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1. Meeting About Bing's New Course "Thanks for coming in today," said Paul, the dean in charge of the university faculty. "I know there have been a few problems with your employment, but I want to put that behind us and get you involved in a new program that I think will suit your skills." "Oh, thank you," said Bing Lee.

"To be honest, I was a bit worried about this meeting and what you wanted to say to me." "Yes. It will involve you working in our tourism program. It's only getting started, so you'll have a chance to make a real contribution." "Tourism? I haven't worked in that area before? Do you think I'll be suitable?" "Oh yes, you'll make a great contribution.

The course you'll be involved in is our Asian tourism course. Your teaching skills will let you fit in right away, and since you come from south-east Asia, you'll be able to bring some cultural skills to the classroom. The big thing is it's a very hands-on program. So we get our students to learn by doing." "Oh that sounds interesting. If you think I can teach that course, I'd be glad to help." "Yes, I'm sure you can help. You'll be working with teachers that are highly experienced in the area, so you don't have to worry about curriculum development, or teaching material preparation.

Just turn up to class." Bzzzzzzz. Chennai aunties seducing boobs press pressed the answer button on the phone and said "Yes".

The speaker announced "Your next appointment is here," said the voice of his personal assistant. "Thank you. Send them in. Sorry I've got to finish this meeting now. I've got a very busy schedule today." "But I'd like to get prepared. Is there anything I can read through?" "Don't worry about that. As I said, it's all action learning. The students have done theory in other classes and this is just to bring it all together.

It's a capstone course that emulates real workplace experiences. You can get the class schedule from my assistant. Thanks for coming in today." 2. The First Lesson She wasn't sure what she was letting herself in for. It was an intensive session and she would be living on campus for the whole length of the time. When she got to the room she was a few amateur teen pool and big tits oil bj lescomrades sons with mia khalifa early.

She wanted to speak to the other professor before hand, but when she opened the door she realised the class was already in session. "Sorry," she said. "Am I late? This is the time I was told." "No, perfect timing," said the professor at the front of the room.


"Class, I'd like you to welcome one of my colleagues, Dr Bing Lee. Bing has been assigned to help you apply your skills in Asian tourism. Members of the small class called out their hellos, and Bing smiled back at them. "Philip, would you please get things started?

The scenario is that Bing is a new recruit to the resort and you have to get her used to what she'll be doing." A young man stood up and came to the front of the room. He paused at the door and locked it, taking the key out teenie pussy filled with warm cum after getting fucked the door and handing it to the other professor.

"Good," said the professor, "Make sure about security before you start. You don't want your recruit to get cold feet." The man came over to her and kissed her. Bing was shocked.

"What do you think you're doing?" she said, a look of shock and fury on her face. Philip grabbed her, one hand clamped on her buttock, the other pulling at her long hair pulling her head back. He said "Induction of a new recruit. I need to check you out and make sure you'll do a good job when you work with customers." He kissed her again.

"Let me go!" Bing said. "Won't one of you help me?" She kept struggling, trying to hit Philip. A young woman stood up and came to the front of the room. "Thank you," said Bing, a look of relief and gratitude on her face. That look quickly turned to a look of shock when realgfsexposed masturbating on her desk brunettes sologirl grabbed one of Bing's wrists, and then the other.

Alison pulled them behind Bing, effectively restraining her. Philip released Bing's hair and took the opportunity to cup one of Bing's little breasts, before he started undoing her blouse. "No, please don't. I'm married. Please don't." Philip didn't pause after he had her blouse open. He pulled it out of her skirt, then put his hand on her slim waist, before sliding it up to her bra covered breasts.

He slipped his thumb into one of the bra cups and tweaked her nipple. Bing was horrified to feel it get hard. He moved his hand so both were on her ass, and pulled her against him. He ground his crotch against her, and Bing felt his hard penis through the clothes. His hands started on her skirt, undoing the button on the waist band then undoing the zip. He hooked his thumbs over the waistband, and pulled her skirt down a bit.

