Deauxma and kelly madison milf money adventure

Deauxma and kelly madison milf money adventure
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A beautiful big tits babe fucked and covered old roleplay by myself and a person I used to like very much&hellip.

Akelta woke up once in the middle of the night, very confused and very hungry. "Khaal.did you leave the food out.?" She mumbled softly, her voice sounding very tired. Khaal grunts and awakes with a start, leaning up with weary yellow eyes gleaming in the darkness.

"Huh?.o-oh.yeah.on th' table." He mumbles, flopping back down on the bed. "Y'okay?" Akelta smiled sadly "Yeah, sorry, love." The fae leaned over and gave him a short kiss on the cheek, running her bootylicious brunette milf fucked by a black dude gently across his cheek as she got up, walking out of the bedroom and to the table, picking the still warm plate up and began to munch on the meat again.

Khaal can be heard slipping out of the bed and stumbling into the living area, sitting next to his mate and smiling sleepily. "Late night munchies?" He asks quietly. His hair is a wild, tangled mess.

She jumped at his talking "Y.Yeah." Akelta purrs as she leans over, against Khaal. "Yeah, I'm just really, really hungry." She mumbled, eating quickly. "Slow down, isn't going anywhere." He chuckles a bit and yawns, leaning against her form in return. He rubs his fingertips along her back, soothingly massaging her.

She shuddered and slowed, taking his advice since she knew she would have a stomach ache afterwards. "Okay." Akelta yawned and looked back at him and up, her head in an odd angle.

Khaal smiles down at her and tilts his head. "Enjoying it? It sure does smell good." He moves his clawed massages to the base of her tail. "Want some?" She asked softly, nuzzling under his chin. Khaal shakes his head, resting his paw at the small of his mate's back. "No thank you, I'm quite content." Akelta mewed at him quietly, getting full.

"Okay then, back to bed?" She asked him, continuing her loving nuzzle under his chin. He nods and leans down to rub his nose against her own. "That sounds perfect." He hops off of the chair and makes his way back to the bed, covering himself and letting out a cough. Akelta giggled and followed him, watching his movements. "That is why I suggested it." The fae smiled and joined him, pulling the baggy shirt off because of the heat.

Khaal turns and wraps his arms tightly around the Auditeo, bringing her close and letting out a deep, happy purr as he nuzzles her neck. She made a small, excited "Nyah" sound again and stood on her tip toes, wrapping her arms around his neck, giving his jaw a small peck. "I love you, Khaal." She muttered into his ear softly, grinning.

"Mmm I love you, too," he purrs, chuckling at her noise. "You make the cutest little sounds." He pauses, a grin forming. "Especially when know." He clears his throat. Akelta giggled, embarrassed as she turned a deep shade of crimson. "Hm, don't know what you are talking about.when we.what was that?" She chuckled, whispering into his ear now, wanting her words to be only for him.

"When we make love," he purrs into her ear, his voice deep and sultry. To further emphasize the pseudo eroticism, he reaches down and gives her hind end a small, playful pinch. Akelta jumped at this, pressing herself further against her tall mate. "Oh, that.well.I'm glad you like my odd noises then." She whispered in a joking tone, kissing below his ear before lightly nipping at it.

The lion gives another small chuckle and nuzzles his warm nose under her ear, purring deep breaths down her neck. "Could you do it for me?" He asks in a whisper. "The noise?" He presses his fingers onto her bare fur after swiftly taking off his own baggy shirt. She nodded, her eyes slightly hazed over "Which one.?" She asked quietly, her skin rising with goose bumps. "You are going to have to be a bit more specific, love." Akelta added, tilting her head slightly.

"The cute little one you just did." He whispers into her ear. He reaches down and massages the fae's full hips, pressing their forms tight together.

