Dirty slut is jerking the dude skilfully and tenderly arousing and sucking

Dirty slut is jerking the dude skilfully and tenderly arousing and sucking
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Disclaimer: The following story is not connected with the Star Wars franchise, or its creator, George Lucas and does not represent the characters, writers or producers of set franchise. Story Codes: Ff, bond, grope, oral, reluc Star Wars: The Restricted Files Part 8 - Ahsoka Tano vs. Asajj Ventress by Avatrek ([email protected]) While Leia Organa Solo and Mara Jade Skywalker took on the roles of slave girls in order to break the trafficking of slaves near Hutt Space, Jaina Solo furiously slammed two of her fingers into her pussy as she finished watching the holovid of Ahsoka Tano using her sex appeal to sway the mind of the Jedi Master, Plo Koon.


By giving Plo Koon one of her skilful blowjobs, Ahsoka had been able to alter her failed performance test into a pass and therefore busty shannon kelly gapes her pussy and ass with big dildos her study under the powerful Jedi Knight Anakin Solo. Jaina had learned a great deal in a short time from the sex-driven Ahsoka Tano, but as the video ended and she was brought back into the real world, all she could think about was having her own sexual adventure.

That would have to wait however, because Jacen, Anakin and her Uncle Luke were already returning to the ship from their very long run and subsequent evaluations. Jaina had already passed hers with flying colours; in large part due to the fact that she had been without panties during the entire test and her Uncle Luke and brothers had seen her sweet teenage snatch on multiple occasions.

She had a hunch that her great marks were almost solely due to the fact that her uncle could see up her skirt while she ran around the obstacle course he had set up and after seeing Ahsoka Tano using her own sexual talents to pass her evaluations, Jaina was sure that had to be the case. "Jaina. Where are you?" Jaina heard her brother Jacen calling from the docking bay at the back of the ship. Knowing that her Uncle Luke would be with Jacen and Anakin, Jaina slid her fingers out of her twat, grabbed the data chip from the holo-projector, stuffed it down her tube top and fixed her skirt before she was greeted by her three family members.

"We. Both. Passed." Anakin said with a smile, trying to catch his breath after an intense run and a few difficult tests. "You're evaluation was way easier, Jaina" he said, finally catching his breath and looking over at his Uncle with confusion on his face. "Why was her test so much easier, Uncle?" "Oh. Umm. Mara told me to use the obstacle course to test Jaina. She is her apprentice after all" Luke lied, knowing full well that Mara had told him to do several other tests on Jaina before giving her a passing grade.

The sight of her outfit, coupled with the fact that his niece had decided to go without panties the very day she was being tested was too much for Luke to deal with. Sure, he was the Jedi Master, but even he had urges and his niece wasn't making it easy for him. He therefore decided a long tough run without her skirt flapping up and down over her tight teenage ass and pussy would do him and his nephews good before beginning their long nearly week long journey to Yavin 4.

-Yah sure!- Jacen thought as he looked up and down at his sister's figure and revealing Ahsoka Tano xxx com kompoz full sex stories clothing. Jacen couldn't blame his uncle for lying about why he passed Jaina; it was just a little bit unfair that she had such an easy test while he and Anakin had had such difficult ones. "Well. Shall we start our trip to Yavin.?

I just have to park my X-Wing in the docking bay and we'll be off" Luke said, leaving the three Solos for a few moments to retrieve his X-Wing and squeeze it into the rather small hangar bay of the ship. Although Luke could probably make the long trip to Yavin 4 in the cockpit of his X-Wing without much difficulty, the thought of spending another week stuck in the cramped space was not exactly what he called comfortable.

Besides, he would be able to catch up with his niece and nephews on the trip to Yavin 4 and quite possibly learn why in carnations Jaina had decided to dress like that.

He had an idea, but at the moment it seemed too impossible to even consider. "Alright Uncle Luke. I'm gonna take off now" Anakin called back to his Uncle as he all internal blonde schoolgirl gets ass banged and creamed cumshots and creampie shutting down the X-Wing and made his way up to the cockpit.

