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Busty babe lauren pounded by a black guy
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The Ghost-Boy Chronicles 3 Quality Time "Okay, baby. I'm ready for the Jack Attack!" Maddie lies in bed, wearing a Silk Blue Teddy that looks straight out of Victoria's Secret. She also has on a pair of black Pumps. Jack is standing at the bathroom door wearing nothing but his tighty whiteys. He reaches over and turns on the Fenton Love Stereo (named by Jack), which plays some soft bedroom music.

He starts to dance his way over to the bed where his wife lays ready to be taken. "Are you sure, baby. Because I'm ready to go all night." Maddie smiles and looks at her husband. "Ooh, yes! Give it to me, Jack! I've been a bad Ghost Hunting Girl!" Jack leans in close to Maddie. Their lips move closer, and closer…and beautiful blonde slut doing it in the butt the phone rings. They pause in place for a moment, then Jack reaches over and picks up the phone.

"Hello…Oh, Hey Vlad, buddy. No, now's not a bad time." Maddie looks at Jack, pissed. Jack realizes what he just said. "Uh…well actually, maybe this is a bad time, Vlad." Maddie folds her arms over her chest and waits on the bed as Jack listens to what Vlad's telling him. "What? A Ghost Super-Conference being held in Peoria? And they want me as the Key-Note Speaker?

Well, that's fantastic! I'll be there tomorrow." Jack hangs up the phone and looks at his wife, who's lying with her jaw dropped. "Maddie, they just called for me to be the Key-Note Speaker at the GSC tomorrow." Maddie smiles with joy.

"That's fantastic, Jack. This calls for a celebration. This time, you're on top!" She closes her eyes and tosses her head back, waiting to be ravaged. Jack looks at her as if she was crazy. "Are you nuts? I can't do that now.

I gotta get some sleep to conserve energy." Jack jumps up and does a belly flop before hitting the bed, bouncing up, then landing down to go to sleep. He begins to suck his thumb as he drifts of to dream land. Maddie gets up and slips on the Casper the Friendly Ghost slippers she got for her birthday long ago. She gets up and walks out of her room, feeling disappointed, dejected…and horny. Her walking leads her into Jazz's room, where her daughter lies there sleeping.

Maddie sits on Jazz's bed, making sure not to wake her, and reaches over to grab an old photo of her daughter when she was younger. "(Sighs) How they grow up so fast." She puts the photo back and gets up, walking out of her room.

Soon, she reaches the entrance to Danny's room, where Danny is asleep. "Even my little Danny has grown up on me." She walks into his room and sits on his bed, making sure not to wake him.

She takes her hand and runs it across Danny's hair. "God, I hope you don't grow up to be like your father. I don't think there are many Ghost Hunting girls like me in your school…or this town." "Oh, Paullina." The words come out of his mouth as Danny shifts in his sleep, almost startling Maddie, until she realizes he's just dreaming. "Hmm, my little Danny must be having a dream about a girl." Maddie smiles as her eyes gaze downward.

Then her look turns to shock as she sees her son sporting a major Hard-On. "Oh, my. Well he sure does have one thing in common with his father." She examines it, trying to see if it's all him or just the sheet.

Then, without thinking, she pulls back his sheet to show him wearing an Ember T-shirt & a pair of Ghost Boxers (bought for his birthday). She pulls down the Boxers enough to let out his erect Manhood.

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"Well, it certainly is all him." She smiles & blushes, thinking of the things she can do with him. But the smile quickly fades.

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"Oh my god, what am I doing?" She quickly, but carefully, pulls up his Boxers and pulls the sheet back over him. She turns away from him, sweating a little and horrified over what she was thinking. "I can't do it with Danny.

That's my son. And he's only 14; I can't be the one to take his virginity. Lord knows how that might affect him." She stands up and walks out of Danny's room, making her way back to her own Bedroom.

"Oh Maddie, why did you marry a man who's more concerned with ghosts than you? It's a wonder I have the two kids I have." She enters her room and gets ready to go to sleep herself.

The Next Morning… Jack is seen in the basement of Fenton Works packing all of his Ghost-Capturing Equipment into his Suitcase. Maddie is standing behind him. "But Jack, don't you think it's awfully strange that you get invited to a Conference out of the blue?

And by Vlad of all people." Jack continues his packing. "Now honey, you know that Vlad & me go way back. He called me because he knows I'm an expert on Ghosts and their habits." He finishes packing up and locks his Suitcase. He turns to Maddie and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

"Now don't worry, I'll be back in 3 days." He rushes up the stairs and out of the front door into a waiting Cab. "KISS THE KIDS FOR ME, HONEY!" He closes the Cab door as the Cab pulls off, burning rubber. Maddie walks upstairs and shuts the front door, before lowering her head, looking at the floor. She begins to think if her family is growing apart from her. "Everything is moving so fast. I mean, Jazz will be going off to College soon, and Danny is always hanging out with his friends.

With Jack gone, I'll be by myself…except for the Fenton Vibro-Tron I made." Her mind wonders to last night. More specifically the moment when she saw Danny's erect Cock.

She shakes the thought from her head. "No, Maddie! You are not so desperate that you would sleep with your son just for affection. Although it might keep alive our relationship…or it might kill it completely." She struggles back & forth with her urges.

The primitive instinct to fuck her son, chennai aunties seducing boobs press her reason telling her not to. Just then, Danny walks up behind her. "Uh, mom? You're kinda blocking the door." Maddie realizes that she is.

"Oh, I'm sorry, honey." "Is everything OK, mom?" Maddie puts on a straight face, not wanting Danny to worry. "Oh course, dear. I'm right as rain." Danny is convinced that his mother is OK. "Alright, well I'm off to the mall to hang with Sam & Tucker." Danny opens the door when Maddie steps in front of him.

"Actually, I was hoping that we could get the chance to hang out together today." Danny is taken off guard by his mother's suggestion.

"Oh…well, uh…I guess…" "GREAT! Let's go!" Before Danny can respond, Maddie grabs him beautiful big tits babe fucked and covered pulls him out the door with her. A few hours later… Danny & his mother are sitting in a booth at the Nasty Burger. They've just finished their meals. "Now, hasn't this been a fun day, Danny?" Danny looks bored.

"Yeah. So wonderful that I wish Jazz wasn't on her Field Trip so she could enjoy this." "Well, it's her loss. Oh. Oh, Danny, you have something on your cheek…" She reaches over and wipes his cheek, embarrassing him even more.

"Mom, you don't have to do that. Look, can we…" In the middle of his sentence, he starts to shiver and sees his breath come out of his mouth, signaling a Ghost nearby. "Aw, man. Not now." Just then, The Box Ghost floats in from the ceiling, frightening everyone in the Restaurant. "I am the Box Ghost! BEWARE!" The crowd in the Restaurant starts to panic. Danny is about to get up when his mother puts her hand on his shoulder, sitting him down.


"Stay back Daniel, Mommy's here to protect you." Maddie springs into action. She pulls out the Fenton Grappler (don't ask where she hid it in her jumpsuit) and fires it at the Box Ghost, immediately trapping him. She then pulls out the Fenton Thermos and sucks him into it, ending the minimal threat. She stands on top of a table, triumphant in her victory. "YES! No ghost can ever get away from Maddie Fenton!" Upon hearing her name, the kids in the crowd link her to Danny, and start laughing at him.

Danny lowers himself, trying to hide in the booth. Maddie sees this, and gets depressed again. "Great, now I've embarrassed Danny.


I guess there's no way that I can reconnect with my son."