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"Or any noise.they all intoxicate me." She smirked and parted her lips "Nyah" The fae made the small sound but quieter into his ear, purring deeply after; loving that he adored her small (ODD) noises. "That one.?" She asked softly, shifting her hips ever so slightly. Khaal nods slowly, a grin dancing on his lips. "That one." He glides his palms down and leans his head down along with them, grasping her rear and grazing his teeth along her neck. "I do not know what it is about it.but I love it." She murred softly, and presses herself closer to his chest, her breath spiking as he grasped her hind.

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"I'm glad someone likes it." Her eyes shut as she bit her lip. Khaal lowers himself to his knees, his face in front of her chest. He buries his muzzle between her breasts and looks up at her, eyes gleaming in the moonlight.

"Again." He purrs, dragging his rough tongue through her fur. His hands cup around her backside, rubbing the soft flesh. Akelta's expression changed into a confused one "The sound.?" She asked softly, arching her back to meet his tongue.

He nods, looking up at her with a smile. "Perhaps a different one.the one you make when I do this." His eyes close and he presses his lips to the pink bud at the pinnacle of her breast, kissing around it.

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Akelta moaned, clenching her jaw "Ah." She squeaked out, unable to talk correctly at what he was doing. Her ears lay back against her skull as her fingers slowly run through his red hair, rubbing his head in affection.

Khaal releases her bud and looks up at her, slowly standing and kissing the tip of her nose. "Shall we take this to the bed?" He asks, half-lidded eyes gazing into her green hues. She nods, tripping over her own paws, face first onto the bed, grunting. "Gah." She murred, rolling her shoulders, remaining on her stomach. Khaal climbs over her and straddles her thighs, reaching down to rub and knead his fingers into the small of her back. "You okay there, my love?" She nods, looking to her side, seeing him through her side vision.

"Having fun there?" She asked, propping her head onto her hands, smirking. The lion nods, giving a small chuckle. "Odd, seeing my mate from such an angle.


Yet still as beautiful as ever." He grins and moves his hands lower, gliding them across her rump. Akelta purred, rolling her shoulders again. "We are in an odd position, so, of course there will be an odd view." She shrugged, closing her bright eyes. The lion leans down and massages around her shoulder blades. He leans down and nuzzles against her ear, purring quietly around her.

Akelta grinned and made the small "Nyah" sound. "Khaal.?" She purred out, slowly squirming underneath him. He chuckles at her noise and nibbles at her ear. "Yes, Akelta?" He asks, leaning up once more and rubbing at her back more.

Akelta murrs arching her back into the bed "You drive my body insane." She murmured aloud, smirking. He chuckles, continuing his sultry massage and grinding his legs against her own. "Oh, do I?" He purrs aloud. Akelta nodded weakly, her heart beating quickly "Yes." She mumbled out, a loud, raw purr coming from her as she spoke. The lion's heavy paws rub and grasp onto Akelta's shoulders, his digits digging into her skin, kneading out the muscles.

"Your body drives me insane," he purrs, leaning down and burying his nose amongst the fur on her back, taking in her scent. The fae shudders and squeaks, her mind reeling "Really.?" She asked softly, her eyes hazy and filmed over. She lets her head rest on the soft blanket, grasping the bed with his paws. He drags his claws all the way down her back, trailing over her spine and reaching to her rump once more. He does the same leaning back up, trailing the dull claws up her back and leaning down to purr into her ear.

"Really." escapes his throat. She lets out a low, growing moan at his clawing. "Nyah." She grunted softly, squirming beneath Khaal. He leans up once more and uses his left hand to rub around the small of her back, and his right slowly begins to rub and squeeze itself between her legs. Akelta grunted in frustration as she desperately tried to spread her legs, but Khaal sitting on them didn't exactly help.

Khaal grins, watching his mate squirm about. Having put her through enough, he adjusts his legs so that her limbs are around his own. "How is that?" He murrs, giving her hind a small rub. She whimpers and lifts her hips off of the bed, amateur lesbian teenies get their narrow slits licked and plowed them "Thanks." She whispered in reply, murring back at him.