He paused at the top of her tights to work his thumbs into the elastic waistband. He then knelt in front of her, his eyes at the level of her crotch, then in one motion he pulled her skirt and tights down so they were around her ankles. He leant forward and licked the crotch of her panties. "Alison," Philip said, "help me get her on that desk." The two of them half carried and half frog marched her to a desk and then pulled her on top of it.

Now she was sitting down Bing tried to kick at Philip, but a combination of Alison holding her arms and her skirt and tights around her ankles meant she couldn't achieve much. Philip grabbed one foot and pulled off Bing's shoe, then he pulled her skirt and tights off that leg. Bing was left with one shoe on, with clothes hanging off it. He then stood up, and pulled her to the edge of the desk, then undid his belt and trousers, pulling them down. He pulled down his underpants and Bing saw his hard cock.

She knew what was going to happen. "Please," she simpered. "Please." ‎ Philip didn't delay. He stroked his cock a couple of times with hot asian slut fisted in her gaping asshole right hand to get it hard, and pulled the crotch of Bing's panties to one side with the left.

He crouched slightly and guided the tip of his cock into the opening of her vagina. He started thrusting into her. He found her pussy was a bit dry so it took a while to work himself fully into her body, but he persevered.

She felt good on his cock, but her light weight meant it was hard to really pound her hard, so he put his hands on her shoulders so he could hold her down when he thrust up with his cock. Bing started to cry.

She just wanted it over. She knew she couldn't avoid him filling her with sperm. But she just wanted it over so she could get away. There was no way this was meant to happen to her. It didn't take long before she could see from the look on his face, and the speed of him fucking her, that he was going to come soon. She was wet by now, so his penis slid easily in and out of her.

She felt him tense, and he thrust himself into her as deeply as possible, then stopped. Bing knew he was ejaculating. It was over. Bing sat on the desk gently crying as Philip pulled out of her and got dressed. "Okay class," said the professor, "any comments on Philip's induction of Bing." "I liked it," said a man's voice. Bing couldn't see him.

"He quickly took control, and didn't bother trying to explain things. If he was by himself he could have smacked Bing around a bit to get her to comply, but Alison was there so he could use her to restrain her. I liked it." "Yes, I think that's a very good summary," said the professor.

"Quick, dominant and unambiguous." "Please let me go," Bing pleaded. "I won't say anything." The professor didn't even acknowledge Bing's words. "Okay class, what should you do to Bing next?" "Strip her so you can check her body out better," called a woman.

"Get more guys to fuck her so she gets used to it," called out a man. "Both good suggestions," replied the professor. "We're due for a break now, but feel free to carry on with Bing while I get a coffee." 3.

Taking a Break Bing heard the key turn in the lock. The professor was back. She was naked, lying on her back with the semen of all the men in the class oozing from her vagina.

The women had been involved too. They had helped strip her and had helped hold Bing down until she had given up resisting. Then they had started playing with her; sucking on her nipples and playing with her vagina in between the men having sex with her. Why didn't they have sex with the men? They seemed to like that sort of thing. "Has everyone had a chance to check out Bing?

I know you didn't have long but at this stage in the induction you're not here to enjoy yourself." In response there was a chorus of "Yes", "Sure did", "Fucked her good", and "Gave her a load". "Good. A gangbang with cream pies. What about you ladies?" "I played with her pussy and sucked on her titties," said Alison.

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The other women nodded in agreement. "Any suggestions for the next steps in the process?" "I'd like to shave her pussy," said Alison.

"There isn't much there, but I think it should be smooth for this type of work." "Good." "Better clothes," said another woman. "These clothes are too frumpy, and tights are always a hassle." "Yes Mary. I agree." "Why don't you listen to me?" said Bing with a plaintive tone to her voice. "Find out what her oral skills are like," suggested a man, not even acknowledging Bing's words. "That's an important skill." "Try her out in a few different positions.

So far she has mostly just been on her back." "Yeah. I'd like to try anal. Then a bit of DP." "I like all those," said the professor. "Okay.

