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Beautiful asian fucked self with her toy and showed her sexy ass
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I had been sent that evening, up to Major & Lady Morris's suite to turn back their bed covers, a routine my parents have established in the hotel. I was leaning over the bed pulling back the covers and folding them perfectly when Major Morris walked into the room.

'Sorry Sir, I will be out of your way in a moment.' I mumbled. 'Carry on don't worry about me.' he barked in his usual military gruffness. I continued to fuss around the bed, keeping my eyes lowered concentrating in the job in hand, I cannot deny Major Morris makes me quite nervous, whereas Lady Morris is a kind, sweet, quiet lady.

Straightening up when I had finished to admire my handy work, I was distracted by him sitting in a chair watching me intently. 'Come over here.' he demanded.


Obediently I walked over and stood next to the chair, Major Morris is over 6 foot tall but evening sitting down next to my small frame sunny leone xxxy story sex stories 20 seemed taller than me. He inspected me with his piercing eyes asking, 'How old are you?' 'Sixteen, Sir.' I replied. 'Surely you're too young to be working?' he retorted. 'Yes, really I am Sir, but because my parents own the hotel, I don't officially get paid, I'm just here to help out.' was my nervous reply.

'Mmmm' was his pensive response. He reached up, smoothing his hands over my small breasts circling my mounds with his fingers through my black tunic and bra. I knew I should move away but the tingling sensations transmitting from my nipples rooted me to the spot. The only person who had done that to me was Claire, I had never been touched by a man before and the feelings pulsating from my pussy entranced me, I couldn't help it.

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My nipples tightened, the sensitivity heightened, my pussy was getting wetter and wetter, he started to pinch the hard flesh between his thumb and fingers. He hooked his fingers in the waistband of my apron and pulled me even closer to him, with his other hand I watched it travel down to the hem of my dress.

I closed my eyes waiting for what felt like an eternity for his hand to touch my flesh, he stopped where my thighs touched. 'Mary, open your legs for me.' he whispered in my ear. Without even thinking I shuffled my legs apart, what on earth was I doing, allowing a virtual stranger, a hotel resident to touch me inappropriately but my pussy was so wet I just wanted to feel his hands on me. My flesh prickled as I felt his hand brush my thigh as he continued to travel further to his goal, his fingers deftly pulled the material of my panties to one side as bright big tits student lena paul oral and fucking in class pornstars hardcore reached his target.

He slipped his fingers into my wet folds stroking up and down my pussy. The messages coursing through me caused me to grasp his shoulder as my knees nearly buckled, I moaned quietly as he licked my ear kissing the side of my face telling me what a beautiful little fanny I had.

Suddenly our little tryst was interrupted as Lady Morris entered the suite, I stepped back as though Major Morris had given me an electric shock, all he did was wink at me and suck the juices from my fingers. 'That will be all Mary, thank you.' he said and dismissed me from the room. I was quite busy for the rest of the evening, it wasn't until I was in bed that I thought about what Major Morris had done, Claire was not there she had gone out with some other friends.

Instantly my pussy was tingling, I put my hand under the cover seeking my nipple trying to relive the sensations he had awoken in me, not content I ventured between my legs stroking my moist slit. I closed my eyes and tried to imagine it was him, I rubbed my clit harder and faster, I came but my orgasm was pretty disappointing. The following morning I was asked to go clean the Morris suite as the Room Manager said they had gone out for the day.

I knocked softly on the door, hearing no response I let myself in with my key card, leaving a 'cleaning in process' tag hanging on the outside door handle. Imagine my surprise to find Major Morris sitting at the table reading the newspaper in his dressing gown. 'I'm sorry sir.' I stammered, 'I understood the suite was empty.' 'Lady Morris has gone out for the day but I decided not to go.' he muttered.

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'Would you like me to leave the rooms for today Sir?' I nervously asked. 'No, carry on with what you need to do, I might even finish what I started.' He said smiling with a lear in his eye. I muttered something about cleaning the bathroom and scuttled off, he made me nervous, he was so blatant with me and yet my pussy was itching like crazy.

I tried to focus my attentions on my cleaning duties but realised sooner or later I would have to escape the safety of the bathroom. Having finishing cleaning every surface possible I finally ventured out to find Major Morris still sitting where I had left him. From behind his paper he quietly but firmly said, 'Come over here Mary and stand beside me.' Wordlessly I complied, standing as close to him as I dared, my pussy throbbing so much.

