls of her clutching rectum.

I held it buried all the way inside her as the second, third and fourth thick ropey wads of cum ejaculated deep inside her. " OH GOD.I CAN FEEL IT SHOOTING INSIDE ME," she said as she kept twitching and shaking as her climax coursed through every tingling nerve ending of her body. I pressed myself tight against her quivering form as I continued to flood that hot velvety ass of hers with my scalding seed.

I must have shot nine or ten good sized wads of cum deep inside her as I let the exquisite sensations of my orgasm wash over me. Our mutual climax continued for a long time and we were both covered in sweat from the exertions of our first anal fuck. My cock continued to throb and ooze my creamy semen deep into her as her gripping ass massaged and coaxed every last drop out of me.

I finally almost collapsed on top of her and the weight of my body pressed her down flat onto the bed. Her head turned to the side and I could see her gasping for air as she lay with her eyes closed as she trembled beneath me. "Are you okay, Awn?" I whispered softly into her ear as I lay on her back. She lay quietly with her eyes closed and her hair swirling about her face as she slowly let her breathing come back to normal. " Oh God.that was so good.

I'm just exhausted," she said without even opening her eyes. We lay peacefully in a state of pure bliss as we relished in the sublime pleasure that our bodies had just given each other. As I lay contentedly on top of her, I felt my deflating cock start to slide out of her. At first it was happening slowly, and then her natural instincts took over and the muscles inside of her pressed down to expel my dwindling cock. We both laughed as it slid rapidly from her collapsing hole until sandra romain sucking balls for her pathetic slave lay half-hard between the backs of her spread legs.

I rolled off her back and lay beside her on the bed. She finally opened her eyes and looked at me lovingly. " John,you were right. I did love it," she said as she let her fingers trace lightly over my chest. " I loved it too Awn," I said as I leaned over and kissed her sweaty forehead tenderly. " You were fantastic." " Do you.do you think we could do it again?" she asked as she looked up at me with that devilish glint in her eye.

She leaned over me and started kissing her way down my chest and as her fingers slid down over my stomach. Oh man! This young woman was insatiable! I wondered what I should do with her next." I want you to come live with Mina and I in the United States. You can work for me or Mina and live with us. Then we can have sex as often as you want." I said.