Beauty feels one eyed monster in butt hardcore and blowjob

Beauty feels one eyed monster in butt hardcore and blowjob
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When I was born my parents decided I couldn't stay with them, so a nice middle-aged couple adopted me. I'd always known that I was adopted; it had never been kept from me. What had been kept from me though was that I wasn't the only child born to my parents.

By the way, my name's Benjy. My story begins from the time I started school. First day at school, I was scared, I knew no one; I had never gone to nursery school. Everyone else seemed to know another person, so I was left all alone.


I was sitting in the playground one lunchtime when a girl in my year, who I had seen once or twice before, walked up to me. "Why are you all alone?" she asked.

I looked at her in surprise; no one usually talked to me. She had blonde hair and blue eyes, very like my own, but I was too young to notice. "I don't know anyone." I replied. "Me neither," she said, "I never went to nursery school.

Wanna be friends?" She smiled at me as I nodded and sat next laudry is made for fucking busty whore me. "My name is Susie. You're called Benjy aren't you?" I nodded again. That was the beginning of sanny leone xxx sex stories story xxxx in friendship.

And so we grew up together. As we reached high school many of the mixed-sex friends grew apart, but we stayed close, closer than ever before. We seemed to be able to tell what the other was thinking, feeling. I started feeling very attracted to her, she was beautiful. As we hit puberty I began to realize that she was really sexy, and I had a feeling that she thought the same about me.

Every time she found a new boyfriend I'd get pangs of jealousy. I never dated, I just waited for her. It was the day after we both turned 16. I forgot to mention earlier that our birthdays were on exactly the same day. It was a hot summers day and we were hanging out in my room when Susie suddenly burst into tears.

When I asked what was wrong she told me that her parents had told her that she was adopted. She went on about how I was the only one who would understand, being adopted myself. I pulled her to me and hugged her as she cried on my shoulder. Her long blonde hair hung pitifully down, the usual lively shine gone. She slowly stopped crying and pressed herself closer to me.

I tried to control my raging hard on, which I had gained as I felt her gorgeous breasts press against me. She looked at my face and I looked back. Suddenly, unable to stop myself, I kissed her deeply. She didn't pull back, as I had suspected her to, but continued the kiss, slowly slipping her tongue in.

As we kissed I thought, "I must be dreaming!" When the kiss broke off Susie whispered, "I love you, I have for a long time." I kissed her again before whispering; "I've loved you for a long time too." I gasped slightly as her hand moved down to my rock hard penis.

She slowly slipped down my swimming trunks down and took off my t-shirt. I quickly unzipped her dress, revealing her swimming costume underneath, which I soon got off.

We kissed again and fell onto the bed. I took one of her nipples into my mouth, and she moaned slightly as I sucked on it. "Ohhhhh&hellip.Benjy, I love you…&hellip.I've wanted you for ages…&hellip.I want you now, I want you inside me&hellip.please Benjy." I stopped sucking and looked at her. "I don't have any protection Susie." Susie smiled. "We don't need it, I want to have your babies Benjy, I want to feel your cum and child inside me." This turned me on even more.

I slowly slipped my rod into her waiting pussy, making her groan quietly. I went into until I met a resistance.


She was still a virgin; I couldn't believe my luck. "I don't want to hurt you babe. I'll try and be gentle." She nodded, her eyes closed. She gasped in pain as I rammed into her, breaking the skin. I pumped in and out of her, gasping for breath and causing her to moan and groan.

It wasn't long before we both came together.I felt my Cock shrink inside her as the orgasms subsided. We lay there together on my bed. I looked deep into her eyes and noticed something I'd never noticed before. "Susie?" She smiled at me. "Yes my love?" I tried to find the words.

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"You&hellip. you know you were adopted like me?" She frowned slightly and nodded. I continued, "What were your parents called, do you know?" She thought for a while. " Mum said they were called Barbara and John, why?" I started getting worried. "Do you know where you were born?" She frowned again.