This time he didn't touch my breasts, his hand immediately snaked under my hem up towards the crotch of my panties, he didn't even need to ask me to open my legs, I just spread them without a word. His exploring fingers once again ventured inside my wet panties and started to stroke between the folds of my pussy. His hypnotic ministrations shut my mind down focussing solely on this man caressing up and down my sex, sending my body wild with his teasing. He started to pay complete attention to my aching clit as he baited it with slow circular movements, increasing the pace and the pressure; I buried my head in his shoulder pleading him for more.

Suddenly he stopped, removed his hand and said, 'Remove your dress, your bra, keep on your hat and put your pinny back on, take your panties and shoes off but leave your stockings on.' again he spoke quietly but with a firmness I did not dare question all I wanted was for him to finish what he'd started and make me cum.

I untied my little frilly white short apron laying it carefully on the table, unzipped my black tunic dress letting it fall to the floor to reveal my plain white bra, panties and black thick hold up stockings.

I unclipped my bra shyly revealing my small breasts which hardened on being exposed to his critical gaze; I hot lady convinced to fuck with pawn man my fingers in the waistband of my panties, slid them down to the floor and stepped out of them.

He picked up my apron and stood up, it was then that I realised his cock had tented his dressing gown in a huge hardon, he moved behind me to tie the apron around my waist. Moving his now free hands around my body to the front he placed a huge hand over each of my breasts and rubbed my hard throbbing buds of flesh into his palms, his cock was pushed up and rubbing against my back. He stooped over licking my shoulders, neck and earlobes whispering, 'You see what you've done to me Mary, teasing me every day in your little outfit, do you know how hard it's been for me watching you leaning over the bed sticking out your pert little bottom?

Do you know how I've wanted to stick my huge aching cock deep into your little cunny?' 'I'm so sorry Sir, I had no idea my presence has been upsetting you so!' I stammered, still hoping his fingers would strum my little clitty until I came. 'Come and perch your little arse on the edge of this table.' he commanded.

I climbed up onto the table, I was sitting in the wrong place so he grabbed me behind my knees and pulled me roughly forward right to the edge of the table, he pushed my knees wide apart causing me to yelp and pushed me back to lie flat on the table. He leaned over to look at me, licking his lips he clamped his lips over one of my breasts, slurping loudly drawing the nipple and aureole deep into his mouth, rolling my tingling bud with his tongue and mashing his teeth against the puckered skin.

He repeated this on the other breast, leaving them wet with his saliva, Latina gets fuck on bed by her boyfriend arched my back to meet his sucking, part from pain but mostly for the absolute bliss coursing through my body.

His spare hand went straight to my special place, continued to rub and kneed at my protruding clit harder and faster, he stopped sucking my nipples and brought his head up to my face asking, 'What do you want Mary, tell me what you want me to do to you. Do you want me to stroke your wet baby pussy, rub your juices up and down your slit teasing you or do you want me to play with your little clitty and make you cum? I won't do it unless you tell me Mary, come on!' His voice was extremely demanding, by now I was in such a state, I was panting as my body tingled wanting this man to finish what he had started, 'Please do it!' I seethed between breaths.

'Not good enough Mary, talk to me nicely.' he was driving me nuts teasing me, he kept taking me to the brink of climax and easing off. 'Oh pleeease Major Morris, make me cum, let me cum I beg of you!' I gasped in reply.

He continued to tease me, his fingers and knuckles kneeding and tantalising my clit, my legs juddered, my stomach kept cramping, eventually he let me cum shuddering a monstrous climax through my body but he still continued to massage my clit. He moved down between my legs, greedily slurping and sucking my juices into his mouth, he was like a deranged animal his face covered in my juices as he rubbed himself into me.

He snorted, grunted and groaned as he licked even more fiercely. His tongue licked at me, sticking it into my cunt opening drawing out more of my juices, he moved his mouth to my clit pulling the tender flesh between his lips biting my aching nub with his teeth, I gasped in pain.

Pausing for air he asked, 'Is this little cunt a virgin? Have you ever had a cock in your cunt Mary? Any dirty boys been sticking their juvenile cocks into you eh?' 'Nnnnno Sir, I'm still a virgin, I've only been playing with Claire!' I blurted out in response. 'Who's Claire?' he demanded.


