Blacked brunette teen takes monster black cock

Blacked brunette teen takes monster black cock
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Cassandra Sprocket climbed out of the large multi person whirl pool tub and began drying herself off. Eyeing herself in the full length mirror on the bathroom wall, she couldn't help but admire her near perfect figure. A shade over five feet ten inches tall, with a full voluptuous body, and a long mane of shiny auburn hair, Cassie turned heads where ever she went, attracting both men and women with her simmering sexual appe?al!

She continued to dry off as she walked into the bedroom which was dominated by a huge king size bed, and then after sitting down in front of her dressing table, she commenced brushing her hair. She could see in the mirror, that her roommate of two years was coming up behind her and she asked, "How's it going Tommi, do you have any plans for this evening?" A slightly sad look befell Tommi's face and she replied, "No, I don't have any plans, but it's obvious that you do!!!" "Now don't start in on me Tom," Cassie warned, "I'm tired of having this conversion every weekend, you know how I feel about it!!!" Tommi put her arms around Cassie's waist and cupped her full breasts, while whispering hot latina mariah gets cash for a pussy pounding her ear, "You know how jealous I get when you go out with men, I just can't help it!" The gentle caressing by her roomie was getting to her, so Cassie relaxed a little and leaned back to give Tommi a better angle on her nipples and responded with, "You know how I feel about you Tommi, you're the love of my life, but once in a while I need to feel a real cock inside of me!!!" The incessant tit worship being given to her made her crotch grow hungry with anticipation, so she stood up and faced her five foot two inch lover, bringing her to her for a long deep kiss.

Pulling away to catch their breath, both women looked down at Cassie's groin and stared in wonder at what Cassie termed her "surprise package", and Tommi moaned out loud, "God, it's big," as her small hand gripped Cassie's eight inch erection!!! It was a true eight inches, and thick as a woman's wrist, a true surprise package if there ever was one!!! Seeing a cock on a beautiful woman is a surprise, but seeing what was just below it was mind blowing, because you see, Cassie was a true hermaphrodite, the rarest of the rare, someone with both male an female sexual organs!!!

Ever since she was a little girl she had hidden the secret that lay between her firm thighs, that being that she had both a huge coc?k, and a tight little pussy!!!


As Tommi fisted Cassie's pecker, the look was absolutely incongruous, a twenty eight year old beauty with what amounted to a tree truck sprouting from her groin!!! The strange thing was, that when ever she had sex, both her penis and vagina readied themselves for action, that being her pecker growing stiff and hard, while her pussy creamed itself in anticipation of a good hard fucking!

With Tommi, however, there would be no fucking, except for the fucking her own cock would give her petite roommate! "Do you want me," asked Cassie softly, while Tommi continued fisting her meat!?! She got her answer when Tommi quickly stripped off her clothing to reveal her firm little body and totally shaved pussy, which was dripping a castingcouch x amateur blonde audition tape pornhub com mp4 tube porn like a sieve!!!

Flopping back down on the bed, Tommi opened her legs wide and held out her arms in greeting to her twin organed lover and begged, "Do me, hon, fuck me hard!!!" Positioning herself between Tommi's thighs, Cassie ran her pecker head up and down the length of the tight little slit, which caused Tommi to involuntarily lurch every time the big head slipped over her erect little clit!!!

When she was sure that Tommi was ready, Cassie mounted her and in one hard thrust, buried her thick penis deep inside of Tommi's pussy! The initial plunge was so brutally hard, that Tommi had a reflexive orgasm as the eight incher bottomed out its the first stroke! "Jesus h christ," Tommi groaned through gritted teeth, "you hot brunette stretching her pussy with her fingers so fucking good, Cass, lesbians brandy starz and maxxx will be sitting on, god, fuck me harder!!!" Just hearing Tommi beg for it like a cheap hooker whipped Cassie up even more, because the stark contrast between the sweet looking little innocent, and the cock hungry slut inside of her was an unbelievable turn on!!!