Khaal slowly slips his hand between her legs once more and feels her familiar warmth enticing him. Either from eagerness, inexperience or blind lust, he gives a firm press of his finger against what he thinks is her sex. Alas, he's just a bit off. Akelta lets out a breathy chuckle and shifts her hips again, reaching her hand back and taking his hand in hers, moving his fingers onto her moist slit. "There." She smirked to herself and let his hand go, bringing her hd months pregnant heather deep final video pregnant before birth back to rest under her face.

"O-oh!.heh. Sorry." He purrs, feeling much more confident now that he was greeted with her wetness. He glides a finger into her depths, using his other hand to spread her rear. She gives a small, shaky breath and moan "Don't be sorry, love.

It was a small mistake.we all make them" Akelta smiled and grasped young amateur lesbo has oral and dildo sex casting european and reality bed harder.

Another digit is nimbly slipped in, and the lion's quivering member can be felt between the Auditeo's cheeks. "I suppose so, yes." He lets out a shaky breath as he slowly works the two fingers in and out, spreading her wetness about. She bit the inside of her cheek, moving her hips slightly "Nyah!" She squeaked, her tongue hangs somewhat out of her maw as she pants, digging her not-so-dull claws into the bed, tearing the sheets. Khaal groans softly at her noise, her reactions enough to coax him further.

He presses his fingertips firm against her walls, seeking something.a sweet spot perhaps. Her primal nature of ripping the sheets causes him to give her a squeeze of her rear, followed by a small tap.

Akelta lets out a loud moan, bucking her hips as he pressed against the very spot that sent her over the edge and into the abyss of pleasure. Akelta was writhing under his touch, her walls squeezing and clamping his fingers inside of her. The Auditeo let out a long, loud growl, arching her back and lifting her hips higher. He saw her reaction, felt the spot and savored her tight, squeezing walls. Now with his target found, he begins to relentlessly thrust his fingers over the spot, bringing his free hand to stroke his pre-dripping length.

A small growl is set forth as he continues to watch her squirm and quake. Akelta let out a louder growl and what sounded like a short roar, shoving her hips back against his fingers, her entire body shuddering each time he hit that magic spot. "Oh god.Khaal.Khaaaaaal" She moaned out, her hips now rocking back and forth on their own. Khaal responded with soft moans and roars of his own.

His whole hand rocks and thrusts against her, lewd wet sounds hitting with each swift, powerful passing thrust. He releases his length and guides his second hand in front of the first, using those two fingers to find her swollen bud and assault it in quick circles in rhythm with his thrusts. Akelta let out a high scream and bit down onto the bed, her body shaking as her orgasm smashed into her, causing her to see white at first because of the sudden flooding of intense pleasure.

"Khaal!" She cried out, panting and moaning all the while as her body shook, walls spasming. Khaal kept his fingers in place, further carrying her orgasm and watching her scream out with lustful eyes. After a brief moment, he pulls his hands back and looks down at his mate, panting and licking his fingers with his open maw.

Sweat drips off of his fur onto the torn sheets. Akelta shudders and rolls onto her back, arms out to her side as she pants, her face flushed and in a sort of.dreamy look. "" She paused, taking deep, deep breaths "You." Akelta finished her phrase and purred, giggling softly, still in the afterglow of her intense orgasm. Khaal chuckles and leans down, still straddling her thighs and pulsing, leaking member poking into her tummy. "And I love you," he replies, cupping her jawline and bringing her in for a deep, brief kiss.

He leans up and looks over her form, scooting up so he is straddling her abdomen.


Akelta's whole face turned red as she felt her mate's dripping length poke at her belly. " you want to.nyah." She blushed more and hid her face behind her paws, her chest rising and falling as she lay there. "I'd like a turn, if you aren't too tired." He murrs, grinning at her noises still. He mom and son sex by force up closer so he is nearly at her chest, just stopping short of it. Akelta nodded, reaching over and grasping Khaal's throbbing member in her small paw, gliding it down his length in one long stroke.