"Go ahead Anakin. Take us up onto the Hydian Way.

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That should take us almost right to Yavin" Luke said, stunning brunette evelin deville masturbates pussy masturbation smalltits his nephew on the shoulder and letting him take them to the nearest space lane. "You three can get a little sleep while I take the helm for awhile" he continued, pointing the three Solo's to their quarters behind the ship's bridge.

While Jacen, Jaina and Anakin got some much needed shuteye, Luke piloted the ship to the Hydian Way and towards the Jedi Academy on Yavin 4. It would be a long way from Bilbringi to Yavin, but because Bilbringi had been on Luke's way to the academy, he had felt that it had been the best planet to meet up with his nephews and niece in order to give them their evaluation. Luke had been away from the Jedi Academy for some time, searching out new students on the planets of Reecee and Ansion and although he could have tested them back on Yavin 4, he had decided that Bilbringi would be far more secluded than a crowded Jedi Temple.

"This is boring Jaina. When can we watch another one of those videos.? I'm kinda of getting antsy" Jacen complained to his sister as they played cards on the kitchen table in the mess hall. "I mean, Uncle Luke has been in the cockpit, flying the ship for two straight days without sleep or meditation. He's gotta do one or the other soon" Jacen reasoned, knowing that as soon as his Uncle Luke began his meditation cycle, he, Jaina and Anakin would have a good amount of time to watch a couple more of the holovids stored on the data chip they had stolen from C-3PO's restricted memory files.

"Oh. Wait. Here he comes now" Jaina said, as her Uncle Luke walked out of the bridge and stopped in front of them. "I'm just going to meditate for the next few hours. Do you two mind watching over the bridge" Luke said, yawning and in real need of either some meditation or sleep. "Anakin. Are you ready to watch the next instalment?" Jacen whispered to his dosing brother as they passed his quarters. Before Jacen could take another step towards the bridge however, Anakin was on his feet and running after his two siblings, more than ready to watch the next thrilling chapter of the sordid lives the Jedi of the Old Republic led.

"Jaina reached into her tube top and pulled out the data chip as they took their seats on the bridge and started up the holo-projector. "Hey wait. What about that holovid?" Jacen asked his sister as Jaina chose the video following the last one she watched alone. "Sorry Jacen, but I already kinda watched that one, blacked petite riley reid tries huge black cock in her ass reversecowgirl and doggystyle were skipping it.

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You can watch it some other time" Jaina said with a smile and fond memories of Ahsoka Tano on her knees sucking off Jedi Master Plo Koon. "Fine, but from now on we watch them together" Anakin retorted, feeling as if Jaina somehow betrayed his trust. "Whatever. Let's just start this thing" Jaina smiled, before sitting down to watch the holovid. The video they had chosen was date stamped nearly two weeks after the last video Jaina had watched.

* * * "Come on Ahsoka. Get that fine ass over here!" Anakin Skywalker whispered to his Padawan as she hurried to catch up to her Master. "These dirty dads rail their teens pussies doggystyle are treacherous and I won't have my Padawan getting lost with Asajj Ventress so close" he continued as Ahsoka finally caught up try anal fisting lesbian teen loves ass fisting walked beside him, thumbing at her lightsaber.

The two Jedi had chased the Sith Assassin from the planet Duro to Fondor after Assajj Ventress had stolen a rare artefact from the polluted planet of Duro. Anakin had nearly caught her but after she blinded him for an instant with a flash grenade, she made it to her ship and escaped to Fondor and its labyrinth of caves.

"Maybe she lured us here Master. Didn't Master Kenobi say that Ventress might have a hidden base here on Fondor?" Ahsoka questioned Anakin as they continued on their way through the dark tunnels. "Yes. It is possible she has a lair here and that's why we need to be extra careful" Anakin replied and with a snap-hiss, lit his lightsaber to provide a little more light for the two traveling Jedi and was disheartened to see the one cave path they had followed Ventress on, split into two separate ones.

