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Linda brown hottie gonzo pov fuck at purepov perfectgonzo firstperson
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It was Dylan who sought Myrna out the next morning, meeting her at her locker as she arrived at school. "I can't get over how your mom wasn't pissed," said Dylan. "Are you sure she knew what we were doin'?" "Yeah, she knew," Myrna assured him. "She even saw the wet spots on my blouse an' knew what it was." "She did?!" "I was pretty surprised, too. It's like all she cared about was me not gettin' knocked up. She even said she'd be home late tonight an' how if we keep my door closed, she'll leave us alone." "No way!" Dylan was incredulous.

"That's what she said an' I believe her," shrugged Myrna. "So., you wanna go to your place after school?" "Okay." * * * The apartment was empty when the teenaged couple entered it. They headed straight for the bedroom, this time closing the door after them. No sooner had Myrna sat on the bed than Dylan was pushing her onto her back, pressing his lips to hers.

As he explored her mouth with his tongue, he worked his hand up under her blouse and groped her breasts on top of her bra. Dylan was rapidly getting worked up and Myrna could feel his erection through his pants on her thigh.

The white boy was even unconsciously humping her. The scene was sexually charged and the colored girl was definitely getting aroused by it, however, she also felt happy that she could inspire this degree of lust in him. "Hey, Myrna.," rasped Dylan. "How 'bout takin' your top off so I can get a better feel." Yesterday, she might have refused in the interest of not coming off as an easy slutty girl. But, today she didn't care about that.

Dylan wanted her and wanted her badly. Myrna was enjoying the feeling of being so desired and loved the idea of getting the white boy even more excited over her. "'kay," Myrna replied softly. "Let me up an' I'll take it off for you." Dylan got off of Myrna's body and she sat up on the bed. She pulled her blouse off and after a moment's hesitation unclasped her bra and removed it. The white boy's eyes were fixed on the negro girl's bare breasts.

"Damn, you got great tits.," he said, not looking up from them. Reaching out, Dylan put his hands on Myrna's naked breasts, squeezing the gently. The white boy's touch made the colored girl's pussy tingle. "They're so soft.", he went on. "Can I. suck on 'em?" "Uh huh," she responded. Pushing Myrna down onto the bed on her back, Dylan kissed her nipples, first one for a bit, and then the other. The teen liza rowe gets slammed hard sweet eighteen first time brown nubs hardened quickly and soon he was sucking on them as if they might actually produce milk.

The black teenager's pussy was jumping now and it was all she could do to keep herself from humping janet mason gets fucked by prisoner the boy's body on top of her.

His erection pressed into her thigh. "You. uh. wanna play with my cock?" he asked. "Like yesterday?" "'kay," she replied. Dylan rolled onto his back and quickly had his jeans down to his knees. Myrna could see his hard dick twitching, the tip glistening with wetness.

She rolled onto her side next to him and started fondling the white boy's cock. Pre-cum drooled out. Wrapping her hand around his cock, Myrna started squeezing on it. Dylan moaned with pleasure. "I. don't know what to do.," she said softly. "Rub it." Slowly, Myrna moved her hand up and down on Dylan's hard dick. "Like this?" she asked. "Yeah." he groaned. A few strokes later, Dylan's balls twitched and hot spurts of cum shot out of his cock landing on his chest.

"Oh, fuck.," gasped the white boy. Myrna felt a glow of pride that she was able to get Dylan off so fast. She kept stroking his dick until the flow of semen stopped. "Did I do it right?" she smiled. "Yeah, you sure did.

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Sorry I couldn't hold it longer." "You musta really liked it." "It was incredible. It's totally different 'n doin' it myself." Picking up the shirt she'd been wearing, Myrna wiped the cum off of Dylan's chest.

She felt a little nasty for using her blouse, but she liked the idea of remembering what she'd done with it the next time she wore it. Dylan started kissing Myrna again and soon his hands went back to her breasts. It wasn't long before his dick was hard. With his pants still down, the colored girl had no trouble getting her hands around his cock and started stroking it as they lay facing each other. The white boy bucked his hips as if he were fucking her hand and she gripped it harder.

"I. can't help it.," Dylan rasped. "It feels so good." "It's okay.," replied Myrna softly. "I want it to feel good for you." Humping her hand faster, Dylan was clearly getting close fast.

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Myrna used her free hand to fondle his balls. After a couple of seconds of that, he came again, leaving her bed spread spotted with semen.

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"Fuck.," gasped Dylan. Myrna smiled at him as she milked the last of his seed out of his softening dick. They lay there for a few minutes before getting up. Gloria had come home from work during all this and had seen that Myrna's door was closed.


She could hear the bed creaking and wondered if her little girl was becoming a woman as she listened. Having promised to leave them alone, she went to her room and changed out of her work clothes. After straightening out their clothing, the two teenagers came out to find Gloria preparing dinner. She was dressed in tight fitting sweat pants and an old tee shirt.

Myrna was taken aback when she noticed that her mother wasn't wearing a bra; making her sizable breasts quite visible through the thin material. This fact wasn't lost on Dylan and the colored girl saw her boyfriend's eyes riveted to the older woman's chest. "Hello, Dylan," smiled Gloria. "Um., hi, Missus Mason," he replied, his eyes still glued to her breasts. "I'm real sorry 'bout interrupting y'all yesterday." "Oh., no problem." "Would you like to stay for supper?" asked Gloria.

