De nuevo la maduraza tetona se folla a otro jovencito como si fuera su hijo

De nuevo la maduraza tetona se folla a otro jovencito como si fuera su hijo
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Things haven't been real good for Crissy since she got remarried. Steve's 17 yr old son Kevin, came to live with them shortly after they very little small cute sistar sex brothar fuk vedio married.

That was the last thing Crissy wanted was an instant family. Kevin was always nice to Crissy when she and Steve were dating although she always felt like Kevin was undressing her with his eyes. But that wasn't all that uncommon for Crissy. At 41 yrs old she kept her self looking pretty good.

She was very critical of herself thinking she could use to lose some pounds here or there, but everyone else lusted after her nice 38Ds and nice ass. But ever since Kevin moved in with them it was like he was bound and determined not to do anything Crissy told him. Crissy always gave the impression that she was always in control and very prim and proper but the truth is that was just a cover for her being very submissive. She always wanted to please everyone and what few people realized is it was very difficult, almost impossible for Crissy to say no and she was worried that Kevin had figured that out and was continuing to test her.

It would start with small things like, when Crissy told Kevin to bring all the laundry down, he told her that was her job. he never picked up after himself always expecting Crissy to do it for him. Now Crissy didn't want to tell Steve and get him all upset or make him think she was making him choose sides so she just decided to lay the law down.

It was a Saturday, Steve was out of town on business and Crissy had one of her volunteer events to attend. She was dressed very nice in a button down blouse, pencil skirt and heels.

She was about to go downstairs when she told kevin to clean up his room and throw a load of laundry in when Kevin made a smart ass off the cuff comment that just set Crissy off.

This was the last straw, Crissy marched into Kevins room without knocking and began to address this issue. Now she was in that prim and proper demeanor and began to tell him he was going to respect her more starting right now.

Well Crissy had no way of knowing Kevin had been busy looking at porn on his laptop and when she came into his room she interrupted him masturbating. Crissy started in on her speach and then saw the porn on the laptop, then saw that Kevin had all 8 inches of his young manhood in his hand and was stroking it as if she wasn't even there. At first she was shocked at the porn and Kevin with his hard young cock in his hand, then she got flustered.

She didn't know what to do she was frozen. She had never seen such a thing. She had lead a sheltered life when it came to sex. She had never seen a man masturbate busty babe drilled after cocksucking her man big tits and cumshot front of her let alone her 17 yr old step-son.

Then she realized that he was bigger than the only 2 men she'd ever been with in her life. Her 1st husband was 5 or 6 inches tops and Steve although thick wasn't much more than 6 inches either, so when she looked down and saw this monster in his hand she was shocked. "What's wrong mom forget what you were gonna say?" Kevin said in a mocking tone.

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(he always called Crissy, mom when he wanted to get under her skin) Completely flustered she tried to speak. but all she could get out was "umm ahhh Oh my god" Kevin knew she was losing control of the situation and if he backed down he might never get the upper hand so he thought "what the hell, shes pretty hot lets see how far i can push it" So Kevin kept slowly stroking his thick hard cock while staring right into Crissy's eyes.

"if you wanted to get a look you didn't have to barge in, you could have asked" kevin said. "I wasn't, I mean I didn't want to, OMG Kevin what are you doing?" Crissy didn't know what to do. She knew she should leave, but at that point she was mesmerized.


Her head was spinning and she could feel a strange feeling stirring in her pussy which she tried desperately to push out of her head. Kevin just chuckled and got up in nothing but a t-shirt he was still stroking his thick hard cock.


Crissy tried not to look but she kept looking into Kevin's eyes and down at his cock like Kevin was going to cover it up. Finally Crissy tried to gain her composure putting her best prim and proper tone to it she said " Kevin you put something on right now, this isn't appropriate for you to be doing this." But Kevin was all in on this one, he knew if he gave in it would give her teen shelley bliss loves anal dicking and a facial upper hand.

"Whats wrong Mom, don't you like what you see?" still stroking his cock, the porn playing on the laptop. "Well, umm ahhh that's not it at all Kevin and you know that you shouldn't be doing that in front of me and stop calling me that I'm not your mother." Crissy was looking at this young man for the first time like this, she never realized how muscular he was and certainly didn't know how big he was.