Philip and Alison lead the first stage. Who wants to take charge of the next couple of stages? Maybe Mary and Louise can work on her grooming, zambian artist bobby east and ruth story Mark and Andy can take charge of her sexual development?

The rest of you can help with that too." There were nods and smiles from the students. "Okay. That's it for today. I'll get you to report back tomorrow and we will review your progress and plan the next steps." 4. Reviewing Homework Bing was very different the next morning. She was dressed very differently in a tight white top with a low neckline, a short red skirt that let you see the tops of her black stockings, and a pair of black high heels.

The look on her face and her demeanour was also very different. She wasn't angry or shocked or defiant anymore.


Rather it was a look of resignation. Her will had been worn down. "Nice," said the professor as he walked around her, examining her from every angle. "These clothes add a lot to her appeal. Did you shave her too?" Mary stepped forward and pulled up Bing's skirt, then pulled down the front of her lacy black panties. "Nice and smooth," said Mary. "She struggled a bit, so I had to get Louise and Philip to hold her down and spread her legs.

But I got there in the end." Mary slid her hand down the front of Bing's panties and cupped her pussy.

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Bing barely reacted. Compared to what she had been through in the last day, having her genitals exposed and fondled was unremarkable. "Great work.


What about the guys? Mark and Andy. How did you go with Bing?" Andy looked back at the professor with a smug look on his face. "We broadened her horizons. It was obvious that her range of sexual experiences was limited, so we took turns fucking her pussy every which way.

Then we partied with her a bit. I got her loaded up on vodka, which didn't take much, and we played with her in the hot tub, which got her even drunker. Then I face fucked her. She will need to do some work on her oral skills, but she swallowed my load so that was good." "I worked her ass," said Mark. "It took a while to get into her. She struggled a bit, and you should have heard her swear.

Then I went all the way in. You should have heard her yell at that. But I've loosened her up now. We didn't have time to get into some DP. Maybe we can find some time today." "Good," said the professor. He turned to Bing. "And how are you feeling? Ready for another day working with the students?" "Please let me go," said Bing.

"I won't tell anyone about this.

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I don't want anyone to know what I've done. Please." "Don't worry," said the professor in a soothing voice. "By the end of the week you'll have done much more than this." He paused and then addressed the class. "Okay, today we need to work on the promotional aspects of Asian tourism. How do you think we should promote having a holiday with Bing?" "A website," suggested one student.

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"With some photos," suggested a second. "But what sorts of photos?" said the professor. "Ones that show off her boobs," said the first student. "Some guys like small tits." "Ones that show off her pussy," said the second. "Yes, okay," said the professor. "But they're both pretty predictable. It isn't a surprise that she has those. What about something a bit different?" "Do you mean like for people with sister brxxx storys sleepin sher bad tastes?" said Mary.

"Yes," said the professor. "Or things that she will do that are unusual." Louise stroked Bing's thigh and asked her, "So, what do you want to do? What is your special kink? What fetishes do you have?" Louise's hand moved up from Bing's thigh to her pussy, and she started massaging it through Bing's panties.

"I… I, don't really do those sorts of things," said Bing with a look of fear on her face. "I just want to go home." "Come on," said Louise as she massaged Bing.

"There must be things that you've always wanted to do. This is your chance. Maybe you've always fancied women. Maybe Suzy? Would you like to have Suzy?" Louise looked over at Suzy and smiled at her. She was like a European version of Bing. Slim, with small breasts and about the same age as Bing.

Suzy smiled back. "Or maybe you'd like another Asian? Someone like Tuyen? Would you like to play with her boobs? She's got a great ass too." Louise looked over at Tuyen, and smiled at her. Bing looked over too, and Louise noticed that Bing had focused her gaze on Tuyen's breasts. "They are great, aren't they?" said Louise, sliding her hand into Bing's panties so she could massage her clitoris and slide her finger into Bing's vagina.

Tuyen was also a very petit Asian woman, but she had remarkably large breasts. "You want to play with them, don't you? You want to suck on those nipples. What about the guys? You've had most of them now.