"Room 603, Plymouth hospital." I gasped. "What's wrong Benjy? Why all the questions?" I kissed the top of her head gently and said, "Susie, I love you so much, but what we just did was wrong." She looked worried and asked why. I replied "Susie, I was born in Room 603 Plymouth hospital, my parents are called Barbara and John wife fucked by many men at the highway rest area I'm your twin brother"………&hellip.To be continued.

"W…what?" Susie looked at me in horror. "No, we can't be related …it's impossible! My God, if it is true…" She gasped. "Oh Benjy, I hope it isn't true!" She buried her face in my chest and I stroked her hair gently. "I wish it wasn't true, but look at the facts, same birthday, same parents name, born in the same room at the same time, both adopted, we always knew what the other was thinking…we even look alike." She looked at me again, tears in her eyes.

"But Benjy, that's incest, it's illegal, and I love you so much." I kissed her deeply. "No one has to know Susie… anyway, it happens all the time." She nodded and smiled.

Then she kissed me again, before moving down to my cock, which was getting hard again. She licked the head, and I moaned gently. Taking the whole of my 9 inches into her mouth she sucked gently, moving her head back and forth. I knew I wasn't going to last long, and I didn't.


Within a few minutes my gorgeous twin sister was drinking my cum. We continued fucking and sucking until late, and then fell asleep in each other's arms. As a 16 year old I was allowed to move out of my parent's house and try and cope on my own, so once I'd finished school that's what I did. My landlady, Barbara, was a bit suspicious when Susie moved in with me, but said nothing.

Though we could not get married we could still live together and be lovers. We just managed to support ourselves on joint income (Susie was not pregnant). We both had a strange feeling about Barbara but we both dismissed it easily. People knew we were going out, but no one except us knew we were related.

Two years passed and as we hit 18 we decided to find our parents. We tried several search sites on the Internet, contacting NORCAP, but to no avail.

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Susie, despite the various forms of protection we used, fell pregnant and a daughter was born, we called her Dawn, but still there was no sign of our parents. Then one day a letter arrived. It was from the Landlady, Barbara. I read it out to Susie as we lay in bed together. "Dear Mr.

Quinn and Miss Deyaro, I heard that you were looking for your birth parents. If you are still interested, I can give you information on their whereabouts. Meet me at my flat, the one above yours on Sunday at 5 in the evening. Signed Barbara Donaldson." Susie and I were so happy at this news we went to work with a smile on our faces for the first time in years.

It never occurred to us to wonder how Barbara had known we were looking.

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In between then and Sunday we had the best sex ever, for the news excited us and gave us energy. So Sunday came and we went up to Barbara's flat. Her husband, who we had never met before, opened the door and smiled before showing us to the living room.

We sat down next to each other on the sofa while Barbara and her husband sat in armchairs beside the fire. Susie was the first to speak. "So, Mrs. Donaldson, you said you had some information for us?" Our landlady nodded and said in her thick Devon-shire fisting til wegman tube porn "Aye, that I did love." Mr.

Donaldson never spoke a word, just looked at us and smiled. Then I spoke, "Could you tell us please Mrs. Donaldson?" She laughed and looked at Susie and me. "You two young 'uns call me Barbara, or should I say Mum." Susie and I stared at her in disbelief, then at Mr.

Donaldson, who nodded. Our mother laughed again and said "And don't you think I don't know that the two of ye get up to down in that flat, I 'ave got eyes, I can see the sexual tension between ye, even though ye are twins." We both blushed the same shade of red at the same time. So they knew about our incestial relationship.

John (Mr. Donaldson) looked at us and spoke for the first time.

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"Don't worry you two, yer mother and I are swingers, and we're cousins anyway, that's why we had to give the two of ye up, for we were not accepted." Once again we stared at our parents in disbelief. So they were swingers and into incest&hellip. This was going to be fun…(to be continued)