"you didn't' answer my question Mom, you like this?" stroking it more as he stepped towards her. Kevin could see her nipples getting hard through her silky blouse and he knew she was weakening she just didn't know it yet. as he stepped toward her alittle more. Crissy was beginning to feel alittle flushed, this wasn't right he shouldn't be doing this and hes not listening to me when I tell him to stop, she was thinking.

She kept glancing down at his cock the head glistening with precum she knew the best thing was if she could leave before he made her do something naughty. She knew he was phrasing the questions just to trap her into admitting she liked it but she couldn't do that. could she. Kevin then changed his tactics which only confused Crissy more, he started complimenting her on how she looked, how sexy she always looked when she went to these events and how it was her fault that he was jerking off so much lately.

Crissy was shocked, this couldn't be. she was the cause of that huge hardon?


no she this isn't right she told herself hes just a boy OMG what would Steve say. Crissy tried to leave but Kevin blocked her, "you can't leave me like this can you mom" Kevin said this time in a more pleading way.

Crissy's head was spinning she didn't know what to do he was playing of her need to satisfy and this time she didn't notice that he called her mom. She was staring at his hard cock.

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"Kevin, we can't do that, I'm sorry that I caused it but what can i do what would your father say?" Crissy was grasping at anything logical, because certainly this wasn't logical. she could feel her panties getting wet, her nipples already hard rubbing against her thin lingerie. Kevin knew she was weakening, "I won't tell him mom, but you can't leave me like this I need to cum. can't you help me just this once?

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" he pleaded as he took her wrist and put it on his hard cock making her stroke it with him. Crissy couldn't believe he was doing this, but my god he was huge, she realized she could follando con mi cuntildeado parte me folla de nuevo get her fingers around his cock as he made her stroke his cock for him, she felt his other hand rubbing her tits finding her hard nipples though her thin blouse.

he would soon realize that her nipples were her weakness. Once he began playing with them she began to lose control. She felt her hand grasp his cock on her own now, beginning to stroke it feeling him pushing her shoulders down as he was whispering how he wanted her to suck his cock. Her mind was spinning, the lust in her body was taking control, whatever he was whispering she would do she was losing control.

Crissy began sucking his cock as she stroked it, one hand cradling his balls (she could feel how full he was and continued to stroke them) sucking his cock finding herself anxious for his hot cum to wash over her. She could feel his balls twitching, she knew he was about to cum, she tried to pull her mouth off because she had never swallowed before. But Kevin held her still as his cock erupted in her mouth the first spurt hitting the back of her throat and before she could pull away 3 or 4 spurts of cum had been shot into her mouth, but he wasnt done, he continued to shoot his hot cum all over her chin and neck and down to her now bare tits.

Crissy was amazed at the volume, never before had she experienced that and it was also then she realized that it didn't taste all that bad. Exhausted, and coming back to her senses Crissy thought she should leave, as she bent over the bed to get up she realized Kevin had another idea. He had quickly moved behind her and pulled that pencil skirt up around her waist exposing her stockings and little purple panties.

Before Crissy could say a thing Kevin had slide his semi hard cock between her legs and pushed those purple panties aside as the head of his cock found her wet anxious pussy. Crissy was beyond the point of protesting now, her body had fully betrayed her and her pussy suddenly felt fuller than it had ever had before as Kevin thrust his thick hard cock in and out of her pussy, withdrawing all but the thick head as he pulled out and thrust back in.

in and out harder and deeper each time Crissy seemed to be cumming one long never ending orgasm. His cock rubbing her clit as he thrust it in and out back and forth until they both collapsed on the bed.

Kevin fell asleep, Crissy got up, gathered her belongings and went to the master bath to clean up. She was late for the Charity event but she knew she had to go so she cleaned up and changed her clothes and went off to her event. Later that night when she came home Kevin was on the couch watching TV.

She was alittle nervous, but as she came in Kevin greeted her with a "Hi Mom" and kept watching tv. Crissy looked around and realized Kevin had cleaned the kitchen and started the laundry. From that day on Crissy had no problems with Kevin, although she did stop into his room on occasion when his Dad was out of town.