From behind it must have looked incredible, the plump female ass pounding up and down and a very agape vagina partially hiding the thick cock just below it!!! Now working in unison, their two crotches were locked toge?ther in a crescendo of converging climaxes, with Tommi's tight little pussy gripping the massive invading pecker like there was no tomorrow! Each sex wonders what the other feels like during intercourse, and Cassie was one of the few people in the world who could answer that very question!!!

It wasn't a case of better, just different, and at the moment she was feeling very masculine indeed!!! She could feel the seed welling up inside of her, and just like her male counterparts, all she could think about at that moment was getting her hard gun off!!!

As the cum rocketed out the end of her sexy teen smashed because her mom thief stole something, Cassie let out a low loud growl, and in a final orgasmic display, rammed her sex in and out of Tommi's cunt at breakneck speed!!! These final strokes, drove Tommi right over the edge, and she held on to Cassie for dear life as her orgasm shredded her cunt to ribbons!!!

Cassie, now covered with sweat, hopped into the shower and yelled out to Tommi, "Hey Tom, if the bell rings, answer it for me will you, it'll probably be Brian stopping to pick me up!" Tommi pulled on an old pair of sweats and wandered out to the kitchen to get a bite to eat and had just plopped down to eat a bowl of cereal when the door bell chimed.

As she walked over to answer the door she muttered under her breath, "Why does she do this to me, she knows it drives me crazy?!?" When she swung the door open, Tommi was a little taken back by who was standing there, and her mouth was gaping just a little when the stranger introduced himself, "Hi, I'm Brian, is Cassandra ready to go?" Finally regaining her composure, Tommi shook her head and replied, "Please come in, Cassie will be out in a few minutes!" Brian was an impressive physical specimen to say the least, at least six feet four inches tall and built like and athlete, with slim narrow hips, a large chest, and to top it off he was handsome!!!

What really had shaken her, however, was that Brian was black!!! It had never even occurred to her t?hat Cassie would be dating a black man, let alone one that was so darned good looking!!! A jealous feeling was growing in of her belly, and just thinking of Cassie being satisfied by this strange man was nauseating!!! She was just about to ask Brian to sit down when Cassie came streaming out of the bedroom.

When Tommi saw how Cassie was dressed, a very short skin tight dress with a low cut neckline, well her stomach just about did a flip flop! Cassie moved over next to Brian and said, "Don't wait up for me hon, I'll be late!!!" Cassie took Brian's arm and the two of them were heading towards the door when Tommi blurted out, "Don't go, stay here and let me on holiday time fucking stepmum, I've gotta see it for myself!!!" A stunned Cassie slowly turned around and said slowly, "Do you know what you're asking, are you sure you want to see it, can you handle it!?!" Tommi desperately wanted to keep Cassie at home, and after slowly gulping, she replied, "Yes, I want to watch, show me!!!" Cassie looked at Brian, who shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't care, it's up to you, anything you want!" Cassie looked back at Tommi stared for a second and opined, "Okay, let's go into the bedroom!" Once in the bedroom Cassie ordered Tommi, "You sit over there and don't interrupt us, if you do, we'll get up and leave, am I making myself clear?!?" Tommi nodded, took her seat, leaned back, and waited for the show to begin!

Brian turned on the CD player, and Sinatra softly wafted over the room, his sensuous lyrics setting the stage for some serious love making! As he removed his clothing Brian remarked, "More people have probably made love listening to Frank than anyone else in history!" Cassie, sliding off her blue skin tight dress like a snake sheds its skin, was soon standing in front of Brian with her large boobs standing out proudly on her chest, and the out line the whore is of wall street xxx her pecker clearly visible in her tight bikini panties!

Brian didn't stop at his shorts, he just shoved them off, revealing a h?uge erection, that must have been at least nine inches long!!! Cassie moaned softly when it popped into view, and Tommi was a little surprised when her roommate dropped to her knees and took the head into her mouth and began sucking it like a baby sucks on a bottle!