"Damn. I was afraid of this!" Anakin sighed, before sitting down cross-legged and meditating for a moment. "What is it Master.? Do you know what path she took?" Ahsoka asked as Anakin stood back up seconds later looking unsure. "I'm not sure. I know she's near. But the Dark side clouds everything" Anakin said wisely before pacing from side to side and coming up with a suitable plan.

"Very well. You will take this path and I will take the other. If you meet any trouble, radio me right away and don't engage her. She's too powerful for you to fight alone" Anakin said to his Padawan, knowing that if they didn't split up here, Ventress may have enough time to escape the tunnels and the planet before they finished their search.

It was a risk, but Anakin knew Ahsoka could handle herself in a tight situation. "Good. I have a score to settle with that bitch anyway!" Ahsoka said to herself as she split off from her Master and began her solo mission down the dark cave.

She lit her lightsaber with a snap-hiss to get some more light but only metres after leaving her Master the wind was knocked out of her seconds before an elbow struck her on the side of her head and knocked her unconscious without Anakin ever knowing his Padawan was in trouble. Asajj Ventress had been quietly stalking the two Jedi since they had followed her to Fondor, using her Sith skills as an assassin to hide from both their eyesight and the force.

Once Skywalker and his Padawan had split from each other, Ventress decided it was best to take down the younger Padawan first. Without making a sound she swooped in and knocked the Padawan unconscious within kagney linn karter in argue with stepson about fucking. She then carried her down a secret passage, not visible to the naked eye, towards a secret lair she had set up for the express reason of escaping any pursuers.

For some time Ventress had been serving under Darth Nikki sex is a dickloving busty cougar as his secret apprentice, but for all the hard work she had done for her Master, he still had not found it necessary to declare her a true Sith. She therefore knew that the only way to gain real power within the Sith was to find her own apprentice and take down both her Master and his Master.

The Togruta female she now was chaining up against a wall could easily be that new apprentice she was looking for. She had a plan for turning the orange teenage Padawan to the Dark side because unlike almost every other single non-Togruta in the galaxy, Asajj Ventress knew the Toguta females' deep dark secret and the Urge they had to fight with every day during their teenage years. "Wake up, Wake up, little Ahsoka Tano!" Ventress chided the slowly waking Togruta Padawan as she stirred and opened her eyes to see Ventress alone with her in a dimly lit lair.

"Fuck" Ahsoka cursed as she tried to move her arms and legs. Suspended just above the ground with shackles and chains, Ahsoka could not believe she had fallen into Ventress's grasp so easily. "I see you're still following around that fool Skywalker?" Ventress spat at Ahsoka after she had taken in her surroundings and realized it would be impossible to escape the situation she currently found herself in.

"Master Skywalker is no fool; he'll be here soon and you'll pay, you bitch!" Ahsoka replied with anger and frustration in her voice. "Good. Good. Feed on your anger. It makes you so much stronger.

You should never deny yourself the freedom that your emotions bestow on you; especially when they only make you stronger!" Ventress said, beginning her attempt to lure Ahsoka to the Dark side. "You mean weakness Ventress. I'll never be a slave to my emotions!" Ahsoka replied with determination.

"Hah. Nice try Jedi, but I know what species you are Ahsoka and I know all about the Urge. Are you sure you haven't already indulged yourself once or twice since its power has started to take over" Ventress laughed as she stepped closer into the light and ran her hand down Sleeping mom fuck by neighbor lean thigh.

"Fuck off you slut. I'll never betray my Master or the Jedi Order" Ahsoka shouted at Ventress after taking a good look at the well-toned Sith Assassin. Ahsoka had to admit; for such a mean and evil bitch, Asajj Ventress had an outstanding body, a juicy little ass and a nice set of tits that even she could admire.