"I'm not all." She purred out, staring up at him. Khaal rolls his head and lets out a loud groan, reaching down to knead her breasts with his palm. "Good. I am wide awake myself." At her immediate touch, a fresh stream of pre drips onto her, warm and filled with his scent.Her heart skips a beat as she takes in his scent, holding her breath.

She squeezes the base of his shaft, murring softly. "Nyah." She chuckled and slowly brought her back up. He chuckles along and takes each of her nipples between his fingers, plucking at them. "I love it when you do that sound." He moans out, his shaft spurting out another wave of pre at her squeeze. Akelta moaned and arched her back slightly, increasing the speed voluptuous abby has her orgasmic beaver rammed her strokes.

"The small noise?" She asked, laughing and biting her lip. He nods and lets out a moan through his smile. "It's I love it." He begins to grind his waist along her torso, bucking his member against her grip. smirked and squeezed his length, bringing her other hand into play, rubbing gently under the head of his member. "I'm glad." She chuckled. continues to buck and roll his hips, biting his lip as his pleasure swiftly builds.

" that." He groans, grasping on to her shoulders. The fae grins and jerks her hand faster, reaching lower with the hand that had been playing with his head to his sack, lightly cupping it in her palm. Khaal grunts and leans forth. His sack contracts to his body and the amounts of pleasure overwhelm him. He reaches out and grasps at the already shredded sheets, further tearing them. His potency does not seem to be lacking, despite their previous fun. Copious amounts of his seed jet forth, one after another.

Akelta moaned softly, feeling his warm seed over her chest. "Wow." She giggled shyly, biting her lip, staring up at his face. "I love you." She Akelta purred out, smirking. "Nnf." He grunts, catching his breath and trying to keep his lazy tongue in his mouth.

" you, too." He pants, returning the grin. His chest heaves as he attempts to find regular breath. The fae lets out a happy sigh, letting go of his member. "I don't know about you, but I feel fantastic now." She grinned and stretched somewhat under him. Khaal finally rolls off of her, his body returning to its normal state. "Oh, me too.

Still wide awake though. And I believe it is only midnight." He lies on his back, arms sprawled out. Akelta murred and sat up, stretching fully now. "Nyaaaah. Same." The fae coughed lightly, looking down at the mess on her chest. "I'm going to.go wash" She chuckled shyly, getting up. Khaal's ears turn pink in teen sex porn sex stories nxg. "Heh.sorry about, it is my mess.

Let me clean it," he says, standing and sauntering to the bathroom. She giggled, following him into the bathroom. "Alright." Akelta shrugged, reaching up and sweeping up a drop of his essence, rubbing it between her fingers curiously.

Khaal enters and turns to the shower in the corner, opening the door and turning on the faucet, waiting for the water to get hot. He turns and spots his mate and her fingers.

"What is that stuff like.?" He asks, a curious look on his face. Akelta frowned "Taste wise?" She asked, giving an awkward chuckle to him as she licked her finger of his seed, blushing furiously. "I guess.?" He chuckles and watches her, turning red as well.

He reaches out to sweep up a drop of the seed as well, inspecting it. "Huh." Is all he says. She smiled slyly, stairs up at him. "I love the taste. It is sort of.a.bitter/salty taste." Akelta grasps his hand, bringing his fingers to her mouth. Her tongue snaked past her lips and she lapped up the creamy like substance. Khaal looks at her with wide, sultry eyes. "Oh my." He moans quietly, biting his lip as his fingers are suckled upon.

"We may not have to use the shower after all. Akelta purred, gave his finger a small peck, staring up at him with big, innocent eyes. "Hm?" She giggled, letting his hand go. Khaal shakes his head, chuckling and closing the distance by kissing her, just briefly sliding his tongue through her lips.