Which cock did you like the best? What do you want the guys to do to you? You want lots of cock don't you? You want to drain them all. A cock in your pussy, a cock in your mouth, and a cock in your ass. You'd love that, wouldn't you?" Louise used her free hand to unbutton Bing's blouse, and pulled it open.

She didn't have a bra on, so Louise could see Bing's small breasts, and her brown nipples that were busty slut has her orgasmic twat hammered brunette and big tits hard. Louise leant down and tongued Bing's nipples, then sucked on them.

She felt Bing's body tremble and arch in orgasm, so she kept going, fingering Bing's clitoris and sucking on her nipples. When Bing's orgasm finished Louise kissed her on the lips and said "So we can say you'll do lesbian." She smiled at Bing. Bing started to cry, and she sobbed "No, no, no. I'm not a lesbian. This is all a mistake. Why are you doing this to me? Can't you tell? I'm not that sort of person." She tried to struggle out of Louise's arms, but Louise just held her more tightly.

"Your wet pussy and orgasm tells me otherwise," said Louise. "Why not admit it?" "Tuyen," said the professor, "would you mind helping with the photos? Asian-on-Asian lesbian should get some interest. We'll be discrete with the photos we post. We're promoting her as a tourism activity, not you." "I don't want to have sex with her! And I don't want to be photographed!" said Bing, struggling against Louise's embrace. "Still not willing. What do you suggest we do to her so we can get some photos," said the professor.

"Hold her down." "Smack her around." "Booze. Get her drunk." "Or pills. Get her wasted." "Tie her up. You know. Bondage." "That would be good," said the professor. "Bondage and lesbian. What do you want to do to her Tuyen? What's your little kink?" Tuyen's face went pink as she blushed, then she smiled. "I'd like to try a strapon with Bing. A big one." The class laughed and whistled at this suggestion. It was such a contrast to Tuyen's normally somewhat formal personality.

"So who does who?" asked the professor. "Bing's going to be on the receiving end," said Tuyen. "I've always wanted to find out what it was like to be on the other end of a cock." "Okay, and what about the guys?" asked the professor. "Who has some ideas for some photos with the guys?" "Well, we haven't had a chance to DP her yet. That would be good." "Yes, I think it helps say she's a party girl.

Things like bucks parties and sporting clubs are always looking for suitable people like that, and groups also pays well. You have to think about the revenue side of things. We have to make sure she earns enough to pay us back." "I'm going to have to have sex for money?" asked Bing, who had been following the conversation even though they were treating like she was an object.

"Of course you have to have sex for money," said the professor. "Does anyone want to explain why to Bing?" "You were bought off your employer," said Louise. "Now you have to earn that money back for us. The more you earn the quicker you pay us back, and the more you get to keep for yourself." "But I didn't agree to that," said Bing, looking around the room with a look of horror on her face.

"Take that up with your previous employer," said Philip. "You've got a debt to us, and you have to pay it back. The quicker you start, the faster you can start reducing your debt." "But I was told I was just helping with a class!" said Bing.

"And you are, but this is an action learning class," said the professor. "We make things as real as we can the students can practice the things they've been taught in theory classes. So your debt is real, and you have to pay us before we can let you got.

The faster you pay us the better. It helps cash flow, minimises expenses and improves the return on investment." "But this is insane," said Bing. "How can you make me do these things?" "What we're doing now is practicing the conditioning of new employees," said Alison. "Like when someone moves to town from the country and expects to be a maid, but their sponsor transfers their debt to someone else that decides to use them for sex work.

Then they have to get used to being a hooker." "We're just getting you ready for your new job," said Andy. Bing collapsed on the floor and started crying. "Okay," said the professor deciding the class had spent enough time on that.

"We've got some photographs to take, and we have to get Bing ready for her first job. Wedding organizer lena gets creampied by her costumer been contacted by someone that's organising a party this afternoon and wants some entertainment. So we need to make sure she's ready for that." Suzy walked over to Bing, where she was lying curled up on the floor. She bent down and took Bing's hand and lifted it up. "I've got some pills you can take," Suzy said to Bing.

"They'll help take the edge off things a bit."