If you could get over the fact that she was bald and bent on killing every Jedi that crossed her path, she was a very attractive woman. "You call me a slut, little girl, when it's you and not me who craves sex every second of the day. I can tell right now that your pussy's wet and all you want is for me to strip you down and ravage your body!" Ventress cooed into Ahsoka's ear before leaning into to kiss Ahsoka right on the lips.

Ahsoka tried to fight both Ventress's advances and the Urge all at once, but soon enough, Ahsoka felt herself wrapping her own tongue around her assaulter's and kissing her back. "You lie!" Ahsoka screamed back at Ventress as soon as she broke off the kiss, not fooling anyone; not even herself as Ventress pulled her tube top down to her mid-section, revealing her pert young teenage tits and a pair of erect nipples that simply looked delectable to the Sith Assassin.

"Is that so Jedi? Then tell me. Why is your pussy so wet?" Ventress purred at Ahsoka as she pulled up her little skirt and ripped off the white panties she had on to reveal a dripping wet snatch as evidence that not even Ahsoka could deny. Ventress knew that if she could just get Ahsoka to admit that she liked giving into her basest emotions and the Urge, she could turn her into a loyal servant and a way to even more power and glory.

"No. Stop. Please!" Ahsoka begged Ventress as she felt her legs open just a little wider and the Sith's tongue run down her inner thigh towards her soaking wet pussy. "Don't you worry yourself little Jedi. You'll begin to crave this soon enough when you're my apprentice" Ventress murmured to Ahsoka before moving her tongue towards her orange snatch and licking up the tasty nectar Ahsoka's pussy had already started to secrete.

"Mmmm. You taste better than most Jedi" "Ohhhh. Ummmmm. Shit. LICK MY PUSSY!" Ahsoka shouted seconds later after Ventress had tantalized her long enough. "YESSSSS" Ahsoka mumbled as she felt Ventress's long tongue enter her teenage twat and begin working away at her delicate clit. After a few minutes of slipping her tongue in and out of her sweet snatch, Ventress suddenly pulled out, sensing Ahsoka's oncoming orgasm. "Ohhh Fuck. Come on I was so close!" Ahsoka begged her Sith captor.

"Un Un Un. I have something special saved for that my dear Ahsoka" Ventress said, standing back up and licking her lips as she unclipped one of her two lightsabers and instead of igniting it, pointed it towards Ahsoka's hot snatch and guided it into her, catching her off guard.

"Ooooh. That's cold!" Ahsoka moaned as Asajj Ventress's hooked metal lightsaber began to penetrate her with relative ease. Ahsoka was in heaven by this point; so close to orgasm but even closer to blacking out as Ventress began moving the lightsaber in and out of her pussy at a rapidly increasing speed. "Now for the best part my young apprentice.

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You'll beg me to be my apprentice after I do this!" Ventress laughed before unclipping her second lightsaber and rubbing the tip of it up against her extremely tight and sensitive asshole. Just as she felt the lightsaber begin to slowly penetrate her tightest hole, Ahsoka exploded in orgasm, caught the briefest sight of what she thought was her Master running into the lair and then nothing as she blacked out from the ordeal.

* * * "BEST YET" Jacen shouted, loud enough to wake his Uncle Luke from his meditation. "Yeah.


That was good!" Jaina replied, looking down at her own lightsaber and getting ideas as Anakin simply nodded in agreement, looking dumbfounded. "What was good?" Luke said, with tiredness in his voice as he opened his cabin's door and began walking towards the bridge. "Fuck" Jaina said to her brothers as she pulled the data chip from the holo-projector and hid it back in her tube top. "Ahhh. Nothing Uncle Luke. Anakin was just telling us a joke. Right Anakin" Jacen replied, looking over at his drooling brother.

"Wha. Yeah. Joke. Sure." he mumbled as Luke took a seat behind the controls looking suspicious of what Jacen, Jaina and Anakin had been up to.

Ultimately he was too tired to care though. "Well. Anyway. I've got the bridge if you three want another break. We should be arriving at Yavin within four days so we'll have plenty of time for Anakin to tell me that hilarious Joke" Luke said, giving the three Solos a smile.