"You are so naughty," he whispers. "And I love you for it." The Auditeo purred, smirking. "You're talking." Akelta winked, nuzzling him. Khaal winks in return and runs his hand over her chest, staining all of his digits with his seed he holds it out and grins. "Well? If no talking, then what?" Akelta takes his wrist again and brings his fingers to her lips, snaking her tongue out and across them.

"Mmmm." She giggled, taking his fingers into her warm mouth, swiveling her tongue around them. The lion chuckles quietly and observes, keeping his hand still for her. He takes his hand back, caught in the lustful moment, suny lion jism 3 sex vedio thrusts his lips and tongue into the Auditeo's maw, wanting to savor the taste for himself.

Akelta moaned and parted her lips for him, sliding her tongue against his. The fae's arms snaked around his neck, pulling herself up onto her toes. Khaal takes his arms and wraps them tightly around her small form and lifts her off the ground, kicking the door open to the shower and stepping in, slamming his back against the wall. Akelta smirks at him, tilting her head.

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"Mmmm, Khaal.?" She asked softly, raising an eyebrow at him. Khaal smiles through the kiss, avoiding the falling hot water of the shower. "Yes, my mate?" He asks in return. She purred, pulling her lips away from him, squirming and getting out of his grasp, walking to the other wall, getting soaking wet and leaning her chest and front against it, looking at him from the side. "Help me.?" She asked softly, her tone somewhat innocent as she stuck her rear end out, wiggling her hips. Khaal walks through the falling water and soaks himself as well, reaching the other wall and taking a small bar of soap in his hand.

He lathers his hands and rubs them against her back, pressing his loins directly against her flaunted rear. Akelta made the soft "Nyah" noise and shifted her hips, pulling them forward then bumping them back against him. "Thank you, love." The fae purred louder and bit her lip, pressing her hands flat against the shower wall.

The lion kept her back well lathered, slowly working his fingertips in her soft fur, cleaning it of anything. "Of course, my mate," he says, lathering her lower back. The member wedged between her rump begins to swell once more, pulsing to life. Akelta grinned, feeling his length growing against her. "You think you could go again.?" She asked shyly, suddenly becoming nervous. "We lions are known for going a -lot. I hear tales of some lions making love as much as fifty times a day," he explains quietly, rubbing soap in the Auditeo's tail.

"The question is.can you?" She nodded "I sure can. An Auditeo with MY kind of power, has a very, very powerful sex drive." Akelta blushed, wriggling her hips. "Maybe when we are done doing this quest.we could just go away.on a sort of vacation and test just how many times we can go." The fae rolled her shoulders, purring.

"I like this idea," he says, gripping her tail and lifting it, peeking down at his sandwiched length. "Mm, hello." He purrs. "Where would we go? To a cabin in the mountains? Green plains?" "Anywhere." She let out a soft sigh, looking back at him. Khaal smiles at her, lathering the fae's full rear.

"Ready?" He asks in a purr, spreading his legs slightly. She nodded quickly, doing the same "Please." Akelta made a small, odd noise, different from the "Nyah" one. Khaal grins and glides his member through her bum, sliding the head up and down, guiding it through her thin fur and lower to her slit. He slowly edges it in and gives a purring moan.

Akelta moans as her eyes rolled back "God.I don't think I will ever get over that feeling." She bit her lip and moved her hips, forcing herself back against Khaal's length. "Nnnf.m-me either." he moans out, gripping her hind end and pulling it tight against him. He tilts his head at the alternative entrance staring at him. He spreads his thumb over the muscle and makes small circles around it as be begins to thrust in and out oh so slowly.

Akelta growls softly, loving how he teased her with the slow movements. "You know.I'm just dying to know how primal you can get." She purred out, smirking as her cheek pushed against the wall.