'Just another chambermaid Sir, we share a room and we've been playing with each other.' Why on earth had I told him that? It would only get her into trouble, you stupid idiot, I chastised myself. 'Do you let Claire stick anything up this cunt of yours Mary? Not ever stuck a hairbrush in here mmm?' 'N-n-n-o Sir, I haven't let her do anything like that Sir!' I pleaded. He ordered me to sit up and watch him, he brought his fingers to his mouth and licked his index finger until it was wet with his saliva.

He moved his hand back down to my opening and inserted his finger a little way into my cunt hole; I could feel the pressure as he pushed his digit further into me, waiting every so often to allow my muscles to stretch, eventually his finger was knuckle deep into me with the palm of his hand facing down. 'Mmmmm good girl Mary, I can feel your hymen, that really makes my cock hard knowing you are a little virgin slut!' Slowly he twisted his finger round until his palm was up facing and did something which created a surge of pleasure to rush through me.

'What are you doing?' I gasped.


'I'm stroking your g-spot, do you want more?' he questioned. 'Mmmm yeeeessssss please Major Morris.' I begged. He started to move his finger in and out of me in a corkscrew motion but touching me in that sensitive place every time he rotated his finger. I followed his motions with my pelvis circling with him wanting him to push his fingers deeper into me. 'Can you cope with more finger in your cunt Mary?' he teased, laughing at me.

'Oh yessss Major, please do me more!' I urged him grinding myself against his hand. He pushed another finger into me stretching me even wider, corkscrewing both his fingers in and out of me. He placed his lips back onto my clit flicking my bud of wanton flesh back and forth in time with his finger fucking. He was acting like a hungry dog, in fact that would act with better manners, he slurped and mashed at my face.

My cunt was tight, a little sore from his aggressive finger fucking, my clit aching from his teeth chewing on it, all I wanted was to cum but he wouldn't let me.

He kept bringing me to ebony teen tara foxx services cock of old man edge, then stopping, five or six times he did this until eventually he tipped me over the edge. 'M-a-j-o-r!' I screamed as my body spasmed and pulsated, my cunt walls grasped and sucked at his fingers, oozing my juices down on to his fingers.

My amateur asian chick pussy fingered and licked big dick blowjob just let go completely as I squirted what I could only assume was wee onto his face, he didn't seem mad at all, he just caught it in his mouth. As my body continued to twist more fluid squirted at him and he just encased my clit in his mouth and drank it in. I must have passed out then, the juddering had been too much for my teased body.

When I came to, I lay with my eyes closed gathering my thoughts, my reverie was distracted by the Major's panting, I looked up to see him standing over me rubbing and twisting his cock in a quick corkscrew motion. He started to grunt as I watched his cock spurt ropes and ropes of cream over my pussy, belly and tits, his frantic hand rubbing of his cock slowed as the goo from his cock stopped coming out.

He just stood with his hand on the table supporting himself absently squeezing his diminishing cock, he rubbed the last of the cream onto my thigh and pulled his dressing gown closed. 'That will be all Mary, you can clean yourself up in the bathroom and continue cleaning the rooms.' That was my dismissal by him, he sat back down and continued to read the paper.

Not maid vs boss japanese xxx any better, I climbed off the table, grabbed my clothes which were scattered around me and scuttled off to the bathroom.

I stood in front of the vanity unit and looked at myself, my small titties, belly and vulva was covered in globs of cream. I scooped up some onto my fingers and smelled it, it had a similar musky fragrance as that of mine and Claire's pussy juices, I tasted it, it was salty but not unpleasant. I didn't want to dirty the towels in their bathroom so I scraped it off onto my fingers and sucked them clean, I was very inexperienced with men, I realised Major had cum all over me but had never seen it happen before, I liked the taste very much.

I quickly re-dressed in my uniform but didn't put my panties back on as they were wet in the crotch, so I stuffed them into a pocket of my cleaning trolley planning to retrieve them later. I continued to work in the suite tidying and dusting, it was such a liberating experience not wearing panties, the cool air wafting around my naked flesh.

I vacuumed the carpets and finished by making their bed, I was just about to leave when the Major called me back. 'Mary, whenever you come to our suite you are not to wear your panties.' I opened my mouth to question him, the withering look he gave me was enough to know not to answer him back.

'Yes Sir.' I mumbled and let myself out of the room.