"I would, but my folks are expectin' me," answered Dylan. "Some other time, then." "Yeah. Well, I better be goin'. Bye, Myrna. Missus Mason." "Bye, Dylan." Gloria said. "I'll see ya tomorrow at school," said Myrna. Dylan let himself out and was gone. "I sure hope you was usin' some protection in there, girl," said Gloria.

"Mom!" protested Myrna, red faced. "We weren't. doin' anything that needed protection." "No? Your bed was creakin' like you was." Although Myrna appreciated her mother's cooperation in letting her and Dylan alone, she found the questioning embarrassing and a little irritating.

"If you gotta know, I was givin' him a hand job," Myrna told her. "I kept my pants on so don't worry." "Okay, I'm sorry," Gloria apologized. "I won't ask that no more." "It's okay, it's jus' that you make me sound like some kinda slut." "I didn't mean nothin' like that." Gloria paused for a few seconds before she continued.

"Thing is, I don't think that white boy o' yours would mind you bein' a slut for him." "I know that," said Myrna. "He wants to do more, but playin' with his cock is as far as I wanna go. I don't want him thinkin' I'm easy. I want him to respect me." "I may be wrong 'bout him," said Gloria, "but I gotta hunch he don't see things that way.

I don't think he's gonna think anythin' bad 'bout you for givin' him what he wants." "What do you mean?" "Well, there's some white men who see black girls different 'n white girls," explained Gloria. "If a white girl jus' spreads her legs for 'em an' lets 'em do whatever they want, they think she's easy an' lose respect for 'em.

White girls jus' ain't' s'posed to act like that." "Now, to those kinda white men, black girls is somethin' made for sex. To them, a black girl what does what they want ain't some kinda slut.

'stead, she's jus' doin' what a good nigga does an' good niggas is what they like. It ain't about respect, it's about appreciation. "Dylan isn't like that," objected Sex bengli xxx full story not," allowed Gloria.

"But he ain't have no shame 'bout starin' at my tits the whole time he's talkin' to me." "You didn't have a bra on! Course he's gonna look!" "Myrna, he was starin' at 'em like they was made for his enjoyment an' he didn't care if I knowed he's doin' it or not." "Yeah., I guess he did." "To tell you the truth, I believe he got the right to look all he wants an' it really don't matter what I think 'bout it.

Thing is, I do like it. Makes me happy havin' a white man enjoyin' me. I saw his dick was gettin' hard, too, even though you jus' made him cum. I can't help feelin' a little proud." "You're proud that he was starin' at your chest?" asked Myrna. "Don't it make you proud how he gets so worked up bein' 'round you that he's gotta get some relief or bust?" Gloria answered with her own question.

Myrna thought about it and knew it was true. "I got him off twice in there," Myrna smiled. "Uh huh," grinned Gloria. "That's what I'm talkin' 'bout!" It was as if Myrna saw Gloria in a different light at that moment. She was still her mother, but she understood her in way she hadn't thought possible.

Giving irrumation with lusty riding smalltits hardcore she felt like she could really talk to her. "First time he didn't last too long," said Myrna. "Longer 'n yesterday, but only for a couple seconds." "See?" replied Gloria. "That white boy can't get enough o' you. An' I guarantee he ain't thinkin' nothin' bad 'bout you.

He's prob'ly gonna need to take care o' hisself again tonight an' he'll be thinkin' 'bout you while he's doin' it." "You really think so?" blushed Myrna. "I know it, girl," smiled Gloria. "You keep givin' that boy what he wants an' he's gonna keep comin' back for more. Don't worry 'bout him thinkin' you're a slut. He's thinkin' what a lucky man he is havin' such a good nigga." "You think I should give him whatever he wants?" "Well, whatever you feel okay 'bout givin' him.

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You ain't gotta fuck him, if that's what you're askin'. You is only fifteen, after all. Jus' don't be stingy an' let him have a look at the goods, if you know what I mean. It wouldn't hurt to let him have a feel, neither. An, there's plenty o' ways to get him off that ain't gonna get you knocked up.

Un'erstan?" "Yeah," said Myrna. "Good!" replied Gloria.


"Now, I better get back to makin' supper or we ain't gonna eat." * * * Although they didn't talk more about Gloria's philosophy on race relations, Myrna felt closer to her that night than she could remember.

She'd become a confidant in addition to being her mother. "Don't forget, tomorrow's Thursday," said Gloria as Myrna was heading off to bed. "That's the this teenie college beauteous gal hardcore reality day y'all can't be here, jus' like before." "I know," replied Myrna.

"Dylan's got stuff to do anyways, so I'll be goin' over to Paula's house as usual." * * * The mysterious Thursdays, thought Myrna as she lay in bed. Maybe she and her mother were close enough now that Gloria would let her in on that secret. Her thoughts quickly turned to Dylan and Myrna fell asleep while remembering how good it felt to have him shoot off with her hand wrapped around his dick. She looked forward to the next time she'd be able to please him.

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