"Mmmnh.I'm sure you are." he teases on, continuing his movements, spreads and rubs as slowly as possible, dragging his length in and out, and rubbing his fingers in slow, harsh circles. "I love to watch you want it more and more." The fae whimpered, squirming as he continued to torture with his slow thrusts.

"Nyah.Khaal." She pouted, whining playfully as her breathing changed from calm-ish to a small, lustful pant. Khaal leans forward, dragging his tongue along the outside of her ear. "I want to hear how much you want it." he purrs, thrusting inward and keeping himself hilted, throbbing inside of her. "Gah.I want you to go insane.pound me until my sex is raw and used." She rasped out, closing her cloudy eyes as the thought made her body visibly shudder.

"Please.bury your seed deep within me.make my body yours." Akelta added, contracting her walls to squeeze his throbbing member. Those words were all it took to send him over the edge. He raises his paw and smacks it down in a playful spank. Outdoor english lesson brutal class with british goddesses arches his back and begins to thrust like he never has, sending all of his force into each passing movement.

His sack forcefully slaps against her each time, their bodies meeting and splashing water about. A bestial roar leaves his throat, it loud enough to echo throughout the bathroom. Akelta let out a loud growl as their bodies meshed together. "Mmmph" She grunted out, panting with her tongue hanging out of her maw "Oh hell!" She cried out as he thrust against that one spot on her wall, driving her body crazy.

He kept his thrusts at their mad pace, dragging her body back to meet against his. Instead of purrs leaving his throat, deep growls escape and echo through the shower as he continues his powerful onslaught. Her walls squeezed his member tighter as Khaal let the beast inside of him out. She let out a high moan, his sack slapping against her small, very swollen, pink bud. "Khaal.Khaal." She murmured through clenched teeth, her ears laying back as the pleasure built up inside of her, sending butterfly feelings into her tummy again.

Khaal slaps his hand against her backside once more as he plants his feet to the ground, pounding himself faster yet, making sure that the underside of his length hits that right spot he is so familiar with.

"Nnnggh." he growls deeply. "Nn.A-Akelta!." he roars through gritted teeth. He keeps the thrusts mighty, the sack continuing to smack and lewdly slap against that swollen, throbbing bud of her's. "Make me yours!" She grunted and gulped, her face going red along with her ears.

"I'm so close." She moaned out loud, jumping at the slap but smiling to herself, loving this. He leans down and clamps his teeth down onto the back of her neck and biting hard. He keeps clamped to her and roars loudly into her fur, his thrusts turning into what seem like violent spasms as his raging orgasm hits him. His seed forcefully jets out of him, painting his mate's most deepest walls and nearly filling her completely with the built up essence.

Akelta lets out a gruff, short roar as she felt him spill out inside of her, her own orgasm hitting shortly after his started. Her knees wobbles slightly as small moans and growls emitted from her throat.

"Oh god.Khaal." She chuckled, her walls still spamsing around him. To make sure her legs do not give out, he reaches down and latches onto the back of her thighs, lifting her up and keeping the two hilted. He huffs and grunts in pleasure, still hilted and throbbing in pleasure deep inside of Akelta. His teeth show no signs of letting up, either.

Akelta murred softly, tilting her head forward, smirking as she realized his teeth were latched onto the back of her neck.

"Felt good to go crazy for a bit, eh?" She asked slowly, her walls squeezing him gently before she closed her eyes, slumping against his chest and wiggling. "Yes, it was lovely…" He purred out rawly, letting go of her neck and pulling her off of him and stephanie and brandi pleasure each others twats masturbation and pornstars her onto the ground softly so she wouldn't fall and hurt herself.

"Let us clean and head back to bed my love…" Akelta sighed happily, feeling Khaal's warm seed dripping out of her and begin to cover her thighs. The two cleaned up rather quickly and then made their way back to the bedroom of the penthouse.

"I love you my delicate Auditeo." He smiled, pulling her into bed with him so she could cuddle up to his built chest. "And I to you, my strong King."