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Cassie was so dominant in their relationship that she just assumed her others were just the same, but there she was, on her knees paying homage to the thick cock of a strange man!!! Brian stood silently with his hands on his hips, letting the cocksucker bitch get her fill of his manhood, never showing even the slightest change in facial expression.


After about five minutes or so, he reached down and pulled Cassie to her feet, and kissed her deeply, while their crotches were grinding together, cock to cock! When their kiss was over, Brian looked into Cassie's eyes and asked her, "What does my little bitch want tonight?!?" In a soft, barely audible voice she answered, "Just fuck me, please, fuck my pussy hard!!!" Since they were standing right next to the bed, all Brian had to do was give Cassie a little shove and she tumbled backwards onto her back, her legs automatically opening wide as an open invitation to her black stud man!!!

Cassie's own pecker was hard as a rock, and it lay flat on her tummy, leaving her pussy open and exposed, ready for the invasion that was soon to come!!! Cassie loved having sex with Tommi, but this was one time when nothing but a large well hung man would do!!! Climbing between her legs, Brian gave Cassie's pussy a quick fingering, just to be sure she was lubricated enough to accept his huge erection!

Before he entered her, however, he looked over at Tommi and ordered, "You, go get me some Vaseline, right now!!!" Tommi leaped up from her chair and fairly ran to the bathroom, quickly returning with the slippery substance!

Standing next to the bed waiting for further instructions, Tommi watched in wonder as Brain slowly slid his thickness into Cassie's burning racy hawt gang bang pornstar and hardcore ?cunt!

When he was about half way in, he looked at Tommi and said, "Okay, now take some jelly and rub it all over her pecker!!!" Tommi open the jar and took a generous finger full, and spread it up and down the length of Cassie's quivering dick! Brain watched her and sid, "You can do better than that, really get her pecker covered, I want it lubed up really good!!!" Tommi took Cassie's prick into her little fist and worked it up and down the hardon until it was glistening in the lamplight, where upon Brian told her to sit back down and watch.

The combination of having her cunt being stretched by the massive black pecker and the application of petroleum jelly to her straining cock had sent Cassie rocketing into a sexual frenzy! She blithered on for Brian to fuck her hard, begging him to use his cock like a weapon against her innocent little pussy!!! Again Tommi was stunned at how submissive Cassie had become, out and out begging for Brian to ram her hard with his meat, until at last, Brian got down to business, as he slowly began stroking in and out of Cassie's pussy, while Tommi sat quietly while her girlfriend got the fucking of her life!

It finally dawned on Tommi why Brian wanted Cassie's pecker slicked up, because as he got into his rhythm, Brian lowered his belly until Cassie's cock was pinned between them, while his in and out motion causing his abdomen caught jerking by neighbor in window and balcony rub over Cassie's cock head!!!

Now it was so clear, not only was Cassie's pussy being serviced by Brian's big cock, her own pecker was being masturbated between their sliding bodies, in a matter of moments Cassie would have a male and female orgasm at the same time!!! Only a select few people could ever experience such an orgasm, and Tommi was getting to watch it live and in person!!!

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Brain began to grunt loudly as his nut sack tightened up in anticipation of his climax, while in Cassie's case, her crotch was a jumble of raw nerves and pulsating blood!!! Tommi's own fingers were now doing her o?wn clit like there was no tomorrow, as Cassie and Brian drove each other down the climax express!!!

Brian roared out loud as he spewed a gigantic load of cum deep into Cassie's snatch, while her own pecker lost control and spurted its own love juice all over Brian's belly!!! As the two lovers lay together in a heap, they both looked over at Tommi whose own orgasm had brought her little ass of the seat of the chair!!!

Getting up out of her chair, Tommi came to Brian and Cassie and gave each one a big kiss and said, "Now I know